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Showcasing Agricbusiness by survivalagro: 2:12pm On Jan 31, 2022
SPFS Tv is a media house whose presence, coverage and visibility span across Youtube ,Instagram and Facebook with production links on nairaland and other social media bios.The idea being the first agricultural Tv conceived by the MD/CEO ODUNTAN OLUWATOBI incollaboration with opemipo Ayanniyi and the marketing team of survival poultry farm services to showcase people in the business, intending farmers and every other person that aspire to become a farmer .

The main objective is to solve problems concerning Agriculture and also serve as a guide to every farmer, as the person that conceived the idea has been in agricultural sector for more than a decade.The TV is targeted at making every farmer major and important personalities in its running, "it is easy to say it is a TV for every farmer and aspiring farmer".

The Tv is an embodiment of mind blowing activities and programs that takes into cognizance where the agricultural sector especially is coming from and headed.

a) Let's talk Agric: This is a weekly live streamed program that comes to the public faces every Wednesday 12 pm - 1 pm . From the name the program is set to get every farmer both old and new better enlightened in what they do or intend doing .Opportunity is given to people to ask questions that have long lived in their minds or problem(s) they are facing in their various farms or in their businesses.

b) Agricultural News: Every Tuesday and Friday we bring to your ears agricultural news ,happenings in the agricultural sector locally and around the globe.

c) Other agricultural doings from livestock to plant and their various business strategies and markets around the word.
You can watch us on youtube @spfs tv and follow us on instagram @spfstv Facebook@spfstv
SPFSTV............bringing smile to every farmer.

Re: Showcasing Agricbusiness by survivalagro: 11:04am On Feb 02, 2022
Join us live today on any our social platform for today programme
LETS TALK AGRIC by 12pm our guest Mr Akintaro Olusegun the CEO of Akintaro farms and global services will be shedding more light on Layer Farming.
Join us via
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_9PlpC8EdZstAP01J305Ng
Instagram: https://instagram.com/spfstv?utm_medium=copy_link
Facebook: https://facebook.com/spfstv/

Re: Showcasing Agricbusiness by survivalagro: 2:42pm On Feb 03, 2022
Yesterday we had the maiden edition of our Lets Talk Agric show with our guest Mr Akintaro Olusegun the CEO of Akintaro Farms and Global Services,anchored by SISI TEJU. The espisode talk about layer farming. Layer Farming is the type of farming that deals with commercial eggs which including buying of a day old and rearing to the laying stage.

Moreso, he shed more light on different types of birds which are pullet and cockerel, pullet are birds that lays for human consume and they are brown in color. He said there is no business that does not have it own challenges, the major challenges in layer farming is Finance and Disease breakout, he also made mention of the recent increase in price of egg, which is caused by high cost of feeds given to birds.

Also he talked about the necessary things to be available when going into layer farming like having a layer pen, buying necessary equipment for feeding, provision of brooder that serves has heat source for a day old and amenities like good water, well ventilated pen, making sure chicks are well fed and good vaccination with the help of a veterinary. While concluding, he advises the youth to venture more into farming and have passion for whatever they are doing. Follow this trend for more educative information about Agribusiness.

you can also watch on youtube:

Re: Showcasing Agricbusiness by survivalagro: 12:08pm On Feb 08, 2022
Africa's 1st AgroTv presents LETS TALK AGRIC every Wednesday ,12pm.
This week , we are talking about "PIG FARMING" bringing to your view and hearing a qualify personnel , certified agriculturist consultant , Mr Fatoye Micheal CEO of FATOYE FARM .To be part ,kindly join through this links




Like and click the notification button .
It promises to be educative and informative

Re: Showcasing Agricbusiness by survivalagro: 11:08am On Feb 14, 2022
Love brings people together even in tough times ,it is always the answer wishing you happy new week and happy St Valentines day from SPFSTV. We love you.....

Re: Showcasing Agricbusiness by survivalagro: 12:38pm On Feb 15, 2022
Tomorrow 16/ 02/2022 is another wonderful day for our educative and informative great show ,which comes up every Wednesday of the week topic LETS TALK in other to let farmers and intending farmers to know more about ,the importance ,the benefits and challenges of different farming businesses .Tomorrow our guest will be talking about BREEDERS LAYERS FARMING ,the person of Mr. Yusuf Hafeez the CEO of AYS FARMS .

Re: Showcasing Agricbusiness by survivalagro: 3:05pm On Feb 21, 2022
The 3rd episode of LET'S TALK AGRIC on #SPFS_TV held last Wednesday as scheduled with Mr. Yusuf Azeez of AYS farms, an agripreneur who specializes in poultry farming.

With about 8 years experience as a farmer, Mr. Yusuf defined Breeders farming which is a system within poultry industry that produce animals destined for egg production or meat production.

He noted that poultry business can be frustrating at the start however, it later pays with consistency and efforts.

For him, having a deep knowledge of the business before starting is crucial. He disclosed that he had to employ the help of a an experience farmer and started with broilers of one thousand plus and after six weeks he disposed them for sale.

Some of the must "Have's" for poultry breeders farm, according to Yusuf, are pen (s), chicken, feed; he added that one needs to prepare mentally, physically, emotionally before starting a breeders farming. .

Yusuf emphasized that "a business with zero knowledge is going no where", enjoining the audience to spend some time with more experienced personnel in such business before venturing into it at all". He emphasized that "Experience is very important in business.

He further stated that there is no breed that is not suitable for rearing, depending on the management of owner.

During management a lot of things do unfolds; which includes the feeding of parent stock, to fraternization, the egg laying, then to the hatchery and broilers production.

Speaking on management of the birds, Yusuf said it is very important that before eggs are taken for hatching, they must be in a particular temperature, hence why some put them in cold room. Yusuf added that the eggs spend 21 days in incubator it is called camping.

According to him, the period is also used to separate the ones that will hatch from the ones that are eggs, bangers and the dead in shell, possibly the fertile ones can pay off for the ones that didn't hatch. He also informed that the current price of broiler is 400 to 500 for a day old.

On what makes eggs fertile, he said some artificial inseminations are done to chicken for reproduction to take place. If a breeder releases eggs it is advisable to eat the cracked one as it wouldn't produce chick since it's already exposed.

In breeders, the production is cyclical from getting parent stock to breeding, ensuring fertilization, and producing eggs. Yusuf concluded by saying after taking the eggs to the hatchery, the work of marketing begin.
It is the marketer that will know who to sell to and how to sell the chicks. He also said division of labour makes work easier and faster and as a business owner you must always have time to supervise every department of your farm business.
Re: Showcasing Agricbusiness by poultrycage(m): 3:26am On Feb 22, 2022
Our factory supply automatic Poultry farming equipment.
Poultry farm capacity from 7,000 birds to 60,000 birds/house.

Need a farm solution, message me anytime.
WhatsApp: +86 155 1596 3558.
Email: PoultryCN@gmail.com

Re: Showcasing Agricbusiness by Bounce9533: 11:24am On Mar 07, 2022
Contact Bosun Agricbusiness and consultancy on 08125482557 if you're interested in venturing into either of crop production or animal husbandry business.
Re: Showcasing Agricbusiness by survivalagro: 12:55pm On Mar 21, 2022
What You Should Know About Cucumber Farming

Let's talk Agric is an informative programme which gives room for farmers and intending farmers to have ideas about different types of farming business.

In the spirit of Celebrating International women's day (#IWD_2022), Miss. Ifeoluwa Oyeyemi the CEO of Farm help Agro stores, described Cucumber as a fruit vegetable and a vine crop (crawling crop)that needs a stand to grow up.

Interestingly, a farmer can expect to harvest 35days after sprouting.

Meanwhile, she noted that it takes technical knowledge in order to get bountiful yields.

Things to Put in Place Before Embarking on Cucumber Farming

Land Clearing without threatening soil microorganiss

Soil testing is critical in other to make sure the soil is suitable for the seed

Soil Ph level should be around 5.5-6.5

Planting space for cucumber should be 30cm or 0.3m so that they can get enough nutrient, get a dried manure from poultry, fertilizer (ssp)and water leave for a day then apply to the soil.

Planting should be 1.5 deep; after planting directly and spraying them insecticide because of insect around after 3-4 days.

A constant and reliable source of water

A green house depending on how you want your farm and the type of seed you are planting.

Cucumber has over 100 varieties according to our guest on Let's Talk Agric show.

Find how which is best to be planted in Nigeria and why;
YOU can check the link on our bio

Instagram ; spfstv

Facebook ; spfstv

Re: Showcasing Agricbusiness by survivalagro: 2:42pm On Mar 21, 2022
Heard about mushroom farming before?
On 23rd of February we held our regular talk show on showcasing agribusiness about mushroom farming, which involves cultivating mushrooms. Which is just been known in Nigeria, we have 81 species of mushroom is cultivated, it is not farming that bis well known to people he said .also is a 100%return business, he got to know about mushroom farming through his lecturer during is university days .in 2015 he surveyed mushroom farming in Nigeria Ibadan to be precise, he quit his former job which he was quality control at 2015 to be a mushroom farming fully .though the beginning was a difficult but to God be the glory, adding to that he said he can’t do other business than this mushroom farming cause it is convenient to do. making his point further, you don’t need a hectare of land or plot, what you need is an enclosed room and control humidity and temperature. Mushroom has taken me out of this country he said. it falls into two categories 1 as a plant and as an animal .as an animal is a fungi microorganism, it breathes and eats and grows into a shape of a flower.it can grow from the soil like plants. He concluded that it is a plant and also an animal. He went further by explaining how to cultivate mushrooms from wild edible, it is a natural phenomenon from God. we have wild edible, medicinal, and poisonous mushrooms .it is cultivated by taking samples from edible wild mushrooms and taking them to the laboratory for culture, and turning them into a substrate that requires them to grow. The substrate is a combination of water sterilized sawdust and overhead wheat brown and chalk powder and ferments it for 3 days. The cultivation process includes; spawn preparation, production process, and bagging into polythene transparent nylon. the process of sterilization is called steaming. Spawn will colonize all the substrate in the bag for four weeks takes the bag into the fruiting house, where the condition temperature and humidity are good for fruiting 25c -28c and humidity 70% to 90%. It must be indoor cause mushrooms don’t require sunlight. from the fruiting process after a week its spout out and see what is called the head, they continue to harvest for 90days. How to identify an edible from poisonous, differentiation is done by physical features, the poisonous has a red or black point on the cap, from the steep it will have a bud and also it is differentiated traditionally by feeding it to chicken when they eat it is edible when they refuse to eat it is poisonous. To keep the temperature of the room it is advisable to get a humidifier or wet the environment of the room in the morning and night. After 24hrs of harvesting, they wear off the reason why the drying method is introduced it can be air drying, sun drying, and oven drying under 50 degrees Celsius after drying it can spend up to 6months .in conclusion mushroom farming is profitable and mushroom is more nutritious than ponmo it provides vitamins to the body system after consuming.

For more information on SPFSTV

Instagram ; SPFSTV
Facebook ; SPFSTV

Re: Showcasing Agricbusiness by survivalagro: 2:40pm On Apr 05, 2022
Our lets talk Agric program which always comes up every Wednesday of the week by 12pm will be held tomorrow which our guest will be talking about Sweet corn farming.

I am sure you wont want to miss the educative information passed through this program ,you can stream live through our social media platform ;

Instagram ; spfstv
Facebook ;spfstv

Re: Showcasing Agricbusiness by survivalagro: 10:33am On Apr 11, 2022
Let’s talk Agric is a show that talks about agriculture in other to give out useful and educative information for farmers and intending farmers

just like the way we always do, we talked about Sweetcorn farming which we invited the person of Mr. Ajibade Opeyemi CEO of Agriwas farm.

Sweetcorn, he said is one of the various grains being grown for consumption that has high sugar content, and in terms of maturity, it belongs to early maturity varieties.

Before starting sweet corn farming there are certain things one must consider like
1.Have a market-ready: he said because it has a very short shelf life you need to have a ready buyer for your corn. it is either you eat fresh, canned, or frozen.
2. Have a land prepared, which must be a loamy soil

3. Have a good source of water, water must be enough for the grain during their reproductive stage, and know the timing of climate.

4. One must have managerial skills, and need a technical idea before going into it.

5. Quality control is important, knowing the perfect ration of fertilizer to apply and time to apply it, sweet corn is a heavy feeder of nitrogen and phosphorus.

Also made mention of challenges faced as a sweetcorn farmer in terms of diseases like fall of arm worms, one should know when to spray against them and also the attack of rodents it is advisable not to have a sweetcorn farm around the bush.

He concluded by saying sweets should be sold or consumed at latest 2 weeks after harvest or be preserved in under 4 degrees Celsius.

Re: Showcasing Agricbusiness by survivalagro: 11:29am On Apr 12, 2022
Our weekly program will be held tomorrow by 12 noon which our guest will be talking about Irrigation vs Rain Fed Agriculture ,make sure you you can get to watch through our social medium platform.

YouTube ; spfstv

Instagram ; spfstv

Facebook ; spfstv

Don't miss this opportunity of gaining a new knowledge .

Re: Showcasing Agricbusiness by survivalagro: 4:06pm On Apr 19, 2022
Last edition of lets talk Agric was held 13 of April which our guest, Mr Aniyikaye Abdulganiu talked about irrigation vs Fed -Agriculture
,he started by saying water is the full security in Agriculture. Without adequate water crop can not yield, stated that climate change helps
farmers to know the importance of irrigation most especially for vegetable farmers which needs enough water to germinate, should invest in irrigation system .
He continued by stating the benefits of irrigation system;

1.Irrigation system allows wider variety growth of crops.

2.It protect crop from irregular and dry weather conditions

3.It increases crop productivity

Also made mention of 3 ways of Agricultural water which are

1.Rain water

2.Surface water

3.Under ground water

Farmers needs to get other means of water due to inconsistence of rainfall reason, he said irrigation system will serves as back up plan for water supply.

When there is Climate change ,it tells the farmers time to introduce irrigation system .In conclusion he said it makes the farmer get more yield than other farmers depending on the rain .

Re: Showcasing Agricbusiness by survivalagro: 11:38am On Apr 27, 2022
Don't forget our weekly program ,on spfstv which talks about farming and everything related to Agriculture ,don't miss it every Wednesday by 12pm.

You can get to watch through our social media platform

Facebook ; spftv

Instagram ; spfstv

Re: Showcasing Agricbusiness by survivalagro: 10:53am On May 05, 2022
Dear esteem viewers ,
Due to technical challenges and necessary restructuring ,our live broadcast on spfs tv will not be airing for now .We shall return soonest ,thank you for invaluable support and contributions so far .

Re: Showcasing Agricbusiness by survivalagro: 4:10pm On Sep 12, 2022
Contact info to know more about what we do

WhatsApp /Call ;09061193809 ,09023802573 and 07054283960

Send an email; sales@survivalpoultryfarm.ng

You can follow us on Instagram ; @survivalpoultryfarm and @survivalpoultrycage


Visit our office and workshop at Survival poultry farm services building opposite Abj blocks ,Arapaja village odo ona kekere off old Lagos road Oluyole LG ,Ibadan Oyo state.

Re: Showcasing Agricbusiness by survivalagro: 3:38pm On Sep 19, 2022
Some young people think they are too young to invest ;especially owing a piece of the earth .There is always advantage of starting early .

Don't forget we are still in business of providing solutions to all poultry related problems our services are ;

1.Proffesional consultancy

2.Designing and construction of poultry farm

3.Fabrication of cages ,designing of poultry farm

4.Sales of point of Lay birds

For more information about us and learn more about our services ,you can contact us on

Call /WhatsApp ; 09061193809 ,09023802573 and 07054283960

Send an email ;sales@survivalpoultryfarm.ng

You can follow us on Instagram ; @survivalpoultryfarm and @survivalpoulytycage


Visit our office /workshop at Survival Poultry Farm Service building opp Abj blocks arapaja village Odo ona kekere off old lagos road Oluyole LG ,Ibadan Oyo state .

Re: Showcasing Agricbusiness by survivalagro: 10:14am On Sep 26, 2022
Survival Poultry Farm Service render solution to every poultry related business .

Call /WhatsApp ;09023802573 ,07054283960 and 09061193809
Send an email ;sales@survivalpoultryfarm.ng
You can follow us on Instagram ;@ survivalpoultryfarm and @survivalpoultrycage


Visit our office and workshop at Survival Poultry farm service building opposite Abj blocks ,Arapaja village Odo ona kekere off old Lagos road Oluyole Lg, Ibadan Oyo state .

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