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Politics / Re: Is Biafra Truly Bigger Than Nnamdi Kanu? by banom(m): 11:01pm On Oct 24

Lol. He is still waiting for biafra,while kanu and his family are already enjoying Biafra in their bank account.

Even the Biafran lawyers can't wait for Biafra to come, before they ask to be paid.

The question is simple, why is nobody asking for the unconditional release of those arrested?

Why no sit at home for them?

Only God knows what this guy will be thinking about now.

You have been saying all this nonsense and no one took you serious. Isn't it time you you quit and have a rethink if your miserable life.

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Politics / Re: Is Biafra Truly Bigger Than Nnamdi Kanu? by banom(m): 2:22pm On Oct 24
1) SE were not threatened to sit at home,igbos generally and passionate about the Biafra struggle,sitting at home on Biafra day is like playing their own part towards its restoration.

2)the silence of ipob is a tactical step,they are waiting to see what happens after the arrest before making any moves..if they want to use delay tactics another tactics will be used to continue,if MNK is killed,more MNKs shall rise to achieve the struggle..

MNK did not start Biafra struggle,no regrets if he doesn’t finish it.

Bro you have time to respond to a sell out..... someone whose problem is that he is afraid that should Biafra come today that his whole existence is gone for betraying and working against BIAFRA openly.....the guy is stupid in reasoning. He should have known from the day Nigerian government contacted him to be running propaganda against IPOB and Biafra that it was a very risky venture for him...this is because if Biafra comes, he is finished. That is why you see him doing all these childish stuffs he is doing now.
Politics / Re: 6th November Is Ofe Nsala Day In Anambra..... Nothing Like Election by banom(m): 1:52pm On Oct 23
Like I said hunger is your problem & you couldn’t even deny it Starvation Hungry Banom?

Hehehehehe well let me believe you are joking..... Cause am probably richer than your entire family put together.

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Politics / Re: 6th November Is Ofe Nsala Day In Anambra..... Nothing Like Election by banom(m): 1:46pm On Oct 23

Your vote is inconsequential to INEC whether you come out to vote or chose to eat yam at home is your own business and will not stop the winner from being declared by INEC.

That is the more reason I will stay at home.........why do you need my inconsequential vote....... OFE NSALA is the goal.

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Politics / Re: 6th November Is Ofe Nsala Day In Anambra..... Nothing Like Election by banom(m): 1:44pm On Oct 23
Hungry animal, think with what is in your head, not with what is in your stomach.

Foolish idiot...... one plate of a well garnished OFE NSALA is more beneficial to me than the whole Nigerian politician ....the ones we have been voting what is the benefit

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Politics / Re: 6th November Is Ofe Nsala Day In Anambra..... Nothing Like Election by banom(m): 1:42pm On Oct 23
Enjoy ur ofe nsala we will enjoy our vote that day. Okpo

Well you should have comfortably said that without insulting me......onye nzuzu

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Politics / Re: 6th November Is Ofe Nsala Day In Anambra..... Nothing Like Election by banom(m): 1:39pm On Oct 23
Nothing can stop the November 6th governorship election....

You are right....so long as you will not come into my house and force me and my family to come and vote and disrupt our OFE NSALA DAY


Politics / Re: 6th November Is Ofe Nsala Day In Anambra..... Nothing Like Election by banom(m): 1:38pm On Oct 23
Mr ofe nsala even if 1person votes inec will announce result...

You people know ntht one person is enough, why are you people now disturbing us......

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Politics / Re: If A Foreign Nation Invade Nigeria, Will You Be Patriotic To Enlist In The Army by banom(m): 1:36pm On Oct 23

Well if a a country as small as Cape Verde or Niger Republic should invade Nigeria. Am sure many Nigeria will suppose the invaders to win.

Infact some may even join the enemies army to make their job easier.

The last statement na me u dey describe exactly grin grin grin grin grin.....


Politics / Re: If A Foreign Nation Invade Nigeria, Will You Be Patriotic To Enlist In The Army by banom(m): 1:35pm On Oct 23
No one will fight for Nigeria because no one is willing to die for Nigeria. No one has ever died for Nigeria because no one is a Nigerian. People can die for their tribes but not Nigeria. The only reason Nigeria exists is because it is built on injustice which the Fulani enjoy and cheating which the Yoruba enjoy. If the wealth they steal or share belongs to any of these tribes, there would be no Nigeria. All the people dying are dying for themselves or their tribes. For instance, Ken Saro Wiwa died for his tribe, Ogoni, Abiola, for himself, Gideon Orkah for his tribe and more. When you hear Tinubu for president being chanted by Yoruba, it is the quest to steal for their tribe the way they're watching Fulani steal for theirs. At the end of the day, no one is a Nigerian. We only have a pack of hyena political class stealing wealth from the Eastern region for themselves while their tribesmen rejoice that it is their tribe's turn to steal. So to answer your question, the poor can enlist, not out of patriotism but hunger. But the passion will be lacking and they will as usual flee from assaults as we see when they're confronted by equally armed aggressors. The Germans defended Germany against the allies because they saw Germany as motherland. The Russians also saw Russia as motherland. Nigeria is no-man's land but the whiteman's business venture.

God bless you forever and ever....I will rather die than fight for NIGERIA

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Politics / 6th November Is Ofe Nsala Day In Anambra..... Nothing Like Election by banom(m): 1:30pm On Oct 23
Four years ago, what we did was OFE NSALA DAY.....I don't know this one you people are talking about election. What we have on 6th of November this year is our OFE NSALA 4th anniversary. .....thunder fire election.

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Politics / Re: If A Foreign Nation Invade Nigeria, Will You Be Patriotic To Enlist In The Army by banom(m): 1:25pm On Oct 23

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Politics / Re: IPOB Announce 5 Days Lockdown From 5th- 10th Nov 2021 Unless by banom(m): 1:22pm On Oct 23
Yes oooo....6 November is our OFE NSALA DAY 4TH ANNIVERSARY


Culture / Re: Russian Kids Dancing Traditional Folk Music At Nigerian Independence Day by banom(m): 8:39pm On Oct 21
If only they knew how useless Nigeria is

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Politics / Re: IPOB What Next? by banom(m): 4:46pm On Oct 21
IPOB asked for unconditional release of their FENDI leader.

He was brought to court today and was not released unconditionally.

He was also not moved to prison, neither was he granted bail.

So what next?

More sit at home till he is released unconditionally or moved to prison?

Next is your burial ...udele

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Politics / Re: Questions Igbos And Other Nigerians Need To Answer About IPOB by banom(m): 1:05pm On Oct 21
I have seen other Nigerians saying all manner of things about why should Igbos be supporting IPOB.

I have also seen some myopic Igbos having same opinion.

Maybe it could be due to selective amnesia, ignorance or just lack of in-depth reasoning.

Please provide honest answers to the following questions:

1. IPOB and other Igbo separatist groups did not just emerge and became popular, rather they emerged out of necessity. Now the factors that it expedient for IPOB to emerge has even become more critical than ever before. So how do you guys think that IPOB will ever lose popularity among Igbos even in the foreseeable future?

Igbos don't joke with their business and can't imagine closing their businesses for a day, but now they have been closing it every time without minding the economic losses, simply because they're looking at the bigger picture!

2. So are you guys asking Igbos to abandon IPOB and return to a Nigeria where they would still remain a second class citizen?

3. With all the fulani herdsmen killings going on, should we remain docile like the people of middle belt and watch our people being killed daily in the farms and rural communities?

4. Okay, if we all decide to forget about Biafra, and support "one Nigeria" what is the solution to jihardists, terrorists and bandits that are currently decimating North and gradually moving down South?

5. Many of you even vow that Igbos will never rule Nigeria but still want them to continue sharing a country with you, does that even make sense?

6. If you are to be in the Igbo man shoe, what exactly will you do differently?

Bro you get time for this shameless useless people......I wonder if it is by force to be in one Nigeria with them
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Arrives Court Premises, Amidst Tight Security by banom(m): 9:02am On Oct 21
This day , a useless newspaper.....which one is in collaboration with Interpol.....which Interpol was that ? NIGERIAN government committed an act of extraordinary rendition and you are calling Interpol..... backward African journalism.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Is A Mad Man - Nnamdi Kanu by banom(m): 1:33pm On Oct 20
OHAMDIKE .....I can't wait to see him tomorrow

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Travel / Re: Moist Beach Club: I Visited The Most Beautiful Beach In Lagos - Video by banom(m): 3:50pm On Oct 15
And you couldn't mention the name of the beach and where it's located in Lagos


Politics / Re: Andy Uba’s Campaign Billboard At The Abuja International Airport by banom(m): 5:00pm On Oct 12
Release NNAMDI KANU or there will be no election in Anambra state

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Politics / Re: Happy Belated Birthday Sunday Igboho by banom(m): 3:06pm On Oct 11
Happy birthday sir. I'm a Biafran but I have special respect for you. You are a great man. You are a Biafran in spirit. God bless your new age. Llnp

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Politics / Re: How Biafra Will Loose In a Referendum by banom(m): 2:45pm On Oct 11
If referendum is scheduled in 2 months time, this is how ipobians will loose on referendum:

1. Federal government places over one million Ibos in federal civil service on one months leave for them to prepare for referendum.
( this news will send shock down the spine of some ibos and they will be telling their family members the consequences of forfeiting their jobs some of them will withdraw support for biafra)

6 weeks to referendum

2. States and local governments all over the federation will place all their ibo civil servants on one months leave . This means about three million ibos are already jobless. ( with this news, some ibos will shedding tears)

4 weeks to referendum

3.state governments except those in South East withdraws C of O of all ibos who have properties. This news will make some ibos to start selling their properties at give away price while others will campaigning against biafra referendum.

3 weeks to referendum

4. Nigerian Immigration Service announces that all illegal migrants should prepare to leave Nigeria in one months time ( after referendum). By this time reality will set in and they will then realize the beautiful of Nigeria and start asking questions whether biafra could offer better lives.

A week to referendum

5. Nigerian banks, telecommunication services, electricity etc would have started readjusting to changes that may soon happen. This will make them to reduce services in the South East due to currency, political and logistics issues. This means that their will be poor or no services in South East, consequently millions of more ibos will loose thier jobs.

Referendum modalities

Should referendum be conducted in South East alone or through out the federation for Ibos who are leaving outside South East?

In the end, it will be agreed that ibos ouside South East must be allowed to vote.

What is population distribution of ibos in Nigerian?

South East 15 million

Ibos outside South East 30 million

Result of referendum

90% for Nigerian 10% for Biafra

Wonderful....then you Nigerians should allow the referendum to hold. Why are you scared of something you will win...ndi nzuzu

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Education / Re: Uchechi Promise Echefu Best Graduating Cadet In Nigerian Defence Academy Kaduna by banom(m): 2:36pm On Oct 11
Give us Biafra and see us make the Black race proud

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Education / Re: Brutal Flogging Of Madrasa Students In Kwara: Celebrities React (Video) by banom(m): 3:04pm On Oct 10
Wetin concern me nigerian matter....this is the most useless country on Earth, with the most backward thinking people on the planet...... Biafra please do and come, let me leave this monkeys
Politics / Re: A Woman In Biafra Outfit Is Begging Nigeria Soldiers & Police To Arrest Her. by banom(m): 9:46pm On Oct 08
Biafra is more than a nation to the Igbos....it is more like a religion.


Politics / Re: So Umahi Thinks That 1% Igbo Elite Determines What 50 Million Igbos Should Want? by banom(m): 1:43pm On Oct 07
U dey mind the fool ?
Politics / Re: Exercise Golden Down; See The Real Reason Dr Akunyili Was Killed . by banom(m): 1:41pm On Oct 07

Every attempt to label IPOB terrorists or murderers will fail, The Army should handle the terrorists politicians in government groomed


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Politics / Re: Biafra: ‘blind’ Nnamdi Kanu Leading Igbo's Into A Trap – Arewa Youths by banom(m): 12:52pm On Oct 07
Are thes people not ashamed of begging someone for unity. Other nigerians should have pride or at least some shame.....how can someone say he doesn't want you and you are forcing yourself on him. Nawaoooo.

Unity begging is shameful.
Politics / Re: Exercise Golden Down; See The Real Reason Dr Akunyili Was Killed . by banom(m): 7:13pm On Oct 06
Sorry are you guys intentionally stupid or you have just refused to acknowledge the monster you’ve created. Don’t worry Buhari has limited timed has President and mark my words IPOD will deal with you guys mercilessly

You wish
Politics / Re: Appeal To Igbos On Nairaland by banom(m): 12:19am On Oct 06
I had always wanted to carry so many people along and I understand, this is a faceless forum for many but for me it is different, We started Igbo province for quite a while now and I want a joint force with the rest of us here.

I want us to adopt Igbo province as a traditional government of the Igbo nation, so many mistakes was made in the past that need to be corrected, getting Biafra is not an issue it is the mode of asking for it thats the issue, a time will come when strict reasoning would be prioritised.

In the past Igbos had taken risk for others, Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu took the risk for the Middle belt and West but he was never appreciated, Biafra declaration was illegal both Ojukwu and Gowon and all the Military heads of states where illegal.

When declaring Biafra he had no such right but be that as it may, declaring Biafra under a Military regime is nothing but a call to war, the military speaks only one Language which is war.

Biafran declaration or leaving Nigeria is a political situation not a Military situation, I bet if Zik or Premier Michael Okpara asked to leave Nigeria it could have been Smooth, but before the coup and the civil war there was no need or desire to leave Nigeria becuase everything was going well for the East.

We have a bright chance as I had spoken to so many legal luminaries, Military men and women and politicians as well, I can't take the credit alone but we are stronger together, let's come together rebuild Igbo province not the old Eastern region and focus on our lands.

Then if our people want out of Nigeria we would seek political solution to it, this is not a military situation but our parents in the mainstream can't do much, let's play our part continued militarization of this situation would only be more costly.

Even if we have to seek Military solutions, it would still be better if we have a traditional province that would make friends within Nigeria, we have many allies who would work with us as Igbo people.

IPOB is a great body but they are working with the old Biafran template and we had tried to bring unity between them and our politicians to no Avail, so we need to do something, the polititian is not even the problem, so many Igbos are still in the Nigerian military and the Military is the real binding wire of this country not the politician except the presidency.

Let's come together and work for a goal, we give so much free tips everyday but we can all write our name in marbles by fronting Igbo province, we are the one who can remove this distrust between both sides of our people serving Biafra and our people serving Nigeria, no one have to be a saboteur nor rebels, we should all come together as one Igbo people we are the only ones we got.

On my own, power is interesting but absolute power is dangerous, I don't want to be a life premier if we work together once the system is strong and stable, we would introduce an electoral process and an encompassing constitution where any qualified Igbo would be free to contest for positions.

I don't see why we should continue clamouring for old Eastern region when Igbo province would give us Anioma which used to be Midwest, if you noticed I don't use to be as aggressive as I used to be becuase the problem is quite complex and it is only when we come together to look deeper that we can solve.

Please, I'm pleading once again even if you don't want to take active part in this, recognise Igbo province and support us by using it in your publications, we already have an offline base especially in Enugu.


Bro after reading what you wrote I got more confused. I didn't even understand where you are heading to. I guess you are trying to bring confusion into Biafran struggle. Your write up shows dangerous ignorance and out of touch with reality.
Politics / Re: Exercise Golden Down; See The Real Reason Dr Akunyili Was Killed . by banom(m): 2:30pm On Oct 05
if only this was Twitter we should have tagged the army and the presidency and their goons to explain this

That's what why they banned it.

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Politics / Re: BREAKING: Tinubu Dead As Sanwo-Olu Sympathizes With Family Over Loss by banom(m): 12:44pm On Oct 05

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