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Politics / Re: ‘13 Parties’ Threaten To Pull Out Of 2023 Elections Over Naira Redesign by DJInfluence: 3:17pm On Feb 06

haha, show me the man amongst the contestant that's not a criminal? At least if we need to choose a lesser criminal, it's definitely not BAT-ty boy.
Politics / Re: Machina loses As Supreme Court Affirms Lawan As Yobe APC Senatorial Candidate by DJInfluence: 3:15pm On Feb 06
superior argument? Someone that didn't contest in the election is the winner of the election?
leave this people. Let's pray they don't have any cause to go to court and then lose the case because their opponent is more influential.
Politics / Re: Machina loses As Supreme Court Affirms Lawan As Yobe APC Senatorial Candidate by DJInfluence: 3:13pm On Feb 06

You can't buy the apex court.cc fergie001
yes you can and it was definitely bought. No amount of twisting of the fact will change that.

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Politics / Re: ‘13 Parties’ Threaten To Pull Out Of 2023 Elections Over Naira Redesign by DJInfluence: 3:10pm On Feb 06

even Joseph was once a slave.
Politics / Re: Throwback Photo Of Pastor Adeboye, Tinubu & Fashola (A Case study) by DJInfluence: 6:07pm On Feb 05

I have no business with omo yiibo.
grin. Ok Omo gbati gbati. I hear you.
Politics / Re: Throwback Photo Of Pastor Adeboye, Tinubu & Fashola (A Case study) by DJInfluence: 4:29pm On Feb 05
🙏🏿 The same Bola Tinubu you accuse of trying to Islamize the nation.

He shares close relationship with most General overseer in the country

His wife is an ordained pastor of one of the biggest churches in Africa.

The immediate past and present governor of Lagos state are both Christian. The both of them 'handpicked' by this same man.

Presently, all southwestern state governors are all Christian. The same region where his (Tinubu) political influence is insurmountable.

Most Churches in Lagos got land allocations under him during his tenure to build or expand

A gentle reminder for naysayers. In Southwest it is humanity first before Religion. Neutrality , tolerance and unity is our way of life.

So Rest ! So you can have rest of mind.
Because okan gbogbo yin oni bale.
Trying too hard to convince us eh? grin. Our minds are made up. We don't want him. He's not mentally or physically fit enough to rule regardless of his past pedigree.
Politics / Re: Peter Obi: Stop Comparing Actors With Unintelligent People, AGN Tells El-rufai by DJInfluence: 4:50pm On Feb 04
On Tinubu's mandate we shall stand
mandate built on Pako on top a locally made gutter. Better look for the one built with concrete. grin
Sports / Re: Cristiano Ronaldo has now scored against 170 DIFFERENT teams in his career. by DJInfluence: 10:36am On Feb 04
The greatest footballer of all time,.
Lol you mean the 4th greatest of all time after Messi,Pele, and Maradona in that pecking order.


Politics / Re: APC Supporters Burn Tinubu Outfits, Join PDP In The North (Video) by DJInfluence: 10:22am On Feb 04
Haha, dem Chop him money still abandon am. Fear North.
Politics / Re: "Be Wary Of The False Messiah, Mr. Stingy, Peter Obi" - Tinubu by DJInfluence: 10:20am On Feb 04
Guys listen to this man speech without watching the video (audio only) and tell me if you don't think that he's either drunk or on drugs or both. grin grin.
I mean the debate as to who should rule us should be between Obi Vs Atiku. Then we look at who do we trust more of the two. For me it's Obi, he's no Saint but he had less baggage than Atiku.
Tinubu shouldn't even be in the discussion, especially because all he does is insults others. Politics of 1999 to 2019. Someone tell him times don change.
Politics / Re: APC Should Be Begging Nigerians For Forgiveness, Not Campaigning - Mr Macaroni by DJInfluence: 11:32pm On Feb 03
These days everyone feels like they are something worthy of an opinion. Like they truly have a voice. Celebrities that are worthl*ss just as their opinion.

Attacking APC that only the presidential candidate and governors are the only ones lending their voices and fighting to stop the issue on ground even going against their party leader, the president on sit; in the process. Where all other party candidates are either supporting the suffering or gone dumb entirely on the issue.

France and UK battling inflation. Egg is scarce in UK, shortage of baby-food in US, Argentina inflation rate is nearing 100% , Estonia, Germany scrambling due to shortage of gas. Columbia, Venezuela, Ecuador are fighting pre-covid survival due to high cost of living. Libya is in turmoil, Ukrainians don't even have a country to call theirs.

Yet our Bunch of irrelevant political tools disguising as yeyebrities are using the country's situation to invoke cheap attention.

But they are never at fault. People like the OP that gives credence and attach importance to what clowns like this failed comedian Mr macaroni or forgotten musicians like Psquare brothers says, is the culprit here. People who lack basic knowledge on how to run even the commonest POS business will always want to chase-clout by criticising those running one of the biggest country in Africa.

Nonsense and ingredient.
Nigeria will overcome this and all you haters will be put to shame.
Are you trying to justify APC govt to us? So you are willing to have another 4-8 years of APC? Who do you?
Politics / Re: More Photos And Videos From The Apc Presidential Campaign Rally In Osogbo by DJInfluence: 7:34pm On Feb 02
And who did Blublubla insulted this time?
All he does is to throw insult at others rather than tell the people what he intends to do for them.
And the people indulges him by clapping and laughing.
This guy is not presidential and doesn't deserves to rule Nigeria.
Sports / Re: Kelechi Iheanacho Has Set A New Record In Thr English FA Cup (Pic) by DJInfluence: 7:51am On Jan 29

Na Ur type them dey bench for common monkey post game.
grin grin
Politics / Re: I Am Voting For Peter Obi - Frank Edoho Replies Fan by DJInfluence: 1:14pm On Jan 28

The people will tell the powers that be that sovereignty rests with the people, not with politicians and members of the Judiciary.
Hope you are right. In a few weeks we shall know.
Politics / Re: I Am Voting For Peter Obi - Frank Edoho Replies Fan by DJInfluence: 1:05pm On Jan 28
Election that will end up in supreme court.
I see the "powers that be" trampling on the will of the people.
Politics / Re: Stop Court Action, Let’s Talk Things Over, Tinubu Tells Ex-Minister, Uche Ogah by DJInfluence: 6:59am On Jan 25
Only way they settles anything is promising the aggrieved a portion of the state resources and appointment. That's what politicians do.
Celebrities / Re: Iyabo Ojo Unfollows Comedian Princess After Leaking Their Chat On Halima Abubaka by DJInfluence: 7:17am On Jan 24
Werey meta
I think say you want remix that song to ....

..Werey meta shere oh, wan shere Ayo grin

No laugh me, na so the Yoruba sounds good my head.

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Family / Re: How My Brother Was Deceived Into Marrying An SS Lady by DJInfluence: 7:13am On Jan 24

You don't know what you are saying at all. He just found out that he was deceived, but you didn't want him to be human. [b]Abandoned was a temporary decision to be able to process what is happening, not like he wouldn't go back to the hospital or take care of the mother and child. [/b]A lot would be going on in his mind, the wife should even be grateful that his family were there
Then maybe the write up should have read differently or I misunderstood it. But it sounded like he left her and it was his family (dad and bro) that where visiting her in the hospital.
I understand his anger and he has every right to feel betrayed like I said. But he should fulfill his duty for now and leave the decision making for weeks if not months later. Because any decision taken now might be as a result of anger and not objective reasoning.
Family / Re: Why Are Some Men Abandoned By Their Wives and Children At The Old Age? by DJInfluence: 7:06am On Jan 24
For children (not just a child) to abandoned their dad, he must have been a terrible dad. No two way about that. If none of his children deems it necessary to assist him, I am sure he must have failed in his role as a father and only bears the name father because he was their biologically father.

As for the wife, it could be either way. Maybe she was an ungrateful selfish wife or he was a prick during their marriage.

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Family / Re: How My Brother Was Deceived Into Marrying An SS Lady by DJInfluence: 7:00am On Jan 24

My brother's mind is made up on divorce.

What will you advise my brother to do?
After saying this what else do you want us to add?

Your brother is not thinking straight right now because abandoning his wife and child in the hospital says a lot about his character as a man. Nothing wrong in taking care of the mother and child until she's out of the hospital. Which will also give your brother time to get over his initial anger. This will help him make a more rational decision. Right now his decision making is marred by his feeling of betrayal.
Politics / Re: Bauchi SDP Senate Candidate Brands His Plane With Pictures Of Tinubu/shetimma by DJInfluence: 6:48am On Jan 24
This thing na plane? This is a death trap. #FlyingDanfo.

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Politics / Re: President Buhari Commissioned Largest Rice Mill In Africa In Lagos by DJInfluence: 6:32pm On Jan 23
All I have to say is . If Nigerians like let them vote rubbish and men without antecedents. Lagos economy has been forged on solid road map and will continually grow . It survived 16 year onslaught from the then ruling party PDP , it's still flourishing well as a ruling party.
All we need is visionary leadership that can set a valid road map for the country , not boxers or models.
Buhari has done his best sanitizing our public sector unlike PDP " share the money tenure "
I can't wait to see students loans , credit based economy, regional industrial hubs and ports when Nigerians get it right. Tinubu isn't a promise and fail .
BAT2027 ♾
Hihihi am laughing in vernacular.
Politics / Re: PDP Asks NDLEA, EFCC To Arrest Tinubu For Drug Trafficking by DJInfluence: 7:04pm On Jan 22
This is the beginning of this election turning violence.
These rhetorics from both parties will soon trickle down to their followers.
Politics / Re: "Daddy You Will Win": Peter Obi Collects Crying Lady's Phone Number (Video/Pics) by DJInfluence: 8:33am On Jan 22

Oga this kind talk, our destiny is in our hand not govt.

I knw normal people wo became millionaires in this same regime..

Govt is just to assist us.

The poor will always suffer...

Na universal principle..

Govt will contribute only 10% to our future..

Its high time we reduce our blame on the govt and focus on our untapped potentials..

Am sorry but this is a wrong mindset. It's not about becoming millionaires. Where's the road, electricity or schools? The millionaires send their children to private schools because our education system is in shambles. And what's the point in being a millionaire when you can't walk freely without your own security?
So govt has to provide a conducive environment for the citizenry to thrives. And our govt has failed and continue to fail in this regard.
TV/Movies / Re: You Can Only Watch One Actor's Movies For The Rest Of Your Life. Who Would It Be by DJInfluence: 9:52pm On Jan 21
Adam Sandler
Liam neeson
Leonardo De caprio
gerald butler
Ralph Fiennes
Mark walhberg
Will smith

Sandra Bullock
Jessica Chastain
Emma Corrin
Angelina Jolie

So many others that are such great actors and actresses
Na so person go take fail exams. Provide one actor(ress) you make a list. grin
Politics / Re: Oluremi Tinubu: We Have Tried Muslim-christian, Let Us Try This One Too by DJInfluence: 6:21pm On Jan 18
Easy to call herself Christian because it's her Muslim husband contesting. She's not speaking as a Christian rather like someone with the sole ambition to become first lady. She's only disguising her true intent.

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Politics / Re: VIP's In Bullet-Proof Vehicles ‘Send’ 43 Security Aides To Graves- Daily Trust by DJInfluence: 10:40am On Jan 14
Most of these security operatives lobbied for such job or like they called it "posting". To them, the gain outweighs the pain.

Securing private individual should be the job of private security firms not the police force. Using tax payers money to protect the rich is wrong.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Relentless Storm Drowns California, USA ( Pics, Video) by DJInfluence: 6:39am On Jan 14
Stop wasting your time on that low life. His father is a useless maggot , now imagine what his useless son will look like.
Thanks for the valuable advise. I saw his last reply and knew straight away what you meant. I'll let him be, for he's making less sense the more he tries to communicate.
Celebrities / Re: Brymo's Anti-Igbo Tweet Caused By Drugs, Ex-Management Says - David Hundeyin by DJInfluence: 9:22pm On Jan 13
Shattap fool!

Guy, do yourself a favour..... Get lost asap. You won't be missed.
Celebrities / Re: Brymo's Anti-Igbo Tweet Caused By Drugs, Ex-Management Says - David Hundeyin by DJInfluence: 9:12pm On Jan 13
ignoramus gbengbedus....

When they don't have anything to offer, they turn to being disrespectful of others.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Relentless Storm Drowns California, USA ( Pics, Video) by DJInfluence: 9:12pm On Jan 13
No Don't Talk About Ur Country Sin, Okay? Idiot.
Mumu, no be me cause your problem, go cure your family problem then come back. slow animal. Like say you get sense, you for know say I was in awe that America is a world leader despite the disasters they fights. But when you cram book instead of actually learning something, you ended us showing that stupidity for free in public.
Health / Re: Abia Doctors Protest 25 Months Salary Arrears by DJInfluence: 5:50pm On Jan 13
2 years of work no compensation. I don't understand how terrible and indifferent a govt can be to it's people.

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