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Fashion / Re: Female Leather Bag by Alsonjecs: 6:16pm On Jan 13
I don't like the print on this bag, it's too bright. I'm looking for a solid-color leather bag. I really like the shape of these bags https://www.anuent.com/collections/leather-duffle-bags, and I've already bought one travel bag. But now I need an everyday bag to take my documents, laptop to work. So far, I have found a bag exactly like this on your website. It has a rectangular shape, but it is pretty roomy. The bag fastens with a zipper. The bag has a shoulder strap that is adjustable in length. Overall, the bag looks perfect, and I like it, but I still can't say that it will fit my style perfectly.
Computers / Re: What Is A VPN And Why You Should Be Using One by Alsonjecs: 7:22pm On Jan 11
Business / Re: Fully Welded Ball Valves Can Easily Withstand Frequent Operation by Alsonjecs: 6:42pm On Jan 05
What are these valves used for? Explain it to me please. I was asked to buy one, but I don't know anything about it.
Health / Re: 7 Best Foods For Diabetes Control by Alsonjecs: 6:40pm On Jan 05
What am I allowed to eat?
Phones / Re: How Often Do You Clean Up Your Phone Book? by Alsonjecs: 9:04pm On Jan 04
I have 1TB of memory on my phone
Pets / Re: Pet Grooming Services Torrance CA by Alsonjecs: 8:44pm On Dec 14, 2021
Grooming is necessary to maintain hygiene and prevent disease. The main grooming procedure is hair cutting. But it's also brushing out the hair, clipping the nails, cleaning the ears, teeth, and eyes. Some breeds need grooming more often, such as the Tibetan Mastiff or the Pomeranian Spitz with long hair. Still, short-haired dogs also need regular brushing and other procedures. Experts https://winnipups.com advise learning about the breed in advance so that you understand if you will be prepared to give your dog the attention and care he deserves.
Agriculture / Re: Your Grow Tents In Smaller Sizes by Alsonjecs: 8:42pm On Dec 14, 2021
Grow tents are lightweight and mobile, they are foldable and easy to carry from place to place. The inner side of the fabric in the grow tent is covered with reflective material, and the outer side can be easily cleaned. Grow tents are already made with holes and sleeves through which the wiring and communications are led out. The structures also have a watertight bottom, and the moisture never gets out. At first, I tried to use a kitchen cabinet as a grow box but realized that it was not convenient, so I ordered a small grow tent perfect size for closet
Pets / Re: Cockatiel Parrots For Sale by Alsonjecs: 5:41pm On Dec 13, 2021
I love these birds very much. My cockatiel has lived with me for five years. It's an intelligent bird, it understands my commands, for example, when I let it fly around the room and call it to sit on my shoulder. It loves to try everything and peck, and once I had to quickly read Can Cockatiels eat Arugula because the pet really wanted to try it. But I usually buy vitamin supplement food for my cockatiel at the pet store. By the way, when I bought the parrot, I thought it was a boy and wanted to teach it to talk, but when the cockatiel laid an empty egg, I realized I was wrong about its gender.
Music/Radio / Re: Best Music Promotion Strategies 2021 by Alsonjecs: 6:22pm On Dec 09, 2021
It's essential not just to make good music. Your art has to evoke emotion. Even bad emotions can help spread a track. Usually, stupid tracks become memes. But it all depends on your goals.

Live performances are important too, but we live in such realities that to have a good leap, you have to develop your music on the Internet first of all, particularly on music platforms and on social networks. Look at TikTok. It's just a factory for the distribution of hits.

Turn to professionals like musicpromotiontoday. A pragmatic approach and strategy are also important in marketing.
Agriculture / Re: A Scientific Massage Gun: Xiaomi Yunmai Pro Basic by Alsonjecs: 6:21pm On Dec 09, 2021
I didn't like it because it's bulky, heavy and slow. It has nothing to do with massage. On the other hand, if you are looking for a massage and want to buy a body massager, you might consider the OYeet NEX Pro Massage Gun.

I do crossfit 3 times a week. This workout program is pretty tough. To say that I'm tired after my workouts are nothing to say. OYeet NEX really relaxes the muscles. It especially helps when there is a pause in training. The muscles are very sore after the first workout from the break. Especially if it was a leg day. This massager is my salvation at such moments
Sports / Re: Oyeleke Becomes National Archery Tournament Champion by Alsonjecs: 6:14pm On Dec 09, 2021
I have always wanted to learn archery. I can shoot a rifle with the best hinge release, but I think archery is more complicated physically. Archery, for me, is like doing aerobics. And there are a lot more things to control than shooting a rifle. You have to hold the bow correctly, and you have to draw it accurately, you have to aim correctly. I work a lot, so I don't even have time to go to the gym or swim in the pool. So I decided that eventually, I had to learn how to shoot at a shooting range.
Gaming / Re: Download Temple Run Mod Apk 1.19.0 Unlimited Coins by Alsonjecs: 7:22pm On Dec 07, 2021
Is anyone else playing this?
Fashion / Re: Natural Beauty & Skin Care Products |organic And Natural Skin Care Products by Alsonjecs: 7:20pm On Dec 07, 2021
Do you have facial massagers? I read that they are good for the skin and keeping youth
Food / Re: 7 Common But Unhealthy Foods That Increases The Risk Of Diabetes by Alsonjecs: 7:19pm On Dec 07, 2021
Thank you for telling me about it
Investment / Re: Tips For Online Trading In The Stock Market by Alsonjecs: 6:28pm On Dec 06, 2021
Stock trading is not a lottery or roulette. This business is survived by calculating cold-blooded players who constantly keep the situation under control. Today, most brokerage terminals offer traders a wide range of tools to control and close positions at the right time. However, successful traders constantly monitor the situation on the market, making timely adjustments in manual mode. This requires experience and constant study of theory. But theory needs to be backed up with practice. It will be more successful if you use a quality investment tool.
Business / Re: Learn Digital marketing from a beginner to an expert by Alsonjecs: 6:25pm On Dec 06, 2021
The digital marketing industry has changed a lot. Instead, we live in a digital age where everything changes so fast that people don't even realize it. Companies are doing more online marketing now than ever before. We are seeing more and more companies specializing in digital marketer directory, but only in very narrow niches. For example, web developers are now trying to find their direction in digital marketing; analysts are trying to create their own tools to work in the digital marketplace, software companies make their own digital marketing tool
Fashion / Re: Arksstechnologies | Website Design And Development Company In USA by Alsonjecs: 5:14pm On Dec 03, 2021
Website design is the most essential part of website development. The design will make websites look beautiful, professional and provide the best services to clients. Developers should have technical knowledge and experience in web development, including HTML, CSS, JS, and other technologies. Sunwaretech also handles SEO services as well. All these 3 components come together to create a worthy product. If you are a business owner, you can't rely on just one development side. You have to ensure that design, code, and optimization are done well.
Health / Re: 5 Ways To Help Your Toddler Get A Good Night’s Sleep by Alsonjecs: 5:11pm On Dec 03, 2021
Children may have trouble falling asleep, which begins at night when they can't fall asleep and are sleeping, sometimes waking up between 3 and 5 a.m., and continuing throughout the day. They need to get a good night's sleep. During sleep, the body recovers, grows, and develops, and tissue regeneration occurs, especially for the young body. Therefore, the child must have a comfortable place to sleep: a suitable pillow, mattress, blanket, and bed. I think it is better to choose a bed according to the child's needs, so we chose a full size daybed with trundle so his cousin could come and stay with us more often.
Pets / Re: How Long Do Parrots Live? by Alsonjecs: 5:49pm On Nov 08, 2021
I feed the parrot with food from the pet store. I read that this is a complete nutrition for him.
Food / Re: Beautiful Cakes For Beautiful Occasions. Place Your Order Now Let's CAKE IT by Alsonjecs: 4:44pm On Oct 18, 2021
I've been getting preoccupied with the topic of custom cakes. A short market study showed that 90% of all cakes made to order are the famous "mastic" cakes, which can be real works of art https://goodgiftzone.com Sculptural, not culinary. Naturally, if you order such a cake from a good master, delighted eyes (especially children) are assured. But... then what? Frosting, which this cake is covered with, few people eat, it, though edible, has little pleasant taste. The work of the master goes mainly to decorate, but not to work with the taste of the cake.
Fashion / Re: The Difference Between Real And Replica Louis Vuitton Keepall 55 Bag by Alsonjecs: 4:44pm On Oct 18, 2021
Do you think fake bag makers don't know these differences? They can counterfeit in such a way that even a fake is better than the original
Health / Re: The Best Mattresses For Elderly People – Winco Products Review by Alsonjecs: 4:43pm On Oct 18, 2021
This is a critical aspect of a night of healthy sleep and a good rest!
Music/Radio / Re: Comprehensive Music Video Production Company by Alsonjecs: 12:57pm On Sep 24, 2021
I don't think these kinds of music videos are fashionable anymore. Today's viewer expects music videos to be a mini-story, and they can be remarkable regardless of the song. Making music videos has become an art in its own right, and it's already being done professionally today. That is why there are more and more studios, which are engaged in video production https://rossoproductions.com/ and create an individual image for each performer, and Ariana Grande's videos we can distinguish from Kanye West's ones from the first seconds. There is a lot of money in this business, and it must be worth it.
Technology Market / Re: Instagram Verification Badge (part 1) by Alsonjecs: 5:11pm On Sep 23, 2021
The article presents the requirements for the account to be confirmed. Not only celebrities but many influential users get this badge - it can also be bloggers, brands, popular profiles on Instagram. Such profiles are marked by Instagram as more exciting. By getting this checkmark, the social network will offer your profile more to others in the recommended ones, which will increase your popularity. This is a big plus if you are doing an Instagram store. For example, so many profiles buy instagram verification. Unfortunately, my Instagram blog isn't so popular, so I can tell you more about it by personal example.
Business To Business / Re: Are You Experiencing Inventory Crisis? Get Free Inventory Control Software by Alsonjecs: 6:23pm On Sep 22, 2021
Tell me more about it, maybe we can help you here. A friend of mine started a cannabis business a year ago. Since he was a teenager, it has been his dream, but he doesn't know much about starting a business. He has his own online store, constantly promoting and increasing sales to make sure that the site sells. In addition, he is involved in sales and recruiting wholesale customers for his store. And he's used Parsl in setting up the business, and he says it helps him keep track of all the processes. Fortunately, he likes what he does and is doing his best to grow.
Politics / Re: Djack DJ-5050 Home Theatre System ₦ 19,040 by Alsonjecs: 6:22pm On Sep 22, 2021
Of course, there are, it depends on what you need the speakers for. Many inexpensive models are available for laptops, PCs. You can find a review of the speakers at Pick A Gadget. Home theater speakers will cost a lot more because they are supposed to be expensive, and the manufacturer can set the price more expensive. But if you want to install a system at home, then you can look at inexpensive speakers. To do this, you just need to know the size of the home theater room where you plan to install the acoustics and focus on these parameters. It can be one zone or several, where you will watch movies, listen to music, or only listen.
Education / Re: Aws Training by Alsonjecs: 8:40pm On Sep 21, 2021
I think such courses are so popular today because people want to try a new field. Not everyone knows what they want to do in life, and this is an opportunity for them to try a different specialty. People aren't always ready to quit their jobs and start working somewhere else; they need to try and see if it suits them. At first, I went through workday training before deciding to move into the IT field. I went through many assignments, and after I realized I was really interested, I signed up for night classes in college in programming. It'd have been much more frustrating to go to college, pay my tuition, study, and realize that I didn't like it.
Nairaland / General / Re: Hurghada Diving | Scuba Diving Center In Hurghada by Alsonjecs: 8:38pm On Sep 21, 2021
I've always been interested in trying diving. I think it's something unusual when you get to another world underwater. Tell me, how difficult is it for a beginner to master it? I'm glad I have the opportunity to do it. When I see people dive with bated breath and then come out of the water, I want to feel the same emotions. I adore the sea and want to experience all its possibilities, which I've heard so much about from my friends. I was even given a Scuba Acronym to make my dream come true for sure. A couple of years ago my friends and I went to a lake where we took windsurfing lessons, and it was also very cool.
Events / Re: Rent LIVEPRO Quad HDMI Multi-Format Mixer Switcher with USB Live Streaming by Alsonjecs: 11:10pm On Sep 15, 2021
The topic of your podcasts is interesting. I also really like this format. Sometimes we get together with friends from the band, discuss music, record little podcasts, and put them on the sound cloud. It's nothing serious; we use our USB mixer interface for this.
When the first podcasts came out, I wanted to try and record my own. But I had no equipment for recording podcasts and gave up the idea. But recently, some friends and I were sitting and talking after rehearsals, and when it came to podcasts, they all said they had stories to tell, and we decided to try recording ours.

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