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Ahoada River 18+ / A Walk With The Devil (Vol. 1) By Devilpen / Romantic Story : - My Boss (18+) Episode 1 (2) (3) (4)

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Ahoada River 18+ Episode 1 By Elvictor by Clustergist: 3:09pm On Nov 19

By El victor

in the flowing street of consciousness mystery, life, beliefs, enchantment, africa se-xuality was birthed.

Episode 1

"I don download am" I screamed loudly attracting my brother who was in the sitting-room to our room, he asked what made me screamed like that.

"I don download Teen Wolf last season" I told him but he returned an askance look to my explanation of joy "is a lie" he doubted and I played the first episode, we both basked in the feelings of euphoria while watching it.

Yesterday my girlfriend had told she knew a certain website that I could get any seasonal blockbuster of my choice, with her directives I was able to download a whole season through the night with MTN night pack.

We were at it when my mom returned from the market, we went to welcome her pausing the seasonal movie. "Things just dey cost upadan these days, person no go fit buy wetin em wan buy again for this country" she lamented bitterly ignoring our greetings "Buhari" my twin brother chirped-in and we both giggled.

"Victor, your aunty talk say make you come stay with her. Hope say your clothes dey clean because you dey go there tomorrow" my mother said picking out the things she bought from the market from the big black bag she went to the market with.

"Thank God, I need holiday I swear and Aunty Vera na better person" I said and bragged about how I will be moving about chasing girls to my brother, I won't try such in the presence of my mother because she regarded me as a saint.

I stopped being a saint barely fourteen when a lady who was a bachelor rented a flat few blocks from us, she always teased me "my husband" anytime she sets her eyes on me.
Her fondness was so profound that she became a friend of the family, whenever she called me Her Husband my father will direct an awkward look to me.

I was so naive then on what constitute to be a husband, running an errand was part of having the husband title and the benefits are lots because I was able to get to buy milk with stipends she always give to me.

I visited her on Sunday then she doesn't usually go out at Sundays and I haven't actually visited her on Sunday, that was the first and I met her braless with a vex and short skirt.

She welcomed me warmly and in no time I was on the chair watching movie while she went inside her bedroom, she called me to join her in her bedroom and I did, only to find her with just towel wrapped around her body.

"My husband, pull your knicker let me see if your pipi is very big" she instructed I was a very shy and obedient child, I couldn't mount the gut to do so. She didn't buy into my resolves and grabbed my short helm and pulled it down, that was the first time I saw my little di-ck get erect.

"Small pikin like you see the kind big lollipop you carry" she grabbed my small man and stroked it expertly sending sensual waves down my nerves, she helped me off my clothe and I was unclad before her.
She asked me to lie on the bed and I did timidly, while she loose her towel and exposed her big bo-obs and cleanly shaved pu-ssy. She let go of it and it dropped on the marbled floor then she stepped out of it and proceed to the bed were I was lying naked and watching.


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Re: Ahoada River 18+ Episode 1 By Elvictor by Clustergist: 4:33pm On Nov 20

Episode 2

I lay on the bed watching like a child I am, while she met me on the bed and got hold of my small di-ck then she straddled me with quick motioning.
She located two of her fingers to her well shaved hole and dipped it in.

She fin-gered herself on me gr-oping her huge left bo-ob as her eyes darken with desires, when she was w-et enough I was buried deep inside her as she lowered her huge bu-ttocks on me.

I barely remembered details of the romp but I remembered I was milked that day of my sp*erm, the next morning I picked up my bags after my mom prayed for journey mercy. My dad wasn't at home he would have counsel on how to behave and not 'cause trouble for my aunt.

My brother got hold of my bag and escorted me to where I could get a taxi that will take me to the park, I smiled when we walked pass the Estate's gate of were I was introduced to se*x.
How good things met a sudden end is one of the biggest mystery in life, she got married that year to what Alpha kings will call Simp.
Her beauty is worth being a Simp for if need be, we haven't walked pass the gate entirely when someone opened it.

I didn't bother looking back but I did when someone called, "Victor, where you dey go?" Naomi asked with a frown on her beautiful face. She has been my girlfriend for three Months our relationship has been the kind of off and on NEPA like relationship with Nigeria masses.
She had warned me to stay away from her when she called me ten times without me picking her calls, my twin brother teased her but Naomi is one sweet aggressive lover who couldn't be sway with praises.

"My aunty say make I come visit her" I replied but she still complained about me not informing her or even bothered about her feelings before deciding to travel, I told I would have called her if she hadn't appeared now "call?! so you can't even tell me to my face that you are travelling, and you are my boyfriend?" she scoffed her frown deepened with worry creasing her face.

I reminded her of her warning days ago that I should stay away from her but she refused to even hear any of that, she hugged me and then marched inside crying.
I continued my journey when I got to the football pitch that hold lots of fond memories, I stood and remembered when I was still young and we small boys are always substituted whenever the big boys arrived at the field.

I was sent an errand by my mom when I saw they were playing soccer on my way home, I ran home and gave mom what she asked me to buy then return to play ball forgetting that my mom already told me that we are all going to evening service that day.
I returned from the field only to remember when I didn't find anybody at home, my dad is well grounded in the course called 'discipline and flogging'.

I unlocked the house and took my bath only to pretend to be sick through out that day, it was a better option to save my a*ss from the mean cane.

"Ahoada! Ahoada!!" I heard the conductor of the bus loading chanting after I dropped off from the taxi that brought me from my street down to the park, I kept my belongings in the booth and entered.
A young girl joined me later and after waiting for some minutes the bus was filled, they gave us register which is been referred as manifest.

I wrote my name and then hand over the book to the girl by my side but she did not write her name but pass it to another passenger.

"Why didn't you write your name on it?" I inquired because I was curious.

She smiled "is just a waste of time" she shrugged.

"really? what if we had an accident along the road how will your family be able to locate you?" I asked.

"God forbid nothing we happen, stop saying such na, abeg! am too young to die" she started a prayer after replying me.

I looked her up and she dressed provocatively that I was tempted to grope those fine bre-easts exposed by her cleavage, I looked away wondering why Nigerians used religion to cover up their wrong doings.

The journey started some minutes later after being on the road for an hour we got to Elele and it started raining heavily, we drove pass Ama Hausa and then got on the bridge.
It was still raining heavily when I looked at my right through the mirror and saw a lady like figure who was naked walking on the river with the longest hairs that I have ever seen.


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Re: Ahoada River 18+ Episode 1 By Elvictor by Sammyclark31(m): 8:45am On Nov 21
nice one bro,
Re: Ahoada River 18+ Episode 1 By Elvictor by Clustergist: 7:13pm On Nov 21

Episode 3

I blinked thrice thinking it was my imagination having a feed day on me, the bus drove past the bridge and moved towards Bayelsa.
At a point it broke away from the connection to the park along the road, and came to a stop.

It stopped raining immediately the car was parked and the sun shone like it never had rained.
I got my things together while bikes were rushing over to carry passengers.

"Where you dey go? come make I carry you" one of the bikeman asked, I studied him because his eyes were red and he looked young, a bit older than me.
"inside town" I replied him but when he mentioned one hundred naira which I know the town wasn't far from were we are.

He maybe thinking that I haven't been to this place before and I don't know much, I walked away "aah! ahh! why you dey go na? you no even price me, come my carry you for fifty naira" he pleaded with me holding my hand, another bikeman was at standby waiting for me to climb.

I rode with him letting go the bad impression, I pointed to were I wanted to go and he took me there.

"Guy, you know this place na you no talk?" he said smiling, sometimes acting like a fool and a dummy makes someone smart.

Some group of men walked pass us cladded on red cap, white agbada with walking sticks they were moving fast with feathers plucked in their red caps. I became more curious because of their quick gait.

"No vex, who be these people?" I pointed at the men that just walked pass us hurriedly, the bikeman turned and looked at them then returned his gaze to me.

"Juju men, them go escort spirit of the river" he explained casually with hatred buried within, I would have asked more but the gate opened and my little nephew appeared from it shouting "Uncle Victor" with two little boys behind him.

The only son of my older sister, the first daughter of the family. We usually call her Aunty when we were young as mark of respect, but we now call her sister but the confusion still there.
I took my things inside the house looking around the fenced house with two- one bedrooms built on both sides and my sister's family house stood at the centre facing the gate.

When I entered the sitting-room and saw my Sister's late husband photo hung on the wall, a policeman who was killed on duty.
What I saw earlier came to my mind if spirit and ghost really do exist, I went inside and arranged my things.

"what of your mother?" I picked up the broom in the room and started sweeping.

"She never return, when my mommy say you dey come I no believe am, thank God oh! I don tire to stay only me" he was very happy ever since he saw me, he was busy explaining to his friends and some tenants who gave him listening ears to them who I am.

My older sister returned and welcomed me warmly, I wanted to call my girlfriend and I was low on airtime.
Salvation took me to were I could buy recharge card, on our way I saw kids playing in an uncompleted building.

I remembered when I was younger and we engaged ourselves with war start whenever we watched an action thriller, Jennifer was a girl who lived in our neighbourhood then. She liked me a lot and will be stingy to anyone but me, she always find a reason to be close to me.

One of those days we were into this war start, I had already shot Daniel my friend with my mouth and moved on to search for those who weren't on my side.
I had to pick Jennifer when my twin brother protested that he won't pick her because she was a girl and the game isn't for female folks.

I had walked behind the house picking out sounds, I heard an odd sounds when I went behind the window of the uncompleted building restroom.
I climbed through the window and went to check who and who were having se-x.

I peeped in the adjoined room and saw a black ass and short hanging loosely on someone's legs, I looked at the shape of head and knew it was Caleb.
He was moving his waist with his hands holding the girl's waist who has bent and gave him her bare a-ss, I couldn't take it anymore.

I left there when I recognized the voice to belong to Jennifer who I thought loved me so much, since then I stopped playing the game and avoided Jennifer without telling her what I saw that day.


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Re: Ahoada River 18+ Episode 1 By Elvictor by mezico96(m): 7:23pm On Nov 21
I don sitdon for front row...
Abeg who buy popcorn ma make em give me,e finish wen i go to buy ma own
Re: Ahoada River 18+ Episode 1 By Elvictor by Franktom247(m): 11:40am On Nov 22
Elvictor even tho i never forgive you for whatsapp love wey you stop but ride on hope you finish this my rolls royce is parked here
Re: Ahoada River 18+ Episode 1 By Elvictor by Clustergist: 12:54pm On Nov 23

Episode 4

We were on our way to the place to buy the airtime when I heard voices behind us, I looked behind and saw two boys in same age bracket with my nephew.
They were walking so fast that they over-took us discussing cheerfully about swimming, one of them wore complete jersey while the other one is putting on a short and a torn shirt at the back.

The road curved at a junction that led to another road that goes directly to the main-road through a fruit tree along the way whereas the route they are taking leads to the river if taken straight and up north leads to a cheap brothel down to a tarred road.

We entered an exposed house along the road while the two boys were walking towards the road that led to the stream got close to a house fenced with flowers and lots of apple trees and orange trees along the foot-path.

"Bobo and Bright, where ona dey go?" a loud voice asked from the compound fenced with flowers quite hidden by grasses and flowers, they hailed him first son and told him with loud voices that they are headed to the stream.
I was more interested in the discussion that I didn't bother following my brother to purchase the airtime.

"Make ona come back oh! them escort water spirit today, nobody suppose go swim" the owner of the voice coming from the compound appeared at the entrance of the compound wearing only short.

"Salvation na your brother be this" I looked towards the house and saw a girl standing in the verandah blocked by protector with my nephew Salvation, my nephew has started telling her everything about me including telling her I came from Port-Harcourt to stay for awhile.

"Allow me marry your brother na, I wan go PH back with am" she teased my nephew "no" my nephew retorted leapt out of the house almost falling face down with his irrational reaction, the girl inquired whether he is fine before leaving presenting a view of her wonderful behind.

We went home and I entered my room dialed my girlfriend number she picked up in a matter of sec.

"I think say you no go call na" she registered her displeasure immediately.

"My sweetheart, my moimoi, indomie of my noddles" I teased making her to laugh.

"Yeye boy, I won't forgive you sha.." she bare her mind to me.

We talked for a long time but mostly I had to apologise because she can be insensible whenever she is emotional, the was asking me when I will return and I told I don't know yet. After I promised to be calling her regularly, I hung up.

I tossed my phone aside and remembered how I was able to get Jennifer to be my girlfriend, she and her parents moved into the Estate in my area newly in Port-Harcourt.
It has always been more of a contest for who to tap into the newest sugar-pot in my area, boys were on hot alert after finding her beautiful.

We were disappointed when boys that live in the same estate with her were giving red-flags and telling us the girl was an indoor type, those who didn't give up hang around believing she will socialize but were disappointed when she didn't even come out of the estate except going and returning from school with school bus.

Meeting her was nearly impossible until a day like that I was able to get to know her younger brother who was finding it difficult to cross the busy tarred road in my area, I was sent by my mom to give an owner of the shop along the road a package from her friend to her.
I helped her brother in return the little kid introduced me to his sister and we became friends, the kid was actually fond of me.

It took me three Months to be able to get her laid, I was the only one at home when she visited after we had se-x chat the previous night.
She was acting all bad girl during the chat but surprisely she started being nervous when we got inside my room, I locked the door and sat with her on the bed.

My first move was to drop a soft kiss on her neck and then moved to her lips, she was acting defensive with the kiss but I was able to find the zipper of her gown from behind and pulled it down mid- waist.
I ended the kiss and shifted the both hands of her gown, her eyes were shut tightly as I unclasped her bra and feasted on the standing twins on her chest.

She rubbed my head letting out inaudible mo-ans when I su-cked on the nipples on those rounded firm bo-obs on her chest interchangeably, taking time to handle anyone that my lips isn't on.

It took a lot of struggle before I could get her naked and lay on top of her preventing her from closing her both legs, her hairy pu-ssy was glistening with her love ju-icy when I thru-sted a finger inside fingering her.
I added another finger when it was w-et enough to let in, I positioned myself and thru-sted in but was finding it difficult to bury my di-ck inside her pu-ssy.

"You be virgin?" the evidence of shock was registered in my voice when I asked her that, she nodded and I wanted to pull out but she crossed her legs around my waist tightly pushing me deeper.
She grabbed the bed sheet and her lips curved into an O shape, I kissed her and worked my way in breaking her hymen.

I took considerate time in making love to her, su-cking her bre-asts while moving my waist thru-sting in and out of her pu-ssy slowly.
Our first time wasn't much to write about because the little pains she was feeling was written on her face, I had to consider her feelings when the rubber I wore wasn't allowing me to burst my knot and ended it.

After that day she was all over me for se-x, we fu-cked our brains out but when I resisted her for the first time she got angry and refused to talk me for days eventually falling ill.
A knock landed on my door bringing back to reality, I inquired about who was on the door.

"Na me Salvation, my mommy say make you come eat oh!"


Click on the link for episode 5-6��

Re: Ahoada River 18+ Episode 1 By Elvictor by Clustergist: 9:11am On Nov 24

Episode 5

I got up and went to have dinner with my older sister and her boy Salvation, the following days my nephew started telling me about the families that lived in the compound.
The first self contain at the right while entering the compound through the gate is owned by a bachelor who I later knew as Sample Dem Baba.

While the next apartment which is two bedroom flat attached to it is owned by two aged couple with three children, two boys and a girl. Their first son is older than me but the girl is about my age, and the youngest is about same age with Salvation. They protected their daughter like a jewel that immediately she step out she will be devoured.

While the other self-contain facing the other is owned by two young couple who are yet to have a child, the one bed room flat attached to it is owned by two couple in their mid-age.
They gave birth to just a girl and they attend Jehovah witness, these are the information I gathered after few days.

I was in my room pressing my phone when I heard the sounds of rushing water, I stood from my bed and peeped because my room was close to the very tap everyone fetches drinking water in the fenced compound.
I saw the daughter of the Jehovah witness church members fetching water, she wore cover all because I could only see her fingers and toes the other part of her body was covered with the blood of ......

She has a beautiful face and a nice physique even with the baggy clothing she wore as out-fit, her attractive physique is glaring. I just hope the charade of holiness was from the heart not just to put up a show, my friend Fred told me how he pulled off to bleep a Jehovah witness girl while they were doing their outreach.

According to him that he was very h-orny thinking of calling his girlfriend over or find his way to a brothel in my area when a knock on the door startled him, he opened the door and saw a beautiful preacher with a brother.
He made it plain that he will only listen to the girl if she want to win him over that the guy show visit the next neighbour apartment and he went inside back.

The same pattern of knock re-visited the door again and this time he went out and met only the girl, he opened the protector and let her in.
He locked the protector and ushered her inside the sitting-room, he went back and hid her sandals.
Then joined her in the sitting-room listening to her preach with so much interest, along the line he proposed to offer her hospitality because of the word of life she has offered but she declined he insisted.

He went in and added sun-fly to the drink and offered her, the girl gulped down the drink while he went inside to take viagra.
Along the line the drugs took effect, she started moving and feeling uncomfortable clamping her both legs together then touching herself unconsciously.
He got close and asked what was happening to her but she couldn't say anything but grab her bre-ast.

He took the first action by kissing her lips and grabbing her bo-obs, within some minutes they were naked and their clothes lying recklessly on the marbled floor while music was blasting.
She was urging him on beneath as he pounded and b-anged her hard using missionary style, and doggystyle.
He had confessed that both of them were still se-x mate till date.

The girl left the tap while I came out of the house and stood in the verandah, one of the sons of the aged couple Joshua came out of their house prepared to leave the house "Abigail, I dey come oh! tell mommy say I just go soil mill, I nodey go far in case she ask" his voice was loud as he spoke to his sister who I always see as someone who is deaf and dumb, have never heard her voice ever since I came to the yard.

"Bro, you wan come soil mill?" he asked me when he got close.

I was bored staying indoor already so I agreed to follow him, the soil mill was behind were we live but I didn't know all the noise pollution these few past days were carried out by our noisy neighbor behind us.

Were we walked through is like a low land compared to the structures were operations were carried out, it maybe due to the accumulation of soil dusts over the years.
We climbed it and looked towards the other side that saw dusts were always disposed off and saw some kids playing.
Suddenly a girl about my age ran towards it and threw herself to the air then twisted landed safely on her feet, I was impressed.

"This girl wey like fu-ck well well again" Joshua spoke making funny face.


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Re: Ahoada River 18+ Episode 1 By Elvictor by Clustergist: 10:41am On Nov 25

Episode 6

The girl was kind of reckless with what she did I indeed saw her white pant when she twisted in the air, Joshua marched up to the group of boys while the girl hissed and walked away.

I spent the evening with the guys performing aerial twists, I sat by the corner watching them 'cause I had no knack for doing such.
A fat guy ran from afar shouting while running towards the down slide making loud noise.

When he jumped and tried to twist in the air unfortunately he didn't carry out the needed skill when needed and pinned his head to the dust, everyone picked up race including Joshua.

"Guy, come oh!" he shouted at me because I wanted to see what happened to the fat dude, I had to back out and followed Joshua who ran gingerly home.

I wash my feet in the tap and went inside while Joshua went inside his apartment, I met my older sister in the sitting-room watching Yoruba christian movie.
I greeted her and she told me to go get my food in the kitchen because she and her son had dinner already, Salvation followed immediately.

"Brother see fight na, mommy talk say two people dey shoot each other ehnn! gun no enter" he spoke demonstrating with hands, I didn't even understand what he was saying because the more I tried to ask him questions the more he deviated from the subject matter.

I picked up my food and took them to the dinning table, after eating I washed it and sat in the sitting-room with them.
"Aunty, how is school today?" I asked, according to Salvation that what happened occurred in the secondary school my sister teaches in Community Secondary School Ogbo.

"My brother, no be small thing. This children of nowadays and cultism, sign of end time everywhere" a notable trait in all Nigerians, instead of condemning the atrocities committed by people and salvaging it they will quickly pass it on to religion and do nothing about it.

She narrated how two boys fought in school, one of them is from the community but the other isn't. The one from the community went home and invited a group of cultists with guns to the school, everyone ran for his life even the principal locked up his office and teachers that are not from the community disappeared to the school farm, even students who are not from the village had to make a way home through the surrounding thick bushes.

The teachers and students from the community salvaged the situation without turning the other guy in who has even gone home after the fight, my older sister had to find her way home when those cultists left.
She claimed she love her life and not render to live her little boy behind, I laughed sha..

The following days I got closer to Joshua and his family, his younger brother Fred is a talker and a big mouthed kid who speak before reasoning.
His parents began to welcome me in their home according to Joshua he dare not bring a guy home because of his sister, they will skin him alive.

I didn't even understand Mr. And Mrs. Ojukwu in dealing with their only daughter, the protection was much and the she attended Government girls secondary school, my fear she won't be turned into a lesbian by her classmates.

Joshua was so happy when he invited me to play Playstation2 with him, he claimed that he would have sold the game because he was tired of playing against computer and his younger brother who had little passion for the game.
The next day was Saturday that I don't normally go out to mark the Sabbath day rest, I knocked at Joshua's apartment door and his pretty sister opened the door.

I was stunned by her well carved face with defined feature and a pointed nose with two little eyes and long hairs, I was still admiring her when she disappeared from the door frame.
"Who be that, Fred?" I heard Joshua's voice asking his little brother.

I entered and saw Joshua sitting on the marbled floor face to face with the TV, he quickly got up and welcomed me.
I joined him on the floor and handed over the second controller pad to me, he was boasting of his performance in the game.

We did the needed settings and we both went for the different teams with Ronaldo and Messi, I picked Real Madrid because Ronaldo was with them around 2017.
We started the game and singled out Messi to outplay all my players, he was so good with using Messi that he scored twice before I ear-marked Sergio Ramos to tame him.

I then equalised with Ronaldo and Bale respectively, he looked hopeless without his Messi.
He tried using other players but they weren't a good match, Neymar wasn't very strong. Bale was better with his speed and sharp turns, before the game ended by 90mins I had beaten him six to his five goals.

He played till evening without him outscoring or winning any of the matches, it was late when I left there due to power outage the fun had deleted hunger totally from my mind.
I looked around to see his beautiful sister but didn't find her, my stomach made a funny reminder when I stepped out.

The next day was Sunday while others were preparing to go to church I was on my bed sleeping, I woke and discovered my older sister has left with her son.
I got up and start sweeping and mopping the house, I took the drinking bucket from the kitchen to refill it in the compound tap.
I was waiting for the bucket to get full when Sample Dem Baba rushed to where I am.

"Guy, how far? abeg no vex, come stay with my madam my babe dey come I no want make she near here" I was lost when he held my hand without my consent, he wore only boxer with his di-ck making a bulge. He didn't even allow me to take the bucket inside when he took me to his room and I was face to face with almost uncla-d girl.


Click on the link for episode 07��

Re: Ahoada River 18+ Episode 1 By Elvictor by Clustergist: 12:39pm

Episode 7

He gave me thumbs up and immediately exit the room while I stood watching the girl who was putting on a vex without bra and a very skimpy skirt with ruffled hairs.

I looked around timidly and sat on the only sofa in the room admiring the beautiful angel on the bed with piercing on her nose and chains around her leg.
I saw the beads around her waist when she bent to switch on the television when PHCN restored light.

Her huge ass jutted backward when she bent 'causing my hormones to engineer to life, she stood before me nodding to the music emanating from the speaker in no time she moved her waist swinging left and right as her fat bums shook forming lightening lines on her thin skirt fabric.

She turned and faced me her saggy br-easts flapping on her chest as she danced to the song, she made two steps and covered the grounds betwixt us.
My mouth slightly parted looking at her as she made the bold step to straddle me, I was wearing a short without any tight inside my di-ck was totally free as it resurrect when her soft bu-m landed on my groin.

She held on to the sofa and rocked me, she grinded on me and then stepped down from the sofa when my hormones were raging and my hard di-ck fully erect.
I lifted my ass up as she tugged on my short pulling it down, my hard di-ck sprang ere-ct the head swollen.

She grinned at me and wrapped her palm around my hard d-ck with her right hand, she stroked it thrice keeping an eye contact.
She bent and covered the head with her mouth then swept her lips on my di-ck head, she started su-cking my di-ck.

"Aahh!" I mo-aned as she intensified the su-cking of my hard di-ck, when she was tired of su-cking my di-ck. She pulled down her short skimpy skirt and I saw her cleanly shaved pu-ssy, with flower tattoo drawn around her pubic region.


"I no get condom for pocket" I replied her question.

She let out a cocky laughter and went to fish out a Kiss condom from the basket hidden by one of the speaker, she tore it with her teeth and brought out the rubber.
She jer-ked me twice before wearing it on me, she mounted me and started rocking my hard di-ck.

I held on two her saggy bre-asts gathering and squashing them as she rode me like a stallion, her sweet pu-ssy sending sweet sensation all over my body.

"Aahh! oohh! yes!! fu-ck!!"

"Aahh! ahh!!" I gr-oaned.

When she got tired of riding me she lifted herself up and my di-ck dislodged from her sweet canal, she climbed the bed and set doggystyle.
I stood up and find my way to her behind, parted her sweet a-ss and plugged inside her we-t pu-ssy and started b-anging her.

"Aahh! ahh!! harder, aahh!!" she mo-aned urging me on.

"Aahh! ahhh!" I mo-aned excitedly, I sp-anked her a-ss and she cried out with pleasure. We were both sweating as we fu-cked our brains out till I filled the rubber with my thick cu-m.

I pulled out and sat on the bed while removing the co-ndom and tied it, she took it from me and went to the bathroom returned some minutes later smiling at me.
We didn't speak to each other because she went straight to the bed and slept off, I stayed around two minutes and left there.

Fetched the water and awaited for my older sister to return, Joshua came back from church before anyone and told me about going to the River.
I told him to wait that I will go with him when my older sister and her son return from church.

My older sister and her son returned from church but I forgot all about the river till Joshua came around to remind.

"Guy, you nodey come again I wan go?" he asked me.

"Wait my go wear clothe" I ran inside and wore my clothe, my older sister asked me where am going I told her am coming.
When I came out of the house Joshua looked surprised.

"Why you dey look me like that?"

"Na like this you wan take swim?" I nodded and responded with mischievous grin, I hope he didn't know that I can't swim.


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... / Why Do Nigerians Still Suffer In Hunger? / A President's View

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