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Re: Black Maria 5 - Retribution (The Final Book) by Bukolaberry(f): 7:02pm On Jul 25, 2022
thanks for the update.

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Re: Black Maria 5 - Retribution (The Final Book) by Kaycee9242(m): 7:52pm On Jul 25, 2022
Nice one Larry, i had even given up on this weekend update, if am Murphy i will tell the woman that we should go for test first b4 one will get one deadly disease coz of 1 million

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Re: Black Maria 5 - Retribution (The Final Book) by aprilwise(m): 8:08pm On Jul 25, 2022
I updated yesterday, but it was banned by antispambot. Now it has been unbanned. Thanks to the mods.
How can those who hasn’t read it be able to read it.
Re: Black Maria 5 - Retribution (The Final Book) by felix00(m): 8:10pm On Jul 25, 2022
How can those who hasn’t read it be able to read it.

Scroll up. It's there
Re: Black Maria 5 - Retribution (The Final Book) by elpochas: 8:20pm On Jul 25, 2022
Who must these mystery woman be?
Re: Black Maria 5 - Retribution (The Final Book) by Ann2012(f): 7:25am On Jul 26, 2022
Thanks Boss
Re: Black Maria 5 - Retribution (The Final Book) by Rick9(m): 12:31pm On Jul 26, 2022
Re: Black Maria 5 - Retribution (The Final Book) by Vulcanheph(m): 3:51am On Jul 28, 2022

This Murphy no even fear him destiny or anything. Free pussy after a long time in prison without any strings plus 1M?
I'm getting the fvck out of there like flash
Guy, if you were in Murphy's shoes you'd do the same as him....

The guy had been in prison for a while and probably hadn't had sex in a while and here was a woman that was offering him free sex along with a lot of money.

I think the woman is married to some impotent suitor and just needs a baby from a random person that won't be linked back to her

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Re: Black Maria 5 - Retribution (The Final Book) by paulek4eva(m): 7:53pm On Jul 28, 2022
For Murphy ,He just made up his mind all die nah die
Re: Black Maria 5 - Retribution (The Final Book) by LarrySun(m): 2:28pm On Jul 30, 2022

Update 5

It was six months after his encounter with the strange woman whose name he had no idea that Murphy Khalid learnt about the death of Maria. The news had come as a great shock to him. Since the moment of his escape from prison he had been searching around for her, but it was very hard to locate her, especially since he had no lead to go with. He had simply been groping in the dark for a couple of months, reaching his hand into the black abyss and coming up with emptiness.

He had been filled with guilt when he watched the news on the television. He would not have believed that the reporter was talking about the same Maria he knew if her picture had not been displayed on the screen. In a way, he blamed himself for her death. He believed that she would not have died if he had met her sooner; he would have protected her. He listened to the news with rapt attention and learnt about the cause of her death – she had been shot in the neck by someone named Roberto Bonifacio. He almost went mad with rage. Maria had not died from sickness or accident – she had been shot by another human being. As tears rolled down Murphy’s face, he swore that he would avenge her death. He would not rest until he found the man named Roberto Bonifacio and killed him. Further information from the news revealed that Maria had died in a place called Fortress Hospital. Murphy took that as the first lead and got to work immediately. He would find out everything he needed to know about the reason behind the killing of his friend. He would locate the killer and eliminate him. He was not a killer by nature but this time around there was going to be an exception. Roberto had murdered someone very dear to his heart; he would not stand by and let him get away with that. Nobody would kill Maria and still live to tell the tale.

When he finally located Fortress Hospital, he had no idea that it was the same day that Maria was supposed to be buried. As he stepped into the hospital, he met a nurse come out of a ward. But something struck him as odd; the nurse was locking the door of the ward with a key. He frowned; it was strange to him that a hospital ward had to be locked with a key. He supposed the patient therein must be a very important person – perhaps the person was a hardened criminal who might escape with any chance they got. This made him remember Maria; the girl had escaped from the hospital she was kept in after her breakout attempt was foiled. She escaped even though there was a police officer stationed in front of her ward. And when Officer John Balewa gave a chase, she still managed to slip away from him. Maria was an extraordinary woman; she didn’t deserve to die the way she did. She might have committed some little crimes here and there but no one had the right to take her life from her. His heart broke further as he took careful steps towards the nurse. A part of him wondered why there was no police officer stationed in front of the ward the nurse had just locked – surely if the patient was a criminal, there would be a policeman guarding the ward, but there didn’t seem to be any around. Still Murphy was careful to not reveal his own identity. There might be plain-clothed policemen around, and if anyone recognised him he might be arrested. At this point, arrest was no longer an option now; he must locate the killer of Maria and waste the bastard. He was ready to spend every dime he owned to find the man. Well, it had been over six months since his escape from jail and he had tried to change his physical appearance as much as he could – it would be hard for anyone to recognise him now. The only person who might was none other than the bastard Officer John Balewa. The man had always been the thorn on the sides of many criminals in the state, and the country at large.

“Good morning, nurse,” he greeted as politely as he could.

The nurse stared at him in surprise. Murphy could notice a hint of fear cross her face as she stared back at him. “How-how may I help you?” She sounded very uncomfortable.

“May I see the doctor, please?”

“I’m afraid the doctor is not on seat. May I ask what your visit is about? If you have come for treatment, complaint or medical checkup, you should speak to the nurses behind the desk. They are there to answer all your questions.”

Murphy shook his head. “No, no – not that. I want to see him for a personal issue. Could you please tell me when the doctor would be back?”

“I’m sorry I can’t tell you anything except I know what your visit is all about.”

Murphy sighed and continued to stare at the nurse. He was sizing her up, trying to determine if he could trust her or not. He would need every help in trying to locate the bastard who murdered Maria. He finally felt it wouldn’t hurt if he told her anyway. The doctor was his only link to locating Roberto, and he would have to be forthcoming with this nurse if he wanted to gain access to the doctor. He felt it in his bones – the doctor would have the information he needed; it only depended on how he would be able to extract the information from him.

He gave a rueful smile and said, “It’s just about a patient that was once brought here who died. Her name was Maria.”

As soon as he said those words, he saw the nurse take a few steps away from him. She was staring at him suspiciously. Murphy almost felt like his cover had been blown; the nurse recognised who he was. He began to look all around him for any sign if a police officer, but there didn’t seem to be any around.

“What’s wrong? Are you okay?” he asked her.

“Who-who are you?” she asked him, “Are you a police officer?”

Murphy frowned at first, then a smile crossed his lips; he was beginning to relax. There seemed to be nothing to worry himself about.

“I’m not a policeman,” he told her, but she didn’t appear to believe him.

“If you’re not a policeman, then why are you so concerned about Maria?”

Murphy was starting to feel anger boil up in him but he tried to calm himself and exercise a little patience with her. If he ruined his relationship with the nurse it might be hard for him to get an audience with the doctor.

“Maria was my good friend,” he said and regretted it just as soon as the words came out of his mouth. By revealing that he used to be friends with Maria, he might just have exposed himself. He might now be running the risk of being reported to the police. But to his surprise, the nurse’s suspicious look softened.

“She was everyone’s favourite,” she said, her voice registering sadness, “She’s my favourite woman. She didn’t deserve to be shot that way.”

“I just want to find out the location of the person who killed her,” he said, “I know his name is Roberto Bonifacio but I don’t know his location.”

“What would you do to him if you found him?” she asked. Murphy noticed that she was unusually curious. He felt he had been giving up too much information, but from looking at the lady he also felt that he could trust her. There was something about her that was pleading, like she had an inner pain of her own.

“Nobody kills my friend and gets away with it.”

“Mr Bonifacio is a very powerful man. There’s no way you will be able to kill him, sir.”

“All I need is how I can locate him and I will do the rest.”

She shook her head. “You will be killed even before you get close to him. There is a better way to approach this. We’ll need the help of the doctor.”

“We?” Murphy frowned. “Who is ‘we’?”

“I want the man dead just as much as you do, but like you, I’m very powerless against him.”

“Why do you want him killed?”

She hesitated a moment before replying. “Roberto tried to have me killed. His men massacred my family members. I am lucky to have survived the attack. The man is an evil man; he needs to be taken out. But the only way we can do that is by gaining his confidence. We have to infiltrate his defense, make him feel like he has the upper hand, and then strike him when he’s relaxed.”

“And how do we go about that?”

“First and foremost, you have to find a way to bring the doctor in. He’s the only person who knows how we can locate the evil man. He’s also going to play a major role in our little plan. If you can bring the doctor in, then we will have a great chance of getting across to him.”

“When will the doctor return?”

“I have no idea. He’s at the cemetery.”


She stared at him. “You don’t know?”
“Know what?"

“That today is Maria’s burial?"

“Oh my goodness! Where is the cemetery? Please tell me.” This was his only chance to pay his last respect to his friend.

She gave him the address. And as he turned to leave, she said, “You didn’t tell me your name.”

He paused in his track and turned around to stare at her. He didn’t reply her immediately. He was deciding whether he could trust her with his identity. He knew that this was a critical moment. If he told her his real name and she turned out to be the wrong person he would be in serious trouble. The cover he had protected for so long would finally be blown and the police would begin a new hunt for him. Telling her his name would be a bad idea, at least for the first time.

“My name is Murphy Khalid,” he said. He could not help himself.

It was her turn to frown. “Murphy Khalid? The same Murphy Khalid? The escaped convict?”

Murphy nodded. “I hope you are not going to give me off.”

“Why would I do that? Any friend of Maria’s is my friend. And you are the only person who has the same passion as I.” She extended out her hand for a shake. “Nice meeting you, Murphy Kha
Ild. My name is Muyiwa – Muyiwa Martins.”

Khalid left the hospital and immediately sought out the cemetery. He wished he had a personal car of his own; he would arrive there faster if he did. He decided that he would need to get a car. He had close to a million naira; he could afford to get a personal car.

He arrived at the cemetery just at the moment when Maria’s casket was about to be lowered into the grave. He was amazed by the large number of people that had come to pay their last respect to Maria. Indeed, Maria had indirectly influenced a lot of people. It was the first time something like this was happening – a known thief becoming the favourite of everyone.

It was at the cemetery he saw Peter Black for the first time. It was also there that he got to know that Peter Black was Maria’s husband – and that he was a thief too.

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Re: Black Maria 5 - Retribution (The Final Book) by Abdulreheem(m): 2:41pm On Jul 30, 2022
thanks so much larysun
Re: Black Maria 5 - Retribution (The Final Book) by LarrySun(m): 11:22pm On Jul 30, 2022
Lol! I thought today was Sunday. cheesy


Re: Black Maria 5 - Retribution (The Final Book) by paqman: 12:45am On Jul 31, 2022
Lol! I thought today was Sunday. cheesy
lo! Maybe we should be expecting another episode on Sunday
Re: Black Maria 5 - Retribution (The Final Book) by Nickymezor(f): 1:06am On Jul 31, 2022
lo! Maybe we should be expecting another episode on Sunday
Abi o, thanks for the update Oga Larry
Re: Black Maria 5 - Retribution (The Final Book) by ufss: 7:59am On Jul 31, 2022
nice 1 larry
Re: Black Maria 5 - Retribution (The Final Book) by Kaycee9242(m): 8:36am On Jul 31, 2022
Lol! I thought today was Sunday. cheesy

Lol nice one Larry you can still can still surprise us with another update today that Sunday

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Re: Black Maria 5 - Retribution (The Final Book) by treasuree95(f): 12:00pm On Jul 31, 2022
Thanks larry
Re: Black Maria 5 - Retribution (The Final Book) by Kyrestas: 3:32pm On Jul 31, 2022
Good One larry, i removed My Cap for You.
Re: Black Maria 5 - Retribution (The Final Book) by Teco2(m): 4:11pm On Jul 31, 2022
Thank you, Mr Larry. Nice update
Re: Black Maria 5 - Retribution (The Final Book) by Calenikan(m): 5:03pm On Jul 31, 2022
Tuale Oga Larry
Re: Black Maria 5 - Retribution (The Final Book) by sulorog(m): 10:57pm On Jul 31, 2022
Thanks for the update, Larrysun
Re: Black Maria 5 - Retribution (The Final Book) by LarrySun(m): 3:49pm On Aug 07, 2022

Update 6

His heart broke as he watched Peter Black break down and cry on Maria’s casket. The man was shackled with chain on both hands and legs and so he could not move freely. There were two police officers stationed close to him, watching his moves. The policemen were armed; and it was clear that they would not hesitate to use their weapons on the man if he did anything they didn’t like. Murphy could tell that Peter really loved her – the feeling of great loss could be seen all over the young dark-skinned man’s body. It was indeed a terrible thing to lose the person one dearly loved. Even though he didn’t know the kind of person Peter Black was, Murphy was sure he must have been a great person to have married Maria. The Maria he knew might be a thief, but she was a girl of very high standards; he had not thought there would be any man who could match her psychological standards. And so for this man to have married her, then he must really be something. He was sure Maria had not married him simply because he was a thief, or because he was a very good-looking person – surely there must be something wonderful about him, something unique. Maria had a gift – she could see people. With one look, she could tell if someone was a good or bad person; she was indeed a great judge of characters. And so Murphy decided to accord Peter Black the same respect he had for Maria. The least he could do was take care of Maria’s husband – that was what Maria would want him to do. He decided that he was going to find out everything about this man and try to make him as comfortable as he could. But first he would have to get rid of the man who took Maria from him – from them.

A short while later, the police officers who had been watching Peter came and dragged him away just as Maria’s casket was being lowered into the grave. He wished the casket was an open one; he wanted to view her body for the last time, but the casket was shut. Around him, people were starting to cry as the interment process took place. he wanted to reach the casket and try to touch it at least before it disappeared into the grave, but he was too far away, and there were too many people around. There was no way he would be able to do that.

Resignedly, he stopped struggling to reach the casket; there was no point fighting for what he could not get.

“I’m going to fight your battle for you, Maria,” he said out. “You will not die in vain. I promise you that. I will make the man who killed you pay. I won’t rest until I bring him down. This is my solemn vow to you, Maria. I will dedicate the rest of my life into locating him. I will not rest until I avenge your death.”

“Did you know her?” a voice sounded close to him.

Murphy nearly jumped out of his skin. He could not believe someone heard what he was saying. He had not thought he had spoke out so loudly. He thought the noise would drown out his voice, but someone had heard him. He might just have put himself in a serious problem. What if the person who had heard him was a policeman? Or worst of all – what if the man was Officer John Balewa? But that was highly unlikely; there were hundreds of people here. The chance of Officer Balewa being the person behind him was very slim. Still, there was something about the voice that spoke to him; there was a hint of sadness in the question.

He slowly turned around. At first, he expected to see the doctor he had sought out in the hospital a couple of hours back, but the person standing before him was a very young man, and there was no chance in hell that the young boy could be the doctor.

“Who are you?” Murphy asked irritably; he didn’t know the boy. He was not in the mood to chat about Maria with a total stranger; someone who didn’t know his story or her story. Most of everyone here didn’t really know Maria. All they knew was that she was a great woman, but they didn’t know the extent of her greatness. They had no idea the loss the world would suffer for Maria’s death.

“I asked the question first,” replied the young man, “Did you know her?”

“Why are you questioning me if I know her or not?”

“I heard what you said. It’s only someone who knew her personally that can say something like that.”

“Really? Then what if I knew her?”

“How do I believe what you are saying?”

“I don’t care if you believe me or not. Maria was my friend; she does not deserve to die this way.”

“She was my friend too.”

Murphy gave a dry laugh. “Of course, she’s everyone’s friend. Please excuse me. I have no time for this discussion.”

“I really knew her. I was there when she was shot.”

That stopped Murphy from walking away. “What did you just say?”

“I was there. I saw everything.”

“Boy, this is not something to joke with.”

“Do you really think I’m joking? Does my facial expression look humorous to you? My sister has been crying her eyes out since the moment she heard the news about her death. She has refused to eat anything since. Maria was her role model, now her role model has died.”

“Who are you?”

“My name is Yinka. Peter and Maria knew me very well. It’s so sad that Peter too is going to jail. He’s such a nice man. A lot of terrible things are happening because of that bastard.”

“What bastard?”

“Roberto Bonifacio – the man who killed Maria.”

Murphy stared at the boy; everything he was saying appeared to be true. Roberto Bonifacio was really responsible for Maria’s death, and he had slipped away from the law. According to the news report Murphy read, Bonifacio had been discharged and acquitted for lack of tangible evidence. Murphy had not been surprised though; the law of the country was too weak for the strong, but too strong for the weak. Well, it was better that the man had not been jailed though; for if he had been sentenced Murphy would have a hard time exerting vengeance on him. Now his mind was almost blown knowing that there were other people who had the same thought about Bonifacio as him, and this gave him a sense of comfort. He would not be doing this alone; he was already gaining support from people who truly loved Maria.

“Did you know that Maria was pregnant when she was shot by Roberto?” Yinka asked tears running down his face.


“Yes, she was. She was heavily pregnant and still the bastard shot her. She died with the baby.”

“Oh my goodness!”

Yinka pointed, “That’s her husband right there, being taken away in the police van. Imagine the darkness he’s in right now. He has lost so many people in his life. He’s now the shadow of himself. It’s so sad. Besides the police officers that died that day, Roberto Bonifacio was responsible for the deaths of four other people. If I could do it myself, I would have killed him. He’s an evil man. He left his own country to come and cause havoc here in Nigeria. He’s taking us all for jokes, like everyone in this country was his slave. Because he’s rich, he’s able to have a lot of powerful people of this country in his pocket. He takes pictures with them and shakes their hands. Whenever I see him in the television, I turn off the set immediately. I can’t bear seeing the man who killed Maria.” Yinka wept further. At this point, those who had come to pay their respect to Maria were beginning to disperse. The casket had been buried and there was nothing else to do but to return home. To them, that was closure – Maria had come and gone; now she would only exist in their memories as they continued their normal lives.

“Do you know Fortress Hospital?” Murphy asked him.

“Of course. Who wouldn’t know Fortress Hospital? That’s where Maria died.”

“Good. I want to see the doctor of that hospital. I was there a few hours ago but the nurse I met told me I would find him here.”

Yinka frowned. “I think I saw him somewhere close to the casket. What do you want from him?”

“I was told that he’s the only person who knows where Roberto lives.”

“I don’t trust the doctor.”

Murphy stared at the boy. “Why? What happened?”

“Everything that happened is his fault.”

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about. You have to be clearer.”

“It was the doctor who called Officer John Balewa the day Maria was killed. He told the police officer where Peter and Maria were living. Somehow, Roberto Bonifacio got the address and went after Peter and Maria just at the same time the police were coming for them."

“Why was Roberto hunting them?”

“I have no idea. I think the only person who can answer that question is Officer John Balewa himself.”

Murphy thought deeply about this. He had to be very careful now so that he would not implicate himself in the quest to search for the truth. He could not go and confront Officer John Balewa because he knew the man would recognise him and drag him back to jail. He decided that he didn’t need that information; it was enough knowing that Roberto was responsible for Maria’s death. But the new revelation the strange boy had just given him about the doctor seemed strange. He could not know who to trust or believe anymore. Was the doctor working for Roberto? Did he call Roberto just as soon as he called Officer John Balewa? Murphy decided that he would get to the root of all these, especially about the stand of the doctor. If he found out that the man was one of Roberto’s confidants, then he would have no choice but to get rid of the doctor too. Anyone who betrayed Maria deserved to be duly punished. He was going to confront the doctor and find out the truth from him. If he would have to beat him, Murphy was ready to punch the truth out of the man – but first, he must locate the doctor.

“Do you know a nurse name Muyiwa Martins?” Murphy asked the boy who frowned at the question, racking his brain.

He shook his head. “I don’t think I know her. Who is she?”

“Someone who wants Roberto punished too. She’s one of Roberto’s victims.”

“That’s so unfortunate.”

An idea suddenly occurred to Murphy and his eyes lit up with brightness. “Will you be busy this weekend?”

“No, I’m free. Why?”

“I want you to be in Felicity Hotel by 12 noon on Saturday.”


“Do you know the place?”

“I’ll find it.”

“Please don’t be late.”

“I won’t,” replied Yinka, “But what’s the invitation all about?”

“You shall find out when you get there.”

Yinka shrugged and said, “No problem.”

As Murphy discharged Yinka, he decided to go back to the hospital. He needed to meet the nurse again. He would give her the same instruction. He wanted to have a meeting with his allies. They would need to plan about how they were going to avenge Maria’s death on Roberto Bonifacio. He had a perfect plan of his own, but he decided to seek the suggestions of the other allies. A better plan may come up.
The meeting, however, was going to be the first gathering of The Black Followers – a group of people dedicated to serving Maria and Peter Black.

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Re: Black Maria 5 - Retribution (The Final Book) by youngest12: 4:24pm On Aug 07, 2022
Larrysun you are doing a great job but why is it that all the update uve dropped only talk about the past without touching the present
I'm not a writer but I think the past suppose to be in form of flashback.

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Re: Black Maria 5 - Retribution (The Final Book) by Bukolaberry(f): 4:30pm On Aug 07, 2022
The first meeting of the black followers, thanks Mr Larry
Re: Black Maria 5 - Retribution (The Final Book) by sheba222(f): 4:33pm On Aug 07, 2022
Thanks for the update Sir.
Re: Black Maria 5 - Retribution (The Final Book) by Teco2(m): 4:54pm On Aug 07, 2022
Thanks for the update, Mr Larry
Re: Black Maria 5 - Retribution (The Final Book) by LarrySun(m): 5:37pm On Aug 07, 2022
Larrysun you are doing a great job but why is it that all the update uve dropped only talk about the past without touching the present
I'm not a writer but I think the past suppose to be in form of flashback.
That's why it's a prelude and posted in italic. The present will come.


Re: Black Maria 5 - Retribution (The Final Book) by Ann2012(f): 5:57pm On Aug 07, 2022
Thanks for the update boss
Re: Black Maria 5 - Retribution (The Final Book) by ufss: 6:23pm On Aug 07, 2022
thanks for the update larry
Re: Black Maria 5 - Retribution (The Final Book) by Abosede512(f): 8:27pm On Aug 07, 2022
Thanks for the update, am enjoying it. Thank God the doctor regretted his action on time to save Maria
Re: Black Maria 5 - Retribution (The Final Book) by Kaycee9242(m): 10:13pm On Aug 07, 2022
Nice one Larry
Re: Black Maria 5 - Retribution (The Final Book) by sulorog(m): 3:56am On Aug 08, 2022
Thanks for the update, Oga Larry

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