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Health / Re: Remedies For Oily Skin by aiyornim: 4:39pm On Nov 29, 2022
Have oily skin, or skin blemishes? go to the outpost Health platform, register and book to see a dermatologist today.
Health / Re: It's Now One Doctor To 10,000 Patients, 4,000 Doctors To Migrate Abroad – NARD by aiyornim: 4:22pm On Nov 29, 2022
You know what this means right? Longer queues, larger crowds of sick people, no hospital bed spaces, hospital visits will no longer be for the faint hearted. And if you love to sleep, sorry cause by the time you get to the hospitals, the number of people that the doctors will be seeing for that day has already been surpassed. So you have to go back home. Another thing that will be rampant will be fake herbalists, unqualified drug sellers making prescriptions that they have no business making; for them every ailment is typhoid and malaria. This is all in a bid to sell their drugs and make money from poor unsuspecting Nigerians, so it is time for you to take your health into your hands, you maybe asking how? Well, you can do that by seeking medical care and attention from the outpost health Platform. With outpost, you have access to doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, dermatologists, neurosurgeons, OBGYN, pharmacists, even diagnostic centers, laboratories, and pharmacies. What's even more is that you can have home care services of both the doctors and the nurses. So do not gamble with your health. No need to go to a hospital and face all of that hassle, download the outpost health app today and see someone about that health condition you have been battling with alone. Don't worry, it will not break your bank account. Try it and thank me later
Health / Re: Top Hospitals For Eye Surgery Mumbai by aiyornim: 3:35pm On Nov 29, 2022
With all these stories of people going to all these places and getting their organs stolen in the process, its always better to get these things done in your home country where people can be easily held accountable. You may be asking where can I find such a place or who will do it for me. Or you're having an eye problem or any health issue that you don't have the time to go to the hospital to check it out, or you don't like the hospital environment for one thing or the other, well, i'm here to tell you that you can get that medical care without having to leave the comfort of your home or office. All you need do is to download the Outpost health Platform from any of the playstores; android or apple, register and begin your journey to health care at your convenience. It is easy to use, affordable, and accessible. So. what are you waiting for? Get that eye checked out, that pain youv've been feeling, talk to a doctor about it. That skin issue, talk to a dermatologist today on the Outpost platform.
Health / Good News For People In Diaspora by aiyornim: 3:27pm On Nov 29, 2022
With the economic crisis in the country and the search for greener pasture, and a better life for generations born and unborn, one of the fastest means of japaing is through school. And we all know how expensive that it, and the restriction of the number of working hours, money isn't easy to come by. And in some countries, the cost of health care is nothing to write home about, and the regulations and restrictions of buying medications is not like in Nigeria where you can easily get any medication you want over the counter with no prescription; that is but a few exceptions. The question is when you're ill. how do you go about getting medical attention on a budget?
Well, this is the good news! Outpost Health is a digital platform that allows you access to qualified, medical professionals in different fields of the medical profession, pharmacies, diagnostic centers and home care services. The beauty of this is that, it is at very affordable prices. No need to gabble between spending money on rent or on your health. You can have it all. Another good part of this is that you can sign your family members up in any part of the world. No need to feel helpless when your parents, spouses or children complain of any ailments, you can book an appointment for them on Outpost and another cool thing is that you can be there during the virtual consultations, so you're there hearing everything the doctor has to say.
So, I'm asking you, What are you waiting for? Quickly download the OUtpost health app from any of the playstores and start your journey to a healthier life. Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend!
Health / Re: Excessive Consumption Of These 3 Things Can Cause Heart Failure by aiyornim: 7:02pm On Nov 01, 2022
You can see a cardiologist on the Outpost health platform. If you know someone in your family n like your father mother, siblings, or even grandparents have any heart condition? You're already predisposed to having such. So it always good for us to be aware, take good care of our bodies, eat healthily, reduce smoking and drinking of alcohol. And most especially, check our blood pressures.
Go to your phone playstore and download the Outpost Health app
See a doctor about your concerns.
Health / Re: My Right Eye Is Going Blur, Please Help by aiyornim: 3:12pm On Oct 27, 2022
It could be as a result of cataract. Go to a hospital immediately to see the ophthalmologist. You can have access to one on the Outpost health platform. Simply download the app from your playstore. It's as easy as ABC. Don't let it get worse before you seek help

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Health / Re: Seven Natural Ways To Fight Depression by aiyornim: 3:01pm On Oct 27, 2022
Depression is caused by lack of some chemicals to your brains. Sometimes we need help to feel better. Help in the form of a diagnosis and an appropriate treatment. Please you can see a psychiatrist on the Outpost health platform. At a very affordable price. Just download the app and begin
Health / Re: I Might Be Impotent by aiyornim: 11:57am On Oct 25, 2022
You need to stop masturbating, the side effects of it is what you're experiencing right now. So don't let anyone fool you that there are no side effects. Taking zinc tablets for a long time will cause reduces intestinal motility so please, let us stop doing self medication. Even water when you take too much of it causes side effects talk less of chemical compositions that we call drugs and herbs. If you have any problem rather than ask Dr Google, why don't you ask a real doctor? You can do that without ever having to leave your house or wherever you may choose to see one. All you need to do is to download the Outpost Health app from your apple or android playstore and you'll gain access to a whole Hospital, only its virtual. You gain access from a neurosurgeon down to a nurse,to a pharmacist. If you want and need a physical consultation; that is also possible.
So, what are you waiting for?


Health / Re: Genotype: Do People Still Do This In A Relationship? by aiyornim: 11:36am On Oct 25, 2022
Maybe some time, some day, go to the hospital for all those good samarittan visits and what you'll see will change your mind about proceeding with your marriage to your AS girlfriend. When the child suffers everyone suffers. It'll test the bonds of your marriage, it'll test your faith in your creator. But having said all theses, there's a way around it. You can do what is called a gene selection. That I'd they'll fertilise plenty of your girlfriend's eggs with your sperms and when they're fertilised and ready to become a baby, they'll test them to give you the ones with the superior genes and free of the SS gene.
If you love yourself too much and you want to go ahead, here's the solution
Want to know more about this? Head over to your playstore and download the Outpost Health platform app and speak to a reproductive specialist. Don't sleep on this opportunity o

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Health / Re: Pls Help Very Urgent by aiyornim: 10:34am On Oct 24, 2022
You can have a consultation with a gastroenterologist on the Outpost health platform. Its a digital health platform that gives you access to top health medical professionals from all over the world, that is you can see a doctor from the US, Canada, UK and here in Nigeria. You have an option of doing online; that is virtual consultations and also the option of an in-person consultation. That ia you can go meet the doctor or whomever you want to see at a hospital. You will be skipping all the queues and all that hospital wahalla. Any medical issues that you may have that requires you to see any specialist, we have them all on the outpost platform. Don't sleep on this opportunity to get the medical health and attention that you need in the most hassle free way. Download the app now from your apple or android playstore today to get started.
Health / Re: Nothing Is Working On Me. Please Help!!!!!! by aiyornim: 10:46am On Oct 20, 2022
How's your blood sugar level? Have you gone for a hormonal test? What's your eating habit like? It's not by starving yourself that you'd get weight loss results, sometimes when we do that, we tend to over eat when we eventually have a meal. The key is portion control, and exercise. You don't necessarily need to lifts heavy weight or do strenuous exercises except you're trying to tone your muscle or build muscle mass. All you need to do us to take long walks, 30minutes to one hour of walking. You can stroll or di power walking. Swimming is also another option as you use every muscle in your body. Also do breathing exercises and intermittent fasting has also been known to be helpful. Having said all of this,and see a medical practitioner, and a nutritionist. The medical practitioner for a full body check up and to get your hormones check to seee why you're gaining excessive weight. It can be as a result of hormonal in balance, also to make sure that your heart and other organs are not suffering due to the weight gain. You can seek help on the Outpost health platform, there are doctors and nutritionist on there and even lifestyle coaches. Just download the app from the playstore and start
Health / Re: Please Help Am Suffering From Severe Pimples/acne PHOTOS by aiyornim: 10:06am On Oct 19, 2022
You can see a dermatologist for her expert treatment and care on the outpost health platform. Its very affordable and the platform is user friendly and easy to navigate. Its not only dermatologist that you can see on there, for all your health problems; Outpost health is the place to seek medical health from. You can sign your parents, and children there too to receive your treatment. Think of it as you having a doctor that you can call at anytime to seek medical advice and care from. Outpost health partners with different laboratories and pharmacies that will make receiving and accessing health care very easy and affordable for everyone. Download it from any of your playstore today
Health / Re: Treatment Of Infection Has Led To Complications. by aiyornim: 9:54am On Oct 19, 2022
Caesarian section for a two month pregnancy? Please where is that done in this world? Even people that are term and they lose their babies due to one reason or the other, a c section is the last resort. The most they can do at this point is to do a manual vacuum aspiration to remove the left over fetal matter or product of conception. The issue of Yeast infection; what medication did she take that caused such a thing? where did you get the medication and who prescribed it? Self medication is a huge problem that no one seems to be talking about. We have abused antibiotics so much so that when we actually need them our bodies become resistant to it. If you ask someone now why they are practicing self medication they'd say that going to the hospital is too stressful. its too expensive, its too far. Okay i understand that the government hospitals are relatively cheaper but the amount of people patronizing them are too many, so you don't have time to queue up. If all these and more are your problem, I'm here to bring you good news, no need for all of that, you can gain access to see qualified medical professionals from neurosurgeons to dermatologists on the outpost health platform. At very affordable price. No more waiting in line, no more moving from one hospital to the other looking for a specialist. This is your one stop Hospital to get treatment for whatever is ailing you all from your phone or tablets. Of course you have an option of having a face to face consultation, but this is different as its based on appointment. You're going straight to see the doctor at the appointed time. So o to your playstore now to download the Outpost Health app

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Health / Re: Health Benefits Of Yogurt To The Face by aiyornim: 11:00am On Oct 18, 2022
Personally, I dont know about yoghurt o. But its always advice able for people with skin acne and other skin problems to seek professional help from an expert..they're called experts because the have spent time, money and energy in studying, producing and gaining knowledge about the different skin problems and their cures. I know how difficult it is to gain access to a dermatologist especially in general hospitals and if you want to patronise a private hospital the price alone will discourage you. And you'll go and try all those different treatments and creams that people will recommend to you and instead of it to help you, it'll worsen your situation or even burn your skin to boot. Me I've found a place where I have access to top dermatologist. When I say top I mean top. That's people that have very successful practices that you see all those Instagram models talking about them and all. So if you know you have any skin problem just run to your playstore and download the Outpost Health app and you'll gain access to world class health care. Hurry o don't go and be doing things that will make you hate your life. I'm speaking from experience
Health / Re: Doctor In The House:Obstetrics And Gynecology by aiyornim: 10:24am On Oct 13, 2022
Dear Dr, Here are a few benefits of a digital clinic. 1. Increased Revenue With the help of healthcare digitization, doctors are able to bill for uncompensated phone calls or text while extending hours to see more patients. Doctors also have the power to leverage the flexibility of digital health to see patients beyond clinic operating hours and its physical location. Digitization of healthcare also means upfront payments for consultations. 2. Efficiency in Clinical Workflow and Practice A connected medical enterprise means your workforce, partners, vendors, labs and patients have seamless access to accurate information with watertight security. Cloud-based records are cost-effective and convenient, universally accessible in real-time and eliminate chances of human error and duplication. Across the world, the use of digital platforms is shown to significantly better time management, leading to increased efficiency and productivity. 3. It simply makes life easier for you Scheduling appointments and making telephone calls to remind patients to keep those appointments are a thing of the past when doctors go digital, it allows automatic notifications for appointments, follow-ups, and any other changes, and reducing the number of no-show patients. Doctors who go online also benefit from the savings of time offered by improved efficiency and productivity, which ensures that they don’t burn out. With Outpost Health, you can start your Digital clinic today for free, sign up at app.outpost.health
Health / Re: BEECHAM AMPICLOX And The Craze For "Sperm Washout" : Warning (VIDEO) by aiyornim: 10:44am On Sep 27, 2022
Please o, its always adviseable for you to use an emergency contraceptive after unprotected sex. Ampiclox is an antibiotic not a spermicide. Stop abusing antibiotics, cause your body will get resistant to it and when you really need it to fight an infection. People should stop doing all these archaic things like taking potassiuum, i've even heard of people taking broken glass to flush out unwanted pregnancies. Now Ampiclox as spermicide. Hmmm.....this is the age where you can get information from the internet and better still you can get medical care without actually going to the hospital, at your convenience and at very affordable price. I mean you can hhave access to a pharmacist and i don't mean thosecommunity health extension workers that work in your local chemist shop. I mean someone that went to school and graduated with a license. someone that has the knowledge of all the drugs and how they can help. You can even have access to doctors. nurses and all. Please information is key. We have only one life lets live it well and protect our bodies. After saying all of these, please click this link to sign up to a health platform that offers all these and more


Education / Getting Affordable Health Care On Your Mobile Phone, Or Computer! by aiyornim: 9:52am On Sep 09, 2022
Do yo know you can get affordable, quality health care with just your mobile phones?
On Outpost health, You can have consultations with a licensed doctors for as low as 3000 Naira, get prescribed medications which can be delivered to your door step. Get your samples for lab investigation taken by a qualified nurse in the comfort of your home, the investigation results sent to you, all at a discounted price! You don't have to skip work to be able to attend your Doctors appointment anymore, no more long waits and long queues in the hospital. And no more hospital stench! Your child is sick in the middle of the night? No worries Outpost Health has got you covered!
To book for a consultation now click: https://www.outpost.health/patients to register and find a doctor who will sort out your health needs.

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