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Celebrities / Happy Birthday To Mr-click Of Clickloaded As He Turn +1 Today by clickloaded(m): 6:59pm On May 14
Special birthday shout-out to super talented Nigerian Blogger And a web designer , Mr-Click CEO of Clickloaded.com.ng a website that has being of help to other web designers.

This is to wish Team Clickloaded , as he is fondly called, a very super duper happy birthday and many more years of good Blogging .

Science/Technology / Clickloaded Team Blog Review: Get Cheap Airtime & Data Services by clickloaded(m): 12:15am On May 03
Clickloaded Team Blog Review: Get Cheap Airtime & Data Services

Hello Guys, welcome to Clickloaded tech  Blog Review, in this article we will vividly look at Clickloaded blog a newly launched multi-purpose blog to get cheap data plans, airtime and other exquisite benefits.

Clickloaded Tech  Blog Review

Clickloaded is a popular outlet owned by a popular blogger Atavwerunu Clinton (mr_click) , the platform is not just a blog that publishes contents but also a medium where you can get your blogging tips, SEO strategies, writing tips and leveraging social media for your blog’s online presence. and also buy cheap data plans as well as airtime.

The platform also has amazing features integrated and makes it easy for visitors to register as members on the blog.

If you are still wondering what that the latest multi-feature blog forum actually works, let’s move on as I will briefly explain all the services offered on Clickloaded tech blog.

How Clickloaded Tech Blog Works

Clickloaded tech blog offers 24/7 exclusive updates on

blogging tips
SEO techniques
creating tips
Businesses tip
Phone view
Sell ebook

It is important to note that Clickloaded also provides exclusive updates on the official Whatsapp TV for Clickloaded Tech Blog.

The Whatsapp TV provides exclusive updates for those who may not be able to access the website, kindly check out for Clickloaded Whatsapp TV and feel entertained.

Clickloaded Whatsapp TV Number Is 07052714991

Exquisite Features On Clickloaded tech blog

Just as I mentioned earlier Clickloaded offers Data and VTU services at a cheap rate so If you are the kind that makes heavy subscriptions, you should consider Clickloaded Blog  your plug for airtime and data.

Below are some of the features

1 Instant Airtime Top Up

You will agree with me that more than 70% of Nigerians recharge their phones every day and as such, there is a high demand for VTU (airtime and data).

On Clickloaded blog  you can top up with (5% discount) all you need to do is make payment via Credit Card and Ewallet and the service will be delivered straight to you.

2. Cheapest Data Purchase

You can get data bundles for any Nigerian Network at the cheapest rate when you make Clickloaded your plug.

Payment Methods:

3. Student Project Topic

If you are a student who doesn’t want to go through the whole stress of choosing a project topic and going on research for that project work. You can always count on Clickloaded blog as the platform offers Valid and credible project work for students across Nigeria.

4. Cable/TV Subscriptions

You can also subscribe your DSTV, GOTV, and StarTimes with Clickloaded Blog

5. Special Features For Clickloaded Members

When you register an account on the Clickloaded Tech Blog  you will be entitled to enjoy the following benefits


After you might have signed up on the website you will automatically have a membership wallet which can be used as a payment method for all the transactions you make on the forum once it has been credited (funding of wallet)

How To Fund Your Wallet On Clickloaded Blog

Credit (ATM) Card
However, only MTN Airtime is acceptable for wallet funding at the moment.

Transferring Of Funds
Once you have funds in your wallet you can transfer to anyone having an account on the website e.g Your friends or family members.

How To Withdraw Your Funds
Once you have enough funds in your wallet and you need cash, you can make an instant withdrawal to your bank account. All transactions are monitored and in case of any failed transaction, it will be rectified as soon as possible.

Other Professional Services Offered On Clickloaded tech blog
Below are some of the services offered by Atavwerunu Clinton, So If you need any of these services kindly reach him on Whatsapp 07052714991

Professional graphics services
ID cards
Birthday design
Carton portrait
Conclusion: Clickloaded  Blog Review
(C.T.B) Offers one of the best VTU services in Nigeria, The platform also makes life easy for Nigerians to bring  technologie, make cable/Tv subscription as well as buy airtime and data at affordable rates.

This Clickloaded  Blog Review was made to give an inside about what the blog is all about, however, do not forget to check Clickloaded websites for more updates
Programming / Fast Unlimited Free SEO Search Traffic by clickloaded(m): 11:09am On Apr 10
Unlimited Free and Fast SEO Search Traffic.

That golden nugget of unlimited free and fast SEO search traffic we are all chasing. While this technique to drive unlimited free and fast SEO search traffic works like a charm. It will take some time to assemble all the parts to get the traffic machine running.

Because this method involves Quora and Facebook to drive a lot of free SEO search traffic. But more specifically, Facebook Pages and Quora Spaces.

Quora and Facebook combined have nearly 30 BILLION visitors per month. And to drive free and fast unlimited SEO search traffic, you will need to create curiosity. Because curiosity is the best way to make your search content stand out.

But you can learn all about that in my latest eBook. Launched in February 2021, available on Clickbank, and in all major online bookstores. Covering two traffic techniques I use, called “Unlimited SEO Search Traffic”.

Unlimited Free and Fast SEO Search Traffic eBook.
Read more Quick Unlimited Free SEO Search Traffic
Phones / Cheat Codes': Whatsapp Rolls Out Short Keys For Android, Ios Users by clickloaded(m): 7:13pm On Apr 08
The world's most popular messaging app, WhatsApp has introduced short keys for Android, iOS users when accessing the app on their phones and cheat codes for Windows and Mac web versions on Thursday.

Whatsapp shared the update on Twitter with a caption: "Final boss mode: UNLOCKED!"
Via Twitter
Phones / BREAKING: Truce As MTN, Banks Restore USSD Service To Customers by clickloaded(m): 2:47pm On Apr 06
The mild disagreement between network provider, MTN and banks in Nigeria have been put behind them as the USSD service for airtime and a data purchase have been restored.

There was confusion last Friday when a message from the network provider announced the temporal suspense of the service that was greeted by wild reactions, but all seem to be well as both parties have put the disagreement behind them.

Webmasters / Some Frequently Asked Questions About Blogging by clickloaded(m): 9:23pm On Aug 25, 2020
Blogging: Amateurs Cordial Guide [Step-by-Step]

Let’s face it, even with the information above, you’ll still run across a couple of roadblocks in your blogging journey.

I can’t promise that I can help you solve every problem you encounter along the way. However, I do have the answers to some of the frequently asked questions in the blogging industry.

Q. Do I need to be an expert to be a proficient blogger?

While you need accurate and updated knowledge, you don’t need to be a long-time expert to write compelling blog posts.

Blogging is a never-ending learning experience. It doesn’t matter how many years you have under your belt — there will always be new things to learn.

You do, however, need to do tremendous amounts of research whenever you write articles.

Since your brand is on the line whenever you publish content, you can’t afford to make factual mistakes.

Q. How much does it cost to start a blog?

To be honest, not a lot.

If you’re happy with a subdomain from a blog publishing service, you can actually get started for free. Even if you decide to purchase your own domain, you might still be spending less than $10 a month.

Should you choose a self-hosted WordPress.org website, domain registration and hosting are your primary expenses. The other assets you need, like themes and plugins, are provided for free — unless you purchase from third-party providers.

Combined, domain registration and hosting shouldn’t exceed over $20 during the first month.

Q. Should I quit my full-time job and focus on blogging?

Absolutely not.

Don’t expect your blog to start making thousands right away. Truth be told, your blogging expenses will most likely exceed your profits during the first year.

Until your blog becomes self-sustaining, you should hold on to any steady source of income.

Q. What’s the difference between and WordPress.org?

Everybody knows that WordPress is the most popular blogging software in the world.

In simple terms, WordPress.org is a free content management system that’s compatible with almost every web host.

, on the other hand, is a premium service that consolidates everything you need in one platform. That includes domain registration, web hosting, WordPress themes, and so on.

has a more streamlined user interface and slightly better usability. On the flip side, WordPress.org is significantly more flexible — not to mention the vast library of plugins that expand functionality.

Q. How long should my blog posts be?

Okay — this can be tricky.

Studies suggest that articles between 2,250 and 2,500 words rank well on search engines. However, blog content can become boring if it drags on for too long.

The solution? Just write content as comprehensively as you can.

If there’s a piece of information that can help readers solve their problem, feel free to include it. Just try to avoid fluff as much as possible and don’t worry too much about word counts.

Q. How often should I post?

Similar to the previous question, there’s no correct number of times to publish content on your blog.

While it’s definitely important to keep your blog updated with fresh posts regularly, don’t pressure yourself to needlessly publish content. Take your time, focus on promoting your previous posts, and never rush a blog post

Blogging: Amateurs Cordial Guide [Step-by-Step]
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Got Firs Job But Don't Know What To Do by clickloaded(m): 1:58pm On Aug 22, 2020
Technology Market / Re: What Will Occur If Digital Currency Goes Standard In Nigeria? -clickloaded by clickloaded(m): 5:49am On Aug 22, 2020
[url]<a href="https://www.clickloaded.com.ng/2019/06/the-best-system-to-start-blog-on.html">The Best System To Start a Blog on Facebook and Earn Money (2020)</a>[/url]
Technology Market / What Will Occur If Digital Currency Goes Standard In Nigeria? -clickloaded by clickloaded(m): 11:26pm On Aug 21, 2020
Every other day, Kevin* is the guy that wakes up with a rush of anticipation — that’s if he hasn’t spent the night carrying out trading analysis. He strongly hopes that the day’s market conditions do not go against his predictions.
Via how to make money

Now, whatever outcome he eventually gets will largely determine his emotions for the next day or a couple of days — sadness or joy. But, not even that is assured.

Kevin is a crypto trader who lost $500 some days ago, but still says with a knowing smile, “I have my happy days too, you know.”

Cryptocurrency, which used to be a buzzword, took the world by the storm within the last decade. It is believed to have wooed the people with its extraordinary qualities, one which the average currency hasn’t beaten.

First, let’s get the basics

Cryptocurrency, or crypto as it’s commonly called, is another ‘agent’ of exchange just like other monies. However, its properties are virtual, and it is stored or hosted within a different medium — Blockchain.

Some common types of cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple (XRP). In fact, as of January 2020, 2,000 cryptocurrencies already exist.

Trading these currencies is a business where people exchange them for digital assets, other currencies — legal tenders — or other virtual currencies.

Chris Ani, founder of Cryptohub — a cryptocurrency trading education platform — expounded in a previous article that the versatility of the decentralised digital currencies makes them highly valued.

According to him, they can be either a currency, commodities, or securities, depending on their use.

In relatable terms, people can use them to purchase goods and services, or pay for tuition, invest, donate to charity, and pay salaries. Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list.

Cryptocurrency is in a class of its own, but when placed beside other fiat currencies, its volatility tops the chart.

The reason a lot of Kevins would take such a loss in good faith is because of crypto’s distinctive volatility.

Since its value can also reach great heights — equal to the magnitude of the crashes experienced — there is hope for profit; and sometimes this can happen within the next hour, as another crypto trader reveals.

Cryptocurrency and Nigeria’s initial outlook
While digital currencies haven’t been legally permitted in several countries, many are still undecided. In most cases, the reluctance is influenced by the inability to regulate them.

In Nigeria, for example, digital currencies got quite a hostile reception back in 2017. The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) issued a circular (PDF) to all financial institutions banning transactions involving virtual currencies. According to the apex bank, they are largely untraceable and anonymous, making them susceptible to misuse.

For Mathew*, a Nigerian crypto trader, sadly this has formed the basis of most misconceptions about the his business.

“The most common misconception about crypto at large is that it is illegal or used for illegal dealings, and crypto traders, in turn, are seen as Internet fraudsters, though most online businesses are seen as synonymous with fraud in Nigeria. Some people also think of it as a bubble or a Ponzi scheme. There are some other misconceptions, but these two are the most common.”

Kevin also avers that the activities of Internet fraudsters worsen the situation as they also use it in scams.

It is probably paying off now
However, cryptocurrency seems to have experienced tremendous growth in Nigeria, especially in 2020, like a few other African countries.

The difference that occurred between 2017 and now was probably due to the trend of global crypto acceptance or how much more interest Nigerian youth have in virtual currencies.

This was confirmed in a report revealing that Nigeria experienced a 210.6% growth in crypto adoption in Q1 2020. The country is unarguably the largest source of Bitcoin trading volume in Africa.

The legality of cryptocurrency in some West African countries was addressed in a report (PDF) by Infusion Lawyers, a Lagos-based virtual law firm. It emphasises that there is no law in Nigeria, Ghana, or Kenya prohibiting or criminalising cryptocurrency dealings.

Recent events have projected an even brighter future for crypto in Nigeria. In April 2020, Nigeria had its first crypto Automated Teller Machine (ATM) installed in Lagos by Blockstale BTM. This ATM dispenses cash for bitcoin and accepts cash to convert to bitcoin

Interestingly, this is the fifteenth of its kind in Africa; South Africa has seven and Ghana owns two, while Djibouti, Kenya, Botswana, Uganda, and Zimbabwe have one each.

Also, African startups involved in virtual currencies appear to be getting the desired attention in terms of funding.

Nigeria’s crypto startup, Bitfxt secured a $15 million Series A investment in February 2020. Also in June, Venturburn reported that a blockchain-based Nigerian-founded fintech startup, Jamborow, raised $400,000 to launch in Nigeria.

And others are also not resting on their oars.

So much for financial inclusion

Apparently, devaluation of currencies sometimes contributes to the growing interest in cryptocurrency.

The Venezuelan Bolivar, for instance, is yet to recover from the 97.63% devaluation it experienced in 2019. At a point, the government implemented Petro — the first state-backed crypto — to probably help the situation, but it never took off because its legitimacy was questioned.

In slightly similar circumstances, the value of the Naira has been on the decline for years. Maybe this is partly responsible for the attention crypto is getting; it’s like a search for a more secure medium in terms of high returns despite its volatility.

The attention is good regardless, as it contributes to the nation’s economic growth; but it shouldn’t be expected to seriously impact Nigeria’s financial system.

While it is very unlikely for virtual currencies to become alternatives to legal tenders, their adoption will continue, albeit slowly, probably as people try to keep up with global trends.

However, Matthew opines that the knowledge about crypto is still generally low.

“The general outlook around the world is a bit similar to the outlook in Nigeria, not up to 10% of the world populace has an in-depth understanding of the potentials cryptocurrency and blockchain technology carry.”

Kevin echoes his sentiment but hopes that crypto someday becomes the currency that unifies the world.

On the face of it, the low interest in crypto can be put down to people’s scepticism. But that’s not the only reason.

The implication of this is that even a mainstream adoption may not contribute so much to Nigeria’s financial inclusion plan.

Although it has prospects for a cashless economy, it would not support the CBN’s plan to “make Nigerian adults have access to a broad range of formal financial services that are affordable.”

Eventually, even if the prospect of crypto holds promise, it is still not enough to cause a revolution.
Webmasters / Goodness Pro Blogger Template by clickloaded(m): 8:58am On May 23, 2019
Download Goodness Pro blogger template is a responsive, fast loading, SEO friendly, AdSense ready and mobile optimized theme
created to suit all your needs.
By Clickloaded team
Celebrities / Happy Birthday Atavwerunu Clinton CEO Clickloaded Blog by clickloaded(m): 12:02am On May 14, 2019
I trust this day blooms in my fantasies and wants for the span of normal everyday presence…

Set aside some push to compliment me and acknowledgment my wonder.

From the whole goldenbaze Media Blog Group we express an Exceptionally Noisy Glad Birthday to Atavwerunu Clinton Mr_click. May God continue favoring you past your needs, may you have an extraordinary arrangement logically gainful years on earth.. Advantage however much as could reasonably be expected from your day!!

You can Contact him via Web-based networking media;

Facebook: clickloaded.com.ng

Web: https://www.clickloaded.com.ng/

ABOUT clickloaded

Atavwerunu Clinton mr_click (clickloaded blog) is a vivacious blogger, plan coordinator, thing spectator and incredible post maker.

I blog as an understudy and I truly do everything from my room.

I worship sharing heavenly tips I discover solid to myself.

Mr_click is into web masterminding, with various areas on the outline of profitable structures,

Mr_Click will when all is said in done be a boss among the best fashioners you can approach concerning organizing your blog

From online journals to WordPress destinations, Mr_click can enable you to get your fantasy come live at a really moderate rate

See A greater amount of his photographs underneath;

lively birthday to Chief of clickloaded blog, Atavwerunu Clinton

On the off chance that its everything the equivalent to you save a few mins to wish him a Cheerful Birthday through the remark zone
Webmasters / Ultimate Guide For Meta Description Settings For Your Blog By Clickloaded by clickloaded(m): 12:45pm On Jan 04, 2019
A Meta description is an HTML and XHTML element that describes your page to search engines. While the perceived (and real) importance of Meta data has depreciated, the attribute still plays a significant role in SEO rankings. This definition was given by
Word stream and it proves to be the best and simple way to describe Meta description with small words.

Meta description is an HTML or XML element which tells search engine’s crawler about the webpage. Plus it is also picked us as snippets in search result and as description when you share the post on Google+, Facebook,
Twitter and other social networks.

How long should the Meta description be?
Meta descriptions can be any length, but search engines generally truncate snippets longer than 160 characters. It is best to keep Meta descriptions between 150 and 160 characters.

What is the Meta title?
The Meta title is the HTML code that specifies the title of a certain web page. It appears at the top left corner of your browser when you visit a web page. In coding, the Meta title is embedded at the header of a web page, above the Meta description and Meta keywords tags.

What does a Meta description do?
The function of a meta description for your page is simple: its main purpose is to get the visitor from Google to click your link. In other words, meta descriptions are there to generate click through from search engines.


It should be around 135 to 160 characters.

There is no ‘this number is right’ in this. It depends on what Google adds to your search result and how much they want to show. Google might, for instance, add the date to an article, and that will reduce the number of characters.

It could contain structured content.
Your Meta data should have content that are structured and is best describe the entire post in about 160 characters.

It should match the content.
This is important. Google will find the meta descriptions that trick the visitor into clicking. It might even penalize the site that created the meta description. You want the meta description to match the content on the page.

Step: 1
How to Enable Meta Description for Blogger by Adding Meta Description for Home Page
First we need to enable meta description for blogger by adding one for home page of the blog. Follow these steps;
On your blog’s Dashboard; go to your Settings > Search preferences > Meta tags > Description and click the Edit link.
Click the ‘Yes’ radio button.
Enter the meta description for your blog. This will appear on your homepage and other multi-post pages.
Click ‘Save Changes’ button

You have successfully enabled meta description for your blog and added a new meta description for you blog’s home page.

Step 2

Adding Meta Description to Each Blogger Posts and Pages

After doing the above you will see some change in your post or page editor. You will see a search description option. So; for adding meta description to each blogger posts and pages follow these steps:

On blogger dashboard click ‘Posts’; then select a post to edit or create a new post. For adding meta dashboard in a page go to ‘Pages’ tag and select a page to edit or create a new one.
· Click on ‘Search Description’ option under Post settings. It will not appear unless you have followed the step one above
· Enter the Meta description for the post and click ‘Done’.

You have to go edit each post manually for adding meta description in older posts.

Lucky you if you’re using WordPress there’s a plugin called Yoast SEO. So by installing this plugin you’ll have the whole thing in one place, all you’ve to do is to start filling the space

If you properly write a Meta description; chances are you post will be in top of the search results and more visits via social Medias. So you can understand why it is very important for your blog. Most importantly it is a vital tool for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Webmasters / Re: Naija Adsense Needed Urgently by clickloaded(m): 3:39pm On Oct 18, 2018
When you are a beginner, everything is extremely difficult to get hands into and making an Adsense improved About Us,

Contact Us And Policy Pages In is no exception by any means. Google Adsense has labeled this pages imperative in other for you to pick up Adsense endorsement. Such a large number of individuals has be dismissed or opposed by Adsense because of lacking substance which in one is identified with these pages.

There are different reasons you would need to make another page in blogger and WordPress, it could be to compose something important to you, it could likewise be to set down guidelines and one other choice may very well be to make a contact shape for individuals to connect with you.

Tinz you need to do 1st are:

1. Discuss YOURSELF.
3. Give THEM A Chance To Get In Touch With YOU.
Distributing YOUR ABOUT US PAGE.
Step By Step Instructions To CREATE A GREAT POLICY PAGE.

Webmasters / Re: Bloggers Help by clickloaded(m): 3:29pm On Oct 18, 2018
Experience simplicity and functionality in one theme.

Introducing Clickloaded Tech Blog Template an all in one solution for your blogging needs.


NGN2,000 - Buy Now

Blogging has revolutionized, and I have created a theme that fits well with the new brand of blogging.

Clickloaded Tech Blog is a responsive, fast loading, SEO friendly, AdSense ready and mobile optimized theme
created to suit all your needs.


do you Relly want to know more about Clickloaded Tech Blog Template

Web Market / Introducing Clickloaded Tech Blog Template by clickloaded(m): 3:22pm On Oct 18, 2018
Experience simplicity and functionality in one theme.

Introducing Clickloaded Tech Blog Template an all in one solution for your blogging needs.


NGN2,000 - Buy Now

Blogging has revolutionized, and I have created a theme that fits well with the new brand of blogging.

Clickloaded Tech Blog is a responsive, fast loading, SEO friendly, AdSense ready and mobile optimized theme
created to suit all your needs.


do you Relly want to know more about Clickloaded Tech Blog Template

Phones / MTN Added 75MB & 25MB Extra Data To Daily Subscribers by clickloaded(m): 8:13pm On Oct 08, 2018
That’s if you are still using it because I know a lot of you are busy with the mPulse data plans that gives you more for less. But for the record, MTN has increased the data plans allocated to daily subscribers.
The N100 and N200 daily data plans now have extra 25MB and 75MB respectively. If you can recollect earlier that MTN subscribers could only get 50MB and 150MB for 100 NGN and 200 NGN respectively. Now, subscribers will be entitled to get;
1. 50MB + 25MB bonus daily plan (75MB in total) for 100 NGN
2. 150MB + 75MB bonus daily plan (225MB in total) for 200 NGN.
How to Activate
Simply Dial *131*1# and follow guide display on your screen.

MTN introduced 75MB & 25MB extra statistics to each day subscribers via
Phones / Checkout: Whatsapp Picture In Picture Mode Rolling Out by clickloaded(m): 5:55pm On Oct 04, 2018
Picture in Picture – Just days ago, we saw the rollout of the Swipe to reply feature and now another feature is available. We earlier hinted sometimes in August that WhatsApp has been working on this feature and now the feature is ready and already rolling out.

The new feature dubbed PiP (Picture in Picture) mode allow you to view YouTube, Facebook and Instagram videos directly in WhatsApp.

So if someone share a Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram video with you on WhatsApp, the link will no longer take you outside of whatsapp but right within the app, There’s a play button; tapping it expands the video to the top of the chat and starts playing.

The entire WhatsApp conversation remains active underneath it, so you can still type and read and scroll normally.

The new feature is available for WhatsApp beta v2.18.301. You can join the beta program here or download the entire file manually from apk mirror .

Picture in Picture mode currently works on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Videos… twitter is not yet activated. Let us know once yours is active.

Phones / Checkout: Cheapest Data Plans For Ios, Android And PC Users In October by clickloaded(m): 5:38pm On Oct 04, 2018
Let’s look at what we have on the table this month regarding the cheapest data plans in October. Lately, we’ve been seeing lots of cheap data plans from various telcos and Glo users have witness improvement regarding the speed of the network.

Except in some locations where the network is still crawling but moving…

Yes, ntel is still one of the cheapest grand master of data out there giving you value for your money. Users have been facing difficulties activating the ntel plans since the previous month, some have even abandon their sim but you can easily activate your ntel plan by following this guide here .

N1000 for N12GB is a good bargain.

One thing I love about this network is that whenever you recharge, you get 200% of your airtime, which you can use to browse, call other networks and do otherwise depending on the packaging you are currently rocking…
You recharge N1000, you get extra N2000 = N3000. Use N1000 to subscribe for your data and rock the hell out of the remaining N2000.

Glo OgaSim:
Glo Ogasim gives you 125% bonus data whenever you recharge your line before your current plan expires. Guys are rocking it.
Take for instance, when you recharge with N1000, you get 4.8GB. N2500 gives you 14.4GB to last you for 30 days which you can always roll over.

Glo Jollific8
Gives you 5.2GB for N100 and 10.4GB for N200. It is now sim selective but working perfectly. See how you can activate it here .

Airtel NG
Airtel is offering subscribers 100% data bonus. This means that you can enjoy 100% data bonus for the next 3 months when you buy data bundle of N500 and above.
You’ll get 1.5GB for N500 (instead of 750MB ), 3GB for N1000 (instead of 1.5GB ), 6GB for N1,500 (instead of 3GB ), 7GB for N2,000 (instead of 3.5GB ) etc.

How Can I Activate it?
SMS Get to 141 .
Once done, you’ll receive a success message and the Airtel 100% data bonus will be active on your line for the next 3 months.
Check your data balance by dialing *223# or *140#
Airtel 12GB for N900
It’s a simple trick, that works for those who knows how its done. Just follow this guide here.
For Night Crawlers:
Do you have heavy file to download? Then I’ll suggest you make use of Airtel Night plan because it’s currently the cheapest plan.

To Activate Airtel Night Plan
This plan is exclusively for SmartTRYBE users on Airtel, it means you must migrate to Airtel SmartTRYBE before you can enjoy the offer, dial *312# then reply with 1
To Subscribe to Airtel 1.5GB for N200, 500MB for N25 and 1GB for N500
» Simply dial *312#
» For 500MB which cost N25 and 1.5GB for N200, reply with 3 – Night Plan from 12am – 5am.
Dial *140# to check your balance.

MTN has been browsing free of charge for a while now and I’m aware some of you are using it. Http injector, spark vpn and KPN tunnel Rev software, tweakware vpn etc. For those who don’t know and wish to know how to configure it, please join this whatsapp group and request for the settings. Group members will send it to you.

MTN mPulse: is still rocking and you get 1.2GB for N150. It powers all your applications. Please check this post for guide.
Airtime Giveaway

Phones / How To Activate Ntel Wawu Plan 12GB For N1000 The Easy Way by clickloaded(m): 2:14pm On Oct 03, 2018
I know you all have been waiting for a post about ntel… wondering whether they’ve gone to contest for election in another state or not. Fear not, they are very much around even though lots of users are paranoid for non-responsive query.
Site has been down for more than a month now and let me guess, their engineers are working on it. The network is now fast for those who succeeded in activating their data plan with a simple trick, while others are busy lamenting on social media.

The truth is, it will take longer period to get your Wawu plan activated if you are to go the way of the social media; however, ntel has been a little bit responsive with replies lately on their twitter handle and I’ll like to share with you the easy way of activating your ntel wawu plan.
If you have given up on ntel, maybe this is the time to reconsider this option and get your 12GB for N1000, rolling.

How to Activate ntel Wawu Plan The Easy Way
1. Recharge your line via https://www.quickteller.com/ntel . Once you’ve successfully done that,
2. Call their customer service line 070068355483 for instant activation.

Your line will be activated and your surfing session will resume accordingly. If you are to follow the social media trend, then you’ll need to wait for days or weeks before you’ll be attended to.

Those of you using. ntel data plans, kindly let us know how you activated yours.
Phones / Easiest Way To Stream Live HD Football Matches On Your Smartphone by clickloaded(m): 11:49pm On Oct 02, 2018
We’ve shared lots of applications Like Moko Live stream that allow you to watch live football from your Android smartphone at the comfort of your house.

And we are going to share with yet another simple, easy to use and install application that allows you to live football, Premier league, champions league, Europa, La Liga and all other football leagues across Europe.

Live NetTV provides 800+ live TV channels in 9 categories which are: Sports, Entertainment, News, Movies, Documentary, Cooking, Music, Kids and Religious. The service is absolutely FREE. It is so simple to use that you will instantly love it.

No sign up, no subscription, unlimited features, unlimited fun and absolutely free.
Requirements Before installation
Download Live Net TV app here
Download MX Player if you don’t already have it here

Enable unknown source from your Android device settings

How to Install
1. After successful download, launch the application, install and open the app.
2. Click on any TV app and select MX Player
3. Click on the 3 horizontal line by the left and select Live Event to see lists of current live matches.

For PC Users
You’ll need an emulator like Bluestack, MEmu or Andy installed on your PC before you’ll be able to live stream on your system.
The good thing about this Live net tv app is that its absolutely free with high quality.

via New Way To Stream Live HD Football Matches On Your Smartphone
Phones / Apple Ios 12 Now Available For Download by clickloaded(m): 11:34am On Sep 18, 2018
Apple has released iOS 12, its latest operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users as it had earlier promised.

iOS 12 is compatible with iPhone 5s and later, all iPad Air and iPad Pro models, iPad 5th generation, iPad 6th generation, iPad mini 2 and later and iPod touch 6th generation.

The iOS 12 update brings Improved Performance, Siri Shortcuts, Memoji, Screen Time, Shared AR Experiences and more.
How to Install iOS 12 Update

Go to Settings>>General>>software update
Download and install. The file is about 1.24GB in size.

In addition to that, Apple also released watchOS 5.0 for Apple Watch users. The watchOS 5 comes with an array of features like Walkie Talkie feature that lets you talk directly to family members using an Apple Watch. You can fire off a voice clip directly to another watch user with a tap of the wrist.

And finally, It has also released tvOS 12 for Apple TV that brings new Aerial Screensavers, Zero Sign-On, Dolby Atmos Support and more.

Download Apple iOS 12 Now Available via @clickloadedc - https://www.clickloaded.com.ng/2018/09/download-apple-ios-12-now-available.html
Phones / Whatsapp Latest Feature: Swipe To Reply, Dark Mode And Lots More by clickloaded(m): 10:04am On Sep 17, 2018
We’ve been seeing lots of changes from the WhatsApp messaging app and here we are again with another handful changes we are expected to see any moment from now.

Swipe to Reply:
iPhone users already has it and the messaging app is working on bringing it to Android. It will allow you to quickly reply to a message using a swipe right gesture. It essentially means you will no longer need to tap and hold the message to get the Reply button.

Dark Mode:
WhatsApp has finally started working on a Dark Mode for both iOS and Android. However, the report does not mention the exact timeline for the Dark Mode to roll-out to WhatsApp.
The upcoming dark mode feature will help reduce strain on user’s eyes while using WhatsApp at night or in low-light conditions. It will also help conserve battery on phones that have OLED displays.

Expandable Group Participants List
When there are more than 10 participants,
WhatsApp shows a More button that will present the full group participants list. This is already enabled in the update.


What do you think about this updates?

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Phones / Re: MTN Launches New Voice Over LTE Service by clickloaded(m): 9:18am On Sep 15, 2018
Nice1 from MTN, maybe Nigeria will be included in the second phase.
Phones / MTN Launches New Voice Over LTE Service by clickloaded(m): 9:16am On Sep 15, 2018
MTN has launched a new voice over LTE (VoLTE) service on its network in South Africa, which will be available from today.

The service is compatible with selected smartphones and is branded as HD Voice.

“The HD Voice service will allow customers to benefit from voice calls in clear, natural-sounding HD Voice on MTN’s LTE network – coupled with a faster call connection time,” MTN said.

To enable this service, customers are required to update their smartphones with the latest software update, after which their device will be automatically configured with support for HD Voice.

MTN will give qualifying customers a complimentary 1GB of data which can be used for the software update, it added.

The mobile operator said the introduction of VoLTE services will be carried out in two phases.

Starting in September, the first phases will support Samsung S8 and S8+, Huawei P20 Lite, Sony Xperia XZ2, and CAT S61 devices.

The second phase will be rolled out from October and will include support for additional smartphones.

MTN Launches new Voice Over LTE Administration via @clickloadedc - https://www.clickloaded.com.ng/2018/09/mtn-launches-new-voice-over-lte.html

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Phones / How To Power All Apps With MTN Mpulse Data Using Spark VPN And Psiphon Handler by clickloaded(m): 6:25pm On Sep 12, 2018
As of late MTN presented another tax plan called mPulse which offers a challenging 1.2GB for N150 and 350MB for N50. This presentation came as a shock, however we later found it's motivation was to peruse on the assigned mPulse site and for instructive purposes. How pitiful! Well luckily as each other thing, an escape clause was defined and now you van utilize the data to peruse on different locales, however some specialized learning and tweaking is required and would be included. Continue perusing..

KPN Rev burrow was at first utilized however I didn't compose an instructional exercise on it, still a few people unearthed it Google. Anyway if your KPN Rev burrow is never again working for MTN 1.2GB for N150 on mPulse plan please take after the guide underneath to influence it to work;
Download Spark VPN from Play store.
Download start design record here .

Step to set up start VPN for mPulse data
Webmasters / Premium Wordpress Plugins For 2018 You Should Have by clickloaded(m): 5:39am On May 23, 2018
WordPress modules give an awesome method to add to or broaden WordPress usefulness. In this manner, they can do likewise for your sites. In this post, you'll discover 10 WordPress modules that include the best 2018 choice of modules you should have or atleast remember.
A reasonable choice of WordPress modules is an absolute necessity. It can guarantee your WordPress site will perform ideally. The sites you are building will do as such also. You can be able to give guests precisely what they are searching for. Like this, you're making a win-win circumstance for your customers, for the site clients, and for yourself
This is as great a period as any to give your WordPress site what could be a genuinely necessary redesign. You can do as such by introducing at least one of the accompanying modules.

1. wpDataTables
Making anything besides the least complex tables and outlines can require some investment. Also, when you have gigantic measures of complex information to work with, it might barely appear to be justified regardless of the push to seek after the undertaking, yet it must be finished. At that point obviously, there's the matter of a graph's or table's coherence, responsiveness, or how effortlessly you can alter it or keep it current once you've made it.
wpDataTables deals with all that. This WordPress module is so effective thus simple to utilize, that in excess of one website specialist has changed over to WordPress just to have the capacity to exploit everything this mainstream module brings to the table.
This is a helpful apparatus to have when you're working with reams of money related or logical information, or you have to make and keep up a substantial item index for an online store.
Front-end altering, working with immense MySQL tables, and shading coding or featuring key information or information classes are only a couple of this WordPress module's numerous helpful highlights.

2. LayerSlider
LayerSlider isn't your normal slider-plan module. While you'll adore working with this WP module's consistently growing determination of professionally-outlined slider formats, there's considerably more to this bundle than you may have motivation to anticipate.
What LayerSlider gives you truth be told, is a total activity stage. It accompanies its own simplified visual manager which, when joined with its flexible format alternatives and vivified page pieces, enables you to construct displays, slideshows, and even an entire site utilizing these and this current module's different devices. This current module's undeniably well known Popup include enables you to utilize sliders as modular windows to give watchers membership updates, information exchange shapes, and other valuable data.
LayerSlider is absolutely gadget inviting, retina-prepared, and responsive, so your manifestations effortlessly adjust to cell phone, tablet, and work area screen sizes.
Not to overlook, the client bolster and the module's supporting documentation is fantastic and of the most elevated quality.

3. NextGEN Gallery and NextGEN Pro
Regardless of whether you select NextGEN display or NextGEN Pro, you'll get yourself ready to take your exhibition manifestations to the following level. A good recommendation will be to first try NextGEN display out – it's free; and in the event that you like what you see, and you most likely will, think about NextGEN Pro. NextGEN's creators suggest this approach.
NextGEN Gallery has been the business standard for an exhibition plan module since 2007. As you may expect, planning a generally straightforward exhibition with either form of NextGEN is a simple undertaking. What may shock you is that working with a great many pictures, gathering them into collections, or making and alter thumbnails is about as simple.
There's an assortment of exhibition show writes to pick among, including both slideshow and thumbnail styles; in addition, there's a wide assortment of measuring, timing, and change choices, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

4. CSS Hero
You've outlined and propelled a site, and abruptly you want to roll out a few improvements in its appearance.
Doing as such could take almost as much time as you spent amid the outline dispatch process.
Enter CSS Hero. This WP module is essentially a WYSIWYG constant CSS editorial manager that highlights a responsive altering mode, enabling you to see how your alters will show up on cell phones. The produced CSS template can be sent out as well, so there's no "merchant secure".

5. Blog2Social
The Blog2Social WordPress module gives a far reaching online networking mechanization answer for web-based social networking laborers, advertisers, and organizations of any size. More than being simply one more auto-posting apparatus, Blog2Social empowers you to choose your post positions, modify your posts, and shift your substance starting with one system then onto the next. Utilize Blog2Social to timetable and track your presents on any or all of 15 upheld online networking systems and their profiles, pages, or gatherings.

6. REXPANSIVE Page Builder
The Rexpansive module gives you a one of a kind method to make your designs. You basically embed content, pictures, and video in the sizes you need, no compelling reason to enter any qualities. Regardless of which topic you're utilizing, or which program or gadget you'll be showing your pages on, you won't require exceptional code or sets of instruments to guarantee everything will fit. Rexpansive's robotized content size-administration highlights deal with everything.

7. Gallant Knowledge Base
With assistance from the intense Heroic Knowledge Base module, you can make a learning database for your site that will enable clients to discover data they require in seconds. With assistance from this current module's examination and input gathering highlights you can figure out which articles or information are useful to the clients, and which may require change. Courageous Knowledge Base offers a phenomenal chance to transform a decent site into a honor winning one.

A debt of gratitude is in order for perusing, benevolently offer to achieve others that may require the information.
Technology Market / Sad News A World Class Blogger Just Lose Someone by clickloaded(m): 7:15am On Dec 10, 2017
a world class blogger the CEO of one the biggest tech blog www.clickloaded.com just lost someone close to him just lost her mum on d 7th of December 2:19_pm those to inform all clickloadedbite clickloaded we not b updated from now t next week we are going to notice all clickloadedbite wan the CEO and d admin is back so sad we miss u mum rip.
Phones / Make Easy Cash Online Without Cost Using Google's Blogger Platform by clickloaded(m): 8:51am On Sep 30, 2017
Lots of people have discovered ways to pull massive traffics and earn huge $$$ using Google's blogger. The best part of it is that it is totally free!
So what's blogger and how does it paintings? Blogger is a blogging host that is owned by google that allows you to create your personal blogs. It is an area wherein you can share your thoughts with the sector in your niche. In fact, you could pick to jot down about something that interest you, you could also proportion snap shots and motion pictures in your blog.

Developing a blogging web page is the best manner for someone who is just starting to take benefit of the internet to make cash online at no cost. Google blogger is completely cool to use due to the fact there are no website hosting costs or charges for Internet design or premium plugins.

It's taken into consideration one of the fine blogging hosts available today and it gives many benefits over some of the opposite alternatives that are available.

Advantages of using blogger:
*Blogger is one of the easiest approaches for novices to learn how to use a blogging website to make money.
*You could submit blogs every day or occasionally, whichever fits you the excellent.
*You can have numerous unfastened blogs at one time so if you need a couple of websites that communicate approximately completely different things, you can accomplish that without paying masses of expenses. You may also link your blogs collectively.
*Google's blogger gives numerous one-of-a-kind widgets that can be put in a ramification of locations all through your site depending on which format you use. These consist of twitter tools, associate links and social bookmarking equipment which could assist to sell your weblog and draw visitors for your web page so you make cash on-line without cost.
*There are many equipments in blogger with the intention to make the usage of the website easy and fun such as text hyperlinks, anchor textual content and clickable pics.
*You could use the gear observed interior your gmail account to personalize your unfastened Google blog.

*Your URL is automatically made visible to search engines using blogger platform
You could start off the use of the authentic layout that incorporates the gmail account or you can make an effort to discover ways to use the equipment presented with the aid of Google to trade things around. When you get acquainted with the whole lot you could discover ways to layout and personalize your site to make it extra interesting so you can make cash online totally free.

The layouts are smooth to apply and you may even select which fonts and colors you need to use at the web site. If you're an awesome creator and you pick out content material that others are inquisitive about, it have to be clean to attract visitors on your website. Blogger is an exceptional preference for the amateur and something you ought to keep in mind the use of when you're geared up to take benefit of making money from the Internet.

As soon as you realize the way to use all the Google devices you may customize your blog turning it right into a expert searching website. Then, you could begin adding pay-in keeping with-click ads and different methods to make cash and turn your weblog into a money making site where you can make cash without cost.
You may read up this article Blogging As a Business to learn how easy it is to use blogging and become a successful self sustaining entrepreneur..

via Clickloaded.com

If you have further questions ask via comments section below..
Phones / Using Gokeyboard You Could Be At Risk Of Losing Your Private Data by clickloaded(m): 8:29am On Sep 30, 2017
Go keyboard is an android application developed by GOMO DEV Team, and news going around is that it may be stealing your information including your email login details.
The apps have over 200 million users and allegedly communicate with "dozens" of ad networks and third-party trackers. As soon as you install one of the two GO Keyboard apps (GO Keyboard-Emoji keyboard, Swipe input, GIFs " and " GO Keyboard-Emoticon keyboard, Free Theme, GIF." ), information about you is being transmitted.
According to the report , the GO apps send to its server information like your Google email account associated with your Google Playstore, screen size, Android version, build and device model. Since the app records every letter you type on your phone, the server owner could start collecting whatever information he/she wants from GO Keyboard users.
Additionally, the apps communicate with tracking networks and execute code from a remote server.
Although Google has been informed but they are yet to decide what to do.. If you still have it installed on your Android phone, you need to take precautionary measures to secure your data or best of all uninstall the app application and use other alternatives like swiftkey.
Kindly share this information to help inform others.

via clickloaded.com

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