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Welcome To HJT by Hamachi(f): 9:58am On Nov 04, 2022
November already!
Where did 2022 go?!
Don’t beat yourself up for not having achieved the goals you set in January.
It’s okay to celebrate the small wins.
A new day, a new week, a new month presents a new opportunity.

You are your greatest asset. Even if you’ve neglected other goals, don’t neglect YOU.

What’s the one thing you will do this month of November to grow, develop yourself, expand your horizon, enhance your skills?

Any plans for some training? Can you spend at least one hour a day in self-development, reading a good book or listen to inspiring messages in traffic. Make the effort to spend time with a mentor.

Perhaps you left too many loose ends unfinished in January and February.
Go back to them and this time, EXECUTE.

Who do you need to meet?
Who do you need to catch up with?
Make that list now.
A phone call, a meeting…

Spend time with cherished family and friends, travel, get enough sleep, enjoy your hobbies and pastimes, watch a movie, go to the beach, have lunch, have tea.
Live fully in the present;
Have fun.
Every day of your life counts.
“Life is the occasion.”

Welcome November!

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Re: Welcome To HJT by Hamachi(f): 9:59am On Nov 04, 2022
A recruitment firm recruiting for Oil and gas, utilities and Technical sales company for the role of:

Experienced Executive secretary to the MD/PA

Location: Gbagada, Lagos

Salary & Expectations- 200,000 net + 13month, HMO, Pension, inconvenience Allowance

Degree: BArts specific

Added: MSc, certifications, trainings with evidence

Experience- minimum of 5years

*Ready to join the company within 3weeks

cv sent to: premierjobsrecruitment@gmail.com

Deadline: Nov 30, 2022
Re: Welcome To HJT by Hamachi(f): 10:00am On Nov 04, 2022
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Re: Welcome To HJT by Hamachi(f): 10:01am On Nov 04, 2022

Must have atleast 3 years experience in a Financial sector



Interested Candidates should send their Cvs to consult.plug@gmail.com
Re: Welcome To HJT by Hamachi(f): 10:13am On Nov 04, 2022
Skill and Attitude - These two are equal parts important when it comes to your job. Make no mistakes, you need the right attitude as much as you need the right skill.

I will speak briefly about what the right skill means - relevant to your job, up-to-date in the industry and when applied, produces results that impact team and company-wide goals.

Attitude on the other hand is where most people fall short. Now, I am not talking about being respectful, honest and all that. If you need a LinkedIn post to tell you any of these things, then you need more than this post.

What I am talking about is the English translation of the Hebrew word that the good book refers to when it talks about God's work ethic in creating man, and says it was a process that was done "wonderfully and fearfully" reference Psalm 139:14 in the Bible for more context).

Fearfully when translated from the Hebrew means with great reverence, heart-felt interest, and with respect - that was the Creator's attitude to His work and should be yours too.

· Do you respect the work you do, or do you think it is beneath you? Ah! you are simply doing this to "keep body and soul together" while something more deserving comes along?
· Do you think this is "not your job" so you do it as shabbily as possible?
· Do you search for other jobs with your employer’s internet while your deadlines are far behind?
· Do you have an “I cannot come and kill myself” approach?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I think you should dig deep. If you’re in the wrong place, do what you can to move, but while you remain there, do your work ‘fearfully’.

I always say to people, it is not forced labour, so you always have a choice to leave. Therefore, if you choose to stay, at least show the job, and by extension yourself some respect.

I am not going to sit here and tell you I have never been guilty of any of these myself, but what I can say is now I know better, I strive to do better, and you should too.

Dignify yourself in your job - if it is beneath you then don’t do it. If you’re doing it, then it is where you are now, so please dignify that job, do it fearfully and work your way up or out to a better job
Re: Welcome To HJT by Hamachi(f): 10:14am On Nov 04, 2022
A commercial Bank is currently recruiting for OND Holders residing in Lekki, Victoria Island, and Lagos Island
Age: 28 years and below
Send CV: Odion.akeem@fsl.ng
Re: Welcome To HJT by Hamachi(f): 10:14am On Nov 04, 2022
Funny Candidate, Experience �����

I have to start documenting my various experience with candidates.

Recently we had an interview for an Operations manager and after 24 hours we send feedback to successful candidates and 48 hours to unsuccessful candidates.

I closed from work and went home to rest for the day, going through WhatsApp at about 11:57 pm, the next thing I saw was a number I did not save calling, my first reaction to calls around that time is fear, (who could be in trouble that needs my help).

I picked up the call and to my utmost surprise, it was a candidate that called����� and the conversation went thus;

Candidate: Good Evening Victoria, I was on WhatsApp and saw that you are online so I thought to reach you.

Me: At 11:57 pm ����

Candidate: Since you are online to chat, you should be available to pick up my call

Me: Holy Spirit activates �����������

Candidate: are you there, the interview I had this morning, what are the chances of me moving to the next phase of the interview?

Me: At this hour����� why can't you respect official hours and none official hours?

Candidate: If it was your boss won't you pick up the call??

Me: � � �

At this point the candidate has given me 4-0.

Get a job in HR, it will be fun they said...... Imagine my kind of fun������������
Re: Welcome To HJT by Hamachi(f): 10:15am On Nov 04, 2022
Stop the Limitations!

Less than one year working remotely from home with foreign big brands has earned me more money and time freedom than I have had all my working years.

My kids enjoy my stay with them at home while getting amazing commendations in the work place.

Those walls limited me for good 16yrs working my ass out without knowing I could become more.

I used to think that only big big managers can earn up to 1million naira monthly working in an office, not until this year my eyes were opened thanks to Digital Witch Support Community Ekwutosi Cynthia Okeh I never knew I can be within my house, my home office, taking care of my precious ones and working with this kind of brand and also working in a healthy hybrid work space with very supportive colleagues who won't gossip you to one boss to gain favour or tarnish your image. a work place devoid of colleagues who would speak ill of you before the boss to limit your promotion and gain favour.

Today, none of them earn what I earn sitting in my house and caring for my kids.

Ladies and gentlemen, behold your #upwork #toprated in less than one year of consistency, hard work, focus, passion, learning, unlearning, relearning and application of experience.

Lesson: Keep trying new things, never give up on your self. Know your self worth and tell yourself that you are made for more!

My name is Oluchi. The retired banker who can give up her banking job just for my kids welfare but had now found myself working remotely.

Just know that if I can, you too will.

Those kids God gave to you deserve better.�

Your best is still ahead.

Thank you Upwork for recognizing my hard work.

I care!
Re: Welcome To HJT by Hamachi(f): 10:17am On Nov 04, 2022
Job Title: Customer Service Officer (Female)
Location: Lekki
Job Type: Full time, Mon-Sat
Experience: 1
Salary: N70,000

- Respond to all customer’s inquiries
- Handle complaints
- Follow up with customers orders
- Work with dispatch riders to ensure that all orders are sent out/delivered.
- Must have good communication skills
- Must live within Lekki Phase 1
- Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office Tools

Send cvs to talent@hr-aidconsults.com using the job title as subject of the mail.
Re: Welcome To HJT by Hamachi(f): 10:18am On Nov 04, 2022
We are looking to employ the services of a Human Resources Officer. The HR officer would be responsible for the implementation of HR initiatives, support in the recruitment process, onboarding, and induction of new employees. Payroll management of contracts and interns in the organization.
*Assist in the recruitment process by identifying candidates, conducting reference checks, and issuance of employment contracts.
*Manage and update employees’ database.
*Develop and coordinate new hire onboarding and induction plans
*Manage the organization’s database and prepare reports
*Assist with budget preparation and contract payroll.
*Assist in overseeing employee integrity, health, and safety status through pre-
*Managing the welfare support for all employees e.g HMO and leave management.
*Implementation of social activities e.g birthdays, births, bereavements, weddings, etc.
*Assist in the implementation of performance management in the company.
*Ensure the renewal of statutory payments such as ECA, and Group life.


· First degree
· 2-4years experience
· Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
· Good understanding of the life cycle of talent acquisition

Interested candidates should forward a detailed resume to:
vacancies@nigeriamachinetools.com with HR Officer as the subject of the mail
Re: Welcome To HJT by Hamachi(f): 10:19am On Nov 04, 2022
We are hiring!!!

Job Title: Procurement Officer (H/Aid)
Industry: FMCG
Locations: Gbagada /Abuja (Lifecamp, Jahi, Dawaki and environs)
Salary: N60,000 monthly net plus other benefits

As a Procurement Officer, you will:
• Assisting the Manager to collect samples, carryout market surveys.
• Negotiates with vendors of broad categories
• Maintaining relationship with vendors
• Submitting bid documents to contracting bodies
• Tracking timeline for delivery of awarded POs.

Must-Have for the position:
• S/he should have minimum of 1 year experience in procurement services, bulk buying etc
• Job holder must have a sound understanding of sourcing and making bulk purchase.
• Knowledge of Lagos markets
• Time Management
• Outstanding product knowledge sanitary, medical, vocational, office etc
• Good negotiation skills

Interested applicants should send their CVs to recruiternaija@gmail.com with the role as the subject of the mail
E.g. Procurement Officer (Abuja/Lagos)
Re: Welcome To HJT by Hamachi(f): 10:20am On Nov 04, 2022
Job Title: Tailor

Job Responsibilities
• Taking accurate measurements and make necessary calculations.
• Discussing with the clients about altering and repairing dress as per their requirements
• Writing the client’s design preferences and specifications in an accurate manner.
• Staying up to date with the various design ideas and latest trends

Experience: minimum of 1year

Location:Mobolaji Anthony, Ikeja.

Salary: 35k

Interested applicant should send CV to r2recruitmentservices@gmail.com using job title as subject of the mail or call 09035411252
Re: Welcome To HJT by Hamachi(f): 10:20am On Nov 04, 2022
We are in urgent need of the following roles.

1. Entry Level Accountant
Salary: 100,000.00

2. Senior Accountant with construction experience.

Salary: 280,000- 300,000.00
Location: Lekki Phase 1.

Kindly apply to bgatecareers@gmail.com
Re: Welcome To HJT by Hamachi(f): 10:21am On Nov 04, 2022
Vacancy: Travel Officer

Our client in the Travels and Tour industry requires a Travel Officer with experience in ticketing, visa processing and holiday packaging .

The ideal candidate will know how to use Ticketing Applications.

Salary: Attractive

Location: Ogudu, Lagos.

To apply:
Qualified candidates are to forward their resumes to 11elevenconsults@gmail.com with subject "Travel Officer"
Re: Welcome To HJT by Hamachi(f): 10:22am On Nov 04, 2022
I'm hiring for these roles, know anyone who might be interested?

1. Roles- Real estate marketer
. Location - Lagos Island/VI
. Minimum of 5 years of relevance work experience in Sales/business development/ marketer In real estate is CUMPULSORY.
.Salary - 100k + commission on sales

2. Roles- Surveyors
. Location - Lagos island/Lekki
. Minimum of 7 years of relevance work experience as surveyor
. Must have relevance certification in Surveying
. Salary - open to negotiation

3. Role: Customer service representative
. Location - Lekki/Lagos island
. Location - Lagos island
. Minumum of 5 years as customer representatives
Salary - 80,000k

NB - Applicant must reside on the Island or close to Lekki

How to Apply

If you are interested, kindly forward your CV with application to jobs.people2profit@gmail.com using the role and your location as the subject of the mail. E.g Surveyor - Lekki.
Re: Welcome To HJT by Hamachi(f): 10:23am On Nov 04, 2022

I am URGENTLY sourcing for the role of an Accountant for one of my clients, a leading construction firm located at Marina, Lagos.


3-4years of proven work experience as an Accountant is a MUST!
Work experience in the construction industry is a MUST
Strong knowledge of ERP(Microsoft Dynamic Navision)

SALARY- 180k-190k

Do you meet all these requirements? or do you know a perfect fit for this role? Kindly send CVs to recruitment@phillipsoutsourcing.net

NB: Only suitable candidates will be contacted
Re: Welcome To HJT by Hamachi(f): 10:25am On Nov 04, 2022
A Sister Company of PRORICH PRODUCTS NIGERIA LIMITED known as FC ENERGY NIG LTD is seeking for Qualified Candidates to fill the post of HR OFFICER.
Location: IKorodu (Lagos State)
Industry: Dredging

Qualified and Interested candidate should send their CV to hrprorichng@gmail.com on or before 24th October 2022
Re: Welcome To HJT by Hamachi(f): 10:26am On Nov 04, 2022
Job Title: Company Secretary/ Head, Legal

Location: Apapa

Role Summary: The Company Secretary/Head Legal is responsible for providing expert legal advice and management of the company secretariat in line with best practices, monitor strict compliance with the corporate governance codes of the regulatory agencies as well as the relevant legislations and reporting requirements of maritime Industry. The Company Secretary/Head Legal will organize meetings of shareholders and the board and will equally provide advice to the board on matters of ethics, corporate governance, practices and culture whilst also communicating the board’s decisions to relevant stakeholders timeously.

Qualification and Experience Required
•     Must have an LL.B, B.L, LL.M
•     Minimum of 15 years’ post call to bar experience in same role in a MARITIME INDUSTRY
•     ICSAN certification and others are key
•     Full understanding of the legal framework, contractual issues, governance issues, and labour laws across Africa will be an added advantage
•     Experience supporting company executives and preparing relevant documentation for the board.
•     Experience in various industries and process of financial risk management
•     Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office applications, particularly Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Access and Outlook
•     He or She must be member of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA)
•     Effective decision making, planning and organising, team work, communication, presentation skills, influencing & negotiation, big picture thinking, innovation, change management, and good use of initiative

Other Working Conditions
•     Must be willing to travel to anywhere for the purpose of business prospecting within and outside the country
•     Salary Between 1m-1.2m Monthly
•     Other Management benefits (Official Car & Driver etc)

Interested and qualified candidates should send their Resume to nachi.nuel@gmail.com
Re: Welcome To HJT by Hamachi(f): 10:29am On Nov 04, 2022
we are currently recruiting HRBP for a client in the Engineering space in Lagos.

Pay: 250-300k
Location: Ikeja, Lagos

Must have atleast 5 years experience working as a HR Professional.

Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV to skillsfocusconsulting@gmail.com
using HRBP as the subject of the mail.
Re: Welcome To HJT by Hamachi(f): 10:30am On Nov 04, 2022
Job Position: Customer Success Manager
Job Location: Victoria Island, Lagos
Remuneration: N500,000 - N800,000 Monthly.
Employment Type: Full-time

As a Customer Success Manager, a typical day might include the following:
Digital Marketing strategy creation and optimization.
Software solution support, addressing issues such as customer inquiry, complaint onboarding & training.
Ensure customer requirements are relayed appropriately to the rest of the team.
Support sales team to close out deals through expertise.
Upsell and Cross sell clients on new features and products in order to increase revenue.
Ensure customer retention through developing a great relationship and executing beyond customer expectations.
Ensure reports and all docs needed by the client go out in a timely manner.
Research new ways to improve current processes.
Case Study creation.
Act as POC to client after-sales handover.
Drive initiatives to reduce churn

You’d be a good fit if you have:
Minimum of a First Degree.
2-4 years of customer success experience is an added advantage.
Adequate Digital Marketing/Marketing Knowledge
Experience working with a SAAS company
Above average proficiency in Google Sheets & Slides
Excellent communication skills, both oral and written.
Proficiency in Data visualization tools such as Power BI or Tableau
Fast-paced problem-solving skills
Ability to work well within a team.
Ability to work under pressure.

Method of Application
Interested and qualified candidates should send their CVs to: recruitment@gusconsulting.com using the Job position as the subject of the email.
Re: Welcome To HJT by Hamachi(f): 10:31am On Nov 04, 2022
Q&A with Junior and Tunde: CBN to Issue Cards

Junior: Uncle what is all this I'm reading about CBN issuing cards?

Tunde: The CBN plans to launch a domestic card payment scheme on the 16th of January, 2023.

Junior: Which one is Card Payment Scheme (CPS), and why is CBN going into it?

Tunde: A CPS is basically the mechanism that makes ATM cards work. It processes payments using debit and credit cards. Banks usually pay the CPS to use its system to create cards. You might know a few CPS like Verve, Mastercard and Visa.

The CBN is going into the CPS business for at least 3 reasons. First off, it will be able to provide the cards to local banks at a cheaper cost. Secondly, it will help conserve foreign exchange (FX) since the arrangements with the international players typically require FX. Lastly, there’s also the general sovereignty and independence risk to consider. Many countries started to think about this more critically after some international companies stopped services in Russia due to the war.

Junior: Doesn't this mean CBN will be competing with private sector players?

Tunde: Yes, it will. However, this shouldn’t be a problem if the CBN doesn’t hinder any company from offering services in a competitive manner. Usually, competition even makes an industry better because everyone works hard to provide more efficient services for the customer.

Junior: Nigeria na wa sha. Why is it only our own CBN competing with private companies?

Tunde: That's not true Junior. Several countries like India, Brazil, China, etc have state owned domestic CPS. So it’s not true that this is something peculiar to Nigeria.

Junior: But doesn't being domestic mean that it can't be used outside the country? I don't want to be stranded when next I’m in the UK abeg

Tunde: No jare. The fact that it starts domestically, doesn’t mean it can’t eventually scale beyond Nigeria if that’s the intention. For example, India’s Rupay and China’s UnionPay both started as domestic schemes, but now have global reach. UnionPay is even accepted in over 170 countries and competes quite well with the popular international brands.

Junior: Thanks as usual Uncle. Speaking of ATM cards, I would have used yours to shop online. My only problem is that it always says insufficient funds.

Tunde: ��‍♂️
Re: Welcome To HJT by Hamachi(f): 1:57pm On Mar 14, 2023
Re: Welcome To HJT by Hamachi(f): 8:43am On Mar 18, 2023
Go out and vote
Re: Welcome To HJT by Rubyjade: 4:50am On Mar 19, 2023
Call for Volunteers

National Agency for the Great Green Wall (NAGGW) is an agency under the Federal Ministry of Environment established to address land degradation and desertification, boost food security and support communities to adapt to climate change in some Nigerian States.

NAGGW calls for young people between 18 and 35 years to join the youth volunteers in any of these frontline States:
Borno | Yobe | Jigawa | Kano | Katsina | Zamfara | Sokoto | Kebbi | Bauchi | Gombe and | Adamawa

To apply, register here: https://www. nyvp. ggwnigeria. gov. ng/

To know more about NAGGW, click here: www. ggwnigeria. gov. ng

#thevolunteerplug #2023
Re: Welcome To HJT by Hamachi(f): 6:27pm On Mar 20, 2023
A friend of mine, a GM of a conglomerate needs the service of,

*An Executive Assistant*

Expected traits/skills include:
i. Ability to multitask and prioritize tasks
ii. Excellent time management skills
iii. Well-developed organizational skills
iv. Attention to detail
v. Great verbal and written communication skills, etc.

You must be willing to embark on regular business trips.

To apply, kindly send your CV to: nhrecruiters@gmail.com

Kindly repost.

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Re: Welcome To HJT by Hamachi(f): 6:30pm On Mar 20, 2023
If your allies and members of your close circuit aren't able to go all out for you in this manner, change your circle.

We can't do it alone.

Re: Welcome To HJT by Hamachi(f): 6:57pm On Mar 20, 2023
Job Title: Account Officer

Location: Gbagada

Salary: N70,000 monthly net plus other benefits.

As an Account Officer, you will:
• Maintaining records of assets and liabilities
• Update accounts payable
• Assist in balance sheets and income statements.
• Review income and expenses.
• Assist with other accounting related duties.

Must-Have for the position:
• 0-1 year experience
• At least an associate degree in Accounting (HND/B.Sc)
• Experience within a corporate accounting setting.
• Basic Accounting Knowledge
• Knowledge of Excel

Interested and qualified candidates should send their CVs to recruiternaija@gmail.com with the role as the subject of the mail.
Re: Welcome To HJT by Hamachi(f): 7:00pm On Mar 20, 2023
Winning Through Opportunities

There is an “Opportunity Universe”, where it is possible for everyone to win. The opportunity universe is a very valuable tool for visualising the concept of possibilities.

The easiest way to think about this is as a cloud in the sky where each of the rain droplets in this cloud represents one of the opportunities you could pursue.

Interestingly, winning in life comes down to two things:

1. Having good options to pick from
2. Picking the right ones.

Opportunities can be everywhere but the best opportunities are those that align with ones passion and capabilities. Hence, knowing your strengths and your destination is as important as pinpointing where you are starting from and what weaknesses you have.

It is necessary to note that when it comes to picking the right opportunity, there are factors to consider.
Firstly, your unique combination of capabilities should position you to succeed.
Secondly, there need to be a market for the opportunity you pick, and you should ideally have an advantage pursuing this market opportunity.

To do this, here are some tips;

1. Pay attention to trends: Stay on top of what is at the forefront of your industry. Knowing the trends makes you an expert and a valuable source.

2. Stay abreast of technology: Keeping up-to-date on what is happening can impact your career path in a positive way.

3. Be passionate: This might be a little cliche, but if you feel passionate about your career, you will have the drive to continue pursuing it even during difficult or slow days.

4. Network with other professionals: Networking with other professionals is a mutually beneficial decision. It is important to learn from industry experts outside your own individual silo.

Finally, Be flexible.

You’ve got this!!!
Re: Welcome To HJT by Hamachi(f): 7:38am On Jun 09, 2023
Are you a male, with OND, good in handling factory workers and experience in food and beverage manufacturing located at Ogun State Ota.
Kindly send your cv to chidiandfrank@yahoo.com salary: 80k -150k.
Free lunch daily.
HMO, 13th month, Leave allowance etc.
Interview within a week
Re: Welcome To HJT by Hamachi(f): 10:32pm On Nov 21, 2023
Hiring: Email Copywriter at Drop Studio

Location: Lagos
Employment Type: Full-time

Demonstrable experience in copywriting, preferably in B2B email marketing.
Exceptional writing and editing skills with a keen eye for detail.

CV and Cover Letter to: hello@drop.studio
Re: Welcome To HJT by Hamachi(f): 10:32pm On Nov 21, 2023
Hiring: Nurse (RN RM) at Finnih Medical Centre

Location: Ikeja, Lagos
Employment Type: Full-time

Candidates should possess RN, RM qualifications with 2 - 3 years relevant work experience.
Excellent communication skills

CV to: hr@finnihmedicalcentre.com
Re: Welcome To HJT by Hamachi(f): 10:37pm On Nov 21, 2023
I am looking for a young analytical graduate to perform an HR officer role. Someone that is ready to learn. The role is for a operations and maintenance company situated in Alausa Ikeja.

N120k gross for start and if the candidate proves competent, there is room for growth.

Kindly send me any CVs to my mail dianalabiyi@gmail.com

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