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Sports / Re: Gold Game. by adahgold(m): 11:49am On Aug 25, 2018
Today codes=z778htkk, z778gk8t, z778fghv. Enjoy united state of boom.
TV/Movies / Re: Koko Pee Comedy Series - (no More No Less) Episode 4 - YAWA RACE by adahgold(m): 5:02pm On Aug 21, 2018
If you know you reside in Jos let's hook up and start a small skit, I have scripts that touches the soul.

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Sports / Re: Gold Game. by adahgold(m): 11:09am On Aug 15, 2018
Z793CDFW enjoy.
Sports / Gold Game. by adahgold(m): 9:43am On Aug 15, 2018
I will be posting only code here which will be 2 odd for now. This is today's code= Z7936S2M.
Sports / Re: Secret Behind Making Money From Sports Betting by adahgold(m): 7:14pm On Aug 13, 2018
Many of us wants me to review the top trick I have been using to make some money into my local Account

I will tell you.

*Years Ago I started betting as a novice. Was always seeing myself winning 10million Naira from betting*

I tried that for 6 months and didn't catch anything .. So I became tired of betting .. I have to quit for the main time to understand why Its only people that I hear wins and not me

*Yes, we all know that the first step towards solving any problem is to know the cause of the problem*

_I went into online_
_Read many posts_
_Read many Articles_
_Read newsletters_

*All because I want to use my hobby to survive as a student*

*_Finally I discovered My problem_*

Do you know my problems?!


_Greed made me think I can be successful in betting in just a night_

_Greed give me frustration_

_Greed made me think am not good when it comes to betting_

*Started thinking and working on how to solve my problems*

I discovered that for this to work out I must
*_be steady_*
*_make n stand on a decision_*

I went back to my tickets .. I found out that Most of tickets have a special thing which they all posses

*_I discovered in my tickets that I have won 85% of the games I gave double chance and 90% of those I played +1.5.._*

Then I told myself .. If I can pick out few double chance and +1.5 games not minding the the Odds, I will go a long way..

From then I was no longer interested in odds instead I became interested in greens ...
*Started with the 2 odds*

Tried my Trick, it worked though a times I lose but I feel better than when I don't pocket any money..

From then I I started enjoying betting bcus I now understand the trick that works for me .

*Today while in school betting is the only thing i do that helps me pay my bills comfortably ...*

Decided to extend so that football fans like can also benefit from it ...

Opened a whatsapp group where I post My daily 2Odds
Since I started, My guys now pocket about 80% profit every month

The group is open for every one...
Its free for everyone ..
Nobody is asking you to pay anything to gain anything
Its basically small group of people with same interest
Below is the link of the group


Join us

I will hosting a rollover of 2odds for 5 days soonest
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Do well to join Us

07089769693 add me.

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Sports / Re: Best Sports Prediction Channel On Telegram ;daily Free Winning Odds by adahgold(m): 9:17pm On Jul 25, 2018
Good morning all...its another day

Earning daily has become possible through this channel tips.

Get daily 4+ odds for maxbet here and keep saving.

Is it for free?
Family / Re: How I Caught My Cheating Wife by adahgold(m): 9:23pm On Jun 18, 2018

Dead movie

To you abi.
Family / Re: How I Caught My Cheating Wife by adahgold(m): 11:39am On Jun 13, 2018

The warroom doesn't allow men enter ba? grin

When you watch the movie u will understand.
Family / Re: How I Caught My Cheating Wife by adahgold(m): 8:48am On Jun 13, 2018

That has always been the way here. Forgive cheating husbands, watch war room and pray for him. Cheating wives? Ah, they can kill. Eliminate them grin

I like them, they are smart and practical. Na women be the mumu for always going after sidechicks and tolerating poo.

I love that film WAR ROOM but the man did not cheat but he almost did. Women who pray in there war room have peaceful homes today but look at the gals of today they will not even listen to the advice of the elderly at least in the movie she listened to that elderly woman instead gals of now a days will say that us ur own time but in our own time is not like that.
Family / Re: How I Caught My Cheating Wife by adahgold(m): 8:40am On Jun 13, 2018
You marry at your own peril. You don't marry at your peril also. Which peril is easier for you?

Marriages come with their own tribulations but one of the toughest is infidelity from a wife. You are permitted but not commanded to divorce on that ground. Time can heal the wounds if repentance is genuine and reunification is noble. The option of divorce does not come with guarantee of a better life - for many, it is for worse. Lean on God for direction.

Trust me u can't live in the same house with a wife that cheated on u. Anytime u look at her face you will always think of that is what you want to live with through out the days of ur life?

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Family / Re: How I Caught My Cheating Wife by adahgold(m): 8:17am On Jun 13, 2018
okay but sometimes test of life comes in such form u just have to forgivr n move on like God forgives us too such is life we are not perfect some men in naija know their wives are cheating on dem but dey kept quiet especially the so called big women in naija its funny how d powerful men will disgrace u again upon wat dey v done its a terrible situation one should just face God n ur kids plus ur life dan lettin one yeye woman push to hellfire because of her sins

Are you trying to say if ur wife cheat on u! U will still let her be in ur house? U r just lying don't pray to be in that situation u no y? U can never love her again because anytime you look at her you will always see that cheat on her face lastly you can't even sleep with again cuz you will seeing that cheating on her face is better to forgive her and let go cuz trust me u can't love her again. Yes we are not perfect but not to that extent of a wife cheating beside many men are fathering someone's else child cuz of these as for me she will leave.

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Family / Re: How I Caught My Cheating Wife by adahgold(m): 8:06am On Jun 13, 2018

Guy! The thing fear me pass you o.

Una d talk fear I no think say I go enter that lane. I love my heart.
Family / Re: How I Caught My Cheating Wife by adahgold(m): 8:04am On Jun 13, 2018
You know that's untrue. My mom stood by my dad through thick and thin until his very last breathe. So don't you generalize. Humans have been known for infidelity since inception so nothing is new. Just pray you Marry right.

You can't compare those days of our parent and the present day. Women don't just know what they want today.

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Business / Re: Starting A Clothing Business, How Do I Go About It? by adahgold(m): 7:56am On Jun 13, 2018
wow. thank u very much. am I a fashionista? I don't think so, what I enjoy wearing is something that's nice and simple and that fits well too. Thanks again. I appreciate

Ur welcome
Business / Re: Starting A Clothing Business, How Do I Go About It? by adahgold(m): 9:49am On Jun 12, 2018
I'm not a tailor though but I have love for fashion I'm also thinking of ready made wears too. This is how I will do my own if I start I'm not telling you to follow me to do the same thing but it will help. After doing the ready made wears I will model for my designs or find girls or boys who will model for you and put those photos on social network which is assume to be your business or fashion page. Go to schools advertise there and finally do Facebook ad it also helps too. Make sure you are a fashionista yourself represent what you are putting out there. My 2 cent.
Business / Re: Be Your Own Boss... Be A Film Maker/Youtuber by adahgold(m): 9:17am On Jun 12, 2018
Almost 300 views

I would love to be part of this but I'm in Jos.
Business / Re: Learn The Fastest Way To Receive Money From US And More by adahgold(m): 9:08am On Jun 12, 2018
Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial!!!..

I'm teaching one of the easiest and fastest means/ways to receive money from the US through bitcoin it is as easy as ABC. Your client or family or anyone that's sending you money from the US do not need to open any app or go to western union or moneygram to send you money. It's as easy as buying Mtn recharge Card and loading it that's all..

I'm also teaching how to get US, UK Canada.. phone numbers and you can use it to make calls and text messages with your mobile data. I will also teach you how to use US number for whatsapp...

Those that are interested in the tutorials will receive 1 year paid VPN for free. Incase you don't know what VPN is, it's used for changing your location on the internet. For instance, if you are in Nigeria you can't access some applications or websites in the US, UK, Canada etc etc but with VPN will enable you access them, it's one of the tools needed for foreign numbers.

The tutorial is just N2,500 remember you get a free VPN inclusive.

Knowledge is power. Knowledge is key

Contact me on whatsapp 08164325236

I need those foreign numbers can you get it for me?
Business / Re: Forget White Collar .....blue Collar Jobs On Point....check Now by adahgold(m): 8:58am On Jun 12, 2018
will SHOW you how to make money with PALM fruits.

This is unlike the usual way you've been doing this before.

With this method, you have low risk of failure and can even start with zero capital._
Palm fruit is the ever growing fruit... All through seasons, you will always find them....

This is how God has created it to be.... Always in demand because of its nutritional value to mankind....

So relax you can't ever run out of business....
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Add 07089769693
Crime / Re: Efcc Storms Notorious Yahoo Boys Hide Out In Uniben(photo) by adahgold(m): 11:24am On May 26, 2018
EFCC they are fools you leave they people you are suppose to chase and chase guys that are not looting up to they amount government official are looting. Nigeria is just a scam.
Sports / Re: A Lucky Bet9ja Customer Wins Over 40million Naira by adahgold(m): 6:26pm On May 05, 2018

Its a lie, I have evidence that confirm it

I'm telling I did it u r saying is a lie don't argue what u have not done.
Sports / Re: A Lucky Bet9ja Customer Wins Over 40million Naira by adahgold(m): 8:45am On May 04, 2018
Is true cuz I tried it, i play four of them it was two that cut that ticket. When I wanted to do it on Europa league bet9ja has stop combining it, you can only play one at a time.
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Am Lonely,single And Needs A Life Partner For A Serious Relationship by adahgold(m): 6:22pm On Apr 24, 2018
any interested Pearson?

How serious are you?
Religion / Re: Joyce Meyer Defends Tattoos, Says She Might Get One To Make Religious People Mad by adahgold(m): 10:55am On Mar 30, 2018

God's judgment is unrepentant let's get it right now.

Leave it for him to judge and be free why worshipping God instead of following rules made by the church.
Religion / Re: Joyce Meyer Defends Tattoos, Says She Might Get One To Make Religious People Mad by adahgold(m): 10:48am On Mar 30, 2018
I agree with her we should be free why worshipping God rather than been criticized, let's leave it for God to judge weather is good or bad.
Religion / Re: Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef Calls Black People 'Monkeys' During His Weekly Sermon by adahgold(m): 10:37am On Mar 25, 2018
Long live Adolf Hitler I see the reason why he killed Jews cause of their rabbit sense which they now give as their title now which is RABBI. The photo of the rabbi or rabbit that called blacks monkey there is no difference between him and a rabbit.

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Religion / Re: Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef Calls Black People 'Monkeys' During His Weekly Sermon by adahgold(m): 10:23am On Mar 25, 2018
We must be silent before the wisdom of His Chosen people. We cannot condemn Gods anointed.

If they call us monkeys and cut our throats then we must think ourselves blessed.

To die in Israel is a blessing indeed!

With this mentality that is why you are still a servant. Na your throat him go cut cuz as for he is not God and I can insult him you hear me mr servant till the end.
Religion / Re: Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef Calls Black People 'Monkeys' During His Weekly Sermon by adahgold(m): 10:21am On Mar 25, 2018
They are the chosen people of God. They have all the rights in the world to kill and insult black people anyhow they like. We should worship them, serve their God and protect them by all means.

Anyone who insults this Rabbi wouldn't make heaven. I repeat, leave God's people alone, they are allowed to do anything they want to the inferior black race. God brought them to this earth to judge us, the Bible says Israel will judge the world. We are lucky to still be alive, we are descendants of Cain in the Bible and we don't deserve anything good. Ohh, God of Israel, I worship thee. I give the black race to Israel as a peace offering.

My friend go and sit down, who is he to judge! That is why you will be a servant till you leave this earth. I will insult this stupid rabbi or what he is called come and beat me.
Celebrities / Re: BBNaija: Simi Is Trending Over Her Outfit To The Eviction Show by adahgold(m): 10:56pm On Mar 18, 2018
She lacks the beauty look.

She lacks any kind of sex appeal.

She lacks musical sense.

She lacks a good sense of dressing.

She lacks any fan base.

She even lacks a man to call her own.

Good thing God does not discriminate, as she would have lacked God too.

Modified: why my opinion of her dey pain una?I cannot have my own opinion again?if it pain you, please kuku go kee yourself.

Where she is today you can never be there I mean you can never be there for life cuz people like will be poor for life. You that have all the qualities were are you today? I guess your work is to write nonsense on nairaland that is your own quality. Smh.

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Business / Re: The ONE reason Why People FAIL In Life And The Simple Way Out: by adahgold(m): 2:04pm On Mar 08, 2018
Business / Re: How I Built An Online Business Empire That Generates 6 To 7 Figures Monthly And by adahgold(m): 1:41pm On Mar 06, 2018
I'm interested
Business / Re: My Pain And Gain On Facebook Ads Success Story Has Mini Importer by adahgold(m): 3:34pm On Mar 05, 2018
Continue bro I'm following, my problem is how to target the right audience on Facebook ad. Thanks

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