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Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by Emmie224: 7:47pm On Nov 18, 2020
Genre: Ancient History Romance
Words: 11,000
Price: N500
Heat level: Scorching!!!


Can I give away my heart to save my people?

Hunger has ravaged my people and as princess, everyone looks to me to save them. Now I'm getting married to a known tyrant. Maybe he'll help us. Maybe not. But it's the last option I have. Oriji is not a man to be trifled with but my stupid heart just loves danger especially when it's cloaked in hard muscles and dark skin and it's called Oriji.


My world was blood and war until she brought light…

I've gone through so many would-be brides that now that it's a sport. When the fair-skinned princess Anwuli arrives at our wedding ceremony, my heart is already attuned to her before my head knows it. Her beauty is beyond compare but it's her sharp mouth and fierce heart that seal the deal.

She needs to save her people and I'll be damned if I let her do it alone!

Get it here:


Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by Emmie224: 8:58am On Nov 25, 2020
Title: The Savage Prince
Word Count: 12,000
Genre: Nigerian Historical Romance
Price: N500
Link: https://okadabooks.com/book/about/the_savage_prince/38906


I ran into the forest to save my life, not find the love of my life...

Running into the forest to escape the village men was a mistake. I realize this when I'm locked in a hut and the men are closing in on me. But the rumoured beast saves me and I discover he's not a beast at all. And then I'm falling in love so fast it takes a life changing secret about him to snap me out of my haze. Do I take matters into my hands or let fate decide?


I save her from the village men but there's no one to save me from her grip on my heart.

I don't interfere with villagers as a rule but that is completely overturned when I meet Binye. Saving her was easy. The hard part is letting her go. And I don't think I can. Ever.

A gripping Nigerian historical romance novella!

Get it here: https://okadabooks.com/book/about/the_savage_prince/38906

Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by Ikebobo777(m): 7:44am On Nov 26, 2020
Hi everyone!

My name is Ikenna, a published writer and novelist and I'm new here. Many thanks for this opportunity to promote our works published on OkadaBooks.com

I have two titles published on Okada Books. Let's start with SITO (Something In The Offing).
SITO is a highly engaging romantic drama with gripping suspense that will leave you pleasantly entertained. You will love every page you flip over with a strong desire to know what happens next.

About SITO
“If you can’t take a punch, never throw one!”

Something In The Offing is a sizzling drama of passion and power play set in the Nigeria finance industry between the post colonial era of the early seventies with its modest charm and aura, and the glitz and glamour of the 21st century. In this pulsating sequel, a refusal to a passionate love appeal turns into a seething hatred and rivalry, spanning from one generation into the next in which the final scores must be known.

Mena Ginika graduates from the University with top grades, but her heart has been severely bruised that it turns cold towards men folk, but finds solace in hard work. She joins the family's conglomerate and becomes a major obstacle to the Williams' family, an obstacle Damijo Williams must remove by all means if he is to achieve his lifelong ambition of seizing control of UBCI.

Mena made her way straight to the MD’s office, and ignoring the secretary she opened the door without knocking. She walked in and closed the door behind. Charles Banke jerked his head up for a start, staring at her as she counted her steps, approaching his desk. Her eyes did not leave his for a split second.

“Hello Mena, I wasn’t told you were coming,” he mumbled guiltily rising to his feet. He offered her a seat, but she continued gazing at him, her eyes glassy and piercing.

“The impeccable one!” Mena paused in front of his desk, “Faithful and dependable! How could my mother allow herself to be so blinded by your sham?” Mena spat. She was poised for war, to give it to him raw and direct. Charles made effort to be composed. He knew this moment would come, but not like this. He wasn’t in the mood. He regarded her, trying to match her disdainful glare.

“I beg your pardon?” He said sitting down again. “What are you talking about? And, I hope you have not come to fight. We are still…”
“My mother trusted you, Charles Banke. She trusted you with her very own life. But what did you do? You betrayed her in cold blood! The very one she trusted was the same one that stabbed her right through the heart,” Mena vented coolly at him, her eyes darkening into a rage. She meant to come for this confrontation. She had been waiting patiently, waiting for when the time would be right – to infuse in his heart a fire that would burn him slowly till he’s spent in his guilt and misery.

“You do not know what you are talking about. Your mother decided to sell her shares, a decision taken by her for your own good, after complaining so bitterly about your smoking…”

“...which you and your cahoots took advantage of and set me up in order to get me out of the way!” she snapped, her eyes blazing hot. “Listen to yourself. Does it make sense to you that my mother would want to sell off control of a bank she laboured to build to what it is today to her rival? You are a traitor!”

“I’m not a traitor. Your mother did what was best for her and for you…”

“You are a stinking liar! You connived with my mother’s rivals to drive a sword through her chest. Your bestial act is smeared with my mother’s blood, and it will fight against you!”

“I will not listen to any of this, please!”

“You’ll listen to me! I have always had this inkling that you are in cahoots with the Williams, but it’s a pity my mother wouldn’t listen to me. And then, you ganged with the Williams against the very woman who took you to the height you are in today. As for her demise, it is only corollary that a shocking news as UBCI being fraudulently taken over could cause her death, considering her state of health. You helped them to achieve that too, didn’t you?”

“I do not know what you are talking about…”

“Tell it to the birds!” Mena leaned on the desk. Charles struggled hard to maintain a cool disposition, avoiding eye contact with her as much as possible.

“Look me in the eyes if you can,” she growled not hiding her antipathy in the least. He managed to lift his eyes to meet with hers, attempting a bold look.
“Perfidious personalities like you desecrate positions such as the one you occupy!”

“You have no right to address me like that!”

“I feel pity for you, Charles Banke, because you do not even know who you are. I will save that for last. In the time being, you must understand that you have only played yourself into a puppeteers’ stage. I’m sure you will make a wonderful marionette when it’s my turn to pull the strings,” Mena concluded with a sneer, and in quick strides she walked out of his office...

Afa’m Bu Ikenna Ezuma is a published writer and novelist with experience spanning well over twenty years. He is the founder of Studio 360Plus, a creative media content enterprise with its focus on Photography and Events Management services. He has an advanced Diploma in English Language and Literature and a Professional Certificate in Film Production Management.

He has worked with several Actors, Directors and Producers and has been commissioned to script several movies, from feature films to comedy skits and TV series as well, and is open to more challenging opportunities in the creative media industry. By the side he’s earnestly working on his many story drafts with the hope of publishing as many as he possibly can. He is a lover of nature, and is also engaged in a number of charity works locally and internationally.

Kindly leave a review comment for me on my okadabooks page: https://okadabooks.com/user/iWrite4life
For Abieyuwa, search with the title.
For Something In The Offing, search with the title.

Feel free to connect with me on facebook and drop your review comments as well.

Thank you!

Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by Ikebobo777(m): 8:04am On Nov 26, 2020
Hello again!

I have another great novel to share. The title is ABIEYUWA, an Epic Saga set in the ancient Benin Empire.

When the fate of a mighty kingdom rests on the shoulders of a noble warrior, a baby king and a great Amazon, the stage is set for an epic encounter between the vices of greed and ambition against the virtues of loyalty, courage and justice – on these lies the hope of a people.

A great battle has just been won, another victory song for Oziegbe the mighty warrior to take home. But a strange encounter with the elusive Oboh unearths his deep-seated ambition known to him alone. Armed with the Oboh’s prophecy as his perfect excuse and supported by his strong allies, Oziegbe perpetrates his sacrilegious deed, a venture that throws the entire kingdom into darkness and forces another mighty warrior of the land, Abieyuwa to flee with the heir apparent – a baby king.

Decades roll by as the people groan under the tyranny of Oziegbe, who builds an even stronger army including an evil sorcerer. Abieyuwa the great Amazon grooms a new army in a foreign land with the baby king now a young warrior, determine to return to their fatherland and confront Oziegbe with his stronger forces. How far can they go?

Edowaye came into the Odugha and gently knelt before her husband. She was heavy with child and her time of delivery was fast approaching. Her bright, soft eyes gave an interesting contrast to her dark, brown skin. The stress she’s been experiencing in her last trimester has distorted her once smooth brows, and her cheery, full lips now seemed to fold a bit at its corners. Her lustrous afro glistened at the angle facing the early morning rays from the sky steady brightening out to the delight of sprightly coloured birds chirping their hearts out, and arboreal in a frenetic rush about boughs scouting for fruits and mates. On the red, sandy floor butterflies hover over small plants exhibiting charming, little flowers with inviting, creamy looking petals.

“How was your night, my love?” Oziegbe placed a hand on her shoulder and helped her up.

“It was fine, my lord,” she sat next to him and rested her head on his firm shoulder. It was almost dawn proper and the air was charged with soothing wind mixed with fresh and decaying plants and fruits.

It's been five weeks since the war ended, but another war had been raging on in Oziegbe's mind. He had suffered sleepless nights evident of the slight pallor that had formed beneath his prominent eyes. He had not been to the palace either for over a week and he knew the Oba would be concerned about his absence. Edowaye sighed gently massaging his arm.

“I am worried, my lord.”

“Why are you worried?”

“For sometime you have been quite restless. Is there a problem?” she enquired with a tone laden with concern. Oziegbe grunted and shifted a bit uneasily, not sure of what response to give his beloved wife. He knew it was just a matter of time before she would ask. For he knew his wife had taken a notice of his silent moods days back but had chosen to allow him a while to unburden, concluding that it must be the war aftermath. Edowaye sat up a bit and regarded her husband still caressing his arm.

“Dear, are you all right?” Oziegbe simply nodded gazing ahead, into the nearby bush at the distance. Edowaye straightened up and joined her hands on her thighs, not satisfied with his response. As far as she was concerned, she knew something was amiss. If it was an aftermath of the war, she would know. She had seen him on several occasion talking to himself, and most nights he rarely slept for hours. She dragged in air deeply and looked up to Oziegbe trying to appear calm.

“I know there’s something troubling you and it’s stealing your peace of mind. Talk to me my husband.”

“About what?” Oziegbe queried not comfortable with the conversation. He wasn’t ready to divulge the enormous weight of internal struggle stifling him. At least not now.

“But you’re not looking well,” Edowaye insisted as she pressed on.

“I am all right, woman!” he responded, his tone slightly raised. His jaws twitched as he looked away, and took eyes up to a very tall tree adjacent his compound.

“I do not mean to upset you. I am only concerned that you have not had a good sleep for some days. Could it be the war?” on cue she caressed his arm as she spoke. That moment her personal maid, Odion, came and knelt before them.
“Good morning, my lord,” Odion saluted and said to her mistress, “you may have your bath now, if you wish. I have prepared the warm water for you.”

“Thank you, Odion,” Edowaye waved her off.

“Do not worry about me, I will be fine,” Oziegbe assured his wife. Sounds of footsteps coming into their compound drew their attention. Oziegbe looked in time to see Akpapava closing the bamboo-knitted door of his well-crafted wattie fence.

“You must leave me now,” Oziegbe ordered his wife.

“All right, my lord. Let me go and have my bath.” Edowaye greeted Akpapava warmly on her way out of the Odugha, and she made for her hut. Akpapava joined Oziegbe in his Odugha wearing a tired countenance, a few strands of his scanty moustache overlooking his tight lips. A piece of cloth neatly wound round his lower chest. He had almost recovered from the cut he sustained during the war, but he still needed to bandage the wound a little bit longer.

“Chief Oziegbe, I greet you!” Akpapava came in and saluted.
“I greet you too, my trusted one. How is your home?”
“Everyone is fine, thank you.”
“Please, have a seat.” Oziegbe produced a kola nut from an old skin bag hung at the roof of his Odugha. He split it into four lobes and offered Akpapava, who took one out of the four pieces.
“He who brings kola brings life,” Akpapava prayed and they began to chew.
“May the land be blessed,” Oziegbe said chewing.
“You are welcome.”
“Thank you great one,” Akpapava responded looking thoughtful, a sign Oziegbe saw as an evidence that he had not just come for a casual visit. He knew what must have brought Akpapava that early to his house.
“I trust you slept well,” Oziegbe enquired holding his stare.
“Great one, how can one whose house is leaking go to sleep when a dark cloud of rain is hanging over his head? Besides, you have not been to the palace for a while and everyone is wondering…” Akpapava stopped chewing seeing how worried Oziegbe seemed that minute. Like Oziegbe, he was in his early-thirties.

“Oziegbe, I know what might have been going on in your mind...”

“Does anyone know about the Oboh's message yet?” Oziegbe cut in with a low, firm tone.

“No one knows to the best of my knowledge. None of your trusted officers will dare speak to anyone about it, not even to their wives.” Oziegbe nodded and felt his temple with his fingers as the Oboh's words rang into his ears like piercing darts for what seemed like the millionth time.

“If I may ask, what do you intend to do about the Oboh's prophecy?”

“Akpapava, what would you have me do?” Oziegbe narrowed steely eyes at Akpapava who held his stare with an equal firm gaze.
“When a fire is lit beneath a pot, it would not be put out until the food is cooked. It's difficult to ponder on, Oziegbe, but the Oboh's message is clear enough. More so, Oba Okoduwa is quite old and has been ill for a long time, so ill he cannot perform some of his duties as the Oba and you know that. Worst still, he does not have a son to succeed him.”

“His youngest wife is heavy with child, and everyone has been praying that it might be a son. In fact, we all believe that this time, a son will be presented to the Oba.”

“What if it is another daughter?”

“What exactly do you want me to do?” Oziegbe regarded Akpapava seriously. He knew Akpapava bore resentment against the Oba ever since the Oba denied him from marrying Ine, who became the Oba's youngest wife. That was over a year ago. And if not for his timely intervention, Akpapava would have done something stupid that would have caused him his head.

“You are the heir apparent, the kind of Oba this kingdom deserves. A king whose name alone would send our enemies scurrying for safety.”
“But the Oba is still alive.”

“Yes, I know. Yet you must arise and ascend to that throne.”
“Are you suggesting that the Oba should fall?”
“The Oboh's message was clear on that, Oziegbe. You are already the Oba. Besides, better for one man to die than for the whole people to perish.”
“What if the Oba's youngest wife, Ine, gives birth to a baby boy?”
“What if it's another girl child?” Akpapava repeated with tight lips, his piercing gaze fixed on Oziegbe as if he was trying to conjure him. And then he looked away, and down to the floor observing some tiny ants crawling about with crumbs of food items. Oziegbe also took eyes to the floor and for a brief while both men pinned their eyes to the floor, each weighing the options.

For Oziegbe, the idea of becoming an Oba was enticing enough. And like Akpapava, he also bore a secret resentment against the Oba, a feeling he had not shared with anyone. That was after the Oba took away his two formidable warriors and made them to be part of the royal guards. Guobadia and Abieyuwa were two of his bests, and he had loved them dearly.
Besides, Akpapava has a point, he pondered. Their Obas in time past were great warriors, who always led the people into wars whenever there was one to be fought. But this Oba was different. He was weak; he had been since he was struck by a strange illness. Many were convinced he would never bear a male child due to the strange illness.
Akpapava began to show signs of impatience as the silence between them stretched. He grinded his teeth, his hard, squared jaw moving stiffly like he was struggling to speak.

“Oziegbe the great one, I have always looked up to you for everything. I look up to you still to salvage this kingdom. The people need you!” Akpapava’s firm voice was suppressed, a glint forming in his aquiline eyes.
“Why can't I wait for the Oba to die? He is ill you know.”
“That is not in line with the Oboh's prophecy.”
“You are asking me to kill the Oba, he is my father in-law too.”
“You are not sounding like the one who led me into mighty battles!”
“You will not question my integrity!” Oziegbe growled as his countenance changed instantly with a spark in his eyes. It was all Akpapava needed to do to bring out the fire in him.
“Forgive me, great one,” Akpapava made a slight bow. Oziegbe sat back, and he began tapping his left foot on the bare floor, his mind ticking decisively.

Akpapava is right, after all, he thought. The Oba is ill and down, not fit to rule this kingdom anymore. He doesn't even have an heir, and he is incapacitated by his strange illness to have any. His youngest wife would not give him a male child either, not after nineteen daughters from the Queen and his many concubines. The Oboh has spoken and it must come to pass. Oziegbe lifted his head decisively and held Akpapava’s firm gaze.

“The pride is governed by the strongest lion alone else the entire pride might be doomed,” Oziegbe declared and rose to his feet, “Akpapava!”
“Great one!” Akpapava was already on his own feet.
“Send words to the officers, we must meet at dusk tonight by the bank of the stream where the trees are gathered.”
“Consider it done.”
“You may leave me now,” Oziegbe said conclusively and he watched Akpapava hasten out of his compound, his heart turning cold...

... Oziegbe remained seated for a short while, alone in the palace, his head slightly bowed in thoughts. He sighed deeply and sat up with a deep, thoughtful frown, his mind restless and brewing hot. And then Guobadia emerged from the dark corridor leading to the inner chamber and walked into the Palace, his countenance typically ruthless in a calm, sedate manner. His impressive stature enhanced by his dark brown complexion, and with body movements that guaranteed swiftness in action made him every inch a formidable warrior. A pair of resolute eyes beneath upswept brows overlooked firm lips that made to part as he advanced towards Oziegbe. He had this noble way of commanding attention.

Oziegbe rose to his feet holding Guobadia’s steely gaze. Abieyuwa clad in a warrior’s garb made entirely of a python’s skin, appeared also and stopped just beside the throne, her full, firm, almond brown lips pursed as she returned Oziegbe’s stare impassively. She was one warrior who was no respecter of anyone. Across her bosom, the python’s skin wrapped firmly down to her waistline and fastened at her back with a lace made from the python’s skin. And then the beast’s skin sewn like culottes hugged her waist firmly and flayed slightly to her knees to allow for swift movements.

At seven feet, Abieyuwa stood a head taller than everyone else in the entire kingdom. Her strength and prowess in battle and her deft skill with the bow and arrow made her a fierce Amazon ever known. Her dark brown complexion did nothing to hide her rich, lustrous afro looking like a lush mass of curly, dark crown over a delicate but firm, oval face with gazelle-like eyes and faint brows that quickened to the sides of her temple. She wore a choker made of red beads, and her upper arms were also adorned with red beads. There was no smile on the faces of both warriors. Guobadia was the first to speak.

“Great one, I greet you.”

“I greet you too, Guobadia. Abieyuwa…?” Oziegbe responded as he glanced at Abieyuwa, and back to Guobadia.

“I greet you too,” Abieyuwa saluted and looked away. Oziegbe knew they were not happy with him. And he understood it had to do with the war they weren’t invited to partake in. Guobadia said:

“We are truly glad victory came our way in the just concluded battle, yet that day was a very sad day for us.”

“Why was it so?” Oziegbe asked and Abieyuwa responded instead.

“How can we not be mournful when our fellow warriors were out there, fighting for the kingdom, and we were left behind to guard a Palace that had no threat!” Abieyuwa’s tone was firm and dry. Oziegbe raised a hand to calm them down.

“You both know it wasn’t my making. That’s an issue for another day. For now, please remain faithful to the task you’ve been reassigned to.” Oziegbe said and Abieyuwa looked away again, and back at Oziegbe.

“Indeed, we are faithful to protecting the throne. Just that…” Guobadia began saying but he stopped talking and took a step back, “we must return to the inner chamber now. I will come visit you one of these days.”

“Please do.”

“Oziegbe,” Abieyuwa rested a dispassionate gaze on Oziegbe. She knew others called him ‘great one’, a title she never cared to recognize as much as she regarded him as their trusted military commander, “Never leave me behind again to fight a battle. It’s agonizing to bear. I was born to fight!” she suppressed the growl through tight lips. The spark in her eyes had appeared like a flash. Oziegbe joined his hands in plea.

“It will not happen again, my trusted ones.” Guobadia and Abieyuwa turned and walked away without saying anymore word. Oziegbe watched the two warriors he respected so much disappear through the back exit, and he exited the Palace...

Afa’m Bu Ikenna Ezuma is a published writer and novelist with experience spanning well over twenty years. He is the founder of Studio 360Plus, a creative media content enterprise with its focus on Photography and Events Management services. He has an advanced Diploma in English Language and Literature and a Professional Certificate in Film Production Management.

He has worked with several Actors, Directors and Producers and has been commissioned to script several movies, from feature films to comedy skits and TV series as well, and is open to more challenging opportunities in the creative media industry. By the side he’s earnestly working on his many story drafts with the hope of publishing as many as he possibly can. He is a lover of nature, and is also engaged in a number of charity works locally and internationally.

Kindly leave a review comment for me on my okadabooks page: https://okadabooks.com/user/iWrite4life
For Abieyuwa, search with the title.
For Something In The Offing, search with the title.

Feel free to connect with me on facebook and drop your review comments as well.

Thank you!

Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by louwheez: 8:18am On Nov 29, 2020
Graphic design service?
*book covers
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Please message me: 08148074689

Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by Atk01(f): 5:39pm On Nov 29, 2020
Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by Amaechi9(m): 9:15pm On Nov 29, 2020
Hello Fellow Authors, I recently started an online bookstore, I need writers to feature their books on the site. You will be paid 70% of the earnings the book generates, interested persons should chat me up on 08055301808
Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by EmahPurple(f): 7:41am On Nov 30, 2020
Reverse Falling: Science fiction, Action, Romance

Eva Ravine had no idea who had invited her parents to volunteer for the experiment ten years ago. She didn’t know why their heads had exploded a week later or why she could not die. All she knew was that she would do anything to escape the constant agony that plagued her every time she slept.
Dean Anderson’s life changes forever when he watches an owl-eyed girl throw herself over the edge of the five-thousand feet, Monkey Sights Tower. Though he flies after her, he soon discovers that being saved is the last thing she wants. Hearing her tragic story, Dean is determined to change the mind of the girl who wants nothing more than to plummet into darkness.

From the shadows of secrecy, lurkers search, seeking for abilities that some would give anything to discard.
Link: https://okadabooks.com/book/about/reverse_falling/38702
Price: 1000

Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by Emmie224: 1:38am On Dec 02, 2020
Title : The Captive Prince
Words : 11,000
Genre : Nigerian Historical Romance
Link : https://okadabooks.com/book/about/the_captive_prince/39062

Outcasts and villagers don't mix. But when Prince Kalu meets the outcast, Olanma, they push the boundaries of what is acceptable among their people. War looms and love will strive to unite both groups to fight a common enemy.

Will they succeed?

***It's free for a limited period. Enjoy! Oh and leave a review. Thank you!

Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by Emmie224: 2:43am On Dec 09, 2020
Title: The Mercenary Prince
Genre: Nigerian Historical Romance
Word count: 11k
Price: N500
Link: https://okadabooks.com/user/Lisa11


The only job Prince Ayansi has is to deliver his cousin's new bride. However, meeting the fiery Zinachi challenges Ayansi in ways he wouldn't have previously dreamt possible. Before he can caution himself, he's falling for her.

Will be able to put aside his strict moral code and let his heart lead?

Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by rachealfst(f): 1:06pm On Dec 09, 2020
About The Book

Ireoluwa is just seventeen, an only child who always wished she had siblings. Then she met Fullhouse (Adekunle) who was ready to adopt her as his kid sister. This new brother-sister relationship threatened Fullhouse's relationship with her fiancee, Moyin who saw Ireoluwa as her rival. Fullhouse was caught in the middle of the drama; will he give up his five years relationship for an underage girl? Find out in this book.


Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by Yahksbiz(m): 3:20pm On Dec 12, 2020
Religion Tolerance
It is my first book, please show me it is free.
Your reviews are important
Thanks in advance

Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by Tiana06(f): 8:13pm On Dec 16, 2020
You can even read few chapters for free on my blog, I understand some don't know what okadabooks is all about or skeptical about registering. Start reading on my blog and maybe you conclude on okadabooks.

Don't forget to leave comments or a reaction at the least.

Link below

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Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by Emmie224: 11:02am On Dec 17, 2020
*-*-*Latest Release*-*-*
Title: The Scarred Prince
Word Count: 14k
Price: N500

A heart-rending Nigerian Historical Romance!

Prince Anozie returns from battle wounded. No one can help him until the soft hearted Isi comes to help him, healing his heart and body.

However, an event from their past threatens to take Isi from him. Can he push past his insecurities and keep her for himself?

Link: https://okadabooks.com/book/about/the_scarred_prince/39426

Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by NennyMay: 5:17pm On Dec 20, 2020
Missing by Nenny May

Madison Miller is thrown in the middle of a criminal investigation when her neighbour's only son is kidnapped in a way much too similar to the way her son was kidnapped.


Ten children, ten weeks, one killer.

Abandoned bodies of ten-year-old boys have been turning up all over Charlotte, North Carolina and the inhabitants are petrified. Ten murders in ten weeks, all committed with a gunshot to the head, and still nobody has a clue who the deranged killer is.

Laid-off news reporter and part-time babysitter Madison Miller, is tired of receiving nothing but rejection on her resumé, and so, she delves into babysitting as a fulltime career. Little does she know just how this will affect her.

Being the only mildly trustworthy babysitter, she's entrusted with ten-year-old Ethan Daniels, only son of the now-barren couple, Lauren and Parker Daniels.

The boy goes missing, throwing Madison Miller into a thrilling panic and into the centre of the investigation. Her only clue, a call begging for forgiveness.

She enlists the help of courageous former detective Adam Walker, a long time neighbor, and Detective Ryan Gates, an ally. Can Walker and Gates help Madison find answers before the deranged killer and his deadly gun claim another victim?

Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by philfearon(m): 5:23pm On Dec 23, 2020

GENRE: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Adventure, Action, Thriller And Romance.


THE MUUR CHRONICLES is a science fiction and fantasy novel set on earth, Uriag, Nol and Ramod.

The Muur Chronicles centres around the following:

1) A Muurian King who was banished and exiled for misusing his powers.

2) The Muurian Empire.

3) A Durian( or person from earth) on whom a powerful dark forbidden magic from a mystical book called Muuragi was performed on, giving him enormous powers.

4) A kingdom called Nolnad with an axe to grind with the Muurian empire after they were allegedly cheated out of a powerful source of energy in a bad business deal.

5) A warring Intergalactic empire called Ramod.

Bonadi, the central character of the story who was the king of a glorious intergalactic empire called Muur, found himself teleported out to an unknown land after his experiment on a forbidden ritual went wrong. He was previously banished and exiled from the Muurdom when his attempt to illegally gain access to the Elder Chamber of the Odena almost caused the destruction of the whole Muurland.

The Odena housed the Unerg, one of the most powerful convertible source of energy in the universe. It was well noted that it is to further some of his experiments in secret (so that no-one can question him) that he sought access to the Elder Chambers of the Odena.

His plot was leaked by Zanak, his Chief Security Adviser, Head of Muur Security and a former military man. This was mostly because Zanak secretly loved the king's wife, and allowing the king to complete the process of accessing the Odena in full will lead to the king killing the Queen, her wife (who was pregnant with their twin children) and Keeper of the Odena.

The Muur Council had banned the ritual after it was ascertained that the process is too complicated, dangerous and the level of energy it bestows cannot be guaranteed not to create chaos and destruction.

Since Muurians were not allowed to perform the mystic magic anymore, the Queen's children (whom she bore with the banished and exiled king) performed the act on someone from Duria (earth). The successful completion of the ritual was however short lived because the Durian the process was performed on unintentionally destroyed a neighborhood in Owerri after he lost control of himself in a fight. The energy release from the destruction alerted the Intergalactic Muurian Agency called Amarandubi who arrived Nigeria to investigate the cause.

However, the Amarandubi wasn't the only ones who got whiff of the incident. After escaping from Ramod (with a blood poisoning chip in his bloodstream) where he mistakenly got teleported to, the exiled king landed in a place called Kontagora in Northern Nigeria. He made the place home together with his friend Varodi, and co-opted some big shot miners who mined niobium and columbite in the region.

Using his superior ultra-advanced technological designs and equipment, he took a huge percentage from the mined minerals to support his secret works. Everything changed though when his estranged children brought the Amarandubi to Nigeria after they successfully performed the forbidden process on a Durian.

The Amarandubi discovered Bonadi's trails while trailing the Durian's energy signature, and everything went south from that moment. Bonadi also managed to survive one of the best coordinated attacks in the Agency's history when the Justice Protocol was declared and top JP operatives were deployed to enforce it.

Please Note: I have captured the major plot points of the story in the synopsis below which explains the full events further.


After his failed attempt at using his position as the Muurian King to subvert order, and gain access to the Elder Chamber of the Odena, Bonadi was banished and expelled from Muurland. In his stead, the wife became the Queen of the Muurs, a highly advanced empire.

Disgraced, he retired to a secluded life where he dedicated his time to his ultra-advanced technological designs and scientific experiments, also selling some to earn money in the process. He also made an alliance with an enemy of the Muurians, an alliance that will end up almost causing the destruction of an entire race.

Things took a different turn when his children with the Queen successfully completed a powerful forbidden magic from the Muuragi on one of the inhabitants of Duria(earth). Unknown to the children, the father has been secretly attempting same dark ritual for years, but all proved unsuccessful ( Bonadi is one of the best scientist's in Muurian history).

Things took a dark turn when he got knowledge of this information after escaping from a place called Ramod where his last experiment unintentionally took him to.

His machinations with his old friend and a former spy operative, helped him trace the Durian whom the dark forbidden magic was performed on. Their plan to capture, contain and control the Durian (who doesn't really know the full extent of what was done to him) was met with stiff opposition from the Amarandubi, the top spy agency of the Muurs. The agency had gotten knowledge of the said ritual after the Durian unknowingly destroyed a big neighborhood in a town called Owerri, thereby releasing a traceable energy signature.

Whilst the Amarandubi canvassed through the country and accross planets looking for the Durian, a disgruntled nation (Nolnad) who felt cheated out of a powerful source of energy deal, unleashed an assault on the capital city of the Muurians called Marrialu. The main target was to obtain one of the powerful energy Orbs from the Elder Chambers for themselves. Since they couldn't attack the Muurs through any conventional means, they utilised an invitation from the Queen to watch a famous Daring Game held cyclically in the empire's capital.

The Nolnadian's almost succeeded in getting one of the Unerg Orbs on when they unleashed mayhem in the capital city of the empire, Marrialu. The Nolnadian King's plan succeeded but was thwarted by Bonadi who succeeded in capturing the Durian. He had used his influence to gain access to the capital city because of the Games only to see that the capital city is under siege.

Knowing exactly what was going on, having gotten prior knowledge of the assault from being captured by the Nolnadian king himself, he headed straight for the Odena which housed the Unerg and which is what the Nolnadians were really fighting for.

After defeating the Nolnadian king in a fierce battle at the Elder Chamber of the Odena, he escaped with the encased translucent energy orb (Unerg) while the Nolnadian king was arrested by an angry Muurian Security Force called "Muur Guardian" who encircled the place.

With two of the most powerful energy sources in the universe in his hands (the Durian and the energy Orb called Unerg), Bonadi
set out to explore and further his experiments. But, not before he lured the Muurians into an intergalactic battle with Ramod, the unknown Intergalactic empire hidden by a cosmic veil.

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Muur Chronicles.
Muur Chronicles

Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by Nobody: 7:32pm On Dec 24, 2020
My latest Crime/Romance novel is ready.
Word count: 58000+
Price: 750
Title: CALL ME MALCOLM: A novel
Description: "The sirens of the police car crept into every corner of Goodson Street. The foot chase for a runaway drug dealer was on. The darkness of the night was the perfect camouflage for the runner who was putting on a black overall making him almost invisible in the dark. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him with an officer on his trail as they approach an alley. Just as he was about to take a swift turn for the alley, he was tackled hard from behind by the officer. They were both hit the ground hard, struggling with each other for what seemed like ages. The officer reached for his gun and a gunshot went off amid the struggle. What followed next was a near perfect silence. The sirens resumed and a distant sound of someone running to the scene could also be heard. The officer was the one who got shot with the runner being the perpetrator of the act. He had pushed the officer off his body, freeing himself before more officers could come to his pursuit. The sirens were getting closer meaning he had only one option – flee the crime scene! He ran through the alley and got to his hiding point where he met his partner. 'What happened out there Malcolm?', asked his partner. No words could come out from his mouth as he froze at the spot. He was terrified and rightly so - he had just murdered a cop!"

Lincoln would meet a man so scary yet inspiring at the same time. Eager and desperate to know the story behind such a mysterious man, he would strike a friendship which surprisingly became genuine. His new found friend would finally tell Lincoln his story but was it what Lincoln had imagined? A man who looks nothing like the man/boy in his story would confess his deepest secret to a mere stranger but Why should he?

The story revolves around the life of an ex high school student who leaves his beloved home for a "better" life. A peek of the fun moments, horror moment and romantic experience of his past life and his great relationship with his other friends is captured in this novel. A romantic themed crime novel filled with suspense dragging plots that would make you eye glued till the very last page (or word!).

Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by sundayerhun(m): 11:03am On Jan 01, 2021
Three Days Dead

What if you wake up dead and not know it?

Esohe woke up dead, and had no inkling of it.

She went about her routine, noticing glitches here and there - but nothing abnormal enough to bother her. A day later, she saw her friends' WhatsApp stories ringing of "RIP, Esohe". Just at that instance, her boss comes into her office with her replacement.

For the first time in her life (or her death, now), her mind was blown.

Over the next couple of hours, Esohe learnt what it meant to be a dead body. You could see everything, walk, talk, and feel inanimate objects. But no living could hear, see, or talk to you. They could only feel your presence by your interaction with physical objects. You could feel every emotion, remember everything, laugh, but never cry.

She made friends with another dead, Emma, and learnt about the dead life mostly from a deranged dead old lady. The old lady showed Esohe the path of peace everyone had to walk on. That was the second or real death. It was the only way to find peace because your consciousness was blotted out. But Esohe was not ready to 'die again'.

Esohe tried to get back into her family. Her mother did sense her ghost around, and it began to trouble her. Esohe felt the ache and pain she was causing her mother by coming around, but it was the only way she could heal – heal from the pain of never being close to her mother while alive.

When she heard her mother tell her to “find peace", she knew it was time to rest in peace.

You can get the book on Okadabooks: https://okadabooks.com/book/about/three-days-dead/39734

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Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by Hatima: 6:11pm On Jan 01, 2021
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Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by Oszy: 1:12pm On Feb 14, 2021
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Interested in a feel good romance story?

Check out this story about Damola and Temmy who found love when they least expected however manipulations and betrayal did not allow them enjoy the bliss that comes with being in love. Are they willing to fight for what is rightfully theirs, or allow the obstacles destroy their perfect picture.

Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by EroticEbooks: 9:45am On Feb 18, 2021
Hi! I'm Tuoyo George, the Author of ALL HOLES
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Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by 123sophocles(m): 9:38pm On Mar 03, 2021
The Ivory Towers - The Good and Bad Life on Campus

Sarah, Victor and Charles gained admission into Claymount University. Despite the words of advice and nuggets of wisdom that they received from Sarah's grandfather who is an alumnus of Claymount, Charles joined the DrinkHards Confraternity and almost lost his life but lost his aspirations of ever becoming a medical doctor.

Victor and Sarah were members of the Freeworkers Club and excelled in life.

What about the others?

About the book:

THE IVORY TOWERS is a tale about how the lives of three undergraduates played out on campus after they had been advised by an old wise man who is the grandfather of one of them. The plot is filled with intrigues and suspense and will surely keep you on the edge of your seat.

It showcases the benefits of academic virtues of hard work and the repercussions of such vices as secret cultism, examination malpractice, indiscipline, etc.

It can serve as an instructional manual for students of high schools, colleges and universities.

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