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MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 6:12pm On Jun 07, 2020
Hi everyone,
The plan is to put up a new chapter on Nairaland every week. I'd like to know what you think especially if you check it out on wattpad. It's been going on for some weeks over there. Cheers to a new journey. First episode will be put up tomorrow(Monday) .I hope I entertain you.
Let's endeavor to be respectful in our interaction here. Thanks
Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 7:47am On Jun 08, 2020
Here's the first chapter, I'll drop another one before the end of the week(fingers crossed). I'd like feedback please. Let's gist about it.


Freda watched as her friend trudged
up the staircase that led to their apartment with a look of disappointment on her face.
She decided to wait for her at the door, hoping to enclose her in a bear hug as soon as she opened the door.

"How difficult can it be to apologize for something you do not know?"She thought to herself worriedly.

A few seconds later the door opened to reveal Temmy.

Temmy has always been the one with a positive viewpoint of everything around her. She usually sees the good in everyone except her boyfriend's colleague. Freda smiled at that.

In the past month however, she has become a shadow of her former self. Her smiles were forced and mostly offered to give the impression that everything was fine. People that were not close to her could not tell the difference. Freda however, knew deep down that her dear friend was heart broken and if does not find a way to help her, she may lose the friend she has come to love like a sister.

"What happened?" Freda asked while
holding her friend close in a hug. She could sense that she was trying so hard not to burst into tears.

"The Secretary did not allow me to see him" Temmy answered.

Freda sighed deeply and pulled her to the comfort of one of the sofas in their one-bedroom apartment.

They were in the first semester of their third year in University when they decided that they'd move out of the school hostel for their compulsory Industrial attachment / internship. They decided that it would be ideal to work from their own home rather than stay in the hostel like the other students who will be receiving lectures.

"Do you want me to get you anything?" Freda asked her friend.

"I am okay, at least for now" Temmy replied. She was too tired to take anything.

Freda sat on the arm of the sofa and gently stroked Temmy's arm.

"Life goes on you know she said to her. You can not dwell at this point for too long."

"I know" she replied as she picked her phone from the handbag she dropped on the rugged floor. Hoping that maybe just maybe she'd get a text from the person she wanted to talk to the most right now.

"If only he'd pick my calls, I don't know what happened. If I am going to move on I'll like a sort of closure you know" she tried to explain.

"I won't claim to understand how it feels but I have seen it happen to my sister and I can tell you that she doesn't look like what she has been through, She weathered the storm and married the love of her life."

"The same aunty Helen?"

"How many of my sisters are married?"

Really, Temmy was shocked. Aunty Helen was one of her favorite persons on earth so lively and fun to be with. Her husband was indeed the love of her life. She admired them a lot.

"Moreover" Freda continued, "when you were coming to school, did your Mummy tell you to come and follow boys?"

Temmy laughed heartily for the first time in weeks. "Getaway" she replied. Throwing a throw pillow in her friend's direction.

"I am getting away" Freda answered happy that she got her friend to laugh. "It's not that deep she added. If Damola does not work out, another one will. It is not by force to marry fine boy she said as she made her way to their small kitchen."

Lying on the bed she shared with Freda a few minutes after a hearty meal, Temmy was indeed grateful for the gift of friendship. She wondered how she would have coped without her friend, a friend turned sister.

Most of their coursemates referred to them as "The school made twins". She met Freda in her first year at the University. Temmy was in a queue, waiting to sign a course form with a lecturer who seemed to be elusive. The course was a compulsory one. With their First exam at the University looming, it was a do or die affair to get the forms signed.

Freda being a fair and beautiful girl was a catch in the department. She was outgoing and most people liked and wanted to be friends with her. She was so easy to get along with but doesn't like it when people take advantage of her.

Temmy being the quiet one, tried as much as possible to be invisible despite her attractive look and height. She was not what you would refer to as "tall" but she was not short either. A senior student had walked up to Freda on the same queue and offered to help her with her forms since he had direct access to the lecturer.

Surprisingly Freda turned to Temmy while telling the guy "we are two". She collected Temmy's form and gave both to the guy. Temmy suspected he was one of her wannabe boyfriend. This Freda later confirmed to be true.

Since that day, they have been inseparable. Freda had told her she knew they were in the same class and admired her personality and she used to wonder why she hardly talked to people in the same department.

They complemented each other. For every outburst Freda had, Temmy was the cooling effect. Some people said they were opposites but it worked well for them.

They had gone ahead to meet each other's family along the line and cemented their friendship. You would hardly find one without the other.
This made Temmy popular to an extent because Freda will not go anywhere without her.

Freda's humility amazed her sometimes considering the fact that people wanted to please her. Freda's parents were okay financially, not top hierarchy millionaires but they were fine.

Temmy's parents were not doing badly. Her Dad was the Principal in a government secondary school and her mum has a Tailoring shop that was doing fine. She sometimes spends time in her mother's shop helping with minor details and sewing.

The night she returned from Damola's house heartbroken, she thought she was going to die. It was Freda that encouraged her to dust herself up and move on. Life happens. Sometimes she wondered if Freda had a heart. She was never cruel to any guy. She just kept them at a safe distance. Maybe if she had done the same she would not be experiencing this pain she thought and burst into tears. Her younger brother would always say jokingly "keep it simple" Maybe she should have done that with Damola.


Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 12:55pm On Jun 10, 2020
Hi guys, thanks for checking out the first chapter. Sincerely, I'd like to know if I should keep putting up the story here.
I was once a ghost reader but I put up comments when necessary, grin. Looking forward to your comments.


Adedamola Makinwa has always been an  eye candy. Not only him, his siblings too, thanks to their parents.

He thinks of his look as an added advantage because it opened doors for him even before people knew his surname or his father.

At a time he had dabbled into modeling for the fun of it. It was not just his thing.
A graduate of International and Development Economics from the prestigious Yale University, at the age of 26 he has started managing one of his father’s companies after climbing through the ranks like any other worker.

He started as an intern whenever he was on holidays from school, he had observed his compulsory one year National youth service in his father’s company  and his father never allowed him to be treated specially.

Just like his older brother before him, he was not allowed to get to work late or take days off when he didn’t feel like coming to work. He had to go through the process like every other person who works with his father.

All the training made him who he is today. For all of it, he was grateful. Maybe he didn’t understand life that much when he was quite young but he appreciates it better now.
He’s been betrayed, never knew who liked him for himself or his background and money. It was difficult to make friends so he stuck to the ones he had while growing up.

He has seen it all, the girls, the parties, the games. In all these, he never took his job for granted. He believed so much in hard work. His  younger sister Doyinsola was going through the same process now although she has stated repeatedly that she’d rather follow her passion which is fashion.

Her dad frowned at it and insisted she will be integrated into the family business. In confidence, she had told him she started taking fashion related courses in addition to what their father wanted her to study.

"Good afternoon Dee, " Someone broke into his musings.

"Hi Tonye" he replied with a smile. "I thought you went out for that meeting with the marketing department."

"Yes I did, came back early and decided to check on you."
She smiled and sat on one of the chairs facing his table.

As one of the Directors of the company, his office was one of the biggest.

Damola was her biggest weakness. She fell in love with him in their late teens, when she started understanding the meaning of Love.

At 25 she had everything she wanted except Damola. She has worked so hard to get Damola to notice her until his tiny little Arrow of a girlfriend came into the picture. Now that she is out again she can reclaim her territory.

"That’s nice of you, thanks for Lunch." Damola said

"That was nothing. It is my duty to take care of you." She flirted

"Really, I don’t consider it your duty though. I am fine and over the incident" He explained.

"You are not" she replied and moved to sit at the edge of his table close to him.

She remembered how broken he was that night. He had taken more than his fair share of alcohol and asked her to please drive him home.

"I know you are trying to keep up face, let me take care of you. At least your “girlfriend” is no longer in the picture and there is no one to frown at me taking care of you Dee. No strings attached. "

Damola sighed thinking of the best way to let her down without hurting her.

"Tonye you know you are my friend, and I like the way you look out for me but…… "

"Stop it Dee" she cut in. "I know my place, I am not asking for anything out of the ordinary.
Let me take care of you till you are over her. Let’s have fun. You keep saying I am your friend but you never let me close, I just want you to be happy. "

"I know Tonye. Thanks for worrying but I am okay really."

"I know she was here yesterday." Tonye retorted.
She wished she could make the stupid girl disappear.

"Yeah"Damola nodded gently. "I didn’t see her though. "

"That’s good, it’s a gradual process but you’ll be over it before you know."

She was elated. She had even tipped the secretary to make sure she did not allow Damola see that girl. Let her not use reggae to spoil her own blues.

"Hmmm" Damola responded.
If wishes were horses he thought.

"You know what, let’s have dinner tomorrow night." Tonye suggested

"Thanks babe, that’s so nice of you but tomorrow is Friday, and I have an appointment with my guys."  He responded.

"That’s even better. Let me come with you at least I know one or two of them." She pushed

"It’s a guy thing. No females allowed" he winked at her.

Tonye's heartbeat picked up pace at the gesture. Damola was every girl's dream. If not all, at least ninety percent.
Oh! How I wish she thought to herself. It’s just a matter of time she consoled herself.

"Alright then, I’ll see you tomorrow." She said taking her time to get up from his table and made sure he could see her boobs through the first few buttons she let loose on her way to his office.

Damola looked away to ensure his eyes didn’t dwell too much on her open cleavage. He was yet to determine if she was doing these things on purpose or they were just mere coincidences.
He knows Tonye likes him but she was not his type. Any guy would be lucky to have her.

Tonye was hardworking and a goal-getter. As much as he tried to explain to Temi when they were dating, she was constantly worried about his relationship with Tonye. Tonye was never a threat to her. She was a family friend and a hard worker. Although they were close, Tonye knew the limits and he trusted her not to go beyond it. Maybe I should introduce one of the guys to her he thought to himself. She’s been a good friend and deserves to be happy.

See you next time.


Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 9:24pm On Jun 12, 2020


It was a Saturday afternoon, Freda and Temmy had decided to do all the cooking they needed for the week since they were officially starting work on Monday. The market trip was tiring and Freda had insisted on them going together.

“I am tired” Freda complained as she lay on the sofa after hours of slaving in the kitchen.

“Awwww, sorry dear, I told you to allow me help you but you insisted on doing the cooking alone while I do clean up”.

“You know I don’t really like all these chores, I told you to allow us get someone to help with clean up, you said we should be forming wife material” Freda hissed

“Yes now” Temmy teased. “Wife material hundred yards”.

She knows that Freda does not really fancy house chores that involved cleaning and dusting so she had decided that since cooking was her forte, Freda should “man” the Kitchen while she does the general clean up of the apartment.

“Is it not all the guys that are in town these days? They will disgrace you” she laughed. “No matter what you do, anyone that wants to go will go”.

“You mean like Damola abi?” Temmy asked walking towards the kitchen to drop the duster she had used to clean up their TV stand and small shelf. She smirked at her friend who was still lounging on the long sofa.

“Ah! Temmy you know I will never say that. Freda refuted.
Damola is another case and I promise you when I get him ehn, I have started learning Karate because of him.”

“Well done Freda Lee” She tried to smile. “I am going to take a shower, I feel so sticky”

“But really, I have been wondering but  reluctant to ask you what happened that night? I wanted to give you time to shake it off a little.

Did you just get to his apartment and he told you he never wants to see you again or what? I think enough time has passed and you should be able to talk about it.”

“It's a long story and I do not want to remember.”She retorted as she tried to pull off her wet tank top.

“Tell me now sweetie pie, honey bun, choco choco” Freda teased. “It will help you get things off your mind and just maybe I will be able to see another angle to the whole situation.”

“Another angle you say” Temmy snickered.

“You were here when I got the call from him that night when we got back from Ushering that event at Knights hall.”

“I know, but what happened after that is what I do not understand. When you rushed out I thought it was a typical case of you missing him and all that. You know the way you guys are now, making single girls like us feel as if we have offended God.”

“If I tell you I know, I am lying to you. Till this moment I have not completely grasped what happened.”
“You remember that chic from his office I told you about?”

“Your rival?” Freda tried to tease

“Be serious” Temmy urged. “I got to his house and she was the one that opened the door.”

“What? Why? What was she doing there by that time?”

“I don’t know” Temmy shrugged.
“At first she did not want me to enter o.” She told me "Damola is really angry now and I don't want him to see you". Temmy mimicked in a tiny voice.

“I want to go and take a shower” she insisted and walked towards the bathroom.

Temmy stepped under the flowing  water and walked down memory lane. Though it happened weeks back, it felt as if it had happened months ago. Who would have thought something so beautiful would end at the snap of the finger.

  She was surprised when she received a call from Damola late that night. He knew she was supposed to be busy which was why she could not attend his office event with him. Damola had urged her to come around as he couldn't discuss with her on phone.
She was shocked at the urgency in his voice and asked if he was alright. It was as if the question riled him up and he was trying so hard not to shout at her. She could sense something was wrong. At first she thought it was Damola trying to play a trick on her.

“I'll like to see you in my apartment now”. He replied in clipped tone. That was when she realized he wasn’t joking.  They had agreed earlier in the relationship that they will not shout at each other, no matter the level of provocation. She had sensed the anger in his voice. As tired as she was, she  left the house hurriedly after she told her friend her destination.
Getting to Damola's Luxury apartment, the security let her in as usual She cannot even recollect if she had greeted him properly. She went straight to Damola's door only to be shocked at the person that received her.

“Good evening,” Tonye had said to her.”

“Hi,” she had replied. “Is Adedamola home?”

“Oh! he is but I don't want him to see you. He is very angry.” Was the response and it riled her up.

“Angry at what or who?” Temmy had questioned trying not to give in to the anger that was building as a result of her presence in Damola’s house. What was she doing there that late at night she had wondered?

Please leave Tonye had urged her her.

“Who are you to ask me to leave?” Temmy had questioned  angrily. “This is my boyfriend's house and you have no right to be here.”

Tonye snickered. “Emphasis is on the word boyfriend, you ain't got a ring sissy.”
Temmy tried as much as possible, not to yell. She had told Damola repeatedly that Tonye was a snake in the green grass. She wanted Damola and it was so clear to everyone except Damola himself. Tonye wouldn’t mind destroying things in her way, as long as she saw them as obstacles. Damola was a big "catch". Who wouldn't want him? Any woman with a bit of sense would know Tonye wanted Damola but trust the men, Damola doesn’t see any harm in being friends with her simply because they were family friends.
Damola had always teased that she was just getting unnecessarily jealous.
Temmy was not a psychologist but could categorically say that Tonye had Bipolar disorder. Maybe that is why Damola could not understand that she has ulterior motives for being friends with him.

This is someone that would act all sweet with her when she is with Damola and turn to a Dracula when Damola's back is turned.
She had picked her phone and called Damola. Even If they had a family or business meeting that was the least of her problems. She would attend to it later. Right now she needed to understand why Damola summoned her when she was tired to the bones.



Re: MINE by Moura7(m): 9:39pm On Jun 12, 2020
Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 8:03am On Jun 13, 2020
Thanks @Moura7
Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 12:49pm On Jun 16, 2020

"Please come in" Damola had ushered her into his state of the art apartment like a visitor.

"What is happening?" She tried to move close to him and hug him but he resisted.

"Don't" Damola clipped holding off her hands.

The tone was a rare and angry one.
Temmy decided to sit down since Tonye was looking on in delight and seemed to be interested in what was unfolding.

"I called you here to talk about us." He had muttered with emphasis on "us" after taking another chair opposite her.

This was another surprise as Damola liked to cuddle. He would rather squeeze his big frame on the single seater with her than sit separately.

He picked the remote and switched off the TV. His living room was one of her favorite places in the apartment she loved the thoughts the interior decorator put into designing the whole apartment. The curtains, window blinds, the choice of color for the living room and the Focal wall especially.

The seriousness of the moment did not even allow her bask in the comfort the living room offered whenever she visited.

"Talk about us how?" This sounds serious Temmy had said and looked looked on in amazement.

It was like a movie. They still talked while she was going out for her own Ushering duty at an event earlier the same day. She remembered teasing him about missing her. All these sudden seriousness was baffling.

"Well, " he continued "I have thought long and hard and I think....."

"Wait," Temmy cut in. "Whatever you are going to say to me, can she at least excuse us?" she had pointed in the direction of Tonye who pretended to be scrolling through her phone but was obviously more interested in what was going on.

"Please excuse us," Damola said to Tonye.

"Alright Dee, I will be in your room" she said taking her time before walking towards the master bedroom.

"In his room?" Temmy asked alarmed.

"Why wait in his room?" She looked at Tonye who was still catwalking annoyingly towards the said destination.

"That is the least of your problems right now Temi." Damola had called her his pet name for the first time since she arrived that night.

"I need to address it though." Temmy countered. "What do you mean by "my problem" Is it like a normal thing for her to come to your house and stay in your room?"

"NO." Damola was shocked

"Tonye please wait in the guest room" he had said to Tonye who was eyeing Temmy angrily

"Dee, it's just..." She tried to say

"Please." Damola said looking directly at Tonye.

Tonye walked away from the couple muttering inaudibly.

"As I was saying, I have thought long and hard about some things and I would like us to take a break from this relationship."

"What?" Temmy was shocked.

"Yes, you heard me." He replied.

On Damola's part, was trying so hard not to be taken by the innocent look. The look that once beamed bright lights into his life. This is someone he thought was rare and he could build a future with.

"Wait, what happened between this morning and now, how long have you been thinking about it, what did I do?" Temmy rolled out confused.

" Thought long and hard when?" She pressed

"When we started this relationship, I said I'd rather end it than suffer in silence. I am too good for that.
I am tired of the relationship and I'd like to move on."

"Adedamola mi" Temmy called her eyes turning glassy with tears.

She stood up and walked towards his chair. The cold tiled floor providing faltering support to her shaking legs. She was feeling hot from inside despite the AC in the living room.

"Don't come close. We already agreed we would not shout at each other which is why I called you here to tell you this. I don't want to take my anger out on you."

"At least tell me what I did"

"I don't have time to dwell on that. The most important thing, is for us to behave like adults in a time like this and move on."

"Is it another girl?" Temmy pressured. "Is it Tonye?"

"That is none of your business. I am an adult and I know what I want and it is not you."

"Adedamola,we can discuss whatever caused this. You know I love you"

"I don't love you anymore, it's simple. See Temilade, he called her full name. I don't want to say things I'd regret. I have a lot of "choice " words I would like to use right now but I am giving you the opportunity to walk out of my house and never come back."

Temmy didn't mind losing her pride this was someone she loved. Someone who at a time loved her in return. She tried so hard to find the face that usually looked at her with so much tenderness. The face that looked at her as if she was the sun itself.

The person that stood before her was not the love of her life. This was not the Damola she used to know.

Please Adedamola she had continued to mutter. He loved her calling the name so much. " I love you and I don't want to lose you." By now the tears were flowing freely down her face. She was helpless. What went wrong?

When Damola turned his back on her, she had picked up her bag on the table and made for the door.

"Excuse me " Damola had said as she opened the door. It was as if looking at her, disgusted him.

"I will advise you to tell anyone that asks you about the situation of things between us that we parted amicably otherwise, you may not like the outcome. The consequence may be damaging."

With tears in her eyes she had left and resolved to visit him when he was in a better state of mind.

Damola picked a throw pillow and screamed hard into it as he felt the door close. He could feel his heart breaking however he was not sure if it was in anger or Sorrow.


Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 8:40pm On Jun 19, 2020
Cheers to the weekend and all ye silent readers.


Freda sat at her table working on a report her boss gave to her when Temmy came into the office she shared with two other people.

"Baby wassup? No Lunch?" Temmy asked

Freda looked up and smiled. "Just a minute, I am really hungry but I need to finish this up."

They have been working at Manslad for about three months now, and were getting used to the way things were run.
Manslad is a PR company with a top echelon of clientele. Although they worked in different departments, they still arrive and leave work together and sometimes go for lunch.

Manslad has been a blessing in disguise, especially for her. There was so much to learn that she hardly thought of her break up. The responsibility was much considering the fact that they were just interns. She thought of it as grooming anyway.

It even affords them the opportunity to make extra cash from ushering events which is their side hustle. Freda doesn't really need the money, she just goes to keep her friend company and also meet people.
It was during one of those events that she met Damola her fairy tale turned sour. It seemed so long now.

"Sit down now" Freda looked up. "Give me about five minutes."

"At your service" Temmy replied settling into one of the chairs.

"I wish we were in the same department" Freda muttered.
It was difficult to make friends in her department as most of the girls felt she was too young and sometimes doesn't measure up to their status.
The guys on the other hand were either too friendly or did not see her at all.

"We won't get anything done" Temmy laughed.

"We will joor." She replied

"I saw your Friend" Temi teased

"Which one?"

"The one that bothers you from the finance department"

"That guy creeps me out Freda whispered. He will look at me till I notice and he will keep staring."

"He likes you." Temmy whispered back.

"God Forbid" She swished her hand over her head and picked up her phone and stood from her table. "Let's go."

************* ***************

Freda sat at the reception of Damola's office few days later and wondered if she made a mistake coming here.
It's been at least four months now since she saw Damola last and was not sure about the reception she'll get from him. She had decided to hold on and allow the dust settle before visiting Damola. She had almost given up on coming to see him but when she remembered the nights Temmy had crept out their bedroom to weep thinking she was fast asleep, her heart breaks for her friend.
As much she she claimed to have gotten over him, Freda knew she was just trying. The tears have stopped but the hurt was still present. She hardly made male friends these days. Even the old ones were trying so hard to keep up.

"Please come with me" The receptionist said to Freda interrupting her thoughts.

"You can go in," the Secretary urged when they got to the end of the long rugged passage and the receptionist returned to her duty post.

"Good afternoon Mr Makinwa" She said cautiously as she entered the office.

The Office was huge and spoke of affluence as much as she tried not to dwell on her environment, she loved beautiful things. Damola's office was beautiful and welcoming.

Damola smiled at her. "It's not that bad, you can call me Damola."

"You know what they say, the friend of my enemy is my enemy" Freda replied

"Your friend is not my enemy" He retorted.

"Hmm and she is your friend to you now" she air quotes "and not Temi like you used to call her"

"Please sit."

"Thank you" She replied taking one of the chairs facing his table.

"Your office is nice"

"Thank you" He smiled "What can I offer you?"

"I am good." She replied "I will make this brief by going straight to the point. What happened Damola?"

"If your friend sent you here, I think it is a total ......"

"She doesn't even know I'm here." She cut in.

She had called in sick at work this morning. She had started the pretense immediately they got back from work yesterday to make the pretense believable. It was so easy for her to tell Temmy this morning that she wasn't feeling fine. Temmy called her twice already to check on her and would have disturbed her with calls the entire day if she hadn't told her she wanted to silence her phone and sleep.

"Truth be told, I don't know what else you want me to say apart from what I have told her. I got tired of the relationship and moved on. I told her to do the same"

"You can do better than this Damola, this is someone you once claimed to love. Something must have happened. If you tell her, it will give her a sense of closure. She will know what she did wrong and move ahead. It's easier for you because you are holding on to something as an offence."

"There's nothing more to say Freda. If I had anything to add to what I already told her, she would be aware by now."

Freda sighed and shook her head. How can someone be this stubborn? This is one of the reasons she did not like commitments of this kind.

"Please let me offer you something." He urged changing the topic.

"Meaning topic closed, I get the drift. The fact that you are no longer together shouldn't make you enemies. Times change you know."

"Yeah, I hope we get there. What has been happening to you?"

"Nothing big, just work"

"Oh! Your I.T."

"Feel free to holla if you need my help" He told her

"Hmm," Freda said picking up her bag.

"I'd like to take my leave. Thanks for your time."

"You're welcome, don't be a stranger"

Freda did not respond as she closed the door of his office.



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I love this.. Keep it coming smiley
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Thanks for checking it out.

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Great story Op.
Thanks for the update.
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Love it! Keep it Rolling.
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Re: MINE by topitronics10: 8:56pm On Jul 14, 2020
List Of Famous People nominated For Nobel Prize But Lost Out. The nobel prize award was named after a Swedish scientist, Alfred Nobel, he was also a reknown engineer as well as a great industrialist. He through his will endowed prizes in chemistry, literature, peace, physics medicine in the year 1901. the prize for winning the Nobel award is nine million swedish kronor, approximately about 1 million dollars, along side a gold medal and a diploma.
Funny enough Alfred established this award when he read about his own obituary in a french newspaper which read the merchant of death is dead. it was not Alfred who had died it was his brother. this news troubled the great scientist a great deal so much so that he sought for a way to be remembered in a good light after his death. so he established the award. ( He was known for manufacturing war equipment). since his death a lot of famous people has been nominated the following are those that were nominated but lost out on the award.
continue from the site below https://m.hub.opera.com/system/preview?aid=a792fe5b7b894b04a29f9551ff4a6f99
Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 8:35am On Jul 16, 2020


Re: MINE by Odoogu(m): 10:24am On Jul 16, 2020
in life, you can't be too careful. this piece teaches this and other valuable opinions.
the mind is worked in wonders, you never see or realise anything you keep away from it and vice versa.
the eyes reflects the obvious but the sees the oblivious.

please don't take too long to come back grin
Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 2:41am On Jul 17, 2020
@odoogu. I hear u grin

Hey guys a new cover for MINE.�
Check it out.

Re: MINE by Odoogu(m): 4:10am On Jul 17, 2020
@odoogu. I hear u grin

Hey guys a new cover for MINE.� Check it out.

is that a yes? grin you are mine! grin

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Re: MINE by Gvnl(f): 2:31pm On Jul 17, 2020
It looks great.

is that a yes? grin
you are mine! grin
Re: MINE by Odoogu(m): 2:45pm On Jul 17, 2020
It looks great.
is that you on the cover? grin
Re: MINE by Odoogu(m): 2:45pm On Jul 17, 2020
It looks great.
is that you on the cover? grin
Re: MINE by Lakesc: 5:29pm On Jul 17, 2020
Demola was rash by calling it quit with Temi without letting her explain the photos though, although most times is hard to think logically when confronted with similar issue cause of the flare emotions involve, especially when it's someone u have plan a future with.... Nice cover by the way op.
Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 9:44am On Jul 18, 2020
@odoogu u are on your own o
@Gvnl thank you.
@Lakesc. You know as humans, when we are angry, its difficult to take rational decisions.
It takes another level of maturity to calm down and ask questions.

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