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Missionless Trip.(hot Action Story) by ollydy22: 5:56am On Jun 01

(Two Body, One Heart).

Written by Poisonpen.

When you're lett no chances and ideas, you become missionless and turn to something you didn't prepare for.

Missionless Trip is hereby with many genres such as Love, betrayal, Romance and Fiction.

You won't want to miss it.
Re: Missionless Trip.(hot Action Story) by ollydy22: 6:08am On Jun 01

(Two Body, One Heart)

Written by Poisonpen.


Meet two brothers, Alex and Ava.

Alex is an CID agent, he had on choice than to protect his country against any battles.

Ava is a Cyber security graduate, all he prepare for is to live good life. But something happened, the happening change the not happening and made him missionless.

Alex and Ava fell In love with Brenda. Who did she love most?!

Brenda is the president daughter Of USA. She's really the one that had caused rift between brothers.

She loves Alex than Ava, because she thought life is saved under Alex the agent.

What happened when Ava found out?

Watch who's betraying between both of them?
Re: Missionless Trip.(hot Action Story) by marveangel(m): 7:20am On Jun 01
Following. But don't you mean CIA agent
Re: Missionless Trip.(hot Action Story) by ollydy22: 8:04pm On Jun 01

(Two body, one Heart)

Written by Author poisonpen.

Chapter one.


Two man were throwing punches at themselves, Alex backlift and gave Ava a blow on his face and they fall down.

Alex and Ava pointed gun at themselves.

"Hey, are you gonna shoot officer on duty?" Alex asked.

"Ya! Over and over again!" Ava said.

The other BOX agents entered the room and pointed guns at only Ava.

"Hey, your hands up!" Agent with microphone said loudly.

Ava sighted that Sea was at his back, they were at end of the ship.

"Kill me, I am off!" Ava said and they shoot him lot of bullets as blood rushs out but he fell into the ocean and the sea face colors are changing to blood.

The BOX agents were happy and glad about the killing of this guy, although The Bandit Rangers still exist and will be killing the citizen anyhow.

Other agents moved outside remaining only Agent Reina. She's closed to Alex, she even knew Agent alex is dating the president daughter.

'Alex, are you Ok??" she asked

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Re: Missionless Trip.(hot Action Story) by ollydy22: 7:28pm On Jun 02
"I'm fu-cking okay!" Alex said standing up with help of agent Reina.

They were walking fastly into the ship.

"Ain't you sad about death of your brother?" Agent Reina asked.

"Sad? I catt, i'm really happy that idiot is gone!" Agent Alex said smiling.

"what a pity! But Ava is your blood brother. Why are you happy about his death?" Agent Reina asked.

It's true, Ava and Alex are brothers from same father and mother. What would have happen if they weren't brothers?

What could have caused the rift between them?

"bleep it Reina! Why are you blaming me? This guy is my brother, but he would have kill me haven't be I don't gat a backup!" Agent Alex said "you'ie acting as if you're not a BOX agent!"

"sorry! I'm just trying to be friendly." Agent Reina numbled as she saw that Alex is adamant and stubborn.

They finally joined others and sat down closely.

12 :02 :2000
Location: President Vila.
10 :05 am

Everybody were busy with their life. The securities are changing shift. As some were resuming job while others
Re: Missionless Trip.(hot Action Story) by ollydy22: 7:48pm On Jun 02
are leaving to their house.

Brenda, the daughter of president was sitting down on the chair.

She haven't been herself since she heard Alex was involve in battle with ava.

She knows that Ava is the devil and can kill anybody he can. He's dangerous which cannot be underestimated.

She's thinking. In fact, she didn't eat yesterday evening.

"my daughter, stop thinking. I heard they've killed Ava!" firstlady announced to her daughter.

"Mom, Ava is death. What of Alex?, mom is alex fine?" Brenda asked thoroughly.

"I haven't heard of Alex but let hope he's doing well and fine" Firstlady answered.

"Mom, he can't be fine! I need to see him" Brenda said.

They were still talking when a maid entered.

"majesty ma, Mrs Brenda you are having a call" the maid said politely.

Brenda quickly stood up and check the caller.

"Mom it's Alex!" she exclaimed happily.

To be continued.

Chapter two loading.........
Re: Missionless Trip.(hot Action Story) by ollydy22: 10:28pm On Jun 02

(Two Body, One Heart).

Written by Author poisonpen.

Chapter 2

Brenda smiled looking at her phone for a moment then glared at the Firstlady.

"I told you not to worried, I got something to do!" Firstlady said leaving the living room.

Brenda picked the call and sat down back.

"Hey, Brenda! I want you to know i'm alive." Alex said from the other side.

"I'm the happiest woman on earth. I thought a lot about you!" she said.

"Call you later, I'm busy now." Alex said and hang up the call.

Brenda leaned on the chair, she seemed to be happy and glad her baby is a alive! Alex's alive! She stood up and walk into her room.

13 :04.p.m
Location: Russia, Gabi's warehouse.

A young guy sat down on the chair, surrounded by twelve guys. Pistols were on the longest table.

The young guy name is The Missionless. He's deadly, he's the boss of THE BANDIT RANGERS.

THE BANDIT RANGERS had exist since 1980, they're never making something good in the society. Vital to ear, they're Missionless.

"Hey, I am

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Re: Missionless Trip.(hot Action Story) by ollydy22: 8:03pm On Jun 04
The missionless. I ruled the world in my cabban and no one dare me." The young guy slammed "have the guy in the hospital wake up?"

"No. He's still recovering from the bullet strays." Dave answered slowly.

"Good. I need him, he's important, he's important than everybody plus me!" The missionless said.

Everybody's face sour, how can a new guy could be important than everybody even the boss and who's this guy?

"Sir, we keep to you any update about his health" maxwell said.

"better men, when's the next mission?" The missionless asked and smiled.

"Tomorrow, first explosion by 2pm and second explosion by 4pm." David replied.

"Good, this is a missionless trip which we all fight. Anybody who betray his brother shall be killed by sword of his brother. For less reason, The meeting comes to the end" He said.

Everybody leaves the room and went on visit to the training camp. It's a very clear area which can't easily be sighted by any agency.

17 :05p.m
Location: president vila, USA.

Alex and Brenda sat arm in arm
Re: Missionless Trip.(hot Action Story) by ollydy22: 8:19pm On Jun 04
on the three sitter chair. They were laughing coyly and woyly in the pleasures.

Alex And Brenda loved themselves so much. Both of them looked happy seeing themselves but what's their cause for rejoice? It's Ava's death that caused it.

They are glad that the only battle they've is dead, Ava's dead no more enemies. Only friends are left and it's not a biased issue, it's totally outbreak strikes.

They remembered when last Ava saw them kissing, how he felt! He felt nervous. But now he is gones.

"Baby, i looked happy now. I'm all yours and no one is distracting us" Brenda said and smiled.

"Brenda, i love you and i can't share my love for you. Ava is brother i regret having. He's worst and I felt no bad about killing him" He said looking into her eyes.

"hmmm......stop talking about him, he's miserable moreover me and you do feed him...let just forget!" Brenda said looking bad any time she remembered what Ava had done to her. Ava was her first lover but he's such a bad guy, beating her always even though he
Re: Missionless Trip.(hot Action Story) by ollydy22: 8:30pm On Jun 04
he never slept home because he's been locked up when mr president find out..........

"You're right, i'm not thinking about him anymore but what'..........always said, never separate yourselfs no matter the circumstances but....... Now i've killed him, he's no more. He caused separation, death separate us." He said and tears a lot.

Brenda moved closer to him and cleaned up the tears.

"Baby, this's not your fault. That's Ava's fault. How on earth will he fought BOX agent? Well........he's gone, I won't be happy seeing you sad.........i won't be happy, my heart Beat won't work well!" Brenda said.

"I'm not sad," he said and they started kissing each other chokelessly and gladly and happily!

TBC.......soon lovelies!
Re: Missionless Trip.(hot Action Story) by ollydy22: 10:45pm On Jun 04

(Two Body, One Heart)

Written by Poisonpen

Chapter 3.


CID Headquarter.
BOX department.

Agent Reina and Agent Alex resumed work the same time. This two agents used to be intimate friends that people do think they're dating.

"Good morning agents, why are you in work?" Senior agent asked.

BOX, is a department under the CID. It stands for, Battle Operation X-men.

"what's? We thought we're on duty!" Agent Reina replied and rolled her eyes.

"No, it's two of you resting day!"

"Thank you sir"

They walked and signed out.....they have decided to take rest at UK together. So.......they'll be making way to get away now.

Location- Gabi warehouse, Russia.

The Bandit's hospital's located beside the warehouse. Everywhere looked terrifying. Only........learners are left home.

A young doctor walked out of a ward. On phone call and saying "Roger boss, the man is awake!"

The man looked muscular and strong. His name is Ava, the dead american, now the alive

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Re: Missionless Trip.(hot Action Story) by ollydy22: 8:23pm On Jun 05
Rússian. No mistake, Avã is awake after a while. He is been decorated by the force.

Ava looked up, blurred images flashed his sights. He closed his eyes and opened it againg.

The door creaked open and The Missionless walked inside.

"Welcome Avã," The Missionless said and Avã slightly opened his eyes.

"Who are you? Am receiving my judgement?" He asked.

"Hmm.....Avã, you are very much alíve. Have you heard of THE BANDIT RANGERS?" The missionless asked.

"Damned, yes. The last óperation recorded three thousands civilian death!" Avã replied in soundless tone.

"bleeped, man, you are válid. It is correct!" The missionless said and smiled.

"why am I here? Why do you sãve me? Who are you?" Avã asked.

"fantástic questions. I.m here to give you new life. I.m boss of BANDIT RANGÉRS." He replied cos Avã is important to him.

"Lastly, I need you to avenge." He said.

"Yes I will revenge. I will kill Alex and Brenda!" Avã mumbled.

"Good, we are now brothers. You have same right i have here. I want bloód"
Re: Missionless Trip.(hot Action Story) by ollydy22: 5:07pm On Jun 07
The missionless mean he's not perfect without blood, he need blood, blood, yes he need it.

"listen, we will revenge later but you name is now MA, that's missionless Ava." Missionless said.

"I love it. When i was young i love calling ma. I think it's not for mom, it mean I'm missionless" he screamed loud.



"Ladies and gentlemen, you're listening to the best speaker. We're here to entertain the hell out of you. Keep in tab, now we call Carlos, the Usa singer to entertain us"

Carlos walked on the stage and was singing beautifully, everybody were moving their body.

Dave, the member of the missionless picked his phone and dialed.

"hello, two minutes remaining i will be out!" he speak into the phone.

"boss need blood, get out and let flash their death" its hurricane voice sounded loud.

"Shshhi, I'm done. Give minute i'll be out"

TBC lovelies
Re: Missionless Trip.(hot Action Story) by ollydy22: 4:09pm On Jun 09
Written by poisonpen.
(The new discovery)

Chapter 4..

Dave ended his call, looked around if anyone have seen him but no one have see him. He walked out of the club dancing.

"Yup! Now the second best USA rapper, Censa Jones!" the speaker said as the people encourages him out.......

He began.....

His song.....

Buzzed up and rolled up as nicely as it could be.

Everybody were dancing and jumping up good and cool.

Dave, member of the Bandit rangers. He just took a steps out of the gate when the bomb blasted and demolished......

"Humming around. Yes, mission done!" Dave said and got into the car as they zoomed off.........



Reina and Alex were in vehicle driving to the summer trip.

"Alex, you won't believe this" reina said leaning against the chair.

"what's??" Alex asked, he tried sitting up and looked at her....

"Mike clubs is into fire right away," Reina explained lively.

"damn it, see I've leave now.....i mean we've to drop here. Driver drop us there" Alex grinned hard
Re: Missionless Trip.(hot Action Story) by ollydy22: 4:27pm On Jun 12
Driver marched the break and car come to rest. Agent Reina and agent Alex came down. He can't watch just like that and good thing turn bad. He just has to do something. No doubt he's returning to the state. Things would go worst without him. But will he be able to save the citizens? He thought he's fighting only Bandit ranger not knowing his worst enemy is still alive, Ava is very much alive and ready to repay back the pain he had caused him.

"Alex, you know we're on rest?" Reina said sitting down by road side.

"I know but i cannot just watch things going bad" he said placing his hand on her arm.

"I know, things wasn't like that. Even if we return to state, we can't restore what's gone" she said looking into his eyes from below.

"I always despair that idea, we can do it. Our unity and reunite can do a lot" Alex said removing his phone which is ringing "Hello Brenda, what's up?"

"I'm scared something might has happened, i am really hurt when i heard of the record of those that die" Brenda, the president's
Re: Missionless Trip.(hot Action Story) by ollydy22: 4:40pm On Jun 12
daughter spoken from the other end.

"how many are recorded to be dead?" he asked with seriousness on his eyes.

"over five thousands people"

"what? that means none is injured or survive?"

"yes baby, i'm scared. i want to be seeing you beside me everywhere i go to."

"what do you mean?"

"i want you as my bodyguard and it's all"

"it's all? i should be your bodyguard, when there is war i could fight to earn promotion in BOX" Alex replied not liking such ideas, he knew Brenda love him and want him to be beside her but this is work matter, sometimes what matter doesn't hurt and sometimes what doesn't matter hurt a lot.

"I know, for now i can work promotion for you if that's what you want and make you my bodyguard" Brenda said with tears voice.


"believe me i've discuss it with my dad"

"okay, call you later" he said as hung up and looked at Reina "we've to go"

Re: Missionless Trip.(hot Action Story) by cokhale(m): 4:56pm On Jun 12

(Two Body, One Heart)

Written by Poisonpen.


Meet two brothers, Alex and Ava.

Alex is an CID agent, he had on choice than to protect his country against any battles.

Ava is a Cyber security graduate, all he prepare for is to live good life. But something happened, the happening change the not happening and made him missionless.

Alex and Ava fell In love with Brenda. Who did she love most?!

Brenda is the president daughter Of USA. She's really the one that had caused rift between brothers.

She loves Alex than Ava, because she thought life is saved under Alex the agent.

What happened when Ava found out?

Watch who's betraying between both of them?
Next episode

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Re: Missionless Trip.(hot Action Story) by ollydy22: 11:35am On Jun 13
♥️The missionless Trip�
(Two Body�one�heart)

Written by author poisonpen,✍️

Chapter 5


Agent Cole walked into the office with sadness written all over his face he is sad they could not save the citizens that had die in the explosion..
The flung opened and a junior agent Walk into to the building waiting for Cole to raise his face for interaction but the place is muteand quietened for some seconds.

"Agent cole you didn't need all this, we all tried our best but it wasn't enough, we need to keep trying" the junior agent said

"We fvcked up, have you interrogate the suspect we arrested?" Agent Cole asked with a cool voice and low tone

"No we are just going there when they chairman asked me to call you"

"The chairman asked for me?"

"Yes sir he needs you now"

"Tell him I will join him soon"

"Okay sir I will do just that"

"And make sure you interrogate the witness"

"I will do that immediately"

The junior agent salutted and walked out of the office with courtesy.

Agent Cole stood up and looked around the office for a moment, he's not going to allow any mole into the force.

This is a force and not a cidadel of criminals. As gun can be used for good nd evil that is how life seem to be.

Agent Cole joined the cid at age four when he started seeing what life is. Off course he lost his parents at aeroplane crash and he believed he can make a living through his only uncle, not knowing his uncle is the cause of his parents. He runaway from home and come to the state.

He finally walked out of the office and headed to the chairman office.

Location: Gabi warehouse, Russia.
Time: 12…noon

The missionless was in a complete black robe as another twelve people joined him. They sat round a long table. Guns were on the table.

Re: Missionless Trip.(hot Action Story) by ollydy22: 11:54am On Jun 13
"we succeeded this mission, I'm so happy about this operation in fact the number record to be dead are mass In number" the missionless paused for a while and continued "now we have an additional boss to this bandit group, his name is Missionless Ava
Re: Missionless Trip.(hot Action Story) by ollydy22: 8:56pm On Jun 15
All eyes turned red, this guy is new among them and according to Bandits ranger ritual, before becoming top boss you must have spend ten years serving the terrorist with whole life.

Ava had only spend few nights..

"sir don't you think things are done that way?" a deep voice sounded among the group.

"I know and you don't have gut to question my action, okay?" the missionless spoken in annoyance.

"sorry sir, I'm really hope we are not in trap."

"Men here, i mean no evil to you. I'm MA and glad to join this ultimalte terrorist group" Ava replied instead.

The guys smiled and relaxed after hearing this, he's really cool and would be dangerous.

"did you maggot accept him?"

Maggot is a top rank among the Bandits ranger after The missionless.

"sure, sure sure sure sure sure!"

The sound buzzed up as laughings followed then the meeting came to an end.

Agent steve walked into the interrogation room to interview the arrested surprose criminal.

The young man sat before
Re: Missionless Trip.(hot Action Story) by ollydy22: 9:15pm On Jun 15
table as a chair was behind the table, Agent steve sat on the chair as they were facing each other.

The young guy had been left back as trap by Bandit rangers

"Gentleman, I'm steve and you?"

"I'm whom you're seeing!"

"I don't think you've to remain adamant, I'll trace your family and kill all of them!" Agent steve clustered to scared the man, but the man laughed hard.

"hahaha, you agents are really idiot. You think you can get me well instantly I don't have family no parents....... No wife....... And no children........ Then tell me who else is my family"

"Calm down once again, I thought you've a family but I can realise you're poor boy, tell me your name"

"I'm kross Tarn,"

"Good, who do your work for and your mission?"

"I'm sorry the missionless would find me and kill me"

"The missionless?, I thought you worked for Bandit rangers'

"Yes,......The missionless escort the operation, but he never come for opera"

"really? Fvck!"

Agent steve stood up, he never knew that name. It blueless and glueless
Re: Missionless Trip.(hot Action Story) by ollydy22: 9:30pm On Jun 15
about the name, he had never heard of the name before but the missionless is dangerous.........beast who ever lived.

"what's real name?"

"are you asking a common black ant?, i am back ant and i've never see him"

"Gosh me! Are you for real?"

"EARRRR ^_^ beware, don't ask me that question again" Kross Tarn said


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