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Health / Re: Blood Comes Out Of My Private Part At Night, Please Help!! by DeKen: 1:44am On Nov 11
Please discuss this with your doctor before taking another person's prescription. Self medication is very dangerous and antibiotics is not something to be taken anyhow without prescription. It will be a good idea you also research on antibiotics resistance so that you don't compound your problems while trying to solve one. Wish you speedy recovery.


Oh really!

Thanks for sharing your experience here.
I'll try the ciprotab option.

Thanks and be blessed.

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Family / Re: Why Do Some Pastors Advise Unemployed Men To Marry? by DeKen: 6:02pm On Nov 07
If you're single, you feed yourself and have a roof over your head, then you can marry. There are no special bills or taxes for married people. Your stomach and portion of food do not get bigger with marriage. Your electricity or water bill do not increase because you're married. Same electricity, same cable TV, same quantity of water, same rent, etc.

In fact, it is easier for two WORKING and sensible people because they're able to put resources together to achieve a better result. E.g. If you've being paying rent alone, you can share bills (not necessarily in equal proportions).

The only thing that makes a difference is pregnancy & child upkeep, and to the best of my knowledge, this is optional. After all, single men and women have more sex than married people, without fear of pregnancy.

To blame finance for being single is lack of SENSE and understanding. It is perpetual failure of the brain to think MARRIAGE between two people will drain finance faster than the single folks. It is like living alone to bear all cost Vs. living and sharing bills with a room mate.


This sounds like a woman's fantasy. In the African reality that we live in there are tones of expectations that come to men when they get married and this puts married men on pressure. And if you are a christian, the bible considers you worse than an infidel if you can not take care of your family. Some of these expectations are;
1. Taking care of your wife and children (these are basic)
2. Supporting your extended family (including those from your wife's side) - While this is not compulsory, the requests that will come can embarrass you and put you on pressure.
3. You are now standing on your feet and most of those who previously pitied you and would assist from time to time now find excuse.

I won't encourage anyone who does not have a means of livelihood to get married. The expectation that things will sort out themselves when you get married is a flawed one. You should focus of establishing yourself first before taking further responsibilities unless you plan to be an irresponsible husband and father.

After they've pressured you into marriage, the'll soon pressure you into having children but most of these people will not be there for you when the responsibilities come calling.

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Family / Re: My Husband Is Being Insensitive, I Need An Advice by DeKen: 11:39am On Nov 07

It is NOT going to pay off on the short or long run. Not having a job and not being able to pay rent is more than enough reason to avoid spending all resources on a building project. Many of our aged parents made this mistake. A lot of them died poor with nothing. Only the children benefited at the end of the day by selling off the property.

Landlord harassment is not enough to provoke one into building a personal apartment. That anger should make you work harder to pay your rent, not spend what you don't have raising a shanty house.

The desire to raise one's income should supercede the desire to "lower" expenditure/expenses.

How can you even lower expenses by spending so much on a personal house?

Do a quick calculation;

Annual rent = N100k

Personal apartment/land = N2-3m (in a small town)

What's the sense in the above? 3m is rent for 30 years (assumed 0 inflation). Add 30 to your current age and tell me what you have.

That 3m in mutual funds, or a risk-free investment like TBills will yield at least 350k annually with 0 work. From that, you pay your rent easily, and increase your networth in a sporadic manner over a very short timeframe.

The difference between the poor and the rich is mindset. When the poor get their first big money, they think of purchasing a liability while the rich thinks first of an investment. The accumulation of these makes the difference in the long run. Give a poor person 10m right now and he'll may still be poor in a few years time.

A person who have enough resources to start a building project and has the right thinking to use the resources properly shouldn't have problems paying rent. He'd rather invest that money so that when he's ready he can complete his building in 6 months or at most a year. These guys' investment in a property right now when their condition is like this will likely have problems paying rent because of their choice of what to do with their money. And they'll perpetually be at loggerheads with their landlord for the next 2 or even 5 years before they can struggle to complete their building.

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Events / Re: How Do You Feel When A Billionaire Speaker Makes Very Short Speech At An Event? by DeKen: 8:19pm On Oct 24
Most billionaires don't have so much time to spare unless that activity or event is very important or critical to more money coming in.
Politics / Re: Akwa Abasi Ibom State is Not Biafraland, Go claim somewhere else by DeKen: 10:11pm On Oct 05
this your argument is lame and childish and shows you are not really from Akwaibom.

Can you tell me where and how Igbos claimed the whole state? Any link or evidence of that?

So you have confirmed that there are Igbos carved into Akwaibom...so what else is your point?

It's a democracy bro...if the Biafran referendum ever comes up you are at liberty to vote in favour of Nigeria..but don't deny a group of people their tribe and language because you are in majority....is that not what you accuse Igbos of doing...however evidence shows that it is you who are guilty of that not the Igbos...the igala in Anambra has never been denied or asked to become Igbo by force

Shame on you....no..double shame on you

Here is your desired evidence below from right here on nairaland.






Politics / Re: Akwa Abasi Ibom State is Not Biafraland, Go claim somewhere else by DeKen: 12:37am On Oct 05
Supposing there is a small fraction of indigenous igbo speaking people in Akwa Ibom. How does that give the Igbos or Biafrans the right to claim the whole state? If the minority igbo speaking people choose to join Biafra you can embrace them, but you can't force a majority that is not interested in your Biafra to join you.

If ever any non-igbo could have been interested in sharing a nation with you guys, the self imposition of your ideologies will ever make everyone resist you and never want to be in union with you.

The desperation is disgusting. God forbid I wake up one day and I see my streets renamed to igbo names and the markets renamed after igbos. With this kind of mindset I'm sure that is what you'll seek to achieve and see the other tribes that make the mistake of joining you as conquered tribes. When we finally break free from the current bondage, we'll not want to go into another bondage.


Politics / Re: OHAOBU: The Igbo Community In Akwa Ibom by DeKen: 12:20am On Oct 05
Supposing there is a small igbo speaking community in Akwa Ibom state, does that give Igbos/Biafra the right to claim the whole state?

First, Ohaobu is coined from two Igbo words Oha which means "people" and "Obi" which refers to where a King lives or first son of a large extended family receives visitors.

Second, the full name is Ohaobu Ndoki

Third, it is the most important town of the Ndoki people of Abia State.

Fourth, Ohaobu Ndoki is located in Azumili in Ukwa part of Abia

Fifth, Ndoki people speak Igbo fluently

Sixth, the former Senate President Adolphous Nwagbara is from Ndoki part of Abia

Seventh, We have Ohaobu Ndoki in Ukanafun LGA of Akwa Ibom, they speak Igbo and answer Igbo names likes Igwe, Ngozi, Okafor, Emeka, Mili, Wagbara e.t.c

Eighth, Ohaobu Ndoki in Ukanafun has never denied their Igboness and most of them trade around Opobo area within Aba, in Abia State dealing on palm oil.

Ninth, Ohaobu Ndoki in Akwa Ibom are marginalized though the government is addressing the injustices.

Tenth, below are few newspaper extract that shows we have Ohaobu Ndoki in Akwa Ibom State



Obuagu (Heart of a Lion) is another Igbo community in Akwa Ibom, was caved out of the present Obuagu community in Ebonyi.

Anyway, that is a topic for another day.

Enemies of Ndi Igbo, stay away from Igboland. No room for land grabbing, we will defend Igboland even if it is an inch with our blood.

Ndoki and Akwaette gives us direct access to the Atlantic Ocean from Abia.

So enemies of Ndi Igbo who grows everyday by shouting "Igboland is landlocked" are seeking for ways to grab those God-given beautiful lands.

Ohaobu Ndoki Amaka
Igbo Amaka
Ala Igbo Ebuka!!!
Phones / Re: How To Shutdown Someone Computer Using Cmd by DeKen: 1:07am On Sep 14
Religion / Re: The Bible Does Not Support Drinking Alcohol, Don't Let Anyone Fool You by DeKen: 9:20pm On Sep 08
John 2:10 KJV
And saith unto him, Every man at the beginning doth set forth good wine; and when men have well drunk, then that which is worse: but thou hast kept the good wine until now.

English is hard for some people. What made the men drunk? is it not the good wine they drank? Or you want to tell us the "drunk" isn't intoxication? grin grin

Indeed English is pretty hard. Past participle of drink is drunk. So it doesn't really mean being intoxicated.

However based on other portions of the bible l don't believe taking alcohol is sin even though I don't encourage taking strong drinks but that is mainly for medical reasons.
Agriculture / Re: Real Price Of PALM OIL In Akwa Ibom State per keg. by DeKen: 8:32pm On Jul 13
I can help you get any quantity you want.
I don't need much since it's just for kind of experimental trails. Are you based in Akwa Ibom?
What is your price?
Agriculture / Re: Imports, Low Prices Hurt Maize Farmers by DeKen: 9:08pm On Jul 05
Why is local production always more expensive than import in Nigeria? How does the other countries we import from produce their own cheaper?

This is what should be addressed and things will normalize on it's own. Who will import when there is sufficient quality local production at affordable price?

We love chasing shadows sha. Busy treating symptoms instead of the disease

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Disregard Anything You See About N-p0wer Moni. by DeKen: 12:28pm On Jul 01

I can't say for sure now, but I sure will put it up here when registration begins.

An in-law received the following message last month on the 7th and asked if I was aware of npower recruiting this year and I said no and she ignored the message without even saying why she asked the questions.
You have been invited to take the N-Tech Software test http://check.npvn.ng, use your BVN to access the screening platform. Stay N-Powered!
The url does not have the .gov subdomain and it's requesting for BVN.
Is this genuine?
Business To Business / Re: PALM OIL BUSINESS( Productions, Sales and Storage) by DeKen: 9:24pm On Jun 24
No vex I didn't see that. I don't have ideas. a poultry farm picks ours weekly
Picks your PKC or un-crushed nuts?
Business To Business / Re: PALM OIL BUSINESS( Productions, Sales and Storage) by DeKen: 7:03pm On Jun 24
cracked or uncracked
PKC is kernel that has been crushed and oil extracted. It's the residue after oil extraction
Business To Business / Re: PALM OIL BUSINESS( Productions, Sales and Storage) by DeKen: 12:30pm On Jun 24
Do you know where I can get Palm Kernel Cake (PKC) in Uyo?
Business / Re: Kings Flour Mill Akwa Ibom In Pictures by DeKen: 10:33am On Jun 24
Serious work on going at the Kings Flour Mill, Onna Akwa Ibom State


Do you know if this mill has started operating? I will be interested in getting byproducts from them.
Agriculture / Re: Real Price Of PALM OIL In Akwa Ibom State per keg. by DeKen: 9:19am On Jun 24
Where can I get palm kernel cake (ie the residue after extracting palm kernel oil) in Akwa Ibom?
Do you know a Palm Kernel Oil mill?
Business / Re: King's Flour Begins Test Run Of Its 500 Tonnes Per Day Mill In Akwa Ibom by DeKen: 11:10pm On Jun 23
Akwa ibom state is Agog as the gigantic flour mill begins test run of its mill in Onna.

The mill which is 98% complete recently recieved the last batch of milling equipment, to increase its capacity to 500 tonnes per day.

In a time like this when Manufacturers association of Nigeria reported that 800 companies shut their doors in 2018, it is pertinent to celebrate that Akwa ibom state is adding industries.

The kings flour mill is located in the Onna industrial corridor which also host the jubilee syringe manufacturing company, the metering solutions manufacturing company and the ibom integrated farms.
The Onna industrial corridor has excellent network of roads and is just about 10km from the ibom power plant.
This is June 2019, has this mill really started working?
I wanted to contact you via PM concerning this but Nairaland won't let me because I've contacted someone else recently.
If you don't mind, please send me an SMS on my contact that is on my signature below.
Crime / Re: Cultists Rape Job Seekers In Imo And Took Their Nude Pictures. by DeKen: 7:44am On Apr 21
Methink if the igbo people make marriage ceremony cheap like Yoruba people all story of rape will die natural death
Wonderful reasoning. Has rape died in Yoruba side?
Food / Re: The Greedy Neighbour: What Would Your Reaction Be If This Happened To You? by DeKen: 4:22pm On Apr 19
I feel disgusted by this behavior. Greed and heartlessness to a student that they should even pity and be assisting with food


Romance / Re: What's The First Thing That Comes To Your Mind In This Picture? by DeKen: 1:44am On Apr 16
Not too surprised. There may be a white recessive gene in one of the parent's. I know of a family where they have several albino's but none of the parents nor the parent's siblings is an albino. In the case of albinism, both of the parents must at least have the recessive albinism gene.

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Politics / Re: Shittu Is A Serial Betrayal And Dictator Says Oyo APC by DeKen: 8:57pm On Apr 14

Where and when did Muslims claimed d attire
You can ask MURIC and the Nairaland guys who who supported when MURIC wanted to sue FALZ for a similar attire featuring in his "This is Nigeria" song.

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Politics / Re: Shittu Is A Serial Betrayal And Dictator Says Oyo APC by DeKen: 8:42pm On Apr 14
I thought Muslims claimed they are the only ones who use such an attire?

Hypocrites, am sure you voted for atiku(a betrayal)
Religion / Re: Father Mbaka Donates N12.5m To Catholic Church At 2019 Cathedraticum(photos) by DeKen: 12:13am On Apr 13
No wonder he has been above discipline.
Politics / Re: Is This The Best Police Station In Nigeria? - Photos by DeKen: 12:33am On Apr 09
Hey, that cannot be a Nigerian police station. Give it 6 months of use to transform to a Nigerian police station then ask that question again.
Travel / Re: Top 10 Air Traffic Destination In Nigeria by DeKen: 6:46pm On Apr 08
Oh, just realizing that. Was wondering how Calabar can have more traffic than Uyo. I've used both, Calabar has lost lot of it's traffic to Uyo. Looks like majority of the Calabar Airport users were from Uyo.
2013 report. That's 5 years Ago.
Politics / Re: PDP Officials In Akwa Ibom, Confess Their Shock Over Sen Akpabio’s Result by DeKen: 11:39pm On Mar 25
Akpabio was dearly loved but his association with the broom party was very repulsive. To make matters worse his pompous outbursts and the unfortunate promise of warsaw put a final nail to his ambition. No Akwa Ibomite wants Rivers of blood in Akwa Ibom.


Family / Re: Lady Reveals How She Taught Her Husband's Entitled Friend A Painful Lesson by DeKen: 1:03pm On Mar 25
I laughed so hard. I hate ingrates. Those feeling that the husband is week in handling the wife. Read again, you'll see the husband is with her on this. Else she won't text him to avoid the liver source and he complies without objection. It's his friend that he's not able to confront. I will confront you though. You can't make my wife uncomfortable and I condone you. Unless you are the one feeding us.


Politics / Re: Sokoto Governorship: Results Of Supplementary Election by DeKen: 12:24am On Mar 24
Has Tambuwal won yet?
Celebrities / Re: Iyanya Reveals What He Did After Ubi Franklin Assaulted Emma Nyra by DeKen: 10:11pm On Mar 21
I wonder why he didn't spill all these before. What changed?
Politics / Re: MANNABBQGRILLS' Lies & Campaign Of Calumny Against CJN Exposed by DeKen: 9:43pm On Mar 21
You're a PDP sympathiser so don't tell us any nonsense
What is the nonsense? Am I the one who debunk the lies spread by your party? Is it not the same witnesses called by the APC led govt. that debunked the lies?
Politics / Re: MANNABBQGRILLS' Lies & Campaign Of Calumny Against CJN Exposed by DeKen: 9:14pm On Mar 21
I'm addressing the person who posted it here. He didn't cite the media you keep talking about. He created banners and posted here without stating where he got the figures from, making himself a source to be quoted by others. And he kept changing the figures. I believe he never expected the truth will be out. He even showed up but here and couldn't defend himself but left the defense to you. Are those media he didn't quote spiritual ones?


It doesn't matter, the law expects you declare your assets, once you fail to declare your assets you have violated the law. CCT is largely about non asset declaration. Have you seen you are dishonest how did you come up with a party sponsoring the news, and leave out the media houses which have a responsibility to post news truthfully? We use media reports because we believe they are accurate when they turn out false the media is to be blamed for it.


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