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My Small Book Of Dark Philosophies by onojaford(m): 9:12am On Jul 17, 2021

My Small Book of Dark Philosophies is a collection of original thoughts which centers largely on pessimism, the psychology of human manipulation, an exploration of a darker part of humans and even of the author himself.

It's definitely a good-read for soldiers, entrepreneurs, social workers and every other thing that parades itself as "human."

Life is not worth living if it's not worth reading.

NOTE: I will be posting random excerpts from the book, from time to time.

Re: My Small Book Of Dark Philosophies by onojaford(m): 9:16am On Jul 17, 2021
It is better to go for the low and later be surprised by a highly behavior than
to go for what appears high and be eventually surprised by lowly behavior.
The latter, yields disappointment and brokenness of heart. The first brings
about a form of joy which is as a result of being positively surprised. It is also
perfect to go for what is low and get a lowly behavior. In this case, things are
said to be in accord.

Men fight for power in the manner that it satisfies their inherent insanity. To
some, calling them a god or feeling godly, or assuming the position of a god
would do for them. For such people, if their need to be deified is not met, they
go off crazier than ever.

The inner state of the mind or of anything else can be determined without
fail, by its outward appearance. For every appearance is a reflection of an
inward state. Vain adoration of the body, vain apparels and jewelries are all
physical pointers to a vain mind.

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Re: My Small Book Of Dark Philosophies by onojaford(m): 9:20am On Jul 17, 2021
If you are sophisticated, never forget that you will encounter countless
simpletons in your walk through life. Only learn to deal with them

To judge another or a thing through the eyes of one’s inexperience brings
about misconceptions and a distorted view of life. A person like this will
always be shocked by harsh reality. You cannot kill does not mean that your
neighbor also cannot, won’t or has not killed. You can’t or you do not lie, and
you won’t lie, but it does not mean that your neighbor won’t or can’t or,
haven’t followed in those lines.

If you are simple, be aware of your simplicity, but seek to broaden your
perspective by insight. Seek and ask questions about what exists in reality.
You ought to be curious to know the true and real nature of things beyond
appearances. Every human is unique, so you have to deal with them
accordingly. Even in their so-called simplicity and stupidity, they all got

On people and their various natures: basically there are two kinds of nature
relating to humans. Good and Evil. A good-natured person will always be
good and cannot be corrupted, though they utilize the tool of evil. Evil to a
good-natured person is only a tool, just as “good,” to an evil-natured person is
also a tool. A good-natured man can use so-called “evil” such as killing or
murder to bring about a good course (such as the murder of “true” evil
people). An evil-natured man can use so-called “good,” such as charity, to win
the heart, sympathy, and empathy of fellow men. Eventually, an evil man
cannot become good no matter what religion or doctrine he adheres to. His
adherence to those, are called “tooling,” which means utilizing the tool of

Thieves are born. A man may steal, yet he is not a thief. He stole out of a true
necessity. A thief is one who steals at all the times opportunity presents itself.
The thief even goes out of his way to seek opportunities. When a man is in
need of a particular thing and that thing presents itself, without him going
out to seek it actively, the man should covet such property at once! It is not
theft, but providential. It does not matter to whom it formerly belonged.
Let it also be known that a good-natured being can become “evil” by habitual
and perpetual utilization of the tool of evil and vice-versa. But it never means
that he is evil-natured.
Re: My Small Book Of Dark Philosophies by onojaford(m): 9:23am On Jul 17, 2021
Before thinking of what is right or wrong, moral or amoral, noble or ignoble;
one should first of all think of what is advantageous and favorable, first, to
oneself, then to a given whole. This “given whole” could be a community, a
nation or neighbors. Selfishness is the rule of individual or human politics and
it should properly be understood and utilized. Without being acceptably
selfish, one cannot love others. Humans are framed to be selfish, and there
should be no giving-up of oneself for another unless a man has had enough of
himself. Who gives what he does not have? Materially, a man should be
satisfied before he gives. Counter wise, would yield to undesired poverty,
perpetual lack, and destitution.

Yet a man may not have much but he gives. He gave because he was not in
need of the object he gave and that is a right kind of giving. If you need a
thing which you are aware that you need, never on any account give it out for
altruistic reasons. No! Silently, consciously or subconsciously, you must
regret such act. Give because you have enough and you wish to give. True
altruism happens when a man has been brought to a state where he is in need
of nothing. Therefore, such a man can give all, even to his own disadvantage.
Altruism is a saintly act, and being a saint cannot be the goal of many people
in this life.

Not all will attain an altruistic state; hence no man should be ashamed of his
selfish nature. Until it is understood and accepted that selfishness is a ruling
entity, in fact, a driving one in the nature of humans, then hypocritical giving
and acts will not be stopped. Hypocrisy can’t and won’t be minimized until a
man has accepted his own hypocrisy. And there is no need to accept or even
minimize it. But there is a great need never to tag others “hypocrites” in the
spirit of an insult or condemnation unless you have first known that you are a
hypocrite yourself. In fact, there should be no need for that word at all in our

And beware of all those who preach against selfishness so ardently, for they
are the chief advocates of selfish acts. If not for selfishness, why does it bother
you that other people are being selfish? If not for selfishness, why then do you
want others to do good to you, instead of otherwise?
The high way to hell is paved with all the good intentions you want to do to
other people. Do good, first, to yourself. When a man is becoming truly good,
he becomes selfish. And such is the paradox of the life of essence and
Re: My Small Book Of Dark Philosophies by onojaford(m): 9:25am On Jul 17, 2021
Life is a perfect order and there are no accidents. As a man learns to be
grateful for his life and whatever befalls him, then his true evolution shall
begin. Every man should be aware of his desires and also his prayers
(consciously and unconsciously).

No human is important. But those who will come to realize this shall become
important in the eyes of other men. And how can this be realized? To realize
this, a man must become genuinely inconsiderate about other men, such that
he shall not have the capacity to feel remorse for his brutal actions. By this, he
shall be feared. Humans can, and will always be held bond for a time long
enough, by fear rather than by love. Therefore, there is a greater security in
being feared than there is in being loved. Love profits nothing but definite
disrespect of the supposed object of power. Fear yields respect and
subjugation. Love may also emanate from fear, but whether love emanate
from fear or not, is not important. The one for whom this doctrine is meant
must learn that it is useless to be loved, but profitable to be feared. The one
who can grasp and resonate with this doctrine must always know that he is
the only one that matters whenever he is placed in relation to others. If he
murders anyone, he should bring himself to the point of believing that he has
merely crushed a louse. In truth and reality, he should feel no worse or better
than he would when he crushes an actual louse.

The possessor of power should never ever threaten anybody. If he is offended
by another, he should only act in accordance with his drive for revenge, if at
all he has the capacity to. But if he is too weak or incapacitated to act, he
should keep quiet and let the matter die down. That is a better approach than
threatening an offender or indulging in open altercations. In fact, open
altercations are forbidden for anyone who possesses true power. If the other
party runs his mouth, then he should keep his own mouth shut and instead,
strategize a life-threatening attack upon the offender, else, he should let
things be.

It is always better to let the man who killed your mother go free than to
threaten him. If you would not let him go, then decide his punishment.
Render upon him at a time most appropriate for you. But never involve
yourself in an altercation. Kill a man if you would, but desist from threats.
Re: My Small Book Of Dark Philosophies by onojaford(m): 9:26am On Jul 17, 2021
Do you wish to avert an accident? Then envisage all the possibilities of its
occurrence. Study to understand those possibilities in your thinking. When
this is done, though accidents, as it is in their nature are not totally avoidable,
the degree of severity of the envisioned and understood accidents will be
definitely minimal. This is because, you have not only seen it but you have
also devised ways to avert it. An accident foreseen can easily be managed as
you will not be taken by uncertainty. A man errs if he prays that his life be
free of accidents, sorrows, mishaps and other harsh realities. But a man begins
to advance once he prays for strength to forebear accidents and losses.
Sorrow deepens the soul.
Re: My Small Book Of Dark Philosophies by onojaford(m): 9:27am On Jul 17, 2021
Are you a robber? Would you be successful in your vocation? Then never
operate in terrains you are not familiar with. In every terrain of your
operation, know at least four routes of escape. Also learn never to be afraid of
your own footsteps, shadows and other imaginary forms. When you are
almost trapped or eventually trapped, retain calmness. Calmness is a virtue
which is spurring to the success of your career.

Robbery is an expression of aggression; therefore, you must never embark on
such a venture without possessing the tools of aggression. Even as you
possess them, you must learn how to unleash aggression on any resistances
that encounter you, by those tools, if you would operate successfully. Lastly,
never be so certain that you won’t be caught. Rather, exercise yourself to be
so certain that if you are caught, you must maintain your calm and be free
from every form of fretting.
Re: My Small Book Of Dark Philosophies by onojaford(m): 9:28am On Jul 17, 2021
If a man preaches sternly against a particular “vice,” it means that he is
shackled by that very vice and he therefore speaks against it in bitter spirit
because of the guilt that haunts him. By this theory which has been observed
closely enough to be considered infallible, let no man trust a preacher neither
should they have any confidence in him. The preacher is a singular
compendium of struggles against the so many vices which entraps him.
Preaching against them gives him a momentary sense of self-righteousness.
But in his malady, he forgets that there is no man in the earth who is so good,
and does not sin. The preacher, be it of morals, or whatever, is a senseless
mad man.
He may cultivate enough discipline to suppress and conceal his vices before
men and be eventually thought as a “holy man,” but we live in a balanced
universe of cosmos, without any form of chaos, therefore, his concealed and
suppressed vices shall make a radical appearance in the lives of his children,
without fail. Also, his contrived-holiness shall make a reversal in his
children’s life. All theses shall be obvious.
Know from now that holy men do not preach! They only love, and seek to
understand, and probably be understood. They leave humans to live as they
will, yet they end up bringing about spiritual or moral reforms, which was in
the first place, never their ultimate goal.
Re: My Small Book Of Dark Philosophies by onojaford(m): 9:29am On Jul 17, 2021
No matter how unbearable or intolerable the circumstances, a young person
who is not up to the age of forty-five years should not take his own life. The
conflicts and depression he currently undergoes are energies which can be
used to do work; and when such a work is done through his depressive moods
or conflicts, he shall finally attain elevation and his works shall continue to
speak long after he has gone – simply because it was done through a form of
energy which is not merely ordinary. But having no understanding, the
young person begins to seek elevation and elation in making friends and in
the pursuit of pleasures. Woefully, he shall decline even the most. That one
shall begin to get suicidal. The ideation will continue in the proportion to
which the individual seeks external fulfillment, until suicide is completed.
He who is depressed should seek less company. Drugs – stimulating or
depressing should be entirely avoided, right from the thinking of it. Alcohol,
shunned! He should, in his depression, find his work and begin to do it. Work,
sleep, walk, read, and meditate on nothing, and you will begin to grow into
happiness, but not assuredly. You may remain depressed and you must accept
that that is your madness, and from that, you should do your greatest work.
In fact, happiness shouldn’t be very much of your goal. Finding your work
and doing it, is your goal.
If at forty-five years old, you feel accomplished and tired of the whole of
living, you can take your own life, but that should be less of an option. Your
life as you have found it was not orchestrated by you. Why not live it in pain,
sorrow or happiness, until a disease, an accident or age truncates it for you?
Depression and every feeling of despair is a work energy which most people
will never understand, even after reading this...
Re: My Small Book Of Dark Philosophies by onojaford(m): 9:30am On Jul 17, 2021
When a man is obviously striving to attain a remarkable success, or when he
is on his path to undeniable achievement, his peers mostly, and some others
around him will begin to give him flattering and hypocritical attention from
the very onset, when they are all not certain that this man will attain success.
They hail him to the end of flattery because they think he will fail. But if this
man be a man of steel-will who has resolved to win, and apparently, he begins
to win, something strange will happen at this stage: those people who
formerly hailed him and asked after his business as though they cared, will
suddenly stop doing so; but this is out of a new jealously which they feel. Now
they see that this man cannot be flattered because in the first place, he wasn’t
flattering himself.
These set of people will begin to envy his success, but these are the people
who will achieve nothing remarkable themselves. There is another category
whom instead of envying, will seek to work with this man or genuinely
support him, not out of flattery or any form of hypocritical attention, but out
of a goodwill and brotherhood. If the potential-achiever must rise fully, then
he must sieve flatters from his associations. Deep down, they are the enemies
of his success. But as it is that the achiever will grow mightily and the enemy,
so minute, the enemy will eventually worship and revere the works of the
All these happen because there is a desire in all men which is against the
positive progress of his fellow, especially when the one who hates is not
progressing himself. Most of your peers never want you to be better than
they are. But to become better, you must ruthlessly severe your links to such
people, when you detect any; because “getting better” is far from their
genuine life goal. This entire phenomenon which has been analyzed above
shall be called The Dark Polarity of Human Nature.
It is ignorance at its highest altitude for a man to be negatively envious over
the progress of other people. Know him not that for every achievement there
were painful prices paid and he that is being envied has paid his duly? If the
price is mentioned to the envious one, he may not be able to pay it even;
maybe for a lack of capacity, ability or unwillingness. So why be envious?
Find your own vocation instead, and by your own sheer ability, shine!

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