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Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Nairaland Ads: 2nd Banner Design Contest by Bigjagga(m): 8:41am On Nov 14, 2012
Please extend the deadline, give us 12-18hrs grace. thanks in anticipation.
Romance / Re: What To Do When A Friend, Co-worker Or Family Members Loses A Loved One. by Bigjagga(m): 5:48pm On Nov 04, 2012
You can do good to a thousand by recommending this post to your friends on facebook and other social networks.
To share on twitter and other social networks, right click on the topic link and click copy link location, go to your status and paste it, click share, tweet or post to broadcast. for mobile users, when on this page, go to option in your browser, click page info, copy link and go ahead to broadcast it on your favorite apps by pasting. This world will be a better place if we were enlightened on every potential challenge in life. Please share your stories here.
Romance / What To Do When A Friend, Co-worker Or Family Members Loses A Loved One. by Bigjagga(m): 3:47am On Nov 04, 2012
I was at work few days ago when after chatting during break time, one of my co-workers received a call and started crying and shouting, i tried comforting her and telling her every quote and wise saying that i thought could make her feel better but it seemed to make her cry more so i just backed off for a while and she went to the rest room to cry her heart out, luckily for us the call came in few minutes before we were to close from work.

As we walked down the stairway i looked into her eyes and told her to be strong for her sister(It was her sister's child that gave up the ghost), she shouldn't go too hard on herself and that she should pray, i just hoped that those words could have the effect it ought to have.
When i got home that evening i called her, said soothing words and asked her if she has had dinner, she said that she doesn't have the appetite to eat anything, then i told her to drink tea and stay active.

The next day at work, when we were going for marketing, she looked at me in the eyes, smiled and said thanks for calling last night, i felt a sense of accomplishment, throughout that day i was extremely nice to her and i knew my actions was having a positive impact. After that day, she's been doing great, i walk into to the office everyday and i see a better person in her.
All a bleeding heart needs is someone that can always be there to smear the wounds with the healing balm of a caring and supportive hand.

Find out more, Get it right, Be Educated visit www.asiaedtechkm.com
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Nairaland Ads: 2nd Banner Design Contest by Bigjagga(m): 9:09pm On Nov 03, 2012
I'm in on this
Politics / Re: Donald Trump To Reveal 'michelle And Barack Obama's Divorce Papers', Claims Resp by Bigjagga(m): 2:45pm On Oct 30, 2012
The issue is that he has been looking for a way to get on the spot light, and he feels this a very sure way to be more famous.

joey4jo: Watin be this man own na?? Make him free obama jor! This guy is just pissed of because he's making them pay more taxes. And points out the fact that he's got a superiority complex thing going for him.
Politics / Donald Trump To Reveal 'michelle And Barack Obama's Divorce Papers', Claims Resp by Bigjagga(m): 11:02am On Oct 25, 2012
Donald Trump's Obama Announcement: A Divorce Scandal?

Donald Trump's Obama announcement has had the effect Donald hoped it would - it has people talking about him again.

Douglas Kass, a Florida-based investor who appears on CNBC’s talkshow ‘Squawkbox’ where Trump is often a commentator, tweeted to his 48,372 followers: 'High above the Alps my Gnome has heard that Donald Trump will announce that he has unearthed divorce papers between the President and his wife.'
The star of The Apprentice is willing to do whatever it takes to get the incumbent president, Barack Obama sacked, including supporting the birth place cause and threatening to run for the president seat himself. Because he's so skeptic about the fact that President Obama was born in America, most people already assumed that the big announcement that he's making today will have something to do with where Obama was born.
go to http://asiaedtech./2012/10/donald-trump-to-reveal-michelle-and.html to view the story and comment

Webmasters / Re: How To Add Backlinks To Your Website And Build Huge Traffic And Page Ranking by Bigjagga(m): 2:59pm On Jul 03, 2012
You are welcome, you just have to keep at it and stay focused.
Webmasters / How To Add Backlinks To Your Website And Build Huge Traffic And Page Ranking by Bigjagga(m): 11:16am On Jun 29, 2012
Asking “how to add backlinks” is like asking “how do I make my car faster?” Your race car builder always has a simple answer: Horsepower costs money. How much do you want to spend?

Okay, maybe I’m being a little facetious here, but it really isn’t far from the truth. Linkbuilding is either going to cost you time or money. No one gets backlinks for free regardless of the BS the “gurus” are putting out.

Yes, I know, you’ve probably read articles on how to get free backlinks and maybe some of you were hoping you’d get some of that advice in this article. Instead, I’m going to give you the cold, hard truth. You’re either going to have to invest a lot of your time building backlinks, hire someone else to build backlinks, or use a service or automated software to build backlinks.

Either way, it’s going to cost you time or someone else’s time or spending money on software or services.

Now that you’ve had the cold shower, let’s look at some of the options available to you. first we’ll look at the free options for building backlinks and then we’ll discuss how to add backlinks with the paid services and automated software.

How to add backlinks when you have lots of free time and no money…

These are the methods you use when your time is worth less than your money. in that case, I would focus on blog commenting. It’s one of the most effective ways I know of to build links, Google loves them, and you can sometimes get lucky and hit the jackpot with a link from a high pagerank blog.
Get a gravatar

First, you have to have a gravatar; It’s that little square picture that shows up next to people’s comments on blogs. Go to Gravatar and sign up for one. It’s fast, easy and free.

Use an email address that you aren’t going to use for anything else.
Set up your Google Alerts…

Next, go to Google Alerts and set up alerts for each of your keyword phrases on your website (or at least the ones you really want to promote) Again, it’s fast and easy to set up Google Alerts and it’s free.

When you set it up, make sure you set it up for blog posts only. Otherwise, you’ll get alerts on every press release, article, or other non-commentable item that comes across the Internet. And tell Google you want the alerts once a day.

They will come to your email inbox every morning. Just click on each link and see what the blog says and whether they accept comments. You also want to make sure that they will let you have a link back to your website. And preferably, there are other comments on the blog so you know there are actual readers.
How to do blog commenting to get a useful backlink.

Where it asks for your name, use the keyword phrase the Google Alert was sent for. That way your keyword phrase will be your anchor text. Then just add in your blog commenting email and your website address. If the keyword phrase is for one of your inner pages and not your home page, be sure to use that page’s URL for the website address.
Use the Free Version of Directory Submitter

This should be next on your free links agenda. Directory Submitter is a free software for submitting your website to online directories. When you get a little moola together, I suggest you get the full paid version. The free version lists 350 sites. The paid one lists over 900.
Free Social Bookmarking Service…

Sign up for SocialADR. They have a free version where you bookmark other people’s websites to earn credits that you can use to get other people to bookmark your websites and pages. Great swap deal. Google isn’t impressed when you bookmark your own stuff but getting other people to bookmark your pages, that’s gold. I use the paid version but, of course, I believe time is money and the backlinks more than pay for the service

How to Add Backlinks with Article Marketing

Article marketing or as it’s sometimes called, “bum marketing” (as in, so easy a bum could do it), is a great way to get backlinks (albeit, a slow way) Simply write as many articles as you can and submit them to article directories across the Internet. There are plenty of article directories to choose from but I recommend the following list because they have a high pagerank and high Alexa rank.

Ezine Articles
Articles Base
GO articles
Article Alley
Article Dashboard
Article Click
Article Nexus
Articles Sphere

Again, I want to impress upon you that Google wants to see your backlinks coming from a diversity of URLs so spread your articles out between these article directories. Also, most of them have a minimum number of articles you need to post to be a featured author. At least post the minimum as soon as you can.

And lastly, read their rules. Some will allow no links within your article, some will allow more than one in the article, and you want to make sure you have a link to the page you want to feature in your Author Box. If they have tutorials, read or watch them.

To Find out how to Add Backlinks The Faster and Easier Way (but still safely) visit http://asiaedtech./

Education / Educational Technology by Bigjagga(m): 10:05am On Jun 29, 2012
Although some lessons in school have to be learned, regardless of however seemingly dull they might be, there is definitely a need to inject some life and vigor into certain lessons. It is fair to say that a number of pupils will struggle with a great deal of lessons because they find the subject of little interest or find the teaching method to be dull or bland. Given the amount of fast paced and brightly coloured TV shows, films and computer games available for children to watch, it is perhaps inevitable that children struggle to become interested in a lot of topics at school. There are ways to combat this though and using some of the best educational technology products around should make a considerable difference in making education more fun for pupils.

Beginning with the conversion of natural resources into simple tools, technology has affected human society and its surroundings in a variety of ways: Foremost, it has: Assisted in the development of more advanced economies
Allowed the rise of a leisure class
Helped develop today's global economy
Philosophical debates continue regarding the present and future uses, primarily over whether technology improves the human condition or worsens it.

The use of educational technology can:

Show students the path of recent technological progress
Enrich instructional lectures and presentations
Encourage students to be active discoverers
Enhance motivation and curiosity


"Technically speaking," educational technology, sometimes referred to as learning technology, is the study and practice of teaching and improving capabilities by developing, using, and administering suitable technological processes and resources.

To find out more visit www.asiaedtech.
Career / Staying Focused On Your Future by Bigjagga(m): 9:46pm On Jun 22, 2012
The common mistake many make in pursuit of reaching their dreams is not fully realizing; what all is involved with the planning process. Also, those that do attempt to pursue their dreams or a particular goal will at times take a look at the details of the big picture and will be intimidated with what all is involved and quit before they even get started. Therefore, one must always keep in mind that transformational processes will be an evolving course and barriers will be present in most cases, while one is seeking that special opportunity in reaching your dreams.

One must understand that nothing ever comes easy and when it does or if promised by someone that it is nothing and anyone can do it, be cautious nothing good comes easy and nothing is ever for free. Always, be careful of anyone who wants to give you anything for free, in my view one has to earn good results. There will be those to tell you, you can make a ton of money doing this or doing that, and that it is easy, not true. I have never ever met a successful person that didn't put in the time, hard work and tirelessly stuck with it until their vision was reached.

The aspect of personally developing yourself toward your goal of becoming successful will require a high level of discipline; it will require staying focus and staying true to your commitment level of reaching that vision. It is rare to find a career that will not impact people in some way; consequently, if you stop and think about your vision, if you think about your aspired goal in life; you will probably notice that your chosen career path indeed is one that will affect others. If that is the case, then most of us who have that vision of a successful aspiration to ameliorate conditions in our world; start with oneself, and so it will necessitate a comprehensive developmental approach to ensuring that you are the ultimate professional in your chosen career.

Think about how easy it is for a person to tell another sure, I'll help you on your law suit you can count on me. Well it's just not that easy; unless there is absolutely no doubt that what you are about to testify about is as clear as crystal. You see most good Attorneys are pretty well prepared and during cross examination they could really turn your witnessing testimonial efforts into a complete embarrassment. The primary reason is Attorneys are experts at getting information that mold a case for their clients and if there are any glitches to your testimonial they will point out that your ambiguous presentation is weak. My point with the elaboration is the preparation of the Attorney; the training and the confidence that most display because of their knowledge base of the law usually leaving a layman of the law open for contradictions stumbling around; by one who is quite prepared.

Staying focused on the future also involves investing in yourself, it has to do with the time and effort you put in to gain knowledge in a field that adds value to your life example includes studying in school, reading and pratising the contents of good motivational books, learning a particular skill or discipline, learning to use softwares to harness and manipulate resources like graphics, information and collective ideas. If you invest so much in yourself, people will pay alot for your value, so don't be idle for a minute, any second lost can never be regained, start making plans and endeavor to learn from successful people because 'a wise man learns from his own mistakes and a wiser man learns from other people's mistake', be conscious of the need to be in control of ur finance, don't give up.

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Technology Market / London Used Bb Tour For Sale @ 22k by Bigjagga(m): 5:56pm On Oct 25, 2011
london used bb tour available for sale @22k for more info call 08069569676, for residents of lagos, imo and abia.
Celebrities / Get The Latest Fashion Designs On Native, Coperate Wears And Casual Wear Here by Bigjagga(m): 5:36pm On Oct 14, 2011
get your latest fashion designs on native wears, corporate and casual wears of any size and material of your choice like the designs below for info call 07033409322.

Fashion/Clothing Market / Get The Latest Fashion Designs On Native, Coperate Wears And Casual Wear Here by Bigjagga(m): 5:28pm On Oct 14, 2011
get your latest fashion designs on native wears, corporate and casual wears of any size and material of your choice like the designs below for info call 07033409322.

Computers / Activate Your Windows 7 And Use It Forever At An Affordable Price. by Bigjagga(m): 4:26pm On Aug 06, 2011
I Guess we all know that Window 7 do Expire after 30 Days of use, then you will get different Notification from Microsoft asking you to Validate your copy of Window 7 to confirm the geniuity. If your Windows 7 has expired and you want to activate it without losing any of your files or without having to pay about $50 on microsoft website you can hit me up on 08069569676, activation service costs 3,000 only, after activation you would enjoy the full features of your windows 7 and use it forever. QUESTION : Will i be able to Update my Windows and other Microsoft softwares after doing this? The simple Answer is Yes!
Technology Market / Blackberry Storm2 4sale @n45,000 by Bigjagga(m): 2:23pm On May 21, 2011
Phones / Blackberry Storm2 4sale @n45,000 by Bigjagga(m): 2:18pm On May 21, 2011
4months old blackberry storm2 is available for sale @ n45,000 for more info call 08069569676 n.b for residents of lagos and owerri only
Technology Market / Blackberry Curve1(8310) For 19,ooo by Bigjagga(m): 11:16am On Jan 08, 2011
Technology Market / Hp Compaq Nc6220 Available For Sale by Bigjagga(m): 4:17pm On Jan 07, 2011
HP COMPAQ nc6220  Available for sale at a very affordable price, SPECIFICATIONS- 2.0 GHZ processor speed PENTIUM 'M'( INTEL CENTRINO), 1.0 GB MEMORY(RAM), WIFI, 40GB HARD DISK, BLUETOOTH, DVD ROM RWR

FOR MORE INFO CALL 08069569676
Technology Market / Re: Sell All Your Used Laptop /new laptop/computer accessories Here 07080291822, by Bigjagga(m): 1:18pm On Jan 07, 2011
[center]HP COMPAQ nc6220 Available for sale at a very affordable price, SPECIFICATIONS- 2.0 GHZ processor speed PENTIUM 'M'( INTEL CENTRINO), 1.0 GB MEMORY(RAM), WIFI, 40GB HARD DISK, BLUETOOTH, DVD ROM RWR

FOR MORE INFO CALL 08069569676[/center]
Technology Market / For Sale! Black Berry Curve2 8510 by Bigjagga(m): 9:16am On Nov 03, 2010
Black Berry Curve2 8510(color#black) in perfect Condition with original blackberry charger is up for sale at 28,000 for more info contact 08069569676

Technology Market / Blackberry Curve For Sale. by Bigjagga(m): 8:32am On Oct 11, 2010
A Fairly Used Blackberry curve( a month old) is up for sale at N2800. For more enquires call 08069569676. For residents of Lagos only. [color=#006600][/color]

Phones / Black Berry Curve 8310 For Sale by Bigjagga(m): 4:56pm On Sep 12, 2010
Blackberry 8310 is up for sale at a very subcidized price it's only 2months old for more info call 08069569676

Technology Market / Black Berry Bold1 For Sale by Bigjagga(m): 11:26am On Sep 10, 2010
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Technology Market / Re: Phone To Sell/buy by Bigjagga(m): 10:45am On Mar 29, 2010
N72 for sale @13K. Call 08069569676 to get it.
Phones / E63 Needed Urgently. by Bigjagga(m): 10:29am On Mar 29, 2010
I need an E63 urgently probably a fairly used. 08069569676
Phones / N72 For 13k by Bigjagga(m): 10:09am On Mar 29, 2010
If you're interested in the offer contact me 08069569676. please for residents of lagos only.

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