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Sports / Re: Nigeria Beat South Africa 3-2, Qualify For Quarter Final Of Under 17 Nations Cup by Christmasdon(m): 8:56am On May 07, 2023
Congrats to the Golden eaglets I don't expect a low turnout for The Marrocoans a football national value of last edition world cup.
Politics / Please What Was That Mbaka Said Concerning Peter Obi.. by Christmasdon(m): 9:44pm On Feb 26, 2023
What is the problem between Mbaka and Peter Obi?
Outspoken Catholic priest, Ejike Mbaka, has debunked reports that he released fresh prophecies against the Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate, Peter Obi. Mr Mbaka, had in June, prophesied that Mr Obi would not win the 2023 presidential election because he is a “stingy man”.5 Oct 2022

People also ask
What happened to adoration ministry Enugu?
Fr. Ejike Mbaka, has returned from monastery after eight months suspension. The PUNCH had reported that the Church was closed down earlier in the year and on June 3, 2022 the Catholic Diocese of Enugu banned Mbaka from commenting on political issues after activities in the ministry were suspended.4 Jan 2023
Politics / Re: Lagos Mainland: Apc 20,030, Lp 18,698, Pdp 300,2 by Christmasdon(m): 7:01pm On Feb 26, 2023
So they want to rigg this helection.

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Politics / Mr President Muhammed Buhari Is A Man Of Integrity, A Man Of Honor , An Icon. by Christmasdon(m): 9:24pm On Feb 25, 2023
Businessday NG -
No to old banknotes for vote-buying
No to old banknotes for vote-buying
By Rafiq Raji on February 14, 2023

Any decision that brings back the old banknotes in Nigeria is a bad one. Nigeria’s central bank should print just enough new banknotes and strengthen the country’s e-payment infrastructure. Well-meaning Nigerians should support the demonetization policy.

“Whether we acknowledge it or not, money is a conduit of power,” writes Georgetown university professor Stefan Eich in his 2022 book “The currency of politics: The political theory of money from Aristotle to Keynes.” Nigerians know as much now. They must wonder at the newfound enthusiasm of subnational state governors for the masses over the palpable shortage of new banknotes, which came into effect in early February. State governors met Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria’s president, to voice their concerns about the scarcity of the new currency in early February.

Dissatisfied with Mr. Buhari’s seeming ambivalence, a couple of them went to the supreme court, which in its wisdom ordered for a pause till mid-February, when it will consider the case. I shall not delve into the matters of law, albeit many senior lawyers have not been able to hide their bewilderment at the court’s ruling, which effectively extends the period for which the old banknotes will be legal tender by an extra five days.

Mr. Buhari has been clear about his intent. Even though the central bank’s motivation for the demonetization policy is a desire for a cashless economy, the intent of Mr Buhari, who as president, is the approving authority by law, is primarily to prevent vote-buying in the upcoming 2023 general elections from late-February to about mid-March. And unlike the popular perception, the policy was likely first signalled by Mr Buhari, who as military head of state did the same thing to rein in corrupt politicians and government officials.

Many notable Nigerians have been offering their views about the new currency, especially in light of the shortage of the new banknotes. Banks do not seem to have been particularly enthused about the naira re-design, as they did not demonstrate a sense of urgency, nor did they prevent highly-placed politicans from acquiring disproportionate sums of the new banknotes. In fact, one state governor was able to have N500m of the new banknotes shipped to him.

It is highly unlikely that this was unique to only one governor of the 36 subnational state executives Nigeria has. We know at least one state governor had that much cash sent to him because Nasir El-Rufai, the governor of Kaduna state, revealed it during his media advocacy marathon for the old banknotes to be allowed to remain legal tender for a bit longer. That is an understatement actually. If Mr El-Rufai has his way, he would prefer the old banknotes remain legal tender for another four years. Incidentally, the man whose views are probably the most objective and insightful in this regard are those of Mr El-Rufai’s close friend, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, the former governor of Nigeria’s central bank.

Mr. Sanusi was recently asked about the demonetization exercise of Godwin Emefiele, his successor and incumbent governor of the central bank, during one of his regular Islamic sermons (Mr Sanusi is a Sufi order leader in Nigeria). Mr Sanusi affirms his support for the policy, having initiated the policy himself in 2012, amid similar uproar too at the time. In other words, the CBN’s demonetization efforts are a decade old this year.

Tuale For Mr President.
Politics / Has Nigeria Been Kidnapped. A Question. by Christmasdon(m): 8:23pm On Feb 25, 2023
Nigeria ranks among the kidnapping hotspots of the world.

Over 3,000 people were kidnapped in Nigeria in the first half of 2021 alone. The figure for January 2022 has been reported as 571.

In just one example, the head of the Methodist Church in Nigeria was kidnapped by gunmen in Abia State in May.

This practice has evolved among the bandits and terrorists of northern Nigeria, militants and cultists in the Niger Delta as well as the ritual-killers of the western and eastern parts of the country.

My research explored the nature of this threat and the factors accounting for its current upswing.

Nigeria’s banditry crisis is a complicated situation with a number of interests, motives and actors. Some criminals are opportunistic, others organised. Militants, terrorists and insurgents use banditry to raise funds for their operations and as a bargaining strategy.

Kidnapping for ransom thrives in Nigeria because the material incentive and opportunity are there, and victims find it expedient to pay ransom.

In my view, the solutions lie in removing incentives, creating stricter deterrents, more effective policing and greater vigilance.

Types of kidnapping
Kidnapping is the act of holding a person captive in order to make them offer something in return for their release. The motivation may be economic, political, or ideological.

There are different patterns of kidnapping, among them kidnap for ransom, kidnap for ritual, kidnap for strategic bargain, and child abduction.

In Nigeria, the main form has been kidnap for ransom. It was estimated that over US$18 million was paid as ransom in Nigeria between January 2011 and March 2020.

This form of kidnapping is often carefully planned, organised, and carried out. Most of its victims have been prominent personalities and rich men who are believed by the perpetrators to posses the material substance and capital to pay ransom.

It usually starts with profiling a target to determine their ransom value. That value includes how much money the kidnapper can get, and the social strategic worth of the target or their family.

For instance, the child of a wealthy family has a high kidnap ransom value. The only child of an affluent household has even greater value.

Wealthy individuals and their relations have high kidnap ransom value. This is also true of strategic members of corporate organisations and networks that are believed to be well to do. The expectation is that members of a wealthy family, network or organisation are in a position to raise funds to release the kidnapped person.

There are, however, instances of kidnap for ransom where opportunistic criminals abduct vulnerable individuals, without profiling targets. This often yields lower ransom returns.

Kidnapping for ritual purposes also happens in Nigeria. There have been incidents of kidnappers dealing in body parts and capturing victims for sacrifices. Perpetrators may waylay their victims or entrap them through frauds, scams and phantom business trips.

The sporadic discoveries of dismembered human bodies in hotels, shrines, construction sites, river-lines, and forests in various parts of Nigeria attest to this form of kidnapping.

In the Niger Delta region, militants and pirates have taken hostages to extract ransom and for coercive bargaining. The tactic is used to force the government or oil multinational firms to come to terms with certain strategic demands or concerns of the militants and their allied clandestine groups.

The insurgents and terrorists operating in parts of northern Nigeria have also used this tactic to force the government to grant them strategic concessions.

Sometimes they have abducted commuters or school children en masse. A recent report by UNICEF indicates that 1,436 children were abducted in Nigeria between 2020 and 2022.

There have been cases of children being taken in cities and rural areas. Criminals sometimes contact their parents for a ransom. In some instances, the children are abducted for ritual purposes or illicit adoption. Young pregnant women have also been held captive to “harvest” their babies.

Why kidnapping is on the upswing
The drivers of kidnapping risk in Nigeria today include the upsurge in organised armed violence by non-state actors, the increasing trend of ritual criminality, the economics of ransom, and criminal opportunism.

The opportunity and incentive for committing a crime is far greater than its risks or hazards. In Nigeria, only a few criminals are ever arrested and prosecuted.

The capacity of the state agencies to detect and deter crime is abysmal. In most instances, state security operatives fail to respond to occasions of kidnapping promptly and rapidly.

They also lack the technical ability to track kidnappers and their movements. Consequently, criminals carry on with impunity.

Kidnapping in Nigeria has become a matter of national emergency, and ought to be treated as such.

The public should be vigilant and reduce their vulnerability. But government must rise to its first and prime calling - protecting the security of lives and property. The government should be proactive and decisive in fighting kidnapping.

Based on my research, I have three recommendations:

The remote areas of Nigeria where some of these crimes occur should be “governed” through a pragmatic community policing strategy.

Deterrence should be stronger, stiffer and more decisive – such as the death penalty. The existing punishment of ten years (maximum) is not a deterrent.

Payment of kidnap ransom should be discouraged, and possibly criminalised, to remove the incentive to kidnap people. The example of the United States, where all forms of ransom-related transactions are outlawed, is instructive.

Comment on this article

Al Chukwuma Okoli
Senior Lecturer and Consultant-researcher, Department of Political Science, Federal University Lafia
Al Chukwuma Okoli consults for Center for Democracy and Development, Abuja; volunteers for Amnesty International; belongs to Conflict Research Network West Africa (CORN West Africa); received research and conference grants from Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund). He is affiliated with Federal University of Lafia, Nigeria.
Politics / People Have Learnt Their Lessons On Apc . Change by Christmasdon(m): 10:43pm On Feb 09, 2023
We were shouting Change in 2015 Thinking of something new. This Change brought upon us 1000000miles of draw back.
Vote Wisely. .


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Investment / I'm Happy For Today's Game. Join Me On My Tomorrow Game. by Christmasdon(m): 3:55pm On Feb 05, 2023
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Sports / My Today's WINNINGS. Tomorrow Own Is Available. If You Are Interested. Let Me Kn by Christmasdon(m): 3:41pm On Feb 05, 2023
Sure WINNINGs.. Get another sure odds tomorrow game starts 4pm.

Crime / Re: Brother And Sister Banished From Imo Community For Allegedly Committing Incest by Christmasdon(m): 6:50pm On Jan 29, 2023
Business / Re: As Nairalander Have You You Touched The New Naira Note. by Christmasdon(m): 6:37pm On Jan 29, 2023

I touched it on the 15 of this month. The colour no be for here. But it is beautiful.
. The new 100note
Looks like a dollar, people are calling it Nigerian dollar.
Business / As Nairalander Have You You Touched The New Naira Note. by Christmasdon(m): 1:09pm On Dec 17, 2022
As Nairalander Have you you touched the new Naira note.

Me I haven't seen it not to talk of touching it yet. When are we going to be seeing it circulation.. but the old naira 100note is still very much in circulation .
Sports / England Is Qatar 2022 World Cup Winners by Christmasdon(m): 12:48pm On Dec 04, 2022
Yes it is what it is .England is Qatar 2022 world cup winners ...
1st proof: France vs Portugal Euro 2016 Finals .Portugal dumped France ' 2018 world cup .France Won''

2nd Proof: England vs Italy Euro 2020 Finals . Italy dumped England ' 2022 World cup . England to win''

England crowned Qatar 2022 Champions''

Christmasdon original post.2022 All rights reserved.
Sports / Celtic 1 - 1 Ross County Ft Results Correct Score Play It. by Christmasdon(m): 10:05pm On Nov 11, 2022
Celtic 1 - 1 Ross county FT RESULTS CORRECT SCORE PLAY IT.

Get other fixed matches.. Dm.
Sports / Chelsea Correct Scores Is CHELSEA 2 - 2 ZAGREB by Christmasdon(m): 6:42pm On Nov 02, 2022
Sports / Re: Brighton Fc 3 - 3 Chelsea Fc Correct Score Play It by Christmasdon(m): 6:40pm On Nov 02, 2022
Sports / Brighton Fc 3 - 3 Chelsea Fc Correct Score Play It by Christmasdon(m): 10:20pm On Oct 28, 2022

For other correct scores is available.
Science/Technology / Facebook Have Discontinued The Facebook Lite Version. No More Facebook Lite by Christmasdon(m): 1:08pm On Aug 31, 2022
Yes no more
Phones / Re: Facebook (Lite Version) Is Down by Christmasdon(m): 1:03pm On Aug 31, 2022
Same thing as mine . Infact is happening in every bodies phone. Immediately I read into Google . But at first I thought someone is trying so hard to hack my account. As I read from Google I read that Facebook have on 30 th this month which is yesterday that Facebook have discontinued the Facebook lite version. Oh my Goodness. So Facebook lite is gone...

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Investment / Scottish League One K. Hearts Vs Edinburgh C. Correct Score FREE by Christmasdon(m): 5:03am On Jul 30, 2022
Scottish league one
K. Hearts vs Edinburgh c. correct score available now.
Free 2-2 correct score play it .

K. Hearts 2-2 Edinburgh c FT
Match starts 3pm today 30th July 2022.
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Zambia: WAFCON 3rd Place Match: (0 - 1) On 22nd July 2022 by Christmasdon(m): 10:04pm On Jul 22, 2022
2-1 we will still win this
Investment / Play My 3.02 Odds Today Free NIGERIA WOMEN 1- 1 ZAWBIAN WOMEN DRAW by Christmasdon(m): 2:22pm On Jul 22, 2022
It's a boom
Js2k6 on betki, ng NIG WOMEN 1 - 1 ZAMBIA WOMEN Tonight match starts 9pm.
Sports / NIGERIA POCKETED A Crunchy Clutches Draw With Ecuador by Christmasdon(m): 12:09am On Jun 03, 2022
Who doesn't know that Nigeria Ecuador match this early morning 1:30am June 3 is a draw. We lost to Mexico 2-1 on friendlies Forthnight Ago. Now Facing Ecuador. Who does not know that the match is a pure draw . Lose one Draw one THAT HAS BEEN THE ROUTINE You want to win Ecuador in there home ground.

The Super eagles picked up a slim draw an okro soup, egusi eba, moimoi leave, kinikoko and the boys really tried. And the super eagles New HEAD COACH WAS HAPPY ABOUT THAT. NIGERIA LOST TO MEXICO 2-1 friendlies. NOW NIGERIA WILL BE PLAYING ECUADOR BY 1:30AM JUNE 3 . NOW TELL ME THE RESULT THEY WILL BE COMING OUT WITH IF NOT A DRAW. WITH THIS NEW COACH LOSE ONE DRAW ONE. AND PEOPLE WILL CLAP FOR THE NEW COACH AND WELL DONE OUR BOYS.

Investment / Nigeria Played Out A Draw In Ecuador Friendlies, by Christmasdon(m): 10:57pm On Jun 02, 2022
The Super eagles picked up a slim draw an okro soup, egusi eba, moimoi leave, kinikoko and the boys really tried. And the super eagles New HEAD COACH WAS HAPPY ABOUT THAT. NIGERIA LOST TO MEXICO 2-1 friendlies. NOW NIGERIA WILL BE PLAYING ECUADOR BY 1:30AM JUNE 3 . NOW TELL ME THE RESULT THEY WILL BE COMING OUT WITH IF NOT A DRAW. WITH THIS NEW COACH LOSE ONE DRAW ONE. AND PEOPLE WILL CLAP FOR THE NEW COACH AND WELL DONE OUR BOYS.


Who doesn't know that Nigeria Ecuador match this early morning 1:30am June 3 is a draw. We lost to Mexico 2-1 on friendlies Forthnight Ago. Now Facing Ecuador. Who does not know that the match is a pure draw . Lose one Draw one THAT HAS BEEN THE ROUTINE You want to win Ecuador in there home ground.
Programming / Please Is Your Youtube Go App Working? by Christmasdon(m): 1:49am On Jun 02, 2022
Please I don't know what is wrong with mine from downloading. More videos ain't coming up as it used to be. They said they are blocking it finally come this August 2022 .
Crime / kansas City police shoot black woman after raising her hand by Christmasdon(m): 1:43pm On Jun 01, 2022
Facts matter: Sign up for the free Mother Jones Daily newsletter. Support our nonprofit reporting. Subscribe to our print magazine.
On Friday, police officers in Kansas City, Missouri, repeatedly shot a woman in a store parking lot even after she told them she couldn’t get on the ground because she was pregnant. A witness who spoke with the Kansas City Star said the woman, 26-year-old Leonna Hale, had her hands up moments before the officers fired their weapons.

Hale had been sitting in a car outside a Family Dollar store when officers ordered her to get out, according to the witness, a mother named Shé Danja who had gone to the store with her children to get gas and ice cream. The officers suspected that Hale and a man inside the vehicle might have been involved in a carjacking in a neighboring city, according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol.
The man exited the vehicle, jumped a fence, and ran as officers chased him, according to Shé Danja. She watched Hale, who is Black, step out of the car with her hands raised in the air. When officers ordered Hale to get on the ground, Hale told them she couldn’t because she was pregnant, according to Shé Danja. Hale added that there was a gun in the car, and began inching backward as officers approached her with their weapons drawn. She then ran three steps away from the officers, who responded by shooting her five times, according to Shé Danja. (Sgt. Andrew Bell of the Highway Patrol told me that a medical examination would need to be conducted to determine how many times Hale was shot.) Hale seemed “scared at them all coming towards her with guns in her face,” Shé Danja later wrote on Facebook.

It’s unclear whether Hale was armed. The Highway Patrol’s Bell told local reporters on Friday that a “suspect” handgun was discovered in the parking lot after the shooting, but he did not specify then whether Hale herself had a weapon. Bell told me on Tuesday that Hale did have a gun in her hand when she was shot. “We know for a fact that she was armed,” he said.

It’s worth adding that there have been many incidents around the country of the police lying or providing misleading information to the public after they shoot or injure people, though it’s not clear they did so in Hale’s case. (Not too long ago, a prosecutor accused Kansas City cops of falsely claiming that Cameron Lamb, a 26-year-old Black man, was armed when they fatally shot him in 2019.) The witness, Shé Danja, said Hale was not holding a gun. “She did not pull out a weapon on them,” Shé Danja told the Star. “She did not even have a stick in her hand.”

Video footage filmed by Shé Danja appears to show Hale lying on the ground after the shooting with blood on her shirt as an officer handcuffed her. When Shé Danja repeatedly asked the officers why they fired their weapons, they did not answer. More than a few minutes went by before Hale was offered any assistance, Shé Danja said. The Highway Patrol’s Bell could not confirm or deny that allegation, but said the agency would know more after evaluating body camera footage. “We will have a lot more detail in the coming days, weeks,” he said, adding that footage of police shootings aren’t normally released to the public during an investigation, but that the prosecutor’s office could release it later.

@crime and Justice Kansas 2022.©
Sports / Re: Liz Cambage Denies Racially Insulting Nigerian Players During Pre-Olympic Match. by Christmasdon(m): 9:51pm On May 31, 2022
TOT basketball now banned in Nigeria.
Travel / Re: Visit To The Sacred Snake Temple In Benin Republic by Christmasdon(m): 9:28pm On May 31, 2022

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