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Politics / Re: Salihu Lukeman: Oshiomhole Has Hijacked Ize-Iyamu’s Campaign by Danwakae(m): 1:05pm On Aug 08

Mr., u are the one who should be ashamed for wanting Obaseki.

Over the years, politics has grown into a dirty game. Take a look at what is happening in US, you will understand. All what u need is to make informed decision based on what u hear or see and then pitch ur tent.

Obaseki said " because he dosen't want to share money, d reason they are fighting him"......... this could have been true if he hadn't gone to share thesame money with the tax collectors.

Like i have always said, POI is a better person between the two bad apples. If ur from Edo state and was matured enough during d pdp reign, u will understand except u were part of those benefiting then from them.

Is it that my English is too bad that u can't understand ? ... any masses that compare politics in the US to Nigeria needs medical attention...even countries like Ghana, Rwanda, Southy... They have better politicians than Nigeria, they r ahead of Nigeria in politics,... many africa Countries that Lagos State is richer than , are doing far better than Nigeria despite our wealth...tho, I registered in Taraba state , but at a gun point I will never vote for POI or Obaseki ,my vote will not count , and those doing so to both are sick and stupid ... The only thing I see is that Oshobaba is taking Edolites for fools, becuase after bringing Obaseki and spilling so much rubbish on Pastor Ize-Iyamu(which we cant say if it's true or false), in less than 4years he came back to say it was a mistake(no problem, all humans are prone to mistakes) , but for him to pick Same Ize-Iyamu he condemned to the world is a shame to Edo people and Nigeria as a whole, is Obaseki and Ize-Iyamu only people in Edo state ? , it's a shame, that's how they have been decieving us with Parties, Religion and Tribe, while we fight and kill oursleves ,they keep moving from one party to another. and Nigerians are seriously suffering and dieing daily. In my village in Taraba state , they kidnappe in a broad daylight, they even kidnappe the DPOs who are meant to protect us , they collect tricycles, motorcycle, anything from the masses including from those who got it from higher-purchase, but my people will say religion and my brother in power , same to Kastina state , the president state, they keep oppressing the people to silent them after daily killings by foreigners in the name of Baba Buhari is our brother and father, the enemies against him are the ones behind it, for how long ? ...these leaders no longer care but for the funds to steal, nd when they bribe themselves and give some Kobo to some masses, they are free to the treasury to steal and steal our generation and some of u will still come online to support them, and pick bad from 'bads'... I'm ashame as a Nigerian , and I am also ashame for u to compare the politics in US to Nigeria... Go to Ghana, Rwanda , Ethiopia , just their airport alone , u will cry for ur father land, and u want to compare the US to Nigeria , who pays unemployed citizens and citizens , country that will never sleep is a citizen dies, and u compare them to Nigeria they killings, hardship , suffering is part of the politics , the lockdown did not teach u pple lesson yet u must correlate, party, religion and tribe to all elections as the political ciminal leaders want it, whereas, none of their children are in Nigeria , they divide and rule, winner takes all, make things difficult for u , so that when u are hungry , u will be scared to fight for what belongs to u and take everyshit from them for ur survival ( i.e using the military leadership rule 53, to govern u) , I don't want to talk about South Africa.. let alone USA... Just small Ghana here they conduct election without declearing holiday , people votes while doing their daily job , but not in Nigeria the acclaim lion of africa, same to India , Indonesia that Nigeria population is not close to, yet the peoples votes counts. When are we going to wake up in Nigerians ??, Things are getting worse , 2023 will be the worst , which is the brain behind the problems in Edo state ... It is a slap to our face ...former President Obasanjo also did thesame and even tried to repeat it the 4th time in 2019 ... Shame to all Nigrians , world capital of poverty with the world richest leaders and politicians... Here in Edo north ,when PDP comes , the people go to get something to eat, when APC comes same thing happens , also other parties ,the PDP have bought majority of the people while APC pumping good money to counter such move with a take over of the Edo assembly to achieving their aim since they can't withstand ...ND the fact is that who ever becomes victorious will always steal the money back, and the people keep suffering So sad ...I am still waiting for Nigerians to wake up, cos no matter what , I will never be poor or hope on any politician to get money... May Allah alone be praise for that.
Politics / Re: Salihu Lukeman: Oshiomhole Has Hijacked Ize-Iyamu’s Campaign by Danwakae(m): 7:44am On Aug 08
Salihu, ur free to hijack Obaseki's campaign abi hijacking is monoplolized?

Because of people like u, Nigeria is gone... Same way Oshobaba hijacked Gov Obaseki campign against Pst Ize-Iyamu in 2016 and in 2020 , Oshobaba is kneeling from one palace to the other begging that he made a mistake on the choice of Obaseki ... Tell me that in 2024 , Oshobaba will not come out to tell us that Pst Ize-Iyamu was a mistake ?... and people like u will collect Kobo from the party and come online to spill rubbish ...same play in Nigeria as a whole , many of u supports well known criminals in the name of religion, tribe , region or Hunger, and u pple keep dieing daily as a results... Shame to all of u... Sold your powers to those thieves ... It's unfortunate , Oshobaba is gone ...Obaseki will also taste his own ahead, 2024 ...they r same .


Politics / Re: Salihu Lukeman: Oshiomhole Has Hijacked Ize-Iyamu’s Campaign by Danwakae(m): 7:37am On Aug 08
Before nko ?
Anyone who is following happenings in Edo state knows the election is between Oshiomole and Obaseki. POI is just Oshiomole's stooge.

President Buhari need to call Oshiomole to order before he sets the state on fire.

Oshobaba is gone ...Obaseki has won... Oshobaba last bet is to get a grip of the house of assembly to impeached Gov Obaseki ...there would be no bloodbath .

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Autos / Re: How Innoson Military Trucks Are Manufactured (Photos, Video) by Danwakae(m): 6:48pm On Aug 07
Innoson can manufacture military vehicles?

Like seriously.

But it cant manufacture ordinary ambulance ~ Ifeanyi Ubah

Keep deceiving yourselves with useless ivm. undecided

Innoson has manufactured many MRAP(Miles Resistance protection ) vehicles for the Nigerian Arm[(NA) ..., They have manufactured countless of ambulances ... Sen Uba may not like to patronise IVM if they aren't in good term... and don't forget , when u patronise IVM as a politician , u tend to lose due to corruption.


Politics / Re: DSS, Police To Withdraw Operatives From Impeached Edo Speaker, Deputy by Danwakae(m): 6:03pm On Aug 07

Another theory after the failure of the long polmulgated ones. Console yourself bro.

I pity u ..was posted to Edo from the north(work) , I don't rely on any politicians for survival , as such, u should be consoling yourself incase your candidate or ur party lose , ahead of the suffering and hunger that await you...u can even hard fasting to it, and go give that ur St..pd biz pastor money ahead...goodluck.
Politics / Re: DSS, Police To Withdraw Operatives From Impeached Edo Speaker, Deputy by Danwakae(m): 1:01pm On Aug 07
This is sweeting me.
Ipob failed again

Is Gov Obaseki an Igbo ?... The election is the Govs to lose , base on what am seeing in Edo north... Endorsing Pst Ize-Iyamu doesn't mean implies victory , afterall, fmr Gov Mohamed of Bauchi was endorsed by Baba Buhari same to fmr Gov Jubrilla Bindow of Adamawa ... It is now clear that Oshobaba is losing thereby pushing for a hold of the Assembly in order to impeached Gov Obaseki when he finally wins... No doubt the election will be tough but if Oshobaba fails to get federal might , he may be humiliated like Sen. Godswill Akpabio ...

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Politics / Re: Victor Edoror: Malami Instructed IGP, DG DSS To Provide Us With Security by Danwakae(m): 10:34am On Aug 07
that is their cup of tea if they are sure they should approach the legislative complex in ring road. Non be to dey make noise here and there and some people from East and west making some unfounded claims.

Pdp is just waiting for them to make some move before the whole state will boil. Make we see weda fg go rest. Everyone is told Edo non be Lagos.

allow free and fair elections whoever that wins will be sworn in but if they want to cause wahala because they feel they have fg backing then the state will be a free for all very soon just very soon.

I am presently in Edo north ... There is nothing like FG, PMB has never been involve in any state election in Nigeria , we have seen many of his incumbent Govs lose elections , some people are just using the IG, illegally to rig election in the name of Baba Buhari... Good that Gov Obaseki went to the Edo house yesterday to confront them , if not they would have claimed that his PMB that sent those police ...same thing they did in Rivers , Kogi , Osun, Kano... They did it of recent before Gov Wke went to rescue the former MD of NDDC.
Politics / Re: Victor Edoror: Malami Instructed IGP, DG DSS To Provide Us With Security by Danwakae(m): 10:17am On Aug 07
Dont mind them as if obaseki is not expecting all this nonsense.

The new speaker should go ahead with his business since he has the backing of fg. I pity those people that will die from this apcshit choas.

Obaseki has said if they want war they will get it so let see if they will kill everybody.

If the Edoror is so sure about winning why is he running up and down afterall 19th September is already here and they simply win the election for ize-iyamu and they will elect their legislative executives.

Oshobaba, APCNG, PMB will not congratulate them, they know it ,but are only using it to unsettle the Gov ahead of the election ...

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Politics / Re: Victor Edoror: Malami Instructed IGP, DG DSS To Provide Us With Security by Danwakae(m): 10:13am On Aug 07

I agree totally with the new speaker. If the governor feels that 18 members out of 24 cannot elect a speaker of their choice, he should approach the court to rule on the legality or otherwise of the election and stop causing confusion all over the state. Removing the roof of the assembly and littering the assembly gate with sand won’t change anything.

14 memebers are still in court challenging the decision of the court to have declared their seats vacant, as such , the impeachment can be valid if they can still lure like more 5 members from Obaseki camp and precede with a legal impeachment... APCNG, Oshobaba, National leader BAT, PMB, will not congratulate them because ,what they did is election distraction to disabilise and unsettle the Gov Obaseki camp ahead of the election...
Politics / Re: Victor Edoror: Malami Instructed IGP, DG DSS To Provide Us With Security by Danwakae(m): 10:05am On Aug 07

You're all Hypocrites. The rate at which you people supports impunity that favours you is nothing to write about..
Where were you when Obaseki refused to inaugurate democratically elected Honorables?
Had it been APC, the internet would have been on fire.
I hate hypocrisy.

The APC got it wrong, they should have also lured like another 5 memebers from Gov Obaseki's camp before preceding legally for the impeachment because 14 members are still fighting in court after their seat was declared vacants...The best way to have made it stand is for Oshobaba to have lure like more 5 memebers from the Obaseki , who were sworn in , and on that note the impeachment would stand...

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Politics / Re: Victor Edoror, Others Visit Police Commissioner (Photos) by Danwakae(m): 9:29pm On Aug 06
Edo is becoming Lagos

No matter who wins Edo can never be Lagos in reality...

Those of you outside Edo are only making more noise for parties while those here are struggling for breathe daily ...that meeting will never stand, Some of u r not good students of history ...they have tried same drama on many occasions in Nigeria and it ended a child play ... I am still waiting to hear from Oshobaba , once he congratulate them , then I will just give the victory to the Gov Obaseki , because it shows the power we are expecting from Oshobaba himself has failed , and what they did will not stand at all for those who knows the law... Here in Edo, Edo-North, it's really strong on both sides and the people are cashing out , the winner will only be known after the counting of the ballots

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Politics / Re: Edo: Yekini Ideiye, 4 Others Dump Obaseki For Ize-Iyamu (Photo) by Danwakae(m): 10:31pm On Aug 04

Your speech is too incoherent. Nevertheless, you failed to hit the nail on the head.

I guess so , cos I try to pass so many message without conclusion as things are still unfolding
Politics / Re: Edo: Yekini Ideiye, 4 Others Dump Obaseki For Ize-Iyamu (Photo) by Danwakae(m): 9:30pm On Aug 04

I'm in Edo north, from the look of things right now, this is going to be the easiest election in Edo north, PDP has no chance.

You are a party man...APC ...Oshobaba cannot say this on a serious note...

I expect the APC to win Edo north , but I don't see them wining the general election without federal might... Without the defection of Obaseki groups 2020 and Pst Ize-Iyama 2016, the PDP has been a very strong force in Edo, they have always won won 2 senatorial seats apart from the Edo north during the APC reign in both state and federal, and now they have state, and has always got more than 40% in Edo north even under The Oshobaba himself as Gov...Even with 80% in Edo north win for APC, victory is not garantee without getting atleast 50% each in the remaining two PDP dominated south and central zone with the bulk votes, and as such , federal might comes in...and with luring of strong Edo north memebers in Obaseki's APCgroup, it is clear that the APC is looking at a replay of Kogi script which helped APC to defeat the bulk votes from the Igala PDP dominated zone. but the issue here in Edo is , who will play the role of Oshobaba in mobilizing the federal might since he is no longer in office ?, no incumbency power to cover up the federal might , only has a senator , 5 of 9 National house member, and a Govs committee, of which El-Rufai is being lackadaisical on it....we all know Buhari will never meddle in a Guber election , as we have seen in many cases... It is a big battle for Oshobaba because what most of u don't know is that Gov Obaseki is a baby politician been backed by a grassroot politician (Shuaibu, Gov Obaseki new Oshobaba, kaaki man) and the APC group for 2023( El-Rufai , Amaechi, Amosun , Okorocha...APC group) , join with the everly strong PDP in Edo South and Central respectively , even with behavior from the president, who has been more closer to Obaseki even after his defection to PDP than his own candidate of APC , Pst Ize-Iyamu , it's going to ...Note this..EDO2020ELECTION is about Oshobaba survival and the 2023 plan by some group in APC, and whether win or lose Gov Obaseki will defect back to APC, same to Gov Orton, Gov Umayi... the fact is , PST Ize-Iyamu , O Gov G.O has nothing to lose in this election whether win or lose...but Oshobaba ... Apart from , Gov Ganduje and maybe Yahaya Bello being supportive to Oshobaba , who else among the campign committee Gov members is helping Oshobaba ?... I am still waiting for the campign kick off on Saturday to see if Gov El-Rufai will show and what he has to offer since he is not in BAT2023 group in APC who are really fighting to save Oshobaba ...Oshobaba has always been a sturborn man, if not he would have known that Obaseki is been used by those against BAT2023 to fight him , but he realised it very late and of recent , he is serving purnishment for being loyal and in same page for BAT2023 president... On a free and fair election , or an election without Federal might , like Oshobaba help delivered Govs Oyetola(Osun rerun) , Ganduje(Kano rerun) and Yahaya Bello (Kogi election) , I don't see Oshobaba surviving it , and don't be surprised if Pst is disqualified before election... Many of u thinks Obaseki was the one that removed Oshobaba as APC Nat chairman, NOT TRUE... But his group in APC, who saw a great humiliation ahead of Obaseki in the general election should he defect to PDP after his disqualification from the APC race, with federal might if Oshobaba remains as APC chairman, as such, moved to remove him , and the president seconded it by approving their acting chairman Giadome...I am not giving it to Obaseki yet until 2weeks to the election...also, don't be surprised of Pst Ize-Iyamu is disqualified.
Politics / Re: Lance Corporal Martins Feared Dead As Buratai Attempts Coverup - SaharaReporters by Danwakae(m): 11:28pm On Aug 03
Let it better be a rumor or there would be violence

Violence for which country ?

Are u in Nigeria ?...
Politics / Re: Edo: Yekini Ideiye, 4 Others Dump Obaseki For Ize-Iyamu (Photo) by Danwakae(m): 11:20pm On Aug 03

So federal and state election is the same ok, remember during oshiomole Goodluck won in all the local government area in Edo, but can remember what happened in the state house of assembly in the same election?
Please don't ever compare federal with state elections.

State and Federal aren't thesame here in Edo, I told u to go compare the results and the people piloting affairs at both parties in each cases...

I don't like arguing about politics that I stand to gain nothing from , I'm not even an indigine ...the reality here and thought of many people thoughts and hope of many pple for Pastor Ize-Iyamu is only banking on federal might, which is not a garantee victory but a upper hand, apart from that , is going to be hard for Oshobaba, tho with money , Oshobaba can do it.. .and no matter what , APC can never be as it were before , there r some members still in APC , yet are not campigning for Pst Ize-Iyamu...No incumbency power , who will fund the election now that APC no longer have incumbency ?, Oshobaba no longer in office to deploy federal might as was done in Kogi, presently both parties are hiring thugs from outside states mostly APC in Edo north...it's getting interesting , people don't die in the process cos it's going to be a real battle here in Edo north
Politics / Re: Obaseki Kicks Off Campaign In Edo North, Receives Royal Blessings From Otaru by Danwakae(m): 4:59pm On Aug 03
PDP too slow to campaign. Congratulations Iyamu in advance.

Edo is not Aba

You are not in Edo... All of them are campigning seriously...Edo people are smiling now because of palliative Campigns mobilization fund which is now a normal job... Cash out the stolen funds from the thieves politicians

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Politics / Re: Obaseki Kicks Off Campaign In Edo North, Receives Royal Blessings From Otaru by Danwakae(m): 4:53pm On Aug 03
Shuaibu is the new Oshobaba(kaaki man) to Gov Obaseki ... Lolss.. politics in Nigeria ... Very strong ...

I don't want to believe Shuaibu left Oshobaba until after the election...
Nairaland / General / Re: Osagie To Oshiomhole: Telling Lies On National TV Will Not Save Your Drowning Po by Danwakae(m): 4:49pm On Aug 03

Has no permany friend Nigeria.

Just imagine Nancy Pelocy(A democrat) moving to Republican in 2023 to contest election ...just like Atiku , Buhari , Saraki, Obaseki , Kwankwoso, Ganduje, Yuguda, Tambuwa, .... Nigeria politicians are ashawo thieves
Education / Re: WAEC Timetable Is Anti-muslim - MURIC Cries Out by Danwakae(m): 4:43pm On Aug 03
Yes, it is anti Muslim and likely Christian.

It's not anti-muslim

Will WAEC stop u from observing your daily salats ?... When I was in school then , I thought like this muric man, but I was meant to understand that , weekend are resting days , inasmuch as we can't attend class on weekend , we also can't write exams on weekends (resting days)... It's so unfortunate that our jumat service is on Friday ... So unfortunate also for those seven days Adventist christians who worship on Saturday, they have also complained about GCE been fixed for weekend.

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Politics / Re: Edo: Yekini Ideiye, 4 Others Dump Obaseki For Ize-Iyamu (Photo) by Danwakae(m): 4:25pm On Aug 03

So, the apc candidate and his supporters came from apga abi? One way analysts.

I am not doing any analysis , I am only telling you what I have seen mainly in Edo north, Edo is not my state ... I'm in Edo cos of my job... When Pastor Ize-Iyamu left the PDP to APC , the PDP members he meant there in 2016, are still there , I don't want to go into details , but u can check the Edo election RESULTS in both state and federal in 2015(without Pastor Ize-Iyamu) and 2019(with pastor) and see yourself since u don't know the main actors here... Tho, Obaseki has been a very lighter weight in Edo politics , but pls try to confirm, u will know that he has collected some heavy weight from Oshobaba who has been helping against the PDP since 2015 , to join the PDP ... I am not a member of any politcal party, our boss(Dangote) is not a politician, I don't support any party... I don't want to give it to Obaseki (1) "federal might" may play and favour Oshobaba , main fear of those moving to APC (2) It's Oshobaba last fight ... Mark my monicker pls
Business / Re: Reasons Why Nigeria Cannot Print Money To Pay Off Debt. by Danwakae(m): 4:08pm On Aug 03
Yeye talk... Why dem.no print small share as palliatives during lockdown ?, How much will it cost ?... But they can print the ones they want to steal and saves .. Dan banzar
Politics / Re: Edo: Yekini Ideiye, 4 Others Dump Obaseki For Ize-Iyamu (Photo) by Danwakae(m): 3:50pm On Aug 03
Edo election is already over even before it started.

One thing that a lot of people fail to realize is that they are a lot of disgruntled PDP members at grassroots level who know that Obaseki shared billions to the tax collectors in Abuja PDP NWC without anything getting to them.

They are very angry and there will be more defections.

That's assumption...and main reason some Obaseki's loyalists are moving to APC, Obaseki bought all PDP in Edo and fails to compensate his loyal APC factions, and many of those leaving Obaseki are those appointed by Oshobaba, without Oshobaba getting those guys from Gov Obaseki, it would be a great humiliation to Oshobaba, as such , the PDP right from 2015(2015 because Kazeem is the only PDP that has left, he was in APC in 2015), is still intact , no defection , they have all been settled ... The APC seems to be maping out the strategy they used against the PDP in Bayelsa , while the PDP is combining the Rivers and Akwa ibom stretegies for the election... The APC does mainly mass campigns in each LGA, as the Baba himselves is leading the campigns , while the PDP are into markets, town hall, village square campaigns, with various groups, operation mobilise your area.
...let's see the strategy that will win the day join with the thugs trooping into Edo state on both parties...where I am in Edo north, the APC , have tag the election Oshobaba Last Fight [ OLF]

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Crime / Re: Man Shot Dead In Ozoro, Delta As Youths Protest POS-Carrying Policemen (Graphic) by Danwakae(m): 3:25pm On Aug 03
REST IN PEACE to the soul of that unfortunate boy cry

I am sure the dead boy was a student that was supposed to be at home by now.

What was he still doing at school when all schools were still closed due to covid19.

The truth of the matter be say, na who want make the police shop am, na him them dey shop.

If you are legit in your dealings, you can never fear any police even if they threaten you.

Do legit work, dress fine and walk freely. See as thunder go dey fire any police man wey go wan harrass you.

I have once said this , which is not wrong tho, until the day I met those POS police , who doesn't mind where u work, who u know , at that point they they mind killing you , as any attempt to make a call might leads to your death, tho, I didn't try it, when I was told not to try it if I don't want to die... If it's the real police , once u identify and clear yourself , u allow to go and if you are well dressed , they wouldn't bother to call u, but that is not the case for the POS police , they operate deadlier than armed robbers...pray not to meet them.

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Politics / Re: The Melayes: Dino Melaye And His Children In Adorable Family Photo by Danwakae(m): 3:16pm On Aug 03
Which one has a Disability?

None .... Maybe Dino
Celebrities / Re: Kate Henshaw Shows Sallah Ram Meat Gift, Says "Maintain Good Friendships" by Danwakae(m): 3:53pm On Aug 01
Me sef received mine yesterday �

Always maintain good friendship���

Bones...at all, at all , Na bad pass... Enjoy
Crime / Re: Bandits Kill Amos Ewa Obere In Nasarawa (Graphic Photo) by Danwakae(m): 3:49pm On Aug 01
Too bad.

Our security agencies need to be up and doing.

Our security agencies are doing their best , the govts , both state and federal needs to be open on fighting these demons trooping into Nigeria daily to waste lives , unless the govts want us to know that they requested the service of these demons.... The ones chased from Mali, the ones from Keyan, Senagal, CAR, Niger ... All.trooping into Nigeria ... Every tribes have criminals , I don't understand the politics behind the excuse for these Fulani criminals... In the next 2years, the govts will really understand the aim of these demons even if they requested their services.... Nigerian Fulanis are in many occasions victims of their foreign brothers ...the truth will come out soon...don't blame our security agencies , blame the govts.. Boko Haram, bandits, militants... Is too small for Nigerian security agencies if the govt gives them free hand.
Celebrities / Re: Don't You Think Wizkid Should Start Hiring Songwriters? by Danwakae(m): 3:40pm On Aug 01
The OP shud hire brain hawkers too

Na ur own worst pass .... Everybody have that 'stuff' in a particular musician that trickle their fancy , as such, to the OP, in his own opinion , he no longer sees that in Wizkid's new pattern...A Babbar told me same thing in uromi, Edo State, that , the Miz of our local language like pidgin, Yoruba in Wizkid's chorus always strikes him to like Wizkid songs...Generally, Nigerians are more concerned on the beat and not really the message , which most musicians tries to meet up with rather than the songs...I expected to the OP to have also look at it from that angle also.

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Politics / Re: Edo 2020: You Are Not Ready For This Election- Shaibu Tells Obaseki by Danwakae(m): 1:03pm On Aug 01
Then how did APC clear all the state assembly elections two weeks after the presidential election in 2019? If you are a good student of politics, you will know that PDP did well in the presidential and senatorial election because of peoples hatred for Buhari based on his performance. APC is the party to beat in Edo, that's why Obaseki was hell bent on contesting the primary in APC against all odds while PDP gave him their party because they think they stand no chance with any of their available candidate

What about the two Senatorial seat won by the PDP ?... What about the 10 house members won by the Obaseki APC ?....see , even before Ize-Iyamu moved to the PDP in 2016, the PDP has been a strong force in Edo , with or without Obaseki, Ize-Iyamu, the PDP will always have 45% , can u compare the movement of Ize-Iyamu move to the PDP in 2016 to that of Gov Obaseki 2019 ?, with the Gov moves with house members, strong party members to joined the strong PDP team ...apart from Edo north. The remaining two Senatorial district has always been a home for the PDP... Presently Oshobaba is using money to buying some strong members of PDP and APC(Obaseki factions) to his side becuase the weight of the PDP is to much for him... Infact if not for the hopeless hope of federal might(which I not think wont count in Edo) which many r considering, by now , Oshobaba would have been admitted in hospital ahead of his failure, this fight right from day one btw Obaseki and Oshobaba , has never been just btw the two of them, both with external backings on both sides like I have said before , if the PDP wings( S-SGovernors decides to supports Obaseki with funds ) it will be serious vote buying by the PDP ...I so much have much pity for Oshobaba who must of learnt his lesson on never to fight inside when u have many external enemies and have been suffering mostly becuase of his loyalty to Baba Tinubu...if u stands to gain nothing from any side, just watch out on all what I have said... The fight is mainly for 2023... and not just Oshobaba battle 4 survival as Obaseki stands to lose nothing hold to the fact that he wasn't a politician before
Politics / Re: Philip Shaibu Not At War With Obaseki by Danwakae(m): 12:40pm On Aug 01

too much wisdom will not kill u.
everything is clear, when this news broke yesterday people were saying it was APC propaganda but I knew it was true.
Iyamu and oshiomole have been touring Edo state , spending money lavishly and they have not yet flagged off there campaign ooo.
while obaseki is just relaxing after the flagging up.
no solid campaign from obaseki, instead he cuisses to go with verbal war...

with time, the truth must surely surface.

Both PDP and APC are really campaigning ...while APC goes on convoy, the PDP in most times goes separately in a grassroot manner, mostly the convoy of Gov Shaibu in Edo north , where I am presently... The fact is that both parties are only mobilizing same people for campign with N1000 mostly in this pandemic where everywhere is dry , infact many are looking up for such campaign mobilisation to earn for survival , the main election may not necessarily be base on the campaign, with what is on ground any team with highest power will get the day in Edo north , as many are more concerned on the money to be shared.
Politics / Re: Presidency: Edwin Clark Says Tinubu Should Allow South East To Take Its Turn by Danwakae(m): 9:30pm On Jul 31
Sir Edwin Clark, the SE already said they are voting enmasse for a Northerner in PDP by 2023.

Please don’t cry more than the bereaved sir and leave Asiwaju out of this.

Without a united South, any core northerner will defeat a southerner ...2023 will teach the southerners to be united , they are the voice against out criminal northern leaders...and on the part of the divided south, I will also stand with me region Northeast , to produce the president in 2023 , Northwest have been the ones ruling for the north ...

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Politics / Re: Edo 2020: You Are Not Ready For This Election- Shaibu Tells Obaseki by Danwakae(m): 7:18pm On Jul 31
You must be having a nightmare?, please name the members of the other faction in APC Edo State?, Stop deceiving yourself, a lie told most often doesn’t necessarily become the new truth, Obaseki is a walking lame duck Governor.

See , for Edo APC , there are many Obaseki moles still in APC, but that cannot be said for Ize-Iyamu who left APC for PDP in 2016, check the structure of the PDP in 2015, 2016 and 2020... PDP is more like 55% in Edo , in 2016 , APC won base on incumbency, and in 2016 , how many people defected to PDP with Ize-Iyamu ??, In 2020 how many people left with Ize-Iyamu ?...and now Obaseki is the incumbent in South South... I know u don't know what's happening in Nigeria politics , let me inform u that there are three factions in APC-NG, (1) The Cabals, the Mamman Daura...(2) The Baba Tinubu faction BAT2023; Oshobaba , Ganduje, Sanwo Eko... and the(3) Gov El-Rufai, Ameachi, Gov Akete... Faction , the, let it stick to your head that the El-Rufai faction are with Obaseki who was ones with them....pls watch out
Politics / Re: Edo 2020: You Are Not Ready For This Election- Shaibu Tells Obaseki by Danwakae(m): 2:10pm On Jul 31
The same Deputy governor abusing Oshiomhole yesterday evening and praising the governor??

That's fake APC news ...

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