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The Inheritance(a Thrilling Romance Story)by Rose Akpabio / You First Loved Me (Christian Romance) By Rose Akpabio / Love Happened By Rose Akpabio (2) (3) (4)

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A Bride For November By Rose Akpabio by Angelsss(f): 2:33pm On Nov 12, 2017
Hi angels! I am back...who missed me? So this one would be hot and short. Please don't pressure me... I want it to be perfect for you. No fighting on the thread No hate No Plagiarism. I will finish this....A PROMISE Updates ...Monday, Wed, Friday, Sundays? Agreed?

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Re: A Bride For November By Rose Akpabio by Angelsss(f): 2:34pm On Nov 12, 2017
The morning birds were singing a sweet ol’ chorus; the whistling wind carried a message to the curtains and they danced in delight. Golden streaks of sunlight sipped into the room and cast a shadow over the bed.
But she did not hear these; she was blind to the beauty of the morning sun in her glory as her thoughts were far away.
The brown skinned beauty that sat on the bed was Mmayen; her gracious long hair cascaded down her shoulders; her beady brown eyes were sharp and cute and were on the man who lay beside her.
Her nostrils that were supported that were supported by a firm and erect nose flared as she was distraught with her latest discovery.
Her full pink lips trembled in quiet sob as she stared at the phon; Ifedayo was cheating on her again. This time with a lady named Laura but that wasn’t what weighed her down.
In fact, that was the least of her problems.
Unknown to her, he had been awake the whole time. He had seen when she had taken his phone from his briefcase where he usually hid it. Anger travelled from yellow discomfort to fiery rage as he sat up beside her.
‘What the hell are you doing going through my phone’? He barked.
‘Geez, you scared me’ Mmayen almost jumped out of the bed, she had not expected he would wake so soon.
‘I...your phone was ringing’ she lied, not wanting to upset him.
‘Bitch, now hand it over’.
‘I don’t understand you Ife, why do you always call me names? Who do you think you are’? Tears stung her eyes as she regarded him.
‘Need I remind you that I am the one feeding and clothing you. I pay your fees so remember that when next you speak rudely to me’ he grabbed the phone out of her hands and landed his rough hands on her cheeks.
She wept silently as his slap stung her like a bee’s bite. Tears poured down like a rushing river as she was reminded in this bitter moment that she had no choice but to keep up with him; with his nonsense.
She had no family, her parents had died in a fire and there was no one left to care for her. She had been eighteen years old when this had happened and she met Ife at a friend’s party five years after.
She had fallen in love with him on the spot and he had fallen for her too or so he claimed. He asked her to move in with him and she did as she as tired of being a burden to her friend and cousin, Marian.
They had been together four years now and she felt trapped as she realized his love was hate; his love was violence, his love was a prison. But who would set her free?
She couldn’t afford to pay her fees. Though her friends, Marian and Tolu were working, she couldn’t bother them with her problems. They had done enough for her since her parents died.
She started late in school and she was having a hard time passing some courses because of the problems she was facing here with Ife.
Her tears flowed as she stared at the man she had fallen in love with; he had totally changed after six months of dating but she couldn’t leave him. She was deeply in love and terrified of letting go.
‘You are cheating on me’ she jumped out of bed. What did he see in other girls that he didn’t see in her? ‘So? Last I checked, we are not married’ he raised his middle finger in the air.
‘I am pregnant’ Mmayen blurted out, she sobbed in a broken voice.
The room died as silence murdered it.
‘What’? The phone fell from his hands.
‘You heard me, I am pregnant’ she repeated.
‘Get rid of it, I’m calling my doctor’ he fetched his phone swiftly.

‘Get rid of it’? She scoffed and hoped she was hallucinating.
‘This is the fifth child I am aborting. Don’t you care about my life? Don’t you care about me’? You said if I get pregnant again that we will get married’ she reminded him of his words.

She was going crazy, what was happening to her? shen felt numb all over. She was alive but dead.
‘Get married to whom? You’? He scoffed and stormed out of the room.

‘No, Come back’ her lips moved silently, his words piercing right through her.
How could he speak such words to her? Didn’t he know she loved him more than herself? That she could die for him?
Mmayen cried like never before; there had to be a way out as she wasn’t going to kill this child.

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Re: A Bride For November By Rose Akpabio by Mc6xty(m): 4:06pm On Nov 12, 2017
u re welcome,more ink to your pen
Re: A Bride For November By Rose Akpabio by bimberry1307(f): 6:09pm On Nov 12, 2017
ohkay, she promised to finish this one. oya lemme grab the front seat.
Re: A Bride For November By Rose Akpabio by melodydennis(f): 6:21pm On Nov 12, 2017
Welcome back angelsss. It is writers like you that make registered on nl, always keeping to your promise
Re: A Bride For November By Rose Akpabio by melodydennis(f): 6:27pm On Nov 12, 2017
Welcome back angelsss. It is writers like you that made me registered on nl, always keeping to your promise
Re: A Bride For November By Rose Akpabio by Joislim(f): 8:08pm On Nov 12, 2017
Angelss is back, lemme pitch my tent here before reading.
Re: A Bride For November By Rose Akpabio by TemmyT123(m): 9:01pm On Nov 12, 2017
Grab popcorn and coke.. Interesting..
Re: A Bride For November By Rose Akpabio by Hantonia(f): 9:09pm On Nov 12, 2017
Angelsss Is Bk Grab Front Sit
Re: A Bride For November By Rose Akpabio by Angelsss(f): 10:10pm On Nov 12, 2017
Thanks pipo for the warm welcome
Re: A Bride For November By Rose Akpabio by cyndy1000(f): 10:27pm On Nov 12, 2017
Thanks pipo for the warm welcome

Welcome back Dear we agreed to you condition hope you will keep yours?. I have read all your stories here they all super awesome....... more data to your phone following closely, mention me on next update!
Re: A Bride For November By Rose Akpabio by bemyguest(f): 10:48am On Nov 13, 2017
Re: A Bride For November By Rose Akpabio by Angelsss(f): 10:09am On Nov 14, 2017

Tolu was a chubby dark skinned beauty; she was friends with Marian and her cousin- Mmayen. Tolu was the liveliest of the trio and she was a terrible flirt.
Simply put, Tolu was a diehard player whose delight was in breaking hearts.
‘Babe, come chi chum chin’ she clapped her hands excitedly as she stared at the screen of her apple device.
‘What now’? Marian rolled her eyes.
‘Abi you don catch another mugu’? She winked.
She on the other hand was busy chatting with her married boyfriends.
‘Come first na, you need to see this one’ Tolu was persistent.
‘Alright, what have we’? Marian strolled to where she sat and leaned over her to have a glimpse of this new catch.
Her golden brown eyes were engorged with awe as she stared at the picture of the most handsome man she had ever see,
‘Babe, this guy is hot, who is he’? Maria asked. She felt butterflies in her tummy as she stared into the brooding dark eyes of the nameless man.
‘The latest mugu in town. He saw one of my posts of facebook and sent me a message six months ago. He asked me out’ Tolu gushed about her latest lover.
‘You have been dating this guy for six months and you never cared to let me know’? Marian was in shock.
‘You are not a nice person’ she quickly added’ feeling hurt and betrayed.
‘I had to be sure of him na, well, I called you to show you this, he is coming back to Nigeria in seven days’ she clicked the device and a picture of a diamond ring appeared.
‘Tolu! Is this real? You’re getting married’ Marian almost died of surprise, this was too much for her to taken in. She hopped excitedly on her friend and hugged the breath out of her.

‘Well...I have not said “yes”. I want to meet him in person’ Tolu replied coolly. She was not a novice in the game of love; she had heard girls meeting men on facebook who turned out to be dupes. She wanted a real man; a man that would lover her for her character and not her body.
‘Well...that’s true; let’s see him first then you can decide on what to do’ Marian released her.
‘What’s the name of the guy anyway’? Marian threw the words carelessly like she did not give a care.
‘When he comes, you’ll know’ Tola folded the laptop and rose to her feet. She was a bad girl and so was Marian; they did not trust each other even though they lived in the same apartment.
Marian was stung by her friend’s refusal to tell her about the nameless man.
‘Wait, what’s this about? Do you think I am interested in your man? Are you kidding me’? She snapped angrily.
‘I didn’t say anything besides you should learn a little privacy’ Tolu fired back.
‘You are so full of yourself. Do you think you deserve that hottie’? Marian hissed loudly.
‘What’s that supposed to mean’? Tolu rose to her feet.
It should be noted that these two friends never saw eye to eye; they were opposites. Though Tolu was a flirt, she wasn’t as loud and extroverted as Marian.
‘You’re such an ugly bitch’ Marian moved closer to her.
‘Did you just call me a bitch? You’re the one who sleeps with married men? Hello’? Tolu laughed.
‘Really? Do you want to do this? Tell me; haven’t you slept with a hundred men? Foolish girl’ Marian raised a hand, ready to launch it at her saucy friend when the door flew wide open and a sour faced Mmayen stepped in.
‘What is going on here’? Mmayen was appalled at the sight of her friends fighting.
‘Nothing’ Tolu forced a smile and sank into the chair next to her.
‘When did you arrive? I didn’t hear your car’ Marian played along. They would have their fight later.
‘Um, Dayo took the keys from me and said I should be using a cab henceforth’ she replied in a sad voice.
‘I have been calling your lines but you guys didn’t pick, so I decided to come here’ she continued.
Tolu and Marian exchanged glares; their friend wasn’t okay and they could sense it heavily.
Her face wore a dullness that defined pain. Her eyes were red and swollen and her cheeks were puffy.
‘What did Dayo do this time? I have asked you to leave that Idiot a thousand times but you would never listen to me. You keep telling me that you are in love with him and you hope you can change him. How can you change a devil’? Marian scoffed. She was in rage as she imagined what he had done to her cousin this time.
When he did not hit her, he would verbally abuse her. He had no regards for whatsoever and it was sickening.
‘Calm down Marian, we know you can rant like a rabid dog but this is not the time’ Tolu carefully stepped into the situation.
‘Abasi! Did you just call me a rabid dog? May God punish you and your family’ Marian was infuriated.
Tolu shook her head silently as she watched her rant like a spoilt child.
‘Girls! I am pregnant’ tears sprang up in Mma’s eyes as she stared at her friends. Couldn’t they feel her pain? Were they that blind to grief? To heartache?
She was in a dark place; she was lost and confused. She was terrified and she needed somebody to help her out.
It was as if a divine transformation had occurred. The once noisy room changed to a library and the fighters became solemn and sullen.
‘What? How? Why’? Marian couldn’t believe her ears.
‘You’ve got to be kidding me. Why did you let him touch you without protection and what happened to the pill’? Tolu asked.
‘I...I think the pill I used was fake’ Mmayen stuttered, not sure of what had really happened.
‘How could you let that bastard touch you again? Do you remember the last Dissection and Curettage that you had? You almost bled to death and now you’re telling me you are with another child. I am disappointed in you’ Marian launched the words at her cousin.
‘Marian...’Tolu tried to calm her.
‘Don’t call my name, I am done’ Marian rose to her feet. She was done listening to nonsense. She considered her cousin weak and pathetic and probably deserved what she was getting.
‘Marian....’Mma called after her as she stormed towards the door, but her please fell on deaf ears as the banging of the door was the only answer she could get.
That was followed by the sound of a moving car.
‘Leave her...I am so sorry for her behaviour’ Tolu reached out for her hands.
‘So what are you going to do? Have you told him yet’? Tolu looked into her friend’s eyes with compassion.
‘Yes...I did. Ifedayo doesn’t want the pregnancy, he wants me to abort it’ she broke down and started crying.
‘Oh my God, no, that will never happen’ Tolu was shocked to hear those words. She and Marian were aware of the various abortions Mmayen had done. The fourth was the most life threatening and they had vowed never to allow her pass through such torment.
‘But what do I do? Look at me, I am still in school. I have no skills; I have no job. I rely on Ife for everything; Tell me, who would take care of this baby if I decide to keep it? Who will feed and provide all its needs? Ife doesn’t want it and I fear he doesn’t want me anymore’ her lips shivered.
‘Listen to me Mma, You will not have an abortion. Since he wants to play smart, we’ll take two steps ahead’ Tolu rubbed her chin thoughtfully.
‘What? If you are planning on speaking to Ife on my behalf, forget it. He wouldn’t listen’ Mmayen watched her friend closely.
‘Not Ifedayo, but his parents’ Tolu replied.
‘His parents? Are you sure about that’? Mmayen wondered if this was the right thing to do.
She had met his parents only thrice; first at his thirty first birthday party; second, when his mother paid him a visit and third, his sister’s wedding. All three encounters were horrible.
His family had treated her like scum; from the way his mother’s hateful eyes had run over her, she knew she wasn’t welcome.
‘Yes, absolutely sure, we are going there right now’ Tolu moved towards her bedroom, she needed to wear something appropriate for the occasion.
Tomato Island was the largest City in Nigeria, and the fifth largest in Africa. It was busy and crowded with a lot of people, mostly hustlers who wanted to make some money for themselves.
The streets were compacted with Blue buses, vehicles and people; traffic jam was the order of the day. Tomato Island was the mother of Lagos State.
‘I plan to go on vacation soon, maybe to Hawaii, the Bahamas or Paris’ Ifedayo’s eyes ran the streets from the window of his office which was the tenth floor of the skyscraper.
‘Good for you, you need it a lot boss’ Ubong, his best friend replied.
Ifedayo Legacy was the first son of Chief Alade Legacy, the richest man in the country and continent and the 47th richest man in the world. His father had business all over the world and he was in charge of running them along his siblings. But he was put solely in charge of the headquarter branch of Legacy, which was right here in Tomato Island.
It was a software producing company.
‘Don’t call be that’ Ife snapped at his friend, his eyes still feeding the busy street and his back facing Ubong.
‘Have you seen the news lately’? Ubong arched a brow as he flipped the pages of the Forbes Magazine.
‘No, I don’t have time for that; I got time for my women’ Ife remarked and swirled round.
‘Really’? Ubong snorted.
‘What’? Ife asked.
‘Don’t judge me, polygamy is a man’s thing’ Ife replied.
‘I am not judging you, but I don’t like the way you treat Mmayen. It’s really hard to meet good girls these days. If they don’t want your money, they want you dick; one way or the other, they always want something’ he said to his friend.
‘And Mmayen doesn’t want something? Hell, I feed and provide all her needs. What more does she need from me’? Ife asked.
‘Loyalty, respect, commitment’ Ubong named the qualities.
‘Like I am going to marry her? She is not in my class dude’ Ife shrugged and sank into his arm chair.
‘Then why are you still with her? Why are you living with her’? Ubong asked. He was irritated by his friend’s selfish attitude.
‘Killing time’ Ife cut in.
‘So you’re saying she is good for nothing’? Ubong asked.
‘Maybe...come in’ Ifedayo called to the person knocking.
‘Well, before I leave; I just saw in the news that there is another Nigerian richer than your dad, here have a look’ he showed his friend the magazine.
‘Damola Oluwatosin’ Ifedayo stared at the picture of the thirty three year old man who had topped his father in riches.
He suddenly felt underachieved.
‘He is coming back home in seven days’ Ubong said.
‘To where’? Ifedayo asked.
‘Tomato Island of course, he was born and bred here before his family moved to the states’.
‘Listen man, I have to go, see you later’ Ubong waved and left for his office but not before bumping into one of Mmayen’s friends. She was the prettiest of them all and he liked her but she seemed really saucy and he hated that.
‘Hello darling....’Marian banged the door loudly. So loud that the magazine he held fell from his hands.
‘Marian...what are you doing here? I thought we agreed to be discreet’? Ifedayo was stunned to see her.
‘The door is locked, I am really Hot right now’ her hands caressed her buttons and she undid them, one by one.

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Re: A Bride For November By Rose Akpabio by arinze3131(m): 10:59am On Nov 14, 2017
Hi angels! I am back...who missed me? So this one would be hot and short. Please don't pressure me... I want it to be perfect for you. No fighting on the thread No hate No Plagiarism. I will finish this....A PROMISE Updates ...Monday, Wed, Friday, Sundays? Agreed?

agreded, Welcm back ma'am. I hv really missed U so much.
Re: A Bride For November By Rose Akpabio by abefe99: 12:08pm On Nov 14, 2017
so the so called foolish cousin is behind her predicament nawahoooo
Re: A Bride For November By Rose Akpabio by Jasmine4(f): 1:29pm On Nov 14, 2017
Keep it up....awesome story
Re: A Bride For November By Rose Akpabio by Olabantu(m): 6:52pm On Nov 14, 2017
Angelss is back... U welcome sis.. Nice to have you back... You back with your intrusive stories
Re: A Bride For November By Rose Akpabio by bimberry1307(f): 10:30am On Nov 15, 2017
wow! marian is a bitch truly. Doing your friend's guy? that's way overboard. well done, PamelB
Re: A Bride For November By Rose Akpabio by Ayoomolabake(f): 12:37pm On Nov 15, 2017
Thanks for the update. I hope she doesn't get to see the magazine.
Re: A Bride For November By Rose Akpabio by EkopSparoAyara(m): 1:10pm On Nov 15, 2017
Woohoo...angelsss is back...
I believe this will be super good bkuz “A song for bola" was a great
Re: A Bride For November By Rose Akpabio by teanumi(f): 9:41pm On Nov 15, 2017
Today is Wednesday oo embarassed Pls update
Re: A Bride For November By Rose Akpabio by Angelsss(f): 10:40am On Nov 17, 2017
Mmayen’s eyes were fixed on the busy streets; children were playing; cars swished by; lovers were kissing; everything seemed so perfect only that she was not in the right frame of mind to appreciate the beauty of an ordinary street.
‘What’s on your mind’? Tolu glanced at her briefly before riveting her eyes back to the road.
‘I don’t know...’Mmayen paused. The urge to weep for her predicament had returned but she fought with it. This was not the time to cry, it was the time to stay strong.
If she had even considered getting rid of the pregnancy, now she had brought the matter to her friends, that option was gone.
As she stared at Tolu, she felt raw determination radiating from the firmness of her jaw and her acute eyes which were a swirl of different emotions- Anger and hate.
She could feel her friend’s desire to help her out of this situation.
‘You’re a good friend Tolu. Thanks for being by my side’ a small smile played on her lips.
Tolu returned the smile but the frown she wore quickly replaced it.
‘You have not answered my question...what’s on your mind’? Tolu repeated. She knew how evasive Mmayen could be at times.
She preferred Mmayen to her cousin Marian, who was selfish and inconsiderate, Mmayen as the type of friend that could sacrifice her last penny for you to solve your problem; she could sleep on an empty belly just for her friend to be fine.
This was the reason she was so determined to deal with Ifedayo once and for all.
‘I doubt if this would work, Iris does not like me much and her other kids resent me’ Mmayen gave Tolu a brief description of Ifedayo’s tigress of a mother.
Iris was Ife’s arrogant mother who did not approve of their relationship.
‘Iris ni, Iris Ko, what mother would support her son in this case? Ifedayo has not done right by you, who the hell does he think he is? I hate him so much. Don’t be scared of Iris, I know how to handle women like her’ Tolu was firm on this promise.
‘I pray it works out’ Mmayen muttered under her breath. Her heart ached by the way he cousin had lashed at her. She couldn’t blame Marian much. Since her parents died, she had been the one and only relative she had been left with.
Marian had never approved of Ifedayo’s relationship with her from the very beginning. She had asked her cousin to give her reasons why she didn’t approve Ife, but she always came up with: “Ife is just not right for you”. Maybe she was right, but how could she not fall for a man like Ifedayo?
Her heart cried out to him at all times. She breathed him; she had him permanently engraved in her thoughts.
Ifedayo was a very handsome man; his eyes were light brown and held a seductive glow in their depths; his body was well carved and muscled like that of a Greek god. And when he made love? When he kissed her with his lush lips, he had her trapped. When he was happy, he’d buy her gifts and treated her like Rihanna would sing: “only girl in the world”.
‘Okay, guess what’? Tolu decided to lighten the atmosphere.
‘What’? Mmayen smiled not wanting to be a douche bag.
‘I met this really hot guy on facebook and we have been dating for six months now; he proposed and will be home in seven days, isn’t that wonderful’? Tolu grinned.
‘Jeez! Six months Tolu and you kept this from me? Does Marian know about this’?
Mmayen was distracted for a while.
‘No, I just told her today. Hey, I needed to be sure about him first. I am sorry I kept this from you’ Tolu apologized.
Out of the many men she had come across, this one was totally different; even though he had not seen her and she had not seen him, they seemed to have a bond.
‘You seem to like him very much, your relationships don’t exceed two weeks’ Mmayen gritted her teeth.
‘True, I love tearing the sheets; ain’t much to do after that’ Tolu scoffed.
‘So what is his name’? Mmayen asked as they arrived Ifedayo’s parents’ house.
The massive structure before them was a three storey and it was every bit intimidating.
‘Denzel’ Tolu supplied.
‘Alright listen carefully...do not be afraid of Iris; you are not the one at fault but her stupid son, okay? Remember that’ Tolu stepped out of the car.
Together, they walked towards the gate.
‘Good day, we’ll like to see Madam’ Tolu addressed the skinny looking gateman.
‘You get appointment with am’? He asked in a very unfriendly tone.
‘Yes’ Mmayen chipped in. He stared at her for a few minute and decided she wouldn’t cause any problem, he had seen her before.
‘She dey her garden’ he replied and let them in.
Iris’ garden was a ceremony of roses- blue, white, red, yellow, pink and hybrid coloured roses. The scent of the flower queen exalted itself among the other flowers that sprouted wildly.
Iris was a chubby fair skinned woman. She seldom smiled and she ruled her household with an iron fist. She had friends from the rich circle and usually organised tea parties in her garden for women of class just like herself.
‘So tell me, what does Eniola like’? She asked her friend, Imisi, who sat opposite her.
She had spotted a potential ally and friend in Eniola; only that Eniola was beyond her reach. She was richer and more highly placed in the society.
‘My sister is a lover of books...Just buy her a good book and you are her friend’ Imisi replied with a laugh.
She gazed at Iris, the most powerful and dangerous woman in Tomato Island.
Iris knew everybody’s secret but only few people knew hers which made her supreme.
‘So when...’Iris paused as two intruders stepped into her garden. She recognized one, Mmayen, the LovePeddler her son was bedding; who was soon to become history as she had plans.
‘Good afternoon Ma’ Mmayen bent her knees. Tolu said nothing, she returned Iris’ cold stare with the same icy intensity.
‘What do you want in my house’? Iris eyed Mma with disdain. She was a poor, lowlife who had plans to destroy her son’s life.
‘Please...’Mmayen was about to speak but Tolu’s cold stare shut her up.
‘We would like to speak with you in private’ Tolu stepped in.
‘Oh I guess I will excuse you’ Imisi rose to her feet but one command from Iris had her back on her chair.
‘Sit’ Iris commanded with a cold voice.
‘Say whatever you want here or you get the hell out of my house’ she snapped at Tolu.
‘Please...’Mmayen started but Tolu pinner her down with her eyes.
Out of the corner of her eyes, she noticed the other woman had been staring at her for so long; their eyes met. She felt an odd sensation as she stared at the petite woman; she really did seem familiar, had they met before?

‘Ifedayo has impregnated my friend and has to do the needful. He asked her to get rid of it but my friend would not do something like that. You need to call him to order’ Tolu’s voice was cold and haunting, neither rude nor polite. She was fearless.
‘The needful’? Iris’ mocking gaze travelled from the cheap looking shoes Mmayen wore to the crown of her head.
‘Ifedayo must marry her or accept responsibility for the child’ Tolu broke it down.
To their dismay, Iris burst out laughing. She laughed so hard that tears streamed down her golden face.
When she stopped, she rose to her feet and walked towards the girls.
‘Now look here, If you think you can trap my son with that bastard in your belly, you are nothing but a big Joke. Now get the hell out of my garden’ she yelled angrily.
‘We were just leaving’ Tolu grabbed Mma’s hand and they both walked out.
A rage iris had never felt before consumed her. Ifedayo had failed her.
As they reached the car, Mmayen burst into tears; where would all these lead? She had known this was a terrible idea; Iris would never accept her or her baby.
‘Don’t worry, everything would be fine. I know how to handle women like Iris’ Tolu rubbed her head gently as she sobbed.


Re: A Bride For November By Rose Akpabio by Angelsss(f): 10:42am On Nov 17, 2017
His lips were entwined with hers in this passionate kiss; his hands travelled from the curls of her short hair to the softness of her hips, how he had missed this body.
She loved the masculine scent that emanated from his perfume; she loved the taste of his mouth...hard as it crashed down and bruised her lips. There was no man that had unleashed her pent up passion like the way Ifedayo did and that was the reason she had fallen in love with him after the first night they’d both made out.
She had met Ifedayo from one of her married boyfriends at a party and since then, they had started sleeping with each other even before he met her cousin, Mmayen at her birthday party.
She had felt horribly jealous as she watched Ife’s eyes rake her cousin’s beautiful figure; she was sure of this, he had never looked at her that way. That stare had meant so much and that was the moment she realized he was in love with her cousin.
They had stopped seeing each other for a while, but four months after he began to date Mmayen, her feelings for him blossomed again and she realized she wasn’t going to let him go, just like that.
Ife was a lady’s man. He was made and generous; he was passionate in everything he did. He could turn a simple kiss into something beyond pleasurable or set fire on a woman by simply massaging her foot.
But why had he not chosen her? Why had he chosen Mmayen? She had asked him this question many times, but he only claimed what he felt for Mma was pity after realizing she was an orphan.
Anger raced through her as she realized that he had impregnated her cousin again.
She pulled away from him and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, infuriated and madly jealous.
‘What is it’? Ifedayo asked, his eyes were clouded with passion.
‘You were still sleeping with her...how could you betray me like that’? Marian snapped angrily at her.
‘What was I supposed to do...we sleep on the same bed’ Ife replied.
‘But you promised not to touch her again...you promised to be faithful to me’ Marian felt hurt that he was still with her cousin.
‘I am sorry I got her pregnant...’ Ifedayo paused. His friend’s words had touched him earlier, there were not many good girls left and Mmayen was a good girl though she wasn’t classy enough to be his wife.
‘What if she keeps this one’? He turned to Marian. The last time Mmayen aborted a child, she almost lost her life. He felt guilt as he remembered her pale face and the way she had soaked the sheets they lay on with blood for fourteen days.
‘You want her to keep it’? Marian scoffed. Was Ifedayo still in love with her cousin?
‘You said you loved me...what am I supposed to believe? You said you want to marry me? How then can another woman carry your child’? Marian moved closer to him. Ifedayo was the man of her dreams and she was prepared to do anything to keep things that way.
‘But...what if she gets hurt. I don’t want her to die’ Ife stared into the brown eyes of the woman whom he desired strongly. He was in love with her, Marian was his female version and they were a perfect fit.
She was ambitious and stubborn and so was he.
‘I’ll take her to a good doctor. Just don’t touch her again, promise’? She drew circles on his face with her finger nails.
‘I promise’ Ifedayo nodded like a little boy who was receiving advice from his mother.
‘So...one more question’ Marian fetched her bag as she considered her mission done.
‘When will you break up with her finally’? She inquired.
‘When do you want me to break up with her’? Ife asked.
‘After the abortion, I have to go now sweedy, I have other things to do’ she dropped a light kiss on his cheeks and whispered ‘I love you’.
‘I love you too’ he replied.
She withdrew from him and rushed out of his office without looking back.
He released the breath he had been holding; Marian was a fireball and no man could ever grow weary of her.
His phone rang shortly after and he decided to take it, it was his mother:

‘Good afternoon Ma’ he greeted.
‘Save your greetings for your joystick’ Iris replied.
‘Mum? What’s that supposed to mean’? He felt insulted.
‘That LovePeddler called Mmayen came to my house and insulted me with her friend all because you got her pregnant. I am disappointed in you. If you plan on bringing that low life into our family, then you have failed’ Iris rage poured hotly on her sun like acid rain.
Ifedayo was stunned. So Mmayen had gone to report him to his mother?
‘I shall handle this, I am sorry for her insults’ he said.
‘Good...make sure you fix it’ Iris ordered.
‘I will fix it’ Ifedayo replied firmly. Anger coursed through him as he dropped the phone on the table, Mmayen had caused his mother to undermine him.
He felt more angry as he stared at the picture of Daramola Oluwatosin who was his age mate yet richer than he was.
He would deal with her mercilessly.

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Re: A Bride For November By Rose Akpabio by prisomic(f): 12:10pm On Nov 17, 2017
Nice story dear!!! bt my mind dey pepper me oo big time ... I just wish there will b a way Ifedayo will be at Mmayen's mercy n d girl go just get small kekere brain and show him PEPPER

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Re: A Bride For November By Rose Akpabio by Joislim(f): 2:42pm On Nov 17, 2017
I don't like the way Ife treats Mma , still following keenly as the story unfolds.
Re: A Bride For November By Rose Akpabio by AryEmber(f): 6:34pm On Nov 17, 2017
I don't like the way Ife treats Mma , still following keenly as the story unfolds.
I believe she's just plain stupid, how can you allow a man to have an unprotected sex over and over again with you when he had proven times without number that he wouldn't accept his responsibilites when the need arises? Seriously, STUPIDITY is her middle name
Re: A Bride For November By Rose Akpabio by Joislim(f): 7:13pm On Nov 17, 2017
I believe she's just plain stupid, how can you allow a man to have an unprotected sex over and over again with you when he had proven times without number that he wouldn't accept his responsibilites when the need arises? Seriously, STUPIDITY is her middle name
She is really naïve
Re: A Bride For November By Rose Akpabio by Olabantu(m): 9:38pm On Nov 17, 2017
Oya new, dere is a novice (Mma) then a backstabber (Marian), a fearless friend (Tolu) den d wild cheat (Ifedayo), a Tough mother (Iris) den some more to come anyways what I am actually seeing is many twists, turns and dives....And Angelss I sight your favourite name again Damilola Oluwatosin...well madam abeg carry go
Re: A Bride For November By Rose Akpabio by arinze3131(m): 11:07am On Nov 18, 2017
tanx ma'am for d update. following bumber 2 bumber.
Re: A Bride For November By Rose Akpabio by princessadeola(f): 12:40pm On Nov 18, 2017
Boys like Ife are so foolish. Weldone Angelsss
Re: A Bride For November By Rose Akpabio by iambijo(m): 8:13pm On Nov 18, 2017
Write on madam am lovin it

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