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A Walk With The Devil (Vol. 1) By Devilpen by Devilpen(m): 5:46pm On Sep 16, 2019
From: The Prime Insane Universe
Written By: Olusegun Ayomide Shedrach

Jonathan tiptoed out of His room and gently He opened the door, and peeped out, lying on the old and torn three seated, was an aged man already fast asleep, snoring once in three minutes, Jonathan looked the other direction, staring at the oil stained idol which was about ten inches tall.
Leaning on the wall, Jonathan walked as silent as possible towards the wooden carved into idol, looking at the idol, Jonathan heart skipped a bit, He thought it impossible, maybe His mind was playing tricks on him, He was certain He saw the idol blinked at him.
Maybe He was only imagining the horrible scenario his Parents had told him about powerful idols. Clearing the thought of His mind, He summoned courage and picked up the idol, and Stucked it inside his trouser. He looked behind, and walked out through the door that led outside the home.

Chapter One
People gathered in large number, before a thirty storey building, which acted as sales point for trades of different kinds, ranging from repair of mobiles and electronics, selling of wares, petty traders, including fruit sellers. Looking up from below, a boy, suggested to be in His late twenties, stood at the dead edge of the rooftop, preparing to jump down from above.
"Someone should get to him, before he kills himself" A man dressed in blue polo and a black trouser said, holding tight to His polythene bag on His hand.
"He don lock the latch" Another replied the man.
People heart skipped as they watched the boy looking up at the sky, totally saying his last prayers.
Women holding tight to their heads, hoping a miraculous intervention should take place and the young man rescued.
"Arhggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh" Everyone screamed loud, especially the ladies, as the boy jumped down from such height, it was certain He would not survive. No one had a one percent chance of surviving such.
The body fell to the ground and almost immediately, people began to struggle to have a view of the horrible event.
"Oga comot, make I see" A lady shouted and used her nails to scratch on the back of a man.
"He is alive, call okada, make we rush am go hospital " Someone shouted from the front, which threw everyone into commotion.

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Re: A Walk With The Devil (Vol. 1) By Devilpen by Devilpen(m): 5:48pm On Sep 16, 2019
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Re: A Walk With The Devil (Vol. 1) By Devilpen by Devilpen(m): 8:13pm On Sep 16, 2019
Two averagely built men, wearing black collar round neck shift, sat beside the boy who had attempted suicide, His hand cuffed to the metal rod of the hospital bed. Seeing the boy in a very good shape, no one who believe He had jumped from thirty storey building.
He let out a slight cough, feeling uncomfortable on the bed, moving His head to the left, He saw the men, and from the logo on their shirt, He knew they were Police Officers.
"You're awake" The fair one said, leaning forward.
"I was wondering, if you actually pulled that stunt to test a black magic, juju or charm" the dark police officer said, trying to make jest of the boy
"You don't call that stunt after living for one hundred and thirty eight years of torment and immortality " The boy replied and sat upright.
Somehow, He had managed to unlock the handcuff, which cuffed his hand to the bed. Both Policemen quickly jumped to their feet and pulled out their guns from the back of their trousers.
"I have faced more tougher of option of death, put back the gun, it won't do anything" the boy said, calmly with an exhausted expression, and adjusted himself well on the bed.
Both Officers looked at themselves and signalled to lower their guns, trying to believe what the boy said, but still they still had to go on with the investigation.
"What's your name? " The dark complexion man asked, refusing to seat.
"Full name" the Officer demanded with a cool voice.
"Iwalewa Jonathan" The boy replied calmly.
138 Years Ago

Everyone woke up to the loud crow of the cockerel which acted as day break signal to the villagers. The overview of the village was what could be described as minute, having a population not exceeding more than a thousand people and even at that, majority, would still travel put in search of a greener pastures and such was the case of Jonathan, from a family of five, the parents and two other siblings.
Jonathan was born into the family of a very strong believer of dieties, which they served wholeheartedly, even the white men and preachers of the gospels had find it very difficult in converting that particular family. But somehow they had convinced Jonathan's father, of allowing His children blend into the Western culture, and Education.
With much progress from Jonathan's side, His father had made sure Jonathan had the best of education.
But this particular day of visit by Jonathan was different, being a naive kid, He had foolishly came home that day, to steal their family diety and sell it for a handsome reward, replacing it with a fake, which looked exactly like the original, in hope of starting a very lucrative business with the money and come back with the latest car and seek His father's forgiveness.
"This is a fake" An aged man said, taking a closer look at the idol before him.
He dropped the palm oil and life cock in his hands to the ground and bent down to examine the idol.
"Lasagba, doesn't look as shiny as this " The man said and turned the idol around, taking a closer look.
"Lara, Bose, everyone at home, Jonathan, Iya Lara, come out, wake up, we have been robbed " The man shouted in agony and instantly everyone gathered behind him.
His wife came last, trying to knot her wrapper firmly around her waist, She yawned out loud and greeted Her husband.
"Morning, now who replaced Lasagba? " The man asked
Looking around, everyone in total confusion, His wife returned a cold stare and then fixed Her gaze on the idol, only to also discover it was a fake.
"Where is Jonathan? " The man asked looking around.
One of his daughters quickly dashed off to Jonathan's room and returned almost immediately.
"Baba, his room is empty, no sign of him"
The mother let out a loud cry and slammed herself to the ground, speaking in her local dialect.
"This boy has killed me ooooooooo"

Chapter 2

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Re: A Walk With The Devil (Vol. 1) By Devilpen by Devilpen(m): 9:29pm On Sep 16, 2019
Chapter 2
Another Death Wish
Jonathan walked hastily down the street, having absconded from his village with the idol, he had made sure the idol was kept out of sight till it got to its destination. Hurrying down the street, He ignored the greetings He got from petty trade sellers by the street.
He stopped in front of a wide open compound and hastily opened the gate and walked in, proceeding forward to the front of a wooden door. Jonathan knocked heavily on the door, after waiting minutes without any reply, He turned around to leave, just then the door flinged open.
Jonathan turned around and got relieved seeing the white skin man, peeping out from the door.
"Oyinbo, abi sorry, Mr Wilson, I have that package o, e don land" Jonathan said, opening his lips widely to reveal his set of pure white and well arranged teeth.
"A moment" Wilson said and shut the door.
A little while later, the door came open and a young girl walked out, looking rough and exhausted.
Jonathan looked at Her and moved aside, for Her to pass, He couldn't not get a glimpse of Her face, since She had her face facing the ground as She hurried out
Jonathan smirked and entered into Mr Wilson's room, and made himself comfortable on the only chair in the room, down the edge of the bed, was a stool like television, a fridge by the side and opposite the chair was Mr. Wilson's soft looking bed.
"Lemme see" Mr Wilson said and used his palms to rub his bald head.
Jonathan quickly dipped his hand into his trouser, squinting His eyes, after much struggle he brought the oily idol out and dropped it on the table before him.
Mr. Wilson leaned forward, taking a closer look at the idol, he let out a smile from the corner of his lips and used his tongue to rub his upper lips.
Jonathan quickly grabbed the idol, before Mr. Wilson could reach for it.
"It's the real stuff, no doubt, how much?" Mr. Wilson asked, the look on his eye, could tell He was willing to part with any amount no matter how large.
"Two million naira, convert it" Jonathan said and began returning the idol back to where he brought it out from.
"Jonathan, that amount is much, One million should seal our deal, no more, no less" Mr. Wilson offered and brought out a cheque book from the edge of his bed.
Jonathan thought for a while, giving it thorough thinking, one million was worth enough and it should see him through whatever and since He would be investing, it would yell much.
"Oya, deal don done" Jonathan said and brought out the idol.


Re: A Walk With The Devil (Vol. 1) By Devilpen by purples25(f): 10:02pm On Sep 16, 2019
Continue o, im reading. Interesting storyline
Re: A Walk With The Devil (Vol. 1) By Devilpen by Ann2012(f): 7:30am On Sep 17, 2019
Re: A Walk With The Devil (Vol. 1) By Devilpen by jenifer007: 10:49am On Sep 17, 2019
Carry go.....too much sweetness..... Well done bro
Re: A Walk With The Devil (Vol. 1) By Devilpen by Devilpen(m): 12:00pm On Sep 17, 2019
Jonathan retired to His room, after spending heavily for his friends and buying for everyone He met in the bag, immediately He cashed out the money. Feeling exhausted and over joyous, He managed to outline the business and choose the one which suited Him better, after much deliberation and conclusion, Jonathan turned off the lantern on the table and laid on the three seater which also as His bed, since that was the only comfortable option.
Back at the village, Johnathan's father was suddenly rushed back from the farm, where he had fallen off the palmwine tree, while trying to meet daily ends, before He could be rushed back, His wife already was already bitten by a snake, in the rice farm where she had gone to work for daily pay.
Laying side by side were both Parent crying out in agony, as every effort was taken to make sure their health returned rapidly, but by the day on only seemed to get worse.
"Bose" Jonathan's father called out weakly, his body already covered with sores, which attracted flies and little insects to Him
"Baba" Bose replied and knelt down beside her father.
"Go to my room, raised the empty calabash, you'll find my savings, I don't know Jonathan's address in the city, but make sure you find him and return the idol" He said, weakly and suddenly his hands dropped.
Jonathan woke up the next day, feeling strange within, but since He was Hale and Healthy, he cared less, He rubbed his eyes and yawned loudly, still thinking about how rich He should be in a year time, Jonathan jumped off the chair.
A strong force suddenly pushed him to the wall, and made Him static, looking confused, Jonathan tried freeing himself, but His body was denying him the chance to, like his soul was taken away from him.
The ground suddenly opened and emitted thick black fumes and from it, a dwarf man came out with an axe on his right hand, His beards looked rough and almost touched his feet, his thick arms, almost being the same level with his legs.
"You" The dwarf man said and suddenly turned into a serpent, having rough scaly body, it moved furiously round the room, scattering everything on its part, it suddenly stopped before Jonathan with its nose bringing out white smokes as it breathed.
"Return us to where we belong, or face a heavy consequences " The serpent said.
Jonathan suddenly shouted from his sleep and jumped off the bed, sweating hard, that His cloth was heavily soaked.
"Thank God it's just a dream " He said and rubbed His hands on His head, suddenly something caught His attention, something weird.
Jonathan looked again at the table, trying to assimilate what He saw, the money he had kept the previous night, was missing, and in replacement were burnt paper notes.
"Am doomed, mo ti ku " Jonathan shouted and dashed out of His room, leaving His chest bare without cloth.
He ran furiously down the street, the distance of forty minutes, looked like just ten seconds to Him, the option of boarding a public transport was far from His thought, running with all His might, Jonathan took a sharp turn into the street on his left and continued running, pushing anyone on his path off.
He jumped over the fence of Mr. Wilson's compound and dashed towards the wooden door.
"Oga Wilson!!" Jonathan shouted and banged the door heavily non stop
"Oyinbo come out oooo "
A lady came out from the backyard and hurried towards Jonathan
"Jona, wetyn happen, it's still early"
"See Grace, am looking for Mr. Wilson the Oyinbo man" Jonathan said in a rush.
"Oyinbo don pack yesterday, he don go back America" Grace said and looked closely at Jonathan.
"Ye, Mogbe, ayemi ooo" Jonathan cried out and immediately dashed out of the compound, leaping out ,over the fence, a lorry which had huge tree, tied to the back, suddenly crushed his skull

Chapter 3
Meeting the Devil


Re: A Walk With The Devil (Vol. 1) By Devilpen by Ann2012(f): 12:05pm On Sep 17, 2019
Serves him right
Well done OP
Re: A Walk With The Devil (Vol. 1) By Devilpen by Hardes(m): 1:55pm On Sep 17, 2019
Re: A Walk With The Devil (Vol. 1) By Devilpen by Bobosneh: 2:44pm On Sep 17, 2019
another blockbuster
Re: A Walk With The Devil (Vol. 1) By Devilpen by purples25(f): 9:29pm On Sep 17, 2019
Cant wait for the next part
Re: A Walk With The Devil (Vol. 1) By Devilpen by nastynic(m): 9:37pm On Sep 17, 2019
Following boss

Nice one tho
Re: A Walk With The Devil (Vol. 1) By Devilpen by tunjilee003: 10:16pm On Sep 17, 2019
I'm in
Re: A Walk With The Devil (Vol. 1) By Devilpen by germaphobe(m): 10:59pm On Sep 17, 2019
my bro no fit die nah, devilpen i don land and u dey front row, oya kwantinue

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Re: A Walk With The Devil (Vol. 1) By Devilpen by Devilpen(m): 10:17am On Sep 18, 2019
Chapter 3
Meeting the Devil
Jonathan opened his eyes and found himself in a partially dark room, filled with white fumes. Jonathan stood up, from the ground and walked towards the door before him, and pulled the knob, He suddenly found himself facing his entire family.
"Because of you we face this horrible punishment of eternal torment" His father said and a rod appeared on His hand.
"Because of you, we face eternal damnation " His mother said and a rod also appeared on her hand
"Torment him" His sisters said and unison and also rods appeared on their hands.
Jonathan felt heat within and began to move back, His heart raced as He saw his family gradually turning into vicious demons, as horns came out from their fore head, and maggot from nowhere suddenly coming out and going in from every part of their body.
Jonathan fell to the ground, in total fright, he screamed loudly and suddenly they disappeared and He found himself standing before the family idol, which was in a very giant form, and surrounded by fire.
"Where am I?, What is happening? " Jonathan asked himself, and took a step backward.
He felt a sharp sting on his feet, grinning in pain, Jonathan looked down and saw himself surrounded by scorpions, more than a thousand of them. They began stinging him mercilessly, the pain being so unbearable, Jonathan screamed loudly, his effort trying to fight of the scorpions proved futile, as the scorpions sting him relentlessly.
Jonathan wished for death, but he got non, it was like death was far from him, no one would survived three stings of a scorpion, but he had already taken more than a thousand,and feel g excruciating pains.
He suddenly found himself, standing in front of three skeletons, seating on huge thrones, each having a staff on their hand, their skulls made of fire.
"Step forward " The skeleton in the center said and pointed it fingers at Jonathan.
Jonathan suddenly found himself walking forward against his will, looking backward, he saw he was not the only one on the line, behind him were uncountable number of people, on a straight line.
"Open his record, let him know where he goes in the eternal torment"
A huge book suddenly appeared before the skeletons, then before Jonathan a small wind formed and out from it came the dwarf he saw in his horrible dream.
"Elders of Judecca " The dwarf said and bowed his head.
"Iku, why are you here? " The skeletons asked at once.
"I have being denied from granting Jonathan access, The Supreme Lord does not want him dead, whenever he does, he shall face torment and return to the World, till he rights his wrong" The dwarf said, and pointed it's axe at Jonathan.
"Well" The skeleton on the center said and snapped it's finger and immediately Jonathan turned into dust.
Jonathan gasped and jumped up, from the hospital bed
"How his he alive? " The mortuary attendants shouted and all of them took to their heels.


Re: A Walk With The Devil (Vol. 1) By Devilpen by Devilpen(m): 11:49am On Sep 18, 2019

Jonathan watched the wild expression on the face of the policemen, He knew somehow they believed his story.
"This is a story for the whole world" the dark officer said with wild expression.
"Do you think this is a joke? " Jonathan thundered and the hospital bed suddenly turned upside down, followed by a very chilled breeze.
The police men brought out their gun and cocked it, pointing it at Jonathan. Realizing the gun will do no good, they returned their gun and got relived as Jonathan's temper calmed.
Jonathan shaked his head and walked towards the door, and walked out, quickly the officers followed behind.
"Jonathan, you have to return"
Jonathan smirked and continued down the hall of the hospital, pushing off the nurses on his path.
"Let me be"
The hall to the hospital reception door came open and a young girl suddenly ran in, clinching tight to the shopping bags with her, She suddenly collided with Jonathan, and fell to the ground, and her glasses fell to the ground.
Jonathan halted and looked at the girl, somehow, He got attracted to her, He looked back the police officer, and bent down, Jonathan bent down and wore the glass on the girl's face and raised her up, then handed her the bags.
"Thank you" the girl said without even looking at Jonathan's face, She hurried to the receptionist and dropped the bags on the table.
Jonathan turned around, still fixing his gaze know the girl, He closed his eyes and made his ears move to and fro.
"Yes, I'm Mrs Dray's daughter, the medicines I got them already" The girl said,trying to control the tears.
"Since three days ago, I'm sorry, your mother is dead" . The receptionist said and returned back to her previous work.
The girl suddenly dropped dead to the ground, hitting her head hard on the tiled floor, the police officers quickly ran to her and raised her body up, helping the nurses to lay her on the stretcher.
Jonathan felt moved in his spirit as tears like blood flowed out from his eyes. He followed behind the nurses, and entered with them into the emergency ward, which the girl was rushed into.
"Sir, you have to stay back " A nurse shouted at Jonathan and tried pushing him out of the room.
"Let him" One of the police officer ordered.
Jonathan walked closer to the girl and held her right hand.
Jonathan found himself on a mountain top, looking at the girl in a white rob as She joined the infinity line, He jumped down from the mountain, making a crack on the ground, He quickly pulled himself up and ran up to the girl.
"You have to return" Jonathan said and held her on the shoulder.
"I have nothing else to live for, my only hope is gone, let me be" The girl replied still not looking at Jonathan.
"Think about those who would feel depressed if you die, imagine their smiling face and imagine the lain, you will put in their heart"
The girl sniffed and looked at Jonathan.
"Is life worth living for? "
Jonathan found it hard to give a reply to the question
"There is more to life, come with me" Jonathan said and held the girl by the hand.
Both Jonathan and the girl gasped for air, the girl turned and looked at Jonathan, who was still having his eyes closed, She turned around and saw the surprise look on everyone's face.
"I was dead" The girl said and looked at Jonathan who still held tight to her hand.

Chapter 4
In Love with an Immortal


Re: A Walk With The Devil (Vol. 1) By Devilpen by Hardes(m): 12:17pm On Sep 18, 2019
Thanks for the update.

The last chapter just captivate my full interest.
Re: A Walk With The Devil (Vol. 1) By Devilpen by Devilpen(m): 12:33pm On Sep 18, 2019
Chapter 4
In Love with an Immortal
138 Years Ago
Jonathan walked out of the mortuary, baffled by his experience, He knew what he had to do, which was fine the idol and return it back to where it belonged. Jonathan, grabbed a shirt and trouser and quickly put it on, as he shivered with fright, at the same time feeling confused.
He leaped over the fence of the morgue, in the dead of the night, after walking for a while, He decided to rest and find somewhere safe to sleep, before continuing his journey and search for Mr. Wilson know a wild and wide world, if what he heard was true that Mr. Wilson had returned back to where he came from, then he knew was eternally doomed.
Mr. Wilson, brought out the idol, after locking his door tight, He smiled as He admired the idol, knowing what kind of fortune it would bring him. He returned it and opened the door of his room and went to the dock of the ship he boarded back to his country. He sighed and relaxed to the chilled breeze that blew on him.
"Mr. Wilson" Someone called his name for behind.
Mr. Wilson turned around and saw the captain of the ship walking towards him.
"So you got us on the sea"
"Yeah, my friend, it's fortune and it's urgent"
A huge and strong wave suddenly hit the ship, throwing everyone off balance, the sea suddenly rised up and fell back really hard, it tossed the ship aside furiously, threathing to turn it upside down.
"Hold" Frank shouted and ran up to the ship control room.
Another huge wave came at the ship again and almost turned it upside down. Wilson ran up to his room and brought out the idol, holding it tight, before he could ram back to the door, it closed by itself, and suddenly the ship lower dock tore apart allowing free flow of water, Mr. Wilson noticed the water entering into the room from under the door,which threw him into panic.
A huge wave sudden came over the ship, covering it completely, and immediately the ship sank.


Re: A Walk With The Devil (Vol. 1) By Devilpen by Hardes(m): 1:19pm On Sep 18, 2019
Thanks for the update.
Re: A Walk With The Devil (Vol. 1) By Devilpen by adetkid(m): 3:06pm On Sep 18, 2019
Bro only I Level up dey hunger person nah....
you wicked oooo

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Re: A Walk With The Devil (Vol. 1) By Devilpen by Bobosneh: 4:19pm On Sep 18, 2019
wow this is fire
Re: A Walk With The Devil (Vol. 1) By Devilpen by Bobosneh: 4:19pm On Sep 18, 2019
wow this one is fire
Re: A Walk With The Devil (Vol. 1) By Devilpen by Devilpen(m): 5:33pm On Sep 18, 2019

Clara opened the door to her home, a room and self contain apartment, which stood alone, at the extreme end of the compound containing three more flats. Back at the hospital, after Jonathan had brought her back, the Police Officers had decided themselves to settle his bills and find one or two things to cover up the case, since it was bigger than them, and no one would love to add another trouble to the one they were already into.
"Sit" Clara said, pointing to the only chair in the room, on the left corner, was a huge bed, and a reading table at the end, piles of books were kept on the table.
Clara watched as Jonathan sat down, while She hastily hurried to the kitchen, leaving Jonathan to himself. Jonathan walked towards the table and took one of the book, he opened the pages and let out a smile.
"You're a writer " He said loudly.
He dropped the note and took another, and opened the pages.
After about twenty minutes Clara returned from the kitchen, having two plates of noodles, and placed one on the table before Jonathan.
"Eat" She said calmly and made herself comfortable on the bed.
Clara hastily and hungrily devoured her food, looking up, She saw Jonathan staring at the food like it was strange or maybe He didn't trust her, but on second thought how can someone who brought her back die?
"Aren't you hungry, or you don't trust me"
Jonathan looked at her and spoke
"I don't eat, I haven't eaten in the past hundred and thirty eight years " Jonathan said calmly and passed the food to Clara.
Jonathan saw the displease on her face and decided to offer more explanation.
"I don't mean to hurt you" Jonathan said, words he didn't think he would ever say, but somehow he was getting attracted to the girl.
"See my life is complicated "
"Yeah, I mean" Clara paused and decided to continue "Who are you? "
Jonathan faked a smile, although he felt hurt by the question, but he could not bring himself to be angry at the new girl.
"I was thinking I could offer gratitude for giving me hope" Clara said and dropped the spoon in her hand.
"From little, I had always wanted to be a journalist, a writer, but all my hope got dashed when my mother got ill, I lost everything, her illness of three years, milked me dry of all my savings " Clara said and used her tongue to lick the tears that trickled down her cheeks.
Jonathan felt pity for her, he raised his head up and gave a loud sigh
"I can boost your career" He said and stood up, and then picked a book and flipped through the pages.
"You either so it as a journalist or a writer"
"What do you mean?" Clara asked
"Me, how do you think people will want to know about someone who has live for more than a hundred years and always take a trip to hell, someone who has met personal with the devil, a deal instrument itself, someone who death is far from" Jonathan said.
His eyes suddenly flashed red, and from nowhere, a cold breeze blew round the room, sending cold chill down Clara's spine.
"JESUS!! " Clara shouted in fright and coiled herself up the bed.
The reading lamp on the table suddenly exploded, and a strong force threw Jonathan hard against the wall, which resulted in a loud bang, and boring a huge hole on the wall.
Every where quickly went back to normal, and slowly Clara raised her head up, seeing Jonathan laying lifeless on the ground, She quickly ran up to him.
"Wake up, please, you can't die, yeas, you can't die" Clara said and quickly rushed to the kitchen and returned with a bowl of water and began sprinkling on Jonathan's face.
Chapter 5
An Interview with the Demon


Re: A Walk With The Devil (Vol. 1) By Devilpen by Hardes(m): 6:47pm On Sep 18, 2019
What kind of being lives in this so called Jonathan of a person??
Re: A Walk With The Devil (Vol. 1) By Devilpen by germaphobe(m): 8:51pm On Sep 18, 2019
Re: A Walk With The Devil (Vol. 1) By Devilpen by Bobosneh: 9:57pm On Sep 18, 2019
yee this one is mad o. when i read the emi series i thought that's the baddest until i met broda jona
Re: A Walk With The Devil (Vol. 1) By Devilpen by Devilpen(m): 10:05pm On Sep 18, 2019
Chapter 5
An Interview with the Demon
138 Years Ago (1st year)
Jonathan woke up the next morning, very early before people began to really go about their normal business. He supported himself up, with the wooden sales table beside, the wood suddenly broke into two half, sending Jonathan crashing to the floor, he observed the table to know what went wrong with it, because to him the table was strong enough to support him.
He finally stood up and began staggering down the street, getting to the highway, a broadcasting vehicle suddenly dashed past him, and splashed mud water on him. Jonathan felt grieve in his heart and looked at the vehicle taking a sharp turn.
"Trip" Jonathan said, unknowing even to himself.
Immediately, the vehicle tumbled and crashed against a container shop and at the same moment it went up in flames. Jonathan placed his hands over his face, as the vehicle exploded, he looked with surprise then noticed he was the cause.
"It can't be me" He muttered and began to shiver.
He felt a tap by his leg and looked down and felt his heart skip, seeing the dwarf man standing next to him.
"It's you, and no one else" The man said and giggled.
"Please make me free" Jonathan said and knelt down before the dwarf a f bowed his head wailing in tears and self pity.
"You threw Lasagba into the middle of nowhere in the ocean, She has inhabit your body and you seem a perfect host for her" The dwarf man said and giggled again.
"Let me free!!!!" Jonathan screamed out loud and began rolling on the ground.
"You should be happy you're a god, the only way to freedom is to bring back the idol" The dwarf man said and disappeared.
"NOOO!! " Jonathan screamed and began cutting himself with sharp edge stones.
People passing by, began to keep their distance off, mothers holding tight to children and carefully passing by Jonathan.


Re: A Walk With The Devil (Vol. 1) By Devilpen by purples25(f): 10:25pm On Sep 18, 2019
I want to read more about these adventures Jonathan had !
Re: A Walk With The Devil (Vol. 1) By Devilpen by Devilpen(m): 10:37pm On Sep 18, 2019
Jonathan felt a hard smack on his face which tore his fave apart, ripping off his lower jaw completely and gave way to free flow of Blood, which poured non stop.
Jonathan grinned and got another snack on his head, he screamed out loud as spikes suddenly bursting out from his body and like a time bomb, waiting for be timed off, Jonathan exploded.
Jonathan gasped and opened his eyes, he sighed hard and gently sat upright on the bed, he looked at the wall and saw the crack he made on it.
"Thank God you're alive" Clara said from where she leaned on the door frame that led to the kitchen.
"Next time, try hard not to call that name again, and if you'll call it, don't call it like you mean it, your faith is too strong" Jonathan said and sighed, and fell back to the bed, feeling exhausted.
"Who told you there will be a next time, you're leaving my house this very moment, I can't have a demon living with me, or as a friend, which ever way, I'll appreciate your concern, but you can't stay here" Clara said and revealed a knife, which she held tight to.
Jonathan didn't reply any word, he quietly stood up and wore his slippers, he took a last look at Clara and blood dripped down from his eyes.
Clara felt pity within her, She didn't know how, but somehow she felt Jonathan's pain within, She felt his loneliness, She felt his self pity, She felt his regret, She felt his hurt.
Jonathan pulled the knob of the door and was about going out, when Clara spoke.
"Wait, we're friends right and friends don't hurt friends" Clara said and sighed, dropping the knife on the table.
Jonathan only nodded his head, still having his hands on the door.
"I still have a story to write about my demon friend, who knows we might find solution to your problem" Clara said, trying to be as nice as possible.
"I hope you can keep up with my story of 138 years old" Jonathan said, and his voice recovered through the entire room.
Clara freezed on the spot She was and finally found her voice.
"Please, be nice with your act, or I'll call the name" Clara said and sat on the chair " Sit, let's start from you became this"


Re: A Walk With The Devil (Vol. 1) By Devilpen by Ann2012(f): 10:16am On Sep 19, 2019
This story got me glued
Well done OP
Re: A Walk With The Devil (Vol. 1) By Devilpen by Devilpen(m): 5:19pm On Sep 19, 2019
138 Years Ago (Year One)
Jonathan flagged down a cab, which immediately switched it's indicator, and stopped before him. Jonathan entered and shut the door, noisily which angered the driver.
"Must we behave inhuman in this country? " the driver shouted and turned around to look at Jonathan.
"Sea Port " Jonathan said, sweating hard and feeling uncomfortable
The driver smirked and felt reluctant, seeing Jonathan was very unstable, and having a weird look on his face.
"I'm not going " the driver said and turned off the car engine.
Jonathan eyes widened, feeling rage within him.
"Start the car this moment and move" Jonathan ordered calmly.
The driver hissed and threw the car keys on the dashboard, Jonathan felt like ripping the man's throat at that moment, without any word Jonathan alighted the cab and calmly closed the door. The driver felt peace, seeing Jonathan walk off, He sighed and wondered what kind of person Jonathanas, caring less, he grabbed the car keys from the dashboard and inserted it into the keyhole.
Immediately the man ignited the car, it exploded, producing loud bang, the heat wave of the flame swiftly expanded to the fueling station on the right instantly it caught fire, quickly spreading around and razing down the stores on both right and left.

Jonathan finally got to the port, walking down to the edge of the sea, far from where people boarded. He already had his mind determined and nothing was stopping him from retrieving the idol, if it would cost anything. Jonathan looked around and in one bound he leap over the edge of the walk way and jumped into the sea.



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