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Agriculture / Re: My Broiler Farm (7-10 Weeks) by Elvischris(m): 4:47pm On Feb 23, 2018
oga emma i bought agrited broilers please help me my broilers are 5weeks old now this my first time and the look small comparing to the pictures am seeing of same broiler of 5weeks in nairaland which people are posting about there broiler at 5weeks and i do feed them top starter morning, afternoon, evening and am still giving them starter till 8weeks i give them honey vitamin every day what will i do please help i want to sale at 8weeks and i want to also know if this there stage of growthin 5weeks if its normal or lacking olease ifa

Webmasters / These How Your Blog Got Hacked On Exploits To Vulnerability by Elvischris(m): 11:22am On Feb 12, 2018
Good morning ladies and gentlemen today I will be teaching on loopholes and cross site script files and how the work,
My name is Elvis Chris I teach bloggers and webmasters
But first of all you need to ask yourself what is a loopHole, many people think since the maintain there password as it is case sensitive that no body would access there blog database that is not “true”
today by my lesson you shall learn all about loopholes these against blackhat and greyhat who hijacks.

its safe to practise ethical this to educate bloggers and webmasters on how to secure there database.

recently even previously I received so many messages about bloggers saying the has been hijacked meanwhile I would like you to read about “xss file” read all about it .
bloggers who cant read more on these let me elaborate to you.

Note to xss file : This a Cross-site scripting , a computer security vulnerability in web applications server hope you understand me.

in this lesson the xss file can be used to send a malicious script to a particular blogger to hook on without knowing like i thought on my previous post on splog on how blackhats used it to affect blogs.

Example when an attacker send this pop up/JavaScript to you then after you have hooked without knowing the file runs on background without your consent also will record your session in the xss file
application of the attacker as session “1”

since you are still online without quitting the attacker extracts your details from your pc cookies because you are hooked to the xss application without knowing this the role of JavaScript
most of these are injected through chrome console.

Let me not leave the lesson of loopholes let me continue on it I wanted to teach you about xss file vulnerability its a cross site scripting.

loophole is a very critical error to every server and remember no standard website is with a loophole because no matter how your security might be with a loophole your databases will be exploited
and it will be accessed.

Exploits happen when you are vulnerable don’t be vulnerable.

Lets make things work out today with this lesson you cant be vulnerable again 95% of bloggers are vulnerable expectially those on WordPress
if top sites are vulnerable there database ill be accessed no matter what the use on there server as security.

What is vulnerability on server: Its when your database is exposed to a hacker these can happen in many ways.

Most bloggers don’t care about updating there plugin do you know that any plugin that’s not upto date can lead your website been hacked I know you would ask me how?

The attacker will exploit your database to know your weakness and remember the attacker penetrates with a little space that’s the term “loophole“.

Any plugin out of date means there is a hole in it hackers can inject these cross site scripts also inject other malicious threads malware.

When you have 10 plugins and one seem not upto date these space of loophole is there to expose you to a malicious injector.

Don’t worry I won’t forget to teach you how to control this.
Saving your files from loopholes I would advice you to check your plugin section to check for updates to update as it been released because a single un-updated plugin can lead your site
been hijacked by exploitation of a blackhat.

Most WordPress bloggers don’t update their theme these practically wrong .
Don’t worry I know your reason you decline to update your theme so that you wont loose your customization but am asking have you considered owning a child theme ?

About plugin update:

Updating of plugin makes you loose 0% customization except updating of theme which can restart and wipe your customization in this case any theme not upto date has a loophole.
many developers release there updates on plugin monthly however you may not be chanced to update plugin on your own this really stressful but I tell you we have automatic updates this programme allows your plugin to update automatically once there is an update.
I would advice you to keep your theme upto date but before that I would advice you to build a child-theme.

Child theme allows you to update your parent theme without loosing your customization to avoid loopholes I can really help you on that any WordPress without a child-theme has a loophole and
can be exploited because you are always afraid of loosing your files when updated.

Your blog can be hacked from un-updated plugins, theme, and WordPress software.
For bloggers looking for automatic updates in my next lesson i would teach about inventing automatic updates in your blog this will work by all your plugin and themes updating itself whenever a new version of update is released.

Your site has not been hacked since you haven’t updated these files is because your blog is not known any top blog with a loophole will be hijacked if tried.

I wrote this thread to educate bloggers on their mistakes in blogging life and to protect them don’t be vulnerable my name is Elvis Chris I teach bloggers and webmasters I build blogs on monetization steps to unblock your blog address in facebook
Webmasters / How To Convert Facebook Group To Page by Elvischris(m): 10:40pm On Jan 12, 2018
A Page is meant to be more of a broadcasting platform one-to-many (though obviously you should be engaging with your fans also), whereas Groups are meant more for equal collaboration and discussion amongst a group of people who are related in some way and/or share some sort of similar interest.

If you’re a business/brand/celebrity and you want to provide updates, special offers, competitions etc to your clients (current or potential), a Page is the way to go. You want to build up your fan base as much as possible and you don’t necessarily need your fans to be engaging with each other (just you) this are fundamental ways of migrating from group to page

How to convert facebook group to page
Business / Withdraw Your Adsense Fund With Paypal by Elvischris(m): 11:15pm On Jan 05, 2018
Although Paypal is now acceptable in Nigerian but not yet available for withdrawing funds, why should you keep using Paypal when you have a better way to receive your Adsense earnings straight into your Nigerian Bank Account so its time you switch to the new method and forget about selling Paypal funds.
Witdraw your fund today fast easy
Receive AdSense money with payoneer
Webmasters / How RSS Feed Interact On Seo Improvement by Elvischris(m): 1:15am On Jan 05, 2018
Today am teaching you on RSS FEED
interaction with seo

Really Simple Syndication data are the content data of your articles which returned as information to all your users/visitors in a particular window customized as “feed area” like i said earlier on my previous post about

How a blogger can reduce bounce rate all this are major roles with a great impact of reducing your bounce rate cause you are working to make your content reliable.

brother and sister listening to me I know most of you will ask me why ?
Impacts role of improving seo in RSS feed
Webmasters / Read To Know How To Enable Canonical In Seo Machine by Elvischris(m): 11:31pm On Jan 03, 2018
Today am teaching another lesson on seo please any place u don't understand please let me know

I would explain further, many bloggers blog today but don't know what the are blogging what the care is to write title and post its not proper brother try to care about ur post as

you care for yourself brother, in seo there is what we call "CANONICAL" expectially for WordPress users but result as permlink in blogspot

most bloggers have 1500 post but yet goggle console crawl only 200 url brother any place u no get tell me, I will explain to u why it crawled only 200 most url are in duplicate

form example http :// urwebname.com
http ://www .urwebnam.com

U can see that those two url are same but result In same page in blogspot goggle says redirect from non www. But this case is

different because your sitemap was submitted at

http :// www .urmywebname.com/sitemap.xml and users use http :// urmywebname.com to reach u brother let me tell u try to make search engine understand your url as u

de try to understand me now search engine sees the two uniform resources located as a duplicate url not understanding which one to

crawl example brother http ://urwebname.com
http ://urwebname.com/index.php

Both url result in one page but search will see It like a duplicate url not knowing one to crawl

and it will reject and cause problem in ur url crawling that's when u have post and it cant be crawled don't blame seo u caused it brother
u might not pay much attention to this problem, but i tell u bro this will result in serious duplicate content penalties. The problem

with search engine bots is that they can’t decide which version of the URL they should

add in their index. When writing a canonical listen � care fully bro for mobile version and pc version in ur theme don't use two values

rather use the alternate tag to differentiate in themes expectially wp users bro

example <link rel=”canonical” href=”http ://mywebsitw.com/” >
> <link rel=”alternate” href=”http ://m.example.com/” media=”only screen and (max-width: 640px)”>

shey u de understand any where u no get tell me ohhhhhh. Bro no use a Canonical tag

outside the <head> Search engine bots will totally ignore the tags that are set outside the <head> are off the website so in order to apply a proper canonical tag, you need to add it between <head></head>.

And brother try to get rid, delete any of ur post with 301 and 302 because it forces search

engine to duplicate it, to crawl one extra URL and this means it need to crawl two URLs at once shey u de get me planet29 if u no understand notify below ohhh

Most bloggers don't know meaning of 404 page the ignore it but remember its a serious problem Any URL with a status code of 404 is a totally wasted crawl and search engines will ignore your tag at all.
Ways to make search console recommand blog tags
Webmasters / Lack Of Proper Anchor Text Decreases Seo by Elvischris(m): 12:55pm On Jan 03, 2018
All this you must know about the term anchor text most bloggers dont bow down to this particular issue and its bad unspecified anchor text makes your seo irrelevant so you must learn how to use it, anchor text is also known as the link label or link title, but also know because many have asked me about Anchor text, its the clickable text in a hyperlink SEO best practices dictate that anchor text is relevant to the page you're linking to, rather than generic text.
I hope you understand what am saying, relevant anchor to a page name or post is to web standard, The keywords used in anchor text is one of the many signals search engines use to determine the topic of a web page.
Am advicing you this you must avoid "CLICK HERE" its has 0% value in seo Bad anchor text example: Click here! you must leaen how to use it make your anchor text relevant for search engine optimization hope you understand

most recommanded ways of reducing bounce rate
Webmasters / Steps To Acquire On Traditional Seo For Website And Blog by Elvischris(m): 12:02am On Jan 03, 2018
Make sure you understand all I said if you fail to understand any comment below

Many years ago on SEO it was about the keyword density but Nowadays, Google’s algorithm is so advanced that it doesn’t need any exact-match keywords at all to rank a relevant page. Hope you understand me?

This is what I mean ? Example when you have a post title.

“my name is Elvis chris” and your rank is 22,000,000 when a user search about “what is Elvis chris” have it in mind you have that exact post but search console cant review

your web out even when that particular post was indexed hope you understand? it won't extract it out goggle loves it’s users your

rank is very low this simply means you don’t have relevant content so it won't show the post even when you have it rather it will show

the post similarities from different websites but it will review there own even if its not exact what the need but it declined you

because you was afar so learn today not only posting and importing seo is the problem hope you understand?

Know today, understand your rank is main to enable your post review for seo to work effectively, I teach and build up bloggers and webmasters at work and home services

I teach to impact knowledge in them building of blogs and website is all I do with a good monetization

know about automated and manual seo bots
Education / JAMB Monitoring UTME Through CCTV Cameras by Elvischris(m): 5:05pm On May 14, 2017
Our staff, candidates and supervisors in all examination centres are being watched and recorded; it is part of our efforts to reduce or eliminate malpractices in the conduct of the test,” he said.

The Coordinator said that 32, 000 candidates registered for the examination in Niger and were writing the test in 14 centres.

He said that the exercise was smooth in many centres except at Jumai Aliyu Babangida Development Centre, Minna where a system failure was recorded.

“The issue lingered a bit, so we immediately moved the candidates to the zonal office to write the examination,” he said.

He said that the examination, which started on Saturday, would end on Wednesday, and promised a hitch-free exercise.

A candidate, Fatima Mustapha, who spoke to NAN in Minna, said that the process was smooth, and particularly commended JAMB for the speed
Read more at http://zangwap.com/2017/05/14/jamb-monitoring-utme-through-cctv-cameras/
Celebrities / Famous Nigerian Musician William Onyeabor Is Dead by Elvischris(m): 11:24am On Jan 26, 2017
William onyeabor

Veteran Nigerian musician William Onyeabor is dead

– Onyeabor died in his Enugu palace home on Monday January 16, 2017

– He is famously known for his evergreen song When The Going Is Smooth And Good

Famous Nigerian musician William Onyeabor is dead

Famous Nigerian musician, William Onyeabor popularly known for his song When The Going Is Smooth And Good is dead.

According to his first son Charles, Onyeabor, Williams died on Monday, January 18 at his Enugu palace.

Charles who lives in Italy said: “Yea, my dad is dead. He died peacefully on Monday January 16, 2017 at his palace in Enugu.”

William Onyeabor

Onyeabor in his lifetime had 10 successful studio albums.

Onyeabor was a household name in the 1970s and 1980s when he made evergreen songs far ahead of its time.

In December, 2014, he was a guest of the Lauren Laverne Show on BBC 6, he said of his music: “I only create music that will help the world.”
The late music icon is survived by 4 children and 4 grand-children.

Meanwhile, veteran hip hop singer Jazzman Olofin is not happy with people who says his music career is dead. The artist who just dropped a single title Shade said even if that is true, he has no doubt contributed positively to the Nigerian music industry.listen smooth and good by William onyeabor

Read more see photo and video/music http://zangwap.com/2017/01/24/famous-nigerian-musician-william-onyeabor-is-dead/
Crime / Man Who Stoled Rice Owner Didnt Kill Him But The Made Him Suffer See Photos by Elvischris(m): 10:03am On Jan 09, 2017
This man stealed rice but wasnt killed buh he was touctured terribly see photos through this link. http://zangwap.com/2017/01/09/man-who-stealed-rice-owners-didnt-kill-him-but-made-him-suffer-see-photos/
Jobs/Vacancies / Vacancy Alert! This Might Be The Best Job In The World by Elvischris(m): 1:36pm On Jan 06, 2017
Not everyone who works is employed, and not everyone who is employed “works”. The twist to the statement stems from the fact that some people are actually paid very well to do little or nothing.
This can be said for the job vacancy listed below, it is one job that many have termed the best job in the world, the reason is quite simple.
According to Metro UK, all you have to do is take three Instagram pictures a day while cruising around the world and while getting paid the equivalent of a £52,000 salary.
Royal Caribbean International is looking for someone to join their team who will simply document their travels on three different cruises over a three-week summer internship.
The job requirements are:
Post 3 x photos on Instagram each day while on each cruise, to comprise of:

Read more

Pets / Why Wont Mine Pet Eat ? Sickness & Disease May Hinder Your Pet From Eating Read by Elvischris(m): 11:26pm On Jan 02, 2017
why won’t my kitten eat?


There are several reasons why a kitten will not eat, states ZANGWAP, including illness, unfamiliarity or psychological problems. Hypoglycemia, especially common in kittens, is one such illness that oppresses the appetite in cats, according to Pet Place.


Hypoglycemia is a deficiency in blood glucose and is especially common in kittens under 3 months of age because they are still developing, Pet Place reports. At this age, they cannot yet regulate their own sugar levels. Other issues can exacerbate this illness, such as stress and parasites.

Other symptoms of hypoglycemia that owners need to be aware of include loss of appetite, listlessness, awkward movements, seizures, weakness and coma. The first step for treatment is for owners to see a veterinarian. The second step is to treat the cause of the hypoglycemia, which means dealing with the psychological or medical issues, such as stress or parasites.

Agriculture / Garri Production In Nigeria; How Viable by Elvischris(m): 4:48pm On Jan 02, 2017
One major achievement of the present civilian administration in Nigeria in the past eleven (11) years has been the growth of middle class which has been witnessed in the country. These growths continues to drive the increasing social and health awareness of the need for hygienically well prepared foods required for good quality living standard of people. This coupled with the geometrically exploding population and continued rural-urban drift continues to fuel the demand for food stuffs especially Garri, a staple food in the country.

Garri, a product gotten from the processing of cassava tubers is a very important staple food item in Nigeria. It is one of the food items that defy socio-economic class, religious and ethnic boundaries, It is doubtful if it is not eaten daily in one of every two homes in the country.

Garri is a creamy-white, granular flour with a slightly fermented flavour and a slightly sour taste made from fermented, gelatinized fresh cassava tubers. Garri is widely known in Nigeria and other West African countries. Garri constitutes a daily meal to millions people world-wide.

It is a popular West African food. It is most widely eaten as Eba. Eba is made by sprinkling garri into a bowl or pot of boiling water and stirred until dough of garri is formed. You could add more water to the dough and stir to your desired texture. The finished product is called eba.

Eba is served with vegetable soup and fish or meat. In combination, this constitutes a very balanced diet.

There are different types of garri, depending on how it is processed, its grain size and the region of Africa where it is produced.

The Standards Organization of Nigeria classifies garri into:

• Extra Fine Grain Garri – where more than 80% of the grain passes through a sieve of less than 350 micro meter aperture

• Fine Grain Garri – More than 80 % of the grains pass through a sieve of less than 1000 micro meter aperture

• Coarse Grain garri – Not less than 80% of grains passes through a sieve of 1400 micro meter or less than 20 % of weight passes through a sieve of 1000 micro meter

• Extra Coarse Grain Garri – Not less than 20 % of grain is retained on a sieve of 1400 micro meter aperture.

Garri can also be classified based on fermentation length (days and extent) as well as whether palm oil is added to make it yellow or not. Such classifications include:

 Yellow Garri
This is the type of garri commonly found in the Edo, Delta and other eastern part of Nigeria. It is also called Bendel garri. It is made exactly the way described above, but for the addition of red palm oil after grating the cassava and the garri is allowed to ferment for two to three days also. Adding palm oil to the garri further helps to reduce the cyanide content and gives it a unique flavor.

 White Garri
Same as Bendel garri, left to ferment for two to three days as well, but red palm oil is not added during processing.

 Ijebu Garri
Ijebu garri is made same way too, but allowed to ferment for up to seven days. No palm oil is added. It is also fried to become much crisped. It characteristically has a very sharp taste and less starchy. Many people from the Western part of Nigeria love this and find it great for “soaking


Health / Mouth Odour Problems And Symptoms How To Treat It by Elvischris(m): 11:56pm On Dec 30, 2016
The foul oral odor is usually caused by a group of anaerobic, sulfur-producing bacteria that breed beneath the surface of the tongue and often in the throat and tonsil area.

The term “anaerobic” literally means living without oxygen, and in fact, these bacteria do not require oxygen to live.

They occur naturally in the oral environment and are essential because they assist in digestion by breaking down proteins into amino acids. Proteins are commonly found in food, mucus or phlegm, blood, and in diseased oral tissue.

As these bacteria feast on proteins in your mouth, sulfur compounds are released from the back of your tongue and throat.

The bacteria excrete waste as hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, and other odorous and bad tasting compounds known as volatile sulfur compounds. As long as the anaerobic bacteria feed on proteins and excrete volatile sulfur compounds unchecked, your breath will become worse and worse.
From source more information read more
Nairaland / General / Re: How To Post Your Own Topic On Nairaland by Elvischris(m): 11:43pm On Dec 30, 2016
The foul oral odor is usually caused by a group of anaerobic, sulfur-producing bacteria that breed beneath the surface of the tongue and often in the throat and tonsil area.

The term “anaerobic” literally means living without oxygen, and in fact, these bacteria do not require oxygen to live.

They occur naturally in the oral environment and are essential because they assist in digestion by breaking down proteins into amino acids. Proteins are commonly found in food, mucus or phlegm, blood, and in diseased oral tissue.

As these bacteria feast on proteins in your mouth, sulfur compounds are released from the back of your tongue and throat.

The bacteria excrete waste as hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, and other odorous and bad tasting compounds known as volatile sulfur compounds. As long as the anaerobic bacteria feed on proteins and excrete volatile sulfur compounds unchecked, your breath will become worse and worse.
From source more information read more
Nairaland / General / Re: How To Post Your Own Topic On Nairaland by Elvischris(m): 11:36pm On Dec 30, 2016
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: N-power- I Just Received My Stipend. by Elvischris(m): 11:25pm On Dec 30, 2016
Npower synonymous to snail speed
Npower synonymous to snail speed

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