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Health / Re: This Is Why You Should Hire A Workout Instructor When Lifting Weights(Photos) by Bubbastic(m): 6:04pm On May 19
They probably injected Synthol into their biceps.
That’s the oil that body builders apply all over their body during competitions to enhance their looks and muscle definitions but some fools have started injecting and abusing the substance.

you're on point, synthol most times is usually injected in the arms, this synthol has ruined many body builders, esp those who don't wanna go thru the normal process of getting bigger...

Many even die from excess consumption of synthol, while others had to go thru medical procedures to remove these excess muscles which are already as hard as a rock

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Education / Re: Can You Guess The Department? by Bubbastic(m): 7:47pm On Apr 21
you know u know, it can only be Industrial or pure Physics...


Romance / Re: Can You Guess My Birth Name Just By Looking At My Profile Picture by Bubbastic(m): 8:23pm On Feb 28
Chimamanda... yeah??
Crime / Re: Man Pulls Off His Clothes Inside A Commercial Bank In Warri (video) by Bubbastic(m): 8:39am On Feb 11
Shame no dey catch mad man na him family/relatives dey get am...... Imagine how him children will feel with such info when they grow up.
A closed mouth is a closed destiny my friend... on the other hand I feel his family would be proud of him for standing up for his right and kicking against opression
Crime / Re: Man Pulls Off His Clothes Inside A Commercial Bank In Warri (video) by Bubbastic(m): 6:04am On Feb 11
Mtcheww if you see poor man you go know.

And if you check him acct balance now I fit swear say the total money wey dey there no go reach #100k. angry

Btw that nyash above me sha good to squeeze. And where is Qhal the booty Legend??! it's been a while
don't judge a book by its cover bra... as a matter of fact I know him v well and he is far from being poor, lemme fill u in a little, he is one of the biggest producers in Warri, we went to college together, and his nickname is Butcherbeatz, he is synoymous with lots of A-list artist I'm Nigeria. You can check out his handle on Facebook if u wish @Hisroyalawesomeness

A huge sum of money was seized since 2019 by the bank, so he has been trying to clear things out for a long time now. unfortunately they've been posting him up and down, u know the whole banking stuff na
anyways he later got his money back after pulling that stunt.


Romance / Re: Why You Need To Sleep Naked Every Night by Bubbastic(m): 7:06am On Jun 07, 2020
Your whole article is based on depravity. Please delete your profile now.

whats up there is clear cut facts, and besides you should acknowledge the fact that not everyone despises knowledge as you do

Romance / Re: Why You Need To Sleep Naked Every Night by Bubbastic(m): 10:07pm On Jun 06, 2020
Eyah... someone is single grin grin
Romance / Why You Need To Sleep Naked Every Night by Bubbastic(m): 9:50pm On Jun 06, 2020
Why You Need To Sleep Naked Every Night

Do y'all still wear pyjamas? If yes, then this is the best article for y'all. Fact:You need to be sleeping naked. Ever since the dawn of civilization, humans have been wearing clothes to cover up their s assets, abd removing them completely for several reasons. However, scientifically, your body needs to have a break from being covered up. There's no better moment than when you're asleep.

Here are Six (6) reasons why you need to be sleeping naked:

1. You'll sleep better

This is a very simple explanation, scientifically or not. For you to fall asleep, your body needs to cool down effectively. After all the hustle and bustle of the day, a cooler temperature is needed to let your body know that it is time to sleep. And if you are wearing clothes, this temperature is not achieved. Go ahead and cover yourself up with a blanket and you remain even hotter, hindering your body from falling asleep. You end up more sweaty and restless in bed. But if you're naked, you can sleep better and with much ease. Strip off that pyjama!

2. Let's your body breathe

Sleeping increases your body metabolism since your body is built with active cells. These cells  need air to breathe and to work properly. When you are going to bed with clothes on, your body does not get enough air because your skin pores are distracted. That's why you'll wake up feeling tired and exhausted instead of feeling rejuvenated. So sleeping naked will let your body breathe more freely and let your metabolic processes take place effectively. Try and have a cold shower and this will be your best night ever!!

3. It relieves stress

Your brain, like every other computer, needs to rest and shut down effectively. If you have a poor night’s sleep then you are going to be stressed out more because you brain hasn't rested, or rather, been distracted well enough. When you sleep better, your stress levels will be normal, simply because you've rested well, and sleeping naked is sleeping better. You let go of everything from the day, rest and let your mind wander.

4. Easy cuddling

Hearing their heartbeat also lowers your blood pressure...

Cuddling is best when done on naked bodies. Just imagine the simple concept of skin on skin contact with your partner without engaging in any s3xual activity. You feel the body of your partner and that can help you calm your mind and feel more secure and relaxed. Hearing their heartbeat also lowers your blood pressure. Besides when love is in the very air, who sleeps with clothes on next to their partner

5. You become closer with your partner

Numerous surveys have found that couples that  sleep together naked are much happier compared to the ones who sleep with clothes on. Basically, naked partners have a more developed bond sleeping together with no barriers between them, not even that of fabric. As mentioned earlier, cuddling comes in handy here, and it's even much easier to engage in sweet  s3x any time of the night.

6. Weight loss

Sleeping has a close link to weight loss. During sleep, our glucose metabolism increases, accelerating the rate of calorie-burn. In simple terms, the longer you sleep, the more calories you burn. Note that oversleeping has the reverse effect of slowing down body metabolism. And a naked sleep is a good night's sleep which reduces the stress associated with weight gain. It gives your body a good environment to burn calories hence helping you in reducing weight. So if you're overweight, try nullify pyjamas.

Do have a top notch night ahead as you sleep naked.

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NYSC / 5 Things To Do After NYSC Service Year by Bubbastic(m): 8:07pm On Jun 05, 2020
5 Things To Do After NYSC Service Year

1. Optimize your entrepreneurial skill
2. Don’t Listen to Pessimist (Be Positive)
3. Have a Prudent Lifestyle
4. Up Your Job Search
5. Keep a Healthy Life
For sure I can honestly say to you that Your life after NYSC kickstarts after reading this article, First and foremost I will like to congratulate fresh Nigerian graduate and keep being steadfast even as you have taken 12 months of your life to serve our fatherland.

Recently the National Youth Service Corp scheme came under attacks for not being relevant, well as a matter of opinion I do not totally agree with this point of view, I would rather love to see is an upgrade, a revamp or an overhaul of the scheme and it should be optimized in a manner that benefits the individual and the national labour force.

So before you start with the article, I would like to ask you a few question: what are your plans for life after NYSC? what’s next for you? I must honestly tell you this for free that the following tips I carefully outlined will help you be on a better path, please read and share……

1.Optimize your entrepreneurial skill
Your path thru life after NYSC will largely depend on how much investment you have made on your skills. Are you interested in a career or being an entrepreneur? spend lots of time to make research and build a very rich entrepreneurial skill, passions and interest. The best way to build a career kind of life is to take on several quarterly internship opportunities in your areas of interest and if you are interested in business, find someone doing a similar thing you want to go into, learn from their mistakes for heads up and have you land a better start.

Give time to self development content in the area of your interest, Life after service some times can throw you off balance, you need to take charge of every bit of your career or skill.

2. Don’t Listen to Pessimist
Don’t let fear stop you, rather allow it motivate you. There are several job opportunity out there just get yourself prepare for it and keep you head up. The jobs out there are for you only if & when you have the right skills-set to obtain them, ensure you are employable. Employability is having the right skill required to fill up a position. I advice that you take skill and employability training to improve your knowledge and ability to land a job. When you find a job, just prepare yourself and don’t fret.

3. Have a Prudent Lifestyle
The bitter truth for most for most people, will be that their parents and uncles they could easily get off extra money off will no longer be easily available and even if you had your own source of income, this is time to invest wisely and have yourself in more prudent lifestyle. Cut your expenses and save as much as possible, you will be thankful you did this later. Obviously it is better and wise to save as much as you can over short period of time.

4. Up Your Job Search
Do not your little beginning, invest in a good resume (CV) writing, Optimize your job search profile, Study all you can about the interview process and narrow your job search. You can read on how to HOW TO PERFORM WELL AT INTERVIEWS (With Some Basic Interview Question) Take for instance that you have interest in Customer Service, focus your application on jobs in those areas but also remember never to despise starting small. Internships are a great entry into building a career. Build your network around resourceful people.

5. Keep a Healthy Life
Invest in other activities that keep your physical and mental health in check. Life after NYSC can come lots of worries, anxiety, depression and stress arising from the pressures of job search. I have been there and I can tell you, you need to keep yourself in good physical and mental shape.

This would help you handle the stress of job search and a job when you eventually find one. If you feel overwhelmed either by your search or on a job, speak up there’s no stigma in doing so.

Final Thoughts on Life After NYSC
The way we perform at school never plays out in real life scenario and it is never the way to perform in life. Life has do with a lot of process, ones destination may not be the other person’s destination. Grades are important but very temporary, the right knowledge, skills and experience will have you forge ahead.

Always seize every opportunity to upscale and improve on yourself.

Education / Re: Mind Blowing Facts About The Oceans by Bubbastic(m): 5:12pm On May 02, 2020
trully amazing... Recall the saying "The heart of a woman is indeed a deep ocean of secrets"...
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How To Pay Yourself From N50,000 And Above Using Your Mobile Device Or Laptop by Bubbastic(m): 7:59pm On Apr 16, 2020
NYSC / Re: Nysc 2019 Batch B Callup Letter Is Out by Bubbastic(m): 5:28am On Jun 15, 2019
Straight to my backyard... Edo - Ondo grin grin cool
NYSC / Re: NYSC Batch B 2019 Online Registration – SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE HERE by Bubbastic(m): 7:00am On Jun 03, 2019
Uniben how far, no Senate list till today...
Romance / Re: "Most Downfalls Of Men Are Caused By Multiple Girlfriends, Sex Is Spiritual" by Bubbastic(m): 2:32pm On Jan 08, 2018
YES, I strongly agree with the OP.

Most of these girls you see all over are not ordinary human, even some of them(the girls) dont know they are possessed, You as a guy will climb them and have a "nice time" with them, not knowing that your destiny had been traded for woes and failures.

I pray guys should shine their eyes this new year, more focus on success and lesser focus on women, except when you are married and you know at least you are focusing on a Family
best comment of the year
you have spoken the truth sir but those that enjoy multiple sexual partners will never heed to advice they will be shouting superstition superstition,where as the truth is always bitter

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Celebrities / Re: Bobrisky Looks Absolutely Stunning As He Signs Endorsement Deal (photos) by Bubbastic(m): 6:33pm On Aug 18, 2017

She abi He cry This thing can't be female

Please "It" is better

And the thing is even a lefty cry ..to think I used" to admire lefty's ..Gosh ..now I see y it doesnt have a brain

Aunty she ain't left, the phenomenon is called specular Reflection were objects on the right apear to be on the left
Education / Re: Over-excited Dad Celebrates Daughter’s Graduation By Carrying Her On Shoulders by Bubbastic(m): 4:19pm On Jun 04, 2017
The *Originals* Family...
Phones / Re: How To Download Large Files With The AIRTEL Unlimited Social Data by Bubbastic(m): 7:36am On May 09, 2017
dope, its working well...
Family / Re: Maternity Shoot Of 4 Pregnant Friends by Bubbastic(m): 10:13am On Mar 21, 2017
is right it do me somehw for bpdy wen I see dem dat big stomach irritate me
undecided Damn, this is so not English... RIP english
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Type Of Job(s) Will You Like To Do For Free? by Bubbastic(m): 7:45am On Dec 20, 2016
ill gladly work in an orphanage for free kiss
Travel / Re: Stop Spreading False Information - Dana Air Reacts To Alleged Air Crash In Lagos by Bubbastic(m): 9:28am On Dec 12, 2016
as false as False alarm... #D weekend
Travel / Re: What Is Your Dream Country To Travel To And Why? by Bubbastic(m): 9:25am On Dec 12, 2016
France anyday anytime, bcus they got some of the best wine bottles in the world
Sports / Re: Katsuya Takasu Angry With Nigerian Officials Over His Donation To Olympic Team by Bubbastic(m): 1:20pm On Aug 28, 2016
Nff should be careful o b4 these Japanese man bring Yakuza come deal with all these stingy NFF niggis
Politics / Re: El-rufai And Wife Celebrate 31-Year Wedding Anniversary by Bubbastic(m): 12:18pm On Aug 20, 2016
Happy wedding aniversary to dem..... And a bigger happy bday to me


Phones / Re: Infinix Hot 3 (X554) Official Discussion Thread by Bubbastic(m): 8:43am On Aug 16, 2016
My infinix hot 3 is giving me some issues .. any video i delete keeps coming back after i reboot my phone.. it's really annoying. Anybody please help me
TV/Movies / Re: Name The Films You Have Watched 5 Times And You Still Find Em Interesting by Bubbastic(m): 8:00am On Aug 13, 2016
The God father i, ii & iii Scar face Blood diamond Salt Real Steel
Phones / Re: What Song Is Your Current Incoming Call Notification Alert Tone? by Bubbastic(m): 8:41am On Jul 23, 2016
The best of the best cool "All the way up (west side remix) by snoop dog ft the game, E-40 & french Montana


Phones / Re: TECNO Camon C9 Vs Infinix Zero 3 by Bubbastic(m): 8:42pm On Jul 12, 2016
dont be quick to judge....except if u ar a camera freak.....cos dats d only tin d camon c9 got agains d zero 3...
are you high, are you trying to compare zero 3 20M.P (sony camera) with camon's 13M.P... infinix rocks anyday anytime


Car Talk / Re: What Song Makes You Drive Fast? by Bubbastic(m): 7:53am On Jun 26, 2016
1) Fast and furious 4 (Dance custom) by Don Omar ft Lucenzo 2)fast and furious Tokyo drift by Don Omar 3)caloderon by Don omar 4)fast and furious 7 by Charlie put and Wiz Khalifa
Politics / Re: Fayose Is Hopelessly Confused, Needs Prayers, Says Presidency by Bubbastic(m): 9:57am On Jun 22, 2016
There are always 3 sides to a story, Your side, my side and the truth... hands still crossed to see how the story unfolds

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