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Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 12:05pm On May 02, 2018

Copyright@ Proteller James 2018

This novel is entirely a work of fiction. The names, characters and incidents portrayed in it are the work of the author's
imagination. Any resemblance to actual person, living or dead, events or localities is entirely coincidental.

All rights reserved. No part of this publication maybe reproduced , stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form
or by any means,electronic,mechanical ,photocopying,recordingorotherwise,without the prior permission of PROTELLER JAMES


The room is blue with beautiful murals on the wall, hand painted by someone who knew what they were doing. The scene is of the stilt walkers that cruise down the county streets in the winter festival. The colours are like nothing else, vibrant, strong. No washed out blues and insipid baby colours, whoever he was. And it was a he,

THEY made their way into the bedroom to consumate their marriage, rowella stared at the room in awe, The room is like a perfect magazine cover. Rowella WAs afraid to sit in case she wrinkles the fabric or stain it with something she don't even know is on her. The couch is cream but inlaid with a fine green silk; leaves embroidered so delicately that they might have landed there in spring and just sunk in, but they both knew they took hundreds of hours to sew. The white curtains are linen, the kind of white that is untouched by hands and devoid of dust. A cursory look to the right shows her the almost hidden cords that are used to open and close them. There is no, no dining table, only the chairs arranged around the bespoke fireplace which leaps with a gas flame. The floor is a high polished wood, dark and free of either dust or clutter. She remembered why she was here and she took another glance at rune, disgust obvious on her face, everyone loved and respected Rune's brother Olaf, he is handsome, charismatic, a formidable warrior, and the crown prince. Rune was known to be the coward Prince, he doesn't attend functions and no-one has ever heard him talk much. When their father was still hale and healthy, him and Olaf ride off to war whilst rune stays back with the women and children. Rowella sat down on the bed, scared about the idea of rune climbing her and she bearing her child. She missed sneaking into Olaf's room and otherwise. She loved Olaf and she was sure Olaf did love her too.

“We do not have to do anything you know” said rune, rowella looked at him, he continued anyways, “to protect your dignity, I'll cut myself and everyone will believe we really did consumate”. Rowella was shocked, she could boast that ever since she has been in the palace she had never heard him talk that much. “alright, my prince” said rowella. Rune chuckled, “please, you can call me what they all call me, the coward Prince”. Rowella nodded and smiled. Rune climbed onto the bed, took out his dagger and cut himself, he spread the blood onto the bedspread, wound a rag onto the hand to control the bleeding and he slept off. Rowella took the other side of the bed and slept too.


Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 12:06pm On May 02, 2018

Roscoff, an estate owner in the county, a middle aged man with a bald head and a mean face stood in front of his identical twin, who is seated at the other end of the room on a wooden chair, with a big frown on his face. “you wouldn't dare go to war with the crown, we are elites not warriors or soldiers, don't do this brother”. Said the seated twin. Roscoff's face also creased up, “brother we can win this, the crown is weak, Olaf's father is on his death bed, Olaf is a great warrior but still young, his brother a big coward”. He walked up to his brother and knelt down in front of him and continued, “the Umbees and Gegees are with me, we can hire mercenaries and take”. The seated twin banged his fist in the table, “enough, I'm your brother and I ask you to stop!”. Roscoff laughed, “or what? Hmm, you prefer we keep paying tribute to the crown, half of our yearly earnings to those fat bleeps in the palace, let's use that money to stand up and fight, brother”. The seated twin sighed, there was a tension in the air, it was obvious this wasn't the first time they had been fighting about this topic.

“I do not know and will never understand why God made you come out first, you are weak and also a coward, you have to decide now” said Roscoff. The seated twin stared at his brother, “you will start something you might never finish brother” said the seated one. Truly they were twins but Roscoff had always been the ambitious one, he spoke up more and he earned more businesses and the respect of the people. He knew if he doesn't agree with him, although their bond was tight, Roscoff might not kill him but imprisoning him would be the easy route to take. “I might not finish it brother, but maybe my sons and my son's sons will, it's in the blood, innit brother”. Said Roscoff with a smile. Reuben the seated twin smiled back and said “I'm with you, all the way to the end”. Roscoff smile brightened, he filled two goblets with wine and handed one to his brother, they cheered and drank happily to themselves.

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Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 12:08pm On May 02, 2018
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Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 12:11pm On May 02, 2018

Everywhere was bubbling with life as the palace celebrates the third day union between rune and rowella, everyone was dressed to outdress their rivals. Rune held on to rowella's hand as they made their way into the hall. Everyone stared at them both but specifically at rowella, she was any man's dream, they stared at rune with contempt and hatred. Rune used to all these excused himself and went to where the refreshments are. He ate some berries and drank some wine. He kept tapping his cup impatiently, frowning, he looked around and the hallway was empty. He clutched his cup tighter and emptied the contents down his throat.

Rowella saw Olaf in the distance and walked up to him, his back was turned, he was busy discussing with some important estate owners in the county, rowella coughed, Olaf excused himself and turned to face her, “coughing like that ain't ladylike” he said. Rowella smiled, “didn't know you like me being polite and all”. Olaf looked around and couldn't see his brother, “last I heard, you were married”. Rowella frowned, “last I checked he didn't touch”. Olaf was stunned, he returned her a smile, “can we meet tonight?” asked Olaf. Rowella smile widen, she smacked her lips, turned her back and said, “I'll think about it, you will know my answer when I decide” and she walked away swaying her hips.

A woman in a ragged robe walked in, she spotted rune and walked up to him, “greetings my prince”. Rune looked at her, “don't you have any other clothing, other than this?” he asked. She smiled and took Her hood off, “of course, this Is a different robe my prince, this one is decorated with freasies on the right side” she said pointing at the flower on her chest. Rune scoffed, “what do you have for me?”. The ragged lady grabbed a wine glass and drank form it,she refilled it and took another sip. “my prince, I only have the Bumbu on our side”. Rune couldn't believe his ears, “you been gone two weeks lady and all you have to show are the bumbu's on our side?”. The ragged lady shot rune a wicked look, she could see he was getting angry, she chewed some berries and dropped her wine glass back on the table.

Seeing her like that, rune knew he was in for it. “before you yell at me why don't i go say hello to your brother over there and tell him you are summing up Elites right under his nose, to me that sounds treacherous, if you want more men on your side, then show your fucking face and stop being a coward”. Rune wanted to apologize but that would only make her more angry, “get me more men before this week runs out or you don't get paid”. The ragged lady Chuckled to herself, “heard you got married, how is marriage life my prince”. She smiled more to herself, drank her last wine and she exited the hall.

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Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 6:40pm On May 02, 2018

EVERYONE sat with their arms crossed around their chest staring at a middle aged man in front of them standing, “I know you all wondering what you doing here” said Bumbu, a pot bellied man from the crowd with a unruly hair like that of a sheep stood up and spoke, “actually we heard rumors” and they nodded, “what rumors gays?” said bumbu, gays looked around getting everyone's attention, “rumors that you are have gone mad and you are sailing for the islands”. Everyone nodded and the whole room started murmuring, Bumbu was expecting this but not now, he looked at the ragged lady who was also seated across him, she gave him a look and he sighed, “it's true, I'm actually sailing to the islands and I need all your support”. They all looked at him with an unknown look he couldn't decipher.

“silence!” said a lady in black, they all kept shut, she stood up and the ragged lady could see the fear in their eyes, she was amazed, she walked towards bumbu, “Uno I'm impressed with your ideas and all but excuse my french, I'm pretty sure this idea ain't yours, ain't saying you dumb but this ain't your idea”. Mr. Bumbu grunted, he respected the widow and liked her, she was a smart woman who saw an opportunity in every venture, “fine, idea ain't mine but I can't disclose who is behind it till I know y'all with me”. The widow went back to her seat and sat calmly, “sorry Uno, I won't take another step until I know who sent you”. Bumbu grunted, and everyone nodded in agreement with the widow. The doors to the room banged open and a man walked in with a hood covering his face, “I sent Mr Uno". Said the hooded man, they all couldn't make out who he was with the hood over his face, gays stood up and said “show us your face”. The hooded figure stood still, the widow smiled, “Show us your face and we'll decide”. They could see the hooded figure thinking about it, he sighed and took his hood off. Everyone gasped as they saw his face, it was the coward Prince Rune.

The widow smiled again and stood up walking towards the prince, “well, well, if it ain't no other person than our coward prince”. Everyone was shocked the widow could call the prince a coward, they all did call him a coward too but not to his face, Rune smiled, he was already used the name-calling. “heard y'all wanted to see me, and here I am" said rune with his arms spread out wide. The widow smiled back and looked into the prince eyes, “why should we follow you, coward prince”. Rune stood frimly amd looked at everyone, “I'm sure y'all think me a coward,to confirm your suspicions, I am, but I'm only a coward because there is nothing for me here, my brother is the crown prince and the next to the throne, I have ambitions of my own and I need all your help to do that”. They all stared taking in all what the coward Prince had said, “I'm sorry my prince but we will need warriors and not talkers to do that”. Said the widow, rune nodded and replied, “that's where your money all come in, to purchase ships and soilders”. The widow nodded and everyone saw reason.

gays sprang up angrily, “are you all forgetting the most important thing here people, these islanders are great warriors and they have wildbeasts they rear to fight their battles for them, y'all investment would just be quick foods for these beasts, you” before he could complete his sentence, the widow silenced him, “I'm in my prince, count me in” said the widow, six more people also joined the widow and agreed to join the venture, gays saw Hale was alone with his decision, he frowned his face, banged his hand hard on the table and walked out, the widow walked closer to the prince and whispered into his ears, “you will have to take care of that”. And she also made her way out. Rune sighed softly, he had eight elites on his side, a little step taken in his great dream.


Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 8:22am On May 03, 2018

RUNE entered the big hall seeking his brother, Olaf was sitting on the throne with a big frown on his face, everyone looked at rune with pity, he was surprised, the only look they had for him was disdain and there was only one explanation for the pity look: Olaf knows. Rune walked a little bit closer and bowed, “heard you were looking for me” said rune, Olaf unsheathed his sword and placed it on his lap, he shifted his ass softly on the throne and spoke, “some rumors have been spreading about you brother”. Rume calmed himself and raised his head, “what rumors brother?” he asked with the look of ignorance on his face. Olaf raised his sword and clapped the blunt side on his Palm, “that you are amassing a large army to overthrow me”. Rune could hear everyone murmuring, he looked at the lords and councillors in the hall and could see how disgusted they were with him, he saw rowella among the crowd too.

Rune took a deep breath, “they are just rumors brother” he said. He could see Olaf's frown deepening. He continued, “I know you have decided, so what is my punishment then?”. Olaf smiled for the first time and replied, “you are to be taken to the county jail”. Everyone in the hall gasped and stared at Olaf, they were expecting him to punish his brother but not to imprison him, no matter what he does he is still a prince with royal blood running through him. Rune nodded and turned his back on his brother, “very well, I'm ready” rune said raising his hands for the guards to chain it. A guard approached rune, he bowed and brought out the huge shackle which would be used in incarcerating the Prince. As soon as he got closer, rune punched him the throat, he gaggled and choked.

Rune kicked him in his loins and he fell, rune took off his sword belt and held his ground, they all stared in surprise at the coward Prince, no-one had ever seen him raised his hand or did something violent. Two more guards approached him with their swords drawn, rune folded the belt around the scabbard of the sword without drawing thr sword, they both attacked at the same time, rune in the middle moved swiftly like a cat, the first one swinged, rune caught his blow mid-air with his sword, the second one swinged seeing an opportunity bur rune was faster, he disengaged from his ties with the first soldier, crouched and hit the second soilder with the sword scabbard right in the stomach, he groaned, rune slapped him in the face with the scabbard again and again, he wailed, the other soldiers plunged his sword at Rune's back, he swayed to the right took two fast steps and hit the soldier in the back with his scabbard, the soldier turned Swinging his sword in anger, rune sidestepped and hit him again in his wrists, the pain travelled fast and he dropped his sword responding to impulse. He charged blindly at rune, rune got out of his way and kicked him in the ass, losing control he fell flat on the ground. Olaf clenched his fist and banged it on the armrest of the throne. “fucking capture him, he's a coward for bleeps sake” Olaf said.

No-one wanted to get near the coward Prince, they weren't sure if he was even a coward, for a rational thinking man to resist and raise a fight amongst the kingguards, he must have thought about this and the outcome must have been satisfying to him, a tall soldier with a lance came forth, rune recognised him to be Olaf's personal guard, and for his brother to choose someone as his personal guard, they said person must be a beast in combat. “with me” he said, rune accessed him from head to the toe, he looked skinny and tall. No-one followed him, Olaf's guard looked back at them with a serious face and a scared looking soldier stepped beside him. They both took their time and circled around rune. Rune also walked in their middle looking for the first person to make a move, the scared soldier yelled at he charged forward, heir weapons clashed, they made a little more pat pat clash and Olaf's guard stepped in out of nowhere. He plunged his lance at rune, rune hit the lance with his sword but Olaf's guard was faster, he expected that and twisted his lance sideways and plunged again, rune wasn't prepared, he had to bend over backwards to dodge, the lance went over his head and the air which accompanied the lance showed rune that as skinny Olaf's guard was, he had the strength of like twenty men in his arms.

Rune gained balance again and held his sword tightly, “draw your sword” said Olaf's guard in a tender and serious voice. Rune studied him well and saw the seriousness on his face, but he didn't draw his blade, he kept it sheathed. Olaf's guard went again and plunged for his chest, rune sidestepped, drew his sword in a jiffy and slashed the lance into two equal halves, he sheathed back his sword and looked directly into Olaf's guard eyes. He smiled and drew his sword from his waist belt, sword in one hand and the wooden equal half of the lance in the other. Rune cursed under his breath and charged at him, they both clashed their sword together and disengaged, Olaf's guard went for a lock in again as a ruse, rune saw that ahead and sidestepped, Olaf's guard threw the wooden lance at him, rune hit it with his sword, Olaf's guard used that chance, got closer and kicked him right in the chest, rune tried to dodge but he was a second late, the kick hit him a little less stronger as intended but still it hurt.

He staggered backwards and regained his stance. Everyone in the hall was shocked the coward Prince could last that long, fifteen minutes in and he was still standing, they were all awed, it was like watching a god fight for his freedom in their midst. Rune out of anger unsheathed his sword now realising how serious and skilled Olaf's guard was. Immediately he drew his weapon, there was a swish sound and his sword went out of his hand, he didn't have to look back to know who that was, he would have recognised that voice anywhere at anytime. Within that small tike, Olaf's guard got closer and punched rune in the face, he tried to fight back but another swish sound came and Olaf's whip wound up around his feet and he fell face down on the ground, rune grunted loudly, he tied to pick up his sword but Olaf's guard stepped on his hand tightly till he gave up and dropped it, he kicked it out of his hands. Rune continued grunting loudly, he yelled “oolaaaaafffffffff!'.”All of a sudden he started laughing, everyone was dumbfounded, they had never seen him that angry before and within the intake of three breaths he had started laughing like a crazed one. Olaf gave his guard the eye signal and he kicked rune in the face, blood spilled up sideways, Everyone gasped at the same time covering their mouths waiting to see what would happen to rune, nothing much happened, he just lost consciousness, they bound him up and prepared him for the county jail.


Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 8:28am On May 03, 2018

REUBEN was walking around the house breathing in the morning air and feeling the dew on his face, he touched the flowers lightly and plucked One, “brother” said Roscoff as he approached Reuben. Reuben smiled and they hugged each other, “you won't believe what news I bring” said Roscoff as they disengaged from each other. Reuben tried to guess but Roscoff continued anyways, “the coward prince is being transported to the county jail for treason”. To say Reuben was surprised was an understatement, he was shocked, “how is that possible?” he asked. Roscoff shrugged it off, “Dosen't matter” said Reuben, “it only fastens up the pace of our operations”. Roscoff nodded, “but I have no plan in place yet” said Roscoff. His brother smiled, “that's why we are twins, you had the idea but no plan, whereas I have plans but no idea”.

“what do you mean by plans brother?” asked Roscoff, Reuben spinned the flower in his hand, sniffed it and nodded. “we can't fight them on an open field even though we have the numbers, the crown is weak now with the king in his sickbed, the coward One in jail and Olaf all on his own, let's invade the palace straight up and be done with it”. The ideas made sense to roscoff and he wondered if that was really his brother, he never knew his brother to be this smart, he nodded, “that's a bright idea brother, I like it”. Reuben smiled and they both continued walking the garden.
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 7:29am On May 04, 2018

THE cage rattled as it hit a bump in the solid ground. Rune opened up his eyes and couldn't, he knew his face would already be swollen like that of an onion bulb, he tired slowly and succeeded, he looked at his hands and saw that he was shackled, face swollen, in a cage, hands and feet shackled like a beast and on his way to the county jail, nothing could get better, he tried to smile but he only rejuvenated his pains. He looked ahead and saw two riders riding the carriage he was on, he could see and hear them whispering and couldn't blame them. He turned his neck and saw three kingsguard on his left and didn't bother to look at his right, because he could guess another three would be there. He gave up and went back to sleep thinking about his dreams and what he could have achieved if he had been more discrete. He sighed knowing there was no going back, he closed his eyes and fell asleep once more and this time he actually enjoyed it.

Rune's ragged friend appeared out of nowhere with her sword drawn and her face in a long frown. She ran towards the carriage, the kingsguard took out their crossbows and started shooting quarrel after quarrel, she dodged some and kicked some away with her sword, “keep riding, hit her with the horses!” said a tall kingsguard to one of the riders on the carriage. The ragged lady for close, the horses upon seeing her stood on their hindlimbs, raising their forelimbs to hit her in the face, the ragged lady moved sideways immediately with her robe making a whoosh sound, she slashed mercilessly at the horse's belly drawing a lot of blood, she slashed again from forelimbs to tail. The horse fell heavily on its side, the other horse attached to the felled horse also lost balance and the whole carriage tumbled down. The cage hit the solid ground, rune felt the jolt as his head hit the ground, he opened his eyes and saw his ragged friend fighting off the kingsguards.

“someone fucking tend to him” she yelled and Mr. Bumbu ran towards the prince. He seized the keys to the chains from the carriage riders and was trembling as he was trying the keys. One of the soldiers crept up behind him with a sword, he raised it high and was about to stab Mr. Bumbu but the widow grabbed a sword from the ground and stabbed the soldier instead from behind. The soldier gasped as the blade pierced his skin, he dropped his sword and fell, the ragged lady stared at the widow, she could feel her trembling and blood covered her robe and hands, “fucking live up to it, what's done is done” she yelled at the widow, she trembled once again and dropped the sword. The ragged lady ran towards Mr bumbu and they both carried the prince away to their camp nearby. Few hours in, the ragged lady cleaned all the blood On the prince and changed his clothing. Rune woke up with a serious headache, “you fucking idiot, you should have stayed in the dark, I promised to get you more men” said the ragged lady with a frown, rune smiled, “fucking idiot, you could have died or worst be in jail for the next ten years” she continued. Rune smiled again, the tent flapped open and the widow peeped In, “I need a few minutes with the prince” said the widow, Rune's ragged friend shot her a look, she looked at rune, who gave her a nod, and she made her way out of the tent.

The widow smiled and sat beside the prince, “how are you holding up?” asked the widow, Rune tried to stand up, it took a while but he succeeded. “tell me why you are really here” said rune, the widow smiled, “for this relationship of ours to last, you need to give me something concrete” rune nodded and smiled to himself, “you want that big peice of land on the islands to yourself”. The widow stood up and walked around the tent, she saw a map of the islands and pointed out at it “didn't take you to be a smart person, but yes that's all I ask for”. Rune stood up and walked up to her, “quarter and that's all”. The widow didn't let him finish speaking before she talked back, “half or I pull out”. Rune could see the evil grin around the widow's face as she said those words with a sexual innuendo attached to it, for him to keep a wothy investor like the widow around, he has to continue playing her games although giving her half of the land wouldn't mean much, he was going to be king of the islands soon. “half, you stay put and fasten up your strokes”. The widow smiled back and they shook hands, “I'm confident we will have a long lasting relationship with each other” and she exited the tent.


Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 7:32am On May 04, 2018

Olaf jumped out of bed after his usual sexual night romps with rowella, he put on a light robe and got out for some fresh air, he saw shadows running around the palace, confused he decided to check it out, he turned a corner and saw two guards dead and bloodied on the floor, they were also stripped of their weapons, "shit" he muttered to himself, he was in danger and without any weapons. the only logical thing to do was to sneak behind his enemies, grab one from behind and strip his weapon off him, olaf made a right and kept walking in the shadows, he heard footsteps but saw no one, but he knew better, rune tried those tricks when they were young but he became wiser once the trick worked on him. olaf kept sneaking but stopped abruptly in his steps he arched his elbow and jabbed someone in the jaw, within the small moment to scream, he turned back and punched the attacker repeatedly in the face. the attacker out of conciousness fell but olaf caught him before he reached the ground, olaf stripped him of his sword and daggers and made his way back to his room to warn the others and alert the whole palace. he kept sneaking but didnt made it far, "oi" said one of the mercenary, olaf stopped in his tracks, "why are you dressed like that?" asked the mercenary getting closer to olaf, he was about to touch olaf's shoulder to make him turn around but olaf was faster, he swirled around and chopped off his hands which did the trick and the mercenary woke up the whole palace with his scream as he stared at his severed hand on the floor and the stump left on his arm, olaf silenced him quickly by sticking his sword in his throat, his screams got stuck in his throat and he fell, olaf took his bloodied sword and ran as he heard more footsteps approaching, the mercenaries saw their dead companion, one who looked like their leader gave them commands and they all scattered left and right to find whoever was awake. the whole palace was already awake due to the one handed dead mercenary's wail, everyone sprang up and grabbed their weapons.

“stay with lady rowella” said Olaf's guard, five guards stayed behind in rowella's room while five others followed Olaf's guard to inspect what was happening, they came upon some mercenaries, Olaf's guard wasted no time, he pranced forward and stabbed one deeply in the abdomen, blood sprinkled as he took out his sword, clashed with another mercenary but he took out his dagger and shoved it into his throat, he disengaged leaving his dagger, crouched to dodge an Oncoming blow, the mercenary armpit was on his shoulder, he wasted no time, lifted him up immediately and tossed him backwards like five feets away, he stood his ground again, two mercenaries came together, he charged at them scaring them, he slashed at one but his sheild protected him, the other slashed at Olaf's guard arm, he pinched as his shirt got torn up and blood flowed, he swinged his sword in anger intentionally as a ruse to make the mercenary who hurt him step backwards, it worked, Olaf's guard kicked the mercenary with the shield right on his sheild, he staggered backwards, Olaf's guard went back to the one who stabbed him, they got intimate and their weapons clashed making pat pat sound, the one with the sheild came running again, Olaf's guard went on one knee and plunged hus sword into his abdomen without looking back, he grabbed his sheild and raised it above his head as the other mercenary attaked with anger, Olaf's guard stood up slowly and pushed the dead mercenarys body at him, before he could think and react, Olaf's guard was already ready for him, he stabbed him and chopped his head off.

Olaf's guard and four guards lade a left turn and went looking for the prince, the fifth guard died with his arms and feet chopped off first before the mercenaries cut his head off. They bumped into someone else and saw it was the prince, Olaf was glad to see his guard, “we were infiltrated” said Olaf, his guard nodded, “figured that out”. Olaf thought he was sweating so he cleaned his forehead with the back of his hand but realised it was blood. “I don't think we can take them, they are too many”. His guard nodded again, “figured that out too”. Olaf bit his lips on anger, “thr best option is to leave the king and leave right now” said his guard, Olaf chuckled, “we can't...”. Then came footsteps in front of them, “kill them all!” bellowed their leader, the mercenaries took positions and started shooting their crossbows, Olaf's guard pulled Olaf behijd him and set the sheild In their front, quarrels could be heard landing on the shield with a thumping sound, they stopped shooting, Olaf and his guard looked around and saw the four guards lying dead with multiple quarrels sticking out of their bodies, Olaf's guard felt for them because he knew they all had a family and a home to get back to, but being Olaf's personal guard meant he had to protect the prince by any means necessary and sometimes he hated his job. It took him a while before be realised he had a quarrel in his arm, he ignored it, they ran to get rowella and to find their way out of the palace

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Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 3:45am On May 06, 2018

Shimmering blue waters that sparkled in the presence of the sunlight encircled the island. Greenery spread out all around the island, with patches of different coloured flowers that grew among bushes occasionally. In a distant, was a majestic waterfall that looked like a sheet of blue velour swishing down, its edges hemmed with whipped-white lines. The water thundered down into the pool like a gigantic waterspout. Everyone aboard was happy, some smiled and hugged each other, while some beat their chests in triumph, laughing loudly into the blue skies. “can you determine where we are?” asked Rune as soon as his ship pulled up beside that of Mr bumbu, bumbu took another look around and grunted, “hard to say, but.. ” there was swoosh swoosh sounds everywhere, rune and everyone else aboard knew that sound too well, even the blind could tell that was arrows flying around but the problem was they couldn't tell where the arrows were coming from. They all dodged, some lied on their stomachs to evade death but not everyone was lucky, the arrows were flaming arrows, one soldier had his eye pierced with it, his eyes were flaming like hot coal.

Others had it stuck in their throats, Some were lucky enough to get hit in their loins and feet, they jumped into the sea screaming to quench the fire, but their lucks went as far as putting out the fires, they tried to get back on the ships but were stopped by A sea creature who is sort of like a crocodile, beaver or a dwarf. The creature dug it's teeth into the leg of a soldier, he screamed as blood flooded the blue sea, “help!” he yelled, before he could say another word, the creature leapt into the air and took him under. Rune who was on his belly tried not to look dejected, he stood up ignoring the flying arrows, “there, they are shooting from the waterfall, prepare the catapult!”. The ship with the catapult was behind Rune's ship, their engineer aboard loaded up the catapult and fired, the big stone travelled far into the air swiftly, it shattered on the waterfall rock, it's splinters scattered around and hit the islanders, another one hit home and the islanders couldn't wait for them to fire another one so they retreated back onland.

"THEY fucking retreated, we go after them" screamed rune, the ragged looking lady urged her sailors to row faster so as to follow the prince into
battle, as soon as her ship got beside the prince's, rune frowned his face, "where do you think you going" he asked, "with you ,into battle" replied the ragged lady. Rune spat into the sea and avoided her face, "you are staying here, guard the sea and lead the reinforcement army into battle". the ragged lady was about to grumble and disagree with him but he didnt let her speak before he replied, "you do as i say". she frowned and hissed loudly, the widow watched them in silence and admiration. The prince and his warriors got offshore geared up for war looking firece, rune had his sword in its scabbard,an ax on his sword belt. the islanders could be seen in the distance, they couldnt tell their numbers by the distance, but they didnt look as scary as the old tales had led them to believe, they had crude tools and weapons, they looked ragged and barbaric, they looked pale and skinny, they had no horses or wild beasts as the old tales had led them to believe, they looked nothing like warriors but like old sad lonely men, rune warriors looked at each other and laughed as they gained ground and saw what the islanders really looked like, they possessed no cannine teeth, they kept laughing as they all saw this would be an easy victory, rune also tried to laugh but he noticed something was wrong, it was like the islanders stood in one spot to him, like they were protecting someone or something.

One thing Rune hates, surprises, he and his men assembled themselves and stood their ground, the islanders stood too with confidence and in their hands crude tools, an old man with a bald head but medium trimmed beard who seems to be their leader looked straight into Rune's eyes, their eyes met and rune felt a little uncomfortable. All of a sudden, the islanders moved apart making way for something to come forward. They were almost indistinguishable from real wolves, but they were larger and moved with the purpose and intelligence of a human; albeit a human of such vileness and malice it might as well be a wolf. Their blood-lust was legendary and in a crowd they killed with as little mercy as a fox in a chicken coup.They walked majestically like they owned the place but truthfully they really own thr place, rune and his men were the intruders. They were seven in number, five large wolves and two colossal bears with bloodshot eyes. It was obvious they haven't fed on human's flesh and blood in a long while, and the sad part was none of Rune's men wanted to be the first to die after seeing the wildbeasts. And sadly rune didn't feel their fears in the air, before he could say the word “formation” all he heard was various weapons clattering to the ground, he glanced sideways and his men were all on their heels running away for dear life.

Rune realised he was now alone, he reaccessed himself and what weapons he had on him, he had his sword, ax and some daggers, he dropped his sword, picked up a crossbow and some quarrels, and the inevitable happened, their leader whistled. The beasts came running, rune loaded the crossbow and shot quarrel after quarrel, two hit a wolf in the chest, it growled and feel to the ground wailing. Rune shot again multiple times at the bears but they just kept coming. A wolf leapt at rune, he hit the wolf heavily on the head with the metallic crossbow, it wailed and sprawled out on the ground, rune took out his ax immediately, they circled him communicating in their own way, another one leapt into the air at rune, rune moved out of the way and buried his ax deep into the wolf's back. Blood splattered on him and on the ground, the two bears came at him, they were two feets taller than him, rune held on to his bloodied ax and wasn't discouraged, one came first, it stood on its feet like a human and bashed it's claws at rune, rune sidestepped and was about to cut off those claws when the other bear's claws hit his chest. His shirt got shred into pieces and the bear's claws were evident on his bare chest, blood tricked down his belly.

Rune's troops kept running and running without looking back, fear is a a very powerful tool, seeing is also believing which helps build up faith, and fear, they all didn't believe before but as soon as they saw the wildbeasts, they believed and now fear sunk in and they were on their heels. The ragged lady's ship landed ashore, she could see great number of men coming back to the sea but she was confused, she ran up to them with all of her weapons intact, she grabbed one of them and shook him, “where's the prince, what happened?”, the soldier couldn't talk, he was obviously shaken, the ragged lady slapped him, “the legends are true, fucking legends are true” and he shook himself free from her grasp and continued running. The ragged lady didn't understand a word he said but it only meant One thing: the prince is all alone and in danger. She unsheathed her sword and ran towards where everybody were running off from.


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Another claw hit him in his thigh, the bears came for another puncture but rune crouched, getting beneath them, he plunged hus ax into one's belly deeply, went behind the other and stabbed it countlessly in the back, the three wolves standing guard bared their teeth, rune saw a sheild three feets away and jumped towards it, he grabbed it and placed it over his head, a second later, a wolf landed on it, biting and tearing, rune shoved it away with all his might and stood on his feet, he saw two wolves out of three, another surprise, twice in a row, only reasonable explanation was that the third wolf was behind him, and looking back would only give the ones in front of him leverage. The ones in front of him attacked, rune shoved one away with his shield and buried his ax into the skul of the other, the one he shoved away came back blindly but the wolf behind him sprang forward, the only logical thing to do was to dodge and run, rune dodged the incoming wolf from his front and rolled on the ground to avoid the one from the back, but the one behind him was smarter, it plunged it's teeth into Rune's boots

He tried kicking the wolf off by shaking his foot vigorously, but the wolf held on tightly, rune had to improvise, he was losing a lot of blood and the other wolf Was gaining ground, in a split second, the other wolf he dodged also came around, baring it's teeth, rune sighed with finality, it was all over, his ax was far from him, his sword and daggers too, the wolf bared it's teeth again and sprang forward onto Rune's face, he raised his hands to protect his face, he could feel the wolf's breath on his face, next he heard a whimper and the wolf falling to the ground, rune took his hands off his face, he saw the wolf at his feet leaping into the air towards his ragged looking friend, she brought out her loaded crossbow in her other hand and shot at it, the quarrel hit the wolf in the neck, the ragged lady slashed at it mid-air dismembering it from chest to back. Rune stood up trying to get his weapons, his eyes started spinning and he fell again losing consciousness. The ragged lady walked up to him, “you fucking idiot” she muttered, she stared at the distance and saw the widow with some of the retreated soldiers and those who just landed, “attack, you cocksuckers!” she bellowed at them. They drew their weapons and attacked, the islanders retreated, Rune's troops got motivated by that sounds they ran after them, when they got close to where the ragged lady was, kneeling with the coward Prince in her arms, they were awed, five wolves and two bears were at their feet, meaning the prince killed seven wildbeasts with no-one's help. Their respect for him multiplied, they used that also as a fuel and went after the retreating islanders.


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THEY all entered a pub in disguise looking like normal folk, Olaf, his guard and rowella. They sat closely to the door with their heads down and their ears open, Olaf's guard ordered and paid, their drinks were brought to them while they served the lady something less strong with roasted meat, Olaf in his angry mood drowned the drink in a gulp, his guard knew better than to talk and ask him anything. A man walked into the pub, “oi my men“ those seated far from the door looked up and showted a greeting back at the man, they ordered for more drinks to be brought to their table. “what tales do you bring from around the world?” asked a tattered looking man with crooked teeth. The man who just entered drank his wine and smacked his lips on appreciation, “my men the world is really going to shit, our coward prince ain't in jail, he escaped and now rules the Wunka part of the island, although it's the smallest part but it's a start“. They were all taken by surprise, there was a pregnable silence in the pub for a while, the man with the crooked teeth broke it after seeing the seriousness on their friend's face, “the Roscoff twins now rule the county, they killed the king on his deathbed, cut off his head and mounted it on a pike, they are marching it around for display for everyone to see, world really is going to shit”.

Olaf beamed to himself and signalled at his guard and rowella to meet him outside, and they all exited the pub, something wasn't right to Olaf's guard, how did rune escape, and he was sure the smile on Olaf's face could only mean one thing, until the prince talks and they made the move that's when he'll talk. “what do we do next?” asked rowella, Olaf ignored her and kept walking, “olaf" he ignored her again, she quickened her steps and pulled at his shirt, Olaf turned back, “what do you want me to say hmm, what do you have me do, how about you sell those nice jewelries you have or that beautiful dress or you LovePeddler yourself around the square and get us some decent meal, if you have no ideas, then shut up”. Rowella was stunned, Olaf had nevee behaved like this before, maybe it was the stress and coupled with the fact that the usurpers had his father's head cut off and are parading it around to prove their strength. “Now we go to the docks and steal a ship” said Olaf. His guard sighed and replied, “they could be looking for us everywhere, going to the docks is a big risk, stealing a ship is another bigger risk. Olaf's frown deepened, “look around, our faces aren't plastered around the square, I also thought this through” his guard nodded, he had also noticed that but didnt understand why, his first thought was coming true, if the prince says where they are sailing to then his guess would be right, “where are we sailing to?” asked his guard, Olaf smiled spreading his arms wide, “to my brother in the islands of course” and Olaf left them there by walking away, and they followed him, Olaf's guard intuition was right but for it to be rightly right depends on how the brothers welcome each other when they finally see.


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RUNE woke up with several bandages stained with little blood on his chest, thigh and left foot, “ahhh, you awake” said the widow, rune tried to stand but failed, the widow helped him back on the bed, “did we win or lose?” asked rune, the widow ignored him and continued tucking him to bed, rune looked around and saw the room was a tent, higher chances they had lost the battle and had to run for their lives. Rune grabbed the widow by her dress and asked again, “did we win or lose?”. The widow smiled and went back to her seat, “we won” said the widow. Rune sighed in relief but could sense that wasn't the end of the statement, he looked ijtibthe widow's beautiful green eyes and said, “but what?”. The widow paused for a while and said, “but it was the Wunka tribe we conquered which is the smallest part of the island”. Rune's face dropped as he heard those words, winning the smallest part of the island meant the widow might actually pull out, and this was the most crucial moment he needed her.

“do not fret, I aint pulling out, I believe in you, the people still believe in you" said the widow, she stood up and went to him, caressing his face, hus body shook a little but he boldened up and ran his hand across her wrist, she bent down and kissed him, he ignored the pain and kiss her back, they continued kissing till Rune's ragged friend entered the room, “ummm, sorry“ she said and was about to leave, “where do you think you are going dove?” the widow asked. She turned and looked at the ragged lady with an evil smile on her face. “come over here” she said drawing out her hand, the ragged lady was confused, she held the widow's hand, the widow pulled her closer and kissed her fully on the lips, to say the ragged lady was shocked was an understatement, the widow disengaged from her and took her to the bed where the prince laid.



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_____________________________ BOOK TWO: INEVITABLE PROPHESY


Copyright@ Proteller James 2018

This novel is entirely a work of fiction. The names, characters and incidents portrayed in it are the work of the author's
imagination. Any resemblance to actual person, living or dead, events or localities is entirely coincidental.

All rights reserved. No part of this publication maybe reproduced , stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form
or by any means,electronic,mechanical ,photocopying,recordingorotherwise,without the prior permission of PROTELLER JAMES


THE whole hall was noisy as the six tribes in the islands had come together for a meeting, Gu'laru made his way in and his people also followed. “silence!” bellowed Gu'laru. The whole hall became as silent as a graveyard, everyone respected Gu'laru, even old age couldn't take his bold voice. They all took their seats and waited for him to talk. “I'm here because my land was invaded by a foreigner and to warn you all”. A man from the crowd spoke and scratched his beard altogether. “thank you Gu'laru we heard about it but we all can take care of ourselves”. Gu'laru nodded, “you all don't understand, it's him, the one from the prophesies”. A scattered murmuring began around the hall, it was obvious they all knew about the prophesy, and it scares them.

The man from the crowd spoke again, “Gu'laru stop making our people fret for no reason, you lost, accept that and move on”. Gu'laru frowned, “it was prophesied that like a thief in the night, he would appear”. Someone cut him short, “and in plain daylight he came and you couldn't stop hin”. They all bursted into another fit of laughter. Gu'laru could see they all do not believe him, “I could feel him, he's dark, he's the one I can tell”. Kunne, the man who scratched his beard earlier stood up in annoyance, “the prophesy had been written about a thousand years, it was said that the dark one would bring an end to our world, and for a thousand years we have stood and for another thousand we shall stand, ain't saying I do not believe in the prophesy but just because a foreigner defeated the Wunka tribe Dosen't mean he's the dark One, but thanks anyway for warning us”. Gu'laru could see that the people all agree with Kunne and that he no longer has their ears, he bowed and dismissed the meeting.

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The Widow shifted uneasily in her chair thinking about ways she could broach the subject in her mind to the ragged lady, the ragged lady was looking around the widow's room, the small room had became more beautiful within the short time they had all moved in, the widow had beautiful paintings hanged up on the wall, the room was repainted, the floors of the room which was sands and Stones before now was replaced with beautiful cobblestones which in the middle had a snake picture smiling with its small head. “I need to tell you something” said the widow as she patted a chair in front of her, the ragged lady stopped looking around, and sat directly in front of the widow. “what?” the ragged lady asked. The widow sighed, “why do you like wearing rags and never take care of your hair?”. The ragged lady frowned, only rune knew her past and she like keeping things that way, although she, rune and the widow had been sharing the same bed for like three weeks, she still didn't like the widow, nothing personal but she preferred having the prince to herself, ever since he saved her and took her In, she had felt indebted.

“I like myself like this, and this you call rag, belonged to my mother” said the ragged lady, the widow smiled halfheartedly, “I understand the sentiment and all, but you know we bedding the prince now, people will talk, they will tell other people and those other people will wanna see who the Prince is fucking to see his taste in women, so it's our job to make him look good and respected”. The widow knee her words hit home, as strong as the ragged lady was, she had a weakness which the widow had observed: the prince. She knows the ragged lady would do anything for the prince even die for him, which was what she did three weeks ago by running blindly into battle after seeing the troops in a retreat. The ragged lady stared at the ground, and at nothing in particular, “alright, if I'm getting a new robe, I want something like this” she said touching her ragged robe knowing this would be the last time it would be on her, taking it off would be like taking off her skin, but she had no choice, if seeing her would bring disrespect to the prince, she would rather die. “of course I understand” replied The widow.

“before the robe is being brought in, let's talk about your hair” continued the widow, she could feel the ragged lady anger even before she looked up at her, “my hair stays as it is” said the ragged lady sharply. The widow shivered a little to show she was scared, remorse appeared on the ragged lady face, she calmed a little, “if that's your choice, I just have an idea of what the prince would like better” said the widow. The ragged lady blushed a little but regained her composure. “fine, do it” she said. The widow smiled and ordered for her servants to enter the room, they brought with them scissors and other tools necessary for the job, the second set of servants brought in a big box which the ragged lady thought and knew contained her new robe. She wondered in her mind if after all these, the prince would see her in a whole different light, she beamed to herself as the servants trimmed and cut her hair. The widow wanted to ask for her name but decided otherwise, this would be a step by step relationship, and even if she asked and she refused to answer, her other plan is to ask the prince,she also smiled to herself as she saw hoe Her servants kept telling the ragged lady to sit still, she looks like a child who was forced to cut her hair or a child cutting her hair for the first time.

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OLAF, his guard and rowella landed ashore, Olaf breathed in the sea air and felt almost at home, they walked a few distance and from nowhere they could hear distant marching, before they could pull their weapons they were surrounded by almost thirty armed men. One thing Olaf hated was surprise, his guard kept a fierce face and stood his ground by clutching his sword tightly, Olaf knew what that meant, but he didn't want to klose his only loyal and faithful friend and guard in this stage of his life. He placed his hand on his guard's shoulder and dropped his weapon. His guard frowned and hesitated for a moment but Olaf gave him the eye signal so he dropped his weapon too. Olaf steeped a little forward, the armed men placed their spears and swords in position incase their inteuder tried anything funny.

“my name is Olaf, crown prince Olaf, and am here to see my brother Rune” said Olaf. There was a short silence as he could see them all digesting his words. Then came an uncontrollable laughter, they all laughed loudly and kept laughing, “this fool right here says he is the crown prince Olaf” said someone among the armed men, and they bursted into another fit of laughter, something Olaf had all his life was recognition, being of royal blood meant people know your name and your achievements bring fame, the downpart of being of royal blood was that some people wont recognise you but only know your name and there is no how you can introduce or prove it argue against that, they won't just believe you are who you claim to be. And this was something else Olaf hated: ridicule, he had never had to deal with it before but having a taste of it for the first time he hated it with all his guts, he wondered how his brother could have lived with it all his life in the county.

“silence!” barked someone, a tall sturdy man with long brown hair and white beard came forward, he accessed the strangers One more time, although they looked like ragged hobos but he knew better, “ he's speaking the truth, he's who he says he is, and that lady behind them is the renowned beautiful lady rowella, I know because I attended her wedding”. Their laughter died in their throats, they didn't know whether Art was serious, he was known to be a serious joker but otherwise he's a great warrior. They all could see the seriousness in Art's stance and through his words. Art walked up to Olaf and bowed down deeply, “I'm really sorry for my comrades behavior my prince, they been here a short while and they all forgot where they came from, I'm Art”. Olaf offered his hand to art and they shook hands, “where is my brother?” he asked. Art looked at Olaf's guard and knew who he was, “prince rune is out scouting the grounds for our next battle but me and my comrades would make sure you have everything you need, innit fellas”. Said Art turning back to face his comrades, and they all mumbled in agreement with fear evident in their eyes, realisation Just dawned on them that they all just mocked and insulted the crown prince. Art gestured for Olaf to follow and he led them away from the island shores.


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Wooooow,mr Suarez.You're A Freaking Good Writer.I'm Following This To The End.Just Make Sure Nothing happens To Rune.Welldone,more Power To Your elbow

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what will happen between both brothers. Olaf maltreated Rune and was also bedding his wedded wife even though Rune was the one who pushed her away not his fault after all he was called the coward prince and hated by the woman he is married to. How will he now react to Olaf I wish he teach him a little bit of lesson so that he will know he is not the best

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Thank yu all for your support, @ashatoda and ibunkun1.....

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EVERYONE in the forest stared as the ragged lady came forward towards them, she looked elegant and beautiful, they never knew she could look like that, her robe was new with a white freasies flower on the breast pocket, she had her sword hung by her back, and her hairstyle was different, she was wearing the pompadour hairstyle, it looked as if it was created for her head alone, they could see she knew how beautiful she looks and it was obvious she was showing off, whoever transformed Her did an excellent job, she walked past them and up to where the prince was crouched. “how are things looking?” asked the ragged lady, rune turned his neck and saw his friend, she looked extremely beautiful, He sat up, “you look gorgeous” said rune, the ragged lady smiled, she pretended like that wasn't what she wanted to hear, “how is the battleground looking?” she asked, rune

he was lost for words, he remembered seeing her amongst the war prisoners his brother brought home, he remembered how she looked the first time, scared and fierce at the same time, he remembered buying her freedom and how she told him Her story, she was a native of the islands, but her parents were killed in a inter tribal war, she managed to escape through a ship leaving for the county but they were hijacked and we're taken as slaves. HE looked past her as he saw a rider in the distance coming towards them, as the rider got closer he slowed down and jumped off his horse, “my prince” said art as he bowed down to rune, rune's heart started racing, art was among the guards at the shore guarding the sea, the only reason he could be here would be nothing but war and invasion, he calmed himself and spoke, “what Is it?”
Art raised his head and spoke, “your brother is here my prince”. The ragged lady shot art a look, rune didn't know what to do or say, “Olaf is here?” with a confused look, art nodded in agreement, “did he tell you why he is here” asked rune, art nodded in the negative, rune sighed loudly, “thank you art”, he ignored them and mounted his horse, the ragged lady followed him too on her horse and they rode home hard.

Olaf roamed around the room he was put in, a knock came on the door, Olaf turned back and Tue widow was standing by the door, Olaf frowned at her, “crown prince Olaf, it's so good to see you”. Olaf ignored her, but didn't take his eyes off her, the widow smiled and nodded, “I wonder why you are here” said the widow, Olaf ignored her again, this was getting on the widow's nerves but she still wanted him to say it, “you know if you do not tell me, your brother will” said the widow again, Olaf belched loudly pouring himself another round of wine, another knock came on the door and rune made his way inside. The widow excused herself and left, rune couldn't believe his eyes, “brother” he said as they ran towards each other for a hug. “you fucking idiot” said Olaf as he hugged his brother tightly. Olaf held his brother's head and could see his eyes tearing up and a scar above his eye.“you never really did improve, I still caught you unaware with my whip”. Rune nodded, “but I almost bested “I need your help brother, urgently” said Olaf. Rune nodded and they both sat down on the bed, “what's wrong” asked rune, Olaf sighed softly and couldn't look his brother in his eyes. “I've been usurped, they killed father and I need men”. Rune couldn't believe what came out of Olaf's mouth.

Olaf could see his brother wasn't aware of the situation, so he tried cracking jokes, “father was half dead anyways, killing him was doing us a big favor”, rune chuckled, “I'll give you three thousand men, am sorry that's all i can spare”. Olaf nodded, rune continued, “or you could stay, help me fight some wars and we can all go back and reclaim our home from those usurpers”. Olaf chuckled, rune understood what he had in mind: staying and helping his younger brother with his dreams would seem like a disgrace, people would mock and follow him at the end of the day if he kept getting successful and a civil war could break out between them. “why is the widow with you?” asked Olaf, rune stood up and poured himself some wine, “she's one of my key investors” replied rune. Olaf chuckled and also stood up, “that lady is a snake and would bite you in the back any chance she gets”. Rune didn't know when he barked at his brother in defense of the widow, “she's not like that”.

Olaf raised his hands in a defeating gesture, “if you say so, but do you know that the circumstances surrounding her husband's death ain't natural”. Olaf needed no soothsayer to tell him that his brother was bedding the widow, but his brother is a man now who needed no-one to tell him what to do or what decisions he should make. Olaf made his way out of the room but stopped when he reached the door, “ask her yourself if you doubt me, but thanks again brother for your help” and he exited the room. On the other side of the door, his guard and rowella were waiting for him, “how was it?” asked his guard, Olaf nodded in agreement and with a smile on his face, “we leave immediately” Olaf said and walked past them, his guard walked up to him and blocked his way, “there's something I have to ask you”he said, Olaf looked at his guard trying to decipher what but couldn't. “OK, I'm all ears” he replied waiting for his guard to talk.

His guard sighed softly looking at the prince and rowella simultaneously, Olaf was getting impatient, “whatever you want to say, you can say in front of her". His guard bowed down deeply because he knew what he had in mind was bad, “I don't think you had it in mind for your brother to be jailed, i think you staged the fight in the palace for everyone to see he wasn't a coward and transportating him to jail without me as head guard was also part of your plan, you knew he would escape and thus making him go his separate way without anyone suspecting anything”. Rowella sneered at Olaf's guard, “what nonesense is that” she asked, she turned to look at Olaf and continued. “it isn't true right?”. The look on Olaf's face said a different thing, rowella was stunned, “tell me it isn't true olaf” she asked again, Olaf ignored her and spoke, “how did you figure it out?”. His guard raised his head slowly with respect, now his suspicions were true and the prince confirmed it. “the way you both welcomed each other like nothing happened and the fact that he was your first option in the first place” said his guard, Olaf smiled, “smart, just smart”. He turned facing rowella, “you stay here with rune while we sort things out in the county”. He turned facing his guard once again, “we leave on the morrow, the earlier the better”. His guard nodded and they both left rowella standing there discombobulated.


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The Roscoff twins ruled with an iron hand but also had their ears out to listen to the people's needs, their allies who supported them like the umbees and Geggees were all given a new status and position according to the amount of help they rendered, the twins never disagreed in public, they were always a united front which made those hatching plans to stab them in the back futile, they didn't know which twin was weak and approachable, they dressed alike, advised each other on matters of the county and never did nothing behind each other's back. After the usual daily routine of listening to the people's problems, the palace doors were closed and everyone was excused, the Roscoff twins both looked elegant in their beautiful regalia, jewelries and ruby rings around their necks and fingers. Roscoff stood up and streched himself, “I'm so spent brother, never knew being here would be tiring”. Reuben nodded, poured some wine into two goblets and passed his brother one.

“news came, Olaf is in the islands” said Reuben, roscoff laughed and downed some wine, “seems everything is going according to your plans brother”. Reuben smiled and bowed down to his brother, “we will get them soon, do not worry” said Reuben, roscoff chuckled and finished his wine, his brother's face changed all of a sudden, he looked confused, “what is it?” asked roscoff. Reuben sighed softly, “you need to move quick brother, this was all your idea, getting married would solidify your post and put everyone in line”. He knew his brother was telling the truth, although he believed no-one was conspiring against them but you can never be sure, although they both share the throne, they both know these was all Roscoff's idea, he has to get married and give the people hope of a new era, “which of the families do you think I should marry from?” asked roscoff. Reuben knocked his fingernails on the wine goblet thinking, “take Geggee's daughter cos we both know Umbee has no female child, but honor Umbee too so that he doesn't feel left out”. Roscoff modded and patted his brother's shoulder, “I'll put everything in order, it's all in the blood, innit”. Reuben nodded too and replied, “it's all in the blood” they used their family motto as a cheer hitting their wine goblets together and emptying the contents down their throats.

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Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 1:48pm On May 12, 2018

The whole room was silent because no-one wanted to speak first, kunne's temper was known all over the island, the three other men around the big table kept looking at his dwarf right hand to speak but he also didn't want to fall out of kunne's good graces. When it became obvious they wouldn't stop staring, he mounted up some courage spoke, “Chief, it would be unwise to disregard what Gu'laru said the day before”. Kunne stopped drinking, he gazed at his right hand whilst scratching his beard, “unwise?” said kunne in an angered tone, they all could see anger on his face, he shook his head and clicked his tongue, “foolish is the more appropriate term for it”. Everyone was surprised he could agree, “what do you suggest we do?” asked his right hand. Kunne laughed loudly, “no fretting my people, I have a plan” kunne replied. One among the three seated at the big table spoke, he had a burn on the left side of his face, “but you disagreed with Gu'laru at the meeting”. Kunne scratched again at his beard, “that is normal, wouldn't want our people..”. A loud noise could be heard,, they all knew what if meant, no-one had forgotten how a war horn sounds like, even though they haven't had a war in almost a century, although some tribes do fight amongst each other, they all sprang up and peeked outside, “they are here” said kunne's right hand, kunne smiled to himself and scratched at his beard One more time.

ThE day was as snowy and chilly, a very bad weather for battle, but rune didn't care, he wanted everything done and over, he wanted all for islands to himself, patience is what he lacks most, his mind wandered around his brother and how he was faring but he shut his mind off it completely, he wanted all his concentration here and nowhere else, the shrika tribe is the third largest tribe in the islands, and gaining their fort amd town would really put his people's mind at ease and they would continue following him. The wind howled again but today was the day, nothing could make them turn their backs. Kunne amd his dwarf right hand made their way towards the foreigner's to face them in battle, they were assembled and In formation quicker than rune could expect.

Art stood beside the prince looking fierce with his sword and shield in hand, he pulled off his coat hood with the back of his hand, they all could see kunne and his men in the distance, but they were smiling, rune expected that, they have the advantage of the wildbeasts with them so that's a great upper hand but there was no sign of the beasts anywhere, rune sighed in relief halfly, someone who seems like their leader scratched his beard and yelled “forward!”, the islanders started the great run, “archers, shoot!” bellowed rune, some of his men came forward and started shooting arrows upon arrows, the islanders started falling, some hit the arrows off with their swords and some were lucky enough to be pierced in the thick coats they were wearing, so they get to pull it out without it causing any damage. The islander made it far and the battle began. Rune spinned his sword twice and swayed to the left, his enemy came again, their sword clashed, rune staggered back to disengage, his enemy swinged at him again, he raised his sheild upwards which stopped the attack, he bent a little and stuck his sword into the soldier's neck, blood spurted out in great measures.

The ragged lady charged into battle with her new hair: the pompadour, and robe, she knew she looked beautiful but no-one in the battlefield would confirm that not even her enemies, she vowed not to get any blood on her new robe although the widow assured her that there was more where that came from. An islander rushed towards her, the ragged lady tossed three daggers at him all at once, he dodged one, one hit his coat and fell off, and the last one entered his eye, the ragged lady quickened Her steps and stabbed his throat without getting too close, someone grabbed her shoulder from the back, out of anger, she slashed at the hand, the soldier wailed, she turned, sneered at him, and stabbed him in the eye ignoring the spilled blood. She charged again, crouched down, stabbed another soldier in the loins, she grabbed him, pushed him towards an incoming islander, he dodged almost a second later almost losing his stance, the ragged lady tossed her sword in the air and grabbed it by the hilt, she threw it at the islander, the blade made an home in his mouth, she ran and retrieved Her sword.

Kunne roared into battle, he saw a foreigner and chopped his head off, he scratched his beard with the hilt of his sword, another came around, he sidestepped, grabbed the foreigner by the collar and slit his throat, Art came his way, they measured each other up with their eyes and they both could tell they were good with their stance and seeing who would attack first, art made the first move, kunne ran towards him, almkst getting close he side stepped and slashed at Art's belly, art swayed sideways in time but the sword tore his coat open a little meaning if he had been a second late he might be dead, “nice move for a foreigner” said kunne smiling as he scratched his beard again. Kunne sprang forward like a gazelle, art knocked off his blows, they kept on clashing weapons, kunne grunted, he hated that kind of swordfight. He dipped his hand into his innerpocket, brought out a dagger and stabbed art,what kunne didn't know was that art saw him, but pretended like he didn't, that's why he kept playing the sword clash games with him, when kunne's left hand brought out the dagger to stab him, he had no dagger of his own but had to improvise, with their sword making an X-shape in the air, kunne brought his dagger for the kill, art grabbed his hand tightly, it wasn't an easy task with for both of them, kunne grunted and disengaged, “see you again foreigner” said kunne and he mixed up with the crowd, “scatter up” yelled kunne and all of the islanders scattered left and right leaving the foreigner's confused.

Emerging from the blinding white snow storm came the wildbeasts, immune to the bitter wind that cut into the skin of their prey, blanching their skin and bluing their chattering lips. At first they were little more than silhouettes and their growling was almost carried away in the howling wind. But as they neared their fur became discernible, thick and wintry in whatever hue their hair had been only hours before. They had the killer instinct of a wolf pack but the intelligence of a human. In barks and grunts they communicated, spreading wide, sending some to circle around, cutting off any means of escape. A foolish foreigner broke from the terrified huddle and made for the woods, in an instant the pack bore down, gnashing and ripping. When the people moved no more the feast began, crimson spreading garishly onto the otherwise pristine blanket of white. A dive and a shoulder roll avoided the Incoming wildbeast, rune gasped because he knew that was a narrow escape, the shrika tribe had the intention of using wildbeasts for the battle against them in the first place but they behaved in the opposite, they didn't lay their trump card out bare and at that moment rune admired their leader, he turned around and slashed at the huge wolf, he heard loud footsteps behind him, he looked back, ran towards the wildbeast, slid gracefully beneath it when it leapt at him, he stood up immediately he got behind the beast, when the beast turned around to finish it's prey, Rune aimed and went for the head cutting it off before the beast gained any composure.

The wildbeasts went berserk, tearing and ripping off anyone in close proximity, the chase had always been what they loved and it had been long since they did that. The ragged lady fought off two beasts in front of her, they bared their teeth and sprang at her, she sidestepped and was about to hack at one but the other laid it's teeth at the ragged lady robe at the ankle, she hit it with her sword but it only got more aggressive and kept gnashing at her robe, she distanced herself but her robe got tattered and she fell, she dropped her sword and rolled to where she saw a spear, the wolves came after her, she grabbed the spear and without knowing where they might come from, she pointed the spear above her, one of the wolves who jumped after her got it stuck in its throat, blood spilled all over her, she rolled again as the wolf dropped dead, the other wolf ran after her, she stood up with the spear in hand and buried it in the wolf's eye, she removed it and tossed it at the wolf. It dropped dead loudly on the ice. The ragged lady looked around for the prince, but instead she saw their troops retreating amd running away from the battlefield, she looked at herself and saw how tattered she looked, she saw the prince in the distance and could see how angry he was with his troops, she ran up to him to pull him out too because the battle already was a lost cause.

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Re: Dark Coward Prince by Ibunkun1(m): 8:34pm On May 12, 2018
Thank yu all for your support, @ashatoda and ibunkun1.....
Uwc.Fire On Sir.We Dey Your Back
Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 8:59am On May 13, 2018

The widow waited for the prince and news of victory, she stood at the door to the council room, if the battle was favourable to their side, another tribe out of six is theirs. Scanty numbers of warriors arrived first, looking discombobulated and bloodied. The widow looked into their eyes and needed no soothsayer to tell her what had happened. They had the same distraught look on their faces like they did when they first landed on the island. “where is the prince?” she asked one but he ignored her and ran into the room. Fifteen minutes later Rune could be seen in the distance, he had his sword in his hand and a murderous look on his face, the ragged looking lady was also behind him with dark looks also, the widow was confused.

“Rune what happened?” asked the widow, Rune swatted Her hands away in anger without sparing her a look, he made his way into the council room and unleashed his anger on the unfortunate furnitures, he smashed, slashed and sliced at them with his sword, everyone was scared and they were glued to their seats in fear. Rune was breathing heavily after the whole charade, he looked them all in the eye and said, “why did you all retreat and leave us all exposed and ripe for attack?” no-one could answer, they were all ashamed and scared at the same time. They all bowed their heads in shame and the whole room was quiet except for the intake and outake of breaths rune took. They all knew the Prince was looking for a scapegoat, no one wanted to be an example.

“their sizes intimidate us” said Art, rune stood firm staring daggers at him, his sword was still gripped tightly in his hand, Art continued, “they scare us easily my prince, I'm sorry there is nothing we can do about it”. Rune knew everyone was waiting and watching for him to react and make a mistake, if he reacted to his anger, he could stab and behead Art right where he stood but no, he had to bury his anger somewhere else. He looked around and saw everywhere already in disarray, except for a stool with a wine jar ontop of it. He grabbed the jar and drank it's contents, he spit it back out, even his favorite wine tasted sour in his mouth. He looked at the jar once more and tossed it around the room, the jar travelled towards the fireplace and spilled it's contents into the fire, the jar hit the wall and crashed on the ground breaking into pieces.

The fire in the fireplace blazed up, and that caught Rune's eye, he stared again and started laughing, everyone was surprised. They all got more scared, the prince's laughter became more and more loud, he maintained himself and dragged the stool towards Art and sat down facing him, “fire people, we burn em all”. Said Rune, Art frowned at the prince, “what are you talking about?”. Rune smiled to himself, “fire and fur never go together just like fire and paper, we set em beasts on fire”. Said rune. Their eyes and brain opened up simultaneously, this was a new method and would prove efficient. Art knelt down in front of the prince, “I vow never to leave the battlefield like I did today, I'll always be there at your side”. Everyone also stood up, knelt and renew their vows, the rate at which they all stood, it was like they were trying to beat themselves to the vows. And it worked, this proved that their leader hasn't lost his focus and still thinks straight although they all didn't approve of whom he shares his bed with.


Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 9:01am On May 13, 2018

OLAF and the men given to him by rune arrived on the outskirts of the county a day after, they made camp, Olaf and his trusted guard went inside a tent to plan out the strategy they would use. “we can't fight an all-out war with them, they are too many” said Olaf, his guard sighed and replied, “I know that”. Olaf frowned, “we can't also sneak into the palace like they did us, they would be expecting us”, his guard replied again, “I know that”. Olaf frown deepened. He placed his hands over his face sad, then an idea struck him. “what if we stop the import of their cargoes, food, weapons, gold and all that?”. The idea was bright but it had flaws. Olaf's guard replied, “it won't work”. Olaf barked at him “I've been the one providing the ideas here and you sit there telling me they all useless!”.

Olaf's guard understood the prince's anger, he was also tired and fed up, he wanted them to utilise the men rune gave to them, “my prince, we are very lucky the Roscoff twins didn't have men waiting for us at the port, which if you ask me, i do not believe in luck, and your plan to attack their goods would only draw attention to us and might even take months before they even notice us, that's if they do not have other shipping routes, and you know like I do that we do not have that amount of time on our hands”. Olaf dipped his hands into his hair in utter sadness, “we are bleeped”. Before his guard could speak, they could hear a horse riding hard towards their camp, they both looked at each other and stood up immediately, they got out and it was the soldier they had sent to inspect the county.

He was riding too fast and they could hear other hoofbeats behind him, “retreat, retreat, we've been made!” before he could say another word, three arrows made their way into him, two in his eyesockets, and one directly in his throat. He fell heavily on the ground and his horse stepped on him being nervous and kept running. Olaf almost cried, if they ran, they would be like lambs brought up to the slaughter, and if they stayed and fight it was also a lost cause, because looking at it, their enemies had the advantage both in numbers and arms. Olaf turned to his guard and said,

“take some of the men back to the ships and wait for us”. Olaf's guard grabbed the prince's shoulders, “no, wherever you go, I follow”. He called out to one of the soldiers and gave him the same instructions thr prince had given him, “arm yourself, get yourself armed, we are under attack!” yelled Olaf. He unsheathed his sword and took out his whip too with his other hand. A rider came towards him at full speed, he ran towards him too, Olaf lashed his whip at the rider's horse, the whip hit the horse in the neck, it screamed in pain and almost threw it's rider over. Olaf took that chance and got closer, he stabbed the rider as be was trying to get his horse under control. Another rider came riding through the dust, his horse kicked Olaf in the chest, he fell down heavily, his chest was on fire and his weapons were lost. He groaned as he tried to get back up, rubbing his chest, the rider came again trying to smash Olaf's head with his horse hoof, Olaf rolled and rolled away with the sand blinding him, he got on his knees and raised his hands up in a surrendering gesture.

Olaf's guard ran towards a hooded rider, he swayed to the right and sliced the horse's belly wide open, the horse didnt even get the chance to scream, it just slumped over, Olaf's guard didn't even waste time he stabbed the rider before the horse fell. Two more came riding hard, he threw daggers at them but they all waved them off, one of the rider came down from his horse and unsheathed his swords, now that was unexpected, Olaf's guard only had his sword, and his attackers had plenty, one would fight him on the ground and the other would look for weaknesses from horseback and kill him right away. He took another stance getting ready for them, luck had never been his thing but dying wasn't in his books either. The rider with two swords came at him, their weapons clashed, and at that moment, Olaf's guard knew that soldier had strength in his arms. He kept on attacking and Olaf's guard kept dodging. He was getting weaker but giving up meant death, he saw a weakness and plunged his sword but the soldier was smarter, he grabbed his hand and knocked his sword away from his hand, he kicked Olaf's guard directly in the chest, and he fell back on the ground.

“sorry it came to this my friend, we soldiers pick sides and meet our match in battle but it's kill or be killed” said the rider to Olaf as he came down from his horse to finish the job. Olaf chuckled, as the rider got closer, Olaf dipped his hands in the sand and sprayed it all over the rider's face, he tried to dodge it with his hands but some got into his mouth, eyes and nose, “you son of a bitch!” he yelled at he spit out sand. Olaf stood immediately, punched the rider in the loins, he dropped his sword, Olaf picked it up in a jiffy, and stabbed him in his throat. Olaf mounted the riders horse and charged into battle. They all came for him, one rider came at his left, the rider swinged his sword, Olaf bent over completely and dodged, he pulled his horse harness hard for it to turn around again, before the rider could also do that, Olaf threw his sword at him, it hit him right in the back, Olaf rode up to him and took out the sword and beheaded him. He charged again and went for his enemies.

Olaf's guard tried to stand, the rider sheathed one of his swords and grabbed him by his hair, “any last words?”, he grunted and replied “yes”. The rider smiled, Olaf's guard jabbed him with his elbow multiple times, his smiles got stuck in his throat, he seized his sword and stabbed him with it, the rider fell, Olaf's guard ran towards the other rider, he slashed at the horse's forelimbs, the horse neighed in agony and fell, the rider fell forwards, and Olaf's guard sliced him up like a breadcake. He looked around and saw corpses everywhere,but couldn't find the prince, he tried looking harder and saw him on horseback, he saw a rider coming for him, he went towards him and chopped off his feet, he wailed and Olaf's guard grabbed and threw him off his horse, he mounted and rode hard for the prince. “arrows now!” yelled someone, and they all could hear the almost silent and deadly sound of the bows releasing tons and tons of arrows into the air, Olaf's guard cursed under his breath and dismounted quickly, he hid himself behind his horse, some arrows pierced the horse and it fell, he rolled away quickly. He looked around and saw a sheild, he crawled his way towards it, grabbed it and strapped it into his back, he saw another one, took it and raised in above his head, he ran to where the prince was lying. “my prince, we have to go!” he said. Olaf nodded, he gave the sheild to him, Olaf grabbed it tightly and raised it above his head, his guard kept looking for another shield, he saw another one and ran towards it crouching. Two arrows pierced his arm, he wailed, grabbed the sheild and ran after the Prince, there was no looking back, he didn't think anyone else survived the battle, another day another loss, but they were lucky to be alive.


Re: Dark Coward Prince by ashatoda: 4:35pm On May 13, 2018
this is serious action and I am loving it

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Re: Dark Coward Prince by nimat158(f): 11:50pm On May 13, 2018
superb. thumbs up for d writer

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Re: Dark Coward Prince by Faboosuarez(m): 8:27am On May 14, 2018

Rowella stared at herself in admiration in front of the mirror, she adjusted her clevages in her gown and smeared some powder on her face. She smiled to herself and made her way to rune's room, art stood in front of Rune's room, “I'm here to see rune” said rowella, art nodded, knocked, peeped inside and asked for permission, rune agreed and rowella was ushered in. Rune stood up and poured rowella some juice, he passed the cup to her, she smiled and thanked him, she took a sip and spoke, “what should I call you now, your majesty, king or Chief of the whole islands?” rune sneered at himself as rowella smiled, “I'm none of those yet, I'll be when I achieve my goals and conquer the whole islands” said rune, rowella took more sips and moved a little closer to rune, “never knew you had such dreams” she said. Rune shrugged the rhetorical question off, “it's because you don't talk” continued rowella, rune looked at her and smiled, she was looking more than beautiful, rune was sure she was wearing the same cologne she had on her during their wedding night, she would have been a good and elegant wife for a prince if he wanted her, the kind of wife you can show off and your friends, families and your enemies would be envious of but right now defeating the shrika tribe was top priority and nothijg amd no-one else can replace that no matter how beautiful.

“if you are here worried about our union, u needn't be, we are no longer in the county therefore county laws don't hold Here” said rune, rowella stared in disbelief but organised herself, a lot was going through her mind: does he know about me and Olaf, it seems so, now it was obvious he isn't as stupid and cowardly as we were all led to believe. But giving up wasn't rowella's style, like her mother had taught her, “if you need anyone to talk to and confide in or anyone's help with anything, I'm here for you and I'll always be” said rowella. Rune nodded and smiled at her, “I'll keep that in mind m'lady” replied rune, rowella smiled again and her smile was beautiful, rowella made her way out of the room, she stopped at the door and looked back, “I never thanked you for what you did for me on our wedding night, thank you” she said and bowed down to rune, rune raised his cup at her in appreciation and she exited the room, he breathed a sigh of relief and went back to sleep hoping his troops won't retreat again in battle, although he had their words and vows but words and vows can change anytime anyday like a bad weather.

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Re: Dark Coward Prince by OkekeChristian(m): 10:38am On May 14, 2018
Beautiful. Just necessary edits here and there, and you have a bestseller.
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