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Re: People Of Nigeria Be Ready To Have Conversations With Britain by Biafranboys: 10:47pm On May 04

This dumb asshole, why are you so thick in the head? Some are born to talk and some are born to lead? Who is born to lead? Uche Mefor the sleeping DJ Razor? You must be a staunch idiot. Mazi Kanu is born orator and leader, all in one. Why don't you offer your so-called strategies to Uche Mefor your mentor and use them to get us Biafra? Why must you offer your useless strategies to Ipob? Do your own and leave Ipob to do their own, in the end, we all want Biafra, isn't it? You must not know Kanu's second in command after all, of what use was your DJ Razor Uche Mefor when he was second in command? We must defend ourselves, right? By talking on the radio like your DJ Razor Uche Mefor right? Idiot, when ESN was formed, all of you were against it, now you recognize that we must defend ourselves. Who are those defending Biafraland right now with arms? Is it Uche Mefor's group, Uwazuruike's group, or Asari Dokubo's group? Answer me dumbo, who?

You guys sound so dumb when you utter "Mazi Kanu can't do it alone" Whatever that nonsense means. Mazi Kanu works with millions of Biafrans all over the world for Biafra's restoration, yet you fools are shouting Mazi Kanu can't do it alone. So it's only when Mazi Kanu works with you traitors that you will understand that he is not doing it alone? How foolish you sound with your "Kanu can't do it alone" nonsense. Why should Kanu work with irrelevant people like you and your Uche Mefor group? Millions of Biafrans all over the world are already working with Mazi Kanu and that is enough. Mazi Kanu doesn't need traitors near him. Do you own and get us Biafra. Stop asking for Mazi Kanu to join you so you can sell our secrets to the enemy. Go and join Ipob family members where you live. Ndi ara everywhere.

The PKK is not the only freedom-fighting group of the Kurds. There is Kurdistan Freedom Hawks, TAK and they have a different idealogy from PKK. The Kurds don't have a country of their own and only participate in democratic norms in countries where they find themselves in that region. Going to que in line and vote during a democratic election have nothing to do with fighting for your freedom with arms. When it comes to PKK and TAK decision makings, it is done by their hierarchy and the actions carried out by it's foot soldiers. There is no time nor room for democracy nonsense in PKK and TAK. In the event of the death of their leader, it is left for the hierarchy to quickly rally and appoint another leader. It's never the right of every Kurd in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, and wherever to participate in the s/election or replacement of PKK and TAK leaders or officials of any level. It is done inside by it's decision-makers.

What is the big deal about having a female battalion? Only a fool will think that the Kurds women have equal rights in their society, more than Biafran women have in our society. The PKK's have been fighting for so many years and can afford to draft women into their foot soldiers to complement for lost numbers of their fighters and it's voluntary amongst their women. ESN as the military wing of Ipob was recently formed and even at that, we have women members. Forming a women's battalion is not a big deal and at the right time, it will be formed if actually required. There are wars that take only months to win. The Kurds have been fighting for years/decades.

We don't need world powers during the process of gaining our freedom because it depends on us and not on them. What's difficult in understanding this. Muguh, I clearly said that we need funding to purchase arms. Guided-missile is part of arms. Arms is not only AK-47. Daft head, do you understand this? I clearly wrote and i quote "Now we need weapons to go on an all-out offensive against nigeria to grab Biafra by force." Little brain, this simply means that we must be ready with enough arms and be sure to win if we attack before going on the offensive against your beloved nigeria. Reason why we are raising funds. Daft!! You want me to explain simple things to you simpleton?

Fool, talking and talking and begging only makes you look stupid. Nobody will relinquish trillions of dollars of oil and gas money to you just because you talked and begged them. You must be foolish and naive to expect fulani and Britain to listen to your talks and begging nonsense. I repeat you must be mad!!! You go and grab it by force, ONLY if you can. Keyword "ONLY if you can" Meaning you are ready with arms, and then they will be forced to talk and negotiate with you.

You are foolish for bringing up Uwazuruike here again. How do you stop the oil from flowing? Is it not with arms? Is that not violence? Is Uwazuruike's idealogy violence? Why are you so daft like Uwazuruike who preaches non-violence and violence at the same time? Where is his consistency? It's either you are violent or not. Formerly Mazi Kanu and Ipob were not violent, but now they have shifted from non-violence to violence and equally put the whole world at alert as per their new stance? That's how it's done. You don't stay on the fence and confuse your members of what they are fighting for together with you. You must be bold to make your stance known and defend such stance to the last.

Ok, let's just indulge you and your Uwazuruike's idiocy and explore the "stop the oil from flowing" factor. How do you do that? You need arms to do it. Do you need just only AK-47's? NO!! It requires sophisticated arms ranging from AK-47 to Guided-Missiles, both surface to air and surface to surface to wade off nigeria's air attack when they come with their fighter jets to bombard your men on the ground because you don't expect them to sit back and watch you stop the flow of oil which is their source of garri. Once you plan to go disrupt oil flow, you must be ready to face missile strikes from nigeria. Moreover, you don't do such a thing with a traitor like Asari Dokubo, he will sell your secrets to nigeria for a penny.

You need Fighter jets, 1,2,3 of them to attack and destroy their navy fleets wherever and whenever they are sighted because they must come through the sea to attack your men on the ground as well. If you are capable of wading off their air and sea attacks by destroying their jet bombers and navy fleets, the job is done because they can't march us when it comes to land army fight. Now, how do you do this when you are not ready with funds? That is suicidal to send men to attack and destroy pipelines with only AK-47 and few bombs when you are fighting to restore Biafra. Our aim is to fight and get Biafra and not to destroy pipelines to attract amnesty and Ransome payments like MEND and Asari Dokubo gangs and other Niger Delta gangs used to do. Big difference.

If we decide to destroy pipelines, we must be ready to do it and get Biafra through such an act, and getting Biafra is not what 1,200 missiles can do. You need more than that and I will explain here. Do you see why Uwazuruike is silly and stupid with his advice and why there was not and will never be any response from the Ipob hierarchy to him regarding his idiotic advice? He has 5,000 men, isn't it? Let him go and destroy Niger Delta oil flow and get us Biafra if it's that easy. Why wait for Ipob to do it for you? Didn't they just form Biafra customary government being head by Asari Dokubo? Why bomb pipeline again when you already have Biafra government? Or is Niger Delta no longer part of Biafra, or is there another Biafra we are talking about here? Didn't Uwazurike tell Biafrans that Biafra has been achieved already? Why bomb pipeline in your land when you already have Biafra?

Reason before writing. Armenia is not a strong nation militarily, and that's the reason why Azerbaijan and Turkey were able to bomb them into submission. Go and try that nonsense against Israel and see your ass whooped in a week. Yes, nigeria is a sovereign country and they can easily buy arms from Russia and Pakistan or anywhere else if USA and UK refuse to sell to them, but put this factor into recognition and answer with all honesty. My question: If Ipob is finally ready with funds (by funds, I mean billions of dollars and who knows, there may be foreign sponsors individuals/countries willing to take up the bill under an agreement) and get well enough arms from any source, fighter jets, Long-range truck missiles, guided missiles, both surface to air and surface to surface, tanks, 50,000 to 100,000 men all armed with guns ranging from AK-47 to Bruen MK9 (Light Machine Gun), Finn (Light Machine Gun), FAL (Assault Rifle), MP5 (Submachine Gun), Kar98k (Marksman Rifle), M4A1 (Assault Rifle), HDR (Sniper Rifle), Grau 5.56 (Assault Rifle) e.t.c.

DO YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE THAT YOUR NIGERIA CAN WIN US DESPITE THEM ALSO GETTING SUPPLIES FROM RUSSIA, PAKISTAN, AND OTHER SOURCES? By then, they will have and we also will have equal or even better arms than them, but then, THIS IS WHERE DETERMINATION AND DISCIPLINE COME INTO PLAY. Do nigeria have determination and discipline more than us? This is the reason why Mazi Kanu preaches discipline like it's the only thing that will give us Biafra. It's very very important in freedom fighting, otherwise, the whole structure will collapse. The command and control system is the KEY. When you don't have such a strict system and structure at this stage, you are bound to fail and collapse along the way. After freedom is restored, then comes democracy. Igbo people are not the type anyone can lord it over them without resistance and that is why nigeria finds us difficult to deal with. Your fear naively and stupidly is exaggerated.

I really wish we can have this debate without your name calling, we want the same thing biafra and I would never support the fulanis, I would never support the truth and as I said I condemned Uwazurike and he lost my respect when I watched a video of him saying he kidnapped kanu and kept him for 5days and that is dictatorship do you understand now? Why is kanu doing the same thing he is abusing Uwazurike of? You get my point so dictatorship on any level is bad.

When I meant some people are born to talk and some are born to lead, I would never vote nnamdi kanu for the second president of biafra but I would vote peter obi.

You still don't understand international politics and the international arms trade, even north Korea can't sell their arms in the open and you can't buy from them in the open imagine a country like north Korea, they are on sanctions and can't openly trade arms.

Remember how gej was embarrassed in South Africa when he tried buying arms, dude it takes lots of work and underground deals, Russia can sell arms but what are you willing to give them when you get your own country?

I call myself the biafra middle men and I would create a group for people with like mind because we can't allow this greedy dictators destroy everything and put people's life at risk.i do not like dictatorship if I did I would be living in china or cuba

You don't need billions of dollars to buy arms, you need a deal I swear you are not a business man,Niger delta can easily trade arms with oil no cash needed and promises of more oil if we have a country.

Ipob must have transparency and internal democracy and what is the ideology of ipob, look to get like kind friends you need an ideology and blueprint.. If we want socialism, commuinsm we would like minded friends and israel can not openly and fully support the igbos and remember they sold arms to Nigeria before switching sides.

Is says nothing good about ipob if the second in command is screaming about dictatorship in ipob and he had to leave and form his own

If you are raising money to buy arms it would have been better to show esn with shotguns instead of ak, because ak makes it look like you have arrived and ready to fight, you have to plan and plan before you show yourself to your enemy.

So even in command and control they don't have number 2 and number 3 we only have number 1..lolso kanu is the emperor, people looking from outside won't accept this and it would make the opposition stronger, who would want to join a dictatorship?

IPOB should be a template of what Kanu's biafra would look like, you can't be practicing dictatorship and tell me you will change when you get a county, really. Lol

Well Armenia is a strong country and defeated Azerbaijan in different wars, the world turned a blind eye because Turkey struck a deal with world power in exchange for oil and they looked away and Turkey joined Azerbaijan to finish Armenia 2 country on one with plane dropping arms.

You must first understand international politics before you understand that getting a new country depends on the countries in the United nations security Council..

We must make a deal, Russia or France we must choose one, China won't support us now because Nigeria would in turn support or recognise Taiwan.

I don't blame ipob for turning to arms but there must be a strategy and again I oppose command and control can nnamdi kanu accept command and control if he was number 2?look we are all smarter than each other this is why you are in ipob a dictatorship and I am a free born
Re: People Of Nigeria Be Ready To Have Conversations With Britain by Anago55: 6:31am On May 05
I must talk sense into your empty skull regardless of your slowpoke nature. You are actually daft honestly. When I say that our freedom depends on us and no one else, it simply means that we can not talk, talk, and talk ourselves through to freedom. We have to act to get the attention of world powers like the UK and the US and you only do that by carrying arms and then they will listen to you.

We talked, talked and talked for 8yrs from 2012 and no one listened to us, despite piles and piles of letters being sent around to all diplomatic houses all over the world and meetings with UN, EU, and many other officials. Are you following? ESN, the armed wing of IPOB was formed on the 12th of December 2020. April 2021 was the 5th month of the formation of ESN and viola, US, UK, and others are already talking, listening, and paying attention. What does that tell you? That the use of force works wonders than talking and talking and talking.

The next move of the world powers will be to call nigeria and IPOB to the table to settle the matter before it spills over. This is what is meant by "freedom is not given, but freedom is taken and by force" We do not need to go to any idiot for any negotiation as you naively suggested above, but they MUST have to come to us for negotiation and you don't get them to come to you for any talks through only talking and talking and sending letters and meetings with their officials at No 10 Downing street or at Capitol Hills, but by acting violently and they will listen.

Uwazurike preaches peaceful agitation but when he saw that the world is paying attention to Ipob because of the violent agitation which is even still in its early stage, he turned and tried to get relevance by advising Ipob to go blow up pipelines in the creeks to attract the attention of the world powers. Is that not violence? Where is his consistency? Ipob doesn't need Uwazuruik's useless advice. If you want us to believe you, then show us the way, after all, Uwazuruike said that he has 5,000 men on the ground. Start with your 5,000 men to blow up the pipelines in the creeks and we will join you. Don't bring up that scammer in this discussion again.

Uche Mefor because of his dumb nature could not understand freedom is never given, but taken and was saying Ipob should not preach violence but maintain peaceful agitation. It doesn't work that way. Many of us were angry at Mazi Nnamdi Kanu for maintaining a peaceful stance for a long time, but we maintained our loyalty and remained consistent with our loyalty and support for him (which he needs most) until he came up with the CARD of violence, and we were like viola, here we come for the real deal and finally on the road to freedom. Even many outsiders joined and started contributing when they heard about ESN and arms.

But what many didn't understand is that the 8 long years of sensitization of our people were very crucial in waking our people up to know the reason why violence must be applied as it's done today because an average Igbo man or woman is very difficult to convince to follow or believe in your ideology. Today, many have come to understand why carrying arms is important and relevant to defend ourselves and above all use to seek to get our freedom. Had Mazi Kanu started this agitation in 2021 in a violent way, 99% of Igbo people wouldn't have followed him nor cue at his back for support. Now, do you see where the blueprint comes in now and why it's important to keep it secret in freedom fighting and play it like CARDS?

The fulanis, British, and the rest of the world do not understand talking and talking and talking yourself into freedom and there has never been in history where oppressed people got their freedom peacefully. Key word here is "Oppressed people" Show me one, if you know. Why will any sane human think that Biafra will be any different? Except for dumb assholes like you and Uche Mefor. Fulanis don't understand dialogue, don't obey court orders and you think Uche Mefor and his fake group are a threat to them? Your daftness is on another level then. These people, the fulanis and the British are sitting on our free oil and gas money worth trillions and trillions of dollars and you want them to just relinquish it because you told them to do so? Is that not madness? Would you relinquish same if you are told to do so by only talking and talking? That is why force is necessary.

Mazi Kanu once told us that our road to freedom has 3 secrets of which he alone knew the whole 3 secrets, while Uche Mefor knew 2 and the Ipob hierarchy knew only 1 of the secrets. Now, think about the blueprint you are talking about and know that this is how it works in real and genuine freedom fighting groups. Plans/blueprints are always kept secret and delivered one after the other to hit the enemy hard until the end. None of us knew that ESN was on the pipeline until we all saw it come to life. That is how it's done to catch the enemy off guard. The formation of ESN was kept a top-secret only to Ipob hierarchy and even your Uche Mefor was excluded from knowing about the making of ESN which was one of his grouse.

In freedom fighting, there is no democracy, so do not expect Mazi Kanu to consult you or any other idiot before taking collective decision matters that concerns Ipob. It's never done anywhere in the world during freedom fighting. If you know anywhere there is or was democracy in or during freedom fighting, please refer me to it. Your comments here show how immature your mind is and you think same and alike, like Uche Mefor your mentor. "Ejemma" as our money was only a suggestion by Mazi Kanu and not final. We the Igbo people gave democracy to the world, this is well documented, and you can google it. We don't do follow-follow if we are not convinced, and as you rightly noted, we are republicans by nature.

In Biafra after actualization, our democracy will be top-notch and by then decision-making will be for everyone including the issue of "Ejemma". But for now, all decision-making towards the actualization of Biafra is left in the hands of few people, which are Mazi Kanu and his top DOS hierarchy because traitors like you and Uche Mefor can never be allowed to participate in the Ipod decision making team to avoid you selling out our secrets to the enemy. Common sense!! If you don't like it, you can move to other Biafra agitation groups and join them to whine and cry as much as you like. Discipline is the key.

The characteristics of the best army in the world lie in it's discipline and not necessarily in it's number of fighters. Discipline is the key and that's why the command and control system of Ipob is working wonders. Gossip all you want with your Uche Mefor group, we don't care because we are concentrated towards the golden price which is Biafra. What Mazi Kanu and Ipob need more now than anything is funds and Ipob worldwide are doing all it can to raise funds. if you notice, there is ongoing fundraising all over the world now by Biafrans. We already have men/boots/ESN on the ground that will do the job. Now we need weapons to go on an all-out offensive against nigeria to grab Biafra by force.

Once that is done and nigeria capitulates, you will see countries lining up to recognize us as a sovereign nation, and a referendum will be organized and take place by we Biafrans and not by any idiot. UN can only observe it's peaceful process. I repeat that we don't depend on any idiot or person or country to grant us our freedom because it's never done that way in history. Talk all you want. You can only become more stupid in the eys of these white people as you keep talking and begging for your freedom. Go for your freedom if you can and the world will recognize you afterwards.

What do you think was the reason why the US and UK washed off their hands from assisting nigeria with arms recently? It's only a sign by the US and UK being sent to Biafrans to go grab your freedom yourselves because we can't do it for you. Do something by yourself and then we will come to settle the rest. NO amount of talking pressure can get the fulanis and Britain to listen to your plight, but only force can get them to come to the negotiating table.
. Guy enough!

I know that you are in the know but this is a public domain. what you are diving into is a top secret

Re: People Of Nigeria Be Ready To Have Conversations With Britain by Biafranboys: 11:15am On May 05

You started the name-calling, but since you have called for a truce, I will indulge you and debate without name-calling. Who has Mazi Kanu ever kidnapped for you to call him a dictator? If his method of freedom fighting and leading IPOB which he founded is not good for you, kindly leave and stop talking about him and his group. Must you associate with Mazi Kanu? He has his own unique way of approaching the restoration of Biafra and you can't change it just because you don't like it. You may call him a dictator, yet you can't explain exactly what Mazi Kanu dictates to you. Has he ever forced you or any Biafran to follow him and Ipob? All who follow Mazi Kanu today is out of pure willingness. He convinced people to follow him, yet you are calling him a dictator. Do dictators convince people or force people to follow them and their ideologies? Answer this question. Many people have left Ipob, including your mentor Uche Mefor and nobody stopped them when they were leaving. Do dictators allow you freely to leave their group/party/countries without consequences? When next you want to use the word "dictator" try to google it first to know the meaning.

You can find your own Biafra agitating group and show us how to do it, or you may also join one of the existing Biafra agitating groups and offer them your so-called SUPER ideas and show Biafrans that you can do it better than Mazi Kanu. We in Ipob are looking and searching for who can do it better than Mazi Kanu so that we can leave Mazi Kanu's Ipob and switch over to the new person's group. After all, you admitted that we all are looking towards the same thing which is Biafra. Throw yourself into the ring and lead and show us how to do it, instead of castigating Mazi Kanu who is trying on his own. Mazi Kanu left MASSOB because of differences in idealogy, founded Ipob faction and since then he has never looked back and rarely talk about Uwazuruike and MASSOB except occasionally when provoked by the same Uwazuike. He focused directly on the golden gem which is Biafra. But on the other hand, Uwazuruike, Uche Mefor, Asari Dokubo, and others like you always talk only about Mazi Kanu instead of talking and preaching about how to get us Biafra and how to restore Biafra. Is Mazi Kanu the Biafra we all are looking for? Why waste your time talking about one man instead of preaching Biafra? You have your own radio already, then preach Biafra and it's restoration, and leave Mazi Kanu alone. Every day, all we hear is Kanu this, Kanu that. What about Biafra and the way to restoring it?

Mazi Kanu has already made it known that he will not be vying to lead Biafra after it's restoration, but I am sure that our people will not allow him to go to rest without leading, at least for the first 4 years of Biafra as Mandela did for South Africans. When that time comes, Peter Obi, Mazi Kanu and even Uche Mefor any other candidate are free to vie for the top job and we all have one vote each. I know that even you will agree with me that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will cruise to victory if such an opportunity is presented for the president/Prime minister of Biafra. Even if Mazi Kanu sticks to his promise of going to rest after Biafra's restoration, his endorsed candidate will still win the election just because of Mazi Kanu's endorsement. This is FACT!!

You always want me to explain everything to you up to the primary level. What do North Korea and their sanction have to do with buying and selling arms? When ESN showed up with arms, were you not surprised? Where did Ipob source the arms from? Listen!! Even fighter jet and navy fleets can be sourced from the black markets of which North Korea is one of them. Gunrunners can deliver arms of any type from AK-47 to including jet fighters if you buy reasonable quantities to any group/country anywhere in Africa. What matters first is your cash.

GEJ was embarrassed because some people in his negotiating team leaked the deal to APC stalwarts. Remember the APC gang then made up of rebelling governors were loaded with money as well and paid well to sniffers inside GEJ's government inner circle who leaked secrets to them. Remember their lobbying gang to the US to lobby Obama? Do you think they got Obama and John Kerry on their side for free? Millions of dollars exchanged hands to get those top decision-makers on their side. South Africa's embarrassment for GEJ was an inside leaked job. Russia can sell arms to you if that is the only thing you want.
Russia doesn't necessarily sell arms to you and still hold you on another deal by force, unless if you present a deal (Oil, Gas, Diamonds, Gold, e.t.c.) to them in place of cash of which they also will study carefully and make their own decision of yes or no to you. It may also interest you to know that there also individual gun runners all over East Europe including Russia, Czech, Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, e.t.c and those ones also can supply and deliver all kinds of arms, light and heavy to remote places in Africa without being detected. Delivery cost is negotiated differently.

Biafra middle man, please, please create this so-called group of like minds as quickly as possible and stop waiting any longer. We need you and your like mind group to preach to us what we haven't already known from the "dictator" called Mazi Kanu. Believe me, we are tired of the "dictator" and we need a breath of fresh air so far as that person/group can get us Biafra. But one thing. If you and your like mind group derail from talking and preaching Biafra's restoration to concentrate on talking and gossiping about Mazi Kanu, I promise you that you will fail. Mazi Kanu doesn't preach Uche Mefor, Uwazuruike, George Onyeibe nor any other person to us, rather, he preaches strickly only Biafra and ways to restore it for us and that's his secret of keeping us glued to him. Do your won differently and we will follow you. By the way, you live in a country that is more dictatorship than North Korea and yet you are cool with it. That country is nigeria.

This is where your ignorance comes into play. Now listen to how it works. Assuming nigeria is all rosy and good. There is no level of oil for an arms deal that any secessionist group inside nigeria can enter into with any other country/group/individuals with the oil in Biafraland without Britain coming in to fight indirectly in defense of nigeria and it's standing government. The reason why it seems obvious like Britain is leaving nigeria to it's mercy is because it has become absolutely clear that nigeria is irredeemable and Britain on moral ground and change of foreign policies can no longer stand to see nigeria continue to exist at the expense of bloodletting of it's citizens.

Policies pf copuntries are never permanent. Britain can easily switch their allegiance to Biafrans and start doing business with Biafrans after separation from nigeria and who knows, that may even be on the table between Britain and Ipob officials as we speak. Reason being that Britain has seen the imminent collapse of nigeria and will be working hard now to retain its influence after the restoration of Biafra. Refer to Britain's utterances and body language lately. It is also pertinent to let you know that Biafra after grabbing freedom by FORCE can also decide not to have anything to do with Britian and heaven will not fall. A case study is Rwanda, which was formerly under French subjugation but is now working with Britain and the rest of the world, excluding France (and heaven didn't fall) since after Paul Kagame led the Tutsis to grab power by FORCE from the Hutus who were French and Belgian's ally.

You always mention ideology and it seems to me that you don't even understand the meaning of ideology. What do you understand by ideology? It is ideas and ideals which form the basis of your theories and policies. The ways Mazi Kanu chooses to run Ipob which you claim not to like is part of his idealogy. He didn't institute internal democracy in Ipob which you prefer. That is part of his idealogy. He preaches against religion's effect on Africans which Uche Mefor doesn't like, that is part of his ideology.

Israel can decide at any time of its choice to support and back Biafra. You are not Israel's decision-maker and neither are you part of their foreign policy shapers. Selling arms to the nigeria doesn't mean any jack. Policies of countries are never permanent, only interests remain permanent, meaning that Israel can switch support overnight if their interest is buttered, and there are many ways their interest can be buttered by Biafra and nigeria as well. It's left for them to weigh their options and then decide. Biafra is a capitalist state and until further notice, this is what it will be. Isreal is also a capitalist state.

Mazi Kanu said that Buhari is dead, that is part of his ideology as well because it's working for him so far. He prefers arms struggle to non-violence, which also is part f his ideology. So you can see that Mazi Kanu has a clash of ideology with you and Uche Mefor. So when two or more people have a clash of ideologies, what's the best thing for them to do? Part ways!! But instead of you and Uche Mefor parting ways peacefully as Mazi Kanu has done, both of you still clings to Mazi Kanu and have been whining and crying since you left Ipob.

Ipob MUST not have internal democracy if the founder does not wish so. Go and form your own group if you don't like Ipob's way of approach towards Biafra's restoration. You MUST not work with Ipob. You have no argument here because the group Ipob is not Biafra as a sovereign country yet where every of it's citizens have equal right to call for internal democracy through peaceful or violent means. In Ipob, there is the DOS headed by Mazi Chika Edoziem and this is the top decision-making dept of IPOB where issues are deliberated upon and agreement reached. But Mazi Kanu still has/retains the only VETO over every decision made by the DOS.

Ipob is only an agitating group amongst many agitation groups that is working towards Biafra's restoration, so your argument is flawed. I wish to reiterate once again that there is no democracy during freedom fighting and decision-making is often singular made under a command and control structure and this is so to help foster discipline and focus. Asking for internal democracy in such a group is a call to disaster because human beings are difficult species to manage. With democracy comes division and cabal building which leads to derailment and lack of focus towards to ends meet.

Uche Mefor didn't tell you, his followers the reason why he left Ipob and you don't care to ask him nor seek to know since you say that you are some one that ask questions to know everything. First, Uche Mefor is a deep-rooted religious fanatic and takes it personally whenever Mazi Kanu preaches against religion, priests, and pastors which are part of the problems that are holding us back in Africa.

Secondly, Uche Mefor doesn't believe that Buhari is dead as Mazi Kanu often says and he often tell Mazi kanu to stop saying that Buhari is dead. Now, remember that the struggle is about throwing any jab/stone at nigeria and it's root. Every jab is fair in the cause of bringing down nigeria. Whether Buhari is dead or not is for another day, but does portraying Buhari as dead hurt nigeria in a way? The answer is yes. Even today, most nigerians still believe that Buhari is dead because we haven't seen him come out to address the people and journalists to prove to us that he is Buhari, so why wouldn't Uche Mefor follow to throw such stone/jab at nigeria which we all are trying to pull down?

Thirdly, Uche Mefor doesn't believe in the arms struggle while Mazi Kanu has already applied arms struggle into the struggle. So these are part of the well know reasons that made Uche Mefor fall out with Ipob and Mazi Kanu. Now, tell me if you were Mazi Kanu would you work with a deputy that goes against your orders and ideology as the leader? So where exactly is the dictatorship? Ipob should follow Mazi Kanu rules or Uche Mefor's rules? Whos is the leader then?

Continue below...............................

See i never called for any truce I am just saying you from embarrassing your so called ipob so people reading would not think ipob are always rambling instead of stating facts and ipob have no monopoly of violence or abuse, if ipob and massob and the rest want to clash be my guest but you people should go to an open field people like us won't allow you greedy men to turn igbo land to South Sudan never

UCHE mefor is not my leader or mentor and I guess you didn't read where I said I was a freeborn I am not ready to join any of those power and money hungry groups, I won't be supporting anyone blinding so I can openly call them out when they go wrong

You people don't understand international politics in ipob, it ipob that can't even organise themselves well? No structure, absolute Dictatorship.

Dude you keep talking abearmed struggle you have nothing to fight this your armed struggle absolutely nothing, some few AK47.

You think with your money is it easy to buy arms in the black market and I swear even the Mexican cartel is well kitted and battle ready than what I see with esn.

Incase you don't know Israel is a puppet state of the USA and Israel can not support you if the USA don't say so, dude everything is not on dreams and emotional you have to bargain with the rules of the world, eg usa and uk

See you are missing my point and you have refused to acknowledge the fact that igbos have issues with dictatorship be it in freedom fighting or any other thing, if you must go into armed struggle do it right so the army won't kill igbos for nothing

Nnamdi kanu accused someone of stealing 70k and they brought evidence showing Kanu's lawyer was given some money and another person from Kanu's camp removed the money now ask kanu to explain what happened, look some of us are smart.

You talk about dictatorship ipob have been accused of kidnapping and beating old women and old men in the same ipob and some are even missing, is it all online so and watch or read, is that not dictatorship.

Kanu knows buhari is not dead but I like the strategy as I said because it applies pressure on the fulanis, we are not all dumb dude, I am amazed that the smartest people on earth the igbos are behaving like kids and Dictators always start this way.

I repeat in any freedom fight you must have an ideology and you must have a blueprint to draw like mind countries to you, for example because of France support for Biafra the biafra people started learning French, you can't convince people to join you or help you if you don't have a blue print or ideology

The moment the people in ipob start asking questions the better for you because you have no armed struggle nothing and I mean nada and until ipob is serious about internal democracy people would keep on leaving ipob

And for the record I would keep on listening to everyone including Uwazurike and kanu and asari and uche mefor everyone because I am smart
Re: People Of Nigeria Be Ready To Have Conversations With Britain by Biafranboys: 11:41am On May 05

Ol'boy boy, please stop talking like a kid. Who is scared of AK? Many illegal security groups in the core north carry AK in the open and even Amotekun carried pump actions before ESN was formed, yet they were not feard, but ESN is feared because of AK? Ohh, spare me that crap. Igbos are always treated differently in nigeria by other nigerians and the faster you understand this the better for you, but we must not because of the fact that we are always treated differently and then bend our ass for them to do as they like. We are dying in numbers every day at the hands of these terrorists and you are talking of planning? Defend yourself first from being wiped off this earth as we are doing today and then be planning secretly to unleash mayhem on the enemies. Without ESN, did you know the level of incursion these terrorists would have made into our land by now? You don't really follow events, honestly.

Today, we Igbos/Biafrans have some dignity and respect because of ESN and their AK. Did you remember when they use to kill us at random for only protesting with Biafran flags? They kill us for refusing to bribe them with N20, N50, and N100 on our roads? Kidnap and rape our women in the bushes. Do you today hear of such an occurrence as often as before? Look, if you don't rise up to face your bully, the bully will never leave you to rest. Mazi Kanu is the only person that understands Fulanis language and he is rightly speaking it now and they are hearing him well. Today, our people have relative peace while the planning goes on.

Uche Mefor was the No 2, tell us of what use was Uche Mefor then? Mazi Chika Edoziem is the head of DOS and he is assumed as the No 2, yet Ipob and Mazi Kanu owe you no obligation to make their No 2,3,4,5.....known to you and to the general public. If you don't like how the Ipob hierarchy is positioned, simply go and form your own group and administer it as you wish. Opposing Ipob because of it's command and control structure and lack of your perceived democracy is silly and stupid at best. Ipob does not owe you nor any outsider looking from the skycrapper or from deep inside the ground any obligation, so why don't you go and form your own group and preach to our people to follow you?

Ipob has many more members and admirers since Uche Mefor left, so people actually like to join the dictatorship. Must you work with Mazi Kanu or support him? He doesn't need you guys, and he doesn't even know if you guys exist or not, so why are you guys trying so hard to attach yourselves to him and Ipob. Since Uche Mefor left Ipob, Mazi Kanu has never talked about him or Obidi Obienu, yet Uche Mefor and Obidi Obienu talk, whine and cry about Mazi Kanu on every of their broadcast. Go your way for goodness sake. This is becoming irritating. Mazi Kanu is the emperor, we at Ipob like emperors so much.

Whatever Mazi Kanu would become after Biafra is non of your business. if Biafrans allows a dictator to rule and lord over them inside Biafra, then that's their prerogative, but one thing is sure, we Biafrans have shown that we don't tolerate dictatorship by agitating to leave nigeria where the real dictatorship exists. It will also interest you to know that every Biafra nation will be on its own in a confederacy after restoration and the Igbo nation has never in history allow nor tolerate dictatorships. We always fight it, so why would Mazi Kanu suddenly be tolerated? Use your brain and not sentiments and emotion because of your hate of one man.

Armenia is strong but has limited powers. Turkey and Azerbaijan can not defeat Israel, so what are you talking about? All the Arab countries tried it against Israel and got their asses whopped within 6 days. Two countries on one theory is hogwash. How big is Israel? Their strength lies in their capabilities and discipline as well. Send Turkey and Azerbaijan to go and try fighting Israel and let's se how far they can go.

Listen and listen well. We tried getting Biafra in the first time and it didn't work, not because Britain didn't want, but solely because WE didn't have enough arms then to subdue nigeria despite the wishes of Britain. Had we had enough arms supplies then, nigeria would have become history then. Paul Kagame fought his way from the bushes of Uganda to chase out France, it's colonial master from Rwanda, did the UN security council stop Rwanda from taking their decision of stopping to have anything to do with France? Once you have the upper hand in arms-bearing, you become the decision-maker and the world will be forced to listen to you.

During the first attempt at restoring Biafra, we got 5 countries behind us then. had we made more efforts at defeating nigeria then, more countries would have naturally lined up to recognize us. That's how it works. Today, if we are able to have enough funding for arms and attack and subdue nigeria, naturally countries, UN security council or not, will line up to recognize us. You don't wait for them or you will wait till eternity. Make effort first albeit loud effort, but not by talking and talking and talking, because if you continue to talk, you will talk until eternity and nobody will listen to you nor hear your plight.

Now your ignorance rears it's head again. France does not and will never meddle openly in any British terroristic of which nigeria is one and vice versa. Russia also will not meddle in nigeria's affairs openly. These people have unwritten agreements which they respect, however, if you as the oppressed group in nigeria make the move by yourself by secretly piling up arms and fight your way to winning nigeria, you will see them lining up openly to recognize you.

Good that you see reasons for Ipob turning to arms, unlike Uche Mefor that is shortsighted. Command and control can never be removed from Ipob and I will be the first to leave Ipob if ever it's removed. That is the only basis of our maintaining discipline amongst the structures. It checkmates sabotuersand traitors. Yes, if Mazi was No2 in Ipob and didn't accept or like the command and control structure, he would have honorably leave Ipob and go and form his own group that will be in line with his ideology. That is what every reasonable person would do. Show us that you can do it better. He did it with MASSOB where he left to form Ipob, so he can do it with Ipob as well if he were No 2. You are not a free-born. You are caged inside nigeria snd you are enjoying your chains while castigating Mazi Kanu that is trying to free you from the shackles of nigeria's dictatorship.

There is something I notice in everything you are saying and it leads to money, money, money. Where are the arms from the money people have been donating?are the arms AK47? No kevlar vest? I bet if ikonso was well kitted with kevlar he would not have died

You see why I say you don't understand international politics? You don't need to donate to buy arms, you need a deal with a world power and they would give you nothing else.

Nicaraguans got free arms from the CIA and free traning because the usa did not want them to drift toward communism, so you see where blue print and ideology plays a major and important role

Freedom fighting is not a joke and must be taken seriously and armed struggle is not a joke and you Must be prepared and saying you don't need world powers and they would come to you is pure pipe dreams.

You enjoy command and control because you are enjoying and chopping money AND I bet ipob finances are hidden and not known to members within the hierarchy of ipob and I bet you are not on ground in esn.

All I am saying is if you want to do something do it right if you want armed struggle do it right and like I mentioned before even one guided missile una no get, what will you do if the army start bombing? International community won't save you because you have nothing to bargain with.

See if we strike a deal with Russia and promise oil when free they would supply arms, we don't need to wait for money

Dude you have nothing to get biafra for now calm down and war is not fought on social media, we can't allow the same mistake of the past to happen again

As I said the bandits in the North have more arms than ipob, as I said the blessings of the gods is with kanu for now and he is the only person I see putting pressure on the fulanis, if you want to do something do it right so you defend yourself better.

Your ipob command and control is funny, how can one person have veto power, lol.. You people are ipob North Korea and a military junta. Lol.. Ipob need a board where you have different members and things can be voted on and kanu can't have the only veto power.

You are not doing igbos a favour by agitating for Biafra and nobody send una message same way nobody send Uwazurike message and we know we want biafra but we must all not belong to ipob or lick the feet of kanu and I blame the useless igbo politicians they refused to act and this is the cause of the whole isssue

Do you know why we would be the biafran middle men so we can tell the world about your greed and love for money and power in the name of biafra, look at Uwazurike I was shocked when I saw his compound and a limo in the compound, you people have milked the igbos dry in the name of biafra, who send una message.

I will listen to everyone as I said and I will call kanu out if he makes a mistake even kanu is not above the law in igbo land he can be above the law in ipob but not in bifara.

Only a smart man like me and other like me can see the madness going on between kanu, mefor, asari and Uwazurike all power hungry men, but as I said I give it to ipob for making the world understand and it is partly because of the Internet age that we are in.

Don't blame me dude for not accepting ipob command and control is it just in my blood to hate dictatorship I can never bow to it and remember I am igbo and we do not bow to no-one except our chi

Don't get me wrong I support self defence but do it right, the reason why I said he should have shown the world pumpaction so you can have time to plan underground, if you show AK47 you are saying that you have arrived and Inreality you have nothing

I would always says this we need friends, I wish we had a friend like Iran.. Yes Iran.. Iran have been giving billions of dollars to hezbollah and hamas, free..

Talk of armed struggle when you have just 1000 missiles then I would know you have arrived, even army can't fight bokoharam because of limited arms

My own if you want something done do it right so igbos won't suffer the second time

For the record I don't support anyone for now, i am smart so I see what is going on, kanu is the only person putting pressure on the fulanis and i wish the other camps can do the same, I say the truth when I see it and I am a freeborn and I don't believe in Nigeria anymore, nobody can play with my brain in the name of biafra
Re: People Of Nigeria Be Ready To Have Conversations With Britain by fireback: 1:49pm On May 05

Fool, this is you below. Your comments here against IPOB and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu are well documented. You can't fool anyone here.

God bless you for digging deep. the fool think he can deceive everybody...
Re: People Of Nigeria Be Ready To Have Conversations With Britain by Madmohamed1: 2:40pm On May 05
Which 5% ?
Don't repeat that again.
I'm trying to understand what is %5 he talking about
Re: People Of Nigeria Be Ready To Have Conversations With Britain by Biafranboys: 3:10pm On May 05
God bless you for digging deep. the fool think he can deceive everybody...

Another unintelligent e warrior
Re: People Of Nigeria Be Ready To Have Conversations With Britain by Biafranboys: 3:11pm On May 05
I'm trying to understand what is %5 he talking about

Try reading next time and you will understand

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