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The Angel And The Fugitive( A story of crime, politics and insurgency) / A Bride For November By Rose Akpabio / The Child Bride (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Fugitive Bride by Schlastica16(f): 4:00pm On Feb 15
please continue, don't be discouraged biko.

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Re: Fugitive Bride by oluspicy: 6:15am On Feb 16
[quote author=Ann2012 post=99092365]

Please pass me chilled bottle of wine [/quote

Chilled bottle of wine fall on you @Ann2012 grin

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Re: Fugitive Bride by oluspicy: 6:30am On Feb 16
Tokunbo could not believe his ears that Chinwe had been found and she was willing to return only on the condition that they would not ask for the involvement of those who helped her hide all the while. Of course her father would have refused if he had not put down his foot that they leave out the police until she’s found.

He was surprised the man has no thought for his daughter’s life and all he could think was the shame she had made him go through.

Tokunbo had informed him angrily that Chinwe was not kidnapped but she ran away, and if she was willing to return on that condition then it would be reasonable for them to accept her back and keep the police and the press away, or her father’s lies would blow up in his face.

The last part must have driven a point home as he agreed to leave the police behind and asked for a private jet to take them to Uyo and back. All he could think about aboard the jet was what the reaction would be when she sees him and him, her. He watched out the little window as the objects below appeared bigger in preparation for landing.

Chinwe’s father was as anxious as he was for the plane to land, maybe for different reasons, but they were both anxious.

“Sir, I would advise we don’t cause unnecessary scene when we see her, people might get to know and news would travel.”

“What scene would I probably cause, she just has to get on the plane, all that would be handled when we get back to Lagos.”

“Yes sir.”

When they landed, Tokunbo walked quietly behind his father in law, the man who walked closely behind him; they were directed to the VIP lounge where Chinwe was waiting with the woman who called them.

And there she was, sitting stiffly like he imagined, looking cold and ready to cause a scene if they triggered it.

Tokunbo suddenly could not make use of his feet, they became too heavy for him to pull, he watched in relief mixed with shock as their eyes met, he wished to run and take her in his arms, but her eyes told him to stay put and his body
seems to obey.

Her father walked to her and stared at her for some seconds before moving to the woman sitting some distance away with her husband, he thanked her and they talked for some minutes before he went back to Chinwe and Tokunbo watched as he pulled her up and they walked past him at the door and went back to the aircraft. He followed them and could not place a thought on why he was the object of her coldness, which confirmed to him, he was the reason she left in the first place.

Her father pushed her not too gently on the seat behind him, the seat Tokunbo had used on their flight to Uyo, he watched at the door as the couple that helped them find her sat at the other end of the aisle.

Tokunbo walked and took the seat beside her as it was obvious that was what her father wanted. She buckled herself in as the flight attendant came in to ask if there was any way she could help them.

Tokunbo has a lot of questions to ask and he almost forgot that there would be no confrontation, not at the airport and not in the aircraft until they were back in their apartment in Lagos.

The engine of the aircraft revved and he strapped himself in his seat and rested his head on the headrest, taking a deep breath to clear his head and get his common sense to the surface. They took the rest of the journey in silence.

When they arrived Lagos an hour and half later, Tokunbo was surprised to see Chinwe dozing beside him and he was stricken by her beauty as she slept. He shook her gently and she woke up, he walked out of the aircraft leaving her with her father and to make a call for the driver to come to the tarmac to get them, in order not to attract people to them; they would be easily recognized here in Lagos than in Uyo.

Safely driven to his father in law’s house, Tokunbo met his parents there waiting to see if it was true, they were happy for a safe trip but when they saw Chinwe, they did not know what best way to react, either to welcome her back or to ask if she was alright.

Chinwe was led to the sitting room by her father who asked his son; Nkem to dismiss all the staff working in the house at that time, so they could have the proper privacy they would need.

When she saw her mother, Chinwe ran to her and hugged her tight; both women sobbed uncontrollably, the first emotion she showed since she was picked at the airport. No one needed to look at her father to know he was
ready to spit fire but probably was holding back because of his in laws.

When Chinwe’s brother returned from dismissing all the staff, they all sat down and of course, Chinwe’s father started.

“I would like to welcome you both my in laws and we have to thank God for the safe return of this…, well before I ask if anyone has something to say, young woman, can you please tell us what on earth you were thinking to have taken such act on your wedding day?”

“Chief, I think what we need her to do now is to rest for a while, she is back and we would like to put all this behind us.”

“But, dear, we need to know why she ran away, is it because of something your husband did or something else?” Tokunbo’s mom asked.

“But at the moment we are all hurt and tensed, making her talk would only end in raising our voices and I don’t know about you, I think we all need the rest after being assured of her return and safety.”

“I still want to hear what her reasons are and who her helpers could be or we are not leaving here tonight.”


“If you want to know why I ran away… it’s because I no longer want to be married to the man you chose for me, you picked him and I
went along with your choice, but I am making a choice of my own now, I no longer want to be married to him” Chinwe replied defiantly.

“What has changed dear, I thought…” her mom cut in.

“Mom, a lot has changed and I would like to be free from this wedding, I want a divorce.”

“Di… vorce?” They all echoed as if they heard her wrongly.

“If you have a reason on why you want to be divorced, why not tell all of us here, but it is too late to be thinking about divorce, I thought the two of you were getting along just fine even though it was all arranged from the beginning” her mother in law reasoned calmly.

“Ma, with all respect, my reasons would be secret.”

“If you cannot tell us the reason why you ran away and why you are asking for a divorce? I am commanding it now as your father and the head of this family that you are going back to his house with him tonight otherwise, I swear to you, you have just woken the beast in me!”

“Chief, I advise that you calm down, I suggest we take Tokunbo to a separate room and you speak with your daughter, she might not want to tell us but she could open up to you in private.”

Tokunbo’s father stood up and his wife did the same, they waited for Tokunbo to stand, who all the while had not said anything but was staring at Chinwe. He finally stood up and went with his parents to the visitor’s room opposite the living room where his in laws were seated.

“Chinwe, what is the problem, what happened?”

“Mommy…” Chinwe broke into tears again as her mother tried to console her.

“Listen to me you foolish girl, if not because you are now married and I wouldn’t waste my energy, I would have stripped you naked here and flog you till you no longer can walk. I don’t care what that guy has done or what it is you found out about him, I am not ready to lose to Ajayi. If you know what is best for you, you will go with him and be the best wife to him, Divorce is not even an option.”

“But don’t you think we have to listen to her reason before…”

“Will you shut up your mouth you older fool?, I am still trying to disbelieve the fact that you did not help her run away, so if you know what is best for both of you, talk sense into her head and make her go back with him tonight or your life is over. I swear, your life would be over if she dares says no when they return.”

“Wait, please, I am begging you, anything you want to do to me please do but don’t hurt them. Don’t condemn her to an unhappy marriage as I have been condemned, let’s hear her reasons.”

“Daddy, please… I don’t want to marry him, he is a monster…”

“Even if he is the devil, you are staying with him, when I am dead, you can get out of the marriage, but not before then. And as for you, who condemned you too an unhappy marriage? It is your choice and you should live with it.”

With that said, he walked out of the room and slammed the door behind him, he returned some minutes later, not sparing the crying women a glance nor the young man who was barely keeping his anger in check.

“Yeah, we found my daughter today, it seems she was able to escape the kidnappers and made her way to the airport, we found her today and she’s home with me now.”

After the call to the police, he called some newspaper reporters too and told them the same thing before ending the call and taking the seat he vacated before; waiting for his in laws.

When the Ajayis finally came out of the room, Tokunbo’s mother was wiping her face, obviously she had been crying, hoping to get information from her son that could have made his wife run away on their wedding day.

“Welcome back, were you able to get anything from him?”

“Nothing, I think it is between them and maybe we should leave them to talk so we can know the next step.”

“There’s no need for that, we already decided here, she is going back with him.”

“Sir, I don’t think that is necessary, if she wants to stay here, it is fine by…” Tokunbo tried to talk some sense into the situation, so he could understand it himself.

“She is going back with you” Chief Babalola declared with set eyes on Tokunbo, a tone of voice that left no room for further bandying.

Chief Babalola stood up and with that his in laws also got to their feet and he turned to his son, get the drivers and you” he turned to Chinwe, who was still folded in her mother’s arms “get up and go rinse your face, before the drivers get here!”

He preceded Chinwe into the hallway that leads to a bathroom for the visitors; she walked with a slumped shoulder as if the weight in her heart would break her down any moment.

Tokunbo’s heart went out to her immediately, he wished he could give her comfort and protect her, but here she is, rejecting him for reasons only known to her. She needs lots of protection from her father but she rather would continue to stay with him than stay married to him.

In the bathroom, Chinwe supported her weight on the counter that holds the washbasin, looking at herself in the mirror and how close she was to escaping this life.

The door to the bathroom opened suddenly and her father came in.

“Hurry up with that and don’t keep them waiting.”

“You really would not listen to me? You are selling me off because of your greed and black heart, I hate you so much and I wish I was never born” she told him in the meanest voice she could muster.

“It doesn’t matter what you feel, all I care for now is that you remove yourself out of this house soon.”

Janet came to the bathroom but was prevented from coming in by her husband who kept leering at her with so much hate in his eyes.

“What, won’t you allow me to see her alone before she is shipped off to your business partner?”

“I will not spare you a minute with her; who knows what the plan would be this time, hmmn Ngozi.”

“You give us a minute alone, where could she probably run to at this time and in this house or are you already losing touch with your powers?”

“Fools, one minute or I swear…”

“Swear what?, to beat me like you always do?, please don’t hold back, what wonderful scene that would be to our in laws and what a good message that also would be for your son in law, at least with his father in-law beating his mother in law, what stops him from tying his wife to the bed and giving her a good beating once she upsets him, hmmm?”

“Don’t stay too long and don’t make me get come get you” he turned to Chinwe and sauntered out of the bathroom.

Finally at last, Chinwe broke down in front of her mother who quickly gathered her into her arms and held her tight, her heart was also shattered that she could not protect her daughter from these pains neither could she take her place. She would have taken the maltreatment of her husband a thousand folds more if it would free her but she knows she would not be able to.

“Baby, what has he done, why do you no longer want to marry him?, I thought you two were beginning to like each other.”

“He... oh God, he is not who he seems or says he is and I just don’t think I am ready,... "

“Honey, all this you are saying is medicine after death and you should have made your decisions and acted upon them before the wedding.”

“Mom, I did but I…”

“You should have told me, I would have arranged for you to be taken out of the country, I thought you wanted the wedding, and I was happy you could finally be free of your father, but now that you married him, things are a bit…. You know?” she said in a firm voice that surprised Chinwe even though she had tears in her eyes too.

“I know, I have to live with my decisions.”

Chinwe said with a sigh that further broke her mother’s heart.

“I wish I could help, but I am glad you are safe and alive, I almost died when they could not find you, your brother was the only sane reason I was holding on to hope.”

“Did he blame you for my action?”

“Of course he did, but I no longer care, he could beat me and blame me for the rest of his years on earth, all I am after is the happiness of my children” she said with a sad smile on her face.

“Mom, you have endured it enough; you should get out of this house and his life before he does a permanent damage.”

“He already has done that but believe me; it is just for a little while more.”

“What has he done, tell me mom?”

Her mother held her shoulders tightly and shook her once, “listen to me Chi, wash your face and leave me with him, I have borne it this far and believe me, I can for a few years more, just go far away from here, he will calm down and things will be better.”

“I am sorry of all that my actions have brought on you, I am so sorry” she hugged her mother tightly and when she pulled back she decided to face the music and dance to the tune, her mother would constantly be the object of her father’s fury with any news of her truancy inn her husband’s house. Her mother has paid a lot for her to be in this position and now that she’s married, she would make her status to reduce her mother’s suffering.

If staying married to Tokunbo Ajayi would make her father stop beating her mother then married to him it would be, but it would not be a happy marriage.

<<<<To be continued>>>>>


Re: Fugitive Bride by Odoogu(m): 10:45am On Feb 16
wahala be like plane, if e no fit land e go fit crash...
nice one, abeg no stop the tory o we dey enjoy amcheesy

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Re: Fugitive Bride by idmicheal20: 10:57am On Feb 16
Nice update...more ink to your pen.

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Re: Fugitive Bride by oluspicy: 11:00am On Feb 16
wahala be like plane, if e no fit land e go fit crash...
nice one, abeg no stop the tory o we dey enjoy amcheesy

When it's done, you will surely get your portion bro. cheesy

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Re: Fugitive Bride by Finnestgreat: 10:06pm On Feb 16
Op nice one u 2 good

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Re: Fugitive Bride by oluspicy: 10:49pm On Feb 16
Op nice one u 2 good

Thanks sir. Am just a learner though.

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Re: Fugitive Bride by oluspicy: 11:00pm On Feb 16
Tokunbo was sitting at the back of the car with the driver when Chinwe finally joined him in the car, she was holding her brother’s hand tightly. He did not seem to mind or want to let her go either, they held each other at the door of the car. He was saying something quietly into her ears, which she was nodding to, he later pulled her phone from the back pocket of the jeans he had on and placed it in her hands.

“I installed Candy Crush for you and Scrabble, and also some other games” Tokunbo managed to hear part of the discussion.

“Thanks, will you come to visit?”

“As soon as he travels, but we will chat until then.” He was obviously referring to his father, he seems to be afraid of him also. This got Tokunbo wondering how they lived together this far.

“Okay,” she hugged him again before finally taking her seat beside him, not sparing him a
glance as she buckled herself in. The driver started the car and she watched as they moved away from the gigantic house that has been the image of her misery but has been her safe haven at the same time.

The street lights on the road made the night yellow and lively as the car sped by so many people still walking the streets. The woman
selling recharge cards at the end of her street caught her attention and she wondered if her daughter has now finished her secondary school exams? Her mind wandered and sampled different thoughts altogether, but she refused to dwell on the obvious one staring her in the face. Or better still, sitting calmly beside her with a stoic expression.

The drive to their house took 30 minutes; Tokunbo spent the whole time wondering how he would handle the situation he found himself in. How does one welcome a bride who tried to escape their wedding back to the house?

How would he live with her and make her happy?

How would he get the information he needed the most from her? He wondered what sin he had committed that made her run far from him because he has gone through.every possible details of their months together and even hours together before the wedding and he could not come up with tangible reasons why she escaped.

He wished there was something he could do just to put an end to the entire nightmare.

Tokunbo turned his head to where she quietly occupied, wondering if she was sleeping. That has always been her greatest ability, Tokunbo
once asked how she does it, falling asleep in the midst of some obvious chaos and he fondly recall her response; which was a smile and a change in her position as she continued to sleep.

He likes her a lot and he is so sure she felt the same way before the wedding, but what has changed?

The drive was smooth and as much as he felt the tiredness in his body, he wished the drive would continue, at least, it would postpone the inevitable awkward situation that was bound to take place.

The driver honked gently at the gate of their house, the house they picked together and she even supervised the furnishings, the place he would have loved to call home but unfortunately, the heart of it wants out and it is now just a house to him.

He wondered if he should open the door for her or if he should ignore her, but he would like to welcome her to their house, to hell with what she thinks he has done.

“Welcome home honey, I hope you will be happy and safe here” Tokunbo said gently as he leaned to open the door for her from inside instead of doing the obvious of rounding the car too her side to open the door for her from outside.

Their arms brushed and he could sense her shrinking into the seat to avoid further contact.

Tokunbo released a rush of air he did not know he was holding and went on into the house before her; she climbed out of the car and walked after him, ignoring the driver who was trying to get her bags from the booth. She did not even know she had anything left in her father’s house.

As she walked into the living room, she was surprised at the beauty of it all, the furniture, the blinds, the lightings and the little nothings that added something to the whole beauty of the house, she looked round the room and could not find a trace of Tokunbo.

The beautiful house would be her prison till her father dies or better still till she finally dies.

Tokunbo came out of the kitchen which is adjoined to the dining room; a section of the living room to the right, he had seen her from
his angle in kitchen where he went to get water and also for her to be the first person to choose where she would be sleeping, he would not want to get into the bedroom first and make her choose the guest room or vice versa. Not that it looked like they would be sharing a room anyway.

Tokunbo treaded gently to the room that would have been their bedroom and was surprised to see her there, sitting on the dresser with her back to the mirror as if she was observing something on the wall opposite her.

Tokunbo walked past her into the bathroom and placed an extra toothbrush for her while he removed his as well as his other personal belongings from the bathroom, when he came back into the room; Chinwe was sitting on the bed, removing her sandals.

“If there’s anything you need or can’t find, let me know, the domestic staff are not yet employed” he said simply as he exited the room, not waiting for her reply.

Chinwe took her sandals to the compartment beside the large wardrobe and placed her sandals there wondering if she would get to ask him for anything, she went to the bathroom and was surprised and amused that a fresh toothbrush was laid out for her. She went about the process of brushing like a zombie and bathed in a very hot water to jolt her senses on what could be happening to Clara, Joseph and Davis, wondering if her father had made good his promise of not getting the police involved.

After bathing, now wrapped in a large towel and feeling refreshed, she sat on the bed and picked her phones, transferring the numbers of her friends from the smaller phone to the bigger one her brother just returned to her.

She dialed Clara first and was beginning to get worried when she did not pick at first;.she dialed again and with a sigh of relief, when she heard her friend’s voice over the line.

“Hello Chi, how are you?”

“I am fine, I should be the one asking that, did anyone come there to harass you, and how is Henry?”

“Nobody came, Henry is sleeping, I was putting him to bed when you first called, what is the situation of things now, hope your dad did not get too upset with you?”

“He has been upset since I was born or long before that, don’t worry about me.”

“How can I not, I am so worried I have been useless to myself since you left, I was scared too.”

“I am fine, and I am sorry for the troubles I caused you, thanks for being my friend.”

“Thanks for being my friend too and for willing to foolishly throw everything away because of me, I know I should have kept quiet, but I just hope…”

“I wish you would stop saying that, we have already gone through that, please, I just wanted to be sure you are ok, let me let you rest, hmmm?”

“Thanks, you should call Joseph and Davis too, they were here and we all were worried, trying not to call too.”

“I will, thanks, we will talk again soon, bye.”


The call ended and she placed the next call to Davis, who picked almost immediately as if he was expecting her call.

“Hello Chinwe?”

“How did you know it was me, I never gave you this number?”

“True, but I got it from Clara, she was worried too but we decided not to call just yet till we are sure of things.”

“How are you?”

“I am fine, just a bit worried about you, but I guess I’m better now that I have heard your voice.”

“Is Joseph there with you?”

“Yeah, he is dozing off already.”

“Must have been a long day for you both.”

“Trying day more like it, where I had to choose between my mother and my friend, my very good friend.”

Chinwe could not pretend she did not notice the way he emphasized on the friend both times and smiled fondly.

“What is happening there, I hope all is fine, where are you now?”

“With him, I was forced to go back with him.”

Not bothering to elaborate on the “him”, hoping he knew who she was talking about.

“Wow, did you not tell them, at least your mom what you told me, she could see sense in your decision.”

“I could not and I would like to keep it this way, just don’t worry, I have this under control” she said assuredly.

“What is the plan, I hope you are not planning to run away again?”

“No, my mother suffered too much because of the first one, I can’t make her go through that again.”

“Divorce?” he offered slowly.

“It is too early to apply for one, we have to wait at least 6 months.”

“Really, does that apply in Nigeria?”

“It does, when my father is involved” she lied.

“Oh, I guess that is true.”

“Have you called your mom?”

“Why would I call her, I’m sure she arrived safely, since you must have been on the same flight with her to Lagos.”

“Yeah, the plane my dad came with took us both to Lagos, your dad was there too, but I could not get to see his face clearly, given the situation of things.”

“Your father chattered a plane down?” Davis asked almost unbelievably.


“Wow, now I know the magnitude of what my mom was saying, but anyways, she got to enjoy a private jet too, and as for my old man, I knew he would not waste that opportunity, given the other benefits he would get from your father for being the one who ‘found’ you.”

“Don’t be too harsh on them, they did it to protect you and I don’t blame them.”

“I hear you, my mother yes, but my old man, forget it, that man is selfish.”

“Dave, just drop it, I am tired and just wanted to be sure you guys are ok, we will talk again soon.”

“Yeah, sorry, my big mouth running fast, you should rest, take care.”


She ended the call and placed the last call to her brother. When he did not pick she left him to sleep, giving the time of the day, but as she changed to her t-shirt she travelled down in, finding nothing else of hers in any of the drawers,
her bags from days back still lying in the corner of the room, he called her back and she picked.

“Hi dude, I thought you were sleeping.”

“I was with mom, she needed something.”

“What’s that?”

“Her drugs”

“Ok, how is she, and how are you, I hope he did not transfer the anger on you?”

“See you, I am used to it now, what’s the worst he can do than what he has been doing or what he did those days you were missing, mom is sleeping by now I guess” Nkem said.

“I am sorry, I am so so sorry, I wish I could make up for it.”

“No problem, mom bore most of his wrath.”

“Did he beat her?”

“Of course now, twice I guess.”

“Animal, I just wish he would die.”

“Me too, but God does not kill bad people, he prefers to take the good ones like our dog shey?” He tried his joke on her and it worked like magic. That has been their survival pill, his sense of humour and her willing ears.

Whenever they could afford it, they would gather, with their mom and laugh at his silly jokes till their father returns.

One would always take Nkem to be a geek, with his willowy stature and a thick glasses set on his nose, but he is the sweetest, most caring and loving brother one could ever ask for.

They talked some more, with Chinwe asking most of the questions and he giving her the
answers, often times telling the funny sides of some family members who came to sympathize with them but ended up asking for money or taking some items from the house, some asking for her personal belongings to make her return, they ended up taking her beautiful clothes, shoes, jewelries.

One of their aunts even asked him to give her the phone she left behind, saying she wanted to take it to a prophet to pray on it.

“I wondered if the angels needed it to track you down like the CIA.”

“You are not serious” Chinwe could not help but laugh out loud. Not noticing the man at the door, calmly watching her at wondering what he could do to make her laugh like that with him.

Tokunbo retraced his steps back to the guest room to get some rest that he doubted he would be getting, especially since the woman he always wanted is back and obviously hate him and he can’t fathom what he did to warrant it.

Chinwe fell asleep as soon as her head touched the pillow, while Tokunbo tossed and turned and was counting the time with the second hand of the clock on the bedside drawer. He was awake till around 3 am in the morning and slept after that.

<<<<To be continued.>>>>


Re: Fugitive Bride by Finnestgreat: 2:28pm On Feb 17
Nice,thanks 4 the update,really made my day

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Re: Fugitive Bride by oluspicy: 9:47pm On Feb 17
Nice,thanks 4 the update,really made my day

You're welcome

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Re: Fugitive Bride by oluspicy: 1:41am On Feb 18
When Tokunbo woke the following morning, it was to the ringtone of his phone. He was initially disillusioned especially having to wake up in the guest room, and then the whole drama of the night before came flooding back, making him to collapse on the bed before picking the unrelenting caller’s call.

“Hey guy, what’s up?”

“Chris, how far, good morning.” “I woke you, sorry about that, my fingers have been itching since last night and I just cannot help myself before I head to church this morning, what’s happening, did shengo back with you to the house?”

“Chris, it is a long story and to answer your question, yes she came home with me last night and I don’t know what to make of that.BI would have loved to come to church but I’m sure so many people heard it this morning in the news that she’s back and wouldbbe wondering why I am not stayingbwith her, see, we need to see. I think this is more than I thought it to be.”

“That bad?”

“Worse, but in all sincerity, we have not talked about it and I did not want to press her for any explanation yesterday.”

“Wow, you know what? I will come there after service to see you.”

“No problem, I and my loving wife will be waiting for you.”

“Yeye boy, just take it easy and rest, hmmn?”

“I am and I will.”

He ended the call and went into the bathroom to freshen up but changed his mind instead and went to the kitchen to get a bottle of water, he was surprised to see Chinwe in the kitchen already, boiling some water for only God knows what.

“Good morning, Chinwe.”

“Good morning,” she replied and walked out of the kitchen, leaving him to go about what he came there for. She returned later with her phone and sat down at the dining table right outside the kitchen.

Tokunbo decided to take his water to the guest room and leave the kitchen for her; he could take his coffee later. When he finished bathing and was fully dressed, he noticed she was in the bathroom and went to the kitchen to get some
food ready, he measured the right quantity of rice for the 2 of them and started cooking, hoping to make things easy for them both and maybe they could talk about what is plaguing her.

When the rice was done, he removed the sauce from the fridge, courtesy Chris’s sister, who had been helpful; he made a mental note to call her later for her help.

After defrosting the sauce, he fried some plantains and set the table for them both, but was still surprised she had not come out of the room still. He took an extra effort of walking to the door, knocked on it twice and then opened the door and saw her lying on the mattress with the phone on her ear.

“Chinwe, breakfast is ready, let’s eat.”

“Go ahead, I’m fine.”

“You did not eat anything last night, neither of us did, it is just a simple meal, we need our strength so we could talk later.”

“Tokunbo, I am fine, thanks and what is there to talk about? I already said what I wanted to say last night, yeah, hello, how was your night.”

The call she was making came through and she ignored Tokunbo as she started talking with whoever it was she was calling.

Tokunbo retraced his steps back to the dining room and suddenly lost his appetite. He however forced himself to take some of the food he cooked, knowing he could not survive long on just air and fear. He listened to her talk, she was not making any effort to hide that she was talking with one of her friends, probably calling her back to be sure they heard right.

More than ever before, Tokunbo felt he needed someone to talk to, he sat at the dining table for long even after eating the food he dished for himself. He was totally lost on how to proceed with the information she just gave to him. Well, he sure needed an explanation and if she had nothing to say then who does?

He went back to the room and she was still on the phone. Instead of giving her the privacy of talking with her friend, he took his seat at
the dressing table and watched patiently as she told her friend she really was back, but she kept avoiding the question, often telling her friend it is a long story; I am back now, just forget about the kidnappers.

She obviously was upholding her father’s kidnap story. Tokunbo waited and soon caught her staring in his direction a moment or two before she finally ended the call and faced him squarely on the bed.

“Are you through?” Tokunbo asked nicely.

“What do you want?”

“An explanation on what happened 3 weeks ago, at our wedding, the message you sent and what you said last night that you noBlonger wish to be married to me. Let’s start from the most recent, this morning, when you said you already said all you have to say last night. Obviously, saying that again will take me to my next question.”

The calmness in his voice surprised him when all he wanted to do was cross over to the side of the room she was sitting and shake some sense into her, or hug her or beg her to tell him what went

“Okay, I already said all I have to say last night at my parents’ house I have nothing more else to say ” she replied sweetly.

“Okay, what was it you said?”

“That I no longer want to be married to you.”


“Because we are just a result of our parents’ business merger.”

“I thought we got past that about 3 months back and we agreed we liked ourselves enough to go ahead with their plans?”

“That was before I found out that you are just a son of a bi*ch with a past that has ruined another person’s future.”

“Do you mind coming again on that, you lost me there?”

“You heard me, your stupid cruel act of 4 years ago has left someone’s life ruined!”

She stood up and made to go outside but Tokunbo was fast enough to block her from leaving the room.

“No, you are going nowhere until you tell me what the hell you are talking about.”

“You know what I am talking about” she said as she looked him straight in the face, the dark birthmark on his forehead disappearing to his hair brought tears to her eyes and she banked the tears from falling.

“I don’t know what the hell you are talking about and if you don’t start explaining now I swear, I will...”

“What, beat me, rape me ehn, Mr. Tokunbo Ajayi? What would you do?!”

She went violent, hitting him and shoving at his broad chest as she lost total control of her cool; ready to fight and raise hell.

Tokunbo knew they dated for a very short time, but he never saw or imagined this side of her; confrontational, aggressive and daring.

She kept beating and shoving on his chest till he had to hold both her hands in one before she wears herself out.

She kept struggling with him until he managed to pull her and push her to the bed, wondering what to do next, run and take cover or thrash the whole thing out; he stuck with the latter.

“Why would I beat or rape you? I meant to say lock the door and not open until we are ready to talk things out.”

He watched as she breathed heavily on the bed as a result of her anger. She had pure cold fire in her eyes and that scared Tokunbo more than her tiny fists.

“Oh, really, why would you rape me? You should ask yourself the question or take yourself down memory lane, 4 years ago!”

“Chinwe, I swear to you, I don’t know what the hell you are talking about, I married you or rather I chose to marry you not because of whatever business merger your father has with my father. I married you because when I saw you, I liked you and when we talked. I thought I found something in you that would keep me beside you forever, I thought the feeling was mutual and I thought it was. I am surprised of this crazy accusation you are throwing at me and I would like an explanation or a proof of what you are saying.”

“Really? I almost fell for the poem, but you know what, I don’t care. I have been convicted to this life of marital blast with you and I will stay here while it lasts. Just don’t just expect anything from me.”

“I demand an explanation, for the allegations you are throwing at me for God’s sake!”

“Don’t you dare demand anything from me, what you deserve is a bullet to your head, animal!” That said, Chinwe stormed out of the room and when she slammed the door, Tokunbo was surprised it still hung on it hinges.

His feet could no longer carry him; he slumped to the bed and covered his head with his two hands, wondering how on earth he got to this stage and what he did to deserve it.

But wait a minute, did she say rape? Him, rape someone she knows? He had never ever
forcefully taken a thing in his life, not even food, not to talk of a woman’s virtue; besides he knows just few friends of hers.

Yes, he has heard her mention names, seen their pictures but has never met them one or one not to talk of…this is absolutely absurd.

No she must be mistaking him for someone else. What proof does she have and why is she so bent on believing the other person’s side of the story and not willing to listen to him?

Tokunbo remained in the room on the bed for several minutes, hoping she would come back to the room to continue the conversation.

Who was he kidding anyway, she would not come back to resume the session with him and he’s now scared of what next she might accuse him of, even though he was so sure she got it wrong when she said he raped someone.

The sound of the bell in the house announced a visitor and he knew it would be Chris; he went to the door and was not surprised to see him. They shook hands and he came in with a bag from a popular super mart around their block.

“What’s up? You look terrible, and did you sleep at all? Abi honeymoon don….”

When he turned around, the look in his eyes shut his friend up totally.

“Dude, what’s up?” Chris asked carefully.

“Will you be going somewhere else?” Tokunbo asked instead of answering his question.

“Nope, heading home from here, where’s Chinwe?”

“Somewhere in the house, I am sure. Wait, let me change my clothes, I need to be out of here before I go crazy.”

“That sounds serious, what on earth is going on” Chris placed the goody bags on the dining table and watched as his friend left him standing there instead of answering his question.

Chris sat gingerly by the dining table, he could see from the plates on the dinning table that only one person ate. The second plate was clean. He removed the plate from the table and placed it in the sink in then kitchen and returned to take his seat. He stood again and took the bags to the kitchen, removing the eggs, bread, chocolate and a bottle of wine he got for the welcome back toast. Obviously that would not be needed now.

When Tokunbo came back to the room, he walked to the door as if he expected Chris to follow him; he had nothing with him except his phone.

When he got outside, he saw Tokunbo giving instruction to the security man.

To be continued.


Re: Fugitive Bride by Finnestgreat: 12:25pm On Feb 18
Nice but i am piting this tokunbo guy o

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Re: Fugitive Bride by ADUKKY(f): 12:31pm On Feb 18
Stuck on this. More updates please Op. Thanks

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Re: Fugitive Bride by Ann2012(f): 10:59pm On Feb 18
Tokunbo might be innocent.....

Thanks for the update

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Re: Fugitive Bride by oluspicy: 1:40am On Feb 19
Nice but i am piting this tokunbo guy o
grin grin grin
Re: Fugitive Bride by oluspicy: 1:41am On Feb 19
Tokunbo might be innocent.....

Thanks for the update

But you ain't read nada. grin grin grin
Re: Fugitive Bride by oluspicy: 1:41am On Feb 19
Stuck on this. More updates please Op. Thanks

Yep. Keep ya fingers crossed. cheesy cheesy cheesy
Re: Fugitive Bride by oluspicy: 1:56am On Feb 19
“On no account should my wife leave this compound, and no one is allowed to come in to visit unless I give you the go ahead, I should be back shortly and feel free to call me when you need clarification.”

“Yes sir.”

“Chris let’s go” Chris followed him back to the car, holding back all the questions he would have loved to get answers to immediately. When he made the turning to his house, Tokunbo’s phone rang.

“Hello Mom, I am fine and she is fine too, sleeping in the house…yes, okay, yeah, I am out of the house for a little while… I should be back shortly mom, the security guard is there and see, I can’t be there every time to prevent her from running away. I know, yeah…thanks, alright.”

With a heavy sigh, he dropped the phone back on the space between them and rested.his head back. One would expect his mood would have improved since yesterday when his wife was found, but he looked bitter and sadder than he was the week before.

Chris maneuvered the car to the tiny space left for him in his compound and waited for Tokunbo to alight before packing in the tiny space. Tokunbo went into the house ahead of him and stopped at the door when he realized Chris has the key to the apartment he was hurrying into.

“Guy, what exactly is the problem? This your mood is scaring the sh*t out of me.”

“Open the door first” he said with a faint smile. When they entered his apartment, the heat almost blew them back.

“Spill it out bro, I am curious and I hate the way you are scowling and ready to pounce.”

“She wants a divorce.”


“She does, when her parents asked what the reason for running away was, she said she no longer wishes to be married to me.”

“So she actually ran away?”

“Yea she did and the reason from what I can gather from the nonsense she was saying this
morning is that my past action ruined someone’s life.”

“Who’s life and what was that action of yours?”

“The person’s whose life I ruined I still don’t know, but can you believe she thinks I raped someone? Me raped…?”

He was now on his feet, beating his chest as if he could not believe what he heard. Chris sat back in his chair and looked at his friend well, digesting all he just heard and still could not put them together to form a coherent flow of thought.

“I am lost.”

“So am I.”

“But you should have made her explain what she meant with that accusation. That is too serious to throw around carelessly.”

“You think I did not try? She went crazy asking if I would rape her too and she started hitting me. Guy, I have never seen a thing like that in my entire life. I liked this babe like…”

“Calm down, we need to take this from the top.”

“I already thought about everything and I just don’t know what piece I missed to solve this whole puzzle. I am burnt out!”

“Let’s still think about it together. Could it be she met your former girlfriend or someone who has personal interest in you or what?”

“Who else have I dated in Nigeria since I came back 4 years ago aside Susan and she is married with a kid now. Every other girl I dated would be in the United States and we were clear on what the relationship was. The last girl I dated before meeting her was Debby and we ended everything months before I met Chinwe and we remain friends.”

“Still, could it be any of them said something like that to her or what do you think?”

“I doubt that, she said it as if this person is well known to her.”

“What about girls you dated before traveling out?”

“I dated just Susan and you know it, she was even the one that broke off with me.”

“But can I ask you in all honesty?”

“If you ask me if I ever raped or molested any girl in my life then I need to ask if you know me at all, Chris?”

“I am not the enemy here; we are just trying to reason through this whole thing together.”

“I have never in my life, molested a lady or come close to doing so. You should know me; we have been together for how long now, Chris?”

“I know, but what do you want to do?”

“If she said she found someone else and.would like to be with him, I might be able to live with that, but she is claiming I raped someone, then I have to see the proof and the person. This will not end with me keeping quiet about this.”

“That is exactly my stand on this, and she might just be using that to unsettle you. Could be she already has someone else?”

“Yeah, but why go through with the wedding in the first place? Why go through all that.stress when I could have easily let her go and be happy with whatever decision she made?” I agree with you on that guy, this is unacceptable.”

“I thought the nightmare ended when I heard she was returning home, but I never planned for this.”

“Don’t worry, God is in control.”

“God, did you just say God?”

“Yes now, who else?”

“Chinwe is in control.”

They sat for about 2 hours talking about other issues, trying as much as possible to distract themselves from the obvious staring them in
the face. When Chris’ sister returned from church, they all ate together before they drove Tokunbo to his house.

“You know what came to my mind now? I should just get home and find out she ran.away again.”

“Stop thinking that way, she would not.”

“I hear you.”

Chinwe chewed slowly on the sliced bread from her plate, she felt terrible for not coming to say hi to Chris when he came in the morning. She always liked him and has nothing against him. She just was in no state to be courteous at that time. Her anger was practically making her vibrate and being courteous wouldn’t have been possible at that time.

She scrolled on her Facebook page and could not but laugh when she saw so many Facebook updates tagging her and thanking God for her safe return from the hands of the kidnappers.

She just finished with her mother too, who said some people from the church returned home with her to thank God on her behalf and asked if she could make time for a proper thanksgiving the following Sunday.

The arrival of a car at the gate drew her attention away from her phone. She had checked earlier and found Tokunbo’s car at the garage, obviously his friend drove him down.

She weighed her options running inside the room and avoid him again or just face him and get it over with. Considering how close the two are, she is sure Tokunbo told him everything already. How long can she hide anyway?

As the door to the sitting room opened, Tokunbo who was in front, followed by Chris’ sister. Chris was taken back at seeing her at the dining table. She liked the look of surprise on his face and would have laughed if things were different.

“Hi Chris, welcome everyone” Chinwe greeted them brightly. Chris did not know what to make of the greeting as he glanced between his friend and his wife. He expected hostility or her absence again, but definitely not her warm greeting, especially since she looked so sincere.

“Hi Chinwe, it is good to have you back” Chris crossed to her side and gave her a hug, staring at Tokunbo as he did.

“That must be your sister, you guys look alike.

Hi, I am Chinwe, please sit down.”

“Thanks ma, welcome back. We are happy to have you back” Nkiru, Chris’ sister replied

“Thanks, what would you like to have?”

“Anything would be fine.”

“Please, wait while I get you something.”

Tokunbo could not believe the new Chinwe in front of his friends, she was playing the lovely host when he knows full well that she would love to be out of here because she hates him for sins he does not have an idea about.

He sat down on one of the chairs, feeling like the guest instead of the owner of the house as his wife returns from the kitchen with a tray containing a pack of juice and 4 cups, yes 4; Tokunbo counted again to be sure.

When she placed it down on the centre table, he saw that there was a plate containing biscuits too.

Tokunbo watched as she poured out the juice into the cups and handed it to his friends, giving to him last. He wanted to catch her eyes to be sure she knows who she was serving last. Tokunbo thanked her politely and placed the cup on the small round coffee table beside him as he watched his friend try to make conversation.

They all soon fell quiet when there was nothing left to say that would not go back to the real thing they would like to talk about.

Tokunbo stood up and put on the TV, making extra efforts to skip the local stations while he looked for a suitable station that would fill in the silence.

“Leave it there, that should be Wednesday’s match, you did not watch it” Chris said suddenly.

“Let your sister talk, at least you already watched the match.”

“She loves football too.”

“Nkiru, do you want me to change the station?”

“Yes, take it to 21, there is a comedy showwairing at this time.”

Chris gave a playful shove on his sister’s head, as Tokunbo obliged her Tokunbo took the seat he vacated, looking at his wife from the corner of his eyes as she took a sip from the cup she had in her hand, watching the comedy with her shoulder shaking slightly from the laugh she tried holding in.

Chinwe stood up and went to the kitchen; she decided to step up her game of shocking Tokunbo and his friends. If there should be anyone hanging his head in shame, it should be him not her, so she made a mental decision to be as free as she could be with his friends and family. For all she cared, she already told him what she wanted to say, he either deals with or not.

Chinwe earlier found some plantain in the kitchen, probably from what he had left after that morning’s cooking. She heated up the rice and stew, fried fresh plantain and before long, the aroma already got to the sitting

Tokunbo watched in surprise as she set the table for 4, yes 4 and seeing her try to handle different things at once, Nkiru stood up to help her, between the 2 of them the table was set; rice, stew and fresh plantain for the 4 of them.

Tokunbo looked at his friend’s face he and shrugged as if to tell him, what choice do we have as he stood up to join them at the table, stopping beside his friend to tap encouragingly on the shoulder.

They ate with very little said. Pass that please, take this was all they said throughout the meal and when they finished, Nkiru helped in the kitchen to clean up. For a while, Tokunbo felt he would be nice to have his friend stay with him forever, if it would make the entire nightmare and the drama of the morning stay away.

When Nkiru returned from the kitchen, Chris announced they were ready to and Tokunbo almost begged them to stay a little while, but he did not. He stood up and accompanied his friend and his sister and was surprised to see Chinwe follow them. When he got to his car, Chris turned to Chinwe and said…

“Chinwe, whatever it is, God is in control, just trust in him and take care of my friend. He is a good person, believe me.”

That said, he joined his sister in the car and Tokunbo waved to them as the car drove away, wondering what he said to Chinwe.

They walked back inside the house together looking like normal couple to the ordinary eyes even though they were not holding hands not talking as they walked in, but they look good together.

<<<<<To be continued>>>>>


Re: Fugitive Bride by Odoogu(m): 9:03am On Feb 19
cheesycheesy na only God fit save Tokunbo. cos na correct ege Chinwe dey give am. cheesy

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Re: Fugitive Bride by Dacaller: 10:02am On Feb 19
I wish d henry belong to mayb tokunbo brother or something.. bcus as tins dey so e b like tokunbo be beta pesin

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Re: Fugitive Bride by thatsleepboy1: 10:59am On Feb 19
gbege go soon set

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Re: Fugitive Bride by oluspicy: 11:42am On Feb 19
This is to inform you dear esteemed readers and followers, that the update of this piece shall be in two or three days interval due to my daily busy schedule.

Taink you.


Re: Fugitive Bride by Finnestgreat: 7:42pm On Feb 19
Tokunbo i feel ur pain,i just hope dat henry is d child of tokunbo's twin bro,that if he has one

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Re: Fugitive Bride by nki4christ: 9:20pm On Feb 19
Thanks, so interesting. I am looking forward to knowing who the real culprit is since Tokunbo is sounding like he isn't the one.

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Re: Fugitive Bride by oluspicy: 10:56pm On Feb 19
Tokunbo i feel ur pain,i just hope dat henry is d child of tokunbo's twin bro,that if he has one

Just wait till this story unfolds. cheesy

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Re: Fugitive Bride by oluspicy: 10:58pm On Feb 19
Thanks, so interesting. I am looking forward to knowing who the real culprit is since Tokunbo is sounding like he isn't the one.

Yes, but there are so much claim that indicates he's the father of that boy.
Re: Fugitive Bride by oluspicy: 11:36pm On Feb 20
Tokunbo heard a phone ring but knew it was not his, he watched from where he sat as Chinwe picked the phone but obviously was not interested in speaking with the person. Some seconds later, Tokunbo’s phone rang and he saw his father in law’s number and name on the screen.

“Good evening sir” he said, wondering what the man wants this time.

“Hello Tokunbo, where is Chinwe? I called her phone but she did not pick.”

Tokunbo glanced at her and was surprised to see her still there, typing away on her phone with her
legs crossed and tucked under her on the single-seater to his far left.

“She is in the house but the phone is here in the sitting room sir” he lied.

“Okay, I would like to have a meeting with you two, my lawyer and the representative of the family to the press will be there to advise you two on how to answer some questions and some behaviours we expect after the whole ordeal. Will 9 am be okay for you?”

“9 am? I will be at work then.”

“Work? That would definitely not be proper, considering that your wife has just returned, the general public would expect you two to still be cooped up in the house, you know?”

Tokunbo almost answered, it is my life and not the general public’s , but decided against it. After all, that would be true given a different circumstance, but still true because they are expected to be a happy family.

He has appeared over different gossip blogs for the past 2 weeks than he ever posted on his own personal social account and would love to be below the radar.

If his father in-law is suggesting a way that would make that happen then he should make use of that advice.

“Ok sir, I understand, so where do we meet you?”

“I will come there to visit you both, it will be on my way to the House, and our meeting would not start till eleven so I can stop on my way to discuss.”

“Okay sir that will be fine.”

“Is everything okay there, no problem from her I guess?”

“Everything is okay sir, all is well.”

“Ok, hmm, we will talk tomorrow and please tell her that.”

Goodnight sir.”

Tokunbo looked at his wife and saw that she was so engrossed in whatever she was typing on the phone or could it be she was just pretending to be, in order to avoid him further.


She simply looked up from her phone as if he just took the phone away from her.

“Your father and his lawyer will be here tomorrow by 9 am to visit us and have some discussion with you. I just thought you should know. He said he called you and…”

“I know. I saw it.” She cut in impatiently.

“Okay” Tokunbo said as he stood up and went into the room his wife had now taken over and when he opened the closet to pick some shirts to be moved to the guest room where he now occupied. He was surprised to see her clothes all well hanged and arranged in the closet, her shoes well lined up on the shoe shelves. On the other side of the closets, her bags, scarves and some purses were either lined or hung on the wall and the layers of the closet.

This has been his dream for a long time, and this particular scene in front of him has been of his adult life fantasy; a wardrobe beside his wife’s closet, and they could argue on who is taking more space in the house, decide on what needs to be moved out of the closet so they could accommodate more things.

Help her select an attire for an outing while she dressed and undressed in front of him.

He closed the shelf quietly and leaned on it with his face pressed against its doors. What is wrong, where has he gone wrong, what can he do to settle things between them?

He is not giving up on her or them, he knows something exists between them and he would like to pursue that, but how to go beyond the walls and thickets of false accusation were what plagued him at the moment.

He was in that position when his phone rang in his pocket; he picked it and felt bad for not calling Chris to know if they got home safely.

“Chris, sorry I did not call first, how is NK?”

“No problem, she don enter room, so what’s up?”

“Nothing, we are just there like 2 strangers forced to stay in the same cell.”

“I think you need to talk to her again.”


“Hear me out. Try to talk to her again, come down to a level lower than hers and try to get the information you want, from there we can proceed.”

“Chris, I swear I can do that, but I would not like to meet a brick wall.”

“Not trying is the brick wall, try to reach out to her, you never know what might come out of it.”


“Abeg, if I did not see her being cordial to us today, I would have said all is lost, but with the way she thinks, feels about you now…she welcome us and sat with you and I to eat with us, that should tell you, there could be a strand of truth in whatever she is accusing you of.”

“That I raped someone is true?”

“No, that she believes what someone said about you.”

“Ok o, I will try again.”

“And you should not go to work tomorrow; people would expect you not to.”

“You and my father in law seem to know what people expect and don’t expect.”

“He said the same thing? So listen to your elders.”

“Elder ko, elder ni.”

“Comot there, just stay at home tomorrow, enjoy the honeymoon.”

“Your head no…” but he got the dial tone in his ears as Chris quickly ended the call.

Chinwe had been waiting for Davis’ call for a while and was surprised she felt that way, they have been chatting for hours and when she saw his call came in to her phone, she could not hold back the smile.

“Hey Chinwe, how far?” he said in a very low smooth baritone as if he was lying down to make the call. Chinwe pictured him with his other hand beneath his head and a leg raised while the other is stretched out as he lay in bed.

“I am fine, what’s up?”

“Nothing much, just wanted to hear your voice since you did not reply the last chat I sent.”

“I was typing my reply when your call came in.”

“Ok o, are you sure or you want to go and meet your husband?”

“Please, don’t mention him.”

“Sorry, forgive my big mouth, what’s up, have you eaten?”

“Yeah, I had something when his friends came to visit.”

“Ok, so what did you eat and hope you were nice to his friends.”

“It was rice and what are you, his advocate?”

“No, but if you act badly, it would not show how bad he is but how bad you are.”

“Well, that is true. Anyway I was courteous to them.”

“Good, I miss you so much, I can’t believe webmet under such a terrible circumstance, I would have loved to meet you under a different circumstance; not married and I would be free to pursue you with all my might.”

“Dave, I am sorry, but I don’t want to mislead you, I like you and I hope we can remain friends. I need you as a friend now more than any other thing.”

“I know, I am offering that, but I ambpermitted to tell my friend what is on my mind, isn’t it?”

“Yes you are, just want to be clear.”

“Thanks for being clear, but I would like to ask you something.”

“Go ahead.”

“Do you have feelings for him; I mean, do you like him or feel something for him?”

“I liked him and that is one thing I know, I have been in this house for less than 24 hours but I feel anger more than hatred for him.VAnger that he is the reason Clara’s life is what it is today.”

“But Clara is not doing badly herself.”

“No she is not because you just got to meet her. Before she traveled down to Uyo, she did odd jobs, bore insults, lost her mother, her uncle maltreated her, she was not allowed to visit me often especially when my father was in town, our friends mocked her, people introduced nonsense to her, just because I invited her to a party…”

“I think you are being too hard on yourself, Clara has moved on, or she gradually is. You should too, if you want to stay married to him, then you have to look beyond all that and besides nothing has been concluded yet, because I believe that man should be allowed to defend himself.”

“I can’t believe you are defending him even after the evidence I showed you.”

“I am not defending him, I am just being neutral. You are educated and strong, looks can be deceiving.”

“But Clara recognizes him too.”

“Calm down, just take some time to think about it, and when you do, let me know what you think.”

“Hmmn, I hear you. Thanks.”

When he ended the call, he rolled over in the bed and wondered what he just did, he should be driving them further apart from each other and not making her consider him, but he is not the devious type neither would he be the reason someone makes the wrong turn in life.

He saw a red light beep on his phone and started chatting with Clara; he missed Henry and they agreed to meet later.

*Do you think Dave has a point?

*Do you think Clara was wrong?

*What do you think would happen about the meeting Chief called?

<<<<To be continued>>>>


Re: Fugitive Bride by thatsleepboy1: 2:37am On Feb 21
Re: Fugitive Bride by Ann2012(f): 7:20am On Feb 21
Dave has a point, Chinwe needs to let Tokunbo defend himself by hearing his own part then set up a meeting with Clara.

Thanks for the update


Re: Fugitive Bride by Finnestgreat: 12:29pm On Feb 21
Dave has a point, Chinwe needs to let Tokunbo defend himself by hearing his own part then set up a meeting with Clara.

Thanks for the update
totally agree

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Re: Fugitive Bride by oluspicy: 7:45pm On Feb 21
Dave has a point, Chinwe needs to let Tokunbo defend himself by hearing his own part then set up a meeting with Clara.

Thanks for the update

You're welcome.

Happy new week.

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