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Dating And Meet-up Zone: A place to hook up with fellow Nairaland members and find love! (25100 topics)
Sexuality: Any topics that are more about sex and sexuality should go here. (45468 topics)

Romance: Discuss dating, courtship, and romance in marriage. Ad Rate: 5,214.06/week (71.1% discount).

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How To Master The Art Of A Good First Impression.
by wisdomanwana. 6 posts & 579 views. 11:15am (wisdomanwana)
My Boyfriend Caught Me Cheating
by Mashido. 13 posts & 1938 views. 11:13am (Cuccitini)
Africa Asia Pacific Economic Conference 2020 Sydney Australia
by Africas. 1 post & 25 views. 11:07am (Africas)
#babcock Student Sex Video Leakage And Expulsion Aftermath !
by IDanfulani. 2 posts & 3635 views. 11:06am (fastandfurious)
How To Avoid Relationship Problems With Your Opossite Sex
by wisdomanwana. 7 posts & 672 views. 11:00am (wisdomanwana)
I Watch My Wife Sleep With Younger Men - Man
by Awesome05. 25 posts & 4180 views. 10:51am (Grandlord)
Sign That Your Relationship Is Getting To An End (including Marriage)
by wisdomanwana. 17 posts & 2020 views. 10:49am (wisdomanwana)
How To Impress Your Partner On Your First Date
by wisdomanwana. 7 posts & 737 views. 10:48am (wisdomanwana)
by Fadolistic. 17 posts & 570 views. 10:37am (dmarientes)
Rants Of A Single Lady Part 3 (2) (3) (4) ... (9) (10) (11) *
by Duggedised12. 347 posts & 28387 views. 10:29am (Duggedised12)
Edo State Polytechnic Expels Two Students Caught Having Sex Inside ‘lecture Hall
by Gidiclass. 2 posts & 278 views. 10:29am (NLSavage)
Someone Should Teach Me How To Make Money Online (2) (3)
by blesskewe. 87 posts & 1996 views. 10:16am (drezzyx)
Babcock University Expels Student For Leaking Sex Tape Online
by Ilal. 3 posts & 319 views. 10:13am (ornicus)
Counter Thread: What Can We Ladies Offer Men In A Relationship Apart From Sex? (2) (3)
by DenreleDave. 96 posts & 1720 views. 10:02am (Martinez39)
I Don't Understand My Life Any Longer (2) (3) (4) ... (12) (13) (14) *
by Francisayo. 429 posts & 41608 views. 9:54am (daxon001)
Weekend Hookup On 07064653251
by DamEyitayo. 2 posts & 87 views. 9:53am (kestine)
Facebook Account For Sale
by theblessings. 1 post & 46 views. 9:49am (theblessings)
Twin Brothers Marries Twin Sisters (Wedding Photos)
by GistMore. 15 posts & 2232 views. 9:49am (keenn)
I Last 4mins, When I Cvm My GF Looks At Me With Bad Eye
by Rufyrufi. 2 posts & 567 views. 9:34am (IceColdVeins)
Where All Evidence Point Towards You But You're Not Guilty
by mikezuruki. 3 posts & 102 views. 9:21am (Fidelismaria)
How To Involve Your Partner In Parenting, Household Chores
by unifresh. 1 post & 37 views. 9:17am (unifresh)
See How To Heal Fast From A Breakup
by wisdomanwana. 4 posts & 260 views. 9:10am (wisdomanwana)
Meanwhile Am Single To Stupor.
by yazga. 1 post & 79 views. 9:07am (yazga)
How To Approach A Girl For The First Time And Win Her Over
by dailyguide. 23 posts & 7725 views. 9:05am (UmarMF)
My Girlfriend Of 5yrs Said She Is An "EMERE" And I Dont Know The Meaning (2) (3) (4)
by chidebem11. 100 posts & 16887 views. 8:35am (Hubsolar)
Babcock University Leaked Sex Tape Which Went Viral On Social Media.
by jumia1. 2 posts & 848 views. 8:29am (jumia1)
I Need New Friends (2) (3) (4) (5)
by LadyGCrueDKilaB. 145 posts & 1662 views. 8:26am (Shugargal)
The Latest Trends In The Industry Of Sex Dolls
by esdoll. 1 post & 179 views. 8:26am (esdoll)
by dashpee. 17 posts & 894 views. 8:25am (Joesam0427)
The Right Texting Techniques To Seduce A Lady
by Nsongknight. 8 posts & 1129 views. 8:25am (Nsongknight)
by prince985. 12 posts & 300 views. 8:08am (malware)
11 Things You Should Not Say To Your Boy Friend Or Girl Friend Due To Anger. (2)
by Richard6. 62 posts & 4555 views. 7:57am (Lawly)
Why Do I Crave Cigarettes Even Though I've Never Smoked??? (2)
by LadyGCrueDKilaB. 43 posts & 529 views. 7:47am (iceybux)
Doctor Vs Nurse Vs Patients (18+)
by blinksblinks. 32 posts & 10489 views. 7:45am (jameshood)
Have Sex Now Or Later, What's The Difference?
by KiidaACE. 14 posts & 652 views. 7:19am (Tallesty1)
True Life Story Of How An 11yr Old Girl Got Pregnant For Her Father Will Shock U
by Willpowerr. 3 posts & 371 views. 6:35am (Deomovies)
From Nollywood To Dubai, Actress Genny Uzoma Stuns In New Beautiful Pictures
by marvelck. 5 posts & 404 views. 6:33am (Deomovies)
Updated "YNW Melly Melly Vs. Melvin Full ALBUM# Download Free | Leaked
by maindhimandd. 1 post & 41 views. 6:25am (maindhimandd)
How I Avoided A Regrettable Marriage
by RomanceDoctor4U. 5 posts & 527 views. 6:23am (maynation)
Advice Needed Please. I Caught My Brother's Wife Cheating. (2)
by MichaelBukamzy. 42 posts & 3303 views. 5:53am (ruggedtimi)
Live Video Of Babcook Students Having Sex In Clinic
by philad. 5 posts & 15297 views. 5:46am (crackhouse)
I Love Him But He Wouldn't Communicate With Me. (2)
by Pearchi. 42 posts & 3129 views. 5:00am (lefulefu)
Who Else Can Relate Perfectly To This Moment [video]
by Nksleek. 1 post & 202 views. 4:25am (Nksleek)
Help! I'm Emotionally Wrecked! (2) (3) (4) ... (10) (11) (12) *
by Shadbay. 356 posts & 31830 views. 3:14am (maak400)
by erne. 84 posts & 4507 views. 2:45am (IMC247)
Babcock Boy Caught "Soapying" To Just Leaked Sex Tape!���
by IDanfulani. 1 post & 682 views. 2:23am (IDanfulani)
Clingy Nurse
by Modernist. 27 posts & 916 views. 2:18am (zed7)
Am I Normal? Please Help Me Nairlanders! (2) (3)
by Genesiszero. 86 posts & 3601 views. 1:59am (lefulefu)
He Just Discover The Girl He Is Dating Has Marine Spirit/emere Advise Please (2) (3) (4) ... (7) (8) (9) *
by Dawinlove. 268 posts & 38534 views. 1:50am (futurerex)
Is This Not Addiction?
by Awesome05. 5 posts & 387 views. 1:15am (NiCurious)
Best Sex Whatsapp Group Join Now (2) (3) (4)
by david223415. 117 posts & 22545 views. 1:08am (abbeydammy)
Need Urgent Advice
by cenacasper. 2 posts & 78 views. 12:23am (NiCurious)
Why Do Women Tend To Like You All Of A Sudden When You Hit It Big??
by fineboynl. 24 posts & 1102 views. 12:21am (Adanairaland)
Love Angle Book
by iyobosadavid. 1 post & 49 views. 11:26pm On Nov 21 (iyobosadavid)
Isn't It?
by AJNIGERIA. 3 posts & 89 views. 11:25pm On Nov 21 (agohmamuda)

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