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Wet dreams. 18+--a truly bizarre story / DREAMS / Dreams Could Come True By Tiffany J (2) (3) (4)

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DREAMS & DATES ( Love Seriez ) by Fentasy: 7:00pm On Jan 01, 2021
Hi everyone ! Here is a New Shot, DREAMS & DATES, a new intriguing Love seriez. If you enjoy it, try to follow up with the weekly update on the https:// link below.

In the quest for soul mate. Strong feelings of ecstasy, Unexpected Break Ups, the obsession that sets in and the dreams of making things right again. In every true love it’s always hard to say goodbye.

[ Copyright 2021 seriezbymo ]

Epsd 1

It was an early hour of the morning. Tokunbo still in her night wear, walks drowsily towards the coffee airpot in the kitchen. Dispensing some into a cup, the door bell chimes.

She strolls into the living room with her coffee in her hands to get the door opened.
Not looking surprised to see her guest.

“oh........... Didi”
She opens the door wider while the guest walks in.

Didi is a fashion entrepreneur. Though not so close to Tokunbo, but she is a friend to Mabel.(Tokunbo’s cousin). Mabel had called Didi to help her check on Tokunbo her cousin after she heard about her break -up with Jimi.

Tokunbo and Jim’s relationship was as good as perfect, and no one could have thought that the relationship would hit the rock.

Didi walks in to the living room and takes her seat. Tokunbo joins her.

A serious expression spreads across Didi’s face before speaking.
“Is it true....................you and Jimi ?”

Tokunbo utters a sigh.
“Yeah, we broke-up.”
“Oh.... my...God, I can’t believe this. But how could Jimi do this to you“

“oh no, it wasn’t his fault”

“How do you mean?”

“The point is that.............................. his mum already has a lady she wants him to get married to. I think she is a family friend or something . And Jimi has been under a serious pressure from his mum.”

Didi cuts in.
“Can you imagine,....................this is one reason I always avoid guys from wealthy home, most times, their parents dictates for them.”

“Honestly, I wouldn’t say Jimi is a weak man, but you know how some mothers can be. Besides, my aunt advised me to back off the relationship.”

“But why.............is she aware of you and Jimi ’ s commitment?”

“Didi, my aunt is presently in her second marriage. She had same issue with her ex in-laws before her 1st marriage of 7years crashed. She shared a whole lot of ugly experiences with me.”

She shakes her head in disapproval

“Didi............ I don’t think am ready to go through such experiences in marriage, what if things doesn’t work out in the end . The earlier I face the truth, the better for me, his mum has a wife for him already..............period .”

Didi speaks gently.
“Tokunbo, I get your point. But the way you two are. I mean everyone sees the chemistry between you and Jimi...............”

Tokunbo interupts.
“Look Didi, right now the new project on my beauty products is on going. And that’s my utmost priority right now.”

Didi sits upright and closer to her.
“Wow that’s a good one though. It will practically get you more occupied.”

Tokunbo waves her hand ignoring the topic, she stands and head to the kitchen.
“Let me get you some coffee.”

“Oh Tokunbo, don’t bother.”

“Didi, this harmattan weather is much, I insist you take some coffee.”
She enters the kitchen.

It was getting late in the evening, at the office of Jimi Craig ( A young good looking guy from a wealthy home ) The phone rings for a while without an answer. The ringing continues again. Jimi turns away from his system to pick his call.

“Hello mum.”
“Jimi don’t forget the dinner is 8.00pm tomorrow, the family is expecting you.”

Jimi exclaims.
“Good heaven !.................mum you ‘ve reminded me more than a million times, is that why you called again ?”

“Not only that, also to inform you that Imade is back from London. Jimi you need to see how she is all grown up now and looking beau..............tiful. I can’t wait for you two to meet. So please ensure you are at the dinner tomorrow, do not disappoint me.”

Jimi sighs and mutters gently.
“Ok..........I’ll try to join you for the dinner.”

“That’s my son, see you tomorrow .”

Iris (Jimi’s PA) walks in holding a pen and a notepad.
“Sir have adjusted all the appointments scheduled for tomorrow.”

“Ok just drop it on the table, I’ll check it later. You can close for the day.”
She drops the notepad.
“Good night sir.”
“Good night.”

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Re: DREAMS & DATES ( Love Seriez ) by Fentasy: 6:35am On Jan 02, 2021
Re: DREAMS & DATES ( Love Seriez ) by Fentasy: 1:30pm On Jan 03, 2021
Epsd 2

At the Craig’s opulent residence, both the George and the Craig s’ parents sits at the living room after a scrumptious Dinner, deliberating on political issues. Jimi and Imade sits at a mini lounge, each with a glass of wine.

“I enjoyed the meal, it was nicely made,”

“Same here.” Jimi replies.

“Please can you help me increase the A.C”

“Oh.....sure.” Jimi picks up the remote control to regulate the air conditioner.
“Seems you have really adapted to the London weather.”

Imade cuts in

“You can’t believe that I find it very hard to stay a minute without an A.C”

“The same issues I had when I returned from Paris. For close to a month the heat was quite unbearable for me.”

She cuts in again
“Believe me, i had to put some ice in my water before bathing.”

“Really, are you sure you won’t take the next flight back to London.”
They both laughs.

“But seriously, regardless of weather home is always the best.” Imade says

“Sounds like you aren’t planning to go back soon?”

“Hmmmm...................left for me, my intention was to establish something in London and settle over there. But my dad wants me to come and manage his company. His confidence in me is second to none, so I just couldn’t turn down his offer.”

Jimi’s mum walks in.
“Why don’t you two take a walk around, better still go to the garden so that you can have your privacy.”

“Mum we are okay here.” Jimi says.

“Imade, are you sure ?”
“Yes ma, am okay here.”
“Oh good.”
She walks out of the mini lounge.”

In the beautiful Santorini city of Greece, Ebuka and Ifunanya curled up in their hotel room. It’s just a week Into honeymoon after their wedding.

The two had planned on few weeks vacation not only for their honeymoon, but also to celebrate the coming Christmas.
A call comes in on Ify’s phone, She was all smiley before picking up.

“ Hi babes !” Ify starts the conversation

Mrs.........Ifunanya............ Ebuka-Wealth.”

Sotonye (sotty) pronounces one after the other.

“Sotty, stop it.”

“Stop what, you better start adapting to your new name ?”

“Of course I will, but not when you are trying to pull my legs.”

They both laughs

“I don’t need to ask you, from your voice I can tell that you are enjoying your honeymoon.”

“Sure I am.”

“Seriously Ify you need to help me out on this, have been drooling over this guy ever since we had your wedding.”

“What guy ?”

“Ebuka’s best maaa............n.” Sotty whines like a child

“Oh............... you mean Jimi Craig.”

“Is that his name ?”

“Yes, Jimi Craig is his name. Himself and Ebuka are like 5&6. They are best of friends.”

“But Ify why nowwwww..............., Ebuka has a charming friend like that and you couldn’t introduce me your friend to him.”

“Sotty it’s not what you think, look..............Jimi is taken he is in a very serious relationship.”

“Awwww.......................too bad, the guy looks so charming and very calm. I must confess, my eyes were on him all through the wedding event.”

“Don’t worry Sotty, you are a beautiful girl and I know that you will get your own Mr. Charming very soon."

Again sotty whines like a baby.

“ Sotonye, I can’t wait to see you, I got loads of gist already”

“Awwwwwww...................I wish I can see you during the Christmas .”

“Don’t worry we will be back before you know it.”

“Alright, my regards to Ebuka, talk to you later.” They both hangs up.

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Re: DREAMS & DATES ( Love Seriez ) by Fentasy: 7:40pm On Jan 04, 2021
Re: DREAMS & DATES ( Love Seriez ) by Schlastica16(f): 9:33am On Jan 05, 2021
Re: DREAMS & DATES ( Love Seriez ) by Fentasy: 8:00pm On Jan 05, 2021

Big thank U.
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Re: DREAMS & DATES ( Love Seriez ) by niffyluv(f): 9:36pm On Jan 05, 2021
A good piece of work
Re: DREAMS & DATES ( Love Seriez ) by Fentasy: 6:55pm On Jan 06, 2021
A good piece of work

I appreciate !

For every1 who is new to my write ups, U can check on IN-BETWEEN story also by FENtasy. Right on this section or the blue link below .
Re: DREAMS & DATES ( Love Seriez ) by Fentasy: 7:00pm On Jan 06, 2021
Copyright 2021 seriezbymo

Epsd 3

As the Christmas approaches in few days, the grocery markets is filled with people coming in and out. The supermarkets are also not spared, People flocks in to get some varieties that they will need for the season period.

Imade, her mum and one of their domestic staffs walks into the mall to do their shopping.

“Mary, you have the list with you right?”

Mrs George ( Imade’s mum) ask the domestic staff.

“Yes ma, I have the list.”

“Ok you go to the grocery section and pick up those items, myself and Imade will shop for the rest.”

Mary kneels slightly

“Ok ma.”

Then she leaves for the grocery section. Imade and her mum takes their time to move from one section to the other, picking their items one after the other. Imade pushes the trolley as they both engages in conversation.


“Yes mum.”

“Do you know that your dad and I, our initial plan was to Travel To Atlanta for this Christmas.”

“Really, so why change your mind ?”

“Your dad and I thought that since you are back here in Nigeria, you might be lonely at home if we both decide to travel for the Christmas.”

Their conversation continues as they move round the mall.

At Jimi Craig’s residence, the Jeep glides in. Jimi’s mum (Mrs Craig) comes out of the Jeep from the backseat. The gate keeper rushes to greet her.

“Good evening ma!”

“Oh, how are you ?”

“Fine ma.”
“Is my son home ?”

“Yes ma.”

she makes her way in.

“Is anyone home?” she mentions as she takes her seat.

Jimi descends the staircase, looking surprise to see his mum.

“Mum, you didn’t call me to say you were coming, what if I wasn’t home.”

“Actually, I came to see someone around your estate, so I just decided to check on you.”

He takes his seat close to his mum.

“I was actually packing before you came in.”

“Are you going somewhere?”

“I have a business trip to Ghana.”

“ Haan -hann.......... even during the Christmas ?”

“Mum in my field of business, some deals are better sealed during the season period.”

“That’s quite serious, I never knew you won’t be around for the Xmas. So when are you leaving ?”
“Definitely tomorrow.”

He stands to get his mum something to drink.

Story continues

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Re: DREAMS & DATES ( Love Seriez ) by Ann2012(f): 8:37am On Jan 07, 2021
Seat claimed

I’m not gonna miss this
Re: DREAMS & DATES ( Love Seriez ) by Fentasy: 6:54pm On Jan 08, 2021
Seat claimed

I’m not gonna miss this

Endeavour not to.
Re: DREAMS & DATES ( Love Seriez ) by Fentasy: 7:00pm On Jan 08, 2021
Re: DREAMS & DATES ( Love Seriez ) by Fentasy: 8:01pm On Jan 08, 2021
Epsd 4

It’s the Christmas eve, everywhere looks colourful with different fireworks around.

Jimi in his hotel room in Ghana. He sits with all concentration before his system.
Shortly, he stands to grab a bottle of wine and pour some in the cup then settles on the couch.

He stares thoughtfully for a while before getting his phone to make a call.

The female voice comes from the end of the phone.


“Hi Tokunbo! Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas Jimi!”

“Did I wake you up?” Jimi asked

“No, I wasn’t sleeping.”

They both went silent, how time changes. the one time lovebugs who couldn’t do without each other, now interact like strangers.

“Actually, I just thought about the last Christmas eve and I remembered that we were together..............”
He paused for some minutes before adding.

“I feel it’s necessary to check on you.”


Both silent again.

“So ................what’s your plan for the Xmas?”

“Hmmmm..............I intend to go to the cinema. But if there is a change of mind, then I’ll just do my cooking and relax back home with some home movies .”

The silence came again.

“Ok...............Wish you a merry Xmas Tokunbo.”

“Same to you Jimi”

“Good night!”

“Good night!”

Jimi hangs up and leans his head back in thought.

At the George’s residence, the chef and the domestic staff seems to have a lot to do for the Christmas. They are still quite busy in the kitchen moving from one kitchen cabinet to the other.

Imade relaxes on the swing chair making video calls with her friends in London. She spent a quality time conversing with them as they all wish one another merry Christmas.

Story continues.

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Re: DREAMS & DATES ( Love Seriez ) by Fentasy: 3:00pm On Jan 09, 2021
Copyright 2021seriezbymo

Epsd 5

Few days after Christmas, at D’ GEORGE’s Group of company, the board members breakes into applause as Imade is introduced by her Dad as the new Ast. Managing Director of the company.

Everyone congratulates her, while she gives her speech of acknowledgement before the meeting rounds up.

The end of the year is almost near. The company prepares for two event celebrations. A welcome party for Miss Imade George as the new Asst. Managing. Director and secondly the annual end of the year dinner.

The company’s administration goes about dropping a substantial gift at each table of the staffs. Everyone appreciates the gift and they all prepares for the Big Dinner party.

Interior of Imade’s bedroom. She sits on the bed with her mum.

“Imade, I must say am happy to see the woman you are becoming. Being the new Asst. Managing Director of your dad’s company, am so proud of you.”

Smiling radiantly

“Thank you mum.”

“Now let me tell you this, your dad’s initial plan was to make you the Managing Director, not the assistant. But I discouraged him.”

Looking surprised by her mum’s statement
“But why mum, you don’t have confidence in me ?”

“Not that.”

“So why mum ?”

“Daughter, giving you the whole responsibility of a Managing director, will definitely get you too occupied and you won’t have time for yourself. Imade you are 26, I want you and Jimi to get married on time.”

Imade cuts in.
“Ohhhh.......... muuumm........... not again. You talk like Jimi already proposed to me, for Christ sake you just introduced us to each other. I haven’t even known him too well.”

“Save yourself the stress Imade, if your mother can present a man to you, just know that he will make the best husband. I know Jimi’s background, trust me he is from a good home.”

“Ok mum, he is a cool guy, I agree with you............but am a lady, am not expected to obtrude myself on a man. Being a family friend or not, Jimi Craig still needs to express his feelings for me. I can’t just assume that we are already dating.”

“Yes Imade, I won’t say you are wrong. But let me tell you a real fact, when a guy’s mother likes a lady, she would do anything to marry her into the family.”

“So ............ I don’t understand.”

“I know you are not aware of this Imade, Mrs Craig (Jimi’s mum) admires you so much. she talks about you all the time.”

Imade is flattered, she smiles shyly
“But mum............”

"Ssssssshhhh.........there is no but. Jimi’s mum told me that he is back from his business trip, all you need to do for me at today’s dinner is to look as stunning as ever.”

She walks towards the door as she finishes her statement.

Imade shakes her head smiling.

Story continues.

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Re: DREAMS & DATES ( Love Seriez ) by Fentasy: 4:55pm On Jan 10, 2021
Epsd 6

Jimi was stuck in a heavy traffic on his way from the office.

The time was about 11.30pm. Jimi waits patiently after hooting the horn. His gate man quickly opens the gate while he drives in. Before he could pack the car properly, his phone rings.

“Hello mum.”
“Jimi, are you out of the traffic now ?”

Jimi speaks tiredly

“Mum, I just drove in now.”

“Huuuuuh........” she sighs

“Even Ola my sales rep told me about the traffic jam, he said it was so bad.”

“Mum it was terrible, the time is about 12.00 midnight and am just getting home.”

“I really feel bad that you couldn’t make it to D’GEORGE’ dinner party, but I thank God that you are home now. Imade and her mum were so looking out to see you at the dinner, they felt bad too.”

“Mum you should have explained things to them.”

“Of course I did, but you should make it up with her.”

“I will definitely call to apologise.”

“Apologise alone ?”

“What else am I suppose to do ?”

“Jimi, you should try to make it up with her, may be take her on a dinner date Or something.”

“Really............... mum are you wooing this lady for me already ? See I have to go freshen up now.”

“just ensure you take enough rest, because of the traffic stress.”

“I will, goodnight mum.”

“Good night son.”

At Mabel’s home, the gate keeper brings the luggage in one after the other. Mabel (Tokunbo’s cousin) plumps on the nearest couch tiredly. In few minutes, her phone rings.

“Hi Didi ! I just got home.”

“let me be on my way to come and see you.”

“ No...no... no Didi, I will be stepping out soon.”

“But you just came in now, Where are you rushing To?”

“Didi, I need to see my cousin Tokunbo, you know I haven’t seen her since she broke up with Jimi.”

“Oh, that’s true though. You only sent me to help you check up on her. That’s ok see you tomorrow then.”

The Beauty Palace stall is a very modern one. Tokunbo has put in her best to make her stall a classy one.

The two cousins ( Tokunbo and Mabel) sits close to each other. Mabel fixes her eyes on Tokunbo after a lengthy conversation.

“Have you and Jimi spoken after the break up ?”

“He called me on Christmas eve.”

“I still can’t believe this.” Mabel mutters.

Tokunbo dismissed the topic

“I told you about my new beauty products.”

“Yes you did.” Mabel replies.

“That’s all I have in my head right now, I don’t want any form of distraction.”

Taking Mabel’s hand , she leads her to the beauty lab to show her some new skin products.

Story continues .

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Re: DREAMS & DATES ( Love Seriez ) by Fentasy: 8:10pm On Jan 11, 2021
Re: DREAMS & DATES ( Love Seriez ) by Fentasy: 8:25pm On Jan 12, 2021
Epsd 7

The new year celebration is over, all companies are back to work.
Ebuka resumes to work 2weeks after his wedding and honeymoon. Two staffs walks in each with a large gift box.

“Good morning sir !” they greets in unison

“Good morning!”

Happy New year to you sir!”

“oh............ wish you same.”

“The Asst Director asked us to bring these to your office.” One of them speaks.

“Here ?”

“Yes sir.”

“Okay, drop them over there.”

In some minutes, the Asst director comes in. She is a woman in about her mid-fifties.

“Mr Ebuka-Wealth............ complement of the season !”

Ebuka stands to greet her.

“Wish you same ma.”

“And how is your new wife doing ?”

“She is fine ma.”

Pointing to the gift boxes.

“On behalf of the company’s admin, our gifts to wish you a happy married life.”

“Really..............I wasn’t expecting this ma, but I must say I appreciate.”

“You are welcome Mr Ebuka !”

She makes her way to the door.

“We have a meeting by 10.00am, don’t forget” she adds.

“Am actually preparing for that ma.”

“Alright, see you then.”

She leaves the office.

Interior of Jimi’s office
The two clients sitting before Jimi Craig stands to take their leave after the conclusion of a short meeting. Jimi turns the swivel chair around to check on his phone that has been beeping for a while, which he deliberately ignored because of the just concluded meeting.
Seeing that it was his mum’s call, he quickly places a call through to her.

“Hello mum!”

“Hello Jimi, how is work ?”

“Good mum”

“ Ehen...hen, Jimi you know the weekend Is Close. I have already told Imade about what we discussed.”

“What we discussed? What did we discuss?”

“Of course the dinner date that I suggested you take her.”

He acts shocked

“Wait mum, you asked for a dinner date on my behalf ? You are kidding me right. Am supposed to do that myself and at a convenient time.”

“Jimi, what time could be more convenient than this weekend. The dinner date is supposed to be a make-up for your absence at their recent occasion, you shouldn’t prolong it.”

“Seriously mum, with the way you are going about this whole thing, it looks like you will soon propose to her on my behalf. “

“Son...............if you take too long to give her a ring, I will definitely do it for you. For Christ sake, Ebuka your childhood and best friend is married, what are you waiting for ? This is a new year, you need to be fast about it. Let me leave you for now, I will call you later to know how it goes”

She hangs up.

Jimi stares at his phone dazed by his mum’s action.

Story continues.

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Re: DREAMS & DATES ( Love Seriez ) by Ann2012(f): 9:19pm On Jan 12, 2021
Jimi’s mum and wahala be like 5&6

Thanks for the update
Re: DREAMS & DATES ( Love Seriez ) by Fentasy: 6:00pm On Jan 13, 2021
Re: DREAMS & DATES ( Love Seriez ) by Fentasy: 2:01pm On Jan 14, 2021
Epsd 8

At the upper lobby of the Newton hotel, Jimi and Imade sits opposite each other. He pours more wine into Imade’s glass goblets.

“Imade, am not comfortable with you taking just wine, why not let me order for something very light for you.”

“Sincerely................. Jimi have taken too many food junks today, am very ok with the wine.”

“Ok........... if you insist.”

From the way they interact, one can easily tell that they are still trying to get along with each other.
Jimi being a cool guy, he doesn’t want to be too hasty about their parents intentions. So he decides to converse with Imade like just a friend.
Few minutes they talk and the next minute they observe silence, each time their eyes meet. They both looks away.

The slow music plays in the background as they both enjoy the serene environment.

At the magnificent mansion of the George’s family. Few hours after lmade and Jimi’s dinner date. She walks in still looking stunning in her dress and takes her seat.
Her mum who was focused on the Tv turns to Imade who sits next to her.

“How did it go .”

“ Nice date Mum.”

“Good !” Smiling radiantly.

“And am expecting you two to do more of it.”

“That depends on him, mum I need to get some rest.”
She stands to leave.

“Oh.......... lest I forget, Oyin came around to ask after you.”

Immediately, she turns back and exclaimed.

“Oh.......my....... God........ how I wish I was home. Mum I haven’t seen any of my old friends since I came back from London.”

“I gave her your new digits and she promised to call.”

“I can’t wait to hear from her, have lost so many contacts and have been so bored not having anyone around me.”

Just as she attempt to climb the staircase, her phone rings.

“Hello !”

“Hi Imade ! this is Oyin.”

“Huuuuuh..................Oyiiiinnnnnn” she Screams joyfully running and climbing the staircase.
Her mum smiles shaking her head. She turns back to focus on the TV.

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Re: DREAMS & DATES ( Love Seriez ) by Ann2012(f): 2:52pm On Jan 14, 2021
Thanks for the update
Re: DREAMS & DATES ( Love Seriez ) by Fentasy: 7:30pm On Jan 15, 2021
Re: DREAMS & DATES ( Love Seriez ) by Fentasy: 10:05am On Jan 16, 2021
Epsd 9

At the comfort of Ebuka’s home, Jimi and Ebuka sits together at the lounge. Jimi scrolls through Imade’s pictures on his phone, he gives the phone to Ebuka who demanded to see Imade’s picture. Ebuka stares at it for a while.

"Jimmex (as he fondly calls Jimi), funny enough, this Imade and Tokunbo has a striking resemblance .”

“I swear down.” Jimi replies

“But , Seriously which would you pick between the two ?”

“Guuuuy............... you know I love Tokunbo. Though Imade is a well composed lady, but we are still getting to know each other well.”

“But would you love you and Tokunbo to get back to your relationship ? ”

“Of course I would love to, but the point is that she is clearly avoiding my mum.”

Ebuka nods

“I understand.”

They both turns to the Tv. to continue with the football match.

Oyin and Imade shriek with laughter, the two sits side by side at the cocktail lounge looking so excited to see each other.
They talk about their old school mates, Oyin made mention of few of them she saw recently. They both went through their social media handles to see what some of them are up to.

“I even saw this lady in London.” Imade says

“Who is that ?”

“Do you remember Judith ?”

Oyin thinks for few minutes before speaking.

“The tall one, always on low cut.”

“Exactly, i saw her at a restaurant with her hubby, she is married to a white guy.”

“Wow! That’s an Automatic British Permanent Resident card.”

“She was looking really fresh.” Imade says

“That’s an evidence of a good marriage.”

“Oyin, you are right...............even my mum has been pressing me lately to get married.”

“Wait...................I thought you said things didn’t work out between you and your boyfriend in London ?”

“Yes, but there is this guy................ a family friend though. My mum and his mum wants us to hook up.”

Oyin moves towards Imade showing some interest.

“So, what’s up with that, are the plans not working?”

“Oyin, I find it kind of weird. I mean my mum trying to hook me up with a guy...............”

Oyin breaks in .

“Or you don’t like the guy, may be he is not handsome enough..............”

“No, not that. Ok let me show you his pictures on his profile.”

Imade brings out her phone, they both look through Jimi’s pictures.

“Oh my God............. Wow! This guy is damn good looking, what on earth are you still waiting for, you two should get married already.”

“ Oyin, that’s where the problem lies. I really need him to express himself to me, I don’t even know if he has any feelings for me.”

“But you two already knows what your parents wants.”

“That’s not enough for me to assume that we are already dating.”

“I agree with you though..............but wait a minute, have you guys met one on one ?”

“Yes, on two occasions. First at a family’s Dinner in their residence. second, he invited me for a dinner at Newton Hotel.”

“Oh.............he invited you for dinner already ?...........then you guys are already a step closer to the altar.”

Again they both shriek with laughter.

Story continues.

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Re: DREAMS & DATES ( Love Seriez ) by Fentasy: 7:05am On Jan 18, 2021
Re: DREAMS & DATES ( Love Seriez ) by Fentasy: 11:00am On Jan 19, 2021
Epsd 10

It’s getting late in the evening, Ebuka who just returned from the office opens the door and enters the living room.
He catches sight of Ifunanya descending the staircase, he drops his system and suit jacket on the chair and moves closer to her with open arms.

Ify moved into his arms and hugged him tightly.

“Welcome home baby.”

“How was your day honey ?”

She frowns her face
“So bored, Sotty promised to come around, but something urgent came up. So she couldn’t make it.”

“But you could have gone to your chamber and say hi to your colleagues.”

“That’s true though, but the point is I didn’t plan to go out.”

“Baby, each time you frown that face you make me want to do this.”

He kissed her on the lips, he kissed her again, then they both had a long kiss.

Close to the hour of 10.00pm. Imade is dressed in her night wear and set to sleep.
She sits on the bed chatting with Jimi. Close to the end of their conversation, her mother comes into the room and sits close to her.

“Alright Jimi goodnight !” she hangsup.

“I heard you said Jimi, is it same Jimi Craig ?”

“Yes mum.”

Her mum smiles

“Am glad you two are running along well. Don’t let me disturb you, i can see you are ready to sleep. I just came to ensure that the AC isn’t too cold for you.”

She walks towards the corner of the room and regulates the Air conditioner.

“Muuuuuum..........you need to realise that am no more a kid. Am an adult now.”

“I know, but I have to be sure that you are fine.”

She leaves the room, while Imade returns to the AC to increase it.

“Mum needs to understand that Nigeria is crazily hot for me right now.”

She murmurs to herself

Story continues .

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Re: DREAMS & DATES ( Love Seriez ) by Fentasy: 7:30am On Jan 20, 2021
Re: DREAMS & DATES ( Love Seriez ) by Ann2012(f): 11:35am On Jan 20, 2021
Thanks for the update
Re: DREAMS & DATES ( Love Seriez ) by Fentasy: 6:30pm On Jan 21, 2021
Epsd 11

It’s an early hour of the morning, Ebuka is all set for office. He picks his jacket and his briefcase, moves closer to Ify who is still in bed and kisses her forehead before leaving the bedroom.

In a couple of hours, the door bell chimes. Ify drops from the bed to check who the guest is, she descends from the staircase drowsily.

The moment Ify opens the main door, Sotty jumps in playfully.

“Surprise........surprise !”

“oh..... my..... God ! I was actually expecting to see these cleaners that comes around.”

They both laughs, looking so happy to see each other. Sotty moves to a corner to put off her shoes before stepping on the rug.

The two takes their seat.

“Babes, I waited and waited yesterday.”

“Ify am so sorry, I needed to attend to something very urgent.”

“I was so bored.” Ify says

“Am so sorry. I can see that you were still in bed, It’s a whole lot of enjoyment for you”

“Even yesterday I slept all through, I was feeling dizzy.”

“Dizzy ?” Sotty coughs.

“Are you sure Ebuka junior is not already on the way ?”

“Aaah.............Not now please.”

“What do you mean not now, you are married already, so what’s next.”

“ See, Ebuka and I still needs time to work on our individual projects. And the two of us already agreed to suspend babies for now.”

“Wow........that’s some freedom for you Ify, at least for now.”

“ Planning is key.” Ify replies

Sotty suddenly changes the topic.

“Ah.............Ify, you won’t understand how broken I was, when you told me that Jimi guy is taken. Sincerely I still drool over him.”

Ify smiles up.

“Jimi Craig is really a Charming guy, so i understand how you feel. Actually he has few issues.”

Sotty pays a close attention to her.

“Jimi was in a very serious relationship with a lady, but his mum wants him to marry someone else, I think a she is a family friend also. Ebuka told me that they broke up already”

“Heyaaaaah.............” Sotty empathizes.

“And you need to see how Jimi loves the girl, her name is Tokunbo”

“The mum should have let them be now.”

“I observed that most of these wealthy parents are always like that.”

Shortly, Ify breaks into a smile before speaking.

“Guess what I have for you in the fridge ..................?”

Sotty thought for a while

At once she springs from her chair, walking on her tiptoes to the fridge and whooping.

“I know it’s caaaaake...............................”

Story continues .

Check the blue link below for latest update.

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Re: DREAMS & DATES ( Love Seriez ) by Fentasy: 12:00pm On Jan 22, 2021
Re: DREAMS & DATES ( Love Seriez ) by Ann2012(f): 5:20am On Jan 23, 2021
Thanks for the update
Re: DREAMS & DATES ( Love Seriez ) by Fentasy: 6:01pm On Jan 24, 2021
Thanks for the update

Anytime !

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