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Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 15 by EmahPurple(f): 11:25pm On Dec 20, 2020

Pls I have paid too, how did you reapply, did you create new profile....

Pls anyone help how go about this , resumption is January 2021

Yes I did. I created a new profile and filled a new DS-160 form. Remember to go to your profile and update the new form too
Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 15 by EmahPurple(f): 7:23am On Dec 19, 2020

Morning EmahPurple,
Was denied few weeks backs too and I have been trying to get a date. Please, how did u secure a date? Kindly help.

After paying the application fee, I went to ustravel website and just re-applied and 23rd was available. My first interview was under emergency status so maybe that helped.
Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 15 by EmahPurple(f): 10:28pm On Dec 18, 2020
Beautiful people of Nairaland. A friend directed me here. So I got admitted to MS&T and a few weeks ago, went for visa interview. Unfortunately, I was rejected. I asked for advice then but people were like, just be confident but apperantly, that didn't work.
I have re-applied and my interview date is on the 23rd so this time I want to be super prepared.
Some things to note: My other interview was rejected on the basis of "strong ties" but I had an employee verification letter and an attestation letter from my father's company to return to work there after my masters.
The CO never looked at the documents. In fact he never looked at my financial statements or any other docs apart from my I-20.
He asked me a total of about four questions before giving me the dreaded green slip last time.
Please I need proper advice for the second interview
Literature / Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by EmahPurple(f): 7:41am On Nov 30, 2020
Reverse Falling: Science fiction, Action, Romance

Eva Ravine had no idea who had invited her parents to volunteer for the experiment ten years ago. She didn’t know why their heads had exploded a week later or why she could not die. All she knew was that she would do anything to escape the constant agony that plagued her every time she slept.
Dean Anderson’s life changes forever when he watches an owl-eyed girl throw herself over the edge of the five-thousand feet, Monkey Sights Tower. Though he flies after her, he soon discovers that being saved is the last thing she wants. Hearing her tragic story, Dean is determined to change the mind of the girl who wants nothing more than to plummet into darkness.

From the shadows of secrecy, lurkers search, seeking for abilities that some would give anything to discard.
Link: https://okadabooks.com/book/about/reverse_falling/38702
Price: 1000

Literature / Reverse Falling, A Science Fiction Adventure Novella by EmahPurple(f): 7:35am On Nov 30, 2020
Hi. My name is Anne and I love to write farfetched speculative fiction with unusual scenarios. I brought to you guys what I like to call my masterpiece. It's a science fiction adventure based of a 100 years in the future. If you love action, romance or a gripping plot this is for you.
The book is called Reverse Falling and I've posted a picture with the blurb.

If you are interested, contact me on whatsapp 08115251655
If you prefer to read on Okadabooks, I'll leave a link https://okadabooks.com/book/about/reverse_falling/38702

I'd be so grateful to hear your critique of the book.

Literature / The Spirit Of Hatred by EmahPurple(f): 8:15pm On Sep 27, 2018
I have written a flash fiction which is scheduled to be published tomorrow morning. Though it is fiction, it revolves around the Lynching of a man in Bayelsa over the misunderstanding of a stolen bag. I don't know if anyone heard the story when it was broadcasted on Channels Television but it really shocked me. To think that in this age and time, people are still taking lives senselessly? I have realised that in this country, we hardly want to see our neighbour prosper. We are happy with our ignorance and poverty as long as we are all in the same position, but we jump on the next opportunity to strike someone who we do not even know down over an allegation that we have no proof of.

So many years ago, when I heard of the Aluu Lynch of those four students, I was haunted. I didn't even watch the viral video but I realised that there is something seriously wrong with us. There is a Spirit of Hate in us. That is why people will stand watching a mob tear someone apart and do nothing, that is why the police never interfere in these kind of killings. That is why up until today, the government is still working towards regarding lynching and jungle justice as a crime.

If there is anyone who agrees with me, please follow my blog
https://emahpurplewriter./ to read this post when it comes out. And don't forget to leave your opinion on the issue.
Literature / The 17 Stories Of The Sdgs by EmahPurple(f): 8:01am On Aug 13, 2018
I am an advocate of the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs. And I am also a writer therefore, the combination of these two concepts have birthed what I have called the 17 Stories of the SDGs. This, simply put is a collection of short stories that attempts to illustrate these global goals in a relatable sense especially for young people like myself. I wrote these stories for a period of three months painfully brainstorming, drafting, editing and typing away and finally, it's here for the world to see. Check it out here.

Literature / Re: Be by EmahPurple(f): 7:22am On Aug 12, 2018
In my 100 level, I went for a tutorial organized by a fellowship in my school. I came in very early and the tutorial started soon. I was really attentive because I had some challenges with physical chemistry 157. Soon, I started to understand some calculations I had problems with. I was happy that I came. As the tutorial continued, A girl and her friends came in. The entrance of the classroom is at the front so everyone one will notice any new attendee.
Soon, I started to understand some calculations I had problems with. I was happy that I came. As the tutorial continued, A girl and her friends came in. The entrance of the classroom is at the front so everyone one will notice any new attendee. I was writing something my book then I lifted my head and saw the girl. I can't explain the feeling I felt at that particular time. Life started to play in slow motion.
With every single step she took, my heart said a prayer to God to create an opportunity to meet with her

Eventually, she came to sit beside me because the remaining seats beside me were empty. I thanked God that I chose a fresh row when I came in.
I summoned courage to talk to her. Very soon, we became friends, I even taught her some of the things she missed. We talked to each other about ourselves while the tutorial was going on. She seemed to enjoy me and she was always touching me in a way that I thought she had fallen for me. We exchanged numbers and I promised to call her. Immediately after the tutorial ended, I went to my hostel and told my friends that I found a new chick. We had a bet that anyone of us to have a girlfriend first will get #2000 naira and be the leader of the squad.
I actually fell in love with this girl, I believe that day that love at first sight actually exists.

I was so happy that I had my first girlfriend. My friends started to hail me. They started calling me BIG BOY!
Some of them were already planning how I was going to get laid.
They told me to convince her to visit me in my hostel. I accepted to do that not because I wanted to sleep with her but because I always felt like being with her.
I was planning to call her in the evening of the following day when I received a call from a strange number. I answered the call and She was the one. I was so happy to hear her voice. She said that she missed me so much and would have loved to be with me but that she is seriously sick with malaria at the moment and she needs some amount of money to buy drugs but she is broke. She politely begged me to send #1000 naira to her via her account number which she sent later on she promised to send back the money as soon as she received money from her parents.
I was moved because her voice was shaking. I left the school assignment I was doing and rushed to the bank. I transferred #2000 naira from my pocket money to her account

She called me immediately she received the money, she thanked and prayed for me. She said that she was going to give me a big surprise later on
I was so happy. Although I was scared cos I had not officially asked her to be my girlfriend but she was already behaving like that. Well I thought she must have really loved me.
I didn't hear from her again for over four days, I tried her number but it was not reachable. I was so worried, I even thought something bad had happened to her, "Maybe she was in a comma", I thought. I even felt like crying. I could not read throughout those days. My friends were worried about my new mood but I told them not to worry, I had to cook up a lie so they could leave me alone.
About a week later, I saw another call from another strange number. I was partially relieved and partially angry to hear her voice until she explained how she lost her phone. She said she really missed me and she knew that I would be worried about her. She told me she was calling from a call business center and that I should come and meet her at a restaurant outside the school

She looked sad when I saw her, she ran to hug me tightly not caring if people were looking at us. I was shy but I was forming big boy so I led her to a table and told her to order anything, she refused saying that she didn't want me to waste my money, but I insisted. She said that we should talk first. Then she started to talk. Explaining all the financial and marital problems her family was going through , I couldn't help but felt pity, I was almost in tears. She said she couldn't even afford money to buy a new phone. I didn't know when I promised her a new phone before the end of the following week. I already promised before my brain reminded me that my parents were are poor and are living in a rented house and they just borrowed money to pay my school fees. She later ordered for rice and chicken. I pretended as if I was not hungry because my money was not enough to feed both of us. I watched her mouth as she ate. We parted with a hug and she planted a kiss on my cheek

I got to my hostel and started to think of how to get #55,000 naira to get her her favorite phone. I knew I couldn't lie to collect money from my parents because they already told me that they have no money to give me till the following month.
I asked one of my friends if he could give me #30, 000 naira. He laughed heartily and asked rhetorically where he was going to see such amount of money. I then got hit by an idea. I decided to start borrowing a little amount from as many people as possible. I started asking people for #1000 naira and #2000 naira with a promise that I was going to pay them the following month. Soon I had borrowed money from over 33 people and had gathered about #41,000 naira. I was looking for how to get the remaining #15,000 naira when I remember that my school accommodation fee which I was supposed to pay that weekend was still in my bank account. It was the same amount with the remaining balance I needed to get my sweetheart a new phone

She said I shouldn't buy her the phone, but I should give her the money, I guessed she had somewhere she likes to buy mobile phones.
That Friday, I sent the money to her account. I felt like a fool. I Borrowed money from over 30 people to give to a lady. I felt so sad. Later, around 6pm she called to thank me, then she told me to meet her outside the school. I didn't feel like going. But she begged so much. I went to meet her at the front of the school gate. We found a solitary place to talk. She knelt down to thank me. She was almost in tears, she said she never collects money from guys but this was urgent and necessary. I was greatly moved and told her to get up. As she got up, she looked into my eyes, got closer and before her knew it, my lips were swallowing hers. We kissed for about a minute and stopped. I had already forgotten about my sadness and anger. She said she wanted to take me out. She took me to an hotel club not far away. It was around 7.30pm when we got there.

What surprised me was the fact that almost everybody in there greeted her like a very familiar person. They gate man didn't even ask for money before we entered. People inside the club looked rich. I was happy that I wore my most expensive shirt, Jeans and Supra boots all costing about #15, 000. So I didn't look inferior. There was a large number of people dancing inside. We entered, I was so shy because it was my first time to enter a club, but she seemed so free inside and was greeting different people at intervals.
I sat somewhere looking around the club amazed with the view of different people involved in different acts of stimulation of sensitive parts of their bodies. She went to get me a drink She brought me a bottle of small stout which I rejected politely because I had never drank alcohol in my life. She persuaded me into drinking saying that I should not behave like a small boy. I tried half of the bottle. Then she invited me to dance with her.

My power house could not resist rising up with the way she was rubbing her backside against it according to the rhythm of the music. I almost lost control of myself. Seeing that I was already on another planet .
She took me a part of the hotel where nobody was. I wanted to ask how she knew the place but at that time, my brain was in my manhood.
She started to kiss me and then she took off my shirt and she dropped it on the floor, she was going for my jean trouser when remembered the teachings in church about the dangers of pre-marital sex. Something told me to tell her to stop, but as I opened my mouth, words didn't come out, just groans of pleasure as she caressed my body. She removed my trouser, dropped it on the floor and I was only in my singlet and my boxers. I didn't know when she removed my boots cos I was too engrossed. Suddenly she stopped and asked if I had a condom. I had never bought one before. She looked unhappy and said she doesn't want to have sex without it.

Suddenly she brightened up and told me to wait for her to get one. She said that I should not go anywhere that she would be back soon. She left me with a kiss on my cheek. I barely noticed she was gone, maybe because the place was dark or maybe because the sexual hormones rushing in my brain had blinded me. I was waiting patiently for protection and to be a non-virgin. It started to seem like I had been waiting for eternity. My senses were finally coming back then I realized that I was still in my singlet and boxers. I looked around to put on my trousers incase any other person comes there, but I could not find it. I then realized that my shirt and boots were gone too. I checked my wrist watch and it was already 10:30pm. I realized that she had gone for a long time. I was still perplexed. I tried to search for my phone, I remembered that it was in my trouser. Tears wanted to drop from my eyes. My mind was telling me that my girlfriend stole my trousers but I could not believe it.

There should be some explanation for what just happened.
I sneaked around the hotel and the club trying to look for her and avoiding people from seeing me half naked. I searched for about 30 minutes but it was futile. I was going crazy. I immediately left for school walking at the side of the road bare footed in my singlet and boxers covering the shape of the half rising rod between my legs. I thanked God that not many people were still I outside. I walked hurriedly. I was able to reach my school gate without anybody noticing me, this was around 11:15pm. I walked quietly to the security post. The security men thought I was a mad man but One of the recognized me as a student, I told them that I was attacked by robbers and all my money and clothes were collected. I was able to convincingly tell them a fake story. They all sympathized with me and I was given a trouser which I was told to return the following day. I thanked them and hurried for my hostel.

I told my already worried friends the fake story because I didn't tell any of them where I was going before I left.
I was tired but I didn't sleep peacefully that night. My mind was preventing me from sleeping.
The following day, I borrowed a phone to call my phone number, it was switched off, I also called her phone number, I also heard the same response. Different ideas started entering my mind. I couldn't go to church on Sunday. I was just there sitting and sighing at intervals. My roommates noticed and told me to stop thinking about the robbery case and they even quoted some karma laws. The following Monday. I couldn't go to class either. I planned to go to her department to check her. I got there, I saw the 100 level students just finishing a class, I was able to talk to the class rep. I Asked if he knew the lady I was looking for (Emmanuella). I described her beyond reasonable doubt but he said he had never seen anyone like that.

He even said that he had not heard of that name in the class. He showed me the list of the name of the students in the class. I was shocked, I staggered but I controlled myself from falling. I thanked him and left. I was out of my mind. It started to dawn on me who the girl really is. Although I was still doubting. I walking absent minded. I didn't know that I was already around the Student Union Building area. Beside me was the Campus Journalists notice board. A news caught my eye. It reads
"It has been brought to the notice of the Students Union Government that there has been reports of outsiders coming into the school and disguising as students, most of which are ladies. These ladies mix with students and they deceive the gentlemen of the school especially the Fresh students. These ladies have been discovered to be the ladies of the night. They eventually dupe numerous victims of large amounts of money by pretending to be in love with them.......

.......The latest victim is a 200 level student and he was duped of about One hundred and forty thousand naira (#140,000). Students are hereby warned to be careful of these people who are on the increase. Report any suspected case of similar situations quickly to...."
I didn't finish reading it . All I remember is that everything went dark for a moment and when I opened my eyes, I saw a ceiling fan above and when I looked to the right, I saw my dad sitting beside my bed. I was later told that I was lying in the school clinic. I also noticed that I was on a drip. My dad looked confused and asked why I hadn't eaten since the previous day's morning. I replied remorsefully that I had no money. He shouted and asked of the #25,000 they sent two weeks ago. I could not reply, He also asked why I had been behaving strangely for a while. My roommates told him that, all I could do was shed tears.
I have not been able to talk since then. So I picked up a book to write this story for people to learn from me.

Love does exists
It's good to fall in love but make sure you take your sense with you!!!
By Oluseyi Unction
great job.

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Literature / The Adventures Of Flo: An Emahpurple Original by EmahPurple(f): 7:09am On Aug 12, 2018
I've been writing for so many years now and this series is one of my favorite. It is centered around Flo, a young Nigerian girl from a middle class family who just finished her University and is discovering herself. The story in wonderful and ordinary and relatable all at the same time and this is what I feel Nigerian Literature needs: a sort of realness.
This not an advertisement, it's a recommendation of a wholesome story that reminds everyone of their past and reveals their future.
Please follow the link if you want to learn about the Adventures of Flo.

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