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The Club a story - #nlwriters by Lleigh(f): 10:34pm On Oct 23, 2016
Copyright @ Lani Leigh 2016
This novel is entirely a work of fiction. The names, characters and incidents portrayed in it are the work of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or localities is entirely coincidental.

All rights reserved. No part of this publication maybe reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of Lani Leigh.

Chapter 1

Remi increased the incline on the treadmill; he was running on, he remembered reading in Men’s health that HIIT was the way to go. So here he was, running as fast as he could.

He looked around the gym taking in the brand new cardio machines that had just been installed after the club refit.

Running machines, elliptical machines, cycling machines, you name it they had managed to squeeze all of them into the space they had.
He looked around and saw two women in the gym and at least 10 men. But most of them were busy looking at their phones.

No wonder no one ever lost weight or looked different, the internet had taken over people’s lives.

A notification on his phone, took his attention away from running as fast as he could or should be doing.

Instagram and Twitter pushed the notifications.

Socialite Janet Bode has announced her engagement to Peter Akinbode.
Hmm interesting, he thought.

It sure didn’t take his ex-girlfriend long to get hitched to her so called friend.

He had always suspected that there was something going on between them but she had always said there were just friends. Peter had always turned up to their events with his girlfriend in tow, so they had kept up the façade of a happy couple.

He hadn’t heard anywhere that Peter and Toyin, Peter’s long-term girlfriend had broken up.
Good luck to them.

He looked up just as a young girl walked by the cardio machines, towards the free weights area.

He gave her a cursory look; she wasn’t his type small and petite. Her boobs weren’t anything to write home about, but what she lacked there she compensated with her yansh…

Ooh la la, yep the yansh was something.

His phone beeped again, this time a WhatsApp notification came through from Bayo, his best friend since forever.

He lowered the incline on the machine and changed the intensity to a steady stroll.

Bayo: ‘Ole boy, what are you up to this evening’

Not much O, I just dey here. Currently at the gym. What do you have in mind?

Bayo: ‘I have a guest pass for my club tonight and I wanted to know if you would be interested.

Which club be that? He wrote back

He knew Bayo was into some very private stuff, he was gay but he hadn’t been able to tell his family or his friends.

He had never really told Remi, but they both knew that Remi knew and it hadn’t put a strain on their relationship. Bayo knew Remi always had his back and he had Remi’s.

Bayo was the only person who really understood when Remi had said he wasn’t going to propose to Janet.

Bayo: ‘It’s a very, very private club in Lekki, it’s taken 5 months for them to do all the background checks. I have been there a few times; it’s a great discreet place. I think you will like it. He added a winky emoji.

Remi looked up from his phone and looked around the gym. The girl he had dismissed earlier was in the free weights area. She was lifting some serious stuff; she had looked so fragile walking through the gym. He was intrigued.

What time do I need to be ready for you to pick me up? he responded to Bayo's last message.

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Re: The Club a story - #nlwriters by Divepen1(m): 10:45pm On Oct 23, 2016

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Re: The Club a story - #nlwriters by bibijay123(f): 9:11am On Oct 24, 2016
loving this......following


Re: The Club a story - #nlwriters by joseph1832ng: 9:13am On Oct 24, 2016
loving this......following
Em, bibi, what's the hashtag about, care to fill me in?
Re: The Club a story - #nlwriters by bibijay123(f): 9:37am On Oct 24, 2016
Em, bibi, what's the hashtag about, care to fill me in?

Big Joe it is a nl writers competition

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Re: The Club a story - #nlwriters by skarlett(f): 9:53am On Oct 24, 2016

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Re: The Club a story - #nlwriters by joseph1832ng: 12:15pm On Oct 24, 2016
It includes poetry? Cos all i've been seeing is just prose.


Big Joe it is a nl writers competition

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Re: The Club a story - #nlwriters by bibijay123(f): 5:02pm On Oct 24, 2016
It includes poetry? Cos all i've been seeing is just prose.

I don't know dear, let's ask...cc divepen1

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Re: The Club a story - #nlwriters by yorhmienerd(m): 6:27pm On Oct 24, 2016
Re: The Club a story - #nlwriters by Lleigh(f): 9:25pm On Oct 24, 2016
Chapter 2

Remi looked at the stats on the machine, hoping that he had been able to burn off a few pounds.
He looked at the screen, 72 calories…. No wonder he never lost any weight, all that work for 72 calories.

His phone pinged again and he saw a Whatsapp message from Bayo.

Bayo: Be ready for 9, it’s not too far away from u. Note u can’t take ur phone in with u.

Why not?

Bayo: Rules of the club and u also need to sign a NDA

Ol boy, where we dey go? M16 meeting?

Bayo: I am serious, it is not the kind of club you have been to before. I no know sha, you be dark house sometimes (winking emoji)

Me Sha? I’m not the one going to a club that does not allow phones and have to sign NDA’s. Na work I dey go?

Bayo: feels like work there, as there is a lot to learn. They even have workshops self, to teach people how to do stuff (another winking emoji)

Remi stepped of the treadmill and walked towards the reception area.

The girl, was at the reception berating the receptionist.

‘I am just following up on my query regarding getting more weights. The plates that go on the barbell?’ she asked.

Gifty, the girl manning reception looked up at her. ‘They got delivered a few days ago, aren’t dey dere’

‘There are just a few 5 and 10kg plates that don’t add up to much’ she sighed

Gifty’s eyebrows went up ‘dat is a lot o, we don’t really have a lot of people using that area’

‘That’s because you don’t have enough plates to get people to use it’ she sighed.

‘Can I put in a request, that the club gets some more please’ she said.

‘Ok’ Gifty said. ‘I will pass on the request to the manager and get him to email you’

‘Thank you’ the girl said with a genuine smile on her face.

Very polite girl, Remi thought, staring at her ass again.
Mmm, yes very nice.

If na weight do that, I go do it too, he thought. Watching her backside as she walked towards the exit.

‘Hi Remi’ Gifty smiled.

‘Hi Gifty’ Remi said. ‘What was all that about’

‘She has been hassling Oga, to buy more stuff for the weight area. But we don’t have people using it’ she sighed.

‘He bought some just to keep her quiet, but she said that is what she uses for warm up o’ she said

‘Warm up sha’ she said

‘She should just use the machines like everyone else’ Gifty sighed.

‘How was your work out Remi’ gazing intently at him.

Her gaze worked its way down his wet t-shirt.

‘Not as intense as I wanted it to be’ Remi replied.

‘Too much time on the phone unfortunately’ as he made a swift dash towards the exit.

He looked at his phone and typed a reply back to Bayo ‘Ok o, I de look forward to it. See you later’

Phew, that was close he thought. Gifty had made it clear a few times that she was interested in him.

He got into the car and had the gear in reverse when his phone rang. Mum the display read.

‘Hi Mum’ he said

‘Remi, how are you? Just called to see how you are?.

‘I am fine Mum, just leaving the gym’ he replied.

‘I just saw the news on Twitter and Instagram, are you Ok? she asked, concern radiating over the phone. Washing over him like a comfort blanket.

‘Mum, what are you doing on Twitter and Instagram. It’s not for the likes of you’ he joked.

‘silly boy, nah your father you dey refer to’

‘You should know better than that, on a more serious note are you OK? she asked.

‘Mum, I am fine. I broke it off with her. So I can’t begrudge her’ he replied.

‘Ok, my baby. Good thing I hadn’t commissioned any aso ebi. But you will find what you are looking for. Just remember that sometimes masterpieces don’t always show up as priceless, until you start chipping away at the surface. Then you realise, that underneath the grime you have a true masterpiece’

‘Thank Mum, for the support. But I am not going back to Janet’ he said

‘I wasn’t referring to Janet, I couldn’t see the two of you marrying to be honest’. She sighed.

That was news to him; his Mother had always welcomed Janet into her home and had always been very nice to her.

‘Why do you say that Mum?’ he asked.

‘There wasn’t any chemistry between the two of you’ I mean sexual chemistry’ she chuckled.


‘It’s true, if it doesn’t exist now after the number of years you have been going out, what do you think will happen when you have kids and the drudgery of domesticity kicks in?’ she said

Wow, his Mother was a very astute woman. He was shocked by what she said, but comforted that she understood him completely.

He should have known, he had seen the way his father looked at her when he thought no one was watching. He had always wanted that for himself, but he hadn’t met the one who would understand his needs.

‘You are your Father’s son’ she said enigmatically.

‘You will find her’ she said.

‘Anyway since you sound ok, I will love you and leave you babes. Are you coming on Saturday?’

‘Yes Mum, see you on Saturday. Love you too babes’ chuckling.

Finally moving the car in reverse, to get home and ready for the mysterious evening Bayo had planned for them.

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Re: The Club a story - #nlwriters by bibijay123(f): 9:57pm On Oct 24, 2016
I love this story Leigh, i hope Remi finds that special girl

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Re: The Club a story - #nlwriters by Lleigh(f): 10:00pm On Oct 24, 2016
I love this story Leigh, i hope Remi finds that special girl

Thank you bibijay.....

We are in for a bumper ride......

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Re: The Club a story - #nlwriters by Divepen1(m): 7:12am On Oct 25, 2016

I don't know dear, let's ask...cc divepen1
yes. But this month's entry is closes. maybe the next one
Re: The Club a story - #nlwriters by Divepen1(m): 7:16am On Oct 25, 2016
I love this story. It reminds of something that I can't fully remember...
Re: The Club a story - #nlwriters by Lleigh(f): 10:08pm On Oct 25, 2016
Chapter 3

Sam opened the box on her desk. The smell that assailed her senses wafted to her nostrils like the scent of freshly baked bread.

There was something about fresh new rope that made you want to touch it sensually; stroking it ever so slightly like a lover would stroke their lover’s secret sensitive spot. The rough surface promising pleasures for the person doing the tying.

She was going to give another class in bondage today.

She had given in to the demands and rather than create a Youtube video she had decided to do the performance live. This meant they were going to be packed to the rafters at the club tonight.

In such a scenario finding an alpha male to submit to a Mistress would be nothing short of a miracle. The performance was looking to be nigh impossible, she thought to herself.

Now if only the guy she had spied checking out her bum at the gym turned up. ...mmmm now that would be juicy pussy dripping territory.

But a girl could dream she sighed.

She would have to make do with a female sub, which to be honest was not her preference. She had nothing against it; it just was that she wasn’t into women that way.

It wouldn't be the same, it was always best when there was chemistry. But she promised herself that she would make it work, no matter what.

Yomi the head of security tapped her door and walked in.

Tall dark and very handsome Sam and Yomi went way back and were also friends away from work.

'Hi Sam' plonking himself on the chair in front of her.

‘Hi Yomi, what’s up’ she replied.

‘We are going to be packed tonight. Word has got out that you will be delivering another live performance on bondage tonight' grinning.

'Oh really' Sam replied.

'We are going to need extra security to get our guests through the door as quickly as possible' a concerned look appeared on her face.

'I have got that in hand Sam, I have drafted in a few more people from that security firm we have used in the past. They are trustworthy and very discreet' he said.

'Is Joanne aware of the extra food and drink she needs to prepare? He asked

'I don't want us to be caught out like we did the last time you gave your last demo'. He sighed

Our servers nearly crashed the day after your last performance with enquiries for membership. We also had a few asking if you ran any training courses.' he said.

'Well it's helped raise our profile and send the right customers our way' she replied.

She logged in to her email to check if she had any responses to her ad.

A few unintelligible responses she saw in her in box made her wonder how such people had got into the club in the first place.
But she was not going to give up, the person she was looking for would turn up.


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Re: The Club a story - #nlwriters by Divepen1(m): 9:21am On Oct 26, 2016
Re: The Club a story - #nlwriters by bibijay123(f): 9:58am On Oct 26, 2016
veekid, you will like dis o. I like dis Sam girl, too excited to see how it all plays out.

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Re: The Club a story - #nlwriters by veekid(m): 10:00am On Oct 26, 2016
veekid, you will like dis o. I like dis Sam girl, too excited to see how it all plays out.

Lemme see for myself dearie

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Re: The Club a story - #nlwriters by veekid(m): 2:27pm On Oct 26, 2016
Nice story .........

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Re: The Club a story - #nlwriters by Lleigh(f): 10:12pm On Oct 26, 2016
""""""""""""""""""""Continued """"""""""

Sam placed a call to the front desk to round up the staff for a quick chat before the evening began.

Most of the waiting staff were students with a splattering of recent graduates who were seeking jobs, but were at The Garden as a stop gap.

The pay was quite reasonable and the club made enough money from its patrons not to bother dipping into the staff’s tip box.

They also got the opportunity to mix with some of the most influential people in the country, who put a very high price on their privacy. It was one of the reasons the club’s waiting list was soo long.

She realized that quite a few hookups took place between the patrons and the staff, but as far as the job got done, she wasn’t too bothered.

They started filing into her office, Yomi was still sprawled on her chair, busy on his phone a faint smile hovering on his lips.

A text from a lover, she thought amusingly.

She stood up to address them.

‘As you are aware we are going to be very busy tonight, due the show we are putting on tonight’.

‘I want everyone on top form, putting new bottles of drinks by their side before they ask for it’

‘Joanne’s food is exquisite so push it too’ she said looking around the room.

‘You know the drill, any strange or uncomfortable remarks from the patrons get one of Yomi’s people on it asap’

‘Ok, that’s it guys. Enjoy the evening’ .

‘Can you three stay behind please?’, as she pointed to two ladies and a man from the group walking out of the room.

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Re: The Club a story - #nlwriters by Lleigh(f): 11:27pm On Oct 26, 2016
Chapter 4

Remi splashed on some aftershave, while studying his profile in the mirror. He was wearing black jeans and a plain white t shirt and brown loafers.

A beep on his phone notified him of Bayo’s arrival, he picked up his wallet and went out of the house.

‘Hey, Man’ he said as he got into the car.

‘You looking cool dude’ Bayo replied as he switched gears and moved forward.

‘We are going to a special club’ he said in a neutral voice.

‘If you’re uncomfortable with going to such a place, we can go somewhere else tonight’ Bayo said.

‘Oh’ Remi said after a while.

‘I didn’t know there were such places around’ he said.

‘Have you been to one before’ Bayo asked as he continued driving.

‘Yes, I have Ore, I used to go a lot when I was living in New York. It is the home of the kinky alternative lifestyle’
‘No one views you like a freak because you have certain kinks’

‘Wow, Remi, the dark horse, na wa for you o’ Bayo laughed.

‘Actually I should be saying Remi Grey’ winking at him.
‘Remi Grey, making subs obey his commands since 1900’ laughing at his own joke.

‘Look who is talking’ Remi replied, staring into the darkness through the car window.

The route Bayo had taken to the club did not look familiar to Remi, he had never ventured this way before.

Bayo made a sharp left and then they were at a gate, a man at least 6’2 in height, with broad shoulders and rippling muscles stood sentry at the gate. He wasn't your average gate man, he had an ear piece in one ear a walkie talkie and a tablet in his hand and some very serious attitude.

He gestured Bayo to wind the window down.

‘Good evening Sirs, name please and ID?’ peering into the car.

Bayo and Remi took out their driver license’s and Bayo produced the guest pass he been given for Remi.

The guard checked the photos and the names against something on his tablet, the glare of his torch was in their faces as he checked.

‘Thank you, you may go through. Please remember phones are not allowed on the premises. Have a nice evening’ as he pressed something on the tablet and the gates opened.

‘This no phone policy is real’ Remi said

‘Of course, you thought I was joking. If you try to sneak a phone in, they will know’ Bayo replied.

They got out of the car and walked towards the main door of a huge house.

The security guard at the door could have passed for the brother of the gateman that had let them into the house.

The door opened into a hallway, that was tastefully furnished with leather sofas and chairs dotted around discreetly and away from each other. The pictures on the wall were tastefully displayed, depicting erotic as opposed to pornographic displays of men and women in various poses.

He asked them for their names and ID. Studying them and their faces.

‘Do you have any phones or electrical gadgets on you?’ he asked.

‘Nothing, other than my car keys’ Bayo replied.

‘Please go through that door’, pointing to a door down the corridor.


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Re: The Club a story - #nlwriters by Lleigh(f): 11:37pm On Oct 26, 2016
Please note this is my first time writing on this site and I have just realised that bravo delta Sierra mother was not allowed to go through due to the censors.

I also didn't know that e456ic wouldn't go through too.
But I live and learn.

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Re: The Club a story - #nlwriters by Lleigh(f): 11:40am On Oct 27, 2016
Nice story .........

Thank you for reading and commenting
Re: The Club a story - #nlwriters by Horlorlardaey: 12:08pm On Oct 27, 2016
Re: The Club a story - #nlwriters by Justicextian(m): 12:32pm On Oct 27, 2016
loving this......following
Hope Bibijay is here o, if not am outta here.
To be candid, this is a captivating piece by Lleigh, keep it coming...

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Re: The Club a story - #nlwriters by veekid(m): 12:52pm On Oct 27, 2016
I dey feel am; oya more and more

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Re: The Club a story - #nlwriters by Lleigh(f): 8:19pm On Oct 27, 2016
Chapter 5

Remi and Bayo walked towards the door the security guard pointed to. A portly man in a white top and black trousers was in front of them.

They slowed down their steps to allow him to go through the door first, as he put his hand on the handle a piercing red light started flashing from the door.

Bayo and Remi looked at each other puzzled, wondering what was going on and kept back.

The triplet of the guards at the gate and door materialised from the shadows. He had the seemingly mandatory ear piece, rippling muscles and mean face, only this time he didn’t have a tablet. His biceps had the span of a Victoria Secret Angel’s waist.

‘Excuse me sir’ putting his arm on the man’s shoulder.

‘Can you step aside please’ as he moved him away from the door.

The guard held up his hand for Bayo and Remi to hold on.

‘Why?’ the man responded.

‘You are delaying me here with all your talk’ the man answered arrogantly.

‘Sir, as you know the rule states no phones. You have your phone on you and that means you can’t enter the club tonight. Can you move aside please?’

‘What do you mean, I can’t go in. I need my phone and shall take it in. Don’t you know who I am’ pointing his finger at the guard.

‘Sir, we are very busy tonight and you are holding people up. Can you step aside please for us to deal this’ exasperation on his face.

‘You think I do joke before’ Bayo whispered to Remi.

‘To be honest I did, I wondered why you were so ready to adhere to the rules’ Remi said.

The security guard nodded to Remi and Bayo to go through the door.

The door opened into a large room, with a stage dominating the wall at the back of the room.

The pictures on the wall here were a mixture of rope knots and rope on different subjects. They were works of art, the detail in some of the pictures would not be out of place in an upscale gallery. They were mesmerising.

There were sofas dotted around the room, a bar dominated the left hand side of the room. Soft muted lighting added to the ambience, the other furnishing were warm and inviting.

Waiters and waitresses flittered around the room, taking orders from the club members. Three women and a man wore full face masks, they were a very intricate design that went well with the atmosphere of the place making them looking alluring and mysterious.

The ladies in the masks had identical clothes and were the same height and build.

Very alluring, Remi thought.

‘What’s with the masks Bayo?’ as he eyed one of the ladies walking towards them.

‘I actually don’t know, it’s always been that way whenever I have been here’ Bayo replied.

‘More so when there is a live show’ he added.

‘Let’s get some drinks and get our front row seats for this performance’ Bayo said

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Re: The Club a story - #nlwriters by ADECULATE(f): 8:43pm On Oct 27, 2016
nice 1, pls kip it cuming

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Re: The Club a story - #nlwriters by Lleigh(f): 8:51pm On Oct 27, 2016
nice 1, pls kip it cuming

Thank you for commenting
Re: The Club a story - #nlwriters by Yohmi: 9:10pm On Oct 27, 2016
I hope this is not a domination and submission (BDSM) story cos ayam not understanding o
Re: The Club a story - #nlwriters by Lleigh(f): 9:37pm On Oct 27, 2016
Chapter 6

Sam stood in front of the mirror in her office and practiced her power pose, putting her hands on her hips and looking upwards. She called it her superhero pose; she needed to feel like a superhero tonight.

She was nervous, all kinds of things could go wrong, and she never took things for granted.

She practiced her breathing and voice exercises to get her into character, an alpha Domme Mistress.

She checked on her makeup especially around her eyes, she opened her desk drawer and got out her make up brushes and expertly touched up the areas around her eyes and walked out of her office ready to perform for the night.

She walked out of her door locked it and walked into the chaos at the bar, the waitresses and waiters were waiting for their drink orders.
They were packed as she noticed the bar staff struggling with the orders. She got behind the bar and quickly helped get rid of the backlog, it felt like old times.


The lights dimmed in the room and a spotlight lit up the stage.

One of the ladies wearing the masks, walked on the stage to a round of applause.

The spotlight moved to a spot on the stage away from her, keeping her silhouette in the shadows.

‘Good evening ladies and gentlemen’ her Brooklyn accent creating a frisson of excitement down Remi’s spine.

‘Thank you, for taking the opportunity to attend this event’.

‘Tonight we are going to talk bondage’ she paused and looked around at her rapt audience.

‘Playing with rope can be an enjoyable sensual experience for the bound person and the person performing the binding’

‘It allows the Dom unrestricted play time with their subject’

‘That person is surrendering all control to the other person at that moment. It is a special gift, as the person bound is saying I trust you.’ She paused and looked round the room again.

‘Maintain eye contact with your submissive is important, let them know that it is ok to be uncomfortable initially and make sure you agree a safe word.

‘Enough of the talking from me, I need to find a volunteer for the night, as her eyes scanned the crowd and settled on........


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Re: The Club a story - #nlwriters by Divepen1(m): 6:16am On Oct 28, 2016
When you see a fine story it's always too short.... (I no know who talk am again). Moreeeee

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