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BLOOD LIVES HERE - An Action Story by Oyinprince(m): 6:54am On Jul 04, 2019

She is so scared of life herself, people call her a weirdo, she’s sick; she’s epileptic, she doesn’t even have a friend as everybody seem to be against her.
The only place she finds solace is in a story she writes, she loves it because that is where she finds control, the only thing that obeys her command anytime, any day.

Then out of the blues, her story begins to haunt her. She could be hallucinating, but it seemed so real.
The worst part is that every of the characters in her story want her to themselves, they are powerful, mysterious, wealthy, strong, connected and blood thirsty.

Locking in the darkness was her fears, and out of it came the most hideous of all her characters looking her straight in the eye he said, ”welcome to our world, BLOOD LIVES HERE!”

You don’t wanna miss this action/crime thriller… Silence, Suspense, Love, Guilt, Betrayal, BLOOD…..

A Story By

Brian Ngoma

Source: www.youngicee.com

Re: BLOOD LIVES HERE - An Action Story by Oyinprince(m): 7:11am On Jul 04, 2019
Inviting you all to join me here


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Re: BLOOD LIVES HERE - An Action Story by Oyinprince(m): 7:14am On Jul 04, 2019
Blood Lives Here - Episode 1

© Brian Ngoma

Eyes wide open in the middle of the night, Ludo was horrified with whatever bad dream she was having. She tried to move her head but to no avail. She could only move her eyes. She could see most of the things in her room but couldn’t reach for them. She usually slept with her bedroom door open. She tried to scream but her voice failed her. The more she tried to move, the difficult it became. She felt a presence in the room and became even more afraid. Her eyes shifted to the door in hopes of seeing her mother coming to her aid. She saw an ominous shadow at the door peeping. In seconds, she felt a weight pressed against her body that she failed to breathe. Her body was paralyzed and there was no way to fight the paralysis.

"Ludo!" Her mother shouted entering the bedroom.

Ludo saw her mother sitting beside her but she still couldn't move. Her mother just sat there and watched her.

"Mother," Ludo whispered after relaxing.

"You are awake?" she reached for the pillow and moved Ludo's head.

"It was happening again mother," Ludo dropped a tear.

"I saw it baby," Ludo's mother said.

"Mother this not sleep paralysis," Ludo complained.

"It is Ludo."

"But i saw someone peeping at me from the door," Ludo said.

"How many times will we go through this Ludo?" Her mother asked. "Those are just hallucinations that come with sleep paralysis."

Ludo looked away.

"We have done countless research on this. I'm your doctor i know. Now go back to sleep."

"But mom."

"Ludo!" She stared at her.

"Do you think I'm cursed?"

"No Ludo."

"I hate this sleep paralysis. On top of that i also have."

"Shhhhhhh," Ludo's mother cut her.

"You are not cursed; you are just like everyone else. You are special."

"Where is dad?"

"Not yet back."

"But it's 2am?"

"Rest Ludo."

Ludo looked at her mother go as she covered herself with the blankets. It took her sometime to fall asleep. When she finally did, she slept like a baby.

Last day of school. Ludo thought to herself and sighed before opening the school gate. As she walked to the terraces, she thought about how much she endured from the bullying both from her fellow pupils and teachers. Her peers used to say she was strange especially the fascination she had with cars. She was glad high school was coming to an end. She had timed reaching the exam room slightly late so that she could find everyone settled in and concentrated on their examination papers. She reached her examination classroom and before she could knock, said a silent prayer.

"Come in!" Mrs. Visashi yelled from the inside.

Ludo breathed heavily. She looked at herself. She hated her uniform. She never liked the color yellow especially with it's combination with green. She composed herself and entered the classroom.

"Weirdo is here," a young boy whispered.

Everyone laughed.

Ludo looked at the boy and smacked her lips. He wasn't worth it, she thought to herself as she walked to her seat.

"Everybody be quiet! Mrs. Visashi shouted. "Exam in progress."

Ludo looked at Mrs. Visashi and admired her. She envied how she was always in control especially when handling pupils. Ludo wanted to be like her someday but with her condition which everyone knew about, she was made to believe she couldn't amount to anyone especially Mrs. Visashi.

"Late again?" Mrs. Visashi smiled walking to Ludo.

Ludo nodded.

"Better start writing now," she handed her the exam papers.

Ludo perused through the paper and knew she would ace it. It was her favorite subject, Literature. She was marveled by the nature and scope of literature. She also loved reading.

"Time up, pens down!" Mrs. Visashi shouted.

All the pupils dropped their pens on their tables without hesitation. They knew Mrs. Visashi all too well to act otherwise. After collecting all the papers, she had one final talk with them.

"This society you are going to will be all sorts of things to everyone. Some of you will find it easy and some difficult but all in all, it's all about attitude towards whatever comes your way," She paused and looked at them one by one. "This is where life as adults starts and you have to start making decisions like adults."

"But we are still young," Melanie whispered.

They all laughed.

Mrs. Visashi looked at Melanie who avoided her gaze.

"It's high time you all decide what your life will be especially in terms of careers." Mrs. Visashi Said.

"Madam, talking about careers, i would like to know what Ludo has in mind," Melanie looked at Ludo.

Ludo shook to her core. All eyes were on her and she hated attention.

"Tell us Ludo, what do you want to do after this?" A boy asked.

Knowing Ludo, Mrs. Visashi calmed her down by asking her in a polite way because the class wanted to know.

"I want to be a writer, “Ludo whispered.

"We didn't hear you!" Melanie shouted.

"Don't be shy Ludo," Mrs. Visashi smiled.

She took a deep breath and repeated herself, “I want to be a writer."

It was as if a wave of laughter had tickled everyone. They laughed so hard that Mrs. Visashi's voice couldn't be heard on top of the laughter.

"What can you write weirdo? You are mentally unstable as it is," Melanie laughed.

"She will write about cars," another pupil added.

In that moment of uncontrollable laughter, Ludo became uncomfortable. There and then, she had an aura and her eyes widened. She looked at Mrs. Visashi. Mrs. Visashi knew what was about to happen because she had been put in charge of Ludo at the school.

"Quiet!" She ran to Ludo.

Ludo's eyes were fixed on Mrs. Visashi. Her stomach felt strange but the usual strange. The feeling rose to her chest. Her face flushed and before Mrs. Visashi could reach her chair, Ludo fell on the floor hitting her head in the process. All the pupils stood up touching their mouths in shock. This wasn't new to them but this time, they all knew they had provoked it.

"She's having a seizure, stay back," Mrs. Visashi yelled.

Ludo's eyes had turned white and foam was coming out of her mouth. She was jerking and convulsing. Everybody stood back with the boys moving chairs and tables away from her. They all watched in silence and terror. Melanie was shaking and dropping tears.

"Everybody out!" Mrs. Visashi dismissed them.

They all left for the door looking back at Ludo laying on the floor unconsciously.

"Except you Melanie, stay!"

Ludo found herself on the floor feeling tired and weak. She looked up and saw Mrs. Visashi standing with Melanie.

"What happened?" She asked.

Mrs. Visashi knelt before her and asked, "How are you feeling?"

"My head hurts," Ludo answered. "It happened again right?"

Mrs. Visashi nodded.

"Melanie come here you help me stand her up."

"I don't think i can stand up madam," Ludo said softly.

"Take your time my dear."

"I'm sorry Ludo," Melanie apologized.

Ludo only looked at her.

"You can now leave Melanie," Mrs. Visashi said.

Ludo remained with Mrs. Visashi.

"Have you called my mother?"

"She's on her way."

"I'm sorry madam."

"Don't apologize sweetie. You don't have any control over your seizures."

"This time I had control," Ludo said.

Mrs. Visashi didn't understand what Ludo said.

"I was intimidated by them."

"You shouldn't let people intimidate you. They also have their fears but they don't show them. All those people who bully you only succeed because you let them. Your fear feeds them."

Ludo shrugged.

"You want to be a writer?"

"Yes madam."

"That's an awesome profession," Mrs. Visashi smiled.

"You don't think i can do it?" Ludo looked at Mrs. Visashi.

Mrs. Visashi shifted uneasily.

"I knew you don't believe in me."

Mrs. Visashi smiled and held Ludo's shoulder and sat beside her. "I believe in you but what's important is do you believe in yourself?"

"I do."

"That's what matters. As long as you believe in yourself, everyone's opinions don't matter."

"Do you think so?"

"I know so."

"I have written a lot of short stories which i haven't shown to anyone."



"I would love to read them."

"I'm excited about the new story i thought of."

"What is it about?"

"It's about the most notorious crime family in Zambia."

"That sounds interesting."

"I don't know where the idea came from but each and every day, it grows stronger," Ludo smiled.

Mrs. Visashi never saw Ludo smile frequently but she knew in that moment that writing made Ludo happy. She noticed how Ludo spoke of it.

"Where's my daughter!" Ludo's mother shouted from outside.

"Mom there," Ludo rolled her eyes.

Mrs. Visashi laughed.

Ludo's mother entered the classroom and found Ludo sited on the floor with her teacher.

"Ludo baby how are you?" She asked slowly running to her.

"I'm fine mother."

"Let's go home now," she lifted her up. "Thank you Mrs. Visashi," she looked at her gratefully.

"It's alright Zamiwe," Mrs. Visashi said. "Ludo," she called her.

Ludo looked back.

"I would love to read the story you are working on some day," Mrs. Visashi smiled.

Ludo and her mother walked out of the classroom and went to the car which was parked outside the wall fence. Leaving the school, Ludo knew this was the last time of being there. She had even planned on not coming to get her results. She had it all planned out, her mother would come to get the results.

"I think the medicines are not working," Ludo's mother said after settling in the car.

"You are my doctor," Ludo fastened her seat belt.

"I will have to visit the hospital after dropping you home."

"Is dad back?"

Ludo's mother flinched.

"Don't answer I know," Ludo leaned her head against the window.

"We still love each other. It's just circumstances."

Ludo didn't look at her mother.

They got home and both went to their bedrooms. Ludo got her seizure journal. She opened it and sighed.

"Here we go again," she said.

After writing in the seizure journal, She thought about her idea of the story and grabbed her MacBook pro and before she could start, her mind went blank.

"Stuck again?" Her mother asked standing at the door.

"I write better when you are around," Ludo said.

"I know but i have to rush to the hospital. Your seizures are worrying me. I'm suspecting your condition is getting worse."

"It's always been worse mother."

Ludo's mother left her in the bedroom. Ludo loved her mother wholeheartedly. Not only was she a mother to her but also a friend whom she could confide in. She even loved her more because ideas would flow whenever her mother was around. The story she was working on was difficult to write without her mother's presence.

Ludo fell asleep on her bed and was awoken by her father's voice. She opened her eyes and he was standing in front of her.

"How are you baby?" He asked.

"I'm fine dad," she yawned.

"I heard you had another seizure."

"Yes but it wasn't that serious."

"All seizures are serious baby. Where is your mother?"

"She has gone to the hospital."

"Okay," he looked at Ludo's laptop. "How is our story coming up?"

"It's difficult to write without mom," Ludo frowned.

He laughed.

"I'm serious dad."

"Well, she will be back. I have bought you something. It's in the car outside."

Ludo ran to the car while her father followed her. She opened the car and found a medium sized box in the front passengers seat. She looked at her father.

"Open it!" He told her.

Ludo opened it and found a brand new laptop in it.

Surprised, Ludo looked at her father once more.

"I know you have another one but that is old," he grinned. "This is for after high school. Congratulations on completing my baby."

"Thanks dad."

"I'm leaving now; I have work to do."

"But you just got here?"

"I'm coming back in the evenings."

"That's what you always say," Ludo said sadly. "And I'm alone."

"Isn't the maid around?" He looked at her and went on. "I'm coming I Promise," he went to his car and drove out of the compound.

Ludo waited for her mother. She came in the evenings when Ludo was having supper. After both eating, they went into the study room and Ludo started typing. In most cases, she dosed off after typing and woke up the following morning amazed at her work.

The months that followed, Ludo couldn't stop writing her story. The more she wrote, the deeper she went into the world she created. She felt like a god because the characters would bend to her will. It was only this time that she felt she had control of something.

"Don't you think you have to start working on other things?" Ludo's father asked during a dinner date they had set up.

"What?" Ludo asked back.

"It's been a year and half ever since you completed school and all you do is work on that book," he sighed. "Writing is a difficult career to venture in."

"I thought you supported me, dad."

"Don't get me wrong I do but I'm worried. You are always indoors. You are growing up and you need to get out there, enjoy the world."

"I'm enjoying my world."

"What is your book all about?"

"Crime fiction."

"Am I supposed to know about that?"

"Ah dad. Where do I even start from?"

Her father looked at her.

"Ok just know that it's about the most notorious family in Zambia."


"Yes. The family is the most feared in the country. No one crosses their path. Whoever does, gets killed. On top of that, they have connections everywhere. The police cannot touch them. No one touches them."

"Hmm is that real life?"

"Come on dad, I told you it's crime Fiction."

"Okay. Let me order something we eat."

Ludo looked around the eatery and was upset that her father had to drag her to come. She was against the idea but he insisted. While sited, a car parked just some meters from her. It was a black tinted Chevrolet. From a distance, she couldn't see who was driving because it was getting dark. She was curious because cars fancied her. She played with her phone while peeping at the car. Finally, a very tall bearded gentleman with shades came out of the car. He looked around and closed the door behind him. Ludo didn't care about the man but the car. She watched him enter the eatery.

"Why wearing sunglasses when it's getting dark?" Ludo asked herself and went to the car to take a look.

She was fascinated with the beauty of the car. Lost in the attraction of the car, she didn't hear the thuds from the window. The thuds were getting louder. Ludo heard the sounds and decided to take a look. The windows were tinted and she couldn't get a clear view. Curious, she wanted to walk to the front of the car and take a look through the windshield because it was slightly visible.

"Excuse me!" A husky voice said.

Ludo quickly turned around startled and saw the bearded man.

"What are you doing?" The bearded man asked.

"Nothing," Ludo tried to walk away.

He blocked her.

"I will ask you one more time, what are you doing?"

"I said nothing," Ludo raised her voice and tried to run and caught a glimpse of what was inside the Chevrolet. She saw a girl tied and was obviously screaming for help.

The bearded man held her wrist and took off his shades. Ludo couldn't believe the eyes she was met with. The eyes were dark red that the iris was not visible.

"Are you one of them?" The bearded man looked around.

"One of who?"

"Don't play around kid," he said agitated. "I saw you taking photos of my car."

"No I wasn't. Please let me go."

The bearded man's facial expression turned to that of an angry bull. Ludo couldn't take it anymore, her knees went numb and she felt a strong sensation in her head. She looked at where her father had sat and he wasn't back, she knew she was having an episode.

"Please let me...."

She fell on the ground.

The bearded man looked at her expressionless. He stepped backwards while she agitated violently on the ground. He put his shades back on, looked around, got into his car and drove off.

To be continued

Source - www.youngicee.com/category/blood-lives-here
Re: BLOOD LIVES HERE - An Action Story by Oyinprince(m): 7:15am On Jul 04, 2019
Blood Lives Here - Episode 2

© Brian Ngoma

"You see what you have done Joe?" Ludo's mother asked her husband.

"How could I have known Zamiwe?" Joe touched his head. "It was going great, I don't know what happened."

"She told you she didn't want to go but with your arrogance, you had to make her go."

"Is it a crime to go out with my daugther Zamiwe?" Joe's eye brows bumped together in a scowl.

Zamiwe knew better not to irritate her husband. She knew he had the same rights as her when it came to Ludo. Despite their differences, Ludo was for the both of them. They were just both overprotective of her.

"I didn't it mean it that way Joe," Zamiwe answered thoughtful.

"I know she's sick and I care for her. Don't make me look like a bad parent please!" Joe sunked in his chair.

They all became quiet and lost in their thoughts. Ludo's condition had taken a toll on the both of them. Instead of bringing them even more closer, it pushed them apart. They all had different opinions on what treatment she needed and in the end, Zamiwe always had an upper hand because she had practiced Nursing. Joe being a regular businessman was not considered to be the best thinker when it came to Ludo.

"Mom," Ludo emerged from her bedroom.

Joe and Zamiwe both stood up.

"Hey sweetie," Zamiwe walked to her and held her hand while Joe made the seat.

Ludo sat down with a towel in her hand.

"I hurt myself with the fall, my head feels like its about to explode," Ludo complained bitterly.

"What happened?" Joe asked.

"Not now Joe," Zamiwe cut him.

"Why are you always fighting?" Ludo looked at the both of them.

They both stiffened at the question.

"I'm an adult, I know what's been happening with the both of you."

Zamiwe and Joe looked at each other.

"Its not something we cannot handle sweetheart, trust us we will sort it out," Joe answered holding Zamiwe's hand.

Zamiwe looked at him and felt her heart sunk. She loved him but where did they go wrong was the question she asked herself every morning she woke up. He was near but very far away. He no longer confided in her which made it more difficult to confide in him too.

"If you say so dad," Ludo said and went on. "I saw something strange tonight."

"What sweetie?" Joe asked.

"Where did you find me?"

"At the parking square."

"There was a man. He had a beautiful car. Chevrolet i think. I was interested in it and went to check it out. I think there was a girl in the car."

"Maybe it was his girlfriend or wife," Zamiwe said.

"She was tied," Ludo said as if not sure. "Yes she was tied I now remember."

"Some people who saw you fall said you were in a confrontation with a man, is it him?" Joe inquired.

Ludo thought for a while and answered, "Yes dad. He was scary. His eyes___" Ludo curled into a ball in the chair.

Joe noticed she was scared at the thought and changed the subject. Ludo kept thinking about the bearded man and how hideous he was.

Hunter drove into his compound while looking around ensuring no one had followed him. Thinking about what happened earlier made him stiffen a bit. He was not a kind of man to feel sorry for someone but thinking about how the girl fell and started convulsing made him somewhat uncomfortable. He had read about fits but never saw anyone before in action. He didn't have to feel sorry for her, his life was at stake and no one was innocent in his eyes. Every person who got closer to him was an enemy. He drove into his parking space and got out of the car. He stood for a while thinking. He stood still while trying to listen to any movements around his house but there were none. He opened the back door of his Chevrolet.

"Hmmmm, hmmm," the girl in the car mumbled.

"You brought this on yourself Hilary," Hunter said as he carried her on his shoulder.

She tried to shake herself off him but couldn't manage. Hunter was too strong. He had the body of baseball players. He was six feet tall. His arms were big they could hold three people at once. He had a very hideous face with a beard he well took care of.

He went to his backyard which had a one roomed building he called a Carnage. He opened it and dropped Hilary on the floor. She looked around and saw blood everywhere. She looked on the walls and there were stained knives, hooks and machetes hanging. She started crying and mumbling because her mouth was covered.

"Stop it!" He yelled at her.

She went quiet shaking.

"You betrayed me Hillary," he stared at her.

She nodded in disagreement.

"We had an arrangement and you backstabbed me," Hunter paced around.

"Did you think he could marry you?"

She cried.

"That man is a womanizer, everyone knows. But what did you do? You fell into his trap and exposed me. Do you know how long I have worked to bring those people down?"

Hilary kept crying.

"Women! Show them money and they will betray you in a blink of an eye!" Hunter growled. "I call this place a Carnage." He looked around. "I'm sure you have noticed the blood around."

Hilary's eyes burned with hatred and fear.

"This blood is for people like you who have betrayed me," Hunter reached for a machete on the wall. "I'm willing to forgive you if you tell me everything you have told them about me."

Hilary looked at him blankly.

He untied the rope around Hilary's head and removed the cotton he had stuffed in her mouth. She took a deep breath and looked at him defiantly.

"Now talk," he said.

"Hunter Hunter," she laughed. "Do you know you are an idiot?"

Hunter unrelentingly stared at her.

"Let me tell you one thing though. They are coming for you and they are out for blood. No matter what you do, you won't escape their wrath. You have messed with the wrong people my dear hunter."

"They messed with me first," Hunter said. "What did you tell them about me?" Hunter asked furiously.

"Kill me if you want but I will never tell you anything. The months have spent in their circles, I have realized that they are better people than you. Hunter you are an animal," she spat on him.

"Hilary you have left me with no choice."

"Do it you sorry ass of a man," Hilary dared Hunter.

Hunter breathed heavily looking at Hilary on the floor.

"Kill me now Hunter!" She shouted. "If you won't, I'm sure they will find me and kill me."

Hunter raised his machete and swung it in the air while Hilary screamed at him.

"Noooo," her voice faded in the night.

Ludo woke up feeling tired as usual. She had not written anything the previous night because of the episode she had. Her mother insisted that she should rest. She got out of bed and took a shower. She felt her stomach rumble. She was hungry. She went to the kitchen and found her mother and father having breakfast together.

"Wow, this is new," Ludo smiled pulling a chair.

"How did you sleep?" Joe asked her.

"Slept just fine dad," she answered.

"Have you taken your meds," her mother asked.

"Yes mom I did. This is yummy," she tried to reach for pancakes on her mothers plate.

"Bad manners Ludo," her mother looked at her.

"What? I'm hungry I could eat a cow," she winked.

"Nancy!" Ludo's mother called the maid.

Nancy quickly came to the dining, "Yes madam."

"Bring something for Ludo before she eats us alive."

"Ok madam."

"I cannot stop thinking about the bearded man," Ludo said after some silence.

Her parents looked at each other.

"Bearded man?" Zamiwe asked.

"Yes the man I saw last night," Ludo answered.

"Don't think about him, you will probably never meet him again," Joe said assured.

"I hope so," Ludo sipped on her tea.

Whilst eating, they heard a knock on the door. They all looked at each other wondering who it could be.

"Nancy!" Zamiwe called. "Go and check who is at the door."

After a while, Nancy came into the dining room with Mrs. Visashi.

"Madam!" Ludo exclaimed and got up spreading her hands.

They hugged while Joe and Zamiwe looked at them.

"What a surprise!" Ludo said.

Mrs. Visashi let go of her and said hi to Joe and Zamiwe.

"To what do we owe this visit Mrs. Visashi?" Joe asked.

"Enough with the formalities Joe, I'm not at school," she answered.

Joe laughed and went on, "Ok Kate."

"I have come to see my favorite former student."

"Well, let us excuse you both so that you catch up," Zamiwe said getting up looking at Joe.

Mrs visashi and Ludo sat in the dining room and talked for a while. She had come to check up on Ludo because time had passed ever since she saw her and being concerned about her, she made an effort.

"Tell me you are done with the book," Mrs. Visashi said curiously.

"I'm remaining with the last chapter," Ludo smiled. "I'm having a conflict on which characters to kill or keep."

"I bet you will figure it out," Mrs. Visashi smiled. "I have to see it. Do you mind?"

"Of course not, follow me," Ludo got up.

They went to Ludo's bedroom. Ludo got her laptop and showed Mrs. Visashi her work. Mrs. Visashi read for some minutes while Ludo looked at her.

"Well what do you think?" Ludo asked.

"This is good Ludo," Mrs. Visashi answered surprised. "Did you write this?"

"Yes," Ludo answered proudly.

"Wow, I'm short of words. Do you ever think of publishing?"

"My mother says I'm not ready."

"This is wasting talent. I know people who can be interested in this."


"Yes. This is too good to be stored in a laptop."

"I will contact one editor I know and see how it goes from there. I love this Ludo," Mrs. Visashi said honestly.

"Thank you madam but you will have to talk to mom before proceeding."

"Zamiwe won't have a problem with you publishing i know," Mrs. Visashi said and went on. "I have to go now," She said standing up. "You will let them know that I have gone."

"Ok madam I will."

"I saw a black car outside, is it your fathers?"

Ludo's heart pounded.

"Black car?"


Ludo hurriedly ran outside and opened the gate. She found the car outside their wall fence. Ludo walked to the car carefully trying to see who was in it. It was a black Chevrolet like the one she saw the previous night. Ludo went to the window and knocked. No one was opening.

"What do you want from me?" She screamed circling the car."I know you are in there. I told you I don't know anything, please leave me alone!"

"Hey young girl what is it?" A woman asked walking to Ludo.

"There's an hideous man in this car!" Ludo pointed at the car.

The woman quickly rushed to the car and opened it. Ludo was surprised.

"Why are you opening the door?" She asked.

"What do you mean why am i opening the door?" The woman asked surprised. "Its my car!"

"No its not."

"Yes it is. I live across the road. I parked here because i was seeing a friend over there," the woman pointed at the house next to Ludo's. "Young lady who are you?"

"You have hidden him, right?"


"The bearded man?"

"I don't know what you are talking about young girl."

Ludo's parents and Mrs. Visashi came running at the two. Joe grabbed Ludo who was refusing to be taken back inside.

"Dad let me go. I have to know what he wants from me!" Ludo screamed.

"I'm sorry madam," Zamiwe apologised to the lady.

"That girl needs help," the woman said.

"Yes we know," Zamiwe said.

"She's a psycho."

Zamiwe felt like her heart had been crashed hearing someone call her daughter a Psycho. She charged at the woman and grabbed her by the hair. She wanted to throw her on the ground when Mrs. Visashi stopped her.

"Stop it Zamiwe, it's not worth it," she held her tightly pulling her back.

"Didn't you hear? This woman called my daughter a Psycho. Who does that?" Zamiwe shouted.

"You are all crazy. Your whole family needs help!" The woman said getting into the car.

"Don't call my child a psycho," Zamiwe pointed at the woman. "Let me go," she shook herself from Mrs. Visashi and ran back inside.

Mrs. Visashi just nodded her head in disappointment.

The woman drove off.

Joe carried Ludo and took her to the bedroom while she kept screaming that the bearded man was in that car. Zamiwe got into the house and rushed to her medkit in the bedroom. She could hear Ludo screaming and shouting. She went to Ludo's bedroom and found Joe had restrained her on the bed.

"Do it," Joe looked at Zamiwe who stood on the door dropping tears.

"I'm sorry sweetie," Zamiwe said injecting Ludo to induce anesthesia.

Zamiwe left the bedroom crying.

"Dad," Ludo called Joe.

"Yes baby."

"Is mother upset with me?"

"No she's not she's just tired."

"Why did she ran away from me dad?"

Joe stiffened.

"Tell her I'm sorry. I'm just scared."

"Scared of what baby?"

"I can't feel my face dad," Ludo complained.

"It's the injection baby."

"I hate it dad," She blinked vigorously.

"Tell me, what are you scared of?"

"The bearded man. He was in that car. He's coming for me, I know it," Ludo said faintly while falling asleep.

The complete story is available here - www.youngicee.com/category/blood-lives-here
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Blood Lives Here - Episode 3

© Brian Ngoma

Hunter checked his time.


His flight was at 14:00 hours. He had prepared everything and had packed all his gear. Leaving the country was not on his wishlist but there was nothing he could have done, that was his only way to stay alive. He didn't expect Hilary to betray him like that. Trust for him was a big word but he relied on her. He knew she could deliver but along the way, love happened to her. It was the same love that got her killed. Hunter didn't have any regrets on Hilary's murder. Killing had become a hobby for him.

His phone rang.

He looked at it feeling his heart pound. He answered and remained quiet.

"Hunter!" A man's voice answered on the other end of the line.

Hunter didn't say anything.

"I can feel you breathing and from the looks for it, you are scared Hunter," the man said.

Hunter restrained himself not to say anything.

"Well, let me get to the point," the man paused and coughed. "I know you have Hilary but guess what, you can do anything you want with her, I'm done with her. I got all the information I wanted from her," the man laughed.

Hunter thought about Hilary's last scream.

"A man like you should never trust a woman. Women betray in a blink of an eye. You should know better."

He clenched his fists.

"I would like us to meet one of these days and talk," the man added. "That is if you will still be alive."

He felt a surge of fury.

"I told them to take you out without much difficult and struggle so that you be spared of the pain."

He heard sounds from the outside. He walked to his window and moved the curtains slightly. He saw two men climbing his fence.

"I'm certain you are now aware," the voice on the phone said. "Anyway goodbye Mr Hunter."

Hunter quickly went to his gear bag and opened it. He reached for the gun and then thought to himself that it was daylight. He couldn't use a gun. While debating on what weapon to use, his front door clicked. He knew they had entered. He got his knife and hid behind the door. He stood still behind the door hearing the footsteps which were slowly approaching his bedroom door. From the footsteps, he could discern that it was only one person coming at him.

The door opened. Hunter saw a gun first which the man was holding. Before he could even see his face, Hunter grabbed the gun and hit the man twice with his right elbow on the face. He threw the gun below his bed and whilst the man was still touching his face, Hunter jumped on him and landed on the floor. He clenched his fist so hard and hit the man on the face directly deeming him unconscious.

He heard footsteps running towards where he was. He slowly went back inside the bedroom and locked it. He zipped his gear bag and carried it. He went to his window, opened it and got out from it. He ran to the front door and locked it from the outside. He went behind the house and got his car and drove it out of his compound seeing the other man looking at him from the window banging it. He knew he would never shoot because it was daylight and that would have attracted unnecessary attention. Hunter didn't want to kill those two. His intentions were to send a message to the man on the phone. He drove to the airport. Upon arrival, he knew it would take a miracle to bring him back to Zambia. He was going to his usual hideout in Madagascar.

Mrs. Visashi sat across her husband, Mr. Visashi on a table in his office. They were all quiet avoiding each others eyes. Mr. Visashi tried to make himself busy because he was feeling her thoughts and from time to time, saw her evil stare.

"You heard me Kent!" She broke the silence.

"I did," Kent sighed.

"So what are you going to do about it?" She asked him.

Kent sighed, "my hands are tied. I have so many upcoming and published writers on my back. I cannot squeeze in her work. She's not even done with her novel."

"I read a part of it, trust me its good. I know good when I see good," Kate said confidently.

"There is a process we follow Kate," Kent paused and looked at her. "Just because you like her doesn't mean she's all that good."

"What are you saying Kent?" Kate raised her eyebrows.

Kent shifted uneasily.

"I'm saying let us give her time. She's still young. Let her perfect her craft and we can talk about her work in two or three years."

"Impossible!" Kate raised her voice. "If you only saw what I saw, you wouldn't be saying all this. I thought your work was to assist people like Ludo to fulfill their dreams."

"It is."

"But why can't you?"

"I'm tied Kate."

"Whatever!" She stood up and headed for the door.

Kent knew better not to let her go out of his sight angry. He stood up and before she could reach the door, he stopped her by holding her hand and closed the door.

"What?" She asked him.

"Sit down."

She rolled her eyes as she grabbed the chair.

Kent took a deep breathe while tucking his shirt properly and sat down.

"What you're asking me is too big Kate," he said after much thought.

"I couldn't be asking you for something you cannot manage to do Kent."

"I know."


"Nothing," he gulped. "You will have to tell her to bring her work here so that I can take a look at it."



"Aww my Kent, you're such a darling."

"I'm not promising anything though."

"Fair enough," Kate got up and went to her husband and kissed him goodbye.

She got outside Bookworld publishing company happy. She got her phone and dialed Ludo's number.

"Hello Mrs. Visashi," Ludo answered.

"Hi dear how are you?"

"I'm fine. Sorry about what happened four days ago," Ludo laughed.

Kate laughed too.

"Its fine my dear. Have you started working on the final chapter of your book?"

"Yes i have."

"That's good. So I have good news."

"What is it Mrs. Visashi?"

"My husband is an editor for Bookworld Publishers and I talked to him about your Novel and he said he would be more than glad to check it out."

"You're kidding!"

"No I'm not dear."

Ludo screamed joyfully.

"Sorry about that," she giggled.

"I will text you the address and his number. You should go there and pitch him your work. Is that okay?"

"Yes it is," Ludo said sadly.

Kate recognised the sadness in Ludo's voice.

"What is it?"

"What if he doesn't like it?"

"He will, trust me. I didn't even tell about the genre because I want it to be a surprise to him."

"I will go there. I have to talk to mom first."

"Okay dear take care now!"

Ludo hung up her cellphone and sighed.

"Talk to me about what?" Her mother entered the bedroom.

"You were eavesdropping mom?" Ludo asked surprised.

"No I was coming to call you for lunch and heard that you will have to talk to me first. What is it? Who were you talking to?"

"It was Mrs. Visashi mom."

"Ohhh. How is she?"


"What were two talking about?"

"Apparently, she thinks my novel is worth publishing."

"You showed her?" Ludo's mother asked surprised.

"Yes mom. She was interested in it."

"I thought we agreed we would self publish it."

"Yes I know but wouldn't self publishing be expensive mother?"

Ludo's mother nodded.

"You see? Let us try out Mrs. Visashi's husband."

"Its her husband?"

"Yes. He is the editor at Bookworld publishing company."

"That's huge."

"I know, right?"

"But you are yet to finish the last Chapter."

"Its just the last chapter, we have to finish it tonight mom."


"Yes. You have plans?"

"Not really but I thought tonight was movie night."

"We can postpone mom."

"Ok sweetie."

Ludo and her mother worked on the novel the whole night. By the time it was 3am, they were convinced it was done.

"Are you really sure this is the ending you wanted?" Ludo's mother asked her.

"I'm sure yeah," Ludo answered with a smile.

"Ok take it tomorrow."

"Have you drafted the synopsis?"

"Yes I have."

"Good. Have some rest, you have a big day tomorrow."

"Goodnight mom."

"Goodnight sweetie."

"Wait mom. Dad?"

"He called me saying his traveled."

"He didn't tell me."

"I'm sure he will call you this morning."

"Ok mom."

As Ludo walked to the gate of BookWorld publishers, she felt her heart racing. She started doubting herself if what she had written was good enough. She wanted to go back but comforted herself that it was going to be fine. She reached Mr. Visashi's office and found a secretary.

"How can I help you young lady?" The secretary asked with a smile.

"I'm here to see Mr. Visashi," Ludo answered.

"You have an appointment with him?"


The secretary got her receiver and dialed. Ludo watched her talk while she admired the office.

"You can go in dear."

Ludo went in and found Mr. Visashi sitted comfortably on his chair. He pointed her to a chair.

"You must be Ludo?" He stared at her.

Ludo couldn't feel her legs as she sat down. She was nervous.

"Yes sir."

"Ok I'm going to give you one chance to lure me into the world you have created. My wife talked highly of it."

"What do you mean Lure you sir?"

"You have the synopsis?"

"Yes sir," Ludo opened her laptop bag and got a piece of paper and wanted to hand it to Mr. Visashi.

"No. Keep it for now."

Ludo was surprised.

"Where is the manuscript?"

"Its in the bag sir."

"Ok, tell me about your story. What genre is it?"

"Crime fiction."

Mr. Visashi's face brightened. It had been a while ever since a writer had come who was in the genre of crime fiction.

"What is it about?"

"Its about a family who are involved in every sort of crime imaginable. Their crime activities are run by their mother."

Mr. Visashi's curiousity grew even more.

"I have given names to my main characters. For example, the mom is referred as a Lioness. The first born is Brawler and his brother is Brains while the last born is Jezebel," Ludo smiled.

"I see."

"And their father is wheelchair ridden. He is the Wounded Lion. He has stroke."

Mr. Visashi smiled and said, "I hope the work is as good as what you have told me."

"It is sir," she smiled.

"Ok hand it to me. I will get back to you. Let me have my people look at it. Don't worry I will give you an honest opinion of your work."

"Thank you," Ludo left.

Later that evening, Mr. Visashi was having a drink with one of his friends and mostly they would talk about work and other things. He got interested with Ludo's work but was only worried if she was ready enough to get published. His wife told him about her condition and got really concerned.

"What is bothering you my friend?" Obrien asked Kent.

"A girl brought a manuscript today and I think she's destined for greatness. I'm just worried about her condition," Kent answered.

"If she's good don't worry about her condition. How good is her work?"

"Very good. My people said they are enjoying it."


"Yes man," Kent sipped on his pint.

"What is it about?"

Kent told Obrien about Ludo's storyline. He told him everything she had told him amd he was equally astonished.

"It's good i tell you. My wife has an eye for good things," Kent smiled.

"Unfortunately not when it came to you," Obriene laughed.

"You fool."

"Let me grab some more beers," Obriene stood up.

Kent remained and texted his wife that he was going to come a little bit late than usual.

"Excuse me," a man touched Kent's shoulder.

Kent turned around and didn't seem to know the man.

"How can i help you?"

"I couldn't help it but hear you talking about a story."

"Ohh yea. A girl brought in a story that we are currently working on."

"Did you mention something like Brawler, Brains and Jezebel?"

"Yes, you are great listener," Kent was surprised.

"Those names you mentioned exist," the man looked around as if scared.

"Yes they exist in Ludo's story."

"No! Not in the story."

Kent looked at the man.

"Those are real people."

"Are you drank?"

"I'm having orange juice," the man showed Kent his glass. "The names you mentioned are nick names of the infamous crime lords of our City. Brawler and Brains are twins."

"You are kidding right?"

"How i wish i was man. Your girl Ludo is getting herself into trouble," the man said assured. "Did they do something to her?"

Kent's heartbeat raced. He remembered she told him it's crime Fiction.

"If i were you. I would stop talking about those names because people who do don't live to tell a tale. Look at those guys over there," the man pointed at a group of guys sitted looking at them.

Kent tilted his neck.

"They also heard you talk about the trio."

"It's a story," Kent said shaking.

"Don't tell me i didn't warn you," The man stood up and left the club.

Kent was panting heavily. Obriene came back and asked what was wrong with him. Kent looked around the club and felt that all eyes were on him.

"I have to go," he got up and ran to his car.

Ludo couldn't stop smiling about the progress she was making. She felt at peace knowing that she was trying something different. At least she would prove her father that all the time she spent writing was not a waste. She looked at the photo of her parents on her table and smiled. She touched it and said, "Goodnight my people, i hope you work things out." She closed her eyes and drifted to sleep.

To be continued
Re: BLOOD LIVES HERE - An Action Story by Oyinprince(m): 11:29pm On Jul 06, 2019
Blood Lives Here - Episode 4

© Brian Ngoma

"You must be joking," Kate looked at Kent and bursted into laughter.

"I'm serious Kate. The man was serious," Kent said seriously.

"That's just bullshit; he was scaring you!" She objected him. "Where could Ludo have gotten all the information from to write a story about the most notorious crime lords of our country?"

"You have to ask her," Kent shrugged.

"He was just scaring you."

"I could feel it in my heart that he wasn't."

"How come I haven't heard about these people?"

"You are not in their circles that's why."

"Are you?"

Kent nodded.

"If they are that notorious, we could have read about them somewhere," Kate concluded the discussion.

Kent didn't say anything but look at his wife.

"Finish up your breakfast you have to go to work," She told him while she washed the plates.

Kent had not slept much after the talk he had with the stranger in the club. He kept thinking about the possibilities of it being true. If what that man said was true, Ludo's manuscript could put him in trouble with his superiors much more, his life could be in jeopardy. Then again, he thought about Ludo; Her awkwardness and unstable personality. She was just an ordinary girl with a passion of writing. Where could she have gotten the information about the family? Perhaps his wife was right, the stranger in the club was playing with his mind.

"This is good Kate," he complimented her. "You never cease to amaze me with how you prepare breakfast."

"Just eat," she smiled at him. "So what do you think about Ludo?"

Kent swallowed the bread.

"Don't choke yourself you have all the time."

"She's an intelligent girl obviously. Writing something like that takes a lot of brains. She's a good writer."

"Didn't I tell you?" She teased him. "I spot talent when I see one. Back in high school, she had a passion for literature. When she said she wanted to be a writer, i never doubted her."

"Don't go ahead of yourself. My people are still going through the manuscript."

"I'm sure they are enjoying."

"I bet so, I'm leaving now. Bye."

"Without a kiss?"

"Ohhh sorry," Kent went back and kissed her forehead.

"See you tonight honey," she waved him goodbye.

Ludo kept thinking about why her dad didn't say goodbye. She was upset that she had to hear from her mother that he had travelled. She understood that he was a busy man but at least he could have texted to say goodbye. She fidgeted in her bedroom looking at her phone waiting for Mr. Visashi to call her and give her a response of the book. She knew she was overexcited because it was too early, the book couldn't have been read and liked in just hours. She had to wait for at least some days or weeks to get a feedback but that was too much for her. Without anything to write about, she realised how boring her life was. She walked around the house and outside trying to pass time but it was like each hour took three hours to pass.

"Ludo, lunch is ready," Nancy called her.

"I'm coming Nana," Ludo said.

She went to the dining room and found that Nancy had put the food in the warmers. Ludo sat and felt the table to be too big for her alone.

"Eat with me," she looked at Nancy.

Nancy was surprised.


"Of course, we are just the two of us in here. Come sit down we eat."

Nancy sat down and started eating. Ludo on the other hand was just playing with her food and constantly checking her phone.

"You are not eating Ludo," Nancy said wiping her lips.

"I have lost appetite."

"Your mother said you should eat," Nancy said.

"I know. Don't tell her I was playing with my food," Ludo laughed.

"I won't," Nancy laughed too. "You keep checking your phone, waiting for a call from someone special?"

"NO," Ludo answered defensively.

"I'm just asking."

They all went quiet.

"Do you have someone special?" Ludo asked Nancy.

Nancy shyly answered, "Yes."


Nancy nodded.

"How's he like?"

"He's good to me. I think he loves me," Nancy said with a glow on her face. "Have you ever had a boyfriend?"


"We are the two of us here," Nancy looked around.

"No. Who can date me? And mom says men just want girls for sex," Ludo said.

"Sex strengthens a relationship. If you love him, there is nothing wrong with that.," Nancy said.

Ludo thought otherwise but didn't want to argue with Nancy. She was having a good time talking to her. At least she didn't feel lonely. She knew a lot of things about Nancy she never knew. Nancy was a free spirited girl from the slums who didn't tolerate nonsense but her weakness was that she fell fall bad guys who either cheated on her or ended up verbally or physically abused her. All in all, she was strong willed and never gave up on love or life.

"Life is hard out there," Nancy sighed. "You people here don't suffer like we do."

"That's what you think," Ludo laughed. "We also have a share of problems here."

"At least they are better," Nancy laughed.

Ludo nodded.

"I'm going to take a nap now, I feel tired. I wouldn't want to have another episode now," Ludo left for her bedroom.

As usual, Book world publishing company was busy in the afternoons with everyone running around trying to sort out their tasks. It was no different for Kent, he also had a lot on his hands. A lot of upcoming writers were on his back that he had to tell his secretary to tell them he was not in.

"Sir Mr. Visashi is not in," Kent’s secretary said.

"Who could that be now?" Kent asked himself.

He knew his secretary would deal with whatever it was. A few seconds later, he heard her quarrelling with someone. Kent didn't want to check out who it was because that would be embarrassing for both him and his secretary. He tried to resume his work but the noise persisted. He stood up and was about to walk to the door when his door opened. A man stood before him wearing a black suit and specks. He looked pretty neat and too gentle to be quarrelling with his secretary.

"I'm sorry Mr. Visashi, this man didn't listen to me," Kent’s secretary apologised.

"It’s ok you can go," Kent dismissed her.

"So you're Mr. Visashi," the man entered and pulled himself a chair.

"What can I do for you?" Kent asked studying the man.

"Hmmm, aren't you supposed to ask who Iam?"

"Tell me!" Kent answered irritated.

"Okay that later, I'm here for something."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"Let me see," the man crossed his fingers. "How can I put it?"

"If you have nothing important to say, I suggest you leave my office," Kent stood up and pointed the man to the door.

"Kent," the man laughed.

"How do you know my name?"

"I know everyone. I know how much you get paid. I know where you drink from. I know your friend O'Brien. I know your wife is a teacher; Kate. Kent and Kate. Double K," the man chuckled.

Kent felt his stomach rumble.

"Who are you?"

"I go by many names which apparently I don't like at all."

"What do you want?"

"I want the manuscript."

Kent was surprised. He had a lot of manuscripts in his office which were pending to be checked. Some, were checked and left to rot. Perhaps this was an angry upcoming writer who had been rejected sometime back.

"Did you buy any chance brought a manuscript here?"

"Come on Kent. Do I look like a writer," the man looked at himself and back at Kent. "I'm everything but a writer. I'm sure this black suit is deceiving a lot of people."

"Whose manuscript do you want?" Kent asked feeling his hands shake.

The man in front of him didn't seem dangerous but what scared him was the fact that he seemed to know him and a lot of things concerning his life. If there was one thing Kent hated was publicity. Despite being a notable man in his circles, he never let media houses publish anything about him. They had tried but not a single one managed.

"I don't know who it belongs to but it’s about Brawler, Brains and Jezebel," the man answered thoughtfully.

Kent felt his knees go numb. His suspicions and fears had been confirmed. The story Ludo wrote was not fiction. He remembered the conversation he had with the stranger in the club.

"Who are you?" Kent asked concealing his fears.

"How many times will you ask me that Kent? It's now irritating me. Are you giving me the manuscript or not?"

Kent saw the anger in the man’s eyes. He really wanted the manuscript.

"It’s not here," Kent said regretfully.

"You are making me angry Kent," the man stood up. "This was supposed to be easy. That's the reason they sent me. I'm good at dialogue. I don't like to get my hands dirt."

"Who sent you?"

"That's none of your business. Now Listen, they trusted me. They wanted to send someone but they knew things would have been totally different as we speak now."

"I don't understand."

"In short Kent, you could have been dead by now. Now give me the manuscript."

Hearing that he could have been dead startled Kent. He wasn't lying when he said, the manuscript was not with him because he had sent it to his junior editors to check it out.

"Time is money Kent," the man said impatiently. "You love Kate?"

Kent’s eyes widened.

"One call and she's dead," the man laughed. "Where is she now? At school teaching, right?"

Kent quickly ran to the door.

"Wait Kent!" The man shouted.

Kent stopped and looked back.

"Try anything stupid and everything you thought you had will disappear like a speck of dust," the man snapped his fingers.

Kent came back with the manuscript in his hand sweating and breathing heavily.

"You see? Did I have to threaten you," the man patted Kent’s shoulder.

"Don't hurt my family. I'm just an editor," Kent begged. "I don't have control over the stories brought to me."


"Woooow, this title is catchy!" The man exclaimed. "Ludo Sakala?"

"She's just an innocent girl don't hurt her please."

"Do I look like I can hurt anyone?"

"I don't know!" Kent answered. "You seem dangerous though."

"I'm leaving now Kent. We are not yet done," the man smiled devilishly.

"What ..... What...... What do you mean we are not done?" Kent stammered.

The man turned around and looked at Kent. "By the way, I'm Brains," he laughed and left Kent’s office.

Kent quickly got his phone and called His wife. He kept praying she was fine. She answered his call.

"Thank God you're safe," he cried out.

"Of course I'm safe, what is it?" She asked him.

"The people Ludo wrote about truly exist Kate,. At least one." Kent said.

"Hold on. Breathe. You sound startled. Which people?"

"I just met Brains."

Kate laughed at him..

"I'm serious Kate."

"Brains......?" She inquired.

"Yes. He got Ludo's manuscript."

Kate was astounded. "What do you mean he got Ludo's Manuscript? Why would you give him her manuscript?"

"He threatened to have you killed."

Kate got quiet.

"Hello Kate, are you still there?"

"Brains from Ludo's story?"

"Yes my love."

"Oh my God Ludo. Let me call you back. I have to talk to Ludo."

Kate cut the line and dialled Ludo's number.


"Ludo!" Kate whined. "Where are you?"

Nancy and Ludo walked side by side talking and laughing. Ludo was escorting Nancy. She had knocked off and being that Ludo's mother was not yet back, Ludo decided to escort her. She had left her phone back home on the charger but she didn't notice that it wasn't charging and had drained.

"You have to go back now it's getting late Ludo," Nancy told Ludo.

"It's still early," Ludo said. "Look at the sun, it hasn't even set."

Nancy laughed.

"So who do you stay with?" Ludo asked.

"My sister."

"Just the two of you?"

"With her two children."

"Her husband?"

"She's not married."

Ludo didn't ask any further. She looked at Nancy and felt what she was going through. Even though, they lived in different worlds and had different woes, Ludo thought they were somehow alike.

"Seriously, Ludo you have to go back," Nancy stopped.

"Okay! Okay! you're like your lady boss. I'm going back now."

"Hurry up. Take care," Nancy waved her goodbye.

"Take care too Nancy," Ludo started going back.

She walked back slowly singing a song. She felt peaceful as she walked freely in the streets. It was quiet. All she could hear were sounds of dogs barking from a distance. As she walked minding her business, a range rover sport hooted behind her. She didn't look back because she was walking in the pedestrian’s space. The rover didn't stop hooting. Ludo stood and the car pulled by her.

A tall dark beautiful woman came out of the car. She had worn a denim short and a white crop top. Her feet were bare. She came out with a bottle of Hunters dry in her hand. Ludo looked at her and wondered why she didn't she have any shoes.

"I'm sorry. I'm lost," the woman walked to Ludo.

"It's ok. Where are you heading to?"

"I'm looking for Zamiwe Sakala."

"Zamiwe Sakala?" Ludo asked surprised.

"Yes do you know her."

"She's my mother. Who are you?"

"I'm her friend from back in the day."

"Really. I never thought mom had friends like...." Ludo gulped looking at the lady from head to toe.

"Like what? Don't judge a lady by what she wears. Moreover, it's hot," the lady smiled. "Aren't you going home?"

"That's where I'm heading to now."

"Well you are in luck, you get to ride in my brand new range rover sport," the lady turned around.

Ludo didn't move.

"What are you waiting for?"

"It's just that mom told me not to ride in stranger’s cars."

"Am I a stranger?"

Ludo laughed. "I guess not. You know my mother."

Ludo got into the car. It was smelling beer. It was obvious this lady was a drunkard.

"How do you know my mother?" Ludo asked.

"We went to the same school."

"She never mentioned having a friend."

The lady laughed as she started the engine.

"What's your name?"

"I'm Erica," the lady paused.

"Beautiful name," Ludo said.

"I don't like it."


Erica closed the car windows and sipped on her bottle of hunters dry.

"Why don't you like the name Erica?" Ludo asked again.

"I'm used to been called Jezebel."

To be continued

Read more episodes here - www.youngicee.com/category/blood-lives-here
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Crime fiction turning into a reality. Ludo is not safe anymore. Hunter please rescue Ludo from her possibly abductors. Thanks for the update.

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Re: BLOOD LIVES HERE - An Action Story by DivineSpecial(f): 9:14pm On Jul 07, 2019
Geez Oyin come and update
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Blood Lives Here - Episode 5

© Brian Ngoma

Zamiwe walked into the living room throwing her hand bag on the floor and herself on the couch. She put her legs on the table as she exhaled heavily.

"What a day!" She sighed. "Ludo!" She called.

She was very tired that she dosed off within minutes of sitting down.

"Anybody home?" Joe asked as he entered the living room.

He was equally tired from his trip. He saw Zamiwe sleeping on the couch and memories flashed back. He remembered how good they were together before Ludo's sickness kicked in. They were a small happy family. He walked to her and sat beside her. He looked at her and smiled. Her face was covered with the hair. He moved the hair to the side. He was looking at her face clearly. She was still as beautiful as ever. If only she could have been this beautiful even when she was awake, perhaps they could have been happy but behind this sleepy innocent face was a nagger.

She felt him touch her and woke up. She looked at him and smiled.

"You are home?" She asked.

"Yes Zamiwe," he answered. "I'm hungry," he touched his belly.

"I just got here too. Let's go and eat, I saw something on the dining table," she stood up..

As she was walking to the dining room, he stopped her and held her from behind.

"Joe!" She complained.

"What?" He held her tightly. "I miss you Zamiwe."

"Really?" She held his hands.

"So much. I don't know where we went wrong."

"Ludo's condition happened," she said.

"We were supposed to grow closer."

"All we do is argue about the best treatment for her."

"But we can make it better. Ludo has grown. She knows when we argue and fight," Joe let go of her and turned her to face him.

"Do you think we can make it better?" She asked looking at him teary."

"I know we can," he answered assured of himself. "Don't cry on me, you'll spoil my boner," he wickedly smiled.

"Let me see," she reached for his bulge.

"Are we going to eat or?" He looked at her.

She wrapped her hands around his neck. He pulled her closer while his hands held her waist tightly.

"I still love you Joe," she told him.

"I do too," he kissed her.

He led her to the bedroom.

"Ludo!" She called.

"Leave her, I guess she's sleeping. Let's enjoy our time," he said.

"Our time," she giggled closing the door behind her.

An alarm woke them up at 5am.

"I'm not going anywhere today," Joe whined.

"Neither am I. I just forgot to switch it off," Zamiwe said yawning. "I'm pressed though."

"Go and relieve yourself before you pee on the bed," Joe covered himself with the sheets.

Zamiwe got out of bed and went to the restroom. She got done and was on her way back to the bedroom when she noticed Ludo's bedroom door opened and her bed made. It was five in the morning. Where could Ludo be going? She asked herself.

"Ludo sweetie!" She called walking to the room. "Where are you going this morning? Do you have an appointment with Mr. Visashi?"

She got into the room and there was no sign of Ludo. Fear creeped in. She went to the kitchen and all the other rooms but Ludo was nowhere to be found.

"Joe!" She yelled.

Joe quickly got off the bed and ran to Ludo's room where Zamiwe was at.

"What is it?" He asked concerned.

She pointed to the bed.

"What?" He asked confused.

"I think Ludo didn't spend the night here," she answered scared.

"What do you mean she didn't spend the night here?" Joe walked around the room checking the closets. "Isn't she in the bathroom?"

"I'm from there," Zamiwe bit her nails.

Joe went back to the bedroom and got his phone. He called Ludo's number but it was off. He went back to Ludo's bedroom.

"Her phone is off," he looked at Zamiwe. "Are you sure you checked all the rooms. The study?"

Zamiwe nodded.

Joe tried to call again when Zamiwe showed him Ludo's phone. Despair filled Joe and he went into a rage.

"This is the thing I talk about. You are careless Zamiwe. I found you home and our daughter was not here and you didn't bother to check on her. What kind of mother are you?"

"Don't you dare question my parenthood Joe. If it wasn't for your libido, I could have checked on her," she said angrily.

"You were supposed to check on her!" He yelled.

Zamiwe sat on Ludo's bed thinking about where Ludo could have gone to. Joe left the bedroom and went to check outside.

"Ludo!" He called.

Zamiwe followed him. She watched him walk around calling their daughter's name.

"Does she have friends?" He asked her.

"None I know of," Zamiwe answered. "I doubt if she could go anywhere without her phone."

The sun came out and they were still outside.

"Let's call the police," Zamiwe suggested.

"Not yet. We don't know if she's missing. For all we know, she might have gone for a run," Joe said. "Let's wait a little longer."

Nancy came and found the two outside. They looked worried but Nancy never liked to meddle in other people’s businesses especially her boss's. She greeted them and walked past them.

"Nancy!" Joe called her.

"Sir," she answered turning around.

"Did you leave Ludo here?"

"Yes sir."

"What time did you knock off?" Zamiwe asked.

"The usual time madam. 17 hours. Is everything ok?" She asked.

"Yes Nancy you can go in and start your work."

Nancy was astounded with how her bosses asked her the questions. She got in and went to the kitchen. She found the plates and warmers the way she had left them in the dining room. She was hit that something was wrong. She knew Ludo would have at least eaten something. As a matter of fact, Ludo promised Nancy that she would eat. Nancy was used to Zamiwe and Joe not eating most times but Ludo, would eat something. She ran back outside.

"Where is Ludo?" She asked her eyes wide open.

Zamiwe and Joe looked at her surprised.

"I know Ludo is not here," she said.

"Maybe she's gone for a run," Joe said.

"Ludo doesn't run."

"We know," Joe and Zamiwe said at the same time.

The three waited for nothing until 9am. Zamiwe decided to call Mrs. Visashi to ask because she was the only closest person to Ludo apart from them.

"I don't have Kate's number," she groaned.

"I think I do," Joe reached for his phone.

"Why do you have her number?" Zamiwe asked.

"She was my daughter’s teacher. Why shouldn't I?" He shrugged.

She clicked her tongue.

He gave her the number. She called Kate.

"Hello Kate," she said.

"Hi Zamiwe," Kate answered.

"Sorry to bother you this early but is there a chance that Ludo is at your house?"



"No. What is it?"

"She's not here. We didn't find her when we woke up."

"Don't tell me. Have you called any of her friends?"

"She doesn't have any friends. That's the reason I called you."

"Call the police."

"My husband says we can't fill in a missing person report because it’s only been hours."

"That's true."

"How about her phone?"

"It’s here with me."

"That's strange."

"Thanks Kate."

"If anything, let me know," Kate said cutting the call.

She looked at Kent whose jaws were almost dropping. He touched his head and got out of the bed.

"It’s them!" He said worriedly.

"We don't know that Kent," Kate said getting up.

"Where could she have gone then?" He asked. "One minute, I meet up with Brains and she goes missing."

"Nobody knows that she's missing."

"You seem to be calm," Kent looked at Kate.

"I don't want to panic. I don't want to think about what could have happened to poor Ludo. I'm keeping my mind positive. I know she's safe wherever she is."

"I hope so Kate," Kent said thoughtful. "The man I met yesterday seems dangerous. From what i heard, the manuscript is pretty nasty."

"Let's wait. I'm sure Zamiwe will call me when she comes home. Stop thinking about the manuscript, it doesn't matter at the moment."

"Maybe she has a boyfriend," Kent said doubting.

"I doubt," Kate said.

Zamiwe, Joe and Nancy kept looking at the gate waiting for it to be opened by Ludo. They had sat on the veranda for three straight hours waiting for nothing. It was now lunch and Nancy went in to prepare something for them. She kept praying that Ludo was safe. She finished preparing and went outside to call them.

"I cannot eat anything until my daughter comes back," Zamiwe refused.

Nancy looked at Joe.

Joe nodded.

Nancy was hungry but she knew eating would seem like she didn't care. She joined the two and sat down.

The gate opened and they all stood up. It was Kate. After talking with her husband, they decided that Kate should visit Ludo's house. They agreed not to mention anything concerning Ludo's book being Non Fiction. They didn't want to worry Ludo's parents because they didn't know what was really happening and jumping into conclusions would put all of them in danger.

"Tell me she's back," Kate said walking to the three.

Zamiwe nodded her head.

Joe reached for his phone.

"I'm calling the police," he looked at his watch. "It’s almost 4pm. This is not so Ludo."

They ladies looked at him in agreement.

Joe called the police and explained everything to them. He was told to go to the station and file in a missing person report.

"We should get inside," Joe told the women.

They all got up and went inside. Zamiwe was quiet looking at her phone. The way she knew her daughter, she could have at least called her and tell her she was safe. Joe went to take a bath in readiness of his visit to the station. Nancy made herself busy in the kitchen. Kate sat with Zamiwe in silence.

"I'm done," Joe said. "I will call you when I get to the station."

Joe walked to the door and as he was about to open it, Ludo opened it from the outside and bumped into her father.

"Ludo!" Joe exclaimed hugging her.

Zamiwe got up and ran to them and joined in the hug.

"Where have you been?" Joe asked.

"I'm fine," Ludo answered yawning.

"Don't tell us you're fine where have you been?"

"It’s a long story," she got out of the embrace and walked to the couch.

"Hi Mrs. V," she smiled at her.

"Hey Ludo," Kate said surprised.

Ludo sat in the chair whilst everyone including Nancy looked at her.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Ludo asked.

"Do you know that I was about to go to the police station?" Joe asked.

"I figured," she answered getting a remote.

"Ludo sweetie, where have you been?" Zamiwe asked.

"It’s a long story. My friend will tell you," Ludo answered.

"Which friend?" Joe asked.


Joe and the women turned around and found a young woman standing behind them.

"Melanie?" Mrs. Visashi shouted.

"Hi Mrs. V," Melanie waved at Kate.

"Who are you?" Zamiwe asked. "Who is she?" She looked at Kate.

Kate was surprised. From what she knew, Melanie was Ludo's biggest bully back in high school and now she was standing in Ludo's house saying she was her friend.

"She used to be my pupil two years ago," Kate answered.

"Isn't that the same time Ludo was your pupil?" Joe asked.

"Yes," Kate answered looking at Melanie suspiciously. "They were both in my class."

Melanie passed them and sat next to Ludo.

"How are you Melanie?" Zamiwe asked.

"I'm fine thank you," Melanie answered.

"Tell us the long story. Where were you and our daughter?"

"At my house, “Melanie responded.

"Your house?"

"My parents’ house," she touched her head. "I can give you their number you call them."

"No need for that," Joe cut in. "Didn't it occur to you that you were supposed to call us and let us know where our daughter was?"

"And I'm sure you know about her condition," Zamiwe eyed Melanie.

"I had no credit sorry," Melanie answered carelessly.

Zamiwe and Joe looked at each other.

"I'm fine that's all that matters," Ludo added.

"Why did you leave your phone?" Zamiwe asked Ludo.

Ludo couldn't find the words.

"It was my fault forgive me," Melanie cut in. "The time I met Ludo, I didn't give her a chance to get her phone. I was excited and wanted us to catch up. That's why she left her phone."

Ludo faced down.

"You didn't tell us about Melanie," Joe said.

"Well here she is."

"And get used to me. You'll be seeing me around often," Melanie smiled.

Mrs. Visashi sensed something strange. She looked at how Ludo was trying to keep calm. She knew something was wrong. The way Melanie was always answering questions on behalf of Ludo was also suspicious. She just couldn't put the pieces together.

"It’s getting late, I better be going," Melanie stood up.

"I'll go with you," Kate also stood up.

"No I'm fine. I came with my car," Melanie said.

"You have a car?"

"My parent’s car," she chuckled.

"Alright then let's go," Kate led the way.

As they got outside, Kate wanted to confront Melanie about her suspicions but she didn't know anything about her. It had been two years since she last saw her.

"You look good Mrs. V," Melanie complimented Kate.

"You too Melanie," Kate said. "What have you been up to?"

"Nothing much. Just busy running my parent’s business."

"What kind of business?"

"They own boutiques Mrs. V."

"Just boutiques?"

"Yes Mrs. V. I'm parked there. See you Mrs. V. It was nice seeing you," Melanie left Kate looking at her as she walked to the car.

Zamiwe and Joe stared at Ludo sited in the couch. They were glad their daughter was back but couldn't figure out why she acted the way she did. She knew they were concerned about her and her condition but she didn't seem to care how they felt.

"I'm going to bed," Ludo said avoiding their stare.

"You have to eat something Ludo," Zamiwe told her.

"Don't worry I have eaten," she got up and headed to her bedroom.

She sat on her bed and looked around. Her breathing suddenly changed. It was like whatever she had kept inside was finally finding itself out. Before she realised, tears were streaming down her cheeks. She held in her voice not to cry but the more she tried the harder it became. She threw herself on the bed and bit her pillow and grabbed the sheets and screamed.

"Ludo!" Zamiwe called her standing at the door. "I brought your phone. Are you crying?"

Ludo got up and grabbed the phone from her mother’s hand and closed the door behind her. She laid on the bed and cried herself.

"Ludo is everything fine sweetie?" Zamiwe knocked on the door.

"Go away mom, I want to sleep," Ludo sobbed.

"Talk to me, what happened?"

"Nothing mom, I'm fine. I want to sleep. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Please go away."

Zamiwe felt powerless as she left Ludo's bedroom door. Ludo knew her mother had left the door. She continued crying.

"I'm sorry mom," she tightly held on to her pillow.

To be continued

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/blood-lives-here
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I don't understand Melanie's sudden appearance. I guess she has a link with Brawler's crew. Kind of fishy. Thanks for the update.
Re: BLOOD LIVES HERE - An Action Story by skubido(m): 4:51pm On Jul 08, 2019
Wetin do ludo ooo

Tanks for the update
Re: BLOOD LIVES HERE - An Action Story by queenitee(f): 7:49am On Jul 10, 2019
Melanine? I don't trust her
Re: BLOOD LIVES HERE - An Action Story by Oyinprince(m): 8:51pm On Jul 10, 2019
Blood Lives Here - Episode 6

© Brian Ngoma

Erica sat in her range rover waiting for her fiancé Jean. She saw him coming from a distance with a woman talking and laughing. She grabbed her cigarette. She looked for a lighter but couldn't find one in the car. Jean and the woman separated and Jean went to Erica's car. As soon as he got into the car, she started shouting at him. Jean was used to Erica's tantrums that he would just watch her blub till she got tired.

"Are you done Erica?" Jean asked her.

"Who is that LovePeddler?" She eyed him.

"A workmate," he responded looking away.

"Hhhhmmm. You also said the same about the last one till I found out you were shagging her," she said.

"How many people do you LovePeddler around with in the name of family business?"

"You wouldn't be here if i wasn't doing that. Don't you ever dare question what i do. I hope you are saying the truth because you know what happens to your whores," Erica said.

Ignoring her, he asked, "What was the urgent call about?"

"I need your help."

"Can't this wait, I'm still working."

"No it can't," Erica started the car.

"Wait Erica, I didn't tell anyone I left," Jean told her.

"Don't worry that's my family's company," she drove out of the parking lot.

They didn't say much but both looked at the road. Jean was accustomed to Erica picking him up from work like this to run errands with her. One thing he had learned dealing with Erica was never to ask questions. He knew what she was capable of. In many occasions he had witnessed her wrath and questioning her was not even a thing to think about.

"We are here," Erica said looking at the street.

Jean was quiet.

"So here is what I want you to do. Go in the backseat and hide properly," Erica looked at Jean.


"You heard me," Erica's forehead puckered.

Jean didn't argue. He found himself in the backseat waiting for Erica's next order. Erica drove in the street looking around. She reached for her hunters dry bottle and sipped on it.

"Well, I'll be damned," she chuckled.

"What?" Jean asked peeping.

"Just the girl we are here for," Erica changed lanes. "I want you to make her unconscious once she gets in. You hear me?"


"Yes. Don't kill her. At least not yet."

Erica hooted the car countless times until she parked on the roadside. Jean looked at her leave the car. He couldn't see clearly but there was a girl she was talking to. Erica talked to the girl and came back with her after some minutes. Jean hid himself properly behind the front passengers seat. He listened to Erica make conversation with the girl. When she rolled up the windows of the car, he knew it was a signal to attack. He quickly emerged from behind the girl and wrapped his strong arms around the girl’s neck and strangled her.

"Don't kill her," Erica turned the car around.

"I'm not killing her," Jean said while he struggled with the strangling as the girl was resisting.

Finally, he managed. She was powerless and became unconscious.

Jean exhaled, " she's a tough one."

"You are just weak," Erica expelled her breathe in a whose.

Jean looked at her as he dragged the girl in the backseat and laid her on the seat. He moved to the front seat and took a sip from Erica's bottle.

"Who is she?" He asked.

Erica looked at him. "Some girl."

"You just made me strangle someone and you are saying some girl."

"I don't think I need to explain anything to you Jean. Do I?" Erica asked.

Jean ignored her.

"If any consolation, her name is Ludo."

Jean looked at Ludo laying unconsciously in the backseat and wondered what she could have done to find herself in opposition with Erica.

"Take me back to work Jezebel," he scolded her.

"You know I hate it when you call me Jezebel. You are not supposed to call me that, its not for you. I'm your girl," she complained.

Jean noticed he had hurt her feelings.

"I'm sorry love."

She didn't respond but drove.

"We are going home to drop the package together."

Jean knew her decision was final. She drove them to New Kasama where Erica's parents’ house was located. It was a beauty of a mansion. Just the house itself would make someone think they were in heaven. The electric gate opened and gave a view of a water fountain. Beautiful flowers surrounded the whole yard and was tidy. There was not even a single piece of paper. The house was located at the centre surrounded by beautiful flowers and two swimming pools on the right and left. There was a stable at the far end of the compound. Strong built men could be spotted guarding the premises. Erica drove in and parked her car just by the entrance to the house.

"Isn't that your brother?" Jean asked.

"If it isn't Mr. Brains," Erica rolled her eyes.

Erica and Jean got out of the car. Two men came and went to the car. They opened the back doors and carried Ludo to the house while Brains walked towards Erica and Jean.

"If it isn't Jezebel and her slave," Brains said.

"Cut it out Evan," she walked passed him.

He strongly held her hand and said, "You don't call me by my real name in front of your slave."

"Leave me," she shook herself off him. "Jean let's go."

"Wooo wooo, wait," Evan blocked Jean. "This is family business. I knew you probably had a hand in this but we'll take it from here."

Jean looked at Erica.

Erica bowed her head.

"Shooo shooo, off you go," Evan pushed Jean.

Erica threw her keys to Jean.

"Do you realise that the rover you are making him drive has given him a ticket to kitten?" Evan asked Erica as they entered the house.

"Just shut up Evan!" She yelled at him.

"I don't even know what you see in that trash," he said.

"That trash will soon be my husband."

They entered the house and walked straight upstairs to a room they called the dark room. They found one of the guys who took Ludo inside standing motionless.

Evan looked at the guard and he just nodded. They entered the room and found Ludo sited on a chair still unconscious.

"Are you kidding me?" Evan looked at Erica.


"This is her?" He pointed at Ludo.

"According to the picture you showed me and the name, its definitely her," Erica grabbed a chair and sat.

"Can someone wake her up!" Evan yelled.

The man on the door hurriedly entered and poured cold water on Ludo. She slowly woke up to a strange room and people. She touched her neck which was hurting.

"You can go outside now," Evan ordered the man.

"Where am I?" Ludo asked scared.

"Don't worry darling," Erica rubbed her eyes. "I don't like the light in this room," she complained.

Evan looked at her and reached for the manuscript in the drawer of a table. He walked to Ludo. Ludo recognized the manuscript.

"The Family that kills together, stays together," Evan read the title.

"Is that my manuscript?" Ludo asked.

"Ludo Sakala?"

"That's me!"

"Then it’s yours."

"Where did you get it?"

"Doesn't matter. What matters is where did you get all the stuff you wrote about in this manuscript of yours?" Evan rubbed his chin.

Ludo couldn't fathom was happening.

"Where am I?" She was finally coming to her senses.

"I don't like that question," Evan clenched his fist.

"I asked you a question Ludo," Evan knelt before Ludo with the manuscript in his hand.

"I don't know what you want. Please let me go," Ludo tried to get up and run for the door.

Even let her pass him. He looked at Erica.

"My pleasure," Erica stood up.

Ludo couldn't open the door. She screamed for help.

"You should listen to your elders," Erica said as she bounced on her toes.

Before Ludo could turn around, she felt hands in her hair and found herself been dragged back to the chair.

"It hurts," she cried out.

"All your fault," Evan said stepping aside.

"Now sit like a jumbo," Erica's eyes were burning with fury.

Ludo sat back in the chair shaking.

"Let's start again," Evan tightened his tie and walked to Ludo. "The manuscript. Who gave you the information in it?"

"That's my information," Ludo answered.

Evan and Erica laughed.

"It’s true. I didn't plagiarise it, I wrote it alone," Ludo defended herself.

"If you think you can play with us, you're wrong," Erica gave out a bitter laugh.

"I don't know what's happening honestly. Whatever it is you think I did, its not me please."

Evan and Erica looked at each other.

Evan nodded at Erica.

Erica drew in a long breath and walked to Ludo.

"Do you know we are showing you mercy?" Erica asked Ludo.

Ludo looked at Erica expressionless.

"We have a brother. Me and him," she pointed at Evan. " As a matter of fact, his twin. Everything we are doing here, he would amplify it. So before we take you to him. Tell us who gave you the information."

"No one. I wrote it myself I promise you. Is it Mr. Visashi? Isn't he happy with my work?" Ludo questioned Erica.

Erica looked at Evan, "Who is Mr. Visashi."

"An editor who wanted to publish her book," Evan answered flipping the pages of the manuscript.

"No darling its not Mr. Visashi. What you wrote in this manuscript talks about us. I'm sure you know us and you are just pretending," Erica was getting angry.

"I don't know you people," Ludo dropped a tear.

"Let me just break the ice," Evan stepped forward.

"Don't," Erica stopped him.

"What?" Evan asked. "If she admits to it, we will just kill her."

Ludo continued crying.

"What if its not them?" Erica asked Evan.

"Who else can want this information to be public apart from them?" Evan pushed Erica away from Ludo.

"Is it the Patel’s?" He folded his hands.

"I don't know what you're talking about please let me go," Ludo sobbed.

Evan's chest rose and fell with rapid breaths. He looked at Erica and nodded his head. He jerked Ludo's head in the direction of Erica.

"Look at her!" He shouted furiously.

Ludo cried.

"That is Jezebel in your book."

"Hi," Erica waved at Ludo.

"And guess who Iam?"

Ludo couldn't get her voice out in between sobs.

"I'm Brains. And my brother, well my brother. You don't need to meet him. I hope you don't meet him."

In that moment, Ludo's eyes turned white. Evan let go of her and stepped backwards as he looked at Erica in shock. Ludo fell on the floor and started shaking.

"What have you done?" Erica asked Evan.

"Shit!" Evan cussed. "She's sick," he adjusted his tie.

They left her in the room and went downstairs. They didn't have anything to say each to other. They had been given a task which was simple and it was obvious they were failing. They both knew that if they didn't get the information from Ludo, they would be in trouble.

"What do you think?" Erica asked Evan.

"I don't know. She seems innocent and she's sick. Damn!"

"Don't let her sickness fool you. She knows something."

"The Patel’s have a way of making their minions die with a NO. I wouldn't be surprised. Those Indians," Evan fidgeted.

"Sir there is a girl outside saying she wants to see you," the maid told Evan.

"Who is it?" Evan asked.

"She said she's Melanie."

"What the hell? How did she get in?"

"I don't know sir but she said you are expecting her."

"Who is Melanie?" Erica asked.

"Some random chic I banged last week. I can't believe I gave her the address."

"You are already over Hi.......?" Erica asked him.

"Don't mention her name. I don't know where she is. It gets me worried," Evan's face turned sad.

"Sir what should I tell her?" The maid asked.

"Go tell her to wait. I'm coming."

The maid left.

"This Ludo?" Evan stiffened.

"Let's wait for her to calm down. She will curl," Erica said. "And what do we do with her when we find out she's lying?"

"Get rid of her."

Ludo woke up. She tried to figure out what was happening around her. She remembered what was happening and ran to the corner and entwined herself. She cried for her parents but had a feeling they were far away.

The door opened. An old classy lady entered the room with a glass of water in her hand. She walked to Ludo without saying a word and handed her the cup.

"Drink my child," she said.

Ludo got the cup and drank the water in a flash.

"Who are you?" Ludo asked moving backwards.

The lady smiled and told Ludo to stand up.

"Let's leave this room," she held Ludo's room. "Someone has to work on the light in this room."

Ludo and the old lady walked downstairs. As soon as they reached the floor, they found Erica drinking from a bottle of wine which she let go of once she saw Ludo and the woman.

"Mom!" She shouted. "What are you doing here?"

Ludo let go of the woman and stepped away from her.

"Don't be afraid my child," she looked at Ludo. "Last I checked, this is my house," She answered Erica.

"But we thought you and Ethan are out of the country," Erica tapped her foot.

"Lioness leaves her den and this is what happens," she looked at Erica.

"I can explain mom," Erica said shaking. "It is Evan's fault."

"What is?" Evan asked entering the room. "Mom!" He equally yelled. "What a surprise!"

"Who is that?" She asked Evan.

Evan looked behind and Melanie was awkwardly standing there.

"I told you to leave," he shouted at her.

"I'm not going until you tell me the truth," Melanie said. "I thought you said you loved me."

"When will you ever grow up Evan?" His mother asked disappointed.

Ludo recognised the voice. She looked over and saw Melanie.

"Melanie!" She called her.

"Ludo!" Melanie called her back surprised. "What are you doing here?"

Evan, Erica and their mother looked at each other.

"You two know each other?" Erica asked.

"Yes. From high school," Melanie ran and hugged Ludo.

Ludo whispered in Melanie's ear, "Help me please."

"Girls break it off," Evan's mother said grabbing Ludo's hand. "Evan. Take good care of your guest. It's late. They are spending the night here."

"But mom."

"No buts. Sleep with her in your bedroom," she commanded him. "Melanie are you okay with that?"

"Yes mom Iam," Melanie answered excitedly.

Erica looked at Melanie disgustingly.

"Now you young lady. Let me show you where to sleep. We have a lot to discuss tomorrow," Evans mother told Ludo.

Ludo was led to a beautiful guest bedroom. She was told to take a shower. She was given food to eat.

"Now rest my child," Evan's mother told Ludo.

"Why are you been nice to me?" Ludo asked.

"Sometimes my children behave like animals. I wouldn't blame them because I raised them like that," she sighed.

Evan's mother stood up.

"Wait madam! The manuscript? Your children are saying I ......"

"Shhhhhhh. You have to rest now," Evans mother told Ludo. "By the way you can Call me Elise," she closed the door behind her.

Ludo could hear that the door was locked from outside. She got up and went to the windows but they were also locked. Ludo couldn't do anything but wait for the following morning. What the day held for her, she didn't know. All she could do was pray and hope that things wouldn't be as bad as they had been on that day.

To be continued

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Blood Lives Here - Episode 7

© Brian Ngoma

Ludo entered a room. From a distance, she saw a round table. A voice called her to sit. She hesitated but another angry voice ordered her to sit down. As she walked to the table, she saw four people sited but couldn't see their faces. She felt sweat on her forehead but couldn't wipe it, her hands were suddenly tied. She looked at the figures in front of her but the moment she sat down, she stopped hearing their voices but could only see their heads move. There was a blood stained knife on the table. She felt something move behind her. She wanted to shout but couldn't. One of the figures in front of her stood up and started walking to her. She felt something hairy on her shoulder. Her body was filled with Goosebumps. She slowly moved her head to check it out and it was a tail. The figure coming towards her picked the knife from the table. She heard a silent roar and knew there was an animal behind her; not just any animal but a vicious one. The animal lurked behind her. Using her side eye, she saw green eyes glowing. She closed her eyes in anticipation to either be stabbed or be devoured.

There was silence. She heard a door been unlocked from a near distance and it opened. Ludo opened her eyes to Elise standing in front of her holding a tray of breakfast.

"Bad dream?" Elise smiled.

Ludo looked around. She was still in the beautiful guest bedroom she had been put the previous night.

"Yes," she wiped her sweat.

"You need to bath. You are sweater."

"I know," Ludo sat upright looking at Elise.

"Well bath and eat. I'll be in the garden with my husband. You'll find me," Elise smiled and left Ludo alone.

Ludo took time to get out of bed. She was hesitant to eat the food. She didn't know these people and the way the children mistreated her the previous night, she knew she didn't have to trust anyone. She finally managed to bath. When she came out of the bathroom, she found some clothes on the bed. She didn't change into those, she decided to remain in hers. She went downstairs and found Erica and Evan arguing about something. They stopped when they saw her. She stood looking at them.

"Go to the garden," Erica told Ludo rudely.

"I don't know where the garden is," Ludo said.

"Take her," Evan said.

"Why me?" Erica looked at him.

"Let me deal with the LovePeddler in my bedroom," Evan left.

Erica told Ludo to follow her. They got out of the house and went to the garden which was located on the right side of the backyard of the house.

"There they are," Erica pointed Ludo to her parents.

Ludo walked slowly to the garden.

"You're up now," Elise smiled at Ludo.

Ludo nodded.

"Take a sit."

Ludo sat on a garden chair.

"My garden gives me peace of mind," Elise said inhaling slowly. "This is my favorite part of this house."

"What do you want from me?" Ludo asked. "I want to go home."

"Aww. Look at you. You miss your parents, right?"


"It has come to my attention that you have a condition. Is it true?"

"Yes I'm epileptic. Been here makes me vulnerable to the seizures because I'm not taking my meds."

Elise looked at Ludo with a sad face. It was as if she understood and felt what Ludo was saying.

"Look at my husband," she turned around. "Nalishuwa Humuumbu. My Tonga Bull."

Ludo tilted her head to see him. She saw him on a wheelchair staring at some flowers.

"That is my husband of 47 years. We got married when we were teens. We were madly in love," Elise looked at the blue skies. "He got sick 11 years ago."

"What is his problem?" Ludo asked.

"Stroke; the doctors say. We have had several operations and treatments but nothing seems to work. He doesn't even speak now."

"That's sad."

"He built everything from scratch. Everything we are today, my children and I owe it to him."

"Why are you telling me all this?"

"You see my child. When you are charged with the responsibility of taking care of people who you truly love and a threat comes from the outside, you tend to do anything to protect them. Wouldn't you do the same my child?"

Ludo was confused.

"So let's talk about the manuscript," Elise moved her chair to Ludo's. "Tell me, who paid you to write about us?"

"No one. I told your children the same thing."

Elise took a long breath.

"Yes they told me. Unlike them I believe you," she smiled.

"Really? Why?"

"Yes my child," Elise answered.

Ludo was surprised. How could she believe her just like that? She asked herself.

"Are you letting me go?"

"You are not a prisoner here my child," Elise said. "I'm just asking for a favor."

"What?" Ludo asked feeling her heartbeat race faster than usual.

"Don't tell anyone about what happened here. I'm sure you wouldn't want to do or say anything that would put your parents in jeopardy. Would you?"


"I thought so. And one other request. Whenever I need you here, you are required to come without hesitations. There is so much we have to talk about; me and you. I like you. You remind me of me when i was young."

There was something about Elise that Ludo couldn't figure out. It was in between friendliness and dangerous. Whatever it was, Ludo didn't want to bring it out.

"I agree," Ludo said.

"Melanie will take you home. Oh and one other thing, you spent the night at Melanie’s. You two were catching up after a long time."

Evan and Melanie showed up in the garden. Melanie was glowing. She couldn't hide the smile on her face. Evan was disgusted with her, he couldn't even look at her.

"Melanie child, how are you?" Elise asked her.

"I'm fine madam," she answered.

"Don't call me madam. Call me Elise," she smiled.

Evan looked at his mother in shock.

"Alright Elise," Melanie said.

"I'm sure my son has told you everything, right?"


"Alright. Then we are settled. Take Ludo home, she misses her parents. Ludo you can now go."

Ludo couldn't believe her ears. She was being let go. Melanie called her and off they went.

Evan and his mother stood watching the two girls go.

"Did you give her the car keys?" Elise asked.

"Yes mom."


"Why did you let her go?"

"I didn't let her go you fool. You almost blew this up."

"It wasn't my fault. It was Erica's."

"You and Erica are both stupid brats. Just one simple task and you want to cost me everything have built."

"Mom I told you I'm not good at this kind of work. I'm called Brains for a reason. I don't like getting physical, that is for Ethan."

"You have to learn."

"No mom. Where is Ethan by the way?"

"Taking care of more important matters. Did you take care of your little mess?"

Evan faced down.

"Tell me you took care of it."

"She's gone mom. I think she's dead."

"Well, good. She was a distraction. How about the man she was working with?"

"My men are still looking for him."

"They better find him and take him out," she paused. "I want you to go and meet Mr. Richards from Bank of Zambia. You should leave the manuscript with me. I haven't read it. Its time I read it. "

"Finally, something interesting," Evans face flashed.

"Go now," she dismissed him.

Elise walked to her husband. She stood in front of him while he stared at her expressionlessly.

"I will take care of it I promise," she directly looked at him in the eyes.

Kate reached her house worried. She had a strange feeling about Melanie. She was glad that Ludo was back home with her parents.

"Did she come back?" Kent asked Kate.

"Yes I left her at her place," Kate answered. "I told you she would be back."

"Where was she?"

"She was with Melanie."

"Who is Melanie?"

"My former pupil. They were in the same class. I used to teach them both."

"That's good. Then she's safe."

"Something is wrong; I can feel it. Did that man come again at your office?"

"He didn't. I pray he never shows up again."

"So what will happen to Ludo's manuscript? You have to tell her," Kate advised.

"I will call her to my office tomorrow so that I talk to her."

"Good. Let me take a bath now," Kate went to the bathroom.

Zamiwe left Ludo's bedroom door with sadness written all over her face. She saw Ludo was crying but couldn't let her talk to her. She went straight to her bedroom and sat on the bed looking at a portrait beside the bed. She thought about how simple everything was before Ludo's sickness started. She was happy with Joe. She had a good job working as a journalist until she was forced to stop and study nursing to take care of her daughter. The situation at hand, made her feel even worse. She didn't know what happened to her daughter.

Joe entered the bedroom talking on the phone with the police officer. He was reporting to him that Ludo had come back safely. After finishing talking, he put the phone on the table and sat next to Zamiwe. He could tell that she was sad.

"What happened?" He asked.

"She slammed the door on my face," Zamiwe responded.

"She need some time. I'm glad she has a friend. At least she won't be in doors that much. Outdoors is good for our daughter."

"I'm worried Joe. She was crying. I hope nothing bad happened to her," she rested her head on his shoulder.

"What could possibly happen to our daughter?" Joe smirked. "She's fine. She was just having fun with her friend."

Ludo woke up the following morning feeling tired. She just wanted to spend the whole day in bed. She was trying to make sense of what had happened to her. It all seemed like a nightmare that she had woken up from. For a minute, she wanted to believe it was but when Melanie called her, she knew everything that happened was real.

"Hi Melanie," she answered the phone.

"Hey Ludo, how are you today?" Melanie asked.

"I'm fine thanks. What can I do for you?"

"Evan told me to call you and check up on you."

Ludo felt a sharp sting in her heart.

"Is that so?"

"Yes. I don't know what you were doing there but it was a blessing finding you there. Evan told me they had found you wondering their street lost and they decided to take you in. He said you also had a seizure."

Ludo sighed.

"I didn't know you still have those. I'm taking the car; would you accompany me?"

"No Melanie I'm resting. I'll talk to you later," Ludo cut the phone.

Melanie had been lied to. She couldn’t even think because she was pampered and she liked Evan to comprehend the situation. Despite Ludo whispering in her ear that she needed help, Melanie didn't even suspect a thing. Ludo got out of bed and went to the living room where she found her parents obviously waiting for her. With them was the police officer that had talked to Ludo's father.

Hunter waited the whole night in a club for the owner but he didn't show up. He had been tipped that the owner was in town. Been in Madagascar had made him to start looking for people who owed him because he didn't have much. The man he was waiting for had given him a job a year ago but didn't pay him.

"Sir cleaners are here; would you mind?" The bartender asked Hunter.

He looked at him.

The bartender stepped backwards.

Hunter growled.

He got up from the chair putting his shades back on.

"You say your boss didn't come back?" He asked without looking at the bartender.

"No sir," the bartender answered nervously.

"Say what?"

"He didn't come in sir."

With Hunter's experience, he felt lies in the bartender’s voice. In that moment he forced himself into a passage which he was denied entry the whole night. He walked straight into it while the bartender shouted from the distance to come back but he ignored him. He reached a door and kicked it.

"So you're here?" Hunter said clenching his fists.

"No I just got here," a man responded. "I have your money," he opened a drawer.

Hunter looked at him furiously, "You kept me here the whole night waiting for you. Your men couldn't let me come here."

"I just got here Hunter please, here is your money."

Hunter walked to the man, grabbed the money from his hands and counted.

"It’s not enough," he stared at him.

"You can come next week for the rest."

Hunter grabbed the man by his shirt and pulled him. He lifted him up and gave him the devil's stare. The man had known he was facing death in its eyes.

"Please Hunter."

"Give me one reason I shouldn't break your bones now."

"Please I have a family."

"Is that a reason?"

"I know something you might be interested in."

"What could that be?"

"I know you escaped from Zambia."


"There's a rumor circling around that there is manuscript about the Hamuumbu's."


"Yes. It's a story about them but not only is it a story but everything in it is factual. Apparently, all their enemies want to grab the copy of it. It is believed that it exposes them."

Hunter dropped the man on the floor.

"Are you certain?"

"Yes Hunter."

Hunter picked the notes on the table and walked to the door. He turned around and said, "If I ever find out you are lying to me, I will kill you and your whole family. Do you understand me?"

"Yes," the man gulped.

Hunter left the office.

To be continued

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Blood Lives Here - Episode 8

© Brian Ngoma

Elise couldn't put the manuscript down. With each page she flipped, she wanted to flip more. The amount of information and deep secrets she had read in just the two chapters she read were overwhelming. It went as wide as uncovering what they did as well as some important deals their company; EEE Group of companies did . She closed and looked at the manuscript and thought about Ludo. Where did she get all the information? She asked herself.

"Mom!" Erica called her.

"What Erica? I'm busy," Elise answered.

"I have brought Mr. Jackson," Erica said.

"The Accountant who ran away?" Elise asked curiously.

"Yes mom."

Elise quickly stood up and went to her daughter. She looked at her and smiled.

"You are just like me; you know that?" She asked her.

"Yes mom. You taught me to be you."

"How did you find him and Where?"

"Jezebel did the work," Erica smiled.

"Where is he?"

"He's in the dark room, he thought he was going to get some," Erica bitterly laughed.

Erica and Elise went to the darkroom where they found Mr. Jackson screaming for help. Apparently, Mr. Jackson was an accountant for Triple E group of companies. He stole a huge sum of money and fled the country. Erica had some information that he was in the country. She traced him and lured him sexually.

"I'll handle it from here my daughter," Elise told Erica. "You can go rest now."

"But I want to......"

"No Erica let me handle it, ... Go and rest and probably take that low life fiance of yours out. What is his name again?"

"Jean," Erica rolled her eyes.

"Yes Jean. Go now," she dismissed her.

Elise entered the darkroom. As soon as Mr. Jackson saw Elise, he started explaining himself. She looked at him disgustingly as he bickered endlessly.

"Shut up!" She shouted.

Mr. Jackson went quiet.

She smiled, "You know what kind of people I hate. Those who take things they didn't work for. I hate such."

"Mrs. Hamuumbu I'm sorr...."

"Didn't I just tell you to shut up?"


"Do you know the impact your actions had on my companies?" She circled him. "It was a blow and it took me months to cover it up. I had to make sacrifices."

Elise stepped away from him and stood at the door. She looked at him and nodded her head.

"I pity you Mr. Jackson. You were my favorite accountant. You had a bright future and now its bleak. You have brought this on yourself," she opened the door and there stood a tall huge bald man.

Mr. Jackson screamed.

"He is all yours Ethan," Elise said.

"Is that brawler?" Mr. Jackson cried out.

Elise looked at him and answered, "That's how you know him. He's my Ethan." She paused. "Do as you please with him my boy," she touched Ethan’s shoulder.

Elise walked out of the room as Ethan entered. She locked it. She heard the screams from inside. She heard each and every punch till Mr. Jackson couldn't let out his voice. Satisfied, she walked away with her head high and pride reigned supreme.

"Sit down Ludo," Zamiwe told her.

"What is happening?" Ludo looked at her father. "Why is he here?" She pointed at the police officer. "Am i in some kind of trouble?"

"Sit down sweetie," Zamiwe looked at Ludo.

"We called him when we thought you went missing so he was just making a follow up and probably ask you some questions," Joe answered.

"I told you I was at Melanie’s. Why would you want to question me?" Ludo looked at her mother.

"Your parents are just worried about you," the police officer joined.

"I'm not talking to you excuse me," Ludo said. "Mom!"

"Ludo please!" Zamiwe begged her.

"I can't take this," Ludo stood up. "Just one night out and you are acting like this. Have I ever done something like this before? Am i not allowed to have some fun?"

"Wait Ludo it’s not like that," Joe said.

"You people are selfish," she stormed out and ran to her bedroom.

Zamiwe couldn't believe her ears. Ludo had never talked to them like that before. Hearing her bedroom door bang, she knew it wasn't a good time to talk to her.

"We are sorry officer," Joe told him. "I guess we are just over reacting. Our daughter was just having fun."

"Its fine," the officer said and left the house.

Ludo felt bad after talking to her parents like that. She knew she didn't have to come out like that. It was her fears that clouded her judgement. She was projecting them to her parents. There was a knock on her bedroom door.

"I'm sleeping!" Ludo lied.

"Ludo it’s me Nancy, I have brought you breakfast."

"I'm not hungry."

"I have the other key with me. I'm entering now," Nancy unlocked the door and entered.

Ludo looked at her with a dull face.

"What? Your parents gave me the key. They want you to eat," Nancy put the tray on Ludo's bed. "Eat something now."

Ludo was hungry. She pulled the tray close to her and started eating. Nancy watched her as she ate.

"Your parents are worried about you," Nancy said.

"I know but they don't need to be. I'm perfectly fine," Ludo said as she drunk her tea.

"You went out without saying a thing and you came back with a friend they never knew. It got them worried."

"I have known Melanie since grade 10. She's a good friend," Ludo said.

"So how was your first sleepover?" Nancy asked excitedly.

"It was a sleepover," Ludo replied.

"Details. What did you girls talk about?"


"What kind?"

Ludo was growing impatient with the questions. She pushed the tray to Nancy indicating she was done and wanted her gone. Nancy read between the lines and got the tray and left. Ludo got her phone and texted both her parents saying she was sorry for the way she talked to them.

Kate went to the administration at her school to see the Deputy headmistress. She walked into the office and found the Deputy having her lunch.

"I don't like being disturbed when I'm eating Kate," the Deputy joked.

"You are just a foodie," Kate said sitting down. "That looks yummy."

"I'm not giving you anything," the Deputy laughed. "How are you?"

"I'm fine Rosaria," Kate answered. "How are you and the family?"

"Family fine. I'm fine as well."

"How is our editor husband? Isn't he now the Director of Book world?" Rosaria laughed.

"He's still getting there."

"How may I help you Kate?"

"I need information on my former pupil."

"What kind of information?"

"Just everything about her."

"You know you can find all that on Facebook. Kids these days put all their information on social media."

"I know but a lot lie."

"Which one?"

"Melanie Chalwe."

"The stubborn Melanie. I hated that girl God forgive me," Rosaria laughed. "Let me see."

Rosaria put her plate on the table and went to grab a file from another office. Kate waited for her till she came back.

"I think this is it," Rosaria handed a file to Kate.

Kate went through the file and something caught her attention. As the file read, Melanie was an orphan. The time she was in school, she used to live with her aunt. Her aunt couldn't afford to pay her schools so she was being sponsored by FAWEZA. Kate didn't want to leave with the file lest Rosaria suspected anything. She just noted the important things she needed.

"That will be all," she handed back the file.

"Why did you need the file?" Rosaria asked.

"I just needed to find out something," Kate said. "I recently bumped into her."

"OH. Alright."

"Thank you. Lunch is over, I'm heading back to class now," Kate stood up.

She got outside the administration block and called Kent.

"Hello love," Kent answered.

"I think that girl Melanie is lying," Kate said.

"I told you not to pursue that Kate. Leave it be. The girls spent the night out. What's the big deal?" Kent asked.

"I don't know," Kate answered. "Something doesn't feel right."

"With you, everything doesn't feel right."


"No buts let's just live our lives. Forget about that."

Kate got quiet.

"I'm at Ludo's now. I'm here to tell her about the manuscript," Kent sighed over the phone.

"Well good luck, see you later."

"Don't pursue Melanie anymore. Leave it. You understand?"

"Yes Kent. I have stopped."

"Good," Kent cut the call as he entered Ludo's compound.

Kent knew that Ludo would eventually ask about the manuscript. He figured before she asked him, he had to go and talk to her. He found her outside reading a book.

"Mr. Visashi!" She exclaimed upon seeing him.

"Hi Ludo," Kent said nervously.

Kent sat down. He greeted her and told her about how worried he was when she disappeared. He didn't know how he would go about telling her about the manuscript.

"So the manuscript," he paused.

Ludo looked at him.

"The thing is," he stammered. "It hasn't been approved. My colleagues say it needs a lot of work."

"Ok!" Ludo said.

Kent was surprised by the manner Ludo took the news. In all years that he had dealt with rejected writers, after telling them about their work been not approved. He would have to start comforting them and giving them tissues to wipe their tears. Never had he came across a person who was as calm as Ludo when told the bad news.

"So you're okay with it?" He asked her.

"Totally yea," she answered.

He inhaled and exhaled relief.

"My advice is that you start working on a new novel. Make up your own world, something like that. People these days love that kind of thing. You are a great writer."


"I'll send the manuscript next week. Is that okay?"


"Okay I'm going back to work now. Take good care of yourself and always tell your parents when you are going out," Kent laughed as he walked to the gate.

Ludo looked at him. She could tell he was scared. She knew there and then that they got the manuscript direct from him and he was threatened too. Ludo only wanted to forget about the ordeal and she was doing pretty good.

A few days into the book, four chapters to be precise, Elise stumbled into something that made her furious. A dark secret that only she knew, was in Ludo's manuscript. She paced around her bedroom.

"How could this be?" She threw the manuscript. "This is impossible."

Elise grabbed her phone and summoned Erica and Evan. They were all in the house planning out their tasks. She found them sited in the TV room. Erica and Evan could tell that she was upset when she came in and dropped the manuscript on the table.

"Who else has this?" She looked at Evan.

"I don't know," he answered.

"If there are other copies out there, they have to be destroyed right away," Elise said in a fury.

"What is it mom?" Erica asked.

"A few chapters in this and I ......" Elise couldn't get her words out. "Bottom line, everything on this has to be destroyed."

"Okay mom," Evan stood up and dialed Mr. Visashi's number.

"Who are you calling?" Elise asked.

"The editor."

Evan called Kent three times and he wasn't picking up.

"This coward of a man," he growled.

"Try again," Erica said.

He called again and was answered.

"Who is this?" Kent asked.

"It's your friend Brains," Evan answered.

"What do you want?" Kent asked.

"Don't be rude now," Evan said. "Here is the thing. I need all the copies of the manuscript you gave me."

"That was the only copy."

"Are you sure?"


"And if you're lying?"

"I'm not lying I promise. If there is a copy, then it’s a soft copy."

"I guess that would be with Ludo, right?" Evan asked.

Kent didn't answer.

"Okay bye then. Pass my regards to Kate," Evan cut the call.

Elise and Erica were looking at him. He put the phone in his pocket and faced them.

"What?" Elise looked at Evan.

"He said he doesn't have any copies. This was the only one he had."

"But?" Erica inquired.

"There is a soft copy. It's with Ludo."

"Get her here now!" Elise commanded and stormed out of the room.

Erica and Evan looked at each other.

"You are getting her," Erica pointed at Evan.

"No I'm not, I have more important things to do," Evan said.

"I got her last time. I'm not going there again," Erica said.

"You don't have a choice."

"No No No."

"I have an important video meeting with Mr. Richards from Bank of Zambia in the next few minutes," Evan checked his watch.

"You are being unfair you know; why do I always have to do the dirty work?" Erica complained.

"I don't know," Evan shrugged. "Maybe because you're dirty."

Erica looked at him angrily.

"You two!" Ethan stood on the door.

Erica and Evan shook when they heard his voice.

"Hey brother!" They said at the same time.

Ethan walked to where they had stood.

"You're always quarreling," he looked at Evan.

The two were silent.

"Sometimes I don't believe that we are twins Evan," Ethan said. "The only good thing about you is that you're intelligent. Other than that, you're one useless piece of crap who spends money on useless things and whores."

Evan gulped.

"Little sis. Our Jezebel. The mighty LovePeddler," Ethan turned to Erica.

Erica clenched her fists.

"What?" Ethan noticed. "You want to beat me up?" He laughed.

"No," she answered nervously.

"Let's end this discussion. Evan you are getting the girl. Its final."


Ethan looked at him.

"Okay brother."

"Now let me find out why mother is bothered," Ethan walked out of the TV room.

Elise couldn't sit down. She looked at her husband on the bed who did nothing but only managed to move his eyes. Ethan walked in and stood at the corner of the room.

"I don't know how she knows," Elise fidgeted.

"Know what mother?" Ethan asked.

Elise bit her nails nervously.

"I did something bad a long time ago."

"Still doing bad, aren't we?" Ethan smiled wickedly.

"This is no joke Ethan."

"Then tell me I sort it out."

"Here, read for yourself," she handed him the manuscript and pointed at a paragraph of a page. "I'm being referred as Eliza in it."

Ethan grabbed the manuscript and read;



To be continued

Read more here - www.youngicee.com

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