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Foreign Affairs / Re: Israel Praises Trump For Soleimani Killing, Places Military On High Alert by billyG(m): 9:13am On Jan 08

Us don't know what drone is in the 70s? Something they've been developing since 1917. You children ehn una no go kill person
Abeg face yur gif us leferadum!gif us biafla!!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Seyed Hassan Nasrallah: US Soldiers In Middle East Will Go Home In Coffins by billyG(m): 11:05pm On Jan 07

I ask again if the US can't defeat the taliban in Afghanistan the Same US that are pleading for a peace treaty with the Taliban what makes you think they can do anything to hezbollah same people Israel wants nothing to do with..
or are you forgetting what they did to Israel
They did nothing to istrael,I pitied Lebanon b/c istrael burnt down Lebanon while chasing those rats called Hezbollah... only for few surviving rats to emerge from their holes jubilating thanking Allah d merciful for surviving istraeli fire.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Seyed Hassan Nasrallah: US Soldiers In Middle East Will Go Home In Coffins by billyG(m): 10:53pm On Jan 07

I think u are the one who needs more research on hezbollah
It is not that israel can't wipe them off,they flee & wail even b4 d battle start,those bunches of cowards always use human shield forcing nursing mothers & children strapped to their back to stop bullets.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Israel Praises Trump For Soleimani Killing, Places Military On High Alert by billyG(m): 10:18pm On Jan 07

Lol same country you claim sells buys theirs from the USA and Europe.. dude be educated. Israel is no match for Iran without allied backing.
Abraham Karem an Israeli is regarded as d father of drone(UAV) technology.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Israel Praises Trump For Soleimani Killing, Places Military On High Alert by billyG(m): 10:08pm On Jan 07

Lol same country you claim sells buys theirs from the USA and Europe.. dude be educated. Israel is no match for Iran without allied backing.
It u that need to b educated,do u know that israel used drones on Syria during d arab- istrael war of d 70s,when US dnt know what drone is?
Foreign Affairs / Re: 3000 U.S. Soldiers Deployed To The Middle East After Soleimani's Death by billyG(m): 5:22am On Jan 06
Sense is far from you.

Who has iran bombed? Or where have you heard of an Iranian suicide bomber?

Iran is a sovereign nation not a terrorist group. Iran does not support terrorists, infact the assassinated general defeated ISIS in Iraq. Most terrorists group are Sunni, Boko haram, taliban, ISIS and co, and they hate Iran.

Americans are scared of war, protesting in the cities but some lunatics sitting in one corner in Nigeria are calling for war.
But why kill a man that defeated ISIS?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Israel Praises Trump For Soleimani Killing, Places Military On High Alert by billyG(m): 7:31pm On Jan 05

Why do you people hype this Israel too much? They aren't even among the best 15 militaries in the world. They only hide under the shadow of the USA and form ally with them. The Pakistan and Indian military are even better. I saw somewhere the Egyptian military is better than theirs. The same media the US polluted you people with that they are undefeatable is what is making you think Israel is a world power.
Ha!ha!!Israel that sells military technologies to turkey & India,power I not in numbers.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: President Rouhani Assures Soleimani’s Daughter Of Revenge (Photo) by billyG(m): 8:35pm On Jan 04
the irony is as Iranians hate the Americans, the general was killed by American missile. His body was been moved by American car to d grave. Hmmmm
U dnt mean it.
Politics / Re: Presidential Election: The Real Number Of Votes I Scored In Each State – Atiku by billyG(m): 12:07am On Mar 21, 2019
Atiku dnt tell us!take that shiit to court!!
Health / Re: I'm 18 But My Dick Is Not Growing, Please Help!! I'm Really Depressed by billyG(m): 11:59pm On Mar 20, 2019
If u want it to grow make it hang,it will grow under gravity.
Crime / Re: Unknown Group Of Suspected Terrorists And Armed Men Spotted In Sokoto State by billyG(m): 1:22pm On Dec 01, 2018
May b they are after d stick carrying cow owners.
Politics / Re: 'touching' - Fani-kayode Praises Buhari For Writing Christian Essay by billyG(m): 1:18pm On Dec 01, 2018
It look like FKK has turned a new leaf.I pray he got cure of his insanity grin grin grin grin cheesy cheesy
Celebrities / Re: Throwback Photos Of Helen Paul And Pasuma by billyG(m): 1:08pm On Dec 01, 2018
Pasuma sef no dey old Him juju strong gan!

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Agriculture / Re: Lemongrass Citronella by billyG(m): 8:47am On Nov 15, 2018

Of course, there is. But how does one find out unless you ask?

A response like this is not helpful.

Find out from those women that sell herbs & flowersellers,i stumble on lemon grass is as I takes a walk via my neighborhood.
Agriculture / Re: Lemongrass Citronella by billyG(m): 10:10pm On Nov 14, 2018
U mean no lemon grass in d wholeof illorin & environ?Saraki must hear this! embarassed embarassed
Politics / Re: The Look On Obiano's Face As Buhari Hails Ganduje & Shades Kwankwaso In Paris by billyG(m): 3:29pm On Nov 14, 2018
He ain't to make gandollar feel at ease till after election,5m votes is at stake here.....u have to b careful how u kill a fly that perches on d balls.

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Politics / Re: How The NNPC Is Used For Funding Apc’s Campaign In Kwara And Other APC States by billyG(m): 3:19pm On Nov 14, 2018
Where is yur proves?

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Politics / Re: Breaking: Judge Orders Senator Abaribe To Pay N100m Over Kanu’s Absence In Court by billyG(m): 2:51pm On Nov 14, 2018
Abaribe shld know that u don't use basket to fetch water from d stream.
Politics / Re: APC Circulating Fake PDP Campaign Strategy - APCO by billyG(m): 3:41pm On Nov 13, 2018
Only God can help Nigeria.
Crime / Re: Policeman Seen Trying To Shoot Dogs Hindering Him From Arresting Their Owner. by billyG(m): 3:34pm On Nov 13, 2018
The man shld have electrified d fence.
Politics / Re: The China Rice Scandal That Nailed Osinbajo - Full Report by billyG(m): 3:26pm On Nov 13, 2018
That was how Buhari squandered #25billion importing fake HIV/AIDS kits during his time as PTF chairman, Yet he has "Integrity"

Nigerians sha

Always celebrating our killers
Is it buhari that certified d HIV kids?is he d one that went to the mkt to buyd kits?
Politics / Re: The China Rice Scandal That Nailed Osinbajo - Full Report by billyG(m): 1:18pm On Nov 13, 2018
Summary of Report

1. China donated and shipped a total of 162,696 bags of rice into the country’s seaport in June 2017 meant for distribution to IDPs in the North-East as food assistance.

2. NEMA under Osinbajo as Chairman left it there for months until it acquired demurrage of NGN800m.

3. China wrote several times to NEMA and some ministries to go and pick up rice for distribution to IDP - no response.

4. Who paid the demurrage fees to APM terminal/Maersk Line?

The company records show that it was the Ministry of Agric. But NEMA also has it in its own expenses. Indicating that Osinbajo ordered the payment of demurrage and expenses for rice that has already being paid for.

5.But what eventually happened to the rice that China donated to IDPs?

They stole it........... How ?

No single state in the NE received it, Ministry of Agric confirms also that NEMA never delivered the rice to them.

Rice that China donated to Nigerian IDPs - Buharis officials and appointees simply stole it and sold it.

How Osinbajo Rushed to Cover up his Tracks

When The House of representatives got to the part of the investigation that indicted NEMA, Prof Osinbajo quickly inaugurated the Governing Council on April 2, 2018.

They met on the same day for the first time in three years and quickly suspended the Director of Finance without due process to help the vice president save face. Remember that the same govt when it came to NHIS boss was singing a different song .

Demola Olarenwaju wrote" the China rice donation is just one of the many things that Osinbajo was indicted on by the House of Reps but it perfectly illustrates the point about Corruption and Incompetence joined together under the APC and the resulting calamity and disaster unleashed on Nigeria"

According to APC members and Buhari supporter's anyone who does not support Buhari is a thief , but when confronted with videos such as the one featuring Ganduje and irrefutable evidence such as this rice scandal involving Osinbajo or Aunty Kemis NYSC certificate they start throwing insults or beating about the Bush.

May God Help Us to Help ourselves in 2019

Source : full report indicting Osinbajo.
Haba!Oche how can u be accuser,d prosecutor & d Judge,all these culd have taken place without Osinbajo knowing.but why pay a kobo for donated rice,why demand demurrage for what is gvn to u free?

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Politics / Re: Nigerians Are Frustrated, Says Obasanjo by billyG(m): 9:12am On Nov 13, 2018
Useless primate!u spent 8yrs in power u increase petrol price 11 times,increase tariff on used cars,wasted $16bn on power,built no roads,sells off govt assets,now u now remember Nigerians.Make thunder fall on u!!
Politics / Re: Buhari Reacts To Ganduje Bribery Video by billyG(m): 8:50am On Nov 13, 2018

Buhari always insult the sensibility of Nigerians by only addressing burning national issues when outside this country. angry

So he simply sat down back here in Nigeria while this scandal raged on & was even billed to commission projects in Ganduje home state of Kano while a lawmaker in a constituency today organized prayers for the success of Buhari and Ganduje in 2019 but failed to call on the same governor to resign. embarassed

Abeg which of the security agents are investigating this shame according to the president or of course it's just the usual propaganda charade of the APC?

Meanwhile, how can a sitting president made a statement and a media aid will find it offensive even asking journalists to yank off a portion without any form of rebuke from the president?

Do it means the fella is not aware of the Ganduje-gate dollar tapes or he just trying stupidly to patch up a highly publicized scandal of this nature?
So he shld go & remove ganduje from power.his he a tyrant?do u know if d president was still around when d journalist said that?
Career / Re: Nurse Under Fire After Taking Selfie With Unclad Pregnant Lady In The Background by billyG(m): 8:40am On Nov 13, 2018
How are we sure that is not a dummy in d background,pple & rxn.
Food / Re: Jubilation As Villagers Kill A Huge Python, Set To Prepare Pepper Soup(photos) by billyG(m): 6:43pm On Nov 12, 2018
Eeeww!dey hav killed Chuckwu abiama's Python.
Politics / Re: Enugu—Port Harcourt Expressway Being Constructed With The Sukuk Bond (Photos) by billyG(m): 4:12pm On Nov 12, 2018
Pmb is working.
Politics / Re: Victor Uwajeh: US War College Confirms Buhari Didn’t Submit Any Credentials by billyG(m): 3:11pm On Nov 12, 2018
That letter is fake,which big school don't required a certificate?
Politics / Re: The Man In Aso Rock Is Not Buhari - Fani-kayode Insists by billyG(m): 1:56pm On Nov 12, 2018
It is high time DSS arrest fkk for hate speech & turning d gullible agst d state.

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Politics / Re: The Man In Aso Rock Is Not Buhari - Fani-kayode Insists by billyG(m): 1:49pm On Nov 12, 2018

By not voting in 2019 Igbos are helping Buhari and APC to remain in government. Any vote not given to Atiku is keeping Nigerians in poverty. Say No to POVERTY. Vote Atiku Abubakar
Una don start again oo!who told u atiku will end poverty?we have experienced Obj/Atiku regime for 8yrs fuel prices was increased 11times.
Politics / Re: Opposition Is Not Madness— Reno Tells Man Who Said He Heard Buhari Is Dead by billyG(m): 1:16pm On Nov 12, 2018
After d humiliating defeat of PDP at 2015 poll they went into d trenches,now all they do is spreading hate speeches,deep hatred & death wishes for d party that removed them from power.

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Politics / Re: Opposition Is Not Madness— Reno Tells Man Who Said He Heard Buhari Is Dead by billyG(m): 1:10pm On Nov 12, 2018


Please Read


Former Minister of Culture, Olufemi Olukayode has taken to Facebook to buttress Nnamdi Kanu’s claim
of President Buhari being substituted with a double who now parades himself as the President. He highlighted some observations to support the claim.

See the observations below.
Been thinking…

1. Buhari went for surgery in January.
2. The story was that he didn’t quite make it and was brain-dead.
3. Aisha came back crying in April.
4. Aisha was later barred by Mamman Daura and Abba Kyari from seeing Buhari.
5. In June/July, Buhari started receiving visitors in London.
6. The story was that he was always laughing (methinks his double was still learning the ropes and was always laughing to hide what he didn’t know).
7. Buhari supposedly arrived Nigeria in July.
8. The Buhari wasn’t holding meetings or seen in public.
9. The Buhari became more vicious (even beyond his own evil threshold).
10. Nnamdi Kanu alleged he was Jubrin, Buhari's look-alike from Sudan and not Buhari.
11. FFK had a private interview alleging it was a double (Buhari's look-alike, Jubrin from Sudan)
masquerading as president Buhari.
12. AIT was threatened with calamity should the interview be aired.
13. The interview was docked and AIT paid.
14. Ango Abdullahi had earlier alleged he was a double Buhari.
15. The Army was sent to attack Nnamdi Kanu and kill him so that the information will be buried, unfortunately for the Army Nnamdi Kanu disappeared and appeared in Israel.
16. The attack was most unwise and was too risky to the country, yet it happened (the cabal wants
the story dead by whatever means).
17. The IPOB attack backfired, even Orji Uzo Kanu who was contracted to execute Nnamdi Kanu's assassination now dumped by APC and barred from traveling out of Nigeria because of the failed contract.
18. The world powers commenced asking questions.
19. The London surgeons are being questioned.
20. America, UK, France are smelling blood and seek engagements.
21. Buhari or Jubrin/Cabal are vulnerable and pull out of most global organizations.
22. The alleged double (Buhari's look-alike, Jubrin from Sudan) doesn’t look up the few times he’s in public.
23. The alleged double seems 15yrs younger.
24. The alleged double is somewhat shorter than the twin.
25. The alleged double has a different earlobe.
26. The alleged double has a hairline a distance away from the ears.
27. The alleged double is a darker brown.
28. No one undergoing chemotherapy would have facial hair intact at the time.
29. The new Buhari sees without glasses.
30. The new one has a different nose; beaked like an Arab’s.
31. Remembered the Rat invested President's office saga that made him stay away from his office ??.... It was all a cabal lie! The real reason was that the fingerprint of the new Buhari couldn't open the door of the Real PMB, the Cabal cooked the story in other to buy more time and use the avenue to remove the old security doors and replace with new ones. You could remember that everything in the president's office was removed and replaced with a new one before the fake Buhari entered.
32. Zahra complains to the minister and not her "father".
32. The Army is suddenly very powerful and
extremely dumb!
33. All Buhari children and his wife are no more in Aso Rock, the wife is under Oath not to say the truth or she will be killed by the Cabal.
34. UK and USA know the truth but used the opportunity to negotiate for more economic interest with the cabal.
35. In other to satisfy external interest and embezzle more money by the Cabal, the Nigerian economy is now the Headquarters of poverty in the world according to global rating index.

The Cabal is not interested in improving the economy of Nigeria, they are like Yahoo boys or a kidnapper who has kidnapped the entire economy. Since the fake Buhari entered, have you witnessed a major project going on in Nigeria? You only hear of promises and 1000 lies from Lai Muhammad. You will discover everything here to be true.

Secret intelligence (SI).
Haba!IPOB all these lies & hate u are spreading Chuckwu abiama is angry oooo!

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