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He Stole Her From Me But I Got My Revenge In The Most Brutal Way Without Crime
by Dantepet3000. 29 posts & 4073 views. 11:11pm On Nov 21 (enawt)
I Have Lost My Sense Of Reasoning (2) (3)
by ChildOfDoom. 76 posts & 2721 views. 10:58pm On Nov 21 (novice22)
How To Make Tiger Nut Dates And Coconut Drink To Boost Libido
by cypher247. 12 posts & 1047 views. 10:29pm On Nov 21 (enm)
by BlinksBlinkd. 37 posts & 13697 views. 10:22pm On Nov 21 (jameshood)
Hit Me Up For All Your Dating Website Accounts
by cobby14. 2 posts & 85 views. 10:15pm On Nov 21 (KINGYAGAA)
Wow 3 Bedroom Terrace Duplex With BQ For N33M With Pics
by Bankyproperties. 2 posts & 290 views. 10:12pm On Nov 21 (Bankyproperties)
How Do I Get Rid Of Tribal Marks? (pics inside) (2) (3)
by LadyGCrueDKilaB. 80 posts & 4842 views. 10:06pm On Nov 21 (LadyGCrueDKilaB)
Women: What Will You Do?
by lukui. 12 posts & 417 views. 10:06pm On Nov 21 (oyinda1599)
On The Viral Sex Tape Video
by Michellekabod2. 19 posts & 2136 views. 9:59pm On Nov 21 (MrCork)
Facebook Account For Sell
by eastTKBorn. 1 post & 58 views. 9:34pm On Nov 21 (eastTKBorn)
Throw Your Phone In The Thrash Can.
by Ishaya20. 12 posts & 471 views. 9:20pm On Nov 21 (Ishaya20)
Nigerians Not Pleased With Expulsion Of Babcock Student In Viral Sex Video18+
by Wirenaijatunes. 3 posts & 676 views. 8:57pm On Nov 21 (Omonken)
Ladies Do You Like Guys With Curled Hair
by supercase1. 5 posts & 431 views. 8:47pm On Nov 21 (LadyGCrueDKilaB)
These Are The Types Of Men That Can Easily Steal Your Woman (2) (3) (4) ... (6) (7) (8) *
by MGab25. 227 posts & 62588 views. 8:44pm On Nov 21 (emmaodet)
UBUNJA's MISEDUCATION: Chosen. (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)
by ubunja. 204 posts & 5840 views. 8:41pm On Nov 21 (emmaodet)
But Why Will People Record Themselves Having Sex (2)
by donaldtruman. 43 posts & 4044 views. 8:34pm On Nov 21 (TheDevil666)
Why I Took A 6 Years Hiatus From Dating Nigerian Women-u.s Based Man (2)
by dietola01. 35 posts & 753 views. 8:32pm On Nov 21 (DCmonster)
Bring Back My Ex
by Montilar123. 2 posts & 208 views. 8:28pm On Nov 21 (MrBrownJay1)
Why Are Most Nigerian Guys Ugly ? (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)
by Riele. 219 posts & 7619 views. 8:24pm On Nov 21 (BuikemWillz)
Men Have Pains Too.......
by excober080. 1 post & 149 views. 8:24pm On Nov 21 (excober080)
You Better Read This Before You Make That Sex Tape!
by Oyinawosika. 5 posts & 423 views. 8:08pm On Nov 21 (MrBrownJay1)
If You Were To Live Forever
by WhereIsOldRoger. 6 posts & 119 views. 8:03pm On Nov 21 (MrBrownJay1)
Kayanmata And Kayanmaza.. Sexual Wellness For Both Men And Women.. (2) (3)
by yemmsykayanmata. 77 posts & 2328 views. 8:03pm On Nov 21 (yemmsykayanmata)
Do u have or your woman always have Dryness during sex Or No Sexual urge . (2) (3) (4)
by yemmsykayanmata. 114 posts & 11232 views. 8:00pm On Nov 21 (yemmsykayanmata)
Man Like Ned. (2)
by SBL28. 33 posts & 830 views. 7:57pm On Nov 21 (lefulefu)
The New Perfect Dating Service For Nigerians
by Geniusdom. 1 post & 91 views. 7:49pm On Nov 21 (Geniusdom)
My Friend Told Her Boyfriend That I Am Just A Friend,, Now This Is Happening. (2) (3) (4) ... (8) (9) (10) *
by Sunisonflex39. 305 posts & 51601 views. 7:42pm On Nov 21 (dnawah)
4 Romantic Things To Do With Your Partner This Weekends
by xorlaligh. 1 post & 195 views. 7:36pm On Nov 21 (xorlaligh)
I Keep Going Back To Him (2)
by Bluebarbie10. 33 posts & 2859 views. 7:35pm On Nov 21 (ednut1)
Uk's Most Married Man Set To Wed Again For The 9th Time
by Kelvin30286063. 16 posts & 943 views. 7:21pm On Nov 21 (Lynx001)
Why Do Women Run When They Find Out You Have Children (2)
by sweetlove. 38 posts & 2593 views. 6:53pm On Nov 21 (MrCork)
Don’t Be A “Mumu” In Love (2) (3) *
by binarymachine. 95 posts & 20680 views. 6:51pm On Nov 21 (Masterdazhem)
UBUNJA's MISEDUCATION:lets Fix Your Fear Of Beautiful Women. (2) (3) (4) (5)
by ubunja. 137 posts & 8410 views. 6:43pm On Nov 21 (Geofavor)
Where Are All The Rich, Cute Men Of Nairaland?? (2) (3)
by LadyGCrueDKilaB. 73 posts & 1624 views. 6:29pm On Nov 21 (LadyGCrueDKilaB)
Website Where You Can Find Professionals To Date!
by basga. 1 post & 38 views. 6:04pm On Nov 21 (basga)
How To Become A Kinder Person
by hotsteppers. 5 posts & 268 views. 5:53pm On Nov 21 (hotsteppers)
Ebira Women/girls Make Best Wives
by Quality20. 13 posts & 765 views. 5:53pm On Nov 21 (chigoizie7)
How Do I Collect My Money From This Pastor (2)
by theunnamed. 40 posts & 1634 views. 5:53pm On Nov 21 (moorevic)
A Good Woman Is Priceless
by lukui. 14 posts & 371 views. 5:52pm On Nov 21 (niaralandtopuser)
I See Things Others Do Not See … (18+)
by jameshood. 5 posts & 1590 views. 5:50pm On Nov 21 (jameshood)
She Tear Eye Pass Am
by raphretle. 2 posts & 225 views. 5:47pm On Nov 21 (donbachi)
You Must Have This 7 Important Talk Before Moving In With Your Partner.
by hotsteppers. 16 posts & 1618 views. 5:45pm On Nov 21 (hotsteppers)
See Things Young Ladies Worry About The Most.
by hotsteppers. 6 posts & 1112 views. 5:45pm On Nov 21 (hotsteppers)
Ways To Make Your Long-distance Relationship Work.
by hotsteppers. 4 posts & 299 views. 5:44pm On Nov 21 (hotsteppers)
Never Be Honest About This Things In Life And Relationship
by hotsteppers. 4 posts & 576 views. 5:42pm On Nov 21 (hotsteppers)
Is It A Sin To Watch People Having Sex??
by ikorodureporta. 2 posts & 270 views. 5:40pm On Nov 21 (nlPoster)
Lady Barbs Her Fiance Hair, Collected 2k And Twerk For Him In Pre-wedding Photos
by GistMore1. 26 posts & 3137 views. 5:40pm On Nov 21 (GistTeller)
I Want People To Get Used To Seeing Boobs - Nigerian Actress Bares Her Boobs
by queenblog. 20 posts & 7862 views. 5:39pm On Nov 21 (moorevic)
Sex Video Compilation Of People Getting Caught
by skyhighweb. 1 post & 491 views. 5:37pm On Nov 21 (skyhighweb)
How I Was Seduced By A Sugar Momma
by stevespack. 7 posts & 1826 views. 5:37pm On Nov 21 (stevespack)
Amazing Beauty Benefits Of Saltwater ( You Never Knew His.
by hotsteppers. 11 posts & 653 views. 5:18pm On Nov 21 (etinanguy)
Why Africans Do Not Like To Settle Down With Single Mothers (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)
by Billionsclub. 222 posts & 6685 views. 5:09pm On Nov 21 (nellyelitz)
Stop Being 2 Minutes Noodles In Bed.. Indomie Takes More Than 2 Minutes now. � (2) (3) (4)
by yemmsykayanmata. 114 posts & 6385 views. 5:05pm On Nov 21 (yemmsykayanmata)
Please Anyone With Idea How Effective This Beard Growth Cream Is?
by dtruth50. 7 posts & 269 views. 5:04pm On Nov 21 (Dathypebruv)
Which Cream Is Best To Make My Chocolate Skin Glow.
by MrAwesome001. 25 posts & 2332 views. 5:04pm On Nov 21 (EmptyCoconutHead)
Question Of The Day: Guys,why Do You Hustle?
by kingofcasting. 20 posts & 196 views. 4:44pm On Nov 21 (kingofcasting)
See Lies Your Ex Will Always Tell You If The Wan You Back.
by hotsteppers. 6 posts & 1161 views. 4:41pm On Nov 21 (hotsteppers)
See Things To Give Up If You Want To Be Happy.
by hotsteppers. 5 posts & 677 views. 4:41pm On Nov 21 (hotsteppers)
Welcome To The World Of Draws
by fasa1touch. 1 post & 68 views. 4:39pm On Nov 21 (fasa1touch)
Before You Make A Sex Tape; Read This!
by IsmailVasiti. 1 post & 97 views. 4:35pm On Nov 21 (IsmailVasiti)
UBUNJA's MISEDUCATION: Flipping The Bad Boy Switch. (2) (3) (4) (5)
by ubunja. 140 posts & 6735 views. 4:34pm On Nov 21 (jeff1607)
Journalist Shame Man For Being Broke, Proposing At KFC S.A. But Turn To Blessing (2)
by Explorers. 51 posts & 1857 views. 4:29pm On Nov 21 (Nicklaus619)

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