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Health / Re: 288 New COVID-19 Cases, 355 Discharged And 8 Deaths On August 3 - (1601 Tested) by DICON2: 3:39pm On Aug 04, 2020
We're almost at the end of this voyage.

288 is the lowest it's been for quite a while now. Alhamdulillah..
Bro that far from the reality, what you didn't check is the number of tests, just 1600+ which is also lowest in a while
Business / Re: Credit Alert NGN50,000.00 Weekly By Creating Marketing Videos With Your Phone! by DICON2: 8:51pm On Apr 06, 2020
08073989792. Add me
Fashion / Classy Timepiece/ Wristwatches by DICON2: 8:57am On Aug 29, 2019

pix 1. 20k for the 2 watches
pix 2. 12k
pix 3. 23k
pix 4. 10k

Business / Re: Make Money With Ecommerce Without Even Importing... My 100k In 2weeks Case Study by DICON2: 3:17pm On Aug 27, 2019
can i still join
Sports / Anthony Joshua Spotted At The National Stadium, Lagos. by DICON2: 8:27am On Jul 14, 2019
I saw the video on YouTube. You can check it out below.

Agriculture / Re: Tsukill (pheromone) Block Needed by DICON2: 10:24pm On May 21, 2019
anybody that can help
Agriculture / Tsukill (pheromone) Block Needed by DICON2: 5:03pm On May 21, 2019
Please I need tsukill pheromone block for my farm urgently
Agriculture / Re: Please Where Can I Get Imiforce/ridomil In Lagos by DICON2: 1:25am On Apr 24, 2019
Help needed
Agriculture / Please Where Can I Get Imiforce/ridomil In Lagos by DICON2: 7:50pm On Apr 23, 2019
Please where can I get Imiforce or laraforce gold and ridomil in Lagos, Checked the island but I couldn't get any

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Business / Re: Start A Jersey Sales Business With As 15k To 20k by DICON2: 5:26pm On Apr 10, 2018
each. for the ones that sell from about 5k to 10k depending on marketing
Do u mean 3k or 3500 per each or dozen of it
Business / Re: Paid In Full: How I Am Making Income Online In 2017 by DICON2: 11:57pm On Oct 30, 2017
Alright. I am currently spending time off work/on a short vacation so i have some good free time to spare, hence i have decided to share some very current and valuable information on how i am making money online in 2017
plus i receive series of mails from people wanting information in my position on current/alternative means of making income online - so this thread will address that feat and also serve thesame purpose to others; The newbies, those making money online already or just anybody with interest in making money online/starting a lucrative business.

In the light of my carefree attitude in wanting to share knowledge that is always of great benefit, you should know already the Information which i am about share could be a serious life changer to some people here(that is, you reading this now who is ready to take
action and implement things you will learn.)
Because, even in a significant short period of time for some few that i have already revealed some of this information to, many are already seeing great results and benefiting massively from these unique systems if making pay online this year.

So, nothing more can be better than expanding the reach and help even more people learn how they can tap into these powerful unique sources of generating steady income online.

My 2016 was a very rough one both personally and business/online wise. From saddened eventualities which caused instability in handling business responsibilities to unforseen circumstances which caused great losses together with other hitches that came along.
But then, sometimes we fail so we can get mad, get challenged and work on ourselves plus search for abstract solutions to hitches or whatever that caused our failures and bounce back. If you can work on things, improvise, find solutions and get yourself back on track then you did not fail. Its just part of the Progress.
The real failure is when you fail, fall or get knocked but cant continue or bounce back.

My overall experience last year is what contributed massively to my learning and discovering new things and ways of making income that has replenished me all round wise this year.. And all these was in the process of trying to find solutions to problems, ill changes and little issues experienced last year.

We just cleared past the 1st half of the year and i have hit a significant benchmark already even if i did not really exploit the first two months of the year.
Alot more to attain in the remaining half and you too can make something big for yourself if you can be focused and stay goal orientated like myself.

-On this thread i am going to share 3 major ways i am making steady and massive cash online this year. Yes, a tutorial thread but don't expect everything layed out explicitly. But yet still, i will try not to leave out any necessary detail that will be useful in helping you take action on the knowledge shared.

In Summ: the information i will share will atleast be enough to help just anyone who is interested and serious enough implement and start making money from any of the systems revealed.

That's Alright, let's hit it.

#System 1.

I need no introduction with this. Even if i loose it all today online and have to start from scratch again. CPA will always be my Ace and number1 source of making pay online.
The whole system of making money online with CPA has not change. Things only evolve with time. New twists, strategies and methods - same old formula.

However, You shouldn't be expecting a step by step tutorial on what CPA is all about on this thread, i am only going to share all about a particular system of promoting a category of CPA offer which has made me more money with CPA this year since i started promoting the offer.

If you are completely new to CPA and how to make money online with CPA then you want to stop by here and brush through .... https://www.nairaland.com/2783610/how-make-serious-income-online

If you want a well profiled training on the A-Z of CPA and my unique system of making money from it then you can visit my site @ 500kpermonthsecret.com for information about that.

As for what i will be sharing on this thread ;

My system of Making money with CPA in 2017 promoting a particular category of CPA offer in one of the CPA network i work with.

#System 2

This here is the ice breaker. My new found money making system. My major hit for the year. "And the system that helped me discovered the profound solution to a major hitch that caused me losses in my importation business last year."
Not only that, in the process of learning about this system , i also got to discover another method of making money with importation business on an international level.

I discovered this system early in the year when i was away from the country and started making money from it almost immediately.
-What is it all about?

How you can start making lucrative income selling tee-shirts online using a platform known as Teespring. People are making a killing with this online. And i am too smart to be missing out myself.

The whole thing is very easy as; Design a T-shirt, set how many pieces you want to sell, launch campaign and start promotion.. Make sales and make money.
Teespring will handle the printing and delivery of your shirt to customers. All you do is design shirts(online right on Tee-spring) which should be highly marketable and get interest of the general audience.. You then Promote your shirt and make sales ===money & Teespring handles the rest...

Ok now, when i say "design" , i don't mean weaving wool to fabric or some architect stuff..
Go to your wardrobe bring out your favourite tee-shirt, "the inscriptions, art & writings on the front is what we refer to as design" ...
Oh yes, simple as that.

If you can make cool designs which will make people want to buy your tees.. You will make money.

More details when we get into updates.

This is sure one of the simplest ways to make money online i have come across and could serve as a very lucrative business if you can do things right. Plus it's clean work here.
No. You don't have to be a fashion designer to make money with this.(& if you are then fine)...

If you are creative, innovative, know how to understand trends and what people are passionate about ; then you could likely be on the part to building a source of steady income by putting in these skills into coming up with hot selling designs that will make your tees sell...

In simple terms if you are ready to start making serious reoccurring income selling t-shirts you designed without doing any bit of work asides from creating a design on the shirts, promoting your shirt, get orders and make money....... then don't just follow the thread, bookmark the page.

#System 3

E-commerce on a senior level.

You see if i had to go on a debate on the motion "if the Internet has done more harm than good in the world today " .. ... Ofcourse, i will support the motion that it has done more good with my first point- shading deep light on the influence the Internet has had on how "buying and selling" is done /can be done today.

And this significant change and improvement here is making manyout there big time earners by the day..

And also, if I was still a complete newbie wishing to start online in 2017, I just know already exactly which model I would follow. I would get into eComm, because it’s just so simple but very very powerful.

Real time business and requires a little bit of work, but it’s just very clear and straightforward.

Okay, the "E-commerce" word is grammar abi, in simple terms Importation Business .
Yes i said Teespring will be my major hit this year, if that so, well then my ecommerce(new found) system will be the *bomb.

How i am making massive cash from Importation in 2017.

Importation business contributed to major part of my losses last year . As a matter of fact this is the one thing that motivated me into discovering Teespring/my international importation systems- during my search for solutions to hitches experienced running things last year.

Also towards the end of last year i created a "done for you joint import group" to help participants come together buy a hot selling product, sell collectively and make huge profits in bits. This activity did not turn out a success due to same unforseen hitches that caused massive of lost. The experience is not just peculiar to me only but many more other colleagues in the ecommerce industry.

All these ill happenings did not mean importation isn't a hot cake or doesnt still brings in the cash.... What? It will always do...!!!
Oh yes, forget the dollar rate even if it becomes $1 to 1000 we still make money.... "There was just a huge lacking in performance from an important link that needed to deliver to keep things running." and that was what caused the losses last year.

The aggression from this experience is what led in to my search for a solution and that i found..... Plus got to discover even another unique way of making money with importation doing dropshipping... On an international level...

Now under my importation business in 2017 we have the:
-Domestic Importation : This here involves the normal routine i was using last year after having found a good solution to replace the under performing link that caused me losses..

-International importation/Dropshipping: The is a new exploit which is been so unique and powerful. How to make money selling products and making upto 1000%profit without touching the product..

Yes I'm confident to say I'm amongst the very few Nigerians who know about this international importation/drop shipping business and currently making money from it... Huh? You said...?
Nah, This is not your old school drop shipping..

This is my ecommerce mastermind... 2017

Serious business, serious money...! Very easy..

You sell something for $20. You get the money. Then you buy it for $2 and get it delivered straight to the buyer who paid you $20. No inventory, no hassles, no delayed cashflow. You get paid upfront, before you have to buy the stock.And the money keeps piling.
its something very simple and it works very well.

Alright.. In as much i will do everything to reveal information in position about the domestic importation here.. Which of course you you can still make serious income with...

Information on my international/dropshipping business system is classified/paid.. You learn by means of one for one training.. With some level of seriousness and commitment attached...,
Although there will be briefings and highlights, more details about this in updates when we get to the stage..

So. Big time forward, we get on with step by step updates asap.. i guess you cant wait to learn about these systems and start making yourself some serious income online in 2017

Keep up with the updates which will come as listed respectively ...... .....

Pre-Thread Starter -

How you can be making some lucrative and easy cash using classified ads sites like OLX and Jiji without having any personal product to sell.

Alright Alright.
Before we even kick on with the major highlights of the thread, i will open the floor with this.
-Plus i made some cool #100 grand with this today morning.
(One if the triggers for opening this thread btw)

My simple trick i have been using to make easy money from classifieds Ads since 2015..without having to sell a product of my own. This is just like a side source of income.. Simple stuff... Don't need to lift a finger.

Those classifieds get massive traffic daily, you even get to see them still advertising their sites on social media and websites when you browse online.
You sure want to see the potential in tapping from this traffic..

Thats Alright..

So Updates will follow up shortly.. Do i have a following?

Hello bosses in the house, i started promotingfiverr offer on peerfly and talk to few people about the platform. Someone got to sign up and bought a gig but i didn't receive any commision,please what could be the cause?
Business / Re: How To Make Serious Income Online With CPA by DICON2: 11:39pm On Oct 30, 2017
The road to a steady bank account is an UPhill one. As it is very much applauded in this age of ours for one to try out and tap into any possible way of making money so as to secure financial stability/prosperity- so long it does not involve doing the negatives.
Put in whole, there are really many ways one can make money today. Some involves you create the means yourself, others faccilitate the possibility of you tapping from a source. But really before one even makes plans of starting up something that will be a source of generating income, one has to be knowledeable on how to go about this(retain and know very much about some sort of particular information that concerns what that person will want to venture into)..
The activities or work one has to do in the effect of making this money could be ONLINE or offline. Online here refers to "through the web", that is the internet.. Offline refers to anything outside that(the internet)..
It is that of the first we 'll be treating in this thread..(Having our magnifying lens on one very effective way to make money online out of the hundreds of ways available)

After understanding which of the environscope (online or offline)you set to operate with, "it is neccesary that you search for important information and educate yourself on all the things you need to know,the how to's, the donts and Do's and other basics you may need to know to facillitate a succesfull plan out for your money making journey"..This very tip is to be taken serious whether its a business you choose to run yourslef or work as an employee.. And This also is very very applicable when it comes to making money online.. You could read that statement again and understand well enough where am coming from and probably heading to.

Making money online is somewhat like doing it offline(just for some more oppurtunities,means and integration available online).. You have to acquire to an extent solid knowledge about what you choose to focus on.. Many people get it wrong when it comes to making money online.. They just keep hovering around indecisively from one thing to the other trying to make it work when they don't have genuine information and concrete plans on how they will focus on a particular model and make it work.. It is all as a result of not being equiped with this sort of awareness I'm creating now that makes a lot of things flop for many..

You can't just wake up one morning and start expecting money(ROI) and any form of pay from something you have not put up any work with or took action about earlier.. You have to be prepared, gain info and take action.. It is in this light I have choosen to make this preamble or intro...

This thread is to teach and show you how I am making and how you can make money online with a Model know as CPA.. Many have heard about CPA, many have not. Many don't even know anything that has to do with making money online but have been craving for knowledge on how they can make money online.. Well, you all lucky to have your eyes here.. I hope to be one to lead you on the path where you'd realize your dreams on making money online wheather just some extra bucks or full time cash so long you ready to take action as I spill info out...

My next update comes much later in the night, however your comments and indication of presence/interests may make the update come quicker...

You could use this period to search on some little things about CPA so as to have a sporadic idea of where we heading..but don't be carried away or amazed when you bump into info that may give you hints of CPA marketers earning from $100, $500,$1000,$5000 -$10000 a day.. Yea, if you could master this craft of CPA and keep at it you could become a millionaire in your local currency overnight.. Sure, But not this night, not tommorow's & not even next; then when?!

Till then
Hello bosses in the house, i started promotingfiverr offer on peerfly and talk to few people about the platform. Someone got to sign up and bought a gig but i didn't receive any commision,please what could be the cause?
Business / Re: Free Affiliate Marketing Tutorial Class (with pictures) by DICON2: 5:12pm On Oct 17, 2017
use Payu
Business / Re: Free Affiliate Marketing Tutorial Class (with pictures) by DICON2: 5:36pm On Oct 16, 2017
I have a Facebook ad package for sale
Please can I still use my normal Gtb naira MasterCard to pay for Facebook ads? If no, what option do I have
Business / Re: Free Affiliate Marketing Tutorial Class (with pictures) by DICON2: 2:30pm On Oct 16, 2017
Please guys how do you pay for Facebook ads
Business / Re: Mr Strive Masiyiwa...kwese Competition Team Players Needed by DICON2: 11:04pm On Sep 06, 2017
Agriculture / Re: FREE (not paid) Watermelon/ Cucumber Training. by DICON2: 10:52pm On Aug 20, 2017
Hello,we have free all agric crops online seminars too,can you partner with us?
How may I come in sir
Agriculture / Re: FREE (not paid) Watermelon/ Cucumber Training. by DICON2: 11:23am On Aug 20, 2017
Kindly add me 07036064495
Agriculture / Re: FREE (not paid) Watermelon/ Cucumber Training. by DICON2: 11:10pm On Aug 19, 2017
Will add everybody tmrw. Been busy
Agriculture / Re: FREE (not paid) Watermelon/ Cucumber Training. by DICON2: 5:35pm On Aug 18, 2017
I'm sorry everyone for not replying since, I was banned after putting up the link
Agriculture / Re: FREE (not paid) Watermelon/ Cucumber Training. by DICON2: 7:43pm On Aug 16, 2017

The WhatsApp training link
Agriculture / Re: FREE (not paid) Watermelon/ Cucumber Training. by DICON2: 6:23pm On Aug 16, 2017
Agriculture / Re: My Watermelon/cucumber Experience.by Iconfarms by DICON2: 11:28am On Aug 16, 2017
Drop link so people will follow and join group
Ok. Will do that soon

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Agriculture / Re: FREE (not paid) Watermelon/ Cucumber Training. by DICON2: 11:27am On Aug 16, 2017
Good day tanks for d free or paid training.well I feel u will make alot gain if u have more new farmers to mentor.n trained for free cus d longtime gain will out way d presents monetary benefits.I will also like to be part of d whatapp group.07051149454
Alright. Thanks
Agriculture / Re: FREE (not paid) Watermelon/ Cucumber Training. by DICON2: 9:33am On Aug 16, 2017
It's all bounce to your primary motives, both has benefits and disadvantages, my candid advice look beyond the present and make a concrete decision. Onelove
Thanks for the advice.
Agriculture / Re: FREE (not paid) Watermelon/ Cucumber Training. by DICON2: 8:01am On Aug 16, 2017
Interested, please add me 08035669513
Thanks for your interest but still I'm asking for suggestions here. If paid, how much can you personally pay for the training?
Agriculture / Re: FREE (not paid) Watermelon/ Cucumber Training. by DICON2: 5:27am On Aug 16, 2017
Please am interested, do add me, 08138358209
Alright sir/ma. I will also need your suggestion too. Thanks
Agriculture / FREE (not paid) Watermelon/ Cucumber Training. by DICON2: 1:01am On Aug 16, 2017
cc farmtech

Good day fellow agropreneurs or intending agropreneurs. I am willing to do a 3 to 5 days WhatsApp/telegram training on watermelon and cucumber cultivation. Won't say much about me or how experienced I am, you can check my previous thread here

Below are the topics I'm willing to talk on

1.site selection and land preparation
2. Seeds
3. Agrochemicals (herbicide, insecticides, fungicide) explained
4. Planting n spacing
5.Spraying schedule/procedure
6. Weeding
7 fertilizing schedule
8. Diseases, prevention and solution
9. Harvest
10. Marketing n market trend
11. Lesson from my failures
12. Others.
Weather, importance of record keeping, pruning

This training is for intending farmers and new farmers majorly but experienced farmer can join us too. No matter what level you are I'm sure you will have something to gain from the training, at least from my different failure story.

I will also need your contribution if I should go the free way(I want as much to learn) or paid (I like money #smiles, I feel small token should enter my pocket).


Join group here


Training will be free and will start around a weeks time.

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