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100 Valentine's Day Messages To Your Boyfriend by Dayfem2020: 12:26pm On Feb 14
As Valentine's day is a day full of love and romance, why don't you seize the opportunity to show your boyfriend how much you love and care about him by simply sending him a heart-melting Happy Valentine's Day messages.

There is absolutely no one I would rather share my heart with on this special day than you. So I want to use this medium to whisper Happy Valentine's Day to that special dude that makes my heart skip at the mention of his name.

2. Love is indeed perfect when you meet the right person. Meeting you is the best thing that has happened to me and saying yes to your love proposal has been the best decision I have ever made. Happy Valentine's Day dear.

3. Even if I was not your first kiss, date, love or Valentine, I want to be your last and only from here on until the end of time. Happy Valentine's Day.

4. You have a way of making me feel so safe, loved, and special. On this Valentine’s Day, I give you my heart once again, and I hope you can see how much I love you. Happy Valentine's Day dear.

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Re: 100 Valentine's Day Messages To Your Boyfriend by Xenry: 12:29pm On Feb 14
Don't worry, I just helped you Copy and Paste the remaining Valentine's messages, any appreciation will be welcome!
4. You have a way of making me feel so safe, loved, and special. On this Valentine’s Day, I give you my heart once again, and I hope you can see how much I love you. Happy Valentine's Day dear.

5. I wish you have a lovely and amazing Valentine's Day. Even though we are apart, I want you to know that distance is not a barrier. I truly love and care so much about you.

6. There is night so that we could appreciate day, sorrow so that we could appreciate joy, evil so that we could appreciate good, YOU so I could appreciate LOVE. Happy Valentine's Day dear.

7. Your eyes are like a smouldering flame, your kiss is like a spark, and your embrace is like a blazing fire. Happy Valentine’s Day to you dear.

8. I always thought the perfect guy doesn't exist until I finally meet you and you change my whole life in a blink of an eye, dear you are the best. Happy Valentine's Day love.

9. You are the perfect man for me that is why I'm saying Happy Valentine's Day to us....You mean the world to me my peculiar half.

10. You mean the absolute world to me and it is just another day to go out of my way to tell you so! Happy Valentine's Day my world.

11. It hurts that miles separate us this Valentine’s Day, but I know our love will carry us through until we see each other again. I miss you! Do have a blast on this special day.

12. I love you beyond the rain, stars, and moon. You are completely out of this world, Will you continue to be my Valentine! Happy Valentine's day.

13. Why would I need money when I'm drunk in the ocean of your love. With your love, I'm rich and full of life. I love you so much! Happy Valentine's Day.

14. Chocolate can’t compete with the sweetness of loving you. Smile.......that is why I held you in high regard. Happy Valentine's Day my love.

15. I want you to know that there are no limits to what we can achieve together. Let’s go for it, my brave one! Happy Valentine's Day.

16. To my amebo gist partner, I want to say Happy Valentine's Day to you. thanks for making me feel special every time. I love you.

17. I have never known love to be this way but I’m thankful to God that I have you, you are all my dreams come true! Happy Valentine's Day special one.

18. Love me without fear and trust me without wondering. Follow me without restrictions and accept me the way I am. Happy valentine's day.

19. I want you to be mine today, tomorrow, day after and forever. I love you! Happy Valentine's Day.

20. You are my one and only Valentine and I could not think of anyone better to spend it with. Happy Valentine's Day love.

21. A warm hug and a peck send a message of you are all I have to hold when I feel down or alone. It also shows how special you are in my life Happy Valentine's Day sweet.

22. Nothing is sweeter and more precious than the love I have for you. I am the luckiest lady in the world! Happy Valentine’s Day dear!

23. To the man that makes my heart flutter and my pulse race. I want to say I love you on this special day! Happy Valentine's Day.

24. A life without love is like a year without summer. My life without you is incomplete because it will forever be shattered. Happy Valentine's Day

25. There is no Valentine’s Day card that can perfectly say just how much you mean to me. You are my sweetheart and I love you. Happy Val dear.

26. I never knew that someone like you even existed but thank you for taking my heart and filling it with true love. Happy Valentine's Day.

27. The only thing that looks good on you is me. Happy Valentine's Day my one and only.

28. I love you, baby, not just on Valentine’s Day but every single day. Happy Lovers Day.

29. Who knew that an imaginary flying baby in a diaper with a bow and arrow could be so spot on? That is exactly who you are to me. I love you! Happy Val.

30. I want to celebrate my soul mate not just on Valentine’s Day but every single day. Even if I don’t tell you daily, you are my world. Happy Special Day to us.

31. You are the first thought in the morning and my last before I fall asleep. This is how I know that we were meant to be. I love you my Val.

32. Whenever I look at the mirror, I see someone who doesn’t deserve to be loved as much as you do. But when we are together, I feel grateful and blessed to be just with you. Happy Val dear.

33. You are a little bit naughty and I am a little bit nice. On this Valentine’s Day, let’s make a little bit of spice. Happy Valentine's Day.

34. I am a great believer in fate and destiny. It was fate that I met you and destiny to be with you. Happy Valentine's Day my world.

35. Two souls that bet like one is what i prayed for and you come through at the right time. i love you dear. Happy Valentine's Day.

36. It is not all the sweet things you do that make me love you. I love you for your strong heart, your will power and because you are you. Happy Val hero.

37. Playful, loving, handsome and strong: those are words I would use to describe you on this special day, Happy Valentine's day.

38. I do not believe in love until i met you. You change my world completely. Happy Valentine's day to you sweetest.

39. You are more than just my boyfriend. You are my best friend, and I hope you know how much that means to me! Happy Valentine's day dear.

40. You are better than a box of chocolate. You are better than a bouquet of roses. You are better than anything that is why i love you. Happy Valentine's Day my hero.

41. The more guys I meet, the more I realize that you are the perfect person I could have ever asked for. Happy Valentine’s Day my love!

Valentine’s Day gives me an extra chance to show you how much I care. Words cannot express all of my feelings for you, but I want to say how much I love you.

42. Caring, loving, adorable, intelligent, sweet, and handsome. That is all that I have to say to you darling and I would wait forever to be your girl because you are amazing and I love you! Happy Val.

43. You are the sweetest dreams I ever had and our time apart is the darkest part of my day Can’t wait to see you again. Happy Valentine’s Day my love.

44. Love has the capacity to grow endlessly when it finds the perfect heart. Take away your love from me and I become nothing. Happy Val.

45. I hope to make you smile with this message today, and I hope to remain a reason for your smiles for a long time to come. Happy valentine's day dear.

46. A true lover always feels in debt to the one she loves and that is what I'm feeling right now. Happy val dear.

47. As we keep the fires of our hearts burning, we are always turning to each other for solace and comfort. I am warmed by your company. Happy lovers dear my dear.

48. Love is much more than long gazing, dancing in the rain and candlelight dinners, rather it is about showing love, kindness and given strength to the other person. Happy Valentine's day my love.

49. I let you go, and you came back to me. Now we walk this path together. Happy Valentine’s Day to our unending love.

50. If I were to make a thousand wishes this Valentine’s Day, every single one of them would include you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

51. As long as I’m with you there is no risk that I’m not prepared to take. I love you to the moon and back. Happy Valentine's Day. My love.

52. Your touch does to me what a pebble does when dropped into the calm waters of a lake. Happy Valentine my better half.

53. Because we are meant for each other that is why I'm always happy at each passing day for life. Happy Valentine’s Day.

54. Take love, multiply it by infinity and take it to the depths of forever, trust me, you still have only a glimpse of how I feel for you. I love you, dear. Happy Val.

5.. If sixty seconds would ever make a minute, and 24 hours would make a day, I want to spend it all with you throughout the year and my life. I am best with you. Happy Val love.

56. It’s has been verified that I have been addicted to your love since I’m madly in love with you. I love you so much. Happy Val.

57. My love, my heart is, and always will be yours. Happy Valentine’s day to my shining light.

58. Only you hold the key to my heart and on this Valentine’s Day, I will remind you how much you light up my life and fill my heart with love. Happy Valentine’s Day.

59. I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you. Happy Valentine’s Day dearie.

60. When my heart thinks of you, I can’t think in just words or thoughts. It is more like my heart sings a tune like no one have ever heard. Happy Val babe.

61. You took my breath away from the first time I saw you as you’re one unique person. There is no single weary and anguish with you as with you tomorrow is certain. I love you dearly.

62. You are not just a special person, you are more than that. You are my lover, my best friend forever, you’re my inspiration and motivation. I love you so much more than you could ever think.

63. Will you be my Valentine on this special day, cause I have realized that we are perfect together. Love me and never leave me. Happy Valentine’s Day honey.

64. No one tells bed to fly, no one tells dogs to bark, no one tells fishes to swim, no one tells cows to moo, they just do. Just like no one tells me to love you, I just do. I love you my heart. Happy Valentine's Day.

65. You must be a thief because you stole my heart, you must be a thief because you keep running through my mind and maybe I’m a bad shooter because I keep MISSING U. Happy Valentine’s Day my love.

66. I think love is not blind. Love sees more because I have experienced it from you. Your love taught me that love is an eye-opener that made me see the beautiful future that lies ahead. Happy Val love.

67. The only remedy to my bad day is your hugs and kisses. I love you twice as much. Happy Valentine's day love.

68. Your smile is the biggest treasure that I could ever have and your love is all I need to live. Happy Valentine’s Day.

69. I hide my tears when I say your name but the pain in my heart is still the same. Although I smile and seen carefree by friends but no one misses you more than I do. I love you my Val.

70. I am so fortunate to call someone like you “My Valentine” because you are everything I have ever dreamed of in a boyfriend and more. Happy Valentine’s Day.

71. A smile is a charity because it touches the heart, may you have reasons to smile and may you be a reason for others to smile. Happy valentines day my heart.

72. You mean the entire world to me. I want to make this Valentine’s Day special for you in every way. Happy Valentine’s Day.

73. I loved you, I love you and I will love you forever. Let’s celebrate many more Valentine’s Days to come.

74. All I want is to wake up in the morning with your text on my phone and a day full of hugs and kisses from you. Happy Valentine's day.

75. My Valentine's Day resolution is that the more time we spend together, the more we fall in love with each other. Happy valentines day!

76. I know I’m safe when I’m lost in your arms. I don’t want to be rescued every time I fall in love with you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

77. Happy Valentines Day to the man of my dreams! The charming prince of my world and the handsome dude that takes my breath away.

78. The world seems so beautiful and promising to me through your love. I love you so much dear, you are my world. Happy valentine’s day.

79. Your smile is sweeter than any candy and your kiss is precious than any gift. Happy valentines day, my soon to be king!

80. After so many years of being together, my heart still feels the same for you. Happy valentine’s day, love.

81. My lips would whisper only your name, my heart would miss only you and my eyes would be looking in a crowd only for you. I love you so much, darling. Happy Valentine’s Day.

82. You add colour to my dull and monotonous life and make everything feel 10x happier and brighter than it actually is. Hope we celebrate more Valentine’s Day together.

83. Thank you, my king, for always making sure that I am okay! Thank you for your constant check-up. Happy Valentine’s Day.

84. Thank you for making Valentine’s Day and every other day worth celebrating. I love you so much. Happy Valentine's Day.

85. I dreamt about you last night. We were together and your hands were holding mine. I smiled in my sleep thinking this is all I want. Thank you for giving me such joy.

86. Every time I miss you, I go through your Instagram – and it warms up my heart seeing your happy face. Don’t forget; I love you now and forever! Happy Valentine’s Day.

87. The more I spend time with you, the more I want to keep on spending time with you. You never fail to give me butterflies. Happy Valentine’s Day.

88. Everything about you makes me smile like a stupid thing and I really don’t mind being your stupid marble. I love you that much. Happy Valentine’s Day.

89. This is yet another valentine’s day with you. Sometimes life is just way more unfair than it should be. Happy Valentine’s Day anyway! Smile.

90. When love is true, distance never bothers you. Thanks for being my valentine on this day. You’re always in my heart! I love you!

91. My life is always an adventure with you, and I want to enjoy the adventure with you forever! Happy Valentine's Day

92. I have never thought that I would get a superhero after my dad, but I got you! Happy valentine’s day!

93. You deserve all of the heart emojis today. You are so special, thank you for always bein you. Happy Valentine's Day.

94. My entire life exists in you! That is why I'm always thankful for being part of your life. Happy Valentine's Day.

95. Wishing you a happy valentine’s day with lots of love and kisses. Have a good day and don't miss me too much.

96. Happy Valentine's Day to the man that made our love story different and unique. I love you my love from another star.

97. Wishing you a romantic Valentine’s Day. You deserve it, my love.

98. Sometimes I look for my carriage because I swear this love is a fairytale and you are definitely my Prince Charming!

99. When you asked where I wanted to go for Valentine’s Day, just know that I will follow you anywhere you want to take me. Happy Val.

100. I always wanted a perfect gentleman that i will steal his surname and I got you, Happy Valentine's day my rock.
Re: 100 Valentine's Day Messages To Your Boyfriend by PCG001: 12:29pm On Feb 14

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