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Foreign Affairs / Re: Gaza Massacre: Protesters Storm US Military Base In Turkey (video) by Cozbymaster97(m): 7:25pm On Nov 06, 2023

US NEVER fought a formidable force

All European countries, including USSR joined with US to defeat Germany
Do you even know history at all?
Foreign Affairs / Re: US Announces New Nuclear Bomb 24 Times More Powerful Than One Dropped On Japan by Cozbymaster97(m): 1:34pm On Nov 04, 2023
Please stop wasting your precious time responding to some one who chooses to wallow behind the wall of ignorance.
Name one thing China has created from their own idea till date!!
Foreign Affairs / Re: US Announces New Nuclear Bomb 24 Times More Powerful Than One Dropped On Japan by Cozbymaster97(m): 1:33pm On Nov 04, 2023

Dey play.

Even U.S two months ago acknowledged China is leading in the development of hypersonic missiles that can circle the globe before speeding towards it target. Missile that can even penetrate U.S. missile defenses. Biden even went on to accuse China of being too hostile. Hypocrisy of the U.S.
Lead kor leadership ni…
Una still de believe all these media propaganda in 2023?

Foreign Affairs / Re: US Announces New Nuclear Bomb 24 Times More Powerful Than One Dropped On Japan by Cozbymaster97(m): 11:11am On Oct 31, 2023
One of the reasons I don't like the US.

Create weapons of mass destruction, sell or deploy them and destroy other nations only to come back and start advocating peace and doling out humanitarian aids.

If na China produce this one, propaganda go full everywhere with calls for disarmament.
Wetin China fit produce?
China only copy sorry
Foreign Affairs / Re: Why The World Is Dumping The US Dollar. by Cozbymaster97(m): 7:21am On Aug 25, 2023
Meet the new BRICSTARS. . . . grin
See people that wants to challenge the west!
Its only China that has something to offer.
The rest are there to seek loans
Foreign Affairs / Brics Summit by Cozbymaster97(m): 6:22pm On Aug 23, 2023
I am yet to hear any tangible results of floating a new currency or dedollarization.
See its all propaganda?
Is this how BRICS wanna challenge USA?
Almight Putin cannot even leave Russia again
What a pity
Foreign Affairs / African Union (AU) Suspends Niger Republic by Cozbymaster97(m): 2:31pm On Aug 22, 2023
The African Union (AU) has suspended Niger Republic from all its activities following a military coup on July 26, the Union said in a statement released on Tuesday.

The AU reiterated calls for the coup leaders to release elected President Mohamed Bazoum and return to their barracks.

The AU Peace and Security Council has taken note of West African bloc ECOWAS' decision to activate a standby force for a possible military intervention and asked the AU Commission to assess the economic, social, and security implications of deploying such a force.

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has said it is prepared to send troops into Niger if diplomatic efforts to restore democracy fail.

The AU called on all of its member states and the international community to refrain from any action that could legitimise Niger's junta, and said it strongly rejected interference from any actor or country outside of Africa.

ECOWAS had turned down the three-year transition plan proposed by Niger’s military ruler General Abdourahamane Tchiani.

SaharaReporters on Sunday reported that Abdourahamane Tchiani said his government planned to return power back to civilian rulers in the next three years.

General Tchiani during a televised address on Saturday evening said neither the junta “nor the people of Niger want war and remain open to dialogue.”

But Abdel-Fatau Musah, ECOWAS Commissioner for Political Affairs, Peace and Security, in an interview with BBC, described General Tchiani’s proposal as unacceptable.

It was also reported that hundreds of Nigerians took to the streets over the weekend to express their support for the military regime.

Their protest coincided with ECOWAS's insistence on invading the country to flush out couple leaders if diplomacy fails to return deposed President Mohamed Bazoum to power.

The gathering took place on the same day that a government official in Niger stated that negotiations between the ECOWAS team, led by former Head of State General Abdulsalami Abubakar, retd, and the junta produced little progress.

The officer also stated that severe divides exist among the presidential guard, which deposed President Bazoum, and that if ECOWAS launches an attack on the Niger Republic, the bulk of troops in the presidential complex will evacuate.

This was even as Pope Francis canvassed a diplomatic solution to the political crisis on Sunday.

Protesters sang anti-colonialist chants against France and, in particular, ECOWAS, which is preparing a military intervention to restore elected President Mohamed Bazoum if continuing talks with coup leaders fail.

The new military authorities of the Sahel state have officially prohibited protests, but those in favour of the coup are permitted to go ahead.

The demonstrators waved placards, saying “stop the military intervention” and “no to sanctions”, in reference to the financial and trade restrictions imposed by ECOWAS.

The weekend's pro-coup rally was accompanied by musicians praising the new military regime, according to AFP.

The latest in a string of pro-coup rallies came a day after the new military ruler in Niamey warned that an attack on Niger would not be a “walk in the park.”

SaharaReproters on Saturday reported that a delegation from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) had arrived in Niger in a last-ditch effort to peacefully resolve the standoff with the coup leaders in the country.

SaharaReporters had also reported that most member states of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) except Cape Verde and countries under military rule had affirmed their readiness to participate in a military intervention in Niger.


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Politics / Re: Africa Joins BRICS Against Western Dominance And Political Influence by Cozbymaster97(m): 2:35pm On Aug 18, 2023

South Africa will host and presides over the 15th BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) Summit from August 22 to 24 at the Sandton Convention Centre (SCC) in Johannesburg, purposefully to deliberate on a broad range of important multiple issues, including new membership, common currency, various parameters of development and security and institutional architecture, on the discussion table.

Which of the Africa.

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Foreign Affairs / �breaking: Reports Of Wagner Forces Have Entered Moscow Oblast by Cozbymaster97(m): 3:27pm On Jun 24, 2023
Notes: Below video is UNVERIFIED, and we could not CONFIRM Wagner is in Moscow Oblast, however based on all the reports we're getting, I am confident tweeting this and stating that this is likely true. We are trying to verify this in the current space.

Foreign Affairs / BREAKING: Putin’s Plane Has Left Moscow For St. Petersburg. by Cozbymaster97(m): 2:04pm On Jun 24, 2023

Putin’s plane has left Moscow for St. Petersburg.

Looks like he is fleeing from the advancing Wagner Group military column.


Foreign Affairs / Locals In Rostov Have Begun Bringing Food And Drink For Wagner Fighters. by Cozbymaster97(m): 12:23pm On Jun 24, 2023

Russian civilians in Rostov have started bringing food and water to the Wagner Group soldiers stationed in their city.

Foreign Affairs / Re: Zelensky Arrives At G7 Summit In Japan by Cozbymaster97(m): 3:48pm On May 20, 2023
Are russian soldiers not dying too?
Very good response
Those Putin lunatics are so dumb
Foreign Affairs / Re: Montana Becomes First US State To Ban Tiktok; Law Likely To Be Challenged by Cozbymaster97(m): 9:01am On May 18, 2023
Foreign Affairs / Re: China Does Not Care What The US Does Anymore by Cozbymaster97(m): 1:21pm On May 16, 2023
Na you care na.
Foreign Affairs / Russia Loses 27 Artillery Systems, 12 Apvs And 6 Tanks In A Day: Ukraine by Cozbymaster97(m): 10:34am On May 16, 2023
Ukraine's military destroyed or captured 27 Russian artillery systems, 12 armoured personnel vehicles (APVs) and six tanks on Friday, according to the country's general staff.

The claims were made on social media as part of a daily update released on Saturday.

Over the past few days, Ukrainian forces have made gains around the embattled Donbas city of Bakhmut, which Moscow has spent the past few months trying to seize. Kyiv is expected to launch a major counter-offensive in the coming months, although President Volodymyr Zelensky has said he needs "a bit more time" for the necessary equipment to arrive.

The latest Ukrainian military report claims 590 Russian personnel were "liquidated," on Friday, bringing its estimated total of enemy fatalities since the invasion began to 198,260.

Since Putin's "special military operation" was launched in February 2022, Kyiv says it has destroyed 3,751 Russian tanks and 7,307 APVs.

Ukraine also claimed it took out 29 Russian unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVS), and two anti-aircraft missile systems on Friday.

Saturday's report concluded: "Punch the Occupier! Together we will win! Our power is in the truth!"

British defence intelligence also released a military update on Saturday claiming Ukrainian troops had "regained at least a kilometre of territory" over the past four days.

The UK claimed Russia's 72nd Separate Motor Rifle Brigade "likely withdrew in bad order" from south of Bakhmut, following the Ukrainian attack, with the unit "dogged with allegations of poor moral and limited combat effectiveness."

On Friday, Yevgeny Prigozhin, head of the pro-Moscow mercenary group Wagner, claimed Russian soldiers "simply fled from the flanks" around Bakhmut.

He said Russia had lost ground it spent months capturing, commenting: "The entire operation from the west to Bakhmut lasted from 8 October [2022], seven months. During this time, we took, in particular, the Berkhivka Reservoir, the settlement of Berkhivka and moved along the Bakhmut-Slavinsk road in the direction of Slavinsk. Now the reverse process is happening."

Wagner, which has recruited heavily from Russian prisons, is heavily engaged in Bakhmut itself, with Prigozhin insisting the devastated city "will be taken."


Foreign Affairs / Re: Why Does The USA Think It Can Stop China From Doing Anything? by Cozbymaster97(m): 4:21am On May 09, 2023
maybe you just wrote your jamb this year right? Don't you know how to use google search engine. I hate arguing with lazy people I swear. Now check that that
Is there any falsehood on what I said?

You are showing me written articles.
I’m talking about real life scenario.

Anything can be written and reality is different.
Tell me one Chinese independent technology that was made without western invention?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Why Does The USA Think It Can Stop China From Doing Anything? by Cozbymaster97(m): 9:45pm On May 08, 2023
no one will feel relaxed seeing his competitor catching up
Who is challenging who?
Have u looked at ur current affairs and see the country that invented 70% of the technologies being used today?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Why Does The USA Think It Can Stop China From Doing Anything? by Cozbymaster97(m): 9:42pm On May 08, 2023
I posted evidence up there check the thread , china is also manufacturing chips chips manufacturing is not a rocket science even Iran manufactures chips they also export them
You don’t even know what you’re saying.
Same 5G you are claiming China is ahead
Is the same 5G HUAWEI can’t use cause USA said no!
I laugh in spanish.

USA is miles ahead of China
Leave propaganda and see reality.
You talked of AI, they said China was ahead until USA released ChatGPT now other countries wanna catch up.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Why Does The USA Think It Can Stop China From Doing Anything? by Cozbymaster97(m): 9:06pm On May 08, 2023
china is leading US in electric batteries, hypersonics and advanced radio-frequency communications such as 5G and 6G, it is also leading in infrastructures , it is also leading in drones, machine learning, nuclear energy, photovoltaics, and quantum sensors
Where are the stats or facts to backup ur claim.
Ordinary chip small Taiwan and Korea are manufacturing.
Chaina can’t.
You are talking about China that packages western technology.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Why Does The USA Think It Can Stop China From Doing Anything? by Cozbymaster97(m): 9:57am On May 08, 2023

Many of them still believe we're still in the 1900s, China is way ahead of the u.s in many sectors.
Name the sectors in which China is ahead of USA pls
Foreign Affairs / Re: ‘ukraine Shoots Down Russian Hypersonic Missile Using US Patriot System’ by Cozbymaster97(m): 9:42pm On May 05, 2023
Why was the post deleted? From the originator's twitter handle again why haven't Ukraine commented on such development
It’s all over the news sir
Foreign Affairs / Re: ‘ukraine Shoots Down Russian Hypersonic Missile Using US Patriot System’ by Cozbymaster97(m): 9:29pm On May 05, 2023
Russia's military is overrated
The much touted hypersonic weapon has been downed.
These countries just makes noise and nothing more.
Same with China

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Foreign Affairs / ‘ukraine Shoots Down Russian Hypersonic Missile Using US Patriot System’ by Cozbymaster97(m): 9:13pm On May 05, 2023
Wreckage of the rocket, known in Russia as the ‘dagger’, falls on an empty football stadium in Kyiv.

Ukraine has intercepted a Russian hypersonic missile for the first time, it has been reported.

Local media reports suggested air-defence units operating the highly-advanced, US-provided Patriot missile system could have been responsible for the unprecedented feat.

Images purportedly showing the fragments of a downed Kh-47M2 Kinzhal missile, which Russia claims can fly at 10 times the speed of sound, were published by the Ukrainian Defence Express outlet.

The wreckage of the missile, known in Russia as the “dagger”, fell on an empty football stadium in Kyiv after a loud explosion was reported in the early hours of Thursday morning.

The bang coincided with a long-range Russian barrage using Iranian-made drones and less sophisticated missiles targeting the Ukrainian capital, according to local administrators, who did not confirm the use of a hypersonic missile.

Pictures of the remains appeared to show a hole in the top of the weapon’s pointed shell, reportedly created by a precision munition, while the rocket was still mid-air.

The Defence Express outlet claimed it had “obviously” been intercepted by a newly-acquired Patriot missile system.

A soldier from the Ukrainian air-defence team responsible for the interception confirmed the Kinzhal had been destroyed by the US-donated system, in a tweet that has since been deleted.

The unit reportedly detected, tracked and downed the missile in its final stages of flight, when it starts to slow down.

Officials from Ukraine’s Air Force refused to comment on the claims.
Before the apparent interception there were no known successful attempts in taking out the hypersonic weapon, which had been dubbed “unstoppable” by the Kremlin.

Russian forces first used the Kinzhal in combat in Ukraine on March 29 last year, when the missile was used to strike a fuel depot.

The missile, which is fired from specially adapted Mig-31 jet fighters, has a claimed range of up 1,900 miles.

According to Russian claims, the missile cannot be downed by any of the West’s most advanced air-defence systems

Until the delivery of Patriot systems to Ukraine, Kyiv’s armed forces said they had no way of intercepting the hypersonic rocket.


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Foreign Affairs / US To Send F-15 Strike Eagle Fighter Jets To India (BRICS) Nation by Cozbymaster97(m): 7:27pm On Apr 11, 2023
Indian and US Special Forces are carrying out wargames amid ongoing military tensions with China.

New Delhi, April 10

The Indian and US Special Forces are carrying out wargames amid ongoing military tensions with China. These wargames are being carried out with a focus on supporting fighter aircraft operations in frontline areas.

Special Forces likely to join up with the larger contingent including fighter, transport aircraft at Kalaikunda. The US Air Force is scheduled to bring in F-15 Strike Eagle fighter jets but there may be some changes. These wargames are happening at a time when India is engaged in military standoff with China. Multiple wargames are carried out by IAF as India is working towards strengthening the military alliance. Recently, India has conducted joint military exercises with countries like the UK and the UAE. India will also go to France with its most potent Rafale fighter jets for multilateral exercise, Orion.

IAF has been country’s strongest wing along with the ground troops in the conflict with China. Indian Special Forces also deployed in Eastern Ladakh for supporting fighter aircraft, combat helicopter ops.


Phones / Re: Iphone 14 Or Samsung S23 by Cozbymaster97(m): 7:09am On Mar 08, 2023
Your grandfather
Did I comment for you?
Phones / Re: Iphone 14 Or Samsung S23 by Cozbymaster97(m): 10:29am On Mar 05, 2023
14 pro max
Tends to be outperforming the S23 from all benchmarks.
It’s really a powerful device with better battery life then the samsung

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Sports / Re: Kylian Mbappe Angry Over Messi’s Contract, Wants To Leave PSG by Cozbymaster97(m): 9:04pm On Dec 29, 2022
Phones / Re: Where Is The Overhyped Harmony OS by Cozbymaster97(m): 12:05pm On Nov 27, 2022
Harmony os dead on arrival ke? Are you for real? That is the same thing people said about ios when the original iphone came out, now iphone is one of the best out there.
I don't think huawei can go back to Android even if Usa lifts the ban.
Will the western world ditch western OS for China OS?
Even Huawei CEO said huawei is good as dead without US technology
Phones / Re: Where Is The Overhyped Harmony OS by Cozbymaster97(m): 6:12pm On Nov 26, 2022
It's likely just customised Android without Google Apps.
Dont mind China and copy copy


Phones / Re: Where Is The Overhyped Harmony OS by Cozbymaster97(m): 6:10pm On Nov 26, 2022
For an Os just some years old, it is actually trying..
About your question on your post title, Harmony os is found on the new huawei phones if you are looking for it. Gionee had to adopt it on one of their new series..
I think their ecosystem is trying hard to be like that of Apple..

But it’s dead on arrival already.
And Gionee latest flagships has been Android OS

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