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How To Transfer Money Using An ATM / Free Tutorial On How To Make Money Using Fiverr.com / Money Doubling Spells (2) (3) (4)

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Make Money Using Spells by bunbit1: 9:21pm On Nov 03, 2011
I welcome you to my spells forum. For anyone who are not yet experience in the art of casting spells, a word of advice. practice makes perfect. the more curious you become the more easier you for you to learn. a Rome was not built in a day. shun social vises and believe in quietness for spiritual growth.  If you do, I promise you are going to write me a testimony. Happy read! These spells were from different magicians, witches and wizards all over the world. These spells had been caste and still by millions of people all over the universe. As i said earlier, most of these spells founders were Americans, Asians And Africans as well. You may see many spells with the same name but they are different. We have many spells like love and chaos spells, vanity and beauty spells, enemy move away spells, to bring love back spells, do as i say spells, love me forever spells, gambling spells, protection spells, lotto spells etc. But here in the forum, we are going to discuss on money spells, job spells and i am glad to announce the arrival of the Great 21 Eri Magic Ring. this Ring has been doing wonders for those who believe in its power to produce money. you can only use it when you are buying and selling. as a trader, no matter where you are or what you have at shop. this great 21 Eri Magic Ring has come to lift you up from nothing to something. that's for the business men and women. We also have about 40 money spells but we are going to be taking it one after another. 1. Urgent money spells. Happy reading. To be continue!
Re: Make Money Using Spells by bunbit1: 10:39pm On Nov 03, 2011
2. Coltfoot wealth spells. 3. To get and hold a job/contract spells. 4. To pay a bill spells. 5. To inspire others to give you money spells. 6.To banish debt money spells. 7. Luck hand root money spells. Etc. We are going to be taking it one by one. Remember, all money spells havent finished, we just leasted but 3% out of what we have in shelves. News: we are happy to inform you people that we have all the spiritual items/materials that are required for the spells casting in stock and will be delivered to you within the country via transport media in two working days after you place order. Notice. None amongs all our money spells involve human body or blood. It also has no side effect. Breaking news: you can consult us for your spiritual problem. Family chaos, marriage palaver and academic pursuit. For immediate consultation about present situation in your life, call on us and we give answer and solution instant.  To do this all call 07062855001 or email: buhariabiola@ yahoo.Com. Moreover, related cases like spiritual attack, stubborn illness, social conflicts and other dangerous diseases are curable. To be continue!
Re: Make Money Using Spells by RickyRoss1(m): 10:44pm On Nov 03, 2011
Oga nor vex, are you a Christian or Muslim? Are you a magician abi u dey use mystical Qaballah?
I hope say your money spells no involve upfront cash and HUMAN BLOOD? Jesus is coming very soon so abeg make una dey fear God small


Re: Make Money Using Spells by one9jeria: 10:56pm On Nov 03, 2011
so after causing madness to 3 brothers in ijabuode u still insist in spreading madnes to well meaning nigerian. Plz relent. Patronize him if u want to or any of ur relation to go insane.
Re: Make Money Using Spells by bunbit1: 11:08pm On Nov 03, 2011
Pls there readers, this forum is not Lagos-Badagry express way where everyone have access to. If its against your religion or belief, pls we beg you leave it and never return. Another mans meat is another persons poison. Some are musicians while some are politicians. You can't expect everyone to play like you why in the real part of the game you are only but J.J.C. Learn wisdom first b4 you can counsel some one. Thanks.

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Re: Make Money Using Spells by bunbit1: 2:52am On Nov 04, 2011
Here we take the bull by the horn. Colts foot wealth spells(for wealth and prosperity for a year).
Items needed.
1. Corn.
2. A naira bill
3. Paper.
4. Pen. 5.
Colt foot.
6. Ribbon or green cord.
Ones these items are made available start your spells casting. 
First take the husk from an ear of corn and put a naira bill along with a note written on parchment. Say
"oh, dear god of luck.
Money is like muck.
Not good except it be spread.
Spread some here at, (write in your address).
Thanks to thee. Amen."
sign your name(signature). 
Sprinkle the naira bill and note with colts foot leaves. Roll the husk up and tie together with green cord or ribbons. Hang the token up above the entrance way with green cord. Spells casting is over.  The husk should bring riches into your home or business by bushel.
Re: Make Money Using Spells by bunbit1: 3:00am On Nov 04, 2011
Unbelivable spell casting. Thanks.
Re: Make Money Using Spells by cash99: 9:00am On Nov 04, 2011
@poster, COLT that i know is a young male under the age of 4. so, can u xplain what u meant by ''colt foot leaves'' and also where is the ''ear of corn'' located on a seed of corn? tnx
Re: Make Money Using Spells by cash99: 9:02am On Nov 04, 2011
sorry, COLT: young male horse under the age of 4
Re: Make Money Using Spells by numeralTM: 11:47am On Nov 04, 2011
this is really funny
Re: Make Money Using Spells by bunbit1: 12:30pm On Nov 04, 2011
"Ear of corn". Now visualize a picture of corn on the cob. While peeling the husk from the mouth, there you get the "ear". We have to use the word "ear of corn" to enable public understand it better. Thanks.
Re: Make Money Using Spells by bunbit1: 12:48pm On Nov 04, 2011
We thank you dear readers for your interest on the first post. We appreciate your comments and regards as well. For those of you who sent us email, pls be patience with us if you havent received reply from us. We are working deliberately to meet up with your request soon. And be rest assured that we must reply you. Your happiness is our motto. The same to those who called us on phone. Pls we are assuring you the best of our possibility to deliver your request as well. Thank you all and happy read for the best is still to come. We still appreciate more.
Re: Make Money Using Spells by bunbit1: 1:15pm On Nov 04, 2011
2. Yellow dock money spells.
For business men and women, civil servants and artisans. 
' Brew a tea with a spoonful of this herb to a cup of water, stir and use to wash door knobs at your shop to draw customers. Or at home to attract good fortune.' The same applicable to civil servants.
Re: Make Money Using Spells by bunbit1: 10:55am On Nov 05, 2011
We plead that you exercise little patience while we wait for active network connect for today's post. We are here to offer you the best of spells casting. Your text msg, calls and emails are highly appreciated Thanks.
moreover there is this text messages and emails that i don't entertain. if you want to cast a spell listed or unlisted here, please we pledge use mention specifically why writing to us what you want. the spells you want to cast so that we can send you the full details. it's wise presenting your subject like this:
pls sir i want you to send me details of "how to obtain favor/justice from court case, i need justice to rule on my behalf " than presenting it like this
pls sir i want all court case spells casting or all court case spells materials".
because we have different court cases. do you materials for your documents to disappear from court? or you want spells casting to close your case? all this is what you need to specify knowing that we are river, we have many things underneath.
so with gratitude help us and help yourself. when you present your case well we reply you without delay but when you do otherwise we over look your mail and treat other cases. we have numerous online and offline clients to attend to their services but still yet we want to satisfy each and every one. so help your situation by moderation.
remember, your happiness is our motto.
Re: Make Money Using Spells by hakunajay(m): 5:23pm On Nov 05, 2011
Hmmmm. We have some unfamiliar words here. What is colt?
Re: Make Money Using Spells by bunbit1: 6:01pm On Nov 05, 2011
"Colt" means a young male horse up to the age of 4 or 5.
Re: Make Money Using Spells by hakunajay(m): 6:17pm On Nov 05, 2011
Re: Make Money Using Spells by bunbit1: 5:26pm On Nov 09, 2011
No 3. 'Luck hand money spell' 
this is one of the spell casting i like to cast whenever i want to undertake a project that requires a huge sum of money. To be precise, i used this spell on my 'IGBO PRAISE CENTRE BUILDING PROJECT' this year and only eyes that sees the project can bear me witness. But it requires a proper attention to observe the rules which is the gateway. Materials:
1. holy cinnanon oil.
2. Green candles
3. White candle.
Once these materials are available, start casting your spells.
1. The nine white and green candles must be anoint with the holy cinnamon oil.
2. The spell must be cast at the same time everyday till nine days.
3. It must start on Thursday. 
how to cast the spells.
To start the cast,set the candles on your altar or table 9 inches apart. Stand up, start thinking of your desire for money to come to you.  After that, say:
(1)"Money, Money come to me in abundance" (say it 3times).

(2) "May i be enriched in the best of ways,
harming none on its ways.
This i accept, so i mote it be;
bring me money" (say it 3*3times)
1. Timing daily at the same time.
2. Repeat this for nine days. Each day move the white candle 1 inch closer to the green candle.
When the candles touch, your spell is finish.
3. Make sure you visualize the money pouring in from the universe in each of the section.
We wish you the best of luck!


Re: Make Money Using Spells by bunbit1: 7:52am On Nov 10, 2011
Pls dear reader's we advice that nobody should place an advert or anything cotrary to the subject on this forum.
Re: Make Money Using Spells by bunbit1: 6:42am On Nov 11, 2011
PUBLIC NOTICE: pls our dear reader's, we advice that you help us and yourself as well to mention clearly what you want why writting to us and spare us from long protocol of inquiry. We have to make this info. Public so that you know how to present your request to enable us respond to you earlier enough. We have many clients online and offline to attend to their service. We hope you don't expect us to waste our days and time respoding to finìshed matter/subject or repeating the same chorus all along. For example: you need an urgent money spell which we have here and made public. Its not wise to write to us asking us to write you back about it. The only way we can entertain your email about it is only when you ask about how to get/purchase the materials involve for the performance. Or you need secret instruction to make your spell a success. Or a situation whereby you want info. About more unmentioned spells so far or you need spiritual consultation/inquiry about yourself. NOTE: you don't consult us for somebody else (third party) and expect us to entertain to such email or request. Pls we acknowledge and abide by all this info. Above to enable us serve you better. We are doomed with numerous clients online and offline, help us and make things easy for you and us. Mery beacoup!
Re: Make Money Using Spells by Booty4me: 5:13pm On Nov 11, 2011
@op u get the one 4 yahoo boiz, Wey mags go dey pay wella

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Re: Make Money Using Spells by bunbit1: 8:42am On Nov 12, 2011
We don't cast spells of intimidation, immorality and selfishness. Our spells casting help you to achieve success legally in all your endeavour that are harmless. That's why we always say: "Harming none on it's ways. This i accept, so i mote it be". Our motive is to enable you discover how you can drastically improve yourlife through the use of simple money spells. If you can learn to think of yourself as rich instead of poor, money will begin to flow into your life. When you think or say statement such as 'i can't afford this' or ' i will never get ahead in life' you're surrounding yourself with an energy that attracts poverty and financial struggle to yourself. It's very important to think of yourself as fortunate, blessed and even wealthy if you wish to genuinely become these things. Best wish to you!


Re: Make Money Using Spells by bunbit1: 7:25pm On Nov 12, 2011
Magic Money Spell
For help in times of financial difficulties.
With clove or cinnamon oil, trace a money symbol or rune on the largest denomination of bill that you have.
Put this in your wallet and resist spending it for as long as you can.
Every time you look at the bill, visualize the rune to reinforce its power.
Re: Make Money Using Spells by BCuZiMBlaCk(m): 8:22pm On Nov 12, 2011
Who's dis guy?
Re: Make Money Using Spells by Godmother(f): 8:39pm On Nov 12, 2011
U re jobless. May God help u.
Re: Make Money Using Spells by BCuZiMBlaCk(m): 9:28pm On Nov 12, 2011
Straight away
Re: Make Money Using Spells by bunbit1: 4:37am On Nov 15, 2011
Compliment of the season,
Things I do;
I feel it’s high time for me to tell people whom I am and what I do. Firstly, I must let you know that your enemies are my enemy. Therefore; I help people have peace of mind by solving their individual problems. I deliver people from the chains of poverty and link them to the world of riches. The barren women’s give birth to a child. Help maintain peace and tranquility in the society and families. I turn black into white as nature made it. These and lots more are the things I do by his grace who called me for the mission and also grant me power to see beyond human.

How I work;
I work with spirits for human beings. I never engage myself with somebody’s affair without prior spiritual consultation. It’s during the consultation period that I can be able to see your past and future clearly, ask more questions about your welfare and obtain immediate answer. I never tell someone’s problem or condition without prior spiritual consult. I never predict what that is not given to me. I don’t tell tales.

What is spiritual consultation?
It’s a media that we human {priest} use to inquire, access information from {spirits} the land beyond. Its assess point between the living and spirits, the mortal and immortal link. A connection exists in between the priest and spirits.

I do require information of people far from me or close to me by their name, home town and state of origin. Why? It’s by your name that I can be able to inquire about you. For instant, you want to know about Barrack Obama; you use his name to ask about him. Or do you go ahead asking about Cynthia Nelson? Home town. In most cases I don’t bother about it but a situation whereby I need total information concerning you, its mandatory. State of origin. It also represents your identity. These key factors help me a lot on my spiritual consulting.

I do not undertake or accept human or blood rituals. A situation whereby a blood ritual is involved, it must be of animals. Human is precious and remember; touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm. We are God’s image, therefore we are like him. Thou shall not kill.

I never give a charge for my spiritual consultation. It’s totally free; absolutely free service. It’s left for you as my client to do or give me anything whole heartedly if you wish after my spiritual consult result for you. It’s never an obligation. I am not poor, I never lack food, shelter, and commodities name it material things. I am a chief priest, a servant of humanity and immortal; I live by he who sent me because he provides for me.

Candle Burning Spells:
Due to the requests of many, I burn candles for your intentions of change in your life. Many of you can’t perform magic candles burning for loved ones and prosperity and may be concerned about fire safety while you are at work. In that note I do prefer to burn the candle spells for me to guarantee security, success and divine breakthrough. The same with many of you living with the person for whom you are burning the candles. You may be concerned about security and safety. I will burn candles or set lights in your behalf for you and will do your candle magic spells on my sacred altar set about in my sacred temple.
Each candle is properly cleansed, incensed and blessed with the appropriate condition blessing oil for the situation. Your name and intention is written on white paper and placed under each candle. They are prayed over twice a day; once in the morning and at night. Any unusual occurrences during the burn will be reported to you and a brief report will be e-mailed or sent to you upon its' completed burn.

Question: Doesn't the Bible tell you not to fool with magic?
Answer: my friend and beloved, I think a common sense needs to be applied here. Knowing the biblical view over this subject and balancing it with nature. I am not a juju priest; a mermaid occult agent or any evil spirit reincarnate you may think of. You may not be surprise to hear me most often with some bible reference while in my spells casting.
Is it magic when someone burns a religious candle for a loved one?
Is it magic when the elders of the Church anoint you with Blessed Oil when you are sick and troubled?
Is it magic when parishioners "lay hands" over you and pray over you "in the Spirit"?
No and the priests in the temples in the Bible say "Suffer not a witch to live" when that person is working OUTSIDE the priesthood and the boundaries of the Church. Old Testament priests were taught to look into the future and had powers to harm if the cause be righteous.
Therefore I don’t guess what you think contrary.
Question: How does nature involved in your work?

I work with for elements of nature namely, fire, water, air and earth. I work with these four elements to assure mankind total victory. Remember, in the beginning God created heaven and earth. Earth and things on it he gave to human being while he dwells in the heaven above with the holy angels. So it’s wise and lawful for mankind to use what was giving to them to achieve their desired aim. But most at times ignorant helps keep human astray and away.
That’s why on my own method of operation, I introduce my clients online and offline to cast spells on their own and obtains a definite result over circumstances. Most things in the present world are never as it was made. Some people suffer out of evil spell casting by their enemy; therefore stand the risk of facing unusual conditions. Some are being manipulated by the Agents of Darkness and lots more. You see some who are naturally gifted but they will be suffering and wandering. Some has money but they are hungry while some work like a Tiger but eat like an Ant. These are the reason I undergo spiritual consulting on behalf of an individual who needs my service before casting or introducing any spells casting for him/her.
To heal a patient from ailment I command air and water for life. I used them to grant mankind free healing.
For finance, earth has never disappointed me because I know and believe the LAND IS GREEN.
For evil forces, I send them back to their originated realm by fire by force.
These and lots more are how I do operate lawfully.
As God and spirits may have, Glory is to them. We all are progressing for those who believe. As I always tell you, I am not an agent of failure therefore none that comes to me with total desire to achieve the best of life shall go without positive result. I have learned wisdom to be wise. Before me, nothing is impossible.

Information about you remains cordial. We never expose it to the third party nor use it for any other things without your prior command. Security welfare of our client is our priority; we keep your secret and help secure it.
Finally, every other information about me remains a secret between me and those who want my companionship and service. Remember; your happiness is our motto. Thanks

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Re: Make Money Using Spells by ekitikan(m): 9:37am On Nov 15, 2011
@ godmother,you do not need to attack ppl that way.the gentleman stated that if you cant stomach it why not leave the thread,
Re: Make Money Using Spells by bunbit1: 9:02pm On Nov 15, 2011
Spiritual guide of the season: learn to obtain what you want with what you have; because that you has was given to you for this you want! Success never reside with bogging mind and undertermined spirit. The distance between the rich and the poor is not that big like mind drawing. Only your time is your chance!
Re: Make Money Using Spells by bunbit1: 12:36am On Nov 16, 2011
I sincerely appreciate all my clients for their trust and steadfast to hold success, health and wealth. You people are making me proud by your emails and testimonies. What am I to say, I owe you all the best of unseen divine blessing to come. I sincerely appreciate your kind support so far especially and most specially; gift I received this week by unknown philanthropist.  For the past 4 days, I have been receiving everyday an accredited airtime by unknown number. Unlike today, my account officer informed me about a sum credited to my account by unknown person. Wow. What a wonderful fellows you are? Had it been that I could hear his/her voice at least to say thanks to the kind gesture so far. However, am speechless and grateful. You all are blessing and so shall undefined blessing from above follow you all. I remain yours sincerely.
Re: Make Money Using Spells by bunbit1: 3:55am On Nov 17, 2011
EASY SALT JOB SPELLS. This is the most active and easiest job spells casting to win an interview and gain a job. It catches and controls employers like fever. A great magic! (You can also use it in reverse to any other interview appointment, but its beneficiary that you contact us to know if it can perform well at that field). MATERIALS: *GRAIN SALT. *HANDKERCHIEF. HOW TO CAST THE SPELLS. B4 going to the interview place, collect your hankerchief and place it on your palm. Put on top the three grain salt and say: "YOU GRAIN SALT, SWEET AND HARMLESS. I, (put your fulname) PLEDGE YOU TO GRANT ME THIS JOB/INTERVIEW. HARMING NONE ON ITS WAYS. THIS I ACCEPT, SO I MOTE IT BE". Fold and put it on your bag/pocket. When you get to the place of the interview (precisely office), wait untill you are alone or the interviewer is somehow distracted. Then throw the three grain salt into the NORTHERN PART of the office/room. Within three days you will have the job. INSTRUCTIONS: don't fear or shiver while casting your spells. Have faith and believe the action as well as reward. NOTE: It has work for many people, it will work for you. Remain blessed!

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Re: Make Money Using Spells by bunbit1: 5:05am On Nov 17, 2011
BREAKING NEWS: My 21 Eri Magic ring is now out. This ring is made for businessmen and women. It won't work for you if you are not into buying and selling. We have it in GOLD and SILVER which is the symbol of money. The official price of our special made '21 Eri Magic Ring' is N50,000 Naira for Nigerians. $350 US Dollar for those in Diaspora, to request send '21 Eri Magic Ring' to our above contact. HOW IT WORK. Customers will agree on any price you tell them. * nobody will take/buy any goods you touch the ring unless you don't want it again which you have to repeat the same action using the ring. *you will have quick market. *your goods will look attrative therefore calling the attention of anyone tiat looked at it (this i shall tell you how to do it using the ring) HOW TO MAINTAIN THE POWER. You have to clean it every 21 days with money drawing oil or prosperity oil which we shalI give you. EXPERING YEAR. It last a period of 3 years when the new version will be out. That's the spiritual information. Thats to say 2015 reading from january 2012. Warning: if you careless allow another person to wear, you stand the chance to buy another one because it won't perform again when it returns to you.

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