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Career / Re: Medical Laboratory Scientists Forum by arinzos(m): 3:21pm On Jul 24
Goodafternoon Great Scientists,
Please I have a question;

In all the specialties that we have, which of the them gives someone an edge if the person has a plan of furthering abroad especially the US?

I mean, people that I had asked told me " it's always good my proposed postgraduate research/thesis be in line with what I would do in my undergraduate research work."

If I'm majoring Hematology then my search for schools should be around that area. It makes it easier to be selected.

Or it doesn't matter where we specialize in our undergraduate. We can just go on and apply as far as it's related to MLS?

Thank you.

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Romance / Re: Will You Forgive A Friend Who Has Sex With Your Wife by arinzos(m): 4:19pm On Nov 07, 2020
Education / Re: WASSCE: Call Meeting Of West African Nations, WAEC – Afenifere Tells FG by arinzos(m): 1:44pm On Jul 10, 2020
Cancelling this Year's WASSCE is not Nice at all.
FG should Look for a way to Make it work. I am Sure FG is aware before the Date was Agreed on by the Council.

All of you saying they should not sit for this Year's Exam are just Plain Ignorant.
The bone of contention here is not even to Reopen school(because that one will take Like forever) rather, to allow SS3 students sit for their WASSCE.

We all should tell the Government to do the Needful.if they can prepare for Elections,i am sure they can Make these Students Sit for their Exams.

Stupid and Useless Government!
Politics / Re: WTO: Candidates For The DG Position by arinzos(m): 12:49pm On Jul 09, 2020
Politics / Re: Is EFCC Chairman Only For The North? - Yul Edochie, Reno Omokri Ask by arinzos(m): 11:43am On Jul 09, 2020
He should now concentrate on Biafra. If he says he wants Biafra now you will still slam your head from Abeokuta mosque to Sokoto while begging for yoonity.

Yoruba moozlems why? grin
Guy why grin grin grin grin grin

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Politics / Re: WTO: Candidates For The DG Position by arinzos(m): 11:07am On Jul 09, 2020

Ngozi cant do that for Nigeria. She lacks the capacity.
One person cannot do it.
We can only do it collectively.
One step at a time.
Politics / Re: WTO: Candidates For The DG Position by arinzos(m): 9:56am On Jul 09, 2020
How does Ngozi getting the office affects the price of bag of rice in the market?
Bragging purposes grin
Maybe to Redeem our Face in the international community.
Politics / Re: WTO: Candidates For The DG Position by arinzos(m): 9:52am On Jul 09, 2020
Chai see CVs cry
Let me go and Look at my CV one more time.. grin we will get there.

Africa should try and bring one Candidate.
Why not conduct an Internal Screening in Africa and Let one Candidate Emerge.


Education / Re: Difference Between Polytechnic And Universities In Nigeria. by arinzos(m): 9:45am On Jul 09, 2020

That is the truth. Those skills many graduate lack can be acquired from the polytechnic
What skill if i may ask?


Education / Re: Nine Types Of Intelligence by arinzos(m): 9:38am On Jul 09, 2020
Hei God sad
I no gt anyone....
So i no de intelligent cry
Education / Re: 14 Things You Must Do Before Your 25th Birthday by arinzos(m): 9:27am On Jul 09, 2020
This is good.
Life is very funny.
I will be 25 in a few days time.
After my Secondary school,I had set some goals I want to achieve before Clocking 25. Some i achieved,some i didn't.
But hey, we are Here now...Life goes on.

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Education / Re: Law School Result: University Of Ibadan Produces 3 First Class Out Of Total Of 5 by arinzos(m): 5:30pm On Jul 05, 2020

Igbos are the poorest people in the South.Keep deceiving yourselves while Yorubas continue to use your people as labourers on Yorubas lands
Yen yen yen
Education / Re: Law School Result: University Of Ibadan Produces 3 First Class Out Of Total Of 5 by arinzos(m): 8:43am On Jul 05, 2020

Igbo run away from their land bro... Una people are too wicked... They don't love each other...... They don't like to see each other progress... That is why ur people rather live in a shop in yoruba land than live in a mansion in igbo land... We know it, we have many igbos here that have been yorubalize, they tell us..

Ur land is barren, no job, no good tin

That is why u people flock around like goats grin
I pray you are really joking because if you are serious then,I Feel sorry for you.
Igbos Hate one another my Foot.

Competition is too Much in Igbo Land.to Outsmart the other In school,in work, everywhere.
We are Everywhere bro. Once something good can come out of that place,we will Flock there and Dominate.its that simple.

There are jobs in Igbo Land but I tell you, an Average Igbo sees Government job/other jobs as Nothing. How Much is the Money?
If you see them in any job,my dear,they are planning. Once it clicks,they Leave the job.
No true Igbo Man Likes answering "Sir ,sir"
Whether job or House or any other thing.

I really Like Yoruba. I grew up in Lagos. I Love the competition. The one Yoruba in my Class in UNN is Giving us Headache. The guy too know Book. grin

Abeg make I de church.

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Education / Re: Law School Result: University Of Ibadan Produces 3 First Class Out Of Total Of 5 by arinzos(m): 10:18pm On Jul 04, 2020
What is Happening Here?
Another Igbo vs Yoruba again.....
Wetin I know be say i be UNN student but if I no do Masters for UI then na Abroad straight.
I need the Blessings of UI on me grin

Congrats to them.
Last Last, igbo and Yoruba just be Like Tom and Jerry.


Education / Re: Reopening Of Schools: NUT, NMA Kick by arinzos(m): 1:30pm On Jul 04, 2020
Covid 19, NMA, ASUU, NUT: Hypocrisy or Genuine Concern.

I have keenly followed reactions from these three key unions over phased reopening of schools. I must confess my surprise at NMA and ASUU. Both are umbrella bodies to medical doctors and scientists and University teachers, respectively.

These bodies, as obtains in other climes, under covid 19 saga should be coordinating laboratory researches  in collaboration  with government and reporting developments to the public.

NMA in particular has not lived up to expectations in Nigeria in relation to covid 19 response. I ask again where are our medical scientists? How many functional laboratories exist in the universities?

Daily we hear of research reports from John Hopkins University laboratory, Oxford University laboratory, Washington University laboratory, South African universities laboratories, universities in China laboratories, etc.

What is happening in UNN, Uniben, UniIbadan, Unical, Unilag and the other universities in Nigeria? Do they have functional laboratories? What of government medical centres? What, indeed, is happening?

ASUU has being on strike! Is ASUU's rejection of phased reopening of schools part of strike strategy? Or is the body expressing genuine concern? In what ways has the union contributed in the fight against Covid 19?

Tanzania, Guinea, South Africa, Cameroun, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Uganda, etc, are back in School. Many countries in Europe even China are also back. What's their secret? Can't we learn from them on the issue of control?

It is not possible to keep schools under lock and key for ever. So what NMA and ASUU owe the public is solutions on how to check Covid 19, which is what other countries are doing, and not protest and resistance. Unions do not exist only to fight the government, but most importantly to offer informed solutions.

I went to one of the markets the other day and watched as large numbers  of buyers mingled around. I have contacted friends in other states and the report is the same in markets across the country..

The school environment is far better than the market environment! Control is relatively far easier in the school environment. I stand to be corrected.

Covid 19 has, generally, shown us that we have a long way to go in our system of governance and in our health care sector. It has shown us that our medical schools are not functional in the true sense.

Covid 19 has shown that our politicians are insensitive and disconnected from reality. They continued to draw millions while locking others down. Worst of all, the palliatives have largely remained invisible.
I am sure some well Meaning Doctors and Professors would want to Make Research on the Virus ,But they can't.
There is No Fund anywhere.
Our Laboratories are Nothing to Write home About. Even to Function as a Routine Lab is Hard Much less Using them for Research.

The Government does not Care. All they do is to Sit down and Embezzle all that is Left in our Treasury and wait for the US, Europe and China to come up with a Solution.

I pity Us cry
Education / Re: . by arinzos(m): 1:18pm On Jul 04, 2020
I thought it's called Science Laboratory Technology in polytechnic and Medical Laboratory Science in University...
SLT is offered both in the university and polytechnic.
It is Under Faculty of Sciences.

MLS is offered only in the University.
It is under College of Medicine/Health sciences.

As for the OP's brother,He should Continue with SLT.
SLT is not bad at all,They are professionals that are Licenced.
If he is so interested in Chemistry Let him specialize in Bio/Chemistry under SLT.

Biochemistry is not worth it at all. Except he will continue to Postgraduate Sha....

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Education / Re: Is There A Course You Will Advise A Jambite Not To Study? by arinzos(m): 7:35am On Jun 27, 2020

If you read my comment well, you will see that I do not say medicine is bad. But these days, lab technicians live better than doctors in my opinion. You need to check it out well. Doctors are suffering in Nigeria too and the economy is bad. The point is do any course and be deligent. That's all. Better you get your degree in 4 years and start navigating than wait 7 years doing medicine. Still, medicine can be rewarding after 7 years. But my point is that it is not a golden course. Your brain is the golden key. Be book smart while in school, but be street smart afterward.
I get your point now.

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Education / Re: Is There A Course You Will Advise A Jambite Not To Study? by arinzos(m): 11:42pm On Jun 26, 2020

But wait ooo
Is my eyes paining me or what
Somebody has B.Tech in Biochemistry?
Abeg I need the name of that school
Technology Universities Offer B.Tech.

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Education / Re: Is There A Course You Will Advise A Jambite Not To Study? by arinzos(m): 11:35pm On Jun 26, 2020

Everybody didn't do "gabbage in gabbage out" as you stated. People who are not educated produce pure water (simple distillation technique is all that is needed) and yoghurt consumed by Nigerians. We even import tooth pick.
Most interestingly, graduate trainee jobs in banks and many multinationals are open to all university graduates with 2.1 regardless of your course of study.
Also, research institutes, NAFDAC do employ graduate biochemists but it mainly man-know-man thing.
With 2.1, M. SC & PhD in Biochemistry, you are certain of good career in lecturing and research both locally and internationally.
Finally, the creme-del-la-creme of Biochemistry career is the manufacturing industry such as Nestle, P&G, Nigerian Breweries, International breweries, Guinness, Coca Cola, PZ etc. They don't employ much and their recruitment is very competitive but a management position there is highly lucrative. You start to earn what an MBBS graduate can only dream of.
If you are connected, DPR and NNPC employ biochemistry graduates as environmentalist and quality control officers.
The problem really is that Nigeria produce more graduates that the labour market can absorb. Everybody wants to go to school and get a good job by fire by force.
I have heared of a doctor who earns 33k in a private hospital and another who is yet to get a good job for 5 years.
No course guarantees job anymore. Many pharmacists are sales representatives (glorified drivers) in pharmaceutical industries. I know nurses that earn 20k in private hospitals.
Many Chemical & Petroleum Engineers are teaching chemistry in private schools with salary of 15k-25k.
I have read the lamentations of graduate doctors here who are struggling to get a place for housemanship for 2 years.
When people talk about how Useful a course is,Most times,they Mean can I Apply/work/Practice this course.

If Nigeria is Developed as a country, I won't even Consider Medicals at all.but we are Here.

Everything is to Prepare,Graduate With a good Result First, Work Hard and Pray.
God will always Favour his own.

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Education / Re: Is There A Course You Will Advise A Jambite Not To Study? by arinzos(m): 11:29pm On Jun 26, 2020

Nothing goes for nothing.
1. You spend 8-10 years to become a doctor and you consider yourself lucky if you get employed in government hospital and earn around 200k. You need to study more to grow in your career.
2. B. SC Biochemistry + NYSC = 5 years (You can land a good job at this stage that pays 200k+). M. SC- 2 years (you qualify for lecturing position and management trainee position in multinationals if you are good) and PhD 3- years (you are now unstoppable, flying in every dimensions in your career).
There is no almighty formular or short cut for greatness. Pay the price and become great.
What you calculated for Biochemistry is not always the case.
Education / Re: Is There A Course You Will Advise A Jambite Not To Study? by arinzos(m): 9:50pm On Jun 26, 2020

If you have the right knowledge, you can not be unemployed.
Many medical doctors are unemployed
Is it not Gabbage in,Gabbage out grin

We have Underemployed and Unemployed Health Practitioners but you can't compare them to thousands and thousands of Biochemistry and other Related Graduates out there.
Medicals, Most times ,usually have a Headstart.

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Education / Re: My Visit To The University Of Nigeria (pics, Video) by arinzos(m): 8:22pm On Jun 26, 2020

The thing is, no University in Nigeria is properly funded.

Which is the point I am making. I'm not defending unn or excusing anyone.

Education is expensive. Government has to face that fact now, or private universities will surpass government ones in the next decade.

FG will do Nothing.
Private Universities will surely Surpass Government universities.
The Best Universities in the world are private. Infact the best of Most things are private. Though you pay through your Nose,but you will get what you paid for.
Education is Very Expensive.
What the Government does in Nigeria is to Give the poor Masses a Mediocre Education while their children are either in a standard private University in Nigeria or are schooling Abroad.

FG know what to do. Unfortunately,they can't do it because an Average Nigerian cannot Afford it.
Education / Re: My Visit To The University Of Nigeria (pics, Video) by arinzos(m): 7:56pm On Jun 26, 2020

School fees for UNN this year is N70000-77000 per annum. Which in dollar terms translates to less than $200 per annum.

School fees for covenant university is N857,000-N1million.

And you are expecting UNN to look nice on scanty school fees. Compared with Covenant which is charging high fees to begin with.

Let's be honest. Universities are EXPENSIVE. Yes, it was built with palm oil money. Now, how does the school get money to maintain what was built with palm oil money

The money you spend on buying a car is not the same as the money you will spend maintaining it.

Either UNN students pay higher fees, or we take more LOANS.

It is not an Excuse.
UNN is One of the Most funded FG University in Nigeria.
They should either Manage their Funds well,Complete Unfinished Building projects,Seek for Intervention Funds from Other sectors and Of course they have one of the Strongest Alumni in Nigeria.

So it's not an Excuse.
Education / Re: Is There A Course You Will Advise A Jambite Not To Study? by arinzos(m): 6:37pm On Jun 26, 2020
I cut across almost 5 different specializations entirely which include maths, logic, reasoning, science and art. Why don't people get it? It doesn't matter what you study for your first degree. Just get any degree and move on. Life is filled with mysteries and puzzles. Just be a problem solver. That is all. Gush!

For example, if I had to choose between medicine and microbiology, I would choose the later. Doctors spend too much time learning robotic commands while biologists move straight into the lab and come out with innovations. There are more award winners and recognized biologists than doctors. Not saying medicine is not good but just my opinion. While doctor follow robotics instructions on treating the same ailments, biologists find solutions to recent ailments. So, doctors rely on biologists to come out with what they are going to adopt. Yet, Nigerian parents think medicine is more honorable than microbiology. But of course, surgeons and specialists are innovators toom But damn! It is a long journey. You gat the passion, go for it.

Check this out: BSc Microbiology, MSc Genetics, and PhD in deep genetic relating research...like finding more solutions to aging. Oh science is saying old age will be regarded as a disease by the year 2050. Lol
Hope you know some Doctors still go straight to Research After MBBS by Obtaining their MSc and PhD.
Parents still allow their children to study Medicine/Health Courses because there is at least an Assurance of starting up quickly.
Education / Re: Is There A Course You Will Advise A Jambite Not To Study? by arinzos(m): 6:05pm On Jun 26, 2020

I studied Biochemistry and I'm gainfully employed. Almost everybody in the same line of career in my company studied Biochemistry and we earn more than doctors.
Out of Thousands of Biochemistry Graduates out there....

Do you know why Medicine/Health Courses are still good? It's because they have Low Unemployment Rate.

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Education / Re: My Visit To The University Of Nigeria (pics, Video) by arinzos(m): 2:27pm On Jun 26, 2020
Una dn start again, Make una Leave UNN alone na grin

There is no Excuse to Justify why infrastructures in the School is not at par with other Universities.
I am still disappointed really,but i will still choose the School 1000 times over any Govt School.

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Education / Re: Is There A Course You Will Advise A Jambite Not To Study? by arinzos(m): 2:19pm On Jun 26, 2020

Philosophy is course for wise People
Our country dn wise ? grin grin

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Education / Re: Is There A Course You Will Advise A Jambite Not To Study? by arinzos(m): 2:13pm On Jun 26, 2020
what are you saying? Do you know that Nursing, physiotherapy, med lab and the likes are under basic medical sciences?
Not in all Schools Sha...
In my school,all those courses are under Faculty of Health Sciences.
Education / Re: Is There A Course You Will Advise A Jambite Not To Study? by arinzos(m): 2:11pm On Jun 26, 2020
Hahahaha Naija grin grin

There are some Faculties they need to Shut down Sha....
Sciences that is almost Useless in Nigeria con Pack almost 70% of Faculties in Nigerian tertiary Institutions.

Study whatever you can study( STEM courses Sha),Look For a way to Leave this country simple.
Family / Re: Will Your Children Have A Traditional And English Name? by arinzos(m): 8:13pm On Jun 25, 2020
Our parents generation were fooled to believe you have to give your child an English name (after a saint) for the child to be baptized especially in the Catholic Church and I think it's still the case in Nigeria
I was willing to do a first name: native (father's tribe) middle name: native(mothers tribe) and an English baptizimal name but I was informed he didn't need an 'english name's so I dropped it.

I have an English middle name and when foreign colleagues ask if they can call me by it..I always tell them no. If I can pronounce your name, you can pronounce mine too. And I make sure they pronounce it properly no matter how long it take us cool
Hahahaha grin
I removed my English name Entirely.
I am an Igbo boy any day anytime. Arinze is my name.if you can't call me that,well, sorry grin
Education / Re: 2019 UTME: Seven Schools That Violated Admission Process by arinzos(m): 10:14am On Jun 21, 2020

Waoh, what the hell happened to UNN. Is the VC that desperate?
We are all Surprised.
Lets see how it will play out.
Heard one of the Student that was admitted into LAW sued JAMB for changing his course.
Education / Re: 2019 UTME: Seven Schools That Violated Admission Process by arinzos(m): 11:41pm On Jun 20, 2020

Looooooooooooooooooool, I'm telling you. You actually believe UNN will admit that number into medicine? I doubt it, they don't even admit that number into Combined Biological Sciences
But they did admit that Number.
Until complains started. They had to start changing people's courses from Medicine to other Courses/dept.

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