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Travel / Re: Pls Did Anyboy Knw How To Get Modolva & Armenia Visa by adahgold(m): 12:14am On Aug 01, 2016

I was in Baku Azerbaijan six months ago,,I'm a Nigerian Student in Tbilisi Georgia... And if you are going from Nigeria to Azerbaijan you will need to contact any tourist company in Azerbaijan then they will arrange visa for you it's very easy Visa sticker will be issued on arrival at Baku!

Since you are a footballer you will first need tourist visa then when you are in the country you can now change your visa status after successfully registering with a club Or if it's a club that's inviting you then they will be responsible to process your papers... There are a lot of Nigerian footballers in Baku

Please bro tell me a little about Georgia, can someone hustle there? Am asking cuz I might do masters there and again am a footballer.
Sports / Re: Football Betting System For The New English Season 2016. by adahgold(m): 1:09am On Jul 31, 2016
Bro no strategy is sure u hear.
Business / Re: Am Based In Germany, If You Need Anything Let Me Know by adahgold(m): 5:53pm On Jul 25, 2016

The economy is very good ,, that's true ,, you get job easily,, but getting a good job and getting paid, you need to be legal. The illegal migrants get cheated often even by the germans and especially by our fellow Nigerians..
On how you can get here depends on how the German embassy works in Nigeria. Advice... try the legal way.

Bro am coming as a student for masters I heard u must have about 8700 euros for one year in ur account how true is that?
Sports / Re: Virtual Football Earn From N80 And Above Per Fixture by adahgold(m): 3:38pm On Jul 22, 2016
Sports / Re: SURE WINNING EVERYDAY by adahgold(m): 9:57am On Jul 17, 2016
Put the game here let's see how it goes.
Business / Re: Deleted by adahgold(m): 9:09am On Jul 17, 2016


Business / Re: Deleted by adahgold(m): 7:23pm On Jul 16, 2016

Its about solving photo captions e.g when u want to register on some websites, you will see a picture asking you to verify that you are human.

So you will help webmasters solve this captchas and make money.
You can try /2 cap tcha/ cap tcha 2 cash/ me ga ty pers dot com/

close the gaps and get started immediately.

you'll need a fast internet for this tho and typing accuracy.

would have given u more links but the fear of NL bot is the beginning of sense o

Give me ur number so I add u on whatsapp please.
Business / Re: Deleted by adahgold(m): 5:21pm On Jul 16, 2016

pls what dont u understand?

No 2: the photo caption were do someone go and register and start making money were and how?
Business / Re: Deleted by adahgold(m): 11:32am On Jul 16, 2016
You need to teach us well cuz I don't understand a thing you said here.
Sports / Re: 2016 may dollar now N400 by adahgold(m): 10:40am On Jul 08, 2016
Bro we Don wait tire Ooooooo my number 07089769693
Sports / Re: Bet9ja Virtual Football 99% Guarantee by adahgold(m): 10:35am On Jul 08, 2016
@poster if you continue with this your scam I promise you one thing you will be broke all through your life.
Sports / Re: 2016 may dollar now N400 by adahgold(m): 4:58pm On Jul 06, 2016
Add me bro 07089769693
Sports / Re: 2016 may dollar now N400 by adahgold(m): 4:52pm On Jul 06, 2016
Just dropped some games on the tennis bet champions group now. It's free

Game at 4.65 odds

Drop you whatapp contact to join the tennis bet group and get the game now FREE


Bro this is my number 07089769693
Business / Re: How I Was Making Money On The Sick Bed by adahgold(m): 3:52pm On Jul 06, 2016
We r waiting?
Crime / Re: Fola Orebiyi, Nigerian Killed In London By Group Of Gang Youths by adahgold(m): 4:21pm On Jul 05, 2016

If you think UK is bad....try America

I prefer America than U. K ten times.
Crime / Re: Fola Orebiyi, Nigerian Killed In London By Group Of Gang Youths by adahgold(m): 9:24am On Jul 05, 2016
I hate U. K with passion.
Romance / Re: This Smart Lady Tried To Cheat Me Today, But I Cheated Her Instead.(photo) by adahgold(m): 3:46pm On Jul 04, 2016
The girl is a fool common number! were her friends not strangers before.
Sports / Re: New Virtual Football League(vfl) Trick Discovered by adahgold(m): 11:19am On Jun 25, 2016
Say it here or gerara here meh shit.
Politics / Re: Vandalism: Buhari Begs Militants, Says “they Use Hi-tech weapons” by adahgold(m): 10:04am On Jun 25, 2016
I thought he was feeling like a James Bond,he has not seen anything yet. His ears are beginning to work now abi Hahahahahahahaahha.
Business / Re: How to make money with pictures... by adahgold(m): 8:55am On Jun 21, 2016
@crazymommy is it international passport the need for shutterstock registration?
Business / Re: Nigerian Prostitutes To Chase Out Foreign Prostitutes- Tamar Tion by adahgold(m): 11:57am On Jun 20, 2016
I laff in Swahili since una no say Dem dey charge low sense no tell una to charge low too Abi, if una like make una no find hand work do.
Business / Re: All Payment Issues On Amazon Kindle Solved. by adahgold(m): 12:26am On Jun 20, 2016
Before i paste all the payment issues new writers encounter on amazon kindle, i will give a brief introduction on amazon kindle. Amazon kindle is the largest online bookstore in the world. www.kdp.amazon.com.

If you are writer, you can take advantage of this store as Nigerians are allowed to register and sell books on this platform and retrieve their money via their payoneer master card here in Nigeria. Though due to some recent financial regulations in Nigeria, withdrawal from some Nigerian bank ATM is challenging, though Zenith Bank and Eco Bank ATM is still dispensing cash when payoneer card is used on them without hitch.

Quick guide:
Want to sell your book(s) on amazon? take the following steps:

1. Register for a payoneer Master card at www.payoneer.com
Provide a detailed address where the postman can locate when registering for payoneer card. Choose an valid identification means (e.g voters card, national id, international passport etc) as you might be asked by payoneer to upload a scanned copy to your account during verification or when you intend to make certain withdrawals. The card will be shipped to you here in Nigeria within 2 weeks. If you don't receive your card within two weeks, go to the closest post office to ask for it. Activate the card immediately you receive it with a code that will be sent along side the card. Also set your password for the card. Before the card arrives, you will be given a US Bank Account details in your payoneer account, with this detail, you should set up you amazon kindle account.

2. The visit http://kdp.amazon.com and setup an account using the bank details provided by payoneer (to obtain your bank details, log into your payooner.com account, at the top left corner, click on 'Receive' and then 'Global Payment Service' your account details which includes Bank name, Routing (ABA), Account Name, Account Type and Beneficial Name, which is your name will be displayed) for payment for sales made on your book. Also fill the tax form on amazon as you will be required to pay tax to the US government for every sales you make. Note that Amazon has discontinued sending cheques as a method of payment and is strictly using the EFT, which is a wire transfer of your earnings to your virtual US bank account provided by payoneer. The disadvantage of the cheque method is that your earning has to be up to $100 or 100 pounds or Euro depending on the amazon store you are making your sales and Nigerian Banks don't convert that cheques to cash easily. But with the EFT, your earning is wired to your US bank account no matter how small the amount of sales is, even if it is in cents.

3. The beauty of amazon kindle is that you don't need to advertise your book to get exposure, you don't also need to depend on sales alone to make earnings. Amazon has a system called "kindle select" this is like a library where members pay $11 a month to access books in the library. If your book is enrolled on the kindle select, and members of the kindle select reads your book, you are paid half a cent for each page read. So the idea is, try to write a book with as much pages as possible to benefit better from kindle select. While your book is enrolled on the 'amazon kindle select" it is also available for sale, so you make money from both side.

4. Amazon has a powerful software that keeps track of your sales as well as Kindle select number of pages read in graphical method as well as excel format which is you can download when you log into your amazon account. The software also keeps track of the amazon store where the sales are made because there are different amazon kindle stores in different languages.
Tip: i publish my books in all the stores and this increases my sales, don't limit your book to English speaking countries or clients; now you will ask if i understand Spanish, French, German, Italia etc. The answer is no. Then how do i publish my books in these languages? The answer is simple. After writing in English, I make use of google translator to convert the write up line by line to these languages, so i have one book, but in different languages. This requires patience and it is a pain staking approach, because it is not advisable to copy the entire book and translate once, google translator has its limitations too.

5. The cover page: This is the most important part of publishing. You could write a very good book, with rich content but poor cover. This is not good for business. In amazon kindle, the book is judged by the quality of cover design and the title. Attraction to your book is hugely determined by the title as well as the design of your cover. You don't have to be a professional graphic designer to design a good cover, with basic knowledge of corel draw, you are good to go, but if you have photoshop knowledge, then it is a major advantage. Amazon allows only 2D cover design and not 3D. Amazon also provide cover design wizard, but i don't recommend using it, because it is limited and does not give you the aesthetics you might require for your book cover. You can reach me to design your first book cover for free and we will negotiate subsequent covers.

6. Books written to be published on amazon kindle must be converted from MS words format to kindle format, the software to do this is available on kindle for free, it is called "kindle text book creator". This is the only format that is allowed on amazon kindle.

7. Writing is no big deal, i use to think i need special talent to be a good writer, but this was not the case. I gave it a shot, i thought of what i should write on that i believe people around the world will be interested in. I said to myself, sports betting is one popular stuff people around the world and its popularity is very high. So i wrote a book on sports betting which i titled "Online sports betting secrets, what the bookmakers don't want you to know" by Hammer Smith. Before i move on, Amazon allows you to use pen name(s) as the name of the author, so my pen name is Hammer Smith. i believe you understand what i am trying to achieve with using a foreign pen name, i don't want to emphasize too much on that. In the book i wrote about my experience in sports betting and how i was able to minimize losses. The book was a major hit. I realized the book will do well when i enrolled it on KDP select and got 200 Kindle reads the very first day. I didn't make any sales that day, just kindle select reads. I immediately placed the price of the book at $9 and enrolled for 70% royalty. My first sales came in three days after, a buyer from amazon UK bought the book for 9 pounds, my royalty was 70% of the nine pounds and 30% was withheld as tax and my royalty for both sales and kindle select was paid into my account 60days after. i made $78 that month from sales and royalties. This was how i sojourned into writing. The book took me two weeks to complete, including proofreading.

8. Now the major thing you should look out for when you want to write on a topic is, what are those things people want to read about? don't limit your thought to your local environment; remember you are dealing with a global audience. I recently wrote a book on "Iphone repair, a do it your self approach", and the book is converting very well in amazon US and UK, because i realized most people in the US are loyal to the apple brand. I am presently translating it to Spanish, Japanese, French, Dutch, Italia to enable me publish them on their various amazon stores. I am also writing on "drug addiction and how to free yourself from the scourge", because i know drug addiction is a global problem and such a book will pick people's interest. So that is how to pick a topic to write on. One tip i have gotten from book writing is, don't go straight to the point if you are to have a book with enough pages, introduce the topic, talk about it effects and keep the best for the last. If you go straight to the point of the topic, you will have less to write on.

9. If after a while, the book is not converting as much as expected, enroll "kindle count down deal" where you slash the original price of your book down. Here, the original price is seen by potential buyers, but this price will be crossed with a line and the discounted price will written by the side of the original price, so a potential buyer sees both prices and take advantage of the discounted price. This will run for a particular period you will set after which the book price will return to the original cost. This also encourage sales.

10. When amazon sends money to your US Bank Account, it automatically reflects in your payoneer account when you log it, you can then withdraw such money using ATM or buy stuffs online and ship to Nigeria with the money in your account.

Now here are some of the payments information you need to know from amazon, it is a question and answer section i copied from the kindle community to help you understand amazon payment issues:

A lot of new authors keep asking the same questions. I know it's daunting to start a new enterprise, and there's a lot to read. The following info may help new authors, although, note, all of it is also on Amazon's own help pages. This is the New, Improved Edition, after some recent changes in KDP.

Q I've already sold two books to my family! When do I get paid?

A Sixty days after the end of the month in which you make the sales. That is, if you have EFT.

Q What is this EFT of which you speak?

A You either signed up for direct-deposit/electronic funds transfer to your bank (also known as EFT) or else to get paid by check. In the first case you get paid two months after the end of any month with sales. In the latter case you have to wait until your accumulated royalties total $100.

Q I tried to sign up for EFT, but the system wouldn't take my bank details.

A EFT is only possible for those with banks in certain countries, basically north America, western Europe, and Australia. For authors who life elsewhere, you have to be paid by check/cheque.

Q So could I get paid by Paypal?

A No, sorry, Amazon doesn't do Paypal. (It's owned by a rival company.)

Q So if I make $10 in royalties in October, I won't get paid until the end of December? I have EFT.

A Yes. Note, this is much sooner than you'd be paid by a traditional publisher or most other ebook sellers.

Q Suppose I get paid by check. If I make $60 in royalties in October and $60 in November, and so on, will I never be paid?

A In this case, you'd be paid $120 at the end of January. Royalties accumulate until you make your minimum.

Q I made $50 in the US store and 50 pounds in the UK store in September but didn't get a check at the end of November. What's wrong?

A This is because each national Amazon calculates and pays its royalties separately. The minimum for a check is $100, or 100 pounds, or 100 euros.

Q What happens if I switch from check payment to EFT?

A Your first EFT payment will be 60 days after the end of the month in which you switch, assuming you earned royalties during that month. At some point you'll get a check for accumulated royalties from before you made the switch.

Q How do I know how much I've made in royalties?

A Every month, download and save the "prior month report." It's in the form of a spreadsheet, and it shows all your sales and royalties for the month, for each national Amazon. The September one will be out around October 15, and it should give you a good idea of how much you'll get in royalties at the end of November.

Q I've been looking at the graph, under Reports, and I understand that the red line shows how many sales I've had. But what's with the royalties down below? Why are they all in different currencies, and why did the US total go from $20 to $19 yesterday?

A The royalties show how much you've earned in the last 30 days in each national Amazon. When it's time to be paid, however, as already noted, you'll be paid in your own currency.

Because the graph, by default, shows just the last 30 days, if you sold more books 31 days ago than you sold today, your royalties will seem to "go down." If however you set the graph to show "month to date" (be sure to click Update over on the right), the amount below the graph will go up every day of the month, if you sell every day (then it resets to zero on the first of the new month).

Q I tried that, but my amount still went down one day.

A Almost certainly someone returned a copy of your book--sorry. Amazon lets customers return a book within 7 days. It will still show as an "order" on the red-line graph, because someone ordered it. But the royalty below the graph will be reduced.

Q Below the red-line graph is a blue-line graph that says Borrows and KENP. It shows 113. Does this mean someone borrowed 113 copies of my book?

A No. it shows total pages read in your book by someone who "borrowed" your book. (In this case, probably one person read about half your book.) You have to be in Select to have your books borrowed (Select requires having your ebook available no place other than Amazon). People who pay $10 a month to join Kindle Unlimited can borrow your book.

Q Do I get paid for borrows?

A Yes, on a per-page basis. The exact amount varies month to month, but seems to be about half a cent a page read. So if you've had 113 pages read, you've earned maybe 60c there.

Q I've had lots and lots of pages-read this month but only a few sales. The royalty amount below the red-line graph doesn't show any money I've earned from the pages-read, just from the outright sales.

A That's right. Because the exact amount you will be paid for pages-read varies month to month, it won't show up below the graph. However, it will show up on the prior-month report.

Q When do I get paid for pages-read? Can this help me reach my minimum for payment?

A Any amount earned from people reading pages in borrowed books is paid as part of your regular royalties.

Q How much do I get paid for free downloads? I did a "promo" with Select and moved several hundred books.

A You get paid zero. Amazon got no money, and neither will you.

Q If I do a freebie giveaway with Select, do I have to pay Amazon for the downloading charge? I noticed it's about 10c usually; I'm in the 70% royalty range, and it's deducted from my royalties.

A No. You don't have to pay Amazon, though since they're losing money, you can see why they only let you give the book away for 5 days every three months.

Q I think the royalties reports are wrong. I must have sold lots more books than that!

A Unfortunately, most authors on KDP sell very few books. Enjoy whatever amount you earn, but don't quit your day job.

Q Can I get a discount if I buy my own KDP book?

A No, not directly. But you do get royalties on all sales, including sales to yourself. So you will get an effective discount of either 35% or 70%, depending on your royalty rate.

It is generally recommended to buy your own book to see how it looks on an actual Kindle. Besides, if the book is new, it gives it a first sale and a ranking.

Q My payments are all messed up! who can I telephone at Amazon to make them straighten them out?

A Amazon doesn't have phone support for KDP indies. My guess is that one too many confused people called up and screamed at them. So read through all this thread again, try to figure out where your payments are, and if it still doesn't make sense, contact Amazon directly via "Contact" link at lower right. I recommend asking very nicely and avoiding all-caps or lots of question marks and exclamation marks.

Q In my Payments report, it said Payment Failed. What does this mean?

A It means that something slipped up between your bank and Amazon's. You have my sympathy. First, make sure all your bank details are correct (click Bookshelf at the top of this page, then, in the upper right, you'll see a link to your account). Then email Amazon with as much detail as you can provide. These glitches occasionally happen and are extremely unfortunate, but they always try to straighten them out.

Drop any questions here, lets handle it here.

I will like you to teach me how to set up a proper photo book.
Business / Re: How to make money with pictures... by adahgold(m): 12:12am On Jun 20, 2016
If you need someone to help you open a payoneer account free of charge, quote me & I will help you out. For privacy purpose, you can change your password.

Please this is my number 07089769693 flash me please.
Business / Re: How to make money with pictures... by adahgold(m): 11:06pm On Jun 17, 2016
No but you can use it on amazon..

OK thank you ma. Merci!!
Business / Re: How to make money with pictures... by adahgold(m): 10:57pm On Jun 17, 2016
Anyone you prefer...but make sure you get your US bank account which you can get through payoneer.com

Am on it already thanks for d quick response. Can the U. S bank account be use to collect money from shutterstock?
Business / Re: How to make money with pictures... by adahgold(m): 7:40pm On Jun 17, 2016
go to shutterstock.com on the bottom of the page you will see where they wrote "become a contributor" click on it and you will get all the information you need including requirement for your picture to be approved and also payment methods....

Thanks for the quick response,which method of payment do you advice us to choose?
Business / Re: How to make money with pictures... by adahgold(m): 3:29am On Jun 17, 2016
I have read every write up to the end, every body is busy putting more light on Amazon,please @crazymommy can you throw more light for us that want to start with shutterstock and the likes please. I will like to no which method of payment can be use,how can your picture be approved, at least let start from there. Merci.

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