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Re: "Blood In The Ring" A Crime Thriller By John Mfon. by lammy197(m): 1:12am On Sep 01, 2021
Re: "Blood In The Ring" A Crime Thriller By John Mfon. by lammy197(m): 1:13am On Sep 01, 2021
�� angry grin angry
Re: "Blood In The Ring" A Crime Thriller By John Mfon. by tahir01(m): 10:55am On Sep 01, 2021
Oga John hope u are good. We need updates o
Re: "Blood In The Ring" A Crime Thriller By John Mfon. by Noblejohn32(m): 10:49pm On Sep 01, 2021
My esteemed apologies to you all, my noble literati(s)..for the delay in updates.
My device is really a big setback.
Anyway, I'll be dropping something big soon.

Happy reading!!!
Happy new month!!!
Re: "Blood In The Ring" A Crime Thriller By John Mfon. by Noblejohn32(m): 10:55pm On Sep 01, 2021

After hours of grief, gloom and despair, the crowd deserted. The compound had a grim aura allover, an evidence of sorrow.
I moved into my apartment and laid down on the bed.

"Why would someone choose to butcher someone so brutally?" I kept on questioning myself.
I heard a knock on the door and it opened. I was shocked to see Ekemini standing in my apartment.
I wasn't just in the mood for any chit chat or drama so I ignored her. moreover, her sister already expressed her love to me, and I must as well reconsider my stance.

"Frost, I'm here"

Like I'm blind or what...

I ignored her, my phone rang and I checked the caller. It was Willie.

"Mark Frost.." He hailed.

"Morning Bro..." I responded.

"Can we meet by 1, I have an important assignment for you".

I stole a glance at Ekemini, " What kind of
..no worries, till we meet".

"I hope all is set for the interview? The candidates are set right?" He asked.

"I did as you ordered.." I replied.

"Okay, there's an emergency job and I discussed with the undertakers in charge to fill you in!"

"What kind of job?" I asked.

"Still the job we're working on...the blood in the ring job. But this one is a delivery job. You'll be going to Cameroon this weekend" Willie said.

I was shocked, "To do what?"

"Like I said, I'll feel you in when you arrive at my place".
The call was disconnected.

" Son of a b!tch" I cursed and dropped the phone.

"Frosty, I'm sorry for my reactions..i mean I was just..."

"Ekemini, I really want to rest. If you wanna apologise...write it in a letter, five hundred words then paste it on my door post...make it two copies. hard and soft, forward the soft copy to my mail. I will review it then send it to the ministry of works and labour to rate you the most insecure lady in Nigeria. Then I will like to..."

"Frost stop this...it is not funny!" She wailed.

"Ohh, was I saying it to be funny!" I got up from the bed, "I need to rest...please"

"So, I should leave?" She asked.

"With all pleasure!"

She stared at me for a while, tears streamed down her cheeks and she left the room and banged the door so hard.

"if you spoil my door, you'll get a carpenter to repair it!" I screamed.

Episode 10

Inspector Philip rushed through his breakfast, as a single man at the age of forty five, he had lots of busted engagements. He occupied a two bedroom flat with his junior sister.
He scooped the hot steamy spaghetti into his mouth in quick succession. He was already dressed, he picked up his service pistol, his notepad and pen.
He bade his sister a good day and rushed out of his apartment.
His two partners were to pick him at the junction as planned. He never had a car though he had the finance for it, but he didn't fancy the thought of parking a car in another man's compound.

A police salon car screeched to a halt before him, and he entered into the car.
Corporal Emma drove off after greeting.

"What of your partner?" Inspector Philip asked.

"He called in sick.." Emma replied.

"We need to make it to the brothel early enough so that we could gather a few exhibits...that is if the deceased visited the place" The Inspector remarked.

"It isn't a brothel per say. it's a club house" Emma corrected.

"Call it whatever you like, but she is a stripper there!" Inspector Philip browsed through his notepad.

Baco Longue

Emma expertly manoeuvred the car into the parking lot. They both stayed put in the car studying the environment. There were few scantily dressed ladies smoking and drinking in a small sit out.

"This place looks illegal!" Inspector Philip noted.

"Yea..typical clubhouse!" Emma noted.

"Going around on uniform is a bad idea, our presence might scare away potential threats... let's roll" Philip unlocked the car and Emma followed suit.

They strolled towards the main entrance and they were accosted by a bouncer.

"I'm Inspector Philip, this is Corporal Emma...We're from the Area command!" Philip introduced.

"Hmmm, we don't sell drugs here!" The bouncer sized them up coldly.

"That's not what we came for, can I see the owner of this place?" Philip requested.

"You have an appointment?" The bouncer asked.

"Yes...nope, not really, the thing is...we need to ask him a few questions...sensitive ones!" Philip folded his hands and examined the bouncer critically.

The bouncer thought for a while, "upstairs, first door by your right!"

The Inspector nodded and moved into the club. There were few men drinking and dancing to the soft blues being played.
They climbed up a fleet of stairs and arrived a hallway.

"First door right?" Corporal Emma asked.

"By the right...the issue is getting to know the angle" He knocked on the first door and pushed it open. His eyes popped upon as he saw two naked ladies lying on the bed without a care in the world. He closed it back gently.

"Gentlemen, why does it look like you're snooping around? these are private lodges!"

The Inspector and Corporal turned to see a short man with a firm gaze, as if ready to whip them.

"Sorry, I'm..."

"You are an Officer?" The man asked.

"Yes, I'm Inspector Philip...this is Corporal Emma. We're looking for the manager!"

"Any issue?" The man asked. "I'm Mr. Jackson...the owner of this club!"

"Is the place we could sit?" The inspector asked.

"Is there a problem?" Mr.Jackson asked.

"I think there is.." The Inspector replied.

"I'll love to go through your workers archives...I'm pretty sure that you'll have one!" Inspector Philip requested.
They were fitted in Mr.Jackson's office.

"Officer, you haven't still told me what is the problem?" Jackson protested.

"A certain lady with the name Theresa Mfon....she worked here!" Inspector Philip rapped.

"Theresa Mfon?" Jackson asked.

"Yea, or you don't know her?"

Jackson thought for a while, "I don't know such a name".

Philip and Emma exchanged a quick glance.

" We have reason to believe she works here!" Philip scrutinised Jackson.

"I really don't know!" Jackson riposte.

"You have an employee's handbook right?" Emma asked.

"Yea, I do!"

"Let's see it!" Inspector Philip ordered.

Jackson got up and searched frantically round the office, he spent a total of sixteen minutes searching.

Philip and Emma hummed impatiently and tapped their feet.
The old creaky fan in the room did little or nothing to ease the heat.

"Finally!" Jackson breathed a sigh of relief. "Officers, it better worth the trouble!"

Philip retrieved the book from him, "You mean you don't have your employees handbook handy?"

"I renovated my office few days ago, it might have been stuffed with my old documents". Jackson grabbed a face towel and wiped the sweat off his face.

Philip and Emma studied the pages of the book carefully, pages by pages.
After what seemed like eternity, Philip faced Jackson.
"Is this all your workers?"

"Officer, what is really the problem?" Jackson retorted.


Re: "Blood In The Ring" A Crime Thriller By John Mfon. by Noblejohn32(m): 10:59pm On Sep 01, 2021
Mark Frost??

I rushed over my bath, got out of the bathroom and rushed to the door.
The person behind the door had been knocking for over a minute.

"Who's there?" I asked.

"Is me..Kemi"

I reluctantly unlocked the door.

"As you can see, I have an appointment....and I'm about to go out" I said.

"Frosty, we need to talk!" Kemi leaned across the door.

I ignored her and kept on dressing.

"Frosty, you're taking this too far!" Ekemini came closer to me.

I quickly withdraw from her.

"You are not leaving here if you don't sit.."

"Kemi, you slapped me...called me a fraud, a thief without hearing my side of the story" I said with vigour.

"I'm very, very sorry for my actions. I was too temperamental and I deeply regret my actions...please" She went on her knees, "I'm sorry, I gladly take any punishment from you..but please don't cast me away".

I swear, my resolve was broken. Her act of humility tore through me.

I held her hands, took her up and kissed her deeply.

" I forgive you...If we wanna build a lasting relationship, we must learn to trust one another. About that day incident, we'll talk about it when the time is right. Right now, I need to see a friend".

She rubbed her crotch on my groin, "Can't the appointment wait? I really missed you".

This time, I had to take the reins and play the game my way and my rules. I needed to establish dominance as the alpha of the pack.

"Ekemini, I need to leave" I repealed myself from her.

She was really sad, I could tell. I wonder how she was going to feel if I told her I bleeped her sister.
This play was really my play.

"Okay, safe journey. Your room really looked scatter, lemme do some arrangements" She proposed.

"No problem...see ya" I waved at her.

I moved out of the house and met Emediong across the street.

"Loverboy.." She hailed.

"Sweetim..." I pecked her.

"Easy, my sister might be lurking around" She giggled.

"Does She suspect a thing?" I asked.

"I don't care, there's nothing to suspect. I miss our rendezvous" She chuckled.

"We'll make a plan for another.."

"That sounds like a plan!" She pecked me again.

"Gotta go...I got an appointment" I pecked her and waved.

"I love you" She screamed after me.

"Theresa Mfon is dead!" Philip broke the news.

"How does it really concerns me, I don't know the lady. I don't think she works here. Maybe you should start your investigation from where she was last before her demise" Jackson went all defensive.

"We should start with where she was last right?" Philip asked.

"Yea!" Jackson replied.

"You are teaching us how to conduct our investigation right?" Philip asked.

"Nnnooo!" Jackson fidgeted.

"Ever heard of obstruction of justice? Telling an Officer of the law how to conduct investigation is an obstruction of justice?" Philip fondled the handcuffs strapped to his belt.

"Not like that, the thing is..."

"Shut the f!ck up!" Philip slammed.

"We already made some questioning before heading here, Theresa actually worked as a stripper here..." Emma said.

Jackson breathed, "About the strippers, I really don't know all of them by their names. Most of them are on temporary contract. They are only hired at nights and they take up names like vanilla, banana and...but I know someone who hires them to perform, the person actually would be able to help you. The names on my employee handbook are actually the ones I pay monthly. The strippers are not my workers per say" Jackson said.

"So, who is this person that can help us?" Philip asked.

"Her name is Miss Veronica. She hires the strippers!" Jackson replied.


Re: "Blood In The Ring" A Crime Thriller By John Mfon. by Noblejohn32(m): 11:01pm On Sep 01, 2021

I alighted from the taxi and paid the fare.
I retrieved my phone and dialled Willie's number. I didn't want a repetition of last time episode with his man-eating dogs.

"Hello, Wille" I breathed.

"Mark Frost, why the delay?"

"Sorry, I had to set some things in place."

"Okay, I'm at home".

"I called in respect of the dogs. I sincerely hope that they are chained".

Willie laughed like a mentally deranged patient, " They are with my Vet for deworming".

"Better, because I came with four jack knives, a jack bauer pistol and a dynamo".

Willie already disconnected the call.

" Son of a b!tch" I cursed.

I marched towards his block of flat with caution. I still didn't trust Willie, his dogs could just show up and boom! I'm on the ground; once bitten, twice shy.

I knocked on the door and it was unlocked.
We anchored in a brotherly way in seconds we begin chatting away our escapades over a bottle of scotch.

"My caretaker daughter: Theresa died yesterday" I said.

"Hmmm, which one?" He asked.

"You know, his second wife daughter? The pretty one with huge boobs like Dorothy? Her body was found at the junction. it was a gory scene, the thought of it wanna make me puke?" I screwed my face in disgust

"What happened to her?" Willie asked.

"We don't know, but it seems yahoo boys got her because her parts were missing".

Willie jerked, " You said her name is Theresa?"

"Yea, you know her?" I asked.

"Nah..I'll be back, I need to use the rest room!" Willie grabbed his phone on the table and moved into the adjourning corridor.

I just shrugged, his problem...his headache

Willie moved into his bedroom, bolted the door and sat on the bed. He was furious, he flipped through the contact on his phone and dialled a number. When the call connected, he rushed into the toilet.

"Luke!!! Shit just happened and I better pray we don't get stained by it" Willie breathed furiously.

"Willie, calm down. What is it?" Luke inquired about?

"A friend of mine just told me a body was found and her name is Theresa..."

"Oooh, I'm sorry. I wanted telling you but it escaped my memory. The Doctor called me yesterday, he muttered some medical mumbo jumbo about a body reacting to the gas and refusing to refrigerate!" Luke explained.

"So?" Willie screamed.

"The body was decomposing fast, so he had to dispose it" Luke said.

"I don't understand the trash you just emitted from your mouth, how did the body decompose so fast? So fast that it had to be disposed carelessly...do you know what that silly act has caused us...do you know what it has resulted in? It will certainly attract the police and our trails hasn't gone cold yet".

"Watch your tone man, this is business...shit happens!"

"Not this kind of shit...Luke, I'm disappointed in you. If you were close to me, I would have put a bullet into your skull. You don't just drop a body by the junction...Shit!" Willie slammed his fist on the bathroom mirror and it broke into pieces.

"Willie, you have every right to be angry, but what matters is, the organs are complete and the trip to Cameroon will be made. I'll visit your place this evening to make plans for the trip" Luke said and the call was disconnected.


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Re: "Blood In The Ring" A Crime Thriller By John Mfon. by tahir01(m): 6:48am On Sep 02, 2021
Thanks for the update. Seems frost don't know what's happening.
Re: "Blood In The Ring" A Crime Thriller By John Mfon. by Noblejohn32(m): 8:43pm On Sep 02, 2021
Thanks for the update. Seems frost don't know what's happening.
Thanks for staying put..
Re: "Blood In The Ring" A Crime Thriller By John Mfon. by Kentuforchrist(m): 3:26am On Sep 03, 2021
Thanks for.the update man
Pls always tag me for update cos I don't really know when another episode will appear
I had to visit the page almost everyday
Re: "Blood In The Ring" A Crime Thriller By John Mfon. by Noblejohn32(m): 6:24am On Sep 03, 2021
Thanks for.the update man
Pls always tag me for update cos I don't really know when another episode will appear
I had to visit the page almost everyday
noted bro...
thanks for staying put
Re: "Blood In The Ring" A Crime Thriller By John Mfon. by Adeola25(f): 3:08pm On Sep 03, 2021
Hmm, I just pity Frost because of the kind of trouble he would later lands himself in. Thanks for the update, Mr John
Re: "Blood In The Ring" A Crime Thriller By John Mfon. by Noblejohn32(m): 8:09am On Sep 04, 2021
Hmm, I just pity Frost because of the kind of trouble he would later lands himself in. Thanks for the update, Mr John
Thanks sweet...
Re: "Blood In The Ring" A Crime Thriller By John Mfon. by Noblejohn32(m): 11:40am On Sep 04, 2021
Big apologies for the late updates..
Device wahala! This updates was too be dropped by me since yesterday!


"You have her contact right?" Philip asked.

Jackson nodded.

"Call her...we don't have all the time in the world!" Philip ordered, "and put the call on handsfree mode".

Jackson picked up his phone and scroll through his phone book, he dialled a number.
"Hello, Veronica"

"Hello Jackie, how are you?"
Her tone shows she was definitely in high spirits.

"I need to ask you a very important question"

"Is it about last night sales, I paid the DJ twelve thousand naira..I balanced the sales..." Veronica kept rapping.

"Not that...do you know any stripper with the name Theresa?" Jackson asked.

Veronica thought for a while.
"Yea, I know!"

"Was She here last night?" Jackson held his breath.

"Yes, she performed together with other strippers!"

"Do you know when she left..what time did you pay the strippers?"

"I didn't actually pay them for last night performance. You know, I had to balance the account and settle for the drinks I ordered".

" What time did she leave?" Jackson asked.

"Miss Veronica, I'll like you to be precise with your answers...move straight to the point" Philip ordered, he eased himself forward.

"Hello, Jackie? Who's that?" She asked, confused at the changes in the spokesperson?

"It's the police!" Jackson replied.

"Miss Veronica...in order not to burn your airtime, your presence is requested in the station for questioning" Philip declared.

"Station? I didn't do anything oo" She mumbled.

"Like I said, your presence is required. Something terrible happened to your worker...and we need you to clear the air...Area command in twenty minutes" Philip said.

"I hope I won't be arrested, Jackson tell them I'm not a criminal oo" Veronica wailed.

"Please, don't waste our time...report there so that we can clear you and you get back to your normal life".

" okay..."

"In thirty minutes time, if she doesn't report. We'll arrest her" Philip whispered to Emma.

"Mr. Jackson, thanks for your cooperation. But you'll still need to follow us to the station!" Philip announced.

"Ahh, Officer you can't arrest me. I haven't..."

"Mr. Jackson, you are not under arrest. Once that your woman is cleared...you will all go home".

"And what if she isn't?" Jackson inquired.

Philip made a wry smile, "Then the law will take it course!"


"You've been sitting as if you lost someone" I observed Willie.

He drank absentmindedly.

"Your knuckles is bleeding.."

Willie faced me, "I'm fine.."

"Okay oo...Your mood changed since when I told you about Theresa's death. Do you know her?" I asked.

"Not that..a client just pissed me off". Willie replied.

" You said you had something serious to discuss with me, and why must I go to Cameron this weekend?" I asked.

"As for the Cameroon job, I'm sorry it had to be on short notice. Like I said, our job...the job you are about to go into...We deal with cadavers" He paused and drank from his bottle.

"Cadaver?" I asked genuinely confused.

"We also do deliveries to different countries on ship. We are more like transporters. We take care of large shipments of ghost products and ensure that it is being delivered to their prospective clients".

His explanation threw me into more complication, " What about the fake interview invite, is it still part of the job?"

"The interview, is still one of the many perks of the job!" He said.

I got up, "You haven't still informed me on what you intend to do with those people once they come here for the interview. You're definitely not offering them a job offer". I half screamed.

"Like I said, this job, this ring job is a process. You don't just learn everything at once, you watch each day grappling the flow and understanding the rudiments of the underground".

I raised my hands, exasperated at his proverbial description.

" You know about the interview outcome when the time comes for it. Right now, I intend to brief you about the Cameroon job".

"Willie, really...you just want to lead me blindly into a job I know nothing about. A blood in the ring kinda job...the name already is a turnoff. My guts tells me you're into rituals. If you don't clear me about this job, I'll have to leave and as for your Cameron job, I'm not interested" I breathed.

Willie snickered, "Mark Frost, calm down. This job is a big deal that will change the handwriting of poverty in your life, I already detailed the job to you. We deal with cadavers".

"What sort of cadaver?" I asked.

"You know, all this medical students and their anatomy lessons huh? We get bodies from prisons and sell it out to them. Right now, a university in Cameroon has been accredited to study medicine and it's a private school. The government won't fund the school or it's activities. So, the HOD reached out to a friend who gave me the contract. What we'll be delivering in Cameroon is the cadavers.."

I took a deep breath and sat down, "So, it's just the two of us?"

"No..actually three people will be making the trip and you'll represent me".

I looked at him with suspicion, " Why are you not coming?"

"Two reasons. Firstly, I'll need to make arrangements for the interview set up things in place. Secondly, you'll need to familiarise with the terrain of the job and your new team members or work partners or colleagues...anything you call it..actually you'll be meeting one to night". Willie got up and moved into his mini bar, he retrieved a bottle of scotch.

" I'm not drinking that thing again, I need food" I said.

"Okay, lemme grab my phone and make orders...what will you be eating?"


Re: "Blood In The Ring" A Crime Thriller By John Mfon. by Noblejohn32(m): 11:44am On Sep 04, 2021
A plumby woman in her late thirties, moved into the large hall of the police station.
The district police station had been renovated and changed into the Area command. She was a bit shaky as she wondered why she should be summoned at the station. At first, she refused the invite. But she reasoned that the police were not that callous to invite her for questioning via phone call, they were testing her innocence. And failure to report would have screamed a more imposing picture of guilt to what ever crime God knows happened that warranted her presence.

"Hey Vero..."

She heard a familiar scream.
She turned and saw Jackson standing beside an empty counter.
She moved towards him with quick steps.

"What's happening, do I need to call a lawyer, even if I don't have one but my friend's cousin is a barrister.." Veronica rapped.

"Calm down...I think they just want to ask some questions. Theresa is dead!" Jackson announced.

"Which Theresa, you mean my worker. What happened?" Veronica broke down in tears.

"I guess she's here.." Corporal Emma moved towards them," let's go".

Corporal Emma led them to a large office on the south side of the building. He knocked and opened the door.

"Ooh, Veronica right?" Philip asked.

"Yyyes Officer!" She nodded in quick succession and replied.

"Okay sit.. Corporal, take record".

They all took their seats.

"I don't want to waste your time, I believe by now your sensory neurons must have shot up to give you a good memory of the previous night..don't hold back anything" Philip warned.

She nodded in agreement.

"I'm led to believe that you're in charge of the strippers in the club".

She shook and nodded.

" I'll need verbal response" Philip stared at her.

"Yes..I'm in charge of them" She replied.

Philip eased forward, "I'll want you to be more articulate on the job description of this strippers".

" Okay, their job is to dance seductively on poles on the stage, most of them offers bed services to clients who can pay. They are not your normal definition of prostitution. They are more like sensual dancers" Veronica explained.

"Okay, dancers and home services...if they are not prostitutes they should be on high class side of it." Philip nodded.
"Theresa, what do you know about her? I mean the Theresa you were asked about earlier".

She cleared her throat, " Her full names are Theresa Mfon, I met her through a friend. She is a pretty lady well endowed in the right places. She's a good dancer so I recruited her into the team."

Philip nodded, "I assume as her Boss, you know little about her private family life".

" I just know little...like little much. She's from a polygamous family and she's a dropout from the State University".

"How many hours tops, do your strippers perform?" Philip asked.

"All Night...most perform in shift. There are always eight per night. Two performs for two hours then another set. I pay them their dues by morning."

"But last night was an exception right?" Philip asked.


"You didn't pay them last night?"

"Yes, there were some bills to settle for the club. So I promised to pay them before the day runs out!"

"You said she performed last night?" Philip asked.

"Yes, but she left!" She said.

"What time and who did she leave with?" Philip studied her critically. "This is a crucial part of this investigation, don't ruin it".

"She left around ten or so...She told me she won't stay till dawn because a client needed her services".

" Intriguing...do you know the client?"

"No, I do not. It's not really my business to investigate their clients. They only remit ten percent of their income to the club purse.." She said.

"So, I assume you are the club purse" He chucked.

"Not me, it goes to the club purse".

" How much do you pay them a night?" Philip asked.

"Five thousand...depending on their performance and the influx of guests".

" So, Theresa left with a client and you don't know the client?" Philip asked.

"That's not the first time of her leaving with someone...actually she left with two other ladies" She recalled.

"Good, you got their contact right"

She nodded.

"One is Glorious, and the other...Abigail"

"Put the call on loud speakers" Philip ordered.

After thirteen minutes of frequent dialling, Glorious phone rang with an answer while Abigail's was switched off.

"Glorious is refusing to pick up her phone.." Veronica lamented.

"I see...you said you knew a little much of your workers background...that include their home address right?" Philip got up.

"I know".

"Then let's pay Glorious a visit" Philip ordered.

"Officer..Where she lives is far and I have something to take care of!" Veronica lamented.

"Early hours of yesterday, Theresa's body was found as early as dawn. If anyone is to know how...her friends should. Like I said, once you're cleared..you'll leave" Philip said.
"Mr Jackson, thanks for your cooperation. If eventually, you find anything that can help in our ongoing investigation, do well to report same!" Philip shook Jackson's hand.
"Emma, get ready the van...I need two more officers as back up!"



Re: "Blood In The Ring" A Crime Thriller By John Mfon. by Adeola25(f): 3:25pm On Sep 04, 2021
Hmm, there is fire on the mountain. Thanks for the update. More pleaseeee
Re: "Blood In The Ring" A Crime Thriller By John Mfon. by Noblejohn32(m): 2:17pm On Sep 06, 2021
nouote author=Adeola25 post=105485765]Hmm, there is fire on the mountain. Thanks for the update. More pleaseeee[/quote]
on it..
Re: "Blood In The Ring" A Crime Thriller By John Mfon. by lammy197(m): 12:08pm On Sep 07, 2021
Update is due boss
Re: "Blood In The Ring" A Crime Thriller By John Mfon. by Noblejohn32(m): 3:18pm On Sep 08, 2021
Episode 11
Bon vóyàgé


I packed my clothes into a small luggage.
Already, Willie and Luke already prepped me about the trip.
I was going to Cameron by water.
I kind of felt nervous and a bit of excitement about the trip. I only visited a swimming pool once after my project defence in the polytechnic. The foreboding thoughts of travelling by the sea made me a bit weak. But I had to do it.
Few hours ago, Luke had sent my travel passport from the Nigeria Immigration to me. He assured me that I needed no visa.

I searched deep down mentally to assure myself that I didn't leave any important item behind. I locked up my apartment.
No one except my partners knew about my trip. I was warned to keep it secret, but told the sisters in my life about my travel..i wasn't specific about the intending location.
The occupants of my compound were still asleep, I moved quietly and hit the streets.
It was almost dawn, I flagged a taxi.

"Oron ferry.." I hollered.

"One thousand!" The taxi man replied.

"Why you no collect five thousand?" I reiterated.

"If I see the five thousand, I for still collect! How much you carry?"

"The normal fare is five hundred.." I replied and checked my imaginary wristwatch.

"See ya mouth like normal fare? This country you are standing on, is it normal? You, are you normal? Nothing is normal..do not expect to pay a normal fare.." The cabman yelled back.

I was to be at the ferry before seven and I wasn't ready to banter words with the cabman who obviously was ready for it.
I beckoned to him to unlock the taxi and I hopped in.

Oron port was very busy and had a chill feeling courtesy of the high sea.
I paid the cab man his fare or more like his abnormal fare and hopped out of the taxi.
Something nudged in my brain; I forgot my cardigan. I wore a light velvet shirt on a blue pant. The light material did nothing to shield the cold. I hanged my backpack and trotted towards the checkpoint.

"Mark Frost!"
I heard my name, that was definitely Willie..always calling my names in full.

"Willie...Good morning!" I hailed him.

"Trust you're ready for the trip!" He smiled.

"Mate..or is it Frost...perfect name for the weather" Luke hailed from behind.

"It's Frost!" I replied and shook hands.

Luke had this aura of negativity and a chilling personality. He was a real definition of a thug. There was a man on ponytail tagging behind him.

"Will! How you?" The man anchored Willie.

"Roy, I'm good...it's been a while since we met" Willie replied.

"All good, all good!" Roy shook his head, and smiled.

"Yes, Roy..This is our new colleague in this business, his name is Frost. He's a smart guy!" Willie introduced.

I brought my hands forward and shook Roy, his hands were firm and cold.

"Frost!" Roy called out in a hoarse voice, "You sure to make our footsteps. The game is strong minds. Mindset development, strong liver not weakness. Is a great man!"

What did he just say? I couldn't understand a bit.
Willie and Luke just smiled.

"What he meant is, the job..our job is for the strong hearted and your mindset must be developed if you must survive" Willie explained.

"Our friend Roy is an Espanola...from Spain"Luke chuckled.

"English, not momma tongue.." Roy stuck his tongue out.

"Okay guys, this is where I take my leave. Please pay attention to details and be smart. Frost, Luke is leading the expedition, Roy here is a badass..so watch and obey. Just two days and you'll be back in Nigeria" Willie lectured.

I cursed him within my breath for leaving me alone with these two monsters.
As he turned to leave, I called him aside.

"Willie, why do I have a feeling that we are about to push drugs or something illegal" I whispered in cold breath.

Willie laughed, "That's one hell of a deduction. Frost, I explained ever...."

"That's not really the problem." I cut him short, "I'm not just comfortable with those two guys over there".

" Frost, don't be a sissy. I perfectly understand it's okay to feel edgy and paranoid. But don't let it get the better of you". He tapped my chest, "You can pull this job. I would've loved to come but there things I need to take care of!"

I breathed in deeply, "I'll try my best to not jump over the ship overboard".

" stay low...and do me a favour!" He said.

"What?" I asked.

"Cameron got a lot of hotties, don't fail to f!ck one..not one please...make it two!" He smiled that evil smile of his.

"Willie, you will perish!" I laughed along.

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Re: "Blood In The Ring" A Crime Thriller By John Mfon. by Noblejohn32(m): 3:23pm On Sep 08, 2021

Four hours and counting, the ship wasn't insight.
I already finished my screening and I held my cruise ticket in one hand and a spoon in another.
I scooped the hot catfish pepper soup on the table into my mouth. It helped with the cold.
I and other passengers sat in a pub waiting for the ship.
Roy and Like seemed to be in a smoking competition. They had exhausted eight packs of Benson cigarettes.

"Mate!" Roy tapped me, he handed a stick to me and I refused politely.

"Mate, your church pastors preach all smokers in hellfire. I don't judge even when pastors womanize. Your thoughts on it?"

"Huh?" I never figured out that Roy asked me a question.

"I personally smoke like no man's business. Take me to a desert, gave me two hundred raps of weed and I will survive!" Luke explained.

"I believe you will die. How do expect to survive without water in the desert?" I faced Luke?

"Mate, you need smoke. I graduated four times thee time it warrants Master degree. What wire it? Smoke. I roll my wrap, lit em bummer...then I blow a chimney" Roy blabbered.

To God, I never understood a shit of what Roy said.
It seems Willie and Like had the perchance in grabbing Roy's speech. Or maybe they never understood but just played along.

"People...people! I wanna briefly testify about this stick of sushi" An aged man got a up with a burning stick of Cuban within his fingers. "Imagine the government wanting to ban cigarettes and weed. The world will just perish".

Half the men in the port pub hailed.

" I believe we are travellers and in one point in our life...we should thank God for creating weed"

It seems the weed inspired motivational speech drove the men into frenzy.

"I once had a wife, she threatened to poison me if I refused to give up smoking". Luke got up, "She kept on threatening me...even went as far as reporting me to my family. She embarrassed me millions of time and I was fed up. I cried to the God that created weed, I felt depressed. My wife refused to gimme food and sex. You know those things is the future of a man".

" sex and food, future of a man?" Luke is truly stupid. Maybe, he took after Willie. Because as far as I'm concerned, Willie is the God Father of stupidity. I can bet that anywhere" I thought.

"So, I couldn't bear it again. I asked for a divorce but before that, I explained to her that I have a calling. My calling is to smoke. Every world leader who smokes leads better. She adamantly, adamantly....when I mean adamantly...i mean to the superlative degree. She refused to bear with me. She called irresponsible, irresistible, irrevocable, irrespective, irrelevant. Everything was irre this, irre that. I decided to embarrass her. You know what I did? I bought a sachet of Andrews. I bought a roll of Andrews. Andrews is a drug that purges. I put nine sachets in her cup of tea and she drank without knowing".

" Here we go again...Luke, I was beginning to admire his foolishness on a different dimension."

"So...that day she went for a programme in another state. She so shit that day. In fact, it started from the bus. She messed up the bus, messed up herself...she almost shit her intestine out. It was embarrassing, condescending...but at least God defended his own. If you are smoking, it's not in vain, you will be rewarded in due time...Thankyou!" Like bowed.

The whole men clapped and cheered.
Maybe, the trip was going to be interesting.

"Limbe town...the cruiser is set" The megaphone boomed.

The hall was thrown into a bit of pandemonium as people struggled to get their luggage ready.

We left the pub towards the sea where the huge vessel anchored. Naval officials rolled the various containers into the ship compartments.

A strange feeling engulfed me as I stared at the deep horizon across the huge water body.

Luke left us and discussed with a naval official.
He came back after a few minutes and we boarded the ship.
Off to Limbe town in central Cameroon.


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Re: "Blood In The Ring" A Crime Thriller By John Mfon. by Adeola25(f): 3:56pm On Sep 08, 2021
Mark Frost.....I just pity your life. Thanks for the update John
Re: "Blood In The Ring" A Crime Thriller By John Mfon. by Noblejohn32(m): 5:13pm On Sep 09, 2021
Mark Frost.....I just pity your life. Thanks for the update John
You're welcome...
Re: "Blood In The Ring" A Crime Thriller By John Mfon. by Noblejohn32(m): 2:48pm On Sep 10, 2021
[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][/font]New episode loading...
Re: "Blood In The Ring" A Crime Thriller By John Mfon. by Noblejohn32(m): 10:50pm On Sep 10, 2021
Episode 12
Bon Voyàgë déux..


The Ship had six cabins which housed nine bunkers. The cabins were spaciously fitted with an ensuite toilet and bathroom, a double bed, a desk and a porthole.
We were nine in our cabin(Roy and Luke inclusive).

Passengers were allowed to access the deck but I laid on my bunk. Six minutes into the journey, I began to have a sickening feeling of nausea. I held my stomach in trepidation.
The passengers in my cabin kept on sharing their escapades while I laboured in pain.
Already, the sight of the high sea already made me sick in the head.

Ten minutes later, I couldn't hold back the vomit as I poured it out on the ground almost spilling some on Luke.
I had to rush to the toilet.
I could hear the men screaming and cursing me for messing up the cabin, I spent some time in the toilet before I came out with a mop can.

"Sorry, sea disease is what you are. First time you travel, sick you be. Second time, you are adapted" Roy said.

I didn't even pay attention to his incomprehensible talk. I kept mopping and praying that I shouldn't throw up again.
After cleaning up the mess, I returned the mop to the toilet and lay down on my bunker.
A crate of chilled beer was brought to the cabin by a naval official.
As usual, Roy offered me a bottle but I rejected. I couldn't add alcohol to my already messed up system.
The discussions in my cabin was spontaneous as it ranged from anecdotes of sailors tale to sex then politics and finally women.
All manner of card games were played but I couldn't venture into any of it because of my imminent health.

"I'm hungry..." Luke complained.

"Where good food..." Roy said and tapped me, "officer mess"

I couldn't understand him and I faced Luke for clarity, "let's go to the officer's mess".

I simply nodded and joined them. We passed other cabins and we approached a larger one which looked like a restaurant. I avoided looking at the translucent window coverage which revealed a large space of the blue sea.
We took our seats with other passengers and a lady trotted towards us. I was surprised to see a lady in the ship, actually there was more of them.
We showed our cruise ticket before we were given a menu to make our choices.
I settled for peppersoup and plantain while Luke and Roy ate what looked like a scorpion. I later learnt it was catfish.
Even in the officer's mess, the unending anecdotes still flourished. A Ghanaian man kept on telling us how he had the chance to rule Africa as a continent but refused to because he loved Europeans.
" I rather prefer to be a houseboy to a European than rule Africa".

The tales were interesting while some were downright senseless.

"I supported Paul Libya when he wanted to campaign. I sold all my father's properties in Duola and gave it to him. I went to China and collected power from their goddess. I called Barack Obama to bring twenty million dollars from world bank and I gave it to Paul. I even stopped sending my children to school so that I could sponsor his campaign. I divorce my wife, disown my family so that I could concentrate on his campaign. But when he won, he forgot me. Not even a phone call to appreciate my benevolence. When I wanted to send my first son to learn a trade, it was a hair dressing work and it cost two thousand CFA. I didn't have the money, so I called Paul, he refused to pick my call. I was so broke and poor, no one to help. I decided to run to Cotonou. I left my children in Duola and went. I started selling cars and I got someone's three daughters pregnant. I ran away to Bayelsa but Nigeria didn't do well for me. Now I'm going back to Cameron" A man narrated.

It seems our ship was packed with mentally derailed individuals.

"I was the first fisherman to capture a mermaid life in Atlantic ocean" Another got up to narrate.

"Please, I want to ask a question..." Another man got up. His accent sounded deep like the south Africans. "My son has been failing his exams right from when he got to secondary school. His mates are in the university but he said he wants to be a bomber...please what is bomber?"

"Why don't you ask him...is he not your son?" A man threw shades at him.

"My son doesn't know...that's why I asked".

"Your son is a big antelope. He doesn't know what he wants to be".

"Kenyan are always senseless and ugly...you are the antelope in fact you are a bufallo. How dare you call my son an antelope?"

The argument kept on brewing and we left the officer's cabin.
We returned to our cabin and met the entire passengers singing with a Jamaican crooner who played country side reggae.

I hopped on my bunker and slept off.
Few minutes later, a hand tapped me roughly.
I opened my eyes furiously to see a short staunch man on dreadlocks looking down on me with blood shot eyes.
The staring contest lasted for a while until I broke the silence.

"Any problem?"


Re: "Blood In The Ring" A Crime Thriller By John Mfon. by Noblejohn32(m): 11:16pm On Sep 10, 2021
As he opened his mouth to speak, the stench of gin mixed with heroine made me feel nauseating.

"Brethren, inna chase you down away from my bunker.." The man said in a loud voice.

It seems he was dead high, and from deductions, arguing with a high piped man wasn't advisable as all sense of reasoning is lost in such euphoria.

"Is this your bunker, I didn't see you.."
I wasn't allowed to complete my sentence as I was tossed off like a piece of rag.

My cabin crew got calm, maybe to see my next line of action.

I got up, dusted myself and went to him.
"Why did you push me?"

"Inna watch you. You looking like a Babylonian. But Jah promised to chase all them Babylonians to hell...scum from here!" He ordered and laid back on bed.

I fumed in anger, not wanting to cause a scene I left his presence.
There was no empty bunker for me so I sat on the upturned crate of beer.

"Frost! back to position!" Roy called out.

"Really, Mate..you just let a madman drag you off your bed and you go sit on the floor!" Luke stared at me in disbelief.
Other passengers muttered in disbelief while some ginger my morale to fight.
After a minute, without any movement from me..they began to throw jabs at me.
Not until one said, "naija are truly cowards".
Luke took the statement personal.

"You said we are?" Luke asked.

"Cowards...you don't try that shit to a Zulu. When Xenophobia started in my country, Nigerians played the victim card. We wanted a war but they couldn't fight back. The world has evolved pass the era of peace making and dialogue. To survive, you need to fight back!" The man narrated.
The demoniac speech spurred Luke to prove true patriotism and to protect his country's worth in the eyes of foreigners.
Luke got up and moved closer to the man, "I hope you remember this day...i hope you tell it to your children that we ain't cowards".

" Hey you!! Gerrof that bed or I'll mess you up!" Luke approached the man on my bunker with clenched fist.

"Whatta guan?" The man sat upright..

"I will throw you overboard..I swear on my mother's life" Luke snarled.

"As if your mum wasn't a p√ssy!" The man riposte.

Luke's fist connected with the man's upper jaw.
The man rubbed his jaw and smiled coldly.
Before he could make a move, Luke sent an uppercut to his chin and drew blood..
The man in the speed of light, threw himself on Luke and they both fell to the ground.
He sat on top of Luke, pinned down his hands and began punching him.
His punch sounded more like a hammer and in a split seconds Luke's face was all bloodied up.
Luke made a sharp flip and tossed him aside.
The man got up quickly and buried his knee into Luke's groin.
The effects sent Luke's head crashing against the metal bunk.
He rushed at Luke, grabbed him by the collar spitting into his face, without warning Luke buried his heels into his groin, elbowed directly to his adams apple and smashed him to the ground. The impact was terrific and the man gave up the ghost.



Re: "Blood In The Ring" A Crime Thriller By John Mfon. by lammy197(m): 9:15pm On Sep 11, 2021
Nice but short update
Re: "Blood In The Ring" A Crime Thriller By John Mfon. by Noblejohn32(m): 10:51pm On Sep 12, 2021
Fresh update loading...
Sorry for the delay..

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Re: "Blood In The Ring" A Crime Thriller By John Mfon. by Kentuforchrist(m): 1:08am On Sep 13, 2021
Thanks a lot bro
Re: "Blood In The Ring" A Crime Thriller By John Mfon. by Noblejohn32(m): 10:17pm On Sep 13, 2021

The whole cabin was thrown into disarray.
Luke just kept on staring in disbelief as the Jamaican fighter fell into a brief concussion and laid still.

"You have killed him" A man who examined the pulse and heartbeat of the dying man exclaimed.

I was in shock as I mentally examined the occurrence that just happened.
Luke beat a man to death because of me?
It was more like he fought for the integrity of his country.

The sympathetic screams attracted the naval officers on duty.
They came in, examined the man and handcuffed Luke.
It was more like a dream and I was going to jail.
Once again, I cursed Willie.

Luke was led out of the cabin to the officer's mess, with Roy tagging behind.
The thought of going to jail with Luke made my head spin.
Actually, l wasn't involved in the fight but it was connected to me.
And as bro code per say, it was also my cross to bear.

After what seemed like eternity, Luke and Roy returned with a grin on their face.
I jerked off my bed almost dashing my head on the top bunk.

"What happened? What's our fate?" I kept inquiring?

"Everything is fine, the old fool isn't dead...he just went into comatose because of the drugs" Luke explained.

I breathed a sigh of relief.

"Mate," Roy held my shoulders. "Life tough! Survive, fight! Never let one push off your glory cuz fight is fight and survive".

For the very first time, I understood Roy.
I read meanings to his incomprehensible phrases and I got insight.

"Luke, thank you!" I told him.

He smiled, "I did it for Nigeria..."

In a matter of seconds, the cabin returned to it's light atmosphere as jokes were made about the fight.

After an hour of an eventful journey, gunshots were heard.
The entire ship was in deep frenzy and chaos.
The bullets flew sporadically and punctured parts of the ship.
It seems the mask man wielded an assault chambered rifle.

"Pirates..." The naval officers clamored.

A gun battle ensured between the officers and the invaders.
I had to block my ears as the gun shots was deafening. I laid down and for the second time in one day, I cursed Willie.
Maybe I was on a movie set because the sounds of bullets shattering pieces of the ship were like sounds in Hollywood gun battle.
After some minutes, there was silence and deep groaning.

"On air, hands up!"
I kept hearing commands.

A hefty man with a scarf crossed over his face entered our cabin. He held two block pistol.

"You...hands on air" He screamed and fired.
I almost froze to death as a bullet whizzed past my head. At that instance, I couldn't hold my bladder again, I released my urine freely.

"Out.." He screamed again.

Every passengers came out of hiding, with their hands on the air.
We were led to the officers mess.
I could count twelve men, armed to the teeth and some dead naval officers.

"Down.." A man who seemed to be the leader screamed.

Everyone struggled for a space to lie down. Two fat men laid on top of me.
Though their body stench was nauseating, but I thanked God for the coverage In case the pirates opened fire on everyone.

"Dollars in ship..i need, I go!" The leader voiced.

That was another Roy with incomprehensible talks.

"Information, dollars in container. Give me, i go!"

There was silence and heavy whimpers.

"Last Chance, dollars...i go..travel continue!"

There was a brief silence and a man was dragged by the pirate. A gun was pointed to his head.

"Dollars, I get..dollars refuse...bullet kaboom!"

The man kept pleading, "I'm just an innocent traveller...i don't know about.."

His plea was cut short by a powerful slap.

The leader gave a signal and the man was bundled up and taken to the deck. He was shot and thrown overboard.

These pirates really meant business.

Another lady was dragged up.

"Dollars no, I kill.."

There was an outcry from the passengers.


"I am a mother of four, please I don't have dollars" She cried.

"Hear, woman..children four!"

The Pirate sent two bullets into the woman and her body was thrown overboard.
Another man was dragged out.
It then dawned on everyone that these animals were ready to kill every single passengers if their demands were not met.

"Dollars, I go...no, man die. Father, brother."

This ship was an African ship heading to Cameron, why were these Indians in need of dollars.
Yes, Indians...the pirates looked like one.

The victim case was unfortunate, he was tied and thrown into the high sea alive. His fearful screams could be heard even underneath the water.

I started praying for forgiveness of sins not also forgetting to curse Willie.
I started counting down to my side, it would take the death of twelve more people to get to me.
I somehow resigned to fate and prayed for the pirates to get me because one of the two men above me released hell of fart which destabilised my system.

The leader of the pirates dragged a lady out.

"Dollar...i kill"

The woman was sobbing. A naval officer got up with his hands raised above his head.

"Please don't kill my wife, believe me, I loaded the containers there's nothing like dollars in this ship!"

"Lie...information!" The leader barked.

The man moved forward with boldness that scared everyone.

"I said there is no dollars...I can't allow you to kill my wife" The man pleaded.

"Kill or dollars. Your wife, you widow. Your wife, children orphan!" The leader barked.

"You don't threaten a dead man family.." The man took a step forward.

The leader pointed the gun to him, but the officer swerved the hand and hopped on his nose, biting and dragging.
The other pirates in alarm fired multiple bullets into the man's body.
Alas, the man's will was strong. He never let go not until he fell down with the pirate's nose in his mouth.

Blood flew freely from the wounded nose cartilage. It seems the officer had vampire teeth. I wasn't sure if the leader would survive the onslaught on his nose.
The death of the officer made a psychological impact on the passengers that they could defend their lives.
As if on three counts, there was a roar in the ship..the wild passion for survival..the roar of anger for the dead comrades.
A big fight started, the passengers and the pirates.
Hell broke loose.
The definition of chaos came into play.

I got up and ran to a safe spot to hide.
It seems the pirates were dispossessed of their guns. It was an old fashioned fist battle. The true definition of hardcore.

I spotted a man in ponytail with a large stick displaying some ninja stunts.
Roy stole the spotlight as he comfortably handled four men, dodging their blows and maiming them expertly by swinging his sticks.
His acrobatic moves reminded me of the fictional character in D.B Weiss Games of Thrones; Oberyn Martell.

Luke at the extreme wrestled roughly with two pirates.

I froze in shock when I spotted a Pirate racing towards me in anger with a sharp dagger, curved at the end more like an execution dagger.

"Please I'm not among the fighters.." I was tempted to plead but I remembered Roy's admonishment.

At least back then in secondary school, I attended a couple of self defence classes.
I jogged softly, my eyes trained on the attacker.
I watched his hand movement, as he advanced closer my fear got the better part of me and I ran.
The pirates chased after me at close marking.
I stopped, turned and in nick of time, I grabbed his weapon hand.
I tried to twist it but he sent a heavy punch to my jaw.
My hand never left his wrist, he tried changing his weapon hands and I got the opening.
I rammed my head on his face twice in quick succession. The weapon dropped down.
The impact of the headbutt made me dizzy.
The pirate grabbed my neck with his two fingers, seems he targeted my throat but I quickly dug two punches to his stomach.
He staggered, I made a soft leap and buried my legs on his chest.
The impact wasn't powerful but he staggered backwards and dropped on one knee.
I miscalculated my landing and fell flat on my buttocks. I groaned in pains.
The pirate grabbed the knife and swung it at me but it missed narrowly.
I flipped backwards and stood erect, trusting my instincts and reflex.
The pirate swung again and I made a chest movement and grabbed his wrist, this time I twisted it and the knife dropped.
I caught it quick, the pirate retrieved a Barrett pistol from his hostler.
He made to cock it but I buried the knife into his stomach.
The pirate looked at me in pains, dropped the gun and went on his knees, blood oozing out of his mouth.

"Killer Frost..." He smiled and fell on his back.

The knife in my hand dropped in fear, shock and deep surprise.
The pirate knew my surname, he even added the title killer to it.
Willie had made me a murderer.

The pirates bodies were bundled and thrown overboard while the late passengers were taken to a small facility in the ship.
Over nineteen casualties were recorded.
Everyone wept.

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Re: "Blood In The Ring" A Crime Thriller By John Mfon. by Noblejohn32(m): 10:24pm On Sep 13, 2021
The ship docked at the port of Limbe in central Cameron and anchored.
We the survivors breathed a sigh of relief.
The journey was wrought with dangers of hell and nightmares.
The ship smelt death and desolation, we begun our journey happily but ended with sadness and corpses.
Corpses battered by bullets of sea pirates; monsters in human guise.
God knows his people.

I, Roy and Luke we're cleared at the ports.
We proceeded to a small canteen to eat. We couldn't eat in the ship, not with the stench of death in it.

"Roy, where did you learn to fight like that?" I asked.

Roy nodded, "Back in Spain, street creed..learn to fight..survive. Cower and perish".

I think I was beginning to understand him.

" Seems someone was motivated...i saw the way you killed that pirate..you fought a panda like a pro" Luke said.

"What panda?" I asked.

"I saw the marking on most of them, panda is a secret mystic force in hidden Asia. Most of them were pandas" Luke explained.

"Do they have powers?" I asked.

"Yea, most of them have opened chakras, ancient socrate guidance" Luke explained.

"One of them, the one I fought...called my name".
"He called me, killer Frost".

"Is that supposed to mean something?" Luke asked.

"Something abnormal happened to me...you know, i've been in a couple of fights but not a mortal combat. At first, when that guy rushed at me...i felt fear but later, I felt a burst of confidence...a feeling that I could beat him. It seemed to me that I had some kind of military combat skills up my sleeves...i don't just understand!" I complained.

"That's your body trying to adapt to situations. Ever heard of adrenaline...it boosts the sy..."

"No" I cut Luke short, "This was more than adrenaline...you won't understand"

"I need food..talk trash later I am filled" Roy said and moved into the canteen.

We took our seats, Roy made to call the man serving but Luke halted him.

"I haven't made the exchange yet.."

Roy glared at Luke, "What the f√ck!"

"The man who cleared our containers is with the naira currency. I gave him two hundred and fifty thousand to convert to CFA" Luke explained.

"So, I wait for eternity till man show for food!" Roy lamented.

Traders moved into the canteen trying to market cd and second hand shoes.

A french man brought a roll of Belgium shoes to our table but Roy screamed.

"Get out this trash!" He slammed.

After what seemed like eternity, a naval officer brought in a solar powered mini refrigerator.
He moved directly to our seat.

"Hope the freezer wasn't tampered with?" Luke asked.

"It's passcode protected...no one will" The man replied.

"Made the exchange?"

The man retrieved a bundle of CFA currencies and dropped it on Luke's laps.

Luke tipped him off.

"Hungry Roy" Luke teased, "Feed your worms".

The man came forward and conversed in French.

"Sivo clàir monsíéur"

"I ain't speak French.." Luke replied.

"Ooh" The man switched to pidgin. "What shall I? Achu soup, kwacoco bile, sese plantain"

"Serve us Achu with wheat" Luke ordered.

The food he mentioned sounded like thrash to me.

Roy noticed my displeasure, "Mate...Achu nice to the tongue".

"Killer Frost, if you are not okay with our choice...make your orders" Luke said.

"Do you have editan soup?" I asked.

"No..." The man replied.

"Frost really, this isn't Akwaibom" Luke teased.

I was left with no choice, "serve me the Achu then"...

After thirty minutes, we exhausted the soup with cabbage. It wasn't that bad but it was a bit...no offence.

Luke rolled the mini refrigerator and we hit the dusty street looking for taxi.
Welcome to Limbe town in Central Cameron.

I'm trying hard to prevent delays in update but my device is a big issue..
Ghost readers, keep on...
Blood in The Ring continues, this is just the begining...


Re: "Blood In The Ring" A Crime Thriller By John Mfon. by tahir01(m): 8:08am On Sep 14, 2021
We appreciate the timely updates. Thanks and may God make it easy for you to get a new device.
Re: "Blood In The Ring" A Crime Thriller By John Mfon. by Noblejohn32(m): 12:14pm On Sep 14, 2021
We appreciate the timely updates. Thanks and may God make it easy for you to get a new device.
Much pleasure...

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