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Agriculture / Re: Identifying Your Ducks #ryeofarms by Chibenze(m): 4:41pm On Dec 10, 2020
More pics of foreign ducks
(A welsh harlequin to be precise)
Do they hatch there eggs?

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Agriculture / Re: Quail Eggs Forsale In Portharcourt Rivers State by Chibenze(m): 7:00am On Oct 20, 2020
Still available.
Call 09083553995
Webmasters / Re: Facebook Is Trying To Kill Facekobo.com - A Nigerian Website by Chibenze(m): 3:21pm On Oct 14, 2020

I fear people øøø

Oga, you still monitor that site grin grin

Those Chinese, they are the best Cyber Squatters in the world.
Guess The domain expired and the ops couldn't continue, so it was pick up by the Chinese guys
Webmasters / Re: Facebook Is Trying To Kill Facekobo.com - A Nigerian Website by Chibenze(m): 3:08pm On Oct 14, 2020
So how far na, has Facebook paid Facekobo the N30 Billion?
grin site is now own by the Chinese
Business / Re: ➜ ➜ ➜Currency/E-currency Market Deals 2020 ➜ ➜ ➜ by Chibenze(m): 7:48am On Aug 22, 2020
@Chibenze kindly quote me so that I can verify how that I'm dealing with
Business / Re: ➜ ➜ ➜Currency/E-currency Market Deals 2020 ➜ ➜ ➜ by Chibenze(m): 7:08am On Aug 21, 2020

Quoting you with my account.
Business / Re: ➜ ➜ ➜Currency/E-currency Market Deals 2020 ➜ ➜ ➜ by Chibenze(m): 6:25am On May 22, 2020
$57 fnf PayPal available as fnf. WhatsApp 08152663216.
Business / Re: ➜ ➜ ➜Currency/E-currency Market Deals 2020 ➜ ➜ ➜ by Chibenze(m): 12:25pm On May 20, 2020
Guys there is total lockdown in Rivers State, so I can't visit any bank to withdraw and sell to aboki,
Please is there any platform I can use to sell my dollar at the current rate now (445)?
Business / Re: How Banks And Black Market Dollar Operators Are Cheating People Exposed by Chibenze(m): 12:13pm On May 20, 2020
Guys there is total lockdown in Rivers State, so I can't visit any bank to withdraw and sell to aboki,
Please is there any platform I can use to sell my dollar at the current rate now (445)?
Agriculture / Re: Black Soldier Fly Larva (BSFL) In Nigeria by Chibenze(m): 2:52am On May 11, 2020
Agriculture / Re: Black Soldier Fly Nigeria by Chibenze(m): 2:48am On May 11, 2020
The new gold in Nigeria.
Reduce your cost of feed with this high protein maggot

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Agriculture / Black Soldier Fly Nigeria by Chibenze(m): 2:47am On May 11, 2020
The adults of Black Soldier Fly which is known as Hermetia illucens measure about 16mm (5⁄8 inches) long.
These medium-sized flies have a predominantly black body, with metallic reflections ranging from blue to green on the thorax and sometimes with a reddish end of the abdomen. The second abdominal tergite has translucent areas, from which the specific Latin epithet derives. The head is wide, with very developed eyes. The antennae are about twice the length of the head. The legs are black with whitish tarsi. The wings are membranous; in the resting time, they are folded horizontally on the abdomen and overlapped.

Hermetia illucens is a mimic fly, very close in size, color, and appearance to the organ pipe mud dauber wasp and its relatives. The mimicry of this particular kind of wasp is especially enhanced in that the fly's antennae are elongated and wasp-like, the fly's hind tarsi are pale, as are the wasp's, and the fly has two small transparent "windows" in the basal abdominal segments that make the fly appear to have a narrow "wasp waist".[6] Black soldier fly larvae can be differentiated from blowfly or housefly larvae by a thin gray-black stripe on their posterior ends.

An adult female lays between 206 and 639 eggs at a time. These eggs are typically deposited in crevices or on surfaces above or adjacent to decaying matter such as manure or compost and hatch in about 4 days. Freshly emerged larvae are 1.0mm (0.04 in), being able to reach a length of 25mm (1 in) and weight of 0.10 to 0.22 grams (1.5 to 3.4 gr) by the end of larval stage. The larval stage lasts about 22 days, of which the post-feeding (prepupal) stage lasts around 7 days. The length of larval stage can be delayed by months due to low temperature or lack of food. The pupal stage lasts from 1 to 2 weeks. Adults can live typically 47 to 73 days when provided with water and food, such as sugar in captivity or nectar in the wild, or survive for about 8 to 10 days on fat reserves gathered during larval stage when water is provided.

Human relevance and use
Black soldier flies are considered to be sanitary, as they're designed to break down the bacteria in their food.
They're so efficient at this that there's no bacteria in their waste once they've digested it.
In fact, to survive they've had to develop an odour that repels other household pests from them.

The larvae and adults are considered neither pests nor vectors. Instead, black soldier fly larvae play a similar role to that of redworms as essential decomposers in breaking down organic substrates and returning nutrients to the soil. The larvae have voracious appetites and can be used for composting household food scraps and agricultural waste products.
Additionally, black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) are an alternative source of protein for aquaculture, animal feed, pet food and human nutrition.
As feed
Black soldier fly larvae are used as feed. The harvested pupae and prepupae are eaten by poultry, fish, pigs, lizards, turtles, and even dogs. The insect is one of the few insect species approved to be used as feed in aquaculture in the EU.
At the pupal stage, black soldier flies are at their nutritional peak. They can be stored at room temperature for several weeks, and their longest shelf life is achieved at 10 to 16 °C
As food
Black soldier fly larvae are edible to humans. The larvae are highly efficient in converting proteins, containing up to 45% of protein, much calcium, and many amino acids. In 432 hours, 1 gram (0.035 oz) of black soldier fly eggs convert into 2.4 kilograms (5.3 lb) of protein, which means more than 45,000 eggs are in 1 g of eggs. They thus can be a source of protein for human consumption. They do not produce protein, but convert human-inedible protein into edible food.

Other inherent natures and benefits

1. They're packed full of energy

As larvae, black soldier flies eat and eat and eat.
They'll just keep going, right until they hit the pupal stage and emerge as flies.
They do this because they're essentially fattening themselves up for that final stage in their lifecycle.
In fact, they eat twice their own body weight every single day, so they can grow at a hugely accelerated rate.
Once they become flies, they're basically not going to eat again.
At that point, they don't even have functioning mouths. They basically live for a few days as they reproduce, and then they die off.
Why does this matter to you?
Because when you feed your livestock with those larvae, there're getting the benefit of all that energy.

2. They're A Clean Source Of Food

Their digestive processes kill any bacteria that they may encounter in their own food.
Even their waste is sanitary.

3. They Reproduce At Much Higher Rates
The can complete their life cycle within one month under favorable condition.
This means that you may be having up 300 times the quantity you started with within a month.
In most cases, the fly can lay up to 600 eggs easily in one go.

4. They're Easy to Farm and They Harvest Themselves
If you're farming your own black soldier flies at home, then you'll find it easy to manage them.
In fact, the small larvae hate light.
So, when you want to harvest them, all you need to do is give them a bucket as a shelter, and they will harvest themselves!

As a species, they're not known to fly far as they have weak wings, and they're not averse to being picked up.
As this is the case, you can set up your own black soldier fly farm.
Doing your own farming means that you can control how many flies you have at once, and harvest your larvae as soon as possible.

5. They Are Great At Converting Feed into Meat

To produce 1 kg Black soldier larvae you’ll need only around 1.5 kg of feed!

6. They Have An Incredibly Short Life Span

The Black soldier fly larva has a life cycle of only 4 to 6 weeks (Including egg, larva, pupa and fly stage).

7. Raising Black Soldier Flies Is Much More Easier
Black soldier flies are much easier to keep and farm.
They naturally thrive in higher densities, and prefer to stay close together.
Farming them is much more humane and practical than most other livestock.
8. They're Almost Indestructible

If you're thinking of farming your own black soldier flies, then you're probably worrying about keeping them alive long enough to harvest.
In fact, they're super easy to take care of.
They'll eat almost any organic matter and thrive on it.
Some insect farming companies will feed them food that's been rejected for human consumption, but is still of good quality.
In fact, those flies can survive almost anything.
For example, they can survive being immersed in pure rubbing alcohol for two hours, or even being spun in a centrifuge!

9. They're solving The Food Waste Problem
Farming black soldier flies is one of the best ways to deal with food waste that can't go anywhere else.
Farmers, whether they're farming the flies for animal or human consumption, find that they can feed their flies anything that can't be used elsewhere.
For example, flies can eat chicken dung, food scraps, pig dung, rotten fruits, brewery grain waste, etc.
This is amazing as it means there's much less waste happening overall.
Again, if you're concerned about the environment, then you'll be glad to hear that your new favourite snack can actually help save the planet, even when it's still being farmed.

10. Production Waste Is An Excellent Fertilizer
By growing black soldier flyes, you not only produce food and feed from organic food waste, but you also produce a high quality fertilizer for plants.
You're wondering how?
Well, in short, their poop, dead flies, egg leftovers and so on are an excellent food source for your plants.
Or in other words, there's absolutely no waste from BSFL production.

We will be running an online training on how to farm this black gold very soon, teaching you the easiest way to farm this maggot and get huge turn up. With just a little fee you can learn this gold mine.

If you are interested simple join our WhatsApp group.


Business / Re: Domain Name Business by Chibenze(m): 5:37am On Apr 09, 2020

My oga at the top... The legend... Where are the other legends of this thread? grin
Dotcomnamenamee. grin grin grin
Phones / Re: Xiaomi Mi A3 Unboxing, Review & Price. Mi A3 + GCAM Vs iPhone 11 Pro Camera by Chibenze(m): 5:57pm On Feb 06, 2020
Xiomi fanboys will hype this product like Davido but can't take ordinary picture without gcam grin

Where my Samsung jare..mk i dey go b4 den reach here
Business / Re: Legalwealth Handled This Well in the End by Chibenze(m): 8:24am On Dec 12, 2019

Legalwealth didn't commit any evil.

Those toothless dogs are only barking at legalwealth because he shared and revealed the evils their fraudulent masters perpetrate in the autos and cartalk sections when they did it to him.

The dogs and their masters are in severe pains because legalwealth defeated them left and right in their mission of pulling him down. For that reason, it affected money their masters make fraudulently which directly caused the dogs to be fed bones instead of flesh.

The dogs are very hungry and angry but can't forget what legalwealth did to them. That made them to continue fabricating lies and doing all sort of evil to try pulling him down again, but they are seriously failing at the job their masters are paying stipends for again just as they earlier failed woefully at it.

It is extremely pathetic for the dogs and their masters.
Oh. Thanks for the update, I think this thread should be taken down. The mod should do the needful.
Meanwhile I will make sure my post that was quoted plus other comments here be deleted. Now.

This is too bad and evil, so they want to use this thread to defame him on no ground

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Business / Re: Legalwealth Handled This Well in the End by Chibenze(m): 8:01pm On Dec 10, 2019
What is the essence of this thread? Base on what I have read here legalwealth is not owning anyone here.

I gave my honest review few years ago and base on his respond he has improve his services.

So why all this post and raising dust again?
Someone is even quoting my post.

Or has legal wealth commit any evil?
Please someone should update me what is happening here
Agriculture / Re: When Does A Turkey Start Laying? by Chibenze(m): 4:17pm On Nov 29, 2019
plz can turkey hatch themselves.. I have 5 turkeys(2 males,3 females). and now they are laying even though I was pack some eggs away from them thinking they can't hatch but they continued laying themselves...2 are actually laying
Yes turkey can hatch by themselves. Though some misbehave, turkey generally are not good mothers so when the hatch lock them in a room with her poult and feed them till they grow
Religion / Re: Pastor Asks Man To Sing A Love Song For His Wife, He Sang 'Up Jesus, Down Satan by Chibenze(m): 12:21pm On Nov 07, 2019

That means Uv not banked with ecobank
Exactly bro, he has not bank with eco bank that is why, the worst bank in Nigeria is eco bank

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Agriculture / Re: RIVERS Farmer's Let Meet Here. by Chibenze(m): 10:49am On Sep 26, 2019
Please i have quail eggs for sale
U base in rivers state?
Drop ur contact
Business / Re: Domain Name Business by Chibenze(m): 2:35pm On Sep 22, 2019

Listing a domain on Sedo is free. But no exposure will be given to the domain if you want to sell it. So for it have as much exposure that can boost its sellability, a fee will be charged for the domain to be listed on their market place. It is that fee i paid so that my domain will be added to their Showcase homepage, so i need advice from experts in d house that might have paid for a Showcase hompage on Sedo to give their domain much needed boost for it to be sold, how long it took for their billing to change from "Unpaid" to "Paid"
How good is your domain that you paid over $65 bucks just to market it? Did you purchase the domain for $2000 above?
A good domain should market its self, except you are running an auction with bids already and you need more exposure fine.
But this is more like a throw away of Money.

I will suggest you get a refund if possible.
Good luck
Business / Re: Domain Name Business by Chibenze(m): 7:59pm On Sep 21, 2019
Good afternoon all. Please i'm kind of lost here. I paid €69 to sedo via wire transfer from my domicilary account here in nigeria to have my domain listed on their market place, this transaction was made on the 18-09-2019, but in my sedo accout, my billing is still showed as "Unpaid"... Please to all Sedo experts in the house, please how long did it take for your transaction to change from "Unpaid" to "Paid" and how long did it take for your domain to be listed if you made the transfer frm Nigeria? Thanks and God bless as this question is addressed.

Sedo now charge to list a domain? This is strange Sir. Maybe you want a special offer for your domain. Well if you have any issue with payment try to contact sedo directly to resolve it.
Good luck
Business / Re: Team by Chibenze(m): 9:15am On Jun 22, 2019
Dear NL users,

Please I have been having an issue disturbing me which I wouldnt like to share here.

All I want is where you think I can get a powerful seer/traditionalist/prophet/herbalist who can tell me my present issue.

I won't tell the person anything, he should tell me what the problem is, show evidence, thereafter we can start talking.

Please nobody should tell me about Jesus. I dont believe in him anymore. Do not preach to me telling me to give my life to Christ. There are many born again Christians also facing terrible situations, so spare your preaching please.

Now back to my request. Where do you think I can find such a great and powerful native doctor who sees things and can tell me what happened and exactly how it happened?

Only for serious and mature people who understand juju/traditionalists/jazz/charms/spiritual problems.

Please help. Mind you, I'm more of a Science person than religion but strange happenings call for strange approaches.
There is difference between telling you your problem and giving you the solution. Be wise bro. You will end up entering into more serious problem. Getting solution from the dark will cost you your future bro. Ask those who have gone this path. I can offer you the solution to your problems... So sad you neglected the real true salvation
Agriculture / Re: Grasscutter Breeding Stock For Sale by Chibenze(m): 10:13am On Jun 18, 2019

2k per kg so it depends on the weight.
Life weight?

How many kg is ur adult grasscutter?
Pets / Re: Please What Breed Is This Dog by Chibenze(m): 7:47am On May 06, 2019

Just regarding domain business. I noticed you live in ph and I wish you can tell me more on how to go about it although I have some idea about it now
OK. Happy you know have an idea about it now, just build on that and also visit the old domain thread to read about my post and also on namepros.
Wish you success. Good luck
Pets / Re: Please What Breed Is This Dog by Chibenze(m): 5:30am On May 06, 2019

Bro check ur mail please
Please send your message here. Thanks
Pets / Re: Please What Breed Is This Dog by Chibenze(m): 2:24pm On Apr 18, 2019
Pets / Please What Breed Is This Dog by Chibenze(m): 12:32pm On Apr 18, 2019
What breed, any suggestion?

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