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Literature / Re: Player's Heart by eliboy92(m): 8:12am On Nov 20, 2018


Cynthia who narrated everything to David as soon as she arrives, suggested they hand over the guy to the police since he has admitted the fact that the governor sent him after his own daughter to spy where she was going to, and retrieve everything on her possession.
But David repel the suggestion and decided to keep him there till the next day when the lawyer Jennifer called must have arrived.

They both agreed to David's suggestion, while on his sitting room accessing the laptop Jennifer brought.
She had already told Cynthia the password to unlock the system, and the folder where she saved the clip.
David and Cynthia watched it several times after which David bursted into tears. He was so cold watching how his father was killed, and wishes he knew all this years that MR. Emmanual killed his father.

Cynthia couldn't withstand the tears and consoled him to think of the way forward rather than crying, knowing fully well that tears could not and will never bring back his father.

David tried to act as a man which he is, by fighting the pain and anger that was inflated in him while watching the video clip. He copied the clip into an empty rewritable disk as well as his personal flash drive.
That very night Cynthia couldn't go home so she spent the night in David's house, but not in the same bed with David because she knew if they both sleep in the same bed she must surely have the urge to touch his irresistible body. She ended up sleeping in the couch at the sitting room.




A young lady believed to be around 28 years with an unknown identity has been apprehended by the state police after an attempt to kill the governor in his residence last night.

"David please come, something has gone wrong" Cynthia shouted, which drew David's attention almost immediately.

David stood still as he watches the news displaying on his TV screen.

Although the governor Mr. Emmanual is responding to treatment but whether or not he will make it is what the doctors are yet to assure us.

David couldn't believe his eyes as he watches Grace been paraded with cuffs on her. He sighed and hoped she doesn't call his name during interrogation;

"Things are getting out of hands, we must go and see Jennifer in the hospital right now" David urges.

"But we haven't taken our bath" Cynthia muttered.

"You can take your bath I'm off" David said, as he reaches for his car key on the table

"Just wait let me rinse my mouth I'll join you" She pleaded.

After like 20 minutes time, they both rushed to the car and zoomed off.



David and Cynthia were both surprised to see Jennifer coming out from the door that led to the reception of the hospital. As soon as Jennifer and the man she was standing with saw David parking they started walking towards the car.
David was so happy to see his dream wife on her feet, he rushed towards them and gave her a hug;

"Dear, so happy to see you in good health" David emotionally confessed.

"It's the Lord's doing, I was not really hurt. The doctor said I was just unconscious but now that I'm not feeling any pains I can go" She uttered

"Thank God" Cynthia voiced out excitedly

"Meet Barr. Obiyor Ugochukwu, he is the one I told you about. I knew you will come this morning so I called him to meet me here instead of going to the house" Jennifer introduced

"You are welcome Barrister. As you can see we have a very big case here with a prominent man. Although we aren't scared of filling a case with him, but hoped you deliver us against this monster. These are the documents containing all his mischievous act and here is a clip of how he killed my dad" David explained, as he presents a file and a CD plate to him.

"Don't worry yourself young man, Jennifer has already told me everything I needed to know. I have already filed the case on your behalf but needs you to sign some documents" The barrister said.

"Where are they, let me sign them immediately because we have limited time. The governor is already hospitalized as I'm talking to you" David explained

They were all shocked to hear the news and decided to act quick.

David called his uncle Peter and updated him with the latest happening. He beseeched him to follow up Grace issue and tried as much as he could to stop her from confessing their names.




Peter went to the police station to see the suspect who tried to kill the governor, but he was denied access to her. After much appealing, he was ordered out from the station and left angrily.

Peter called David and elucidated everything that happened. This made David more confused, but he trust Grace alot and decided not to bother himself but to follow up the law suit the next day being Monday.


News got to them that the governor is now okay, and was interviewed in respect to the event that almost took his life.
He placed it on his political counterparts who are after him in the coming election and concluded that he will get the culprit as soon as possible and expose the person publicly.



The governor got the case suit with the mandate to appear before the court in a month time. All the allegations were stipulated on it, and he quickly knew the battle is between himself and David.

He regretted not killing him long ago, but believed he will still scale through since there won't be any tangible evidence against him. He called one of the best Lawyer in the country to defend him and tried as much as he could to get to the Judge that will preside over the case. He believes money can speak in the tentacles of law in as much as the case is within the country....





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Literature / Re: Player's Heart by eliboy92(m): 5:14am On Nov 19, 2018

"Let go off me son of a bitch" Jennifer exclaimed in anger.

"We were ordered not to kill you, so kindly give us the bag you are having otherwise______" A young man on Army camouflage muttered with a pistol on his left hand.

"Otherwise what? Answer me coward, what will you do?" She hurriedly asked.

The both men couldn't withstand the noise Jennifer was making, and just to avoid creating scene, they decided to do what they ought to do at that point in time.
They rushed her and hits her countless times with their gun, which made her collapsed right in front of the gate she was standing.
They didn't wasted a second as they took the bag containing Jennifer's laptop, but unluckily for them a car brushed down the one holding the bag, while the other escaped by zooming off with the white hilux they came with.


David tried as much as he could to arrive home on time, he could sense danger which he had been trying hard to avert all this while. The worst part of it was the fact that Jennifer decided to show up without concrete agreement between the both of them.

He finally got to his building but couldn't see anyone other than spill of blood in front of his gate, he horned continuously until Okoro finally opened.

"Oga! One of the old madam carry new madam go hospital" Okoro shouted as he tried to approach the car after opening the gate.

David didn't even had the time to listen to his trash as drove straight to a comfortable spot where he parked the car and hooped out like a robot.
Okoro who believed he hasn't passed the information appropriately, ran down to him leaving the gate wide open;

"Oga oohhh! Oga!" Okoro called, as he approaches David his boss.

"What is it and where is Jennifer?" David questioned as he breath fiercely, looking confused.

"Oga! Na that old madam when you dey call Cynthiana carry new madam go hospital" Okoro the poor gateman exclaimed.

"Hospital?" He echoed

"Yes oga, two soldiers nearly kill her but old madam Cynthiana abi na Cynthia come jam one with her motor while the second one run" He illustrated, as he paused to swallow saliva before continuing his story.

"I locked the soldier wen she jam for my toilet while new madam bag dey my room" Okoro uttered before taking a deep breath.

"Let me have the bag fast, and bring that slowpoke out" David ordered.

While Okoro rushed back to his security house to get the bag and the so called soldier under his custody, David assisted in closing the gate and dialled Cynthia's contact almost immediately.

She picked up, as soon as the call went through;

"Hello David! Thank God you called" She muttered.

"Where are you exactly, I was just told what happened by Okoro" He said.

"Yes, but calm down she is safe. I'm on my way back to your house, so will explain better when I get there" She assured him.

Few seconds after David dropped the call, Okoro rushed to him with a bag and pointed the so called soldier to him who was seen laying down with his hands and legs chained up by Okoro...
David was overwhelmed by the nice job his loyal gateman did, he hurriedly took the bag inside and came out to interrogate the young soldier who was seriously wounded...

After much questioning, the soldier confessed he was a fake military man and disclosed the identity of the person who sent them.




Grace and other girls were seen dancing in the midst of highly recognize politicians in the State. She has prepared herself for this day as she knew the only time she can carryout her mission on the governor is this very last Saturday of the month, where the governor always host men of high calibre and status. All bills are on him including the commercial who_re that his boys normally bring in for anyone so interested to enjoy with, all through the night.

At the left flank of the open field in the governor's house, a standard conference table was situated adjacent to the swimming pool. The governor and his special guests were found drinking, eating and smoking there while Grace was waiting patiently like a viper for the right time to strike.
All of a sudden her eyes and that of the governor met, she became more troubled when she saw the governor talking to a humbled and good looking young man.
She stylishly bent down to place the gun with her inside her shoe that looks more like a hilly booth. She suspected the guard is coming to check what she have in her bag....

"Bring me that girl on blue gown" The governor said to his personal assistant

"Okay sir" The PA said, as he briskly walked towards the direction where Grace was shaking her body to the nice rhyme on the DJ's cue;

"Babe His excellency needs your attention right now" The PA whispered as he tapped her on her shoulder.

"Okay Sir" She replied, as she walked after him without hesitation.

Finally, they got to where the governor was. He stood up tapped Grace's assshhhh and started dancing with her.
Other men on the table also stood up to dance with their girls and those who doesn't have any quickly get themselves occupied with the numerous girls that were there.
After an hour of dancing, the governor left the premises to his executive room. Ever since he lost his wife and becomes the governor, this is the only day he manages to laid down with another woman. He always drink uncontrollably on this very day and do whatsoever thing he wishes to do with a woman on this day without regrets.


"Young lady, you should count yourself lucky to be with me on my executive bed tonight, just feel free and do whatsoever thing you think you could do to please a man" Mr. Emmanual stammered, with his eyes so dim.

Grace who is an expert in such show, pushed him on the bed. She caressed him seductively after which she took off his clothes.
She stylishly take off her clothes too and placed her gun in an unnoticed position on the bed. The governor was in haste to feel her, as he pulled her to himself and placed his whole face on her gigantic boooobbbss, but Grace turned him down because she hid a piece of paper containing poison on her bra;

"His excellency gently, you got me all night. Let's take some wine before I take you to Pluto" She seductively suggested.

"Oh yes, that vodka will be nice" He said pointing to the bottle of vodka on the wall bar, close to his expensive mini refrigerator

She went there, took two glasses from the wall bar and the bottle of vodka. She poured the content from the vodka bottle into the glasses and expertly remove the poison in the process of pulling her bra, she pour all of it into one of the glass of wine.

Grace knew the security in the building was massive but she still believe she can come out alive if she successfully achieve her mission.

She placed the glass of wine on the governor's mouth and watched him gulp much amount of it, she dropped the glass at the wooden part of the bed and also drink from her own before pouring some on her bossoms.

The governor who was in haste to feel her on bed assisted in taking off her pan_t, and was about inserting his joystick on her when he started coughing uncontrollably.

She pretended as if she doesn't know what was happening and asked the governor to blee-p her harder but the governor was so weak to do anything at this point.
He fell off her body and tried to get his phone from the table, but his hands couldn't get to it;

"What have you done to me?" Mr. Emmanual whispered as he collapsed, having no strength to do anything

At this point she knew her mission has been accomplished, she picked up the governor's phones and every other important documents she could get hold of and was about sneaking out of the room when a knock came from outside.




Literature / Re: Player's Heart by eliboy92(m): 11:48pm On Feb 22, 2017

Jennifer who was still in doubt that her Dad could do such a thing, repeated the clip for the umpteenth time.
She thought her Dad must have sent someone to accomplish the mission, not knowing her Dad did it himself.

Even David himself thought that Mr. Emmanuel sent a particular lady to murder his Dad, just as he was meant to believe by Sandra who once worked for him. But to Jennifer without the clip he won't and will never believed that her Dad killed his Father himself without sending anyone...

She had a rethink and decided to duplicate the clip, because she knew such video clip will be enough proof to jail her Father compare to the other document David has.
She hastily reached for her laptop and copied it into a newly created folder. Since she didn't lock the study room, she held straight to the room with the plate/disc and placed it back into the briefcase.
She was about locking the door when she heard a very closed footsteps....

She tried as fast as she could to lock the door and get to a safer hideout, but luck wasn't on her side as her Dad caught her right in front of the door.

"Jen hope all is well?" He asked suspiciously

"Yes Dad, all is well, I was trying to clean the cobwebs from the door, I mean from the ceiling" She stammered

"But that is the job of the house helps, more also you aren't holding a cobweb remover or a mob stick... Well that is by the way, I forgot an important file that contains my speech so I decided to come back for it“ Mr. Emmanuel voiced

"Where is it so I can get it for you?" She questioned
"It's in my room, don't worry I will get it myself"

"I insist Dad, I'll be back" She playfully said, as she run out from her Dad to get the file in his room. At least she will use the opportunity to keep back the key she took

Mr. Emmanuel suspected her but he wasn't sure of what her plan was. He checked the handle of his study room to confirm if it was locked and yes it was.
He stood still and try to predict what could be wrong but couldn't come up with anything. More also he was sure that nobody can get the keys to the study room where he kept most of his important documents and secret files...

He was about walking towards the livingroom when Jennifer show up with his file. She had successfully kept back the key and was happy her Dad didn't met her in the so called secred room.

She left the house with her laptop just immediately after her Dad left... Hopefully she would get an empty plate and make copies for David and her so trusted barrister that she planned to get for David...

-- -- -- --

David's mind was so corrupt that he couldn't think straight, he finally decided to get to the bank where he withdrew N500,000 and deposited 400,000 into Grace account who was also banking with Firstbank...
After a successful transaction he opted for a classic bar just to drink out his sorrow, he was now so bittered because all he could think of was his late parents and how much he missed them...

He was still battling with the last drop of the whisky (red label) he bought when a call came in from Jennifer. He wasn't expecting her call so soon, so he kept on staring at the phone's screen..

Jennifer didn't waited for the call to end before she redial his number. This time around David knew it was something serious, in hurry he tapped the answer button

"Hello sweetie! Wasn't expecting your call, hope all is well?" He muttered with an imbalanced pitch

"Yeah, all is well. I have an important clip I must hand over to you right now, so where are you?" She hastily said

"I'm at Eagle Square bar, can you meet me there?" He questioned

"I can but I'm presently in front of your gate and would love us to meet in your house because it is...... " She couldn't complete her statement when David started hearing her scream from the other end

" Hello! Hello! Hello! " David shouted which drew the attention of others in the bar

All David could hear from her end was voices of guys telling her to handover her bag to them, but she kept on shouting... Her screaming was even louder than the guys voice... She was screaming 'NOOOOOO'

David knew she could be in the Center of Danger, and without any form of delay he paid for the drink he bought and went straight to where he parked.

Just like a car race, he sped off to his building since that is where she said she was...

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Literature / Re: Player's Heart by eliboy92(m): 12:09am On Jan 09, 2017

David was being indecisive if he should  go back or not, he decided to take a sharp U-turn so as to avert the unknown persons when someone alighted from the car.
Immediately he saw the person, he halted and heaved a sign of relief.
It was Cynthia, and after she had successfully closed the door her friend Naomi joined her, they quickly walked up to him as he stood in a static position...

"Why don't you  come in?" David uttered, leading the road to his house.

"We just drop-by to thank you for not pressing charges" Cynthia said with a smile.

"I am the one that should be telling you 'thank you' for forgiving me. What I did the other day was the least I could do for wronging you" David replied while Cynthia smiled in return.

"We are on our way to a birthday party" Cynthia  muttered as she tried offering a goodbye handshake.

"Don't forget me in anything you do" Cynthia muttered

"I'm lost" David confessed

"We saw your woman and she is pretty. Hope to be in your wedding" Naomi joked while David smiled in return.

"Definitely, I will" David replied while the two ladies took their own leave....

Immediately they left, David hopped in to his car and drove to Hotel Demack to meet Grace who must have been waiting for him.
He got to the hotel and met the receptionist who directed him to the room Grace booked, he knocked several times and was about going back to the receptionist when she opened the door wearing a  transparent night grown, which makes David stared at her in a lustful desire.

David sat down on the bed, since that is where he was ushered to sit by Grace. She handed him a wine, which he politely rejects...

"We don't have time for this, the Governor is already having upper  hand in this battle. Name your price so that we can begin with the arrangements" David muttered in a serious manner.

"Okay! Okay!" She replied after sensing that David wasn't ready for chit chat, and the likes.

"On a normal day I will be collecting one million Naria but since it's you I will do it for eight hundred thousand. However, I can do it for free if you want" She added in a flirty manner tempting David with her offer, as she posed seductively.
If it was the old David, he would have dive in but now he is a changed man, and no longer a player...

"I will send you N400,000 today, then after you've executed the deal I will send the balance" David replied, shocking her with his answer.
She thought David would happily honor her offer "People do really change" She thought to herself..

After concluding the deal with her, David left to his house.
His personal house had become boring since himself and Jennifer were pretending not to be seeing each other, he was now lonely, and seen to be latest loner on earth...


Jennifer had finally made her Dad to trust her, she has told her Dad that David couldn't defend himself and therefore he is guilty of all the accusations. She made her Dad happy when she confirmed him to be right about David.
"He was just like his desperate late father" was the exact words she used, as soon as her Dad started smiling.
She made the Governor believed that, she would never get married to the son of a murderer. Her Father was happy that his daughter had finally conceded to his request.

Jennifer on her own part was planning to go to her father's study room, she remembered how her Dad always warned her and her siblings not to go to his study room. Since he was so keen on not allowing anyone to his study room, it then means he is having an exhibit in there or a skeleton in one of the compartments in the room... Jennifer thought

Immediately her Dad left for an executive meeting, she went to his bedroom to search if she could find the keys that leads to his study room. She searched everywhere but all to no avail, she had already given up when she saw a briefcase on top of his cupboard.

She quickly opened it and to her greatest surprise, a key was laid on a mini foam inside.
She was baffled because only this key was in the briefcase. Strange for one to put only a key in something as huge as a briefcase, she quickly took the key and walked to her Dad's study room. After opening the door, she went to the study desk and started scrutinizing the documents on his desk, if she could see anything incriminating but they were none.

She opened the wardrobe in the study room and saw only a disc, the case of the disc was mark with the letter X, she curiously took the disc and headed to her room.
She inserted the disc to her PC, and waited as it loads for some seconds before playing. What she saw in the recorded disc was a clip that made her shiver in fear and drew back in disbelief, she saw her own Dad with gun in his hands, as he was aiming the gun at Mr Azuka (David's Dad), while two of his bodyguard held Mr. Azuka..

"Please! You don't have to do this" David's Dad pleaded as Mr. Emmanuel aimed the gun at him...

"I have to, you are not fit to become a Governor, you deserve to be in hell. I warned you to step down but you didn't comply, don't worry your wife is already waiting for you there, and I won't forget to send your son too" Mr Emmanuel replied and bursted into an hysterical laughter before pulling the trigger.

Literature / Re: Player's Heart by eliboy92(m): 8:06pm On Dec 07, 2016

"We are going to make him pay together" Was the statement that kept on peeping in David's mind.

He was not only baffled that Jenifer believed all he told her, but his consternation was to see her offering an helping hands to fight her own biological Father;

"I'm so glad you could comprehend the words of truth I speak forth to you, but one thing I will never do is to involve you in my present battle" David Prattled

Clear throat "Hmmm... Hmmm... Hmmm... Listen to me David, you are not in anyway involving me in a battle. The truth is that I never loved my Dad because I know how cruel and devilish he could be, he never wanted the joy of others apart from his own family... That is the reason why I don't always wanna be with him" She Squealed arrogantly

"Stop shouting dear, just calm down and do me a favor by allowing this case to die here, while I try to settle my score with your Dad by myself" David pleaded

"Fine! I'll make sure we don't take this to the court by pressing charges... But you still have to do me a favour, by allowing me to play my role in your clash with my Father. Remember your fight is my fight, and if I don't partake my Dad will never allow me marry you, unless I give him reasons why we have to be together" She said, crossing her hands over David before perking his forehead

"Fine... But please be careful and do exactly as I will instruct you, until it's over" David advised

"Sure I will my Lord" She said while rendering a glowing smile

They both went back into the DPO's office and gave him some untrue reasons why they won't take the case to court. He got no option than to listen to them, and let the suspect go on bail..


Immediately they got home, David brought out a file similar to the one his uncle gave to Grace, and handover it to Jenifer.
She was really mad when she saw some video clips and letters sent to David's Dad by her own father, threatening to kill him if he refuses to step down for him.

Other documents were also presented by David to her, which made her believed him completely;

"David I'm so sorry for what my Dad did to you and your family, I'll get you one of the best lawyer in this country that will assist you in nailing my Dad because even the bible said 'The wicked shall not go unpunished" She uttered angrily

"Thanks dear, another thing I want you to do now is to get closer to your Dad and pretend we are not seeing each other again, if possible agree that you won't have anything to do with me, while you get better information from him and get to know the people he use in carrying out his evil plots" David instructed

"Hah! That will be hard for me because I can't stay more than a day without you..." She muttered

"It's just for the main time, and for my safety too" David explained

"Okay, I've heard you but don't carry any other girl oo, because the PLAYER is still in you" She teasingly said

"I know I have a PLAYER'S HEART already but you have successfully converted it to a SINCERE HEART" David whined

The both joked with it and ended up in the bedroom where they engaged themselves in a show of true romance and F.sexicon....


Later that Day, Jenifer left David's apartment and went straight to his Father's official home to have an holiday of 1week, instead of going straight to her own place.

They thought that is the only way they can monitor and spy some of Mr. Emmanuel's movement, and be able to tackle him technically...

-- -- -- --


David's ringing phone woke him up from his 1hr20mins sleep. It was a call from an unknown GLO number.

He didn't even bother to think twice before taking the call;

"Hello boy!" The caller said playfully

"Who is on the line?" David questioned

"It's me Grace, I got your message delivered by a young man who claimed to be your Uncle, and I would like you to meet me up at Demack Hotel by 8:00am tomorrow.... Bye" She muttered

"No problem then, Goodnight" He uttered in a relaxed manner

David immediately switched off his phone and continued with his sleep....



As early as 7:30am David was done with his normal morning activities. He hastily hooped into his car and drove closer to his gate, waiting for Okoro the gateman to open for him to go out.

As soon as the gate man opened the gate, he saw a car parking right in front of the gate from outside, blocking his exit...

The worst part of it was that he couldn't recognise the car but could see the head of two persons at the front seat...

"Should I go and see who they are or rush back in?" Was the question he could ask himself at that moment...


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Literature / Re: Player's Heart by eliboy92(m): 8:05pm On Dec 01, 2016
[b] EPISODE 29

Seeing it was a call from the DPO, Jennifer quickly hit the green key on her cell-phone.

"Hello!" She spoke immediately she picked the call.

" How are you doing? " The DPO asked from the other end.

"Fine sir" She replied.

" I call to tell you that we've captured the hoodlums who kidnapped your friend David, and their sponsors" The DPO said, making Jennifer to smile cheerfully.

"We will be there" Jennifer quickly muttered and ended the call.

"The DPO called, they've finally captured the criminals and those behind the kidnapping" Jennifer explained while David's heart pound.

He had forgotten to tell the DPO not to carry-on with the investigation.

"Let's go to the station" Jennifer said, which jolted David from his thoughts.

They both headed to the police station, and about 30 minutes later they were already there.

They met Cynthia and her friend by the counter, whom David confirmed to be the sponsors and pilots...

Cynthia couldn't stop David as they walked pass, but gave him this look of what's going on?... In other to avoid suspicions, he ignored her  and went to the DPO's office with Jenifer.

Getting to the office, they sat on the visitor's seat;

"I called to inform you both that we've apprehended the hoodlums and their sponsors, soon they will be charge to court because one of the lady insisted arrest and decided to call her lawyer over before any other thing" The DPO said with a smile.

"I am not pressing charges" David suddenly replied while the DPO and Jennifer stared at him in awe.

"Why?" Jennifer asked sounding perplexed.

"I don't want to press charges... just let them go" David replied vehemently and stood up, leaving the DPO's office at once.

He went outside and sat down, he knew he had to tell Jennifer why he will not be pressing charges on the hoodlums. He only hope she understand...

"What is wrong with you? Why don't you want to press chargers?" Jennifer asked in a high pitched voice immediately she approached him.

"Calm down" David replied trying to cool her temper.

"I guess my Dad is right about you" Jennifer suddenly muttered while David stared at her astonishingly.

"What did your Dad say about me?" David asked staring at Jennifer, he knew whatever her Dad told her about him wasn't something good...

"You are a cheat, deceiver, liar, and above all an hypocrite, while your parents are murderers" Jennifer blunted.

David was dumbfounded, he couldn't believe the Governor could go that far in brainwashing his daughter.

"Your Dad is lying because he is the murderer... Yes, he is the reason why I was kidnapped, and why those ladies are there. Your Dad killed my parents and turned me to a heartless player until I met you"  David replied angrily while Jennifer was completely puzzled. She couldn't fathom what David was saying.

"I don't understand! How do you mean by my Dad killed your parents, turned you to a heartless player and he was the reason you were kidnapped, I don't just understand any of it" Jennifer replied sounding perplexed.

She was indeed confused about the whole situation...

David heaved a sigh of relief before explaining to her how his Father was having a upper hand in the election, how Mr Emmanuel killed him in order to be emerged as the winner of the governorship election. He explained how her Father sent different kinds of girls to breakup with him, how it led to his mother's death, and how he started loathing the female folks with passion which later made him a heartless player.

He also explained how he used and dump Cynthia that made her to retaliate by kidnapping him...

"Those are the reasons why I don't want to push the case further" He concluded immediately he was done with his story.

Jennifer could not believe what she just heard... She couldn't help but felt pity for David.

She couldn't believe her Dad would go that far just to be the Governor...

She had totally detest her Dad, especially after listening to David's tragic story.

"We are going to make him pay together" She suddenly offer with sincerity well written on her voice.


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Literature / Re: Player's Heart by eliboy92(m): 7:46pm On Dec 01, 2016
[b] EPISODE 28

Being so confused, She walked out of her Dad's mansion with the intension to see David.

She knew David won't lie to her, and that alone motivated her to talk things out with him.
Her Dad let her go this time around because he knew, he had convincingly won her over David.



David's Uncle who successfully arranged a date with Grace (the girl whom David gave her contact to him), finally met her in a first class resort situated at the western region of the city... Hotel Demack has been her favourite resting Lodge, among the various lodges in the city.

"Do you care for some?" Grace asked, as she smoke her heavily fat wrapped weed (Igbo)

"No! I don't smoke... Thanks" Peter said while presenting a fake smile.

"Hmmm... Guys don't style for me oo, assuming I'm not seeing a wedding ring on ur finger I would have concluded that you have fallen in love with me...lol" She teasingly muttered

"Oh! Sure.... I am married, but my wife is in the States" David replied

"It's alright. Straight to business, who did you say gave you my number and what can I do for you?" She questioned, this time acting more serious

"Oh! It was given to me by David, I guess you know him?" Peter uttered after adjusting himself forward

"Hope you aren't talking about Mr. Azuka's son?" She asked, dropping her weed on a centre stainless plate which was placed on the table.

"Yes, he is the one" Peter confirmed

"If I catch that guy eh... I go make sure say I burst he seedy, upon all the help when I don help am for life. That useless boy deny me se_x because he see's me as a hustler who must have been infected with HIV.... As I sex_y reach! Check me out na... Abaaa!!! that mugu when like woman pass chicken nor fit like me... In short he Father when don die" She complained bitterly

"Sorry my friend" Peter tried to console her

"I dislike that word called SORRY... please don't say that again, and what can I do for you? Because I'm not happy presently" She confessed

"Why angry, my dear friend?" Peter seeks

"Because of the word 'sorry' and the name 'David' which you just mentioned" She replied

"Please don't be angry, and for David he is a good guy, I know him very well. And I think he trust you, that is why he needs your help" Peter Implored

"And how can I help?" She questioned after some minutes of critical observation

"He is having issues with the current Governor who killed his parents and wishes to pay him back" David's Uncle Announced

"Hmmmm.... A mission impossible" She spilled out

"Ya, and that is why you have to come in, because you are the only key to our success according to David" Peter uttered

"This is a political game and I've stopped partaking in such deal, but because of David I'll give it a try" She concluded

"Thanks.... Here are the details of the Governor and I would love you to name your price, because we wanna bring him down as fast as we could" Peter happily explained as he handover a file to Grace

"I think I know all I needed to bring down Mr. Emmanuel but thanks for the documents, I might get one or two things from them. But for my price, I have to see David first" She boastfully muttered

"There is no problem with that, you can have his new contact" Peter said

"Okay, call it" She requested

"070___62___44___64___14" He quoted slowly

"Got it, I have already saved yours so I will contact you after I must have spoken with him" She whined

"Okay, I have to take my leave now" Peter said as he stood up from the seat he was occupying

"You are free" She replied as she shook hands with him

David's Uncle left the hotel as fast as he could, and kept on watching his back until he got home.

He called David instantly, to inform him about all that happened between himself and Grace. And advised him to cooperate with her so as to avoid any blunder along the line...

-- -- -- -- --

While David's uncle and Grace were discussing in the hotel, David was at home bathing himself in the pool of confusion.
He thought about what Cynthia said on phone, advising him to be very careful and also volunteer to help him out.

He later thought it wise that he should bring Cynthia in, since she knows some bad thugs in town. With the hope that she might use them to fight the Governor...

The thinking was so fierce that David started sweating profusely. He decided to go out to get some fresh air only to be blocked at the exit/entrance door by someone special.

He smiled at her and tried to embraced her but she didn't wasted a seconds before repelling him....

No doubt David knew her Father must have transferred some venom of hatred into her, hence she chooses to impose such strange attitude towards him...



Two men wearing black attires were been paraded into the cell.

There was no doubt that the police were doing a great job, as they fished out Blade and one of his gang member from their hideout.

They were beaten mercilessly until they confessed Cynthia and her friend as the people behind David's kidnap.

Some officers went to apprehend Cynthia and her friend, while the DPO decided to call David and Jenifer right away to break the good news...


Jenifer was still staring at David in owe and dismay when her phone started ringing...

She never wanted to pick the call as she has a great score to settle with David, but seeing the caller who is no other person but the DPO, she got no other option than to take it...

Literature / Re: 22 Things To Know Before Posting Your Story. by eliboy92(m): 9:32am On Nov 12, 2016
Literature / Re: 22 Things To Know Before Posting Your Story. by eliboy92(m): 9:28am On Nov 12, 2016
How I wish I'm a writer grin .... It's nice to be creative, I enjoyed the fun writing throughout this year (2016) but couldn't continue because of my busy schedule otherwise I would have gotten fame and learn more from NL.... But I'm proud one of my imperfect work made front page 'ANINI RELOADED' even if my first story 'MY LIFE IN OZORO POLYTECHNIC' wasn't fully posted here because of the robot stuff... But I will like you all to check out my ongoing story now, and correct me where necessary. The title is 'PLAYER'S HEART'....

one thing I love about Nairalanders is that they encourages new writers, and it helped me in discovering my ability to write... It's part of the reason I got almost 8 stories within 8months (April-November)... I Respect you all especially the writers mentioned, but there are some I know that wasn't mentioned


Literature / Re: Player's Heart by eliboy92(m): 8:52am On Nov 12, 2016
[b] EPISODE 27

David had no choice than to take the persistent call;
"Hey David! Thanks, I just received an alert " Cynthia spoke on the other end..

"I should be the one thanking you for accepting my appeal, and also giving me the opportunity to redeem myself" David replied

"Don't worry David, I believe you will succeed in your plan but just be careful, you know the person you are threading with is the Governor. I will also see what I can do to help" Cynthia said with concern well written on her voice.

"Thanks, and for sure I will be very careful" David replied before ending the call.

He called Jennifer again, and this time it rang but she didn't pick. He tried her number continuously but all to no avail...

He finally gave up and lay on the bed where he drafted to a dreamless slumber.



Jennifer could be seen seated on the couch, she was waiting for her Dad who called her that he wanted to see her. She would have rebuff it and be with David, but couldn't since her Father told her it was urgent. 


Mr Emmanuel who was dressed in a native attire walked into the living room,  he was holding a glass of champagne and a bottle of vodka.

He poured the contents into the glass cup that was on the centre table, and handed it to his daughter;

"Thanks Dad! I don't feel like drinking" Jennifer refused politely, while his Dad sat on the couch facing her.

Two military men who positioned like some body-guards, could be seen standing in his left and right hand side;

"Leave us!" He said in a commanding tone, while they left immediately.

"Why the sudden call Dad?" Jennifer asked getting Impatient.

"How well do you know David?" Mr Emmanuel asked, surprising Jennifer with his words.

"David! How come you know about him?" She replied, staring at her Dad.

"I asked you a question and demand an answer, not a question in return" Mr. Emmanuel complained in a gruff voice.

"I know enough that will make me Marry him" She answered evasively.

"Why are you asking about him?" She asked further.

"I don't want to see you with that rascal" He ordered, surprising Jennifer once again.

"And why that?" Jennifer asked getting irritated by her father's command.

"David's Father wronged me and the last thing I want is having his son as my in-law, I want you to stop anything you are having with him, I don't want to see you with him again" Mr Emmanuel replied in a command tone while his daughter stared at him in disbelief.

"I don't know what problem you once had with his parents and I don't even want to know because it's none of my business, but I am getting married with David. I love him and nothing would stop me from marrying him" Jennifer fired at her Dad, she stood up and was about taking her leave.

"David Father killed your mother" Mr. Emmanuel said while Jennifer halted and stared at him in awe.

Mr Emmanuel knew getting her daughter not to mingle with David would not be easy so he had to put in place plan B in case plan A fails. He would opt for plan B which he is currently doing,  now he had to fabricate a story to make his daughter to concede to his request.

"You told me, Mum died in a ghastly motor accident. How did David's Dad killed my mother again?" Jennifer asked sounding perplexed while Mr Emmanuel heaved sigh of relief.

Although Jenifer didn't know what happened to her mother because she was not in Nigeria when she passed away, she spent most of her life in UK schooling.

"Your mother was assassinated here, I saw the assassins. I was quick enough to have cheated death, David Father actually came for me, he planned on killing me but I was quick enough to have evade the bullets. I went to urinate in the bathroom when the assassins came to my room, they thought I was the one sleeping on the bed not knowing it was your mother,  they shot her thinking it was me. Immediately they shot her, they removed the blanket and to their dismay it was a wrong target. I heard them whispering to themselves that it was the wrong person they shot, I immediately alerted my security guards while the assassins flee to the thin air" Mr Emmanuel explained shocking her daughter with his revelation.

"How are you sure it was David's Father that sent them" Jennifer asked.

"Come on, me and Mr. Azuka were both contesting for governorship election and I was having a upper hand in the election. He planned on assassinating me in order to emerge as the winner, but he failed. You see that's why I don't want the blood of Mr. Azuka as my inlaw" Mr Emmanuel explained further while Jennifer was dumbfounded, she couldn't believe David Father was responsible for her mother's death, especially when she knew quite well that this is another story she is hearing about her mother's death. Her Mother was the one person she loved most, even more than her Dad.

She was in a quandary if she should concede to her Father's request by not marrying David, or she should marry the man who made her heart beat softly.

The only man she had ever loved was David, when it comes to true Love. She was totally perplexed on the decision to take.

Literature / Re: Player's Heart by eliboy92(m): 11:57pm On Nov 10, 2016
[b] EPISODE 26

It's quite obvious that David has turned a new leaf (born again) by regretting all he had done in the past, but not everyone could be so plain as he is...

He was so happy that Vivian understood him quite easy and didn't react negatively. But among the both girls whom he broke their hearts recently, Cynthia was the only one that gave him the greatest surprise.

The manner at which she said "I forgive you and wish you well" made him realise that truly 'your worst enemy could be your best friend'... This is someone he knew quite well that tried to assassinate him, but now she has decided to let go.

While on his way to his Uncle's house, he kept on thinking of what else to do. He never wished to make any mistake along the line.


Immediately he got to his Uncle's house, he was told by the house-help that his Uncle went out, but dropped a message that he should wait behind.

Since he wasn't new to the household, he made himself comfortable by serving a particular brand of whisky from the wall bar.

Hastily, he brought out his phone and dialled Vivian's contact. After several attempts, she managed to pickup;

"Good afternoon Vivian" He Whimpered

"Good afternoon, and why are you calling me?" She quarried

"Please dear, it's not what you are thinking. I know you have every reason to be angry but please try and understand me" He beseeched

"Understand the reason why you neglected me and your unborn child right?" She muttered

"I have told you to keep the baby if it's fine by you. To God who made me, I know that child you are carrying is my responsible, and I can never deny that... Please just try to see the whole thing with your Godly mind" David pleaded

"Oh not again.... See David, I am not ready for all this rubbish you call words. What exactly do you want from me?" She annoyingly uttered

"Well, I just want your bank account details and also for you to forgive me" He whined

"Fine, I have heard you... Bye" She didn't bother to wait for him to say any more word, as she angrily ends the call

David was a bit weak after the call ended, he knew Vivian had forgiven him the very first day he opened up everything to her. But the problem she is having now is the pregnancy...

Since he already have Cynthia's account details, he decided to first of all send her the money he collected from her as promised, using mobile money.

Money has never been David's problem, so he didn't had a rethink in sending her double of what he collected. Immediately he was done sending her the cash, he got two received messages.

He checked on the first one, and it was an alert from FIRSTBANK PLC telling him of the cash he sent which has already been debited from his account. He checked the other message and it was from Vivian.

In no time he opened the text thinking she has sent her account number to him too, so he can pay back the money he collected from her. But behold the message entails something different;

"See David! I had no grudge against you or your present relationship... I know you are a good man, and for that reason I am keeping this baby. Don't ever come looking for me because you can never see me again, I am leaving my business in the hands of my cousin to take care of. And if you must know I'll be leaving for Philippine to stay with my elder sister who is currently pregnant also. For the money, you can keep it because it's my responsibility to take care of the man I love... Don't bother calling... Bye"

Analytically the message was plain and clear, but emotionally it was touching...

Well to David, this lady is something different. He couldn't comprehend her decision, because this is the least he could expect.

He was confused on what to text back or say if he happens to have the opportunity. Naturally, something known as 'love' evolved from nowhere after he received Vivian's message.

He instantly dialled her number back, but it was switched off.
Probably, David has fallen for her, but there was nothing he could do when he still have Jenifer as his first choice.

He was still battling with his emotional comparison, when his Uncle steps in...


They had a successful discussion and at the end, David gave him the lady they are to work with phone number and home address. His uncle promised to meet up with her as soon as possible so they can strike...


David got home hoping to meet his beloved future wife, but didn't met her. He checked his garage and discovered her car wasn't parked there.

The innocent looking man became more confused, he hastily rushed inside to check if her clothes were still in his room but they weren't there.

He was about calling her cell phone when he saw a note on the bed. Without wasting seconds, he picked it up;
"My bobo! Sorry I didn't call you before leaving your house. My Dad just called me to come over, saying its very urgent... I will get back immediately I am done with him. I LOVE YOU MY BOBO"

David's brain ignited instantly, he knew the Governor has gotten info about his relationship with Jenifer. Hence, he sent him that threat of a text and now he has decided to spoil Jenifer's mind.

He made up his mind to call her at once, but the call was disallowed by an incoming call from Cynthia.

He knew Cynthia has gotten an alert about the money he sent her, so he decided to end her call and dialled Jenifer's number which was the main issue at hand.

His effort to call Jenifer was stopped again by Cynthia's call, which he decided to take at last...




Romance / Re: We Are Beginning To See The Side Effects Of Tramadol Abuse by eliboy92(m): 2:44am On Nov 09, 2016
Tramadol is a synthetic opioid (painkiller) that is prescribed to manage the levels of pain—such that are experienced after surgery or in chronic conditions like arthritis....

If the pain when make u go take am na to please a girl, all in the name of destroying her sharwama. Then you must be suffering from pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Just Got A Job Through NL - Glory Be To God by eliboy92(m): 2:26am On Nov 09, 2016
Hapi for you... Bad belle pipo won't see u IJN

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Celebrities / Re: Meet 18yr Old Model Whose Massive Butt Is Getting Major Attention On Instagram by eliboy92(m): 2:23am On Nov 09, 2016
Is that yanch?

Celebrities / Re: BREAKING: Bobrisky Is Comfirmed H.I.V Positive by eliboy92(m): 2:20am On Nov 09, 2016
See ooooo

Politics / Re: A Show Of Shame In The National Assembly Convoy As Saraki Lost His Temper by eliboy92(m): 2:17am On Nov 09, 2016
Shift make I see small na... Ur head dey block me

Literature / Re: Player's Heart by eliboy92(m): 6:29am On Nov 06, 2016
[b] EPISODE 25

David's hands kept on vibrating, out of shock and disbelief. 
The content of the message sent cold shiver down his spine making his heart to pound like a talking drum, while his forehead was drenched with sweat.

"Game time boy!  I see you're now flitting with my daughter, just know that your end is near... But my simple advise is for you to beware, now that you still have the chance to do so".

That was the content of the message which kept him perplexed, he didn't need a soothsayer to tell him the message came from the Governor. But what he couldn't fathom was the reason why the Governor chooses to threaten him.

He couldn't help but imagine what he must have done to the Governor, or what his parents did to him to have warrant such barbaric treatment and hatred.

Jennifer who had already observed David in his tensed mode, decided not to remain silent but intrude and see what has been eating her man up, ever since he got hold of his phone;

"What is it my bobo?" Jennifer asked with concern well written on her face.

David quickly composed himself and heaved a sigh of relief.

"Nothing dear, is just this stupid mtn of a network deducting my airtime" David replied evasively, while Jennifer scrutinized him.

"Okay" she replied focusing her attention on the road, but she could tell that something is definitely troubling him.

Soon enough they got to the entrance of David's house, horned and drove in...

David was worried deep within, he now have the Governor threatening him. He knew a threat coming from the Governor is not something to joke about.

His thoughts suddenly drafted to Cynthia who he had to make up to, at least ask for forgiveness and return the money he duped her. That alone would soften her heart a little, instead of her thinking on how to repay with evil...

He decided to visit her, knowing fully well that he is taking a great risk visiting the Devil in her domain. But he had to quell the quarrel in other to stay focus in revenging the Governor or rather saving himself from the Governor.

Funny as it may seems, the hunter is now hunted by the bush meat he had eaten which was Cynthia, in other to free himself he had to appease the bush meat.


David calmly walked up to Jennifer, who was seated on the couch glued to the TV set.

"I want to see my Uncle so we can continue our unconcluded discussion, about some business issues" David lied. Although, it's not actually a lie because he planned on visiting his Uncle after Cynthia, or rather he planned on visiting his Uncle if he return back alive from wherever he will be seeing Cynthia.

"Okay, but please don't stay long because I will be bored" Jennifer replied while David nodded and pecked her.

He went outdoor, hoop into his car and drove to Cynthia's house with his heart pounding in fear.


About 30 minute later he got there, he halted the car and alighted from it. He knocked on the gate for some minutes before the gateman responded.

The gateman quickly opened due to the fact that he knows David, because he had seen him with his madam several times, so he didn't hesitated in ushering him in.

"Is your madam in?" David asked as he walked through the gate.

"Yes oga she dey" He replied in pidgin English which was the language they normally speak. Hardly you will see a gateman speaking English, I might be wrong but 75% of them don't speak English when conversing with their boss.

David walked to the entrance door and knocked gently. About 4minutes later, the door flung open and behold Cynthia appeared before him.
She was looking beautiful in her red gown, and was surprised to see David;

"Can I come in?" David asked.

She calmly moved to the side, while David walked in and sat on the couch. Cynthia quickly closed the door and went to sit opposite him, starring at him in disdain.

"What can I do for you?" She  asked in a gruff voice.

"I came to apologise for the pain I have caused you" David stated, starring at Cynthia who bursted into hysterical laughter.

"You think you can just use me and come to apologise. Expecting the foolish me to forgive you?" Cynthia asked in a high pitch voice.

"Please just listen to me" David pleaded

"There is nothing you have to say that will make me forgive you David. You humiliated me, duped me of my money and dumped me like a trash." She whimper. A tear suddenly drop to her eyes and down to her cheek.

"I know I played with your feelings and hurt you emotionally, but please just listen to me. I promise to double the money I owe you, and I mean it. You can chastise me when I am done but please hear me out first" David pleaded for the umpteenth time, tears could be perceptibly seen in his eyes.

He knew he had hurt her badly, but this was the first time he will be crying after the death of his parents..

Cynthia feeling weak after seeing David in tears, gave him a go ahead to talk while David narrated his story in hurry by not excluding any part. He started from how the Governor turned him to a player, how he killed his parents and how he is now threatening his life.

She couldn't help but felt pity for him, thinking about what he must have gone through loosing both parents.

"I will send you your money today or tomorrow, and will double it just as I promise" David said immediately he was done with his story.

"You don't need to double it"
Cynthia replied

"I know money can't solve the problem, but please let me do it" David said while Cynthia suddenly hugged him.

"I forgive you and I wish you well" She said, surprising David with her words.
The young man felt relieved and thanked her before leaving for his Uncle's house, in order for them to discuss the governor's threat and plan their revenge.



Literature / Re: Player's Heart by eliboy92(m): 6:20am On Nov 06, 2016
[b] EPISODE 24

"Why smiling over what I said, is it funny? Eh! Talk to me" His uncle breath

David made the whole thing worst by migrating from his normal smiling to, an unending laughter. After laughing for almost 4mins, he finally opened up his plan;

"Brotherly, I got no perfect plan but with my observation the Governor loves working with girls, so I think we could get him with a charming damsel" David said confidently

"But how? And who could be so bold to walk to the Governor to carryout any plan of yours" His Uncle Questioned

"So many of them bro. And I have someone with a devil's heart, who can do the job, although it's been long I contacted her.... Secondly, I think Sandra can also help, especially to get the Lady who the Governor used in murdering my Dad" David said

"Well, that is a nice strategy, but I think we still need more options because the Governor is very cruel" David's Uncle advised

"Yes I know but I still trust this present plan...." David assured him

They chatted for some more minutes before David finally departed, for his home.

-- -- -- --

David got home really exhausted. He knew he didn't kept to time, but still wasn't pleased with what Jenifer did earlier in the day.

He walked in briskly, and met Jenifer unhappy.... He was confused whether to shout at her or cuddle her.

Decisively, he greeted her, walked up to her and planted an undiluted kiss, with prints of saliva on her glossy lips.

It's obvious she was pissed off, but couldn't resist David, especially his sexy touches.

In no time, David apologised to her warmly. And there was no doubt that he was serious with the way he convinced her, especially with his sweet words and actions.
Jenifer couldn't think twice as she accepted his apology easily, and emotionally embraced him which prompted to a fantasy show...

It was a dream come true for David because he never imagined he could have the privilege to touch her so soon. Especially the manner at which she resisted him some days back (before his kidnap).

Just like a triller, they both enjoyed the show and as usual David engaged her in a F.sexicon which she would never forget, in her life time.... After they were done, they went to the dinning to take their supper.

While in the dinning Jenifer brought in some suggestions;

"Baby! It's high time we get married once and for all, and leave this country for the states (U.S.A), I never liked this country and no doubt, I believe my Dad will be pleased to sponsor us. Even without him I got the necessary resources to do that" Jenifer said warmly

"Jen! I worth anything that will please you, even if you chose to stay in the moon for the rest of your lifetime. But, there are some things I have to deal with before planning our marriage" David uttered timidly

"Is there anything you aren't telling me?" Jenifer asked, with tension well written on her face

"Nothing actually, but just give me some time dear" David appealed

"No problem my bobo, but have it in mind that you have limited time" Jenifer breath coldly

"Accepted dear" David responded

"I love you David" Jenifer confessed.
Truly, she loves David and she is now getting used to him more and more. There was no doubt that the extra love is developing after their F.sexicon moment, because David gave her the best she has ever had with a man.

"I love you more Jen" David responded with all form of sincerity

"Dear one more thing" Jenifer muttered

"And what is that sweatie?" David eagerly asked

"I'm planning to get some well trained and experienced security men, who will anchor your compound. I don't think Okoro is capable anymore" Jenifer suggested

"I have no problem with that, but Okoro still have to stay because he has been working here since the foundation of this building was laid, he was personally employed by my parents and I don't wanna disappoint him" David explained

"That is fine, he can be working with them at least to gain more experience... That reminds me, you are yet to tell me about your parents" Jenifer murmured

"I will, definitely. But please let that be a discussion for next time" David appealing seek

"Got no problem with that, as my man pleases" She jokingly said

They both engaged in some fun play after which they exchanged pleasantries, quotes, promises and plans, before visiting the bedroom (i.e the other room) to slide off the day...

No doubt, David truly love Jenifer but his fear is the girls he had to settle scores with. And lastly, the Governor who is also a great enemy to himself and his union.

He knew such a man can't be his Father in-law, and there are lot of puzzles he has to solve before finally taking Jenifer to the alter. He only wished nothing bad happens to his union with the one he loves


A call from the police station woke them up from their enjoyable slumber.

Actually, it was Jenifer's phone that they used in reaching them;

"Hello is this Miss Jenifer?" A man asked from the other end

"Yes, you are talking to Jenifer. How may I be of help" She muttered, questionably

"This is the DPO of A'Division, due to the description and statement you and your friend dropped yesterday with us, we are glad to let you know that the SUV car has been recovered along the express road and it's presently in our station. I will advise you to come with your friend who was kidnapped, anytime today" The DPO said, explanatorily

"No problem, we will be there in less than an hour time"

Jenifer need not to tell David about the call she just received, because he over-heard her while talking with the DPO on phone since it was on speaker.

She urges him to get off the bed, and get prepared since their presence is needed in the police station.

They both spent nearly 42mins in getting set. And went outside almost immediately, as soon as they were done...

Jenifer suggested they go with her car, which has a federal plate number. And David bought the idea.

Okoro hastily opened the gate as they approaches, and in no delay they zoom out of sight...



Right in the station David was pleased to have back his SUV car, which was his favourite among all his rides.

The keys were hand-overed to him by the DPO, and he was happy to have regained his phone as well;

"Thank you very much sir, without you I don't think I will be privileged to see my old SUV car... Please, just take this little offer I have for you" David muttered and stretches forward to the DPO an envelop which contained some token

"Thanks Mr. David. I want to assure you further that we have gotten a concrete information about the boys who are behind your kidnap, they are presently on the run but no doubt, they can't run forever. As soon as we get them, I will extract any possible information from them and invite you over" The DPO assured

"That will be nice of you, don't hesitate to reach us through the numbers we dropped... I think we have to take our leave" Jenifer said authoritatively

"Okay, bye" The DPO wave at them as they walked out of his office

They both went back home with Jenifer driving her car, while a police officer drove David's newly recovered car. The reason they did it that way, was in case anyone tried attacking them on their way.

A branded joy was seen on their faces, as their eyes always collide.

While Jenifer was focusing on the steering, something pushed David to go through his recovered phone. He picked up the phone which was switched off, and put it on after powering it a little with the car charger.

Immediately the phone finished booting, the icon of different notifications came up. Among which were missed calls and messages.

He went through the missed calls and saw several ones from Vivian, Cynthia, unknown contacts and Kelvin.

David didn't wasted much time in going through the missed calls, when he clicked on the message icon only to find a shocking message from someone familiar...



Literature / Re: Player's Heart by eliboy92(m): 6:16pm On Oct 22, 2016
[b] EPISODE 23

David was jolted up by the ringing phone, and remained speechless. All Vivian could do was to stare at the phone in awe, due to the caller ID she saw on the screen; 'My one and only'.

She couldn't help but wonder if David was cheating on her, and if he had called her out to breakup with her, because he has been acting outrageous.

To reduce the suspense in their midst, David decided to take the call. He stared at Vivian with tension all over his face, before finally picking the call...

"Hello! dear how are you doing?" Jennifer spoke on the other end.

"Fine! Is this Jenifer?" David muttered after hearing her voice

"Yeah, it's me... I just say let me test this my sim card, which i saw in my handbag not quite long" She lamented

"I will call you later" David replied trying to avoid Vivian deadly gazed...

"Okay" Jennifer muttered while David ended the call..

David kept the cellphone this time in his pocket, and focus his attention on Vivian who was starring at him...

Ever since he turned a player, breaking up with girls was very easy for him but now he's finding it difficult to breakup with Vivian. He couldn't decipher why he was being tensed, and why his heart was pounding like a church drum...

He made up his mind to tell her even though it was not the whole truth, but he had to tell her some part of it;

"See Vivian there is something you should know!" David muttered with an unstable voice.

"I'm all ears" Vivian who has been longing to hear his voice said boldly, as she adjust herself to a comfortable equilibrium while on the chair

"*clear throat* When we started dating, I never plan on marrying you. My intention was to use you and dump you, not only you but all the girls I encounter. I was so obsess with ladies that I thought they were the reason why my parents died, I thought they came into my life to make life miserable for me, but I was wrong" David explain with great momentum...

Bit by bit, he narrated the whole story to her. Telling her about his past relationships, how they all broke up with him. He told her how he was kidnapped, and how Sandra rescued him. How he finds out that Mr. Emmanuel the current Governor was responsible for his plight..

"I'm sorry for what has happened to you, but now that you've find out that girls weren't the cause of your problems, I guess you will stop your quest for revenge while we get married" Vivian said in an advisable manner..

"The truth is that I'm in love with someone else now, and she is the one I am getting married to... I know you are carrying my child, and I promise to take full responsibility on you and my unborn baby. I'm sorry but I never loved you, I didn't mean to make you suffer,  you can abort the child if you want, I wish I could turn the hands of time, I wouldn't have started this revenge saga, please find a good place in your heart to forgive me... Especially for playing with your heart" David pleaded and knelt down... Tears could perceptibly be seen in his eyes.

Vivian was just staring at him in disbelief. She tried to control her sadness, but wasn't able to do so as tears dripped down her cheek;

"I don't know if I can forgive you David! How could you be so heartless, and made me tell my parents about you? Now they are waiting for us to fix a date for our wedding, ooooohhhh! ooooohhh! ooooohhh!..... That girl I met in your house the other day, what's her name again___ Cynthia___ I guess, did you do the same thing to her? I mean the way you played me?" Vivian asked while David shrugged.

"Yes! I was so obsessed with ladies, I thought you guys were the cause of my problem. Tomorrow I will transfer back your money, I will even double it for the pain I have caused you, please I am so sorry" David pleaded for the umpteenth time holding Vivian hands in the process...

Vivian didn't see the whole thing as the way David does, so she angrily pushed his hands away from her and stood up.

"I can't forgive you" She poured out, with sincerity well written on her voice.

She left him immediately. She was so angry that she couldn't imagine the lies she would fabricate to her parents, especially her Mom whom she always tell sweet things about David to.

Vivian knew she can't tell them the truth. Telling them David used her for a revenge quest, was insane.

David himself was also aware that, getting Vivian to forgive him would be impossible. He didn't expect anything less from her, at least she took the news better than Cynthia.

He only hoped she won't hire assassin to murder him, just the way Cynthia is doing.

Talking about Cynthia, David thinks they can still work things out amicably. He knew he had to apologize to her, at least get her away from his back, in other for him to stay focus on his ravage against the Governor. But will Cynthia even give him a listening ear

He was immersed in thought but later realised that he was alone in the bar, "Vivian must have gotten a cab" He said to himself... He decided to go back home to question Jenifer about the call stuff, more also he has promised not to stay long in his outing...

In haste he rushed out, after paying for what they bought.
Getting to his car, he remembered his Uncle telling him to meet him in his house whenever he was free, so they can strategies their plan towards the Governor.

He ignited the engine and drove to his Uncle's house. Obviously, revenging the Governor was impossible but David was sure they will find a way to make him pay.



Vivian finally got home, she was wailing as she remembered David's story "Such a tragedy!!" She said inwardly.
She couldn't help but felt pity for him, especially for what he had gone through loosing both parents...

Some part of her felt pity for him but other parts hated what he did. The fact that David was playing her, got her angry more.

She was angry at herself for being so naive and gullible to have fallen for David, she was thinking of the lies she will fabricate to her parents. Another thing is that she can't have the baby, it will only complicate issues for her.

After much deliberation within her, she conclusively decided to opt for an abortion..  

David got to his Uncle's house, and met him busy watching EPL.

His Uncle calmly reduce the volume of the TV, after offering David a seat with both of them sitting adjacent to each other;

"David how have you been?" His Uncle asked calmly..

"Not bad!" David replied.

"I was so surprised to have heard you say Mr. Emmanuel was responsible for the death of your parents. What made me to believe was because your Dad's death was a mystery which had not been unveiled. We all know himself and Mr. Emmanuel to be sworn enemies" His Uncle explained.

"I was surprise as well... I had been busy taking revenge on the innocents, whereas the devil is busy enjoying himself.. " David muttered regretfully.

"He must pay for this" He added with sincerity.

"Yes he must pay, but.... he is not just the Mr. Emmanual we use to know rather he is presently the Governor... How are we going to revenge a Governor?" His uncle replied sounding perplexed and uncertain.

An idea suddenly pop to David's head, while he smiled making his Uncle to stare at him curiously..


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[b] EPISODE 22

Vivian who had missed David passionately was so pleased to see him in her boutique. She was really astonished because David didn't even call her, rather he took her unaware.

Sighting David at the entrance door made her abandoned her Cashbook which she was attending to, and ran to him in haste...
They both engaged in an undiluted hug which made all the workers and customers paused their activities. David was forced to separate from her arms, to avoid more attention;

"Baby it's enough, I can see you really missed me" David Cackled, as he held her hands after withdrawing from the hug.

"Thank God you know I missed you, seems you didn't miss me?" Vivian Blurted, and stared at David keenly

"Sure I missed you alot, that is why I came surprisingly" David Stuttered, making Vivian to blush stylishly

"Baby am not leaving you today because my heart, mind, body and soul are yelling for you" Vivian confessed, while David withdrew a little

"Likewise mine.... But Vivian we need to talk. It's very urgent and I don't think here is the right place" David said audibly

"Fine, that means you will give me some minutes to settle with my secretary and balance all necessary accounts that needs to be balanced" She appealed

"No problem, I will be waiting outside in the car" David lamented

"Why outside dear, what happened to the chairs in my office" She Insinuated

"Baby I will be fine outside, don't worry over that. Just use the time you needed" David said and walked outside to wait for her right in his car.

He got to use his Lexus jeep, since his favourite SUV car was still yet to be retrieve from those who kidnapped him. However before leaving the police station, he was assured by the DPO that his car will be retrieved within two working days as it will be difficult for the kidnappers to use it on the street.

He has been inside his car for about 12mins listening to a very nice Nigerian highlife titled 'Hear your Papa, Hear your Mama' by Mike Okri which he has repeated twice. (I guess some of us, especially those within 28-50yrs knows the spirit in this song, well if you don't I'll advise you to listen to it today and at the end of the song you must surely shout *RATATA*)

David was still feeling the song when his eyes fell on Jenifer's phone. Although he knew quite well that Jenifer has 2 phones but he was surprised to see one of them inside his car.
He picked the phone at once and dialled her other line with it;

"Hello dear, how come your other phone is in my car?" Was the first word that came out from David's mouth when she picked up

"Oh!!!! I wanted to use that car while going to the station to make report, but I later had a double mind and opted for my own car" She explained

"Funny, I can't remember showing you where I do keep the keys to my cars?" David complained

"Sure, but why am I the governor's daughter? I have my way to anything... I will call you with it later, just hold it and don't fail to come home early" Jenifer said smiling

"No problem... Later" David uttered still confused, even though he suspected Jenifer of having a plan...

David didn't want to bother Vivian, by going inside the boutique to rush her over what she was doing, so he decided to call his uncle just to let him know about the latest thread... He was happy he knows his uncle's number off-head, and begin to see relevance of Jenifer's phone in his position;
When his uncle picked the call, he told him everything from how he was kidnapped and how Sandra revealed the culprit behind his parents death.

His uncle was not pleased at all, he was even more bittered than David and gave him his 101% assurance that he will support him in bringing the Governor down.

Conclusively, David promised to meet him one on one before the week runs out so they could strike as fast as they could.

Sincerely speaking, David was happy his uncle didn't go against his plan but what he didn't know about was if his uncle will support his union with the governors daughter, if he finds out.

He was still compiling the possible actions that can come out from the puzzle of his thought, when Vivian came around;

"Don't tell me you are listening to this song with your eyes focusing on just one direction?" Vivian questioned

"Baby am in the spirit, it's like you weren't born then. I mean when men were boy's, this is the song we relax with" David said just to cover up

"So you are trying to tell me I don't know this song?, I will even tell you about the artist who sang it" Vivian boasted

"Okay tell me" David boasted

"Mike Okri who is a Deltan man sang it, he based in London and has another hint title 'Time na Money' and 'Oghenekevwe' although they're not in this very album" She confidently quoted

"Babe you finish work, Please hoop in, I must get you a special red wine for that" He promised as he jumped out just to open the passenger's side for Vivian to go in, before entering the driver's side back.



Vivian kept on staring at David, as she sipped the red wine from the designers wine glass.

She kept on having flashback about the early stage of their affair, how David saw her on the road and took her to her shop, how she said 'yes' to him when her heart was broken by someone she planned getting married to, how they shared good times in bars, eatery and clubs, how she came to realised she is pregnant for him.
Deep within her, she see's herself as the most blessed lady on earth.

All her mind was that the day she has been waiting for, has come. She was thinking David told her they have to talk, and brought her to 'EDGE BAR' because he is ready to plan their marriage, not knowing it was far from her reasoning...

In David's own mind, he just wanna end up with her calmly because he see's no reason for keeping her to himself when he got someone he really loves.
He planned to open up some things with her, like telling her about his kidnap issue and also about the present Governor who killed his parent then seek advise from her.
He also have in mind to discuss the pregnancy issue with her, even if not that day some other time

"Dear, can you tell me why you didn't allow me to come over to your place yesterday?" Vivian finally gather the guts to ask, since David wasn't ready to start the conversation

"That is why we are here, we got so many things to....." He hasn't finished the statement when Jenifer phone which was on the table started ringing

Vivian was shocked to see the caller's name which was saved as 'My One and Only'...

Even David himself was surprised, because the phone wasn't his so he can't guess who the caller was. Neither can he tell Vivian that the phone wasn't his own because she saw him making call with it...


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[b] EPISODE 21

While in the police station, Sandra was clouded with her thoughts which was all about the coincidence.
She was astounded, as if it was kama that was playing with Mr. Emmanuel (The Governor). Obviously, she knew the Governor hated David parents and wanted to make life miserable for David, but little did he know that nature will bring David and his daughter together...

She couldn't help but admire the way David stared at Jennifer, and how Jenifer reciprocated with extreme smiles. Sandra saw great love in David's eyes, and without been told she knew it will be difficult for her to come in between them...

"Hey Jennifer! this is Sandra she saved me from the hands of those hoodlums" David quickly introduced as he remembered he came with someone.

"Thanks" Jennifer smiled cheerfully, as she shook hands with Sandra who in return smiled back.

"I guess I should be leaving" Sandra muttered after about 2minutes of silence...

"Okay, thanks for Saving me" David manage to say, even if he knew he still need to get some more information about the Governor from her

In a jiffy, She left them in the station to an unknown destination.

David and Jennifer after their statements and other necessary engagements in the station, left almost immediately as well...

-- -- -- --

Getting to David's residence, Jennifer was so happy to have him back home. Before that moment she was so scared and worried, especially when the gateman told her that David was forced by those hoodlums into his own car boot. She couldn't think well then, but was in pain as if her man would not return.

David on the other hand was clouded with his own revenge mission, which has diverted from the female folk to the well polished Governor according to the people of the state.
He regretted ever being a player, making life miserable for the innocent and nice girls he came across...

His conscience was fighting him hard, which made him felt pity for Cynthia. He knew she will not stop until she make him suffer, as she verge for pay back.
Deep inside him, he knew Cynthia had reasons for her actions but he wasn't bold enough to fight her back.

He thought about Vivian who was pregnant with his own child... "Children are blessings from God but i cannot build a polygamous home" Was the exact words that slide through his cerebrum, when he tried considering Vivian and her pregnancy...

David knew quite well that he didn't love Vivian despite her unimaginable beauty,  how can he explain to her about the whole scenario? He searched the innermost part of himself, but there was no way he could tell her the truth..
"Why is my life so complicated?"

"How did I find myself in this great enigma?" Those were the questions running through his mind, all because of one man, who made him to become a player and also an orphan.

"Mr Emmanuel must surely pay for this" David said within himself with great anger...

"But how? How will I archive this aim? How will I make him pay?" He kept on questioning himself, with more thoughts which lingered unrequited...

"Hey David!!!" Jennifer voiced out his name, which jolted him from the realms of thoughts...

"What are you thinking about?" Jennifer asked starring at him..

"No-thing" David replied stuttering..

"The dinning is set, You have to take something" Jennifer said nonchalantly while David walked to the dining table with her...

Getting to the dining, he sat  opposite her.
Truly speaking, he had lost his appetite due to excessive thinking, but just to make his burden hidden, he forced himself to eat...

"Tell me about your father" David suddenly voice out surprising Jennifer with his question.

"My father?" Jennifer asked with a surprised look.

"Yeah.... Your father, you've not talk about him before and I would love to know him more better" David coerced, while she shrugged in resignation...

"Hmmm! I'm not that close to my Dad because he is just too busy with politics that he don't have time for us" Jennifer muttered disinterested...

"Does he have any criminal records? " David unintentionally asked, shocking Jennifer with his questions.

"What do you mean by that?"
Jennifer replied in a high pitched voice while David shrugged.

"Sorry I didn't mean to hurt you with my questions" David calmly apologized while Jennifer stared at him suspiciously..

"You know you've been acting strange" Jennifer said...

"Sorry if I am. The truth is that I'm stressed out" David murmured...

The hatred he had for Mr Emmanuel was really making him to act strange,  the most painful part was that he don't know how to make him pay yet.

He would have used Jennifer to make his vengeance, but he loves her so much that he chooses not to gamble with her.

His thought suddenly drafted to Vivian, he had to reason with her about the situation. Yes, although he knew it wouldn't go easy, but he need to do something....

"I will see you later, I want to see someone" He told Jennifer and stood up from the dinning..

"You shouldn't go out when those criminals would still be looking for you" Jennifer replied with concern well written on her face....

"It's not far just two blocks away, I will be back in 30 minutes time" David replied heading to the door while Jennifer shrugged in resignation...


David left to Vivian's boutique, he hoped she will reason with him.
He just can't tell her the truth, but a truthful lie can help, because the truth will make her hunt him, Just like the way Cynthia is doing to him...


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[b] EPISODE 20

David was so bittered that he forgot he was with someone;
"How I wish I knew about this long before now... I wouldn't have threaded the wrong path but face the Devil one on one. Well, we shall see because the evil that men do lives with them" David reasoned deep within

All this words went through his mind because of the Governor. It's obvious he wouldn't rest until he must have dealt with him (Mr. Emmanuel) satisfactorily;

"Please answer me" Sandra echoed which made David to regain himself from his thought of vengeance

"Sorry, you say?" David questioned

"I saw your own car chasing after you, what happened?" Sandra asked him

"I was kidnapped, and managed to escape from the kidnappers" David explained confidently

"Why will you be kidnapped, does it mean the Governor is still after you?" Sandra asked with worried outlook

"I don't think he is behind my kidnap because I overheard the kidnappers talking to a Lady, who they kept on calling Madam" David Rasped

"Ohhhh, spare me that... For your information the Governor uses women to accomplish his mission and not men, how I wished you know how your Dad lost his life" Sandra muttered, shocking David once again

"How, please tell me?" David pleaded

"I was with him when he called another lady to meet him in his house, when the lady came he sent me out because he knew I almost messed up with the last assignment he gave to me by having slight feelings for you. I excused them, but overheard him telling the lady that you were in the hospital and your Mum is dead so she should go and kill your Dad" Sandra explained, while David obviously cried out even if he tried controlling it as a man

"But with the medical report on his death certificate he died out of cardiac arrest. Which means he was shocked about his wife's death, and my condition as well" David intruded

"Yes, he might have had an heart attack, but the lady in question strangled him to death. I know what I'm saying, I followed her but wasn't fast enough, before I could enter the house she had already flee" Sandra said convincingly

David couldn't withstand nor accommodate what he just heard, he was so angry that he forgot what happened some minutes before now.
His mind has been corrupted, and all he could seek for was vengeance, but how can he get to the Governor now? When he lives in a government house, and has unbelievable number of military personnel guarding him on daily basis...

He taught of reporting him to the media and press, but later realised that won't work either.
The only way out is to get to the Governor through his daughter Jenifer, but can he?
Especially when he knows fully well that Jenifer is the one for him...

His head was so busy with thoughts that he decided to finish up with the task at hand, before thinking on how to deal with the Governor...


David took Sandra's phone with her permission, and dialled his own mobile number which was in the possession of the kidnappers.
It rang several times but they didn't pick up.

He decided to call Okoro his gateman since he doesn't know Jenifer's number off-head.
Immediately he clicked on the call button after punching the landline digit of his security house, Okoro picked up and told him Jenifer has gone to the Station...

David whose mind wasn't settled pleaded with Sandra to take him to the police station, so he could report the kidnap case and provably meet up with Jenifer there...

Sandra agreed, and took him straight to the police station with her Toyota Yaris car..


Jenifer who wasn't happy with the current happening, was seen in tears while standing with the DPO who assured her that his men has gone out to hunt the kidnappers...

Immediately, She sight David from afar.

Out of excitement she rushed off to embraced him, not minding he was with another Lady.
Even the DPO was surprised likewise Sandra, who recognises her (Jenifer) as she get closer to them;

"Baby, I am so happy to see you, hope you weren't hurt?" She asked demanding an urgent response from David

"No I wasn't hurt" David said

"The police had gone out to look for you, am happy to have you back, what happened? Did they release you?" She questioned hurriedly

"I will tell you everything dear, let me just see the Inspector or DPO" David yelled

"Oh, yes the DPO, you have to see him. He is the one standing there"

The three of them walked straight to meet him, while Sandra kept on staring at the Governor's eldest daughter...

She never took off her gaze from her, as she tend to know how come they managed to meet...
Left for her, David would be alone since none of the relationship he tried, worked for him. How come the daughter of the man behind his suffering is now with him?

She was so confused, even when she knew quite well that the Governor can't risk his daughter's life to hurt David...

Qstn: Don't you think Sandra still have feelings for David? Well we shall get to know soon.


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[b] EPISODE 19

Continuation from last scene

David hopped in lackadaisically without even starring at the driver's face, when he accidentally took a cursory look, what he saw made his heart skipped a bit.
It was Sandra, the girl who broke up with him two days to their wedding, the girl who turned him to a heartless player...

" Sandra!! " David exclaimed in shocked...

" Yeah David!! It's your Sandra " She replied smiling...

David was dumbfounded, he was too tensed to reply, he just kept quiet while she kept on driving.

"Where are you taking me?" David voiced out after minutes of silence..

"You look disheveled. I'm taking you to my house in order for you to clean up" She answered nonchalantly..

David remained mute, while she kept driving until they got to a building which seems like a bungalow. She hit the horn while the gateman quickly opened the gate, after which she drove in.

David and Sandra alighted from the car and walked in;

"That's the bathroom" She pointed to a door and handed him a towel.

  David walked to the bathroom and took his bath. When he was taking his bath, he remembered how Sandra broke up with him...


"Sandra please, you don't have to do this now, our wedding is just tomorrow and doing this will bring disgrace to our families“ David pleaded as he knelt down, holding the dress of Sandra.
Tears could be perceptibly seen on his eyes.

“You're just too susceptible, you thought I loved you? I never had a ting of feeling for you. Let me advice you, take your time to study the next lady that you will meet" Sandra unsympathetically poured out to him. 
"Please Sandra; just marry me, even if the marriage does not last for 2 months. Please, you know my mum could die if I break this news to her. She had already invited all her friends as well as my Dad, who has already invited his business associates. Please anything you need, I will give to you; just don't call off the wedding” David pleaded as tears rolled down his cheeks. 

Sandra bursted into hysterical laughter "I don't need your money, this is what I was sent to do to you; torment you and leave you and your damn family emotionally ramshackle”

David was taken aback as he stared at the lady he had loved and cherished so dearly, entrusting his life to her. He still couldn’t believe that the innocent emotional lady he had looked up to was as wicked as the devil. He would have strangled to death, anyone that would have told him the ugly part of her, some seconds ago;

"Why?" was all he could be able to mutter.

"You will find out when the time is right" She replied and left David who was still on his knees.

"You will find out when the time is right" her words echoed in his ears.


"You will find out when the time is right" That was the words which kept echoing in his ear.

Now that he has found Sandra, he had made up his mind to find out what prompted her and several girls to breakup with him...

He hurriedly took his bath and walked to the sitting room. He met a T-shirt on the bed, it was men's clothes.
He didn't need a soothsayer to tell him Sandra kept it for him. In no time, he quickly wore the clothes and walked to the sitting room with the intention to asked her the question he had been pondering about for years,  she alone knows the answer.

"Hey Sandra" David murmured inaudible as he approached her, he calmly sat down on the couch facing her...

"Where have you been all this years?" David asked starring at her.

"I had been around, just busy with work "She  smiled..

"You remember when you broke up with me, there is something you told me" David breathed..

"And what was that?" She curiously answered...

"You told me, you were sent to breakup with me to leave me emotionally ramshackle,  that I will find out when the time is right, so do you mind telling me now?" David asked smiling, trying not to sound serious and desperate..

"Nah let's just forget about that, it's the past now" Sandra waved at him..

"Please just tell me, I am just curious to know" David pleaded holding her hands making her to succumbed to his request..

"Okay it's Mr Emmanuel that sent me and the rest girls, I mean the current governor,  he wanted to make life a living hell for you and your family, which I don't know why" She calmly told him..

David was dumbfounded,  downcast, perplexed and devastated. He couldn't have imagined Mr. Emmanuel was the one that turned him into what he is now, and him alone caused the death of his parents, making him to loath the female folks with passion...

"Mr Emmanuel is also Jennifer's Father"  David calmly remembered...



Literature / Re: Player's Heart by eliboy92(m): 6:42pm On Oct 10, 2016
[b] EPISODE 18

Indeed Blade and his boys were dhem serious with the job, especially when they knew they have collected advance payment...

They drove directly to their camp/hideout, which no one can identify easily.

Immediately they got there, they brought David out of the boot and blindfolded him with a black apparel.
He was taken inside at once, and told to lay on the floor with his lips kissing the sandy soil situated in the building foundation...



Okoro who heard the noise made by the hoodlum outside, knew they have gotten his boss.

He ran straight to Jenifer who was inside meditating, and gave her the news

"Don't tell me he was taken away by those very boys that came for him" She muttered

"Madam I nor dey lie, truth oo God. I see them with this my two korokoro eyes" Okoro explained as he shines his eyes like that of a thief man torch...

"What sort of rubbish is this? I told him not to go but he refused. Telling me, he is going to the station to report" She murmured

"Madam Watin we go now na?, make I go bring my cutlass?" Okoro suggested

"Please just leave me alone, what will your cutlass do??" She angrily questioned

"Haba madam! It can cut na?" Okoro stupidly exaggerated

"Mtcheww.... Excuse me" Jenifer sighed before going in, leaving Okoro standing in the middle of confusion

She went into the sitting room and picked up her phone to make some calls. The first person she called was David but his number was switched off, she knew they must have collected his phone from him.

She hastily called her friend Ada, who is Kelvin's girlfriend, and she picked up without letting the ring-back tune alert Jenifer. They exchanged pleasantries before she narrated the whole story to her, Ada who wasn't comfortable with news, advised her to contact the police immediately so they can act as soon as they could...

Jenifer concurred to Ada's advised, and called the state commissioner of police, who gave her assurance of finding David as soon as they can.
The commissioner also requested for her to come over to the station, for police extract and other entries which she agreed to.


David's anger has gotten to the peak, he knew someone close to him was behind his kidnap and he has traced it to Cynthia who occasionally imposed threat on him...
He was panting and breathing heavily as he waits for the gangsters to inflight their wrath on him. But they didn't touch him, as the instructions passed to them was to bring him alive.

Blade who don't play with his payment, called Naomi after about 1hr of their arrival;

"Madam! He is here now, so I am waiting for your next instruction, and my balance payment" He said while smiling

"Don't worry, you will get your payment in the next 5mins, but are you sure you got the right person?" Naomi questioned just to confirm

"Madam, I nor be apprentice for the job na, I don fall your hand before? Abeg come and see with your eyes" Blade replied

"Okay" She said before ending the call

All this while David was paying attention to what Blade was saying. He now confirmed that a lady was behind it, hence Blade was always saying Madam. The question he couldn't answer now is the exact person.

Blade and two of his boys went outside to wait for Naomi and Cynthia, while they instructed one of their man to watch David keenly.

David technically, was timing himself. He knew 3mins had gone out of the 5mins given by the so called madam. He had to act now or no more, if he want to escape alive...

He finally got an idea which he believe could work or fail. Since there is no harm in trying, he decided to carry it out;

"Eh bros abeg na, shit dey catch me... I don even piss for body but I nor fit shiit for body na!" He said, pretending to be really pressed

"You dey talk to me?" The guy who was asked to take watch on him asked

"Yes sir, please" David begged

The guy walked to him and saw that he has truly wee on his body.

"Old man like you dey piss for body, upon all the money when you get... Com'on stand up" He said with pity

David stood up and walked briskly, as the guy took him to the back of the building to excrete.

David being a wise guy purposely dropped the first set of shiit (faeces) on the guys' leg which made him gave David a sounding slap...

"You dey craze? So good wen I do don turn bad eh!, In short I nor blame you, na me wen carry you come kaka I blame" The guy said with anger written all over him

"Arrhhh! Bros!! Una tie my eyes with piece of cloth na, how I won take know" David replied holding his jaw which was slapped, he never thought the guy will slap him but anyway he was happy his plan was working...

The angry guy, took off the cloth they used in blindfolding him and told him to hurry up, and clean his leg with his shirt when he is done.

David who was still working on his plan remain squatting. The guy couldn't wait anymore and angrily took off David shirt, which he intended to use in wiping off the faeces David deposited on his leg.
Immediately he bent down to wipe it off, David stood up and rushed towards him. Before he could retaliate, David has pushed him to the floor and collected his gun which slip off his grip...
In no time, David used the gun to hit him on his head several times before running out of the scene...

Blade and the remaining guys got back with Naomi and Cynthia and met no one, they knew David and the last guy didn't passed through the front, so they decided to check the back of the uncompleted building and met their man down....

"What the fu_ck happened here?" Blade scolded the guy who was in pain as blood bump out from his head

"Heeeeeeeee passsssed through that way" the guy managed to voice out before collapsing....

"This is rubbish, you guys can't deliver a simple job" Naomi quarried

"They can still go after him na, more also his car is at the front and there is no way he can be that fast without a car" Cynthia suggested

"You two go get him, while you BOMB follow me let's block the other route with his car" Blade instructed

They all ran off leaving just Cynthia and Naomi there. The both friends were really pissed off with the happening, as they thought they have succeeded in getting the heartless David, only to come to realise he had escaped...

David who applied an unexpected speed manage to locate the tar road, after several minutes of marathon race in the bush path.
He knew he wasn't safe yet as he tried to stop vehicles that were passing the road.

Not quite long he saw his own SUV car coming from a narrow path, he knew it was those hoodlums and he started running again.
Luckily for him, a car just matched an automatic break closed to him.... He didn't bother to question or look at the persons face as they zoom off the lonely road with full speed....

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Literature / Re: Player's Heart by eliboy92(m): 12:51am On Oct 06, 2016
[b] EPISODE 17

Okoro the gateman went to open the gate after looking through the peephole to find nobody. On opening the gate, he met a man he had never seen with David before;

"Good afternoon"  Blade greeted confidently.

"Afternoon" Okoro murmured.

"I am here to see David" Blade said, while Okoro quickly scrutinized him.

"Who are you?" Okoro suddenly asked starring at his face.

"I am one of his business associates, just tell him someone is looking for him" He Confidently answered.

Okoro shrugged and closed the gate, he went to where David and Jennifer was, just to deliver the message. By then, they were sitting on a chair close to the swimming pool.

David was seen with a small white towel round his neck, while Jennifer was wearing her swimming track. Okoro walked to their direction staring at Jennifer in a lustful desire, opening his mouth especially after sighting some visible features showing through her swimming wears;

"What happened?"  David questioned seeing his gateman who was supposed to be in the gate post..

"Oga somebody dey find you"  Okoro replied in pidgin English..

"And who is the person?" David questioned further... 

"He said he is your business associate oo" Okoro answered.

"Business associate? " David stared at him with curiosity.

He knew something was definitely wrong, because none of his business associates knows where he lives...
He hastily went into his apartment and changed to a plain trouser and T-shirt before following Okoro to the gate.

Immediately the humble gateman opened the gate, he met the shock of his life. By now they were 5 of them at the gate, being vigilant and ready to strike.

David knew something was wrong, hence, he told Jennifer to wait behind. As soon as he sighted the boys when Okoro opened the gate, he confirmed they were not responsible men but rather touts.

As a sharp guy, he made a quick scan on them and sighted a gun on Blade's trouser. At this time Blade was foolishly smiling at him....
In Blade's mind, he has gotten the main target, as David looks exactly the same on ground just as he look on the picture.

Without saying a word, David swiftly pushed the gate and locked it while Blade and his gang who were very bittered started hitting the gate angrily. This made Jennifer to rushed out from the house....

"What's happening?" She questioned David, with great concern well written on her face...

"I don't know" David replied evasively...

David knew maybe one of the prey has started haunting him. He couldn't have suspected anyone other than Cynthia, as he remembered her threat...
"You must pay for this" that was her words which David thought was a joked, but little did he know that, that single word could put him in  great enigma...

After some time, they stopped hitting the gate while David breathed in relief. He knew they would be coming back, so he had planned on visiting the police before they would strick back again...

He walked into his sitting room with Jennifer who was giving him weird looks, which tells that he needs to explain to her everything that took place..
He quickly remember something, he went to the gateman and told him not to allow anybody inside his house and left him.

He walked back to his apartment and kept on thinking of fabricating a story, he will rendered to Jennifer.

Getting inside, he saw Jennifer who sat on the couch starring at him as he walked in. "Who are they?" Jennifer voiced out..

"I don't know, but I guess someone sent them to attack me" David calmly replied while she stared at him in astonishment..

"Attack you for what?" She asked.

"That I don't know, I will be going to the police station now to report the incident" David muttered..

"You can't go there, you don't know if they might be hanging around" Jennifer quickly replied, holding David's hands..

"I have to go, staying here isn't safe either" David explained while she shrugged..

He left Jennifer and headed to his room, where he met his phone on the bed. He quickly took it, only to found 12 missed calls from Vivian. In duration of no time, he called her back;

"Hello Vivian!" David said as she picked the call.

"Hey! why were you not picking my calls?, I have been calling you for the past two hours" Vivian complained.

"Sorry dear I was sleeping" David calmly apologized...

"I am coming to your house now" Vivian said...

"Noo!! I just left my house now, I am with Kelvin" David quickly replied...

"Hmmmmm!!! I hope you are not with another woman?" Vivian suspiciously asked...

"Why will I be with another woman when I have you, you are my soul mate dear" David teased while she made an hysterical laughter...

"I have to go now" David said and ended the call...

He placed his phone in his pocket. He knew he had to find a possible way to persuade Vivian to abort the child, and he also need to visit the police and made allegation against Cynthia.
He was 100 percent sure she sent those hoodlums to his house...

He quickly put on a white top after wearing a blue Jean, before heading to the sitting room.

"I am going to the station" He told Jennifer who became tensed...

"I am going with you" She quickly replied...

"Don't worry, I will be back in an hour time" David replied while she shrugged in resignation...

He kissed her and left the house with his car. Immediately he drove pass the gate, he saw a particular guy who quickly rushed to the front of his car. While another pointed a gun at his head and open the passenger's door, he hopped-in while the rest members came from their hideouts to join them pointing their guns at him.

They told him to come out, which he quickly comply with;

"Enter the booth" They said still pointing the gun at him...

David quickly obeyed by entering the booth as instructed, while they all hopped in, and drove away...


Literature / Re: Player's Heart by eliboy92(m): 1:47am On Oct 04, 2016
[b] EPISODE 16

Both Cynthia and Naomi left the bad niggers after paying an advance of N60,000 from the total bill of 100,000 they charged.

95% of Cynthia still loves David while the remaining 5% wanted him down, if possible dead.

She kept on thinking if she had done the right thing as they drove down the express way, to the route that leads to their house...



Jenifer who hardly missed Sunday service, pleaded with David to join him to church.
David who can't insist on her plea got dressed on suit, looking more innocent like a very responsible dude, and joined her in the sitting room as she was wearing the final touches to her makeups...

After about 10mins of her preparations, they both went to her church 'Gods Kingdom Society' (GKS), where the officiating minister delivered a touching sermon 'THE SIGNIFICANCE OF MARRIAGE'.

With the illustrations and biblical proves attached, David was touched. He knew he has been fooling himself all this while, and regretted not leaving vengeance to God all this years.
He finally concluded that he will be a changed person and possibly settle down with a girl, instead of messing up himself thinking he had been harming the girls who he see's as his prey....

He kept on advising himself on it, contemplating about the right girl to settle with;
It was certain that his heart only beat the song of love, whenever he was with Jenifer or thinks about her. But another problem on the line was that Vivian was already pregnant for him.
After much of thinking he couldn't come up with a conclusion, and ends up floating ontop the stream of confusion...

After the wonderful time spent in the house of God, they both went home and ate their launch, which was prepared specially by Jenifer.
As soon as they were done with the lunch, they started sweating profusely which makes them end up in the pool.

The swimming pool in David's compound was hardly used, as he preferred going to resort centers and beach to enjoy himself whenever he felt like swimming. But on this fateful day, he got no choice than to do it at home.

They both played and catches lot of emotional fun, before they finally got out of the pool....

-- -- -- -- --

Vivian who was still finding it difficult to stay a minute off David's company, started dialling his contact which rang several times but he didn't pickup. She was so restless that she decided to pay him a visit, if possible spend the night with him.

She has decided to settle down with the love of her life, who is no other person but David. She always sees David as the right man for her. Not knowing David has not for once think same towards her, but was busy playing games with her feelings...


Blade the notorious hoodlum was seen holding a paper on his right hand which has Davids home address as well as his business details, while on his left hand was the picture given to him by Naomi and Cynthia. His gangs were all scattered on cool spots, waiting for their boss to give signal for actions.

After confirming that he was on track, he placed the paper on his pocket and approaches the gate leaving his gangs behind. He knocked the gate trice before the security/gateman (Okoro) in David's compound shouted at the top of his voice;
"Na who be that when won fall down my gate?, if you nor fit wait or knock small small then vamoose from there oo" He angrily said as he walked towards the gate to peep on the person through the peephole in the gate..



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Literature / Re: Player's Heart by eliboy92(m): 2:14pm On Oct 02, 2016
[b] EPISODE 15

David was relieved while on the steering. He has finally gotten the opportunity which he had been craving for, he knew this was his best chance to break up with her.
Although, he knew Vivian would still come crumbling to him, begging for a second chance. But, he wasn't that sure if he's going to forgive her.

He knew breaking up with her now wouldn't be as painful as when he did it on  the alter, or in the presence of her family, which will bring an unimaginable disgrace to her.


He drove to his apartment nodding his head to the beat of the music coming from his car stereo, which he increased to the maximum volume.

He was full of smiles because Jennifer would be visiting that very day. He got to his apartment and headed to the bathroom, because he wanted to appear appealing and scent fresh awaiting Jennifer's presence...

When he was busy taking his bath, he started to envisaged how Jennifer would be on his bed. He planned getting laid with her today and concluded nothing would stop him;

"Jennifer is one of a kind" David thought to himself as he remembered when he saw her that very evening, she was putting on a short top and a mini skirt rather mini mini skirt because it was too short to be called a mini skirt. Her thigh were visible, just thinking about Jennifer made his di_ck erect like a wood, he quickly discards the thought of her from his mind and bathed as quickly as he could.
He came out few minutes later, and put-on a red shirt with a plane trouser to go with it;
"Jennifer would be here in an hours time" He thought to himself.

Not quite long, he heard a knock on his door, "Maybe she decided to come early"  David said to himself,  thinking it was Jennifer. But to his utmost fear it was Vivian...

"What are you doing here?" David gruffly asked Vivian who was in tears..

"David it's not what you think, he came to apologize for cheating on me while we were still dating, that's all" Vivian replied, as tears was seen dripping down her eyes to her cheek..

"Vivian we are done, it's over get it straight" David said and was about shutting the door...

"Please David believe me, I was never having an affair with him, I only hugged him to showed him that I have forgiven him, he is even getting married next week. Please David I beg of you, don't end our relationship for the sake of our unborn baby" Vivian said dropping the bombshell while David stared at her with great astonishment.

He knew if truly Vivian is pregnant, then he is  responsible because they did it many times without the use of Condom.
David was so confused, his mindset of breaking up with her has took another turn, a U-turn to be precise...
He knew if he breakup with her now, she might tried to keep the baby. The only option he has is to accept her and persuade her to do an abortion, before he would finally breakup with her.

David quickly lifted her up and hugged her;
"I have forgiven you dear" He whispered In her ear...

"Thanks" She whispered, as they disengaged from the hug

"Vivian you know I so much love you and can't lose you... Stop crying dear. I was actually heading to my friends place, I guess we will see tomorrow" He told her, trying to discharge her to avoid Jennifer meeting her

"Okay no problem, I will see you tomorrow" She replied, feeling relieved that David had actually forgiven her,  but little did she know that her worst nightmare is about to happened.


She left David's place, while David sat down deep in thought. He thought of how he would go about persuading Vivian to have an abortion, he knew it  would be difficult, because she had be craving to have a child for him, just to hold him firm to herself. But he must surely archive his aim.

He had never failed in dealing with women, at least since he started his revenge saga...

Few minutes more Jennifer came in, while David quickly stood up and welcome her in a tight embrace;

"How are doing?" David asked as they disengaged from the hug.

"Fine" She muttered while still smiling...

"I brought you something" She said
"What is it?" He curiously asked scanning the polythene nylon she was holding.

She led him to the dinning, and brought out a food flask from the nylon bag;
" Your favorite". She smile and opened the flask, while David smiled back as he saw what was in it. It was definitely his favorite, Pounded yam and Egusi soup with different kinds of assorted meat.
They both sat down in the dining and devour the food.

After they were done eating, Jennifer couldn't withstand the sweat that eloped from her skin while they were eating and playing at the same time, she quickly headed to the bathroom to freshen up.

She came back with a towel tied on her chest, and started creaming her body. David was busy starring at her with a lustful desire, her body was really having a great effects on him, he quickly mustard courage and stood up.

As a baddo, he walked towards her and started caressing her arms. He planted a kiss on her lips, whuch made her smile and withdrawn from the kissing which surprises David;

"What's wrong?" David asked sounding perplexed.

"Nothing" she replied evasively.
"I think it's too early for that" She added shocking David with her words.

No girl had ever resisted him before, this was the first time it would be happening to him. "She is really different"  He thought to himself... "Or maybe she is just playing hard to get" he gave a second thought.


Cynthia had made up her mind to pay David for what he did to her.

She went to Naomi's house, who took her to an unknown place as promised.
It was probably an uncompleted building. They walked in and saw some group of guys seated on a long bench, smoking away their lives;

"Mama Naomi!!!!!!" They hailed as they sighted her with Cynthia coming to their direction.

"Mama after you na you!" One of the guys said raising his two hands up as a sign of respect...

"How una dey na?" Naomi asked.

"Mama we dey Ooo, " they all answered in unison.

"Blade I get one Job for una" Naomi said...

"Mama anything, we fit do because boys are not smiling" The leader whose name was Blade replied...

"You see this guy?" She said  collecting David's picture from Cynthia's hand.
"This guy Bleep up with this my friend, I want make una jazz am come here" Naomi replied giving Blade the picture.

He stared at the pix smiling to himself... "Mama nor worry we go run am,  you know how much we dey charge na?" Blade replied smiling to his new assignment, as he took close look at the pic.

"Please don't kill him, just bring him here, we would tell you what to do from there" Cynthia spoke for the first time...



Literature / Re: Player's Heart by eliboy92(m): 6:15pm On Sep 29, 2016
[b] EPISODE 14

Vivian was busy flipping the diary from page to page, shaking her head in disbelief.

David was really mad, but pretended not to care, nor even tried collecting the diary from her, so she won't suspect him more.

Although deep inside, David couldn't take it;
"No girl has ever get hold of that, how come Vivian was able to get it?" He angrily said to himself inwardly

As a player which he is, he walked closer to Vivian this time around just to distract her a little, and divert her concentration from the so precious and valuable diary she was holding.
He uses his hands to feel the softness of Vivian's shoulder's, gave her a peck on her cheek and sat on the bed waiting for her to strike, when he noticed she wasn't moved at all.

As soon as she was done reading, she faced David with the diary still on her hand's.
Her face was filled with anger, her mood changes from that of a gentled brought-up lady, to a notorious ghetto babe...

It was obvious she could kill at that moment, but she tried controlling herself as she managed to voice out a sentence in a questionable arrangement;

"So you have been deceiving me David?" She Warbled as tears formed and clouded her eyes

"Dear, what are you saying?" David replied in pretence

"Oh! Don't tell me you don't know what I am talking about, especially when you are seeing your diary with me. So you have been deceiving me all this weeks?" She questioned

"See Vivian, if you are acting base on what you saw on the diary then I will be forced to say you aren't wise. I wrote those things for a purpose, I have come across so many girls but they never loved me, I taught you coming to my life will end all that, but here you are taking it as an offence. You were heart broken by a man who you were engaged to, don't you know how painful it was, likewise me. Same happened to me several times, but by God's grace, I am happy to have you" David said convincingly as he took some steps towards her

"So what makes you to have so many names inside the diary, and even wrote things you achieved from them?" She asked David which got him baffled

"I gave them a lot in the course of our relationship, but what I wrote there was the only thing I was able to get from them, which I even paid them back. The names are many because any relationship I found myself don't last more than weeks. I am really scared baby, tell me you won't leave me like they did" David said convincingly and knelt down in front of her, making her more confused

"I won't leave you dear, but you shouldn't have put my name on the list" She shocked David again

"Oh! Your name, I added it because I wanted it to be the last name on the list" David said while still knelling down in front of her, holding the tip of the towel around her chest

"My name isn't the last name there, I saw one Jenifer at number 14 column. And that useless girl that came the other day was number 12 while my name is number 13" She explained like a mathematician

"Jenifer! Jenifer! Okay, I skipped her name before so when I remembered her name wasn't on the list, I decided to write it down. Baby please I have to discard that dairy now, if possible set it ablaze" David pleaded

"There is no need for that dear, I'm sorry for going that far into your private life. Just keep it, I understand you quite well and will always love you, please stand up" She proclaimed, making David to be more relaxed

He stood up and lifted Vivian from the surface, they both found themselves on the bed engaging on an undiluted romance which led to aggressive penetration of curve7 into shawama...



David woke up and discovered Vivian had gone. He brought out his phone in an attempt to call her, only to find a message notification from Firstbank PLC...
He opened the message which read;

"Your Acct 301XXXX054
Has Been Credited with
NGN5,000,000.00 On
11-AUG-2016 15:43:35
By VIVIAN. 6538020.
Bal: NGN218,844,000.04CR"

David was shocked, he knew he asked Vivian for N2million but didn't gave her any of his account details. Not only did she surprised him with the money but she went further to send N5million...

He hastily dialled her number in anticipation to greet her;

"Hello baby mama, why did you left without informing me?" David questioned

"Sorry, I really got so many movements at hand and I decided not to disturb your sleep" She explained

"Okay, among all your many movement the bank seems to be the first place you went to eh?" David questioned teasingly

"Oh! You have gotten the alert... Actually I gave the details to my account agent, I never went there... I wanted to even use mobile transfer but all my effort using it seems abortive because of the huge amount" She replied

"Thanks baby bae... So where are you now?" David asked even though he never cared

"I'm in my boutique but will soon leave for my family house, my Mum requested for my presence. Would you like to join me?" She pleaded

"Hmmm__ not really, got to pay for some new goods today, maybe next time" David assured her.
He was still on the call when another call started coming in (Jenifer's call), he has to look for a way to end his conversation with Vivian

"No problem then, so when are we seeing? She asked emotionally

"Anything dear, but don't worry I'll give you a call" He ended the call and answered Jenifer's call before it could end (stop ringing).

David and Jenifer discussed for almost an hour, and the most happiest part to David was the fact that she has returned from her trip, and also bought him,something...
They arranged on seeing each other that evening, at their favourite joint.

They met that day and really catches lot of fun.
David was so happy when Jennifer finally said YES to his proposal...

-- -- -- --


David and Vivian Love affair started declining bit by bit, as that of Jenifer was growing around the hemisphere of true Love.
He had collected some good cash from Vivian, and decided its time to discard her off his list. He was waiting for the perfect moment to strike and finally got one...

David was heading back home from work when he stopped by, to drop a rose with Jennifer. He always does that every weekend especially Saturday's.

He didn't spent much time with her, as he decided to go arrange his house since Jenifer would be visiting for the first time, to spend the night in his place.

Just to make sure Vivian didn't come around to interrupt, he bought an extra rose for Vivian so he can use the opportunity to tell her not to come spend the night that very weakened.

He got to Vivian's boutique and found her conversing (talking) with a guy. He knew that was Godwin her ex...
David watched them from afar and knew the guy has come to beg her back.

They were still talking and the next thing David saw was the guy knelling down in front of Vivian pleading. Vivian who see's it as a disgrace pulled him up and they both hugged each other.
While the were still hugging David ran into them, he caught them on the act even if he knew there was nothing attached.

He quickly threw the rose-flower on the floor and dash off into his car, Vivian couldn't bear it and chased up with him.
She met him before he could wake up the engine;

"Please dear I can explain, what you just saw was not exactly how it is" She cried

"Then its what? Tell me that is not the man you were dating before me, tell me you didn't hugged him firmly, who knows if you both have been kissing" He quarried

"Yes he was my ex, he came to ask for my forgiveness and knelt down, I asked him to stand up because I couldn't bear it. I already let him know I have someone better" She explained with all form of sincerity

"Oh spell me that, you said you have someone better but you both were glued to each other so passionately... I don't wanna set my eyes on you anymore, get off me, I hate you" He voiced out forming a real tears, as if he wasn't happy deep within

In due course he zoom off the premises, leaving Vivian emotionally ransacked...
She couldn't bear it, she knew she was at fault but still can't lose David so early...



Literature / Re: Player's Heart by eliboy92(m): 8:16am On Sep 28, 2016
[b] EPISODE 13

David dialed her number, anticipating for her to picked which she finally did after 15 seconds of rigging;

"Hello dear! How are you doing" David said.

"Fine!, I am missing you boo" she smiled while David smirked

"Can you come over so we would spend some quality time together?" David asked with a convincing tune

"Wow!!! on my way" She exclaimed excitedly, while David ended the call giving her time to prepare.

About 30minutes later Vivian arrived at David's house,  she quickly ran towards him, giving him a tight embraced.

"Thanks dearie for coming earlier" David said as they disengaged from the hug.

"I was missing you too much" Vivian confessed and plated a kiss on David's lip, which he reciprocated with immense pleasure.

He quickly carried her like a bag of cement and head straight to his bedroom, where they devoured each other like hungry lions.

Vivian was moaning in ecstasy making David to pounced on her with great energy, while his organ hits her in full force, making her to vibrate like a Nokia 3310.
David finally released on her for the umpteenth time and felt exhausted...

They both laid on the bed naked, breathing like the guy who trekked from Lagos to Abuja just to honored Buhari;

"Vivian I really need a favor from you" David muttered as he played with the nipp_les of her bre_ast.

"What is it?"  Vivian replied with a smile.

"I want you to lend me two million naira, I promised to pay you back before the end of next month" David replied.

"What do you need the money for?" Vivian asked, with her eyes fixed on him.

"I actually needed it for the importation of my new cars that would be shipped to Nigeria next week. Which I will definitely sell as they arrive and pay you back with interest.... I paid over 3billion for them, but we were told to pay 2million for shipping fee and other settlements" David replied while she shrugged.

"I don't need interest, you can pay me whenever you like, I will send you the money just send you account number while I do a transfer" Vivian replied while David smiled and kiss her on her lips

"Ahhhhh" She moaned softly in his ears.

David engaged her in another mind-blowing f.se_x, Leaving her satisfied...

When done, David quickly went to the bathroom where he washed away the scent of their jumble ride from his body, and walked to the sitting room leaving Vivian inside who was taking her bath.

He switched on the TV and started watching EPL (English Premier League), his eyes were on the TV set but his mind was yelling for Jenifer.
He picked up his phone and saw some missed calls, among the contacts was an international number.
He knew Jenifer was the one that might have used that number to call him, he quickly used the opportunity to call Jennifer who picked-up at first ring.

"Hey dear how are you doing?" He asked.

"Fine, guess what? She replied.

"You've accepted my proposal" David jokingly said, while she busted into hysterical laughter. 

"No jhoor!, I would be coming back tomorrow" She breathed while David smiled in response.

"Wow!!,  can't wait to see you" David exclaimed excitedly.

"Are you sure about that,  don't tell me you are not with your girlfriend by now" Jennifer replied with a smirked while David became tensed.

"Nah, I don't have a girlfriend" David murmured inaudible.

"Okay I hear you, see you tomorrow" She said while the call was ended.

"How did she knew I was with a girl?" David thought to himself.

"Maybe she was just guessing sha" He assumed.

"But there is something significant about Jennifer,  she always made my heart skip and beats harder, is it because she is the governor's daughter?" David shrugged as he thought of her
"Whatever it is, I will definitely find out" He assured himself and walked to his bedroom, where he met Vivian who was standing in his wardrobe.

"My diary!!!!" He said inwardly and went closer to her.

To his utmost fear, she was holding his diary. The diary that contains all his past relationships, and all the girls he had duped and dumped were in the diary Vivian was holding .


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Literature / Re: Player's Heart by eliboy92(m): 12:48pm On Sep 27, 2016

In the immersion of shame Cynthia went home to drop a truthful lie; that David was reported dead in a plane crash on his way to China for business transactions.
Her family know less about David, so they couldn't object the lies, rather they had to sympathies with their daughter and cry all day.

All the preparations were halted, and those who were already aware of the wedding were sent instant messages, that the wedding won't hold due to a sad event that took place.

David need not to send message, because he never invited anyone.


Cynthia who was so angered, went straight to Naomi's hair dressing saloon, just to seek for a possible way to pay David back...
Naomi has been the only female friend she could confide on. She has a devilish heart and can do the undo, although she had been married for almost 2years without a child, yet her husband still love and cherished her.

Immediately Naomi saw Cynthia, she quickly arranged a seat for her to sit.

She received Cynthia's message some hours ago, but because of the too many customers in her saloon she couldn't call Cynthia instantly.

"My friend sorry I haven't called you, some customers don't like my girls attending to them whenever they see me. I am really sorry, so tell me something, did you meant what you sent to me?" Naomi asked in a questionable manner

"Yes my friend and I still can't erase the shame" Cynthia replied

"Oh!!! What really happened that made you to send such message" Naomi who was curious, asked

"I made everyone believed David is dead, but he's still alive, my aim is to make him go down like seriously" She answered with little drip of tears forming on her eyes, which she wiped off with her white handkerchief

"Don't tell me he broke up with you?" Sandra muttered

"Yes my dear friend **crying** and I want him to pay heavily. The beast made my business to crumble as well" Cynthia Sobbed

"Don't tell me you spent your hard earn money for the marriage sake" Naomi quarried

"I don't wanna talk about all that, I came here for you to do something. I want him to pay dearly" Cynthia Pleaded

"I think I can handle him, first thing tomorrow we will go to a very powerful herbalist who will cripple him with just a strike, and rob him all his wealth" Naomi assured Cynthia who was shocked instantly

"No!!! I would have loved that to happen to him, but don't want to involve in any spiritual dealing. There should be another way to get him na?" She Protested

"Okay then, let's leave it till weekend. I will get in touch with some set of kidnappers who will steal some of his properties, and cash before killing him" Cynthia suggested

"That will be okay, the bottom line is that I want him killed. Since I can't have him, no one else will have him" She Lamented while Naomi nodded her head in affirmation

The both girls spent time together discussing, before Cynthia finally gave Naomi breathing space to continue with her work.

-- -- -- --

David who felt unoccupied in his sitting room brought out his phone and started playing 'candy crush saga'. He was enjoying the fun of the game when his phone started ringing.
It was no other person but his uncle calling. He answered the call and placed the phone on his left ear;
"Hello Uncle, Good evening" David greeted

"Hello brother! What happened between you and Cynthia? She sent me a message and when I called her, she told me you are dead and ended the call" He explained

"Me dead? Her father, in short she is the one that is dead" David Rumbled provocatively

"That's the reason why I called you oo, she is not even taking my call. Why didn't you carry on with the marriage again?" He asked David who was already mad with the news of death

"She is not my type of girl bro, and nothing on earth can make me take her in as a wife" David answered

"Well you should always think twice before taking any action, I noticed you have been changing girls anyhow ever since your Dad who is my elder brother died. Be careful of women and try to get married, remember I'm older than you with just 3yrs but I have a son of 7yrs who the girl am about to marry gave birth to. My advise to you is that you are not growing younger oo" David's Uncle advised

"I have seen someone I want to marry, and our marriage won't take long before it will be announced" He assured his uncle who was delighted with the info

"Better, I pray it goes as you said. Later na" He yelled with the mindset to end the call

"Okay bro! Bye" David said before clicking on the red key, to end the call...

David was so made with what he just heard, "How on earth will that swine announced that I am dead? I will make sure she die before me. Mad girl, is she the first girl I broke up with?" He said facing the TV set, as if the set has ears.

David tried engaging himself with other activities but couldn't as the information still kept on ringing on his head.
He needed something better to keep him busy or somebody to play with. The only person he could think of was Jenifer who can't come at that moment, since she is not in the country.
He had no other choice than to dial Vivian's number, at least her presence could help a little...




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