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Health / Re: There Is No Coronavirus (covid-19) In Nigeria by ayodeji1(m): 1:52pm On Apr 20, 2020
Op needs to be ignored. It's a waste of time arguing with such people. Let him believe what he wants to believe until he is infected with the so called fake covid419 that he believes in. Paying attention to his belief gives him the attention he craves for.
Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by ayodeji1(m): 10:35am On Nov 02, 2018
is 350days at 14% from uba a fair deal?

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Politics / Re: 35 Achievements Of Governor Ambode In Lagos! by ayodeji1(m): 2:19pm On Jul 23, 2018


you can't say it any better. also add sanitation,law and order. you just can't compare all these with the days of fashola when there was orderliness to a very large extent. lagos is now so dirty,and traffic everywhere due to road construction. why not do these constructions in batches and create alternative routes?but rather even routes that are meant to be alternative is also under construction thereby subjecting people to unnecessary hardship daily. and no form of rehabilitation ,you go constructing roads and you abandon maintenance of the ones in existence before now.and by the time you finish the road all previous ones wouldn't be motorable. is that moving forward ?
Politics / Re: Ben Bruce Faults Buhari On Commissioning Abuja Light Railway by ayodeji1(m): 6:45pm On Jul 12, 2018
we don't care to know all these. All we care about is that the light rail was commissioned and it's good for the masses. These are ploys by these politicians to further divide us an pull us backward. can common sense senator please focus on what he was elected to do please? what if it was abandoned ?Rubbish
Car Talk / Re: UK Government Wants Every New Home To Come With An EV Charger by ayodeji1(m): 1:47pm On Jul 11, 2018
Meanwhile, somewhere in Africa a country is claiming to be a giant and yet can not boast of 7,000mw and has a population of over 180million. Not until political positions are made unattractive in this country,when only those who are really interested to govern not for their selfish gains but for a patriotic zeal to make this country great by all means,we will continue to move from bad to worse. There was a country.
Business / Re: I Need A Reliable Shipping/cargo Delivery Company To Deliver Goods To Usa by ayodeji1(m): 9:28pm On Nov 15, 2015
Kindly clarify your post.do you need an agent to ship your cargo out of the US or you need to export to US?.
Politics / Re: The Fraud Called Fashola by ayodeji1(m): 3:40pm On Aug 14, 2015
Nigerians and their hypocrisy.many have been in positions of power,stolen billions and done nothing for the society.but here's a man who did a lot for lagos state such that it awakened other states.truth be told,theres tremendous development in lagos state compared to so many other states who also received federal allocation,had same opportunity to boost IGR but couldnt.

Lagos state also created massive employment.made civil service attractive that a graduate will eye such job opportunity compared to so many other fields.people now school abroad and come back to look for job in the civil service.

I'm not saying fashola doesn't have his negative parts.only a fool will rule out some iota of fraudulent activities with the level of projects here and there been executed by him.but my point is,he performed.theres no doubt about that.so let's try to appraise people when they do good,and accuse them when they do wrong.its very bad for one to judge people just by their wrong doings alone and accuse them that they have done nothing impressive.such act makes them feel it's better they do wrong all through and get accused of it.than put in any impressive act towards development.

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Politics / Re: Watch Christiane Amanpour Interview President Buhari On CNN (July 21) by ayodeji1(m): 7:19pm On Jul 21, 2015
After watching the interview,im more convinced this man knows his onion.for those of you calling him a dullard,just give him time and he will surely prove you wrong.he has good intentions and he is ready to put nigeria back on the right track.kudos to mr president.his response was quite impressive.

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Phone/Internet Market / LG Bluetooth Handsfree For Sale.price:n8,000 by ayodeji1(m): 4:18pm On Jun 19, 2015
LG bluetooth handfree for sale.just bought about a month ago.all accessories and pack still intact.
Call 09093303959

Phone/Internet Market / TECNO M6 For Sale At Wholesale Price(with Warranty) by ayodeji1(m): 3:53pm On Jun 19, 2015
I have 30pieces of tecno M6 for sale at whole sale price.
Still in pack,sealed with warranty.
Call 09093303959

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Crime / Plane Crash In Lagos,near Nahco.pls Confirm! by ayodeji1(m): 10:37am On Oct 03, 2013
Just heard from a friend that a plane crash landed about 20minutes ago,somewhere close to the toll-gate ikeja.can anyone confirm this please?
Crime / Re: Scene Of The Accident Where NUJ Officials Died by ayodeji1(m): 5:59am On Aug 06, 2013
Still looks so strange to me.monday the 29th of july last week was kafayat odunsi's birthday.I still saw her that day.she told me she was travelling on wed to come back fri.even when she got 2 abj,she complained that the journey was hectic,the driver was moving at a very slow pace and they spent hours on road.same friday the incident happened,she told me when she was leaving abuja.and that was the last I heard of her.I called her line several times,sent messages,pings,no response.only 4 me to log online and read of this incident.so strange.she will really be missed.very quite,easy going and reserved.I couldn't stop the tears from rolling down my eyes.R-I-P to the dead.and wishing those injured a quick recovery.

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Technology Market / Used Bold2 For Sale.20k Only. by ayodeji1(m): 2:50pm On May 06, 2013
used black bold2 for sale.working perfectly.reason for sale;got another.
call 08058054334 if you are interested.
Fashion/Clothing Market / Re: ***polos For SALE!!! Wholesalers And End Users Wanted by ayodeji1(m): 12:39pm On Apr 27, 2013
im interested.pls send a mail to okulajadejiatyohoodotcom.
Car Talk / Re: People Hide Plate Number Of Cars For Sale: Why? by ayodeji1(m): 1:31pm On Dec 31, 2012
I agree with Tampa1871. As one who has sold a couple of cars for clients, I can answer this from my perspective - my clients are usually relatively high net worth individuals who eschew any kind of publicity. They feel their car tags are easily recognizable, and dont want City people carrying a story. I can just see it now "Alhaji ___ is broke, selling off all assets, pictures included!!". As a matter of fact, a friend recently sold his Aston Martin, and didn't even want a picture posted. To preempt your question - no, they most definitely were not stolen.

This makes me wonder, why do we as Nigerians always think the worst of one another? 2 posters immediately jump to the conclusion that the cars most be stolen. Is this based on reality or just perception? Are Nigerians really that bad? If we feel this way about one another, why are we so resentful and downright hostile when outsiders voice similar opinions of us? Dont mean to derail the post, Just wondering.

u have said it all.everyone has a right to his/her own privacy.its online thing we are talking about here.the moment u post it,u cant control how fast it spreads.its now left for the prospective buyer to call,or probably visit the owner to get further information to aid u in ur research(thats if u are in doubt).most times,people want to sell their cars for reasons best known to them,but they wouldnt even want their family,or neighbor to know cos they might tag it as something else.whereas u are selling probably to add more money to buy a better car. so its an individual thing.but u cant also rule out the possibility of some hiding it because its a stolen car.and thats why u as a buyer have to ensure u do a proper research on any car you are buying before paying a dime.


Car Talk / Re: Thousands Of Damaged Cars Are Headed For Nigeria. by ayodeji1(m): 12:52pm On Dec 14, 2012
i saw this coming.thanks boss.
Autos / Re: Need To Get A Car From Cotonou? by ayodeji1(m): 3:29pm On Dec 07, 2012
hi all.
Business / Re: What's The Greatest Challenge You've Encountered As A Rising Entrepreneur? by ayodeji1(m): 9:05pm On Nov 10, 2012
OYINBOGOJU: I went briefly into haulage biz.

The challenges is not environment nor government policies.

The main challenge is lies.

Manager lie too much
Driver has no single iota of truth in his blood.
Everybody connected to that biz are lairs.

I'm only an investor,but its a shame you can't trust anybody when it comes to money iissue.
. This is so funny!but seriously,u sef go follow dem lie now.since its d only way 2 remain in business.
Technology Market / Very Clean Bb 9700(bold2) For Sale. by ayodeji1(m): 12:18pm On Nov 06, 2012
25K.serious buyers only.phone working perfectly,no issues at all.08058054334.

Car Talk / Re: Nairaland Members Car Day by ayodeji1(m): 3:55pm On Sep 24, 2012
Nice idea.let's think of a suitable venue.I'm in!
Politics / Re: Gastric Byepass Surgery Gone Wrong: The True Cause Of Our First Lady's Illness by ayodeji1(m): 9:20am On Sep 24, 2012
Before I comment,make I ask one question.shey na 9ja dem do d 1st operatioon?
Politics / Re: How Is Electricity Supply In Your Area? by ayodeji1(m): 8:37pm On Sep 13, 2012
otokx: how many threads shall we have on power supply?
. The issue of power cannot be over-emphasised.
Politics / Re: Diezani Alison-madueke Hospitalized In London - SaharaReporters by ayodeji1(m): 8:38am On Sep 05, 2012
This goes a long way to show the poor state of the health sector in this country.and instead of our leaders to focus on improving it to meet with international standards,they care less.so if an average nigerian was diagnosed of such and couldn't afford traveling abroad for medical attention,that means he is on his own.cos visiting nigerian hospitals is at his own risk.what a shame!
Politics / Re: Ex-Governors & Obi Fight Over Anambra Oil by ayodeji1(m): 8:29am On Sep 02, 2012
Reason why continuity is hardly practiced among nigerian leaders.most of these politicians are greedy and egocentric.they wouldn't want to spend their time building their pre-decessors project.they thus start theirs which they know will hardly be completed during their tenure of office.that's why u see lots of abandoned projects here and there.
Politics / Re: Why Barth Nnaji Resigned: Conflict Of Interest by ayodeji1(m): 7:44am On Aug 29, 2012
My thought exactly.

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Politics / Re: Is Electricity Still Steady Everywhere by ayodeji1(m): 7:16am On Aug 26, 2012
Electricity in my hood has always been poor.still the two days on-one day of rationing system and yet you don't get to enjoy the light for up to 6hours in a day.so the clamor about electricity improving is just so surprising to me.
Celebrities / Re: BBA Finalist Prezzo Visits Nigeria by ayodeji1(m): 2:55pm On Aug 22, 2012
Isn't he d dude I saw at silverbird on monday night with this same goldie chick?
Politics / Re: America’s Destabilization Plots Against Nigeria–greenwhite Coalition MUST READ!! by ayodeji1(m): 12:22pm On Aug 22, 2012
What's all these crap?instead of us to face the problem of corruption which is pulling us backward in this country and giving us a bad image in diaspora,we are here talking about the US trying to distabilize us.to me its all bullshit.how are we and our actions creating stability in the first place?u can only distabilize a stable country.let's tackle the issue of corruption which is key,which inturn brings more employment,job opportunities and even the enterpreneurs can do better when the little we have is able to go round.I assure u,when that is sorted out,the journey 2wards fast development begins.then u wouldn't hear stuffs like boko haram,etc.even if there is,it will be far reduced and we as nigerians will be more patriotic in the fight against such to save our dear country.shikennah!
Politics / Re: Power Supply: GEJ Seeks 'Honest Feedback' From Nigerians by ayodeji1(m): 1:49pm On Aug 17, 2012
Wev not had light since 1week now.I guess due to the strike,cos before the strike we were on the 2days on-one day off rationing system.but its quite annoying that so many people are rejoicing while we are experiencing total blackout here in iyana-ipaja.no good road,no water,no light.
Politics / Re: Electricity Union Accuses Barth Nnaji Of Spending N400 Million On Journalists by ayodeji1(m): 5:41am On Aug 16, 2012
Shame on phcn union or whatever u call urselves.nigerians are tired of ur corrupt practices.when u were busy collecting bribes from generator importers and fuel stations in return for nation-wide black outs u dint know it was bad.now nature is catching up with u all.what goes around surely comes around.whether u like it or not,we are in the transformation stage of the power sector and u all are gonna be pushed out.....ur time to prove ur efficiency to nigerians is up.call off dis gaddem strike and restore my light,bunch of nitwits.
Politics / Re: PHCN Workers Strike by ayodeji1(m): 10:34am On Aug 15, 2012
Very good!I wanted to start a thread on this as well,but now that u have,all well and good.I find it rather amusing that while some are claiming to have uninterrupted power in their area,and still counting,some are experiencing the opposite due to the so-called strike.so I begin to think,is this a general strike or just the normal ploy by these phcn workers to sabotage the country's power sector?Mr moderator,front page pls.

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