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Agriculture / How To Prepare Herbal Antibiotic Syrup For Birds In Poultry by Elvischris(m): 10:24pm On Jul 18, 2019
Most farmers spend alot of money buying antibiotics, but do you know those natural herbs you see everyday have a merit it contributes to our lives and other living creatures, but because of ignorance many has failed, most farmers spend money on drugs till extend the cant Return their investment (ROI) because of them buying different drugs in cure of a particular disease, However, I wrote this epistle to help, educate, contribute to people who deal on animal husbandry, reading this epistle would educate you on how to prepare an antibiotic syrup for your birds using natural herbs, adding it to other decocted herbal drugs which I also wrote about would definitely disable diseases in your farm. How to prepare herbal antibiotic syrup for birds. In poultry
Agriculture / The Prominent Ways Of Drug Administration In Animal Husbandry System by Elvischris(m): 9:37am On Jun 30, 2019
Good morning, I will be teaching about drugs administration in poultry, infection and diseases has been the main way we farmers bear loss in our farm today. If you are planning to set up a farm to practise animal husbandry, using these drugs formulation which I have written would serve you better and keep your farm free from diseases. If you have a farm already and your previous drugs formulation is not leading you to a right point kindly change to this which I have been using and its 100% tested.
If this is your first time going into poultry business all you have to do is to goto your nearby vet and buy the following drugs which will be used for its administration.
The prominent ways of drug administration in poultry
Agriculture / Re: My Broiler Farm (7-10 Weeks) by Elvischris(m): 12:42am On Nov 11, 2018

Pawpaw leaf or seeds or Onions or Garlic
Can I mix them?
Agriculture / Re: My Broiler Farm (7-10 Weeks) by Elvischris(m): 6:03pm On Nov 05, 2018

Ventilate the house and if possible use ice block water
Oga Emma what organic supplement can I use to deworm my 3 months broiler, I have dewormed them with a medication at 2 months I want to deworm them again but I want to use natural supplement thanks.
Agriculture / Re: My Broiler Farm (7-10 Weeks) by Elvischris(m): 11:01am On Sep 19, 2018

How many days have you used the antibiotics?
I have not used antibiotics since 2days but since I noticed the change I used it today.
Agriculture / Re: My Broiler Farm (7-10 Weeks) by Elvischris(m): 10:38am On Sep 19, 2018

Use ginger, garlic and if possible honey.

Should I stop antibiotics
Agriculture / Re: My Broiler Farm (7-10 Weeks) by Elvischris(m): 8:43am On Sep 19, 2018

oga Emma good morning. Please this morning I was cleaning the litter of my birds during that time I noticed that all of them are snoring. What can I do ? I have administered mycolox antibiotics and anidone anti-coccidcisis.
Agriculture / Re: How To Treat Newcastle Disease by Elvischris(m): 11:28pm On Sep 17, 2018
But I learnt that keeping birds on drugs for a long time affects them adversely.
I have been using this method and it works for me plus other farmer whom I thought, it would not affect your birds because you are to do this only for 48days if you are keeping to 10,11,12 and above weeks but if you are selling at 8weeks you have to withdraw at 15fays for customers but remember anidone anti-coccidcisis has no side effect expect dramacine which had 15days withdrawal. If you treat your birds against Newcastle it would be hard for it to affect them but vaccinating might fail.

Example we take malaria drugs each month even when we are not sick to treat malaria. The intake of the drugs would kill the ones mosquito has injected in you but if you leave it to accumulate then there is problem.
Agriculture / How To Treat Newcastle Disease by Elvischris(m): 4:56pm On Sep 16, 2018
There is one problem with we farmers, I haven't used lasota or any other vaccination drugs against virus. But I practise ethical and I haven't had attack of those virus before neither have I experienced it for many years, some of us belive when we vaccinate against newcastle and gumboro that the would not come again this definitely a lie. To me I don't believe on vaccination of birds would stop a disease except for merek which is only on first day. I treat my birds Newcastle and gumboro even when the are negative to it i treat them and it works for me, because I treat it makes it not to come to existence talk of vaccine failure. Why Newcastle killed all your birds is because you vaccinated and forgot to treat and ignorant to know the vaccine might fail but when you treat its final according to the treating schedule.
How to treat Newcastle disease in poultry today
Agriculture / Re: My Broiler Farm (7-10 Weeks) by Elvischris(m): 11:38pm On Aug 27, 2018
Either you give Ginger and Garlic for 7days or you give pure tylosin. Either of this two should help salvage the situation.
Thanks, what of the antibiotics administration should I stop?
Agriculture / Re: My Broiler Farm (7-10 Weeks) by Elvischris(m): 10:53pm On Aug 27, 2018
THey should be out of the brooder sir. Kindly change their litter as well. Wet litter mixed with poo produces ammonia which adversely affects the birds.

Move them out of the brooder sir. They’re ready for the real world.
Thanks mr Turks... What drug can I use to treat affected ones...
Agriculture / Re: My Broiler Farm (7-10 Weeks) by Elvischris(m): 10:29pm On Aug 27, 2018
I’m sorry about your bird’s present situation. From your description, your birds are down with respiratory disease and it’s seems it’s a chronic one seeing as they’re gasping for air and snoring. This goes to show that the quality of air in your pen isn’t all that.

What’s the ventilation in your pen like? How old are the birds? How often do you change their litter? Are they in the brooder? What’s your source of heat? Coalpot? Lantern? Stove? Finally, don’t be quick to administer antibiotics sir. Some ailments don’t require antibiotics; it just requires paying attention to one’s overall management.

The are two weeks old, the are still in brooding house I open the house during morning and closes at night.. I haven't changed there pen since I started brooding them and the are two weeks old now.
Agriculture / Re: My Broiler Farm (7-10 Weeks) by Elvischris(m): 9:54pm On Aug 27, 2018
Please Oga Emma my boilers are constantly gasping and I have administered mycoldox antibiotics and antidone for coccidiosis but no improvement the hardly eat, the are snoring, the are having complication's on breathing what can I do? The are two weeks now I have been using antibiotics from day one...
Agriculture / Re: My Broiler Farm (7-10 Weeks) by Elvischris(m): 1:28pm On Aug 17, 2018
Please don’t overdose your birds with antibiotics. They’ll build a resistance to drugs thereby reserving the drugs useless. Improve on your biosecury and management. These little things make a long way.
Thanks bro.
Agriculture / Re: My Broiler Farm (7-10 Weeks) by Elvischris(m): 10:39am On Aug 17, 2018
Let’s keep observing. What’s the name of the drug currently being administered? For how many days is it supposed to be administered for?
on first day i gave them multivitamin with glucose, am using supervite as multivitamin and mixing it with mycodox extra as antibiotics from second day. I haven't administered anti-coccidiosis even for once the are three days now. Am planning to give them coccidiosis drugs from day 5.
Agriculture / Re: My Broiler Farm (7-10 Weeks) by Elvischris(m): 6:29pm On Aug 16, 2018
This is the cage I planned to keep the beds after 4weeks
They are 100 in number sad
But planning to cover sides with tarpaulin

Pls correction and suggestion will be appreciated

God bless you all.

there house is small to accumulate 100 birds since the are getting bigger.
Agriculture / Re: My Broiler Farm (7-10 Weeks) by Elvischris(m): 6:27pm On Aug 16, 2018
Barking? I don’t follow. You sure the coal pot isn’t giving off smoke? The dead chicks seem to have respiratory issues hence the gasping. You need to stay in the brooder for at least an hour; observe the birds and let us know how they behave. Let us know if you observe any sneezing or coughing.
thanks mr Turks, I meant gasping.. I have been in there since today. I just switch the coal pot now at 6:25pm the are okay because since 11am there has been open, the are still on antibiotics since day one the are going to day 3 by tomorrow still on multivitamin + antibiotics + glucose.
Agriculture / Re: My Broiler Farm (7-10 Weeks) by Elvischris(m): 8:55am On Aug 16, 2018
What’s your source of heat? Lantern? Stove? Coal pot? Light bulbs?
Am using charcoal in pot, also electric bulb but electricity is not constant here its like 4 hours in 24 hours so am using only charcoal am not using lantern.. I usually open the brooding house from 11am to 4pm cause of ventilation then close by 5pm and start heating again.. By 7:00am today I went back there to see the one barking/pecking has stopped after heating the room this morning.. Am just confused � I know this abnormal but I don't know what to do towards it if it happens again.
Agriculture / Re: My Broiler Farm (7-10 Weeks) by Elvischris(m): 6:01am On Aug 16, 2018

Try them and see for yourself. Amo birds should be good but don't expect a tall height from that breed
Okay Oga Emma.Good morning,
The are two day old now, I lost one yesterday. When I arrived with the chick the were all fine after 20mins I removed them from the cartoon one began to bark, it began to open his mouth and close, he did this constantly opening and close, I felt bad I gave them multi vitamin and glucose I used charcoal as source of heat. Yesterday morning reaching there I saw one dead. I didn't recognize if it was the one barking, I removed it from the pen. but through out yesterday others were all fine, I administered antibiotics + multivitamin, this morning I went there by 5am I saw another one barking again its opening his mouth constantly while closing it this abnormal I haven't seen this before.. Any solution?
Agriculture / Re: My Broiler Farm (7-10 Weeks) by Elvischris(m): 12:17pm On Aug 14, 2018
AMO birds are great. Get their vaccination schedule from your supplier. You should always demand for one from them.
Thanks bro. There was a list oga Emma shared previously about drugs administration I cant find it. Can you reveal it to me I want to use it.
Agriculture / Re: My Broiler Farm (7-10 Weeks) by Elvischris(m): 11:08am On Aug 14, 2018
@emmachile, I intend to raise 100 agrited chicks to 6weeks and achieve a liveweight of 3kg with 5kg of feed as you stated in one of your comments, I want to know if my feeding plan would work if I gave them 10 bags of starter for the first four weeks and another 10 bags of finisher for two weeks.
Please. Answer me Oga Emma my amo chicks are arriving today I haven't reared amo before, am an Agrited fan but I just want to try amo this time. I hope it grows like Agrited and can you please give me a drug schedule?[
Agriculture / Re: My Broiler Farm (7-10 Weeks) by Elvischris(m): 5:36am On Aug 14, 2018
Oga Emma my amo chicks are arriving today I haven't reared amo before, am an Agrited fan but I just want to try amo this time. I hope it grows like Agrited and can you please give me a drug schedule?
Agriculture / Re: My Broiler Farm (7-10 Weeks) by Elvischris(m): 4:42pm On Aug 13, 2018

That's dangerous coccidiosis. Check your liter and drug timetable

You only see all this problems mostly if you don't follow a drug timetable.
Thanks bro. It died though, am preparing it to eat since it was quater to die before I killed it anyway. I have taken precautions and vaccinated the remaining while my new chicks arrive tomorrow thanks am grateful..
Agriculture / Re: My Broiler Farm (7-10 Weeks) by Elvischris(m): 4:40pm On Aug 13, 2018
no vex o but this your fowl small for en age o
Definitely, those are last set I sold that's the remaining, so I reduced hand on feeding since its left over..
Agriculture / Re: My Broiler Farm (7-10 Weeks) by Elvischris(m): 10:39am On Aug 13, 2018
This the poo

Agriculture / Re: My Broiler Farm (7-10 Weeks) by Elvischris(m): 10:37am On Aug 13, 2018
This the fowl

Agriculture / Re: My Broiler Farm (7-10 Weeks) by Elvischris(m): 10:33am On Aug 13, 2018
Oga Emma my 10weeks broiler just had a problem now. This morning I changed there litter, I gave them ebarzin with antibiotic after changing it, I gave them food. Immediately all of them began to eat heavily, upto a time one walked and falled, I checked her bladder and it was filled with excess food... Yet it was panting/breathing heavily, I gave her, multivitamin and left her, The poo is also white and uptil now she's not walking she's still panting.. What can I do thanks.
Webmasters / How To Study Website Design By Self Education At Home by Elvischris(m): 9:29am On Aug 06, 2018
These are ways and steps one can learn Web- design to programming.In this lesson, you would need tranquillity of oneself in order to learn representatively.Web – design has played avery large role in online business today, like I thought previously on what a web host Is all about.

People who out to learn web design makes hell of money, this happens because only few engineers are in this platform. hence, everybody wants to learn it.
TV/Movies / Top Six (6) Movies Of July 2018 by Elvischris(m): 2:07pm On Jul 31, 2018
There are a lot of movies popping up each month ofthe year, but not all are worth the time and stress.

What have you been watching?

Skyscraper (July 13th)

Armed with a state-of-the-art prosthesis, an irresistible grin, and a superhuman ability to leap off of tall objects without getting hurt, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson plays FBI-agent-turned-security-expert Will Sawyer, who’s making sure everything is safe and sound at an ultra-sophisticated tower in Hong Kong.

Then along comes a gang of terrorists with plans to put the whole “allegedly impenetrable” hype to the test. From there, things take a turn for the Die Hard, as our muscular herorisks life and his remaining limbs to keep his family and the residents of his building safe. Johnson maybe down one leg in this new big-budget blow-’em-up, but he’s still three times as much man as you and me. (laughs)
The other five are from the link

This post was written by Saddam Ninhor administrator on Standcode Nigeria, This post is protected against copyright infringement.

Romance / Re: God the king repent the end time is near by Elvischris(m): 3:46pm On Jul 28, 2018
Just imagine I took a woman to Angle13 and pay #1500 for one hour. I will start doing all these things. U go dey for romancing one hour go finish.
Ohh you are still on ashawo uptil now, upon the kind popularity of girls we have this days. Go and practise with your girl friend, that's people it is meant for.

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