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Politics / Message To Petee Obi Supporters by donyfrank: 1:13am On Jul 27
"If millions of OBIDIENTS are rude and fiery disposed, they are responding to Nigeria’s 41 trillion naira debt. They are responding to a dead educational system. They are responding to executive corruption in the corridors of power. They are responding to the gripping poverty all over Nigeria. They are responding to billions stolen by former governors as pensions."


#obidients #politics #2023election #2023presidency

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Politics / Re: Muslim-muslim Ticket: Channels TV Exposed by donyfrank: 7:03pm On Jul 16
See this one. Comparing private business with national issue.

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Politics / Re: Labour Party Scores Zero In One Of The First Poling Unit Annouced by donyfrank: 4:32pm On Jul 16
People are talking of Labour party because of Obi ( good individual).
So if a bad guy represents labour in osun, he/she is not getting any vote.
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Wikipedia Page Vs Kwakwaso Wikipedia Page by donyfrank: 11:39am On Jul 03
No be Jonathan built armajiri school scatter everywhere in the north but you still elect the disaster

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Wikipedia Page Vs Kwakwaso Wikipedia Page by donyfrank: 11:36am On Jul 03
You know that Northern Nigeria (Kano) is backward in education.
So why would you compare Obi with Kwankwaso by building schools which the northerners lack.
Did we tell you that Anambra didn't have universities( private& public), primary/secondary schools(private and public)?

I thought you will compare them base on their CV.

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Satellite TV Technology / Re: Help Me On How To Go About This V8 Finder-pix by donyfrank: 11:21pm On Apr 13
Yea! At last I could be able to upgrade my V8 Finder.

I am surprised that even the gurus i met at DSTV office couldn't do jack about it, but only advised me to return the V8 Finder.
A day before the day i planed to return it to the dealer, I suddenly cracked the nut.

What I did;

I searched the Youtube, surf the internet and later got someone who gave me the link for the USB S/W upgrade link. Thanks Freelink.

I downloaded the Bin file, extract it, renamed it and copy the file to my Flash drive.

Then the stuff was upgraded.

Thanks all.

Politics / Re: Sit-At-Home: Ghosts Take Over Deserted Anambra, Enugu, Abia Streets by donyfrank: 11:18am On Apr 04
And they are proud thinking they have sense.

First is was MNK that was relaxing in London and sending command for me mumu followers in Nigeria to obey and because they don't have sense they will be obeying.

Now it is someone that is in Finland that cannot sit at home in Finland but giving orders to the same mumu maggots and they are still obeying.

Imagine people struggling for freedom now killing themselves just to obey their demi gods in prison and in Finland. If they were to be given Biafra and have the links of MNK or Simon Ekpa as the president, tell me how Biafra will be different from North Korea?

As they refuse to have sense up to 2022, they should just do sit at home until after 2023
election so that we know they are serious with their mumu mentality.
Ogbasara gi?
You that have smart mentally, who you help?


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Satellite TV Technology / Help Me On How To Go About This V8 Finder-pix by donyfrank: 4:45am On Mar 27
Please gurus in the house.
I bought this V8 Finder new, and I have google on how to program it but what I watched is not what my new V8 Finder is giving me .
Nothing comes up if I select.


Politics / Re: EFCC Releases Willie Obiano And His Wife, Ebelechukwu by donyfrank: 9:06am On Mar 18
After making Anambra like Dubai, he want to run away to go to under developed country
Ndi a .a
Politics / Re: Soludo Warned Igbo's About IPOB by donyfrank: 3:15am On Mar 18
Failure has already started presenting itself.
He will hook his failure because IPOB.
Oga face your work and get to the root why we have IPOB

This one wey slap slap happened on your day of special day, I advice you to pray for grace so that you won't use your hand to invite people or situation which cause katakata in your administration.

Religion / Re: There Is No Heaven & Hell - Pastor Abosom As He Abandons His Christian Faith by donyfrank: 8:39pm On Mar 07
Whether you believe or not is insignificant.

Wether Putin believe that there is city call Akokwa or not, doesn't make Akokwa not to exist.

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Politics / Re: IPOB Are Standing With Russia That Helped Nigeria During The Civil War by donyfrank: 9:34am On Mar 02
And Nigeria is against Russia who helped them kill igbos

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Romance / Re: Was King Solomon able to satisfy all his wives and concubines? by donyfrank: 1:31pm On Dec 19, 2021
Solomon literally didn't marry such number of women
But the level of idolatry he indulged, going for other gods and their affiliate gods.
Politics / Re: Yoruba Pull Out Of Self Determination Group by donyfrank: 6:36pm On Nov 30, 2021
Wether Yoruba pull or not, its not our business.
We are not made the same.
Everybody have their own purpose in life

Politics / Re: Guru Maharaj: Why Nnamdi Kanu Can’t Be Compared To Sunday Igboho by donyfrank: 12:50pm On Nov 23, 2021

Source: https://dailypost.ng/Biafra-Oduduwa-Why-Nnamdi-Kanu-cant-be-compared-to-Sunday-Igboho-Guru-Maharaji-Ji

I don't know what to call you.
Those days you were killing them, you think it will continue that way?
Politics / Re: Data Shows SE Contribute's Very little To Nigeria's Economy Than Other Regions by donyfrank: 5:05pm On Nov 11, 2021
Dear Yorubas, Hausas, Ijaws, Fulanis, etc.

Kindly join in the ongoing suite to make Igbos to have their Biafra, so that you will enjoy your IGRs.

Igbos are sucking your IGRs.
Do that quickly.


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Politics / Re: Convince Me That Nnamdi Kanu Is Not A FRAUDSTER by donyfrank: 4:56pm On Nov 10, 2021
A fraudster but Okwadike, and Ezes came to court in solidarity for him.

Who know you if not on nairaland.



Politics / Re: Military Engages Gunmen In Shootout In Idemili South Anambra (Video) by donyfrank: 4:36pm On Oct 31, 2021

Bro please quit this statement.

We are loosing men. The last thing I will do is to deny that my brother that is fighting the same course I believed in is a Fulani. Because indirectly you are attributing their death to be a mere ant wastage......... Nope, it shouldn't be like that.

They believe in the same ideology we believe(Biafra), so their death matters.

But the main thing now is that....... violence had been used and It didn't work.
I do suggest that the best option/tactics is to use the "Brain". When Brain comes into play, brightness comes into play

Say am a terrorist, I don't give a Bleep, but I won't use because of any gadammnn mouth of human being to deny my hero that departed.
one man terrorist is another man's hero

Ma mmadu emeghi ka onye Ara, umu nna ya agaghi ebunye ya oke ya.

Before they raised the dragon flag ( fire to fire), the Nigerian security were killing them with reckless abandon.
So since one can be killed even been peaceful, my dear, go all out and settle the matter once and for all.


Politics / Re: Abaribe Finally Betrays Nnamdi Kanu - PHOTOS by donyfrank: 3:51am On Oct 29, 2021
Despite no election of our leader embarassed

Abaribe you're a sellout Saboteur cry

Go and check one of MNK broadcast, he said;

" He will never trust any politician anymore, no who you claim to be" .

So it's expected of abaribe who is a politician.

Politics / Re: Why Do Nigerian Tribes Hate Each Other But Refuse To Divide? by donyfrank: 7:04am On Oct 27, 2021
It’s only the poverty stricken ones that hate each other


Rich Nigerians don’t hate each other on ethnic grounds

You lied.
Those so called rich guys are pretending because of their selfish interest.
At least, I have happened to be a place where these wealthy guys and politicians discuss.

Mehn, see beefing.

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Politics / Re: Ndi Anambra; Ihe Mere Na Imo Kwesiri I Kuzi Anyi Ihe. by donyfrank: 3:24pm On Oct 26, 2021
Asi m kwuo uchem, m ga-asi na "election boycott" abughi ezigbo atumatu, na ihi na oga enyelu ndi Abuja aka, mebisia Anambra anyi.

Neekeenu ezigbote Airport Obiano na-aru n'Anambra. Anyi cholu "continuity". Anyi cholu ka Soludo bido ebe Obiano kwusiili.

Sit at home, agaghi enyelu anyi aka. Biafra bu Political Problem. Anyi cholu Political solution.
Obu eziokwu. Mama oburu na ihe gbasara Biafra emetutaghi politics, NDI politicians agahi eji okwu a kporo ihe
Politics / Re: Ndi Anambra; Ihe Mere Na Imo Kwesiri I Kuzi Anyi Ihe. by donyfrank: 11:36pm On Oct 25, 2021
Nothing happened in Imo State.
People voted in Imo State and a clear winner emerged, but was turned upside down.

But in Anambra, nobody is voting.

It's a different scenarios

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Politics / Re: Lessons From Chiwetalu Agwu’s Arrest (opinion) by donyfrank: 8:09pm On Oct 08, 2021

On 7th October, 2021, a renowned Nollywood Actor, Chiwetalu Agwu was apprehended in Anambra state by the Military, adorned in IPOB/Biafra regalia. According to the Military, the Iconic figure in the entertainment industry was allegedly arrested after he was caught soliciting support for one proscribed group identified as IPOB, as well as inciting the public against the authority. It is noteworthy that the arrest is coming few days after the Military commenced an operation tagged “Golden Dawn” in the South East, following incessant attacks and killings of security operatives and innocent residents in the region. Apart from killing of operatives, cases of armed robbery, car snatching, attacks on POS operators, raiding of markets, setting up of illegal road blocks as well as extortion of motorists have been reported.

The question now is, did the nollywood actor commit any crime to warrant arrest? YES. In September, 2017, a federal high court proscribed IPOB and declared it a terrorist organization. The declaration followed an application by the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice. The following year, IPOB appealed the declaration/judgement. Fortunately or unfortunately, the appeal was not upheld. Rather the court affirmed its earlier declaration. Consequently, in the face of law, IPOB remains a terrorist group.

Some of the characteristics of terrorist organizations include coercion, targeted assassination, kidnapping, violent confrontation with government forces, violent agitation for secession, armed robbery, using instrumentality of fear to subjugate people and so on. A common test suggests that IPOB has met all these conditions. The group has killed hundreds of security operatives, established an army to confront the government, robbed innocent citizen, burnt government institutions and threatened to sustain killings.

Should public figures or opinion molders identify with such group? The choice is theirs. However, one thing is clear; the group is an enemy of the state. Its supporters, sponsors, sympathizers are also terrorists.

Section 1 of the 2013 Terrorism Prevention Act as Amended criminalizes persons that incite, promise or induce any other persons by any means whatsoever to commit any act of terrorism…The Act also criminalizes persons who omit to do anything that is reasonably necessary to prevent an act of terrorism. It also frowns at those that assist or facilitate the activities of persons engaged in the act of terrorism, and so on.

Suffice to say that Anambra is currently the epicenter of IPOB activities. In few days, several operatives have been killed. The terror elements have also vowed to frustrate the conduct of the forthcoming gubernatorial poll. It is enforcing the illegal sit-at-home order. Yet, this is the time that AGWU elected to be adorned in IPOB/Biafra uniform. More renowned actors like KANAYO, PETE EDOCHIE, ZUBBY, NKEM OWOH, RITA and PATIENCE among others are still shooting movies in the South East and selling same in Onitsha without let or hindrance. They are not less Igbos neither are they more Nigerian. They understand the times and laws.

AGWU by his action, tacitly demonstrated support for the killings of security operatives, destruction of government properties, burning of Nigerian flags, non-conduct of the governorship election in the state, illegal sit-at-home order, killing of Akunyili’s husband, ongoing armed robbery and targeted killings of innocent Igbos. In plain terms, he supports terrorism. He may have been released, but the lessons cannot be forgotten. Influential persons in the society should learn to use their positions to better the society by clamoring for good governance not supporting terror.

*Yani writes from Abuja*
Na only IPOB be pro Biafra group?
Politics / Re: Esn Strikes This Morning Burning Another Bus And Its Passengers GRAPHIC VIDEO by donyfrank: 12:05pm On Sep 27, 2021
Leave ESN alone... Everytime ESN or IPOB. Don't u have any other job to do? This is Monday morning, pls go and get something better to do

Don't mind him. Him and his lots would be burning old vehicles ( even fairly used vehicles) in order to paint ipob ESN black.
We are not buying those myopic propaganda anyone.

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Politics / Re: Why Is It Soo Easy For UGM To Kill Police?? by donyfrank: 7:41pm On Sep 19, 2021
They are trained, but the sweetness of ROMPLED N50 won't allow them to be vigilant.

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Politics / Re: For Next Time An Ika Calls SE Erosion Region by donyfrank: 11:51am On Sep 17, 2021
Human beings reasoning like what I don't know...

What has natural phenomenon (erosion) got to do with people?

Are they the cause?
Politics / Re: ESN fulfils threat kills three men who didn't sit at home this morning GRAPHIC by donyfrank: 11:00am On Sep 15, 2021
I wonder all those that believe these trashes.
Some people would bring out old and none functional items, burn it at the middle of deserted road and start posting rubbish.
Can we see the owners of this cars/ items.
Can't you show us people watching.
And people swallow this, hook and sinker
Politics / Re: Sit-At-Home: IPOB Looted Bread Van In Enugu & Set It On Fire by donyfrank: 10:54am On Sep 15, 2021
I wonder all those that believe these trashes.
Some people would bring out old and none functional items, burn it at the middle of deserted road and start posting rubbish.
Can we see the owners of this cars/ items.
Can't you show us people watching.
And people swallow this, hook and sinker
Politics / Re: Just In: Unknown Hoodlums Attack Keke (Tricycle) Drivers Viotating Sit-at-home by donyfrank: 3:15pm On Sep 14, 2021
Una go carry old and none useful items, come burn them on an empty roads and be posting rubbish.
And no one has ever come out to say it's their properties that was burnt

Isi opia

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Politics / Re: Opobo Kingdom And Igbo Language by donyfrank: 7:54pm On Sep 05, 2021
Anyi di mma

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Politics / Re: Kalu: Southeast Problem Will Be Solved Politically Not By Issuing Sit-At-Home by donyfrank: 3:44pm On Aug 17, 2021
It baffles me how these so called political elites reason and talk.
So when you're the governor it's sit at home that made you to stole abia state money ba?
When did sit at home start?
You want a one Nigeria where equity and fairness reigns. It's more than 40 yrs, no equity and fairness and you think that equity and fairness would come in the next 2yrs.

How long can you lots wait for this equity and fairness?

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