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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Agro-park Development Company Limited Is A Scam!!! by Adanna205: 9:40pm On Aug 12, 2020

Mr English Graduate pele!!
You're a disappointment to your profession, how will you write on what you don't know.

You're among those that glorify their certificate and cannot think outside the box.

Writers of lies here and there. Continue with your writings.

Mr scammer of young graduates, you and your co-thieves are bleeped because we won't keep quiet until the world knows what a terrible company Agro-park is.
I don't know why you are so pained. Well I can feel your pain, it is your job to protect their already dented identify.
I laugh at you and the trash you come here to spill. I opened a thread for reasonable people who value themselves, have self worth not for you who think life ends for you at agro park, that's what happens to you when you leave school with a certificate of attendance.
You are a shame to men of your generation.
I can never be a party to thrives, scammers of young graduates.
I should think outside the box by allowing a useless organization lie to me and scam me right? Then I can see you have no sense of reasoning.
You are a disgrace to men. So because I was called to be an agric journalist, I am supposed to be planting thyme, chilli peppers and what have you? I can now see that your sense of reasoning is faulty.
If you went to school, passed through school and have self value, I'm sure you won't come here to open your filthy mouth to spill rubbish.
Oga move away from my thread, okay?
Nairaland is big, go and create your own thread and redeem your already lost glory.
Allow me glorify my certificate because I graduated with a good grade, how about you who has a certificate of attendance?
I'll glorify my certificate and will never be a slave to any useless bunch of hypocrites who come together to form a scamming group all in the name of company.
Oga, you have no self worth and that is why agro park will keep using low lives like yourself.
I know you ain't deaf, leave my thread.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Agro-park Development Company Limited Is A Scam!!! by Adanna205: 11:26pm On Aug 11, 2020

When you know that, you shouldn't have quoted me.

I know your type - ingrates.

So what are you up to now? If you haven't put all that you learn to use.

Don't quote again please, because nobody send you to go there in first instance.
Oga carry your lies away from here, awon agro scam.
Yes, I am an ingrate for speaking up against injustice. I know you are their Spokeman but go and open a thread for them and leave here.
I am an ingrate, you are used to hardship, that's why you will worship a useless company who derive joy in scamming young minds. Ass lickers like you are the reason this country is still backward, if it was that good and enjoyable, you wouldn't have dreamt of leaving there, you should have served them till your old age.
Be stylishly asking me what I'm up to, they sent you to come and verify abi?. Need I remind you that I am not a farmer, I did English in school and your scam company recruited me as a writer and then started using us for cheap labour.
Go and tell your ogas that I am never a farmer and I didn't learn anything talkless of putting it to use because I AM AN ENGLISH STUDENT NOT A FARMER.
Nobody sent me there in the first place and that's because a thread like this didn't exist, had it existed, would I have even considered the fools?
Leave my thread oga, we ain't scammers here.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Agro-park Development Company Limited Is A Scam!!! by Adanna205: 5:34am On Aug 11, 2020

I'm very sure you did not read to understand what I wrote.
They wasted your time, fine you were fooled but I wasn't. I know I'm in for the game.

I did not entered has a trainee and I enjoyed the adventure to an extent.

The experience and connection I made are still mine till today. My landmarks are still there...

Agropark is not for the indolent but tough and rough people.

As for the food, its not OK. There's meat on the farm, why can't you buy? Why don't you prepare your own food as the FSS urgument theirs.

After I left there, I understood the Adekunle song 'ire' lyrics better.
I can see some people are used to life of hardship. That life seemed Normal to you.
Ofcos you can say all you have said because you know what you are in for, so please stay away from my story because I was told something else by these bunch of hypocrites. Our story ain't the same, okay?
Then you talked about connection, oga stop fooling yourself, I was there and I saw it all with my eyes. Connection khor internet ni.
And you open your mouth to say I should cook or buy meat on farm, maybe I should remind you how much those clown gave us in our first month ,#9600.
You weren't a GT so I see no reason why you should comment here. Awon Agro jibiti.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Agro-park Development Company Limited Is A Scam!!! by Adanna205: 10:06pm On Aug 10, 2020
This is almost what is obtainable in almost all sectors in Nigeria industries, if you don’t want, others will gladly go for it. Yes its bad, Bt employment and bad leadership couple with terrible NLC; all they know is STRIKE, and our laws are also crappy, hence these things flourish.

U stayed that long in that job maybe because you hoped it will be better, bt it wasn’t. This company you criticize here today provide source of livelihood for some persons. This is not to say the evil act shouldn’t be addressed,bt to let you understand that the grass isn’t exactly greener on the other side. Don’t settle for less, if you can’t take it, leave early enough.

I know someone into farming, the person sacked all his graduate staff, his reason is that they don’t want to work or get their hands dirty, that they have some level of pride or entitlement because they are graduate, but they don’t realize how hard and dirty he had to work to get what he has.
Today his farm is still doing well, with workers from Togo and Benin republic.

Of course it provided livelihood for their family members they put in key position. I am not an ass licker. What I don't understand is why send girls to farm as writers and then start using them to plant and harvest even under the rain?
I stayed that long because the farm was inside the bush and it wasn't save to leave. Ijale is not a place you can be walking aimlessly around cos I don't know anything about the village.
Then they brought us to Lagos , still with the lies that we were coming for photography training and boom, they asked us to be carrying frozen chicken inside polythene bag up and down.
I wasn't going to stay there another month after taking my salary.
It is not a matter of graduates not wanting to farm, this ones are thieves, liars and scammers.
If you want labourers, put it out there, people who are interested will come. Why lie to young girls
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Agro-park Development Company Limited Is A Scam!!! by Adanna205: 9:50pm On Aug 10, 2020
[color=#000099][/color] Everything they said about this farm all are false allegation. They bring out their advert for GTP(graduate training program), its a training program and an empowerment which at the end you will have to continue your own life journey. The company is not assuring that they will staff everybody coming for the training, theirs is to training and if they feel your impact and wish to retain you, they will. At least we still have some GT there now benefitting from what you people are condemning. Agro park is a nice place to be, you going there is to be trained forget the mentality of going there to be a staff(many are call but few are chosen) and about the treatment there you are not in your comfort zone so you don't expect them to be satisfying your wants all the time, its a training ground my people moreso as it is a training ground they even allocate some stipend for the GT. If you have endurance and determination you will gain what you want to gain and leave the farm not even thinking of being a staff member, a Yoruba adage says ' you didnt suffer and you say you are wise, who is your teacher?!.' Everything will become a joyful story to tell when other too are saying theirs when we make it in life. Agro park is a nice place to be don't let anyone discourage you.
#Redefine agriculture
By their post you shall know them. Sugercoated speech coming from a terrible organization.
Tell the person handling your PR to try harder. Agropark is a SCAM. Be suffering and smiling there. I have nothing to say to you rather than allow God deal with all of you.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Agro-park Development Company Limited Is A Scam!!! by Adanna205: 9:48pm On Aug 10, 2020
This life.....

Agropark empowered me from being a gentleman to rugged man. Introvert to Extrovert, meek to a bully.

I still have landmark there which I'm proud of and achievements...
Be preaching nonsense on behalf of people who have no value for humanity.
You should be ashamed of yourself I truly you are a graduate. That's why this country won't move forward. Ass-lickers everywhere.
Lie that you didn't do cheap labour on farm? Were you ever served meat?
They fed you like prisoner and you come here to spill nonsense.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Agro-park Development Company Limited Is A Scam!!! by Adanna205: 9:45pm On Aug 10, 2020
I just got an invite for their interview.
Thank you so much for this enlightenment. You just saved a me from wasting my time.
You would never loose your reward.
It's for things like this that this forum was created.
God bless you.
Hope you have gotten a better place to work now?
The company took alot away from me and ever since, I find it hard to trust all these organisations. I'm saving up to start a business soonest.
But trust me when I say Agro park is a SCAM, I experienced it first hand..
When you go for interview, they act like better people but na lie. How company go dey do five to six graduate training in one year? Not like they even train people, they use people on farm as cheap labour.
It's better to be jobless than to be in Agropark. They will use you to the last and feed you with crap. .you won't even taste meat through out your stay on farm. It's a terrible place to be.
Sports / Re: A Prophet Without Honour. S. Oliseh, Nigeria's Most Knowledgeable Coach by Adanna205: 12:02pm On Aug 02, 2020

Sunday Oliseh

Sunday Oliseh took over as head coach of Dutch second tier side Fortuna Sittard in December 2016
The former Nigeria captain and coach, Sunday Oliseh, says he is relishing his role as head coach of Dutch club Fortuna Sittard, after a successful start at the second tier side.

Oliseh, 42, who stood down as Super Eagles coach in February 2016, previously played for Dutch giants Ajax from 1997 to 1999.

Since arriving at Fortuna Sittard two months ago, the former Nigeria coach has steered the club away from the relegation zone with only one defeat in nine games.

it's a good challenge because there is no better way to show that you're good at this job than to pick a team that is really struggling with really unknown players

Sunday Oliseh
Head coach at Fortuna Sittard
"That is great for us. And the boys keep improving. We're picking up points home and away. So I'm very pleased with the results" Oliseh told BBC Sport.

Oliseh, who also played for Juventus and Borussia Dortmund during his club career, earned 63 caps for Nigeria.

He says his biggest challenge at Fortuna Sittard has been working on the team's confidence.

"It was the psychological aspect. Trying to get the players to get a winning mentality. Trying to change the psychology and make them believe in their qualities and try to get the best out of them. That was the most difficult challenge" said Oliseh.

The Nigerian's last coaching position had been with his country. He says Fortuna Sittard posed a completely different task.

"Here, it's like I had to start from zero. We practically started everything again. How we defend, how we ball-position, how we counter-transition, how we attack. All this I had to do it from zero. And the weather didn't help me. We didn't have the facilities, like sometimes we had snow. But when I see the commitment the players have put into it, it's good."

Oliseh had also previously coached Belgian lower tier side Verviétois, and he says the Fortuna job was one he could not refuse.

"It's very close to my home. So I can come home and see my kids and my wife every day.

"And it's a good challenge because there is no better way to show that you're good at this job than to pick a team that is really struggling with really unknown players.

"And it was a big risk but I felt that if I could bring them results then it becomes clear that you know your job. And so far I'm very grateful to God that it's working out that way" explained Oliseh, who helped Nigeria win the 1994 Africa Cup of Nations and Olympic gold in 1996.

Oliseh says working abroad is important for all footballers and urged Nigerian stars to embrace opportunities in China.

Oliseh has been monitoring Nigeria's chances on the global stage and is optimistic about their chances of qualifying for the World Cup in Russia in 2018.

After leaving his post as coach of the Super Eagles, Oliseh worked at Fifa on their new technical committee. He says the door remains open for him to continue his work with football's world body.

"I tried to arrange with them that if I'm not working here and there's an event and Fifa needs my services, that I can be available. But at the same time, I love coaching. I love working with young players. I like seeing them grow and getting results, so it's good."
Hello sir, I am sure you don't remember me but your good deed will never be forgotten.
I tried reaching you via WhatsApp but your number hasn't been active and I couldn't find your email address in my mailbox. Thanks so much for all you did for me in the past, I'm forever grateful.
Family / Re: Who Remembers This Scammer? Face Of A Thief by Adanna205: 11:06am On Aug 02, 2020
Honestly, this is so sad and heartbreaking. I mean, how can someone find joy in ripping people of their hard earned money falsefully and still be bold enough to be insulting his benefactors.
These kind hearted people who helped you don't even have excess, they only had compassion on you, why not have compassion on your soul by becoming responsible. Like is scamming a job?
I remember years back when I had financial issues to sort out after my final exam, I remember how people I don't even know on this platform came through for me. Why ridicule such pleasure?
Why turn scamming into your daily job? Like how do you just wake up every morning and decide you will use your youthful age to rip people off their hard earned money?
I feel really sad that people like you still exist and yet you even have the guts to open new account and still come here to spill trash.
Enough said, you will do your own and leave this world but please pity your generation.
Dont you have conscience at all? Evil scammer.


Business / Re: If You Are Given N10million Today, What Business In Nigeria Will You Invest In? by Adanna205: 5:36pm On Jul 08, 2020

Have you actually run this business before?

I actually set up a business like this with someone who claimed he could make it work; it ended up being a big financial disaster for me.

I may consider partnership with someone who knows what he is doing because the equipment I purchased is still lying fallow
ohhh wow! I'm so sorry about that. I have run a business like this before, though on a small scale. I have worked with companies on the island and there are open opportunities for me to leverage on.
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Check Out The Flyers N Posters I Made With My Phone by Adanna205: 4:30pm On Jul 05, 2020
If you really want to learn graphics design using your phone. Indicate below. I tried pixellab long ago. Didn't give me what i want, i have been designing with my smartphone and earning for about two years now. I am sort of a pro designing with my phone.
I am really interested sir.
Career / Re: He Paid 2k For This, And Now Earning... by Adanna205: 5:09pm On Jul 04, 2020
How do I register please?
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Check Out The Flyers N Posters I Made With My Phone by Adanna205: 4:57pm On Jul 04, 2020
I have pixellab but don't know how to do this. Can you help me please? I'm really interested
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Logo Design In Canva (creating The Burger King Logo) by Adanna205: 4:55pm On Jul 04, 2020
I'm interested but can't join the link. Please what do I do?
Business / Re: If You Are Given N10million Today, What Business In Nigeria Will You Invest In? by Adanna205: 2:07pm On Jul 03, 2020

where is your location?
Business / Re: If You Are Given N10million Today, What Business In Nigeria Will You Invest In? by Adanna205: 11:12am On Jul 03, 2020
I just need 1- 1.5M to fully commence a business that has refused to leave me. I realized several companies give their staff lunch everyday. I intend to start a catering business that caters for lunch of companies both on the island and mainland.

I just need to buy few things before I start and I have a team of three superb cooks willing to work with me. Besides, I have spoken with few companies and they are willing to patronise me.
I intend to be buying foodstuffs from Osun for the business.

My interest per month is over 2M after paying my workers.
Business / Re: If You Are Given N10million Today, What Business In Nigeria Will You Invest In? by Adanna205: 10:41am On Jul 03, 2020

i have a source of raw food here in north( very cheap) and am looking for a connect in lagos.. drop you whasap number, let talk business
i am interested in this business
Romance / Re: Giving 5k Each To 10 People by Adanna205: 9:43pm On Jul 02, 2020
It will help me design a logo and a flyer for my start up business. Before I can be known,I need to market this business and I really want to grow this business because I am currently unemployed
Family / Re: MY FEARS ARE GETTING REAL. by Adanna205: 10:44pm On Jun 30, 2020
I sincerely understand her fear for not wanting to be identified. I wish I could help but I am a struggling young girl as well.

I remember going to school in abject poverty and when it was time for nysc, I had to solicit for help here because a day to my departure, I had only my box. I used my real moniker as I had just one then and I remembered someone called my mum useless because I solicited for help. Well, she doesn't understand what it means to be fatherless.

Few months later, someone went to my Facebook through my moniker and said horrible things to me, I was depressed. Ever since then, I personally won't recommend her revealing herself here.

Op, you can engage the man willing to help you offline and prove your case. Sir, I don't think you should make her do that here, just go offline with her. Writing this right now, I'm moved to tears because I know how it feels to have nothing because I'm still struggling myself.

If it touches your heart to help her, please verify and do so.

@Op, i think you should be diplomatic and patient as well. Understand the person willing to help you point of view.
I wish you all the best.


Travel / Re: Short Term Course In The USA by Adanna205: 10:01pm On Jun 13, 2020
A friend of mine traveled to the USA by gaining admission to New York Film Academy on a short term course of just two months.
I tried it too some couple of years back but I was denied the visa but I believe any other person can try too and made it through.
this is very nice. However, can one stay back in the US after a two month short course?
Travel / Re: After Corona Where Do You Plan To Visit ! by Adanna205: 8:55pm On Jun 06, 2020
Dubai and Germany. I wish I can be sponsored.
Crime / Re: Family Of Uwaila Umozuwa Receives Death Threats by Adanna205: 8:35pm On Jun 06, 2020
This is not good enough. This country has alot to do in protecting her citizens as well as eradicating all form of crimes. This is worrisome, I pray no evil befall this family again.
Family / Re: Living Alone At 23, As A Single Lady, A Bad Idea Or Not? by Adanna205: 8:27pm On Jun 06, 2020
Nothing is wrong but please be careful of the people you tell you live alone. Please, be security conscious. Living alone will help you focus more and keep your eyes on the goal.
I left home at age 20 to work and I was living away from home before I lost my job and I must tell you the decision helped me because I met lot of people and was able to save some money I intend to use for a business soonest.
I wish you all the very best.

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Family / Re: My Husband Wants To Know Everything About My Finances. by Adanna205: 8:22pm On Jun 06, 2020
God will help your marriage but you and your need to contribute your own quota as well.
I believe talks about finances are topics you should discuss in the home. You should trust one another and be open to talk about any issues.
Perhaps he feels like you are not contributing enough in the house. Sit him down and talk to him about this. Don't let something as trivial as this cause a distance between yourself and your husband. God bless your marriage.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Agro-park Development Company Limited Is A Scam!!! by Adanna205: 5:07pm On Jan 06, 2019

Do you have contact of the HR/a top person that works there...pls I am sending you a DM nw...so that this rubbish can stop and prevent others that may fall prey.
of course I do.I can't respond to ur mail now.Can you drop your mail and I'll forward it to u or should I drop it here?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Agro-park Development Company Limited Is A Scam!!! by Adanna205: 5:05pm On Jan 06, 2019
No vex, lmao....I got out in 3days.....
lol, scamming young mind is their hobby
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Agro-park Development Company Limited Is A Scam!!! by Adanna205: 5:05pm On Jan 06, 2019
No vex, lmao....I got out in 3days.....
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Agro-park Development Company Limited Is A Scam!!! by Adanna205: 11:24am On Jan 05, 2019

This is really crazy! When I saw their Graduate Trainee Program (GTP), I was laughing and at the same pitying young graduates that would fall into their hands. There's nothing like personal life wherever you are working. Could you imagine I left my 25k job for 15k all in the name of gaining experience in other fields? Let.me recap what these clowns told us then.. "we have rabbitry(and the rabbits were not up to twenty), poultry(the place I was working had over 7 thousand birds and these guys with their layers and broilers combined were not up to a thousand), fishery(this one made me cry. Nothing at all. I was even the one that set up the shield and harvested their first maggots), chilli pepper(enough of these cause the food is ALWAYS peppery), lemon grass, sweet and local basil etc. Thank God my former boss called me back after I left. Agro park claim they don't use people but believe me when I shout 'CHEAP LABOR'. There was a time we were even told to come on Sundays. Wéré people! All these things nah just for getting sense. Dem no dey tell man say rain dey fall ooo.

PS; All the things said are all way back in August 2018. Don't get it twisted. You might be a sycophantic individual that loves a$$licking and thus, like the place. Agro jibiti... Lol
the so called ogas are liars and scammers.. Scamming young mind is their hobby.They lied about everything,from accommodation to feeding, to job security.

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