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Investment / Re: Mutual Funds by emmasoft(m): 12:25am On Apr 20


I will chat you up on this later. Might look into it hopefully.

No qualms. Looking forward to your chat.

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Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by emmasoft(m): 7:21am On Apr 15

If safety of capital is your motivation for investing, why not just keep your money in the bank? 🤔

@Tranquility2345 the emphasis in my post is the word first. I'm not saying safety of capital should be the only motivation for investing but it should be the first motivation and not returns... of course returns is a motivation but should not be preferred over safety of capital.


Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by emmasoft(m): 8:48pm On Apr 14

For those other funds there is more to them than can be understood. A number of times I tried it I regretted my decision.

That is why it's always recommended that all prospective investors should do their DD before any form of investment and one should not invest in what you don't know how it works otherwise you will not know when to start, stay or move out and in most cases fingers get burnt.

Let not returns be the first motivation for investing but the safety of your capital.

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Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by emmasoft(m): 7:31pm On Apr 14

Hi. I looked up the FSDH ASSET MANAGEMENT, I noticed that Coral Balanced Funds is @ 27+%, which is higher than TB rate. I want to understand why it's not a better option to invest in it.

Ive read through all their products and it seems you can easily withdraw your funds (within 48hrs), so I'm trying to understand why it's not a better alternative...

Care to explain pls?

@vanvickie please note mutual funds are in three investment class - Low risk ie MMF, Medium risk e.g Fixed income fund and High risk example is Balance or equity funds.
Each of this funds performs based on the underlying assets. All of them are good investment depending on your risk tolerance level.

MMF the least risky has Tbills and CPs as the underlying assets with the 90 days Tbills rates as the bench market.
Fixed income has what MMF have plus the FGN BONDS as the underlying asset. The rate here is relatively stable compare to MMF that rates are valued daily.

Balance fund like the example you observed is under the high risk with the underlying assets having a mixture of debt and equities and most times plus some real estate assets.
A major characteristics of the this type of mutual fund is that it's very volatile both the capital and interest can be lost, nothing is guaranteed hence it follow the basic principle of the higher the risk the the higher the returns.
Currently Balance and equity funds are doing well because the stock market is relatively doing well. If the market starts to perform otherwise over some certain period, the returns will drop.

As earlier noted, non of the funds are better option than the other your risk tolerance couple with some other factors will determine the one you should go for.


Investment / Re: Mutual Funds by emmasoft(m): 11:57am On Apr 12

Abeg bros Emma, l at the bank to transfer from my DOM account into the Stanbic ibtc dollar fund and they are asking me if l have the swift code. They are saying that the money will not go through because l do not have an account with standard chartered bank. How do l proceed?

The information they need is in the mail sent to you when your account was opened. Check the account details for the dollar bank account.

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Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by emmasoft(m): 9:43am On Apr 11
Good morning everyone, please is there any good Samaritan here that can briefly put me through on how to go about this treasury bill Like which bank is the best to open account with , and is it savings or current account i need to open,,,,, will one million be enough to start with, and how do i know when to fill the form for auction Please somebody should help me answer these questions.

@tabithababy your intentions to go into tbills is good but I hope it's not just the fact that you heard about high rates only that serves as your motivation otherwise I advice read more on investment generally tbills inclusive so that you understand what you about to go into and be well guided.
That's by the way.

Investing in tbills through primary auction is very straightforward.
First, you don't need any special dedicated bank account. Your bank account you have currently whether current or savings will do except you just want to change your bank.

For a bank like Stanbic 100k is minimum and I believe some others will accept less than a million as well. Minimum deposit for tbills is determined by individual banks.

Primary auction for Tbills is done fortnightly and on Wednesdays, if you wish to participant, you will make your intentions known to your bank latest by 10am the Tuesday preceeding the auction date.
However, the day and date is distorted this week because of the holidays.

Another investment window that guarantees your capital and fully regulated is money market fund.
You can start that with as low as 5k.

If you need further clarifications on tbills or mutual funds kindly reach out to me with the numbers on my signature.


Investment / Re: Mutual Funds by emmasoft(m): 3:18pm On Apr 10

Tbills still at 20%

MMF is not a single entity like Tbills. MMF is daily valued and the rate displayed is as a result of the valuation of the underlying assets.
Rates for MMF are not set as it's done with TBills during primary auction. Even Tbills rates are also daily valued in the secondary market.

Check again on the next business day or next week, you will see a different rate, that is how MMF works.

For a relatively stable rate, ie not daily valued mutual funds, you can consider fixed income fund particularly with SFS capital.


Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by emmasoft(m): 7:05pm On Apr 08
Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by emmasoft(m): 8:10am On Apr 06

Thanks, funds have been returned to mmf as the waiting game already caused me a huge loss. I just don't like the back n forth of moving money. I also think that there should be a way fbnquest can bid for me without pulling out funds from my mmf portfolio to my saving account first?, has anyone ever done this before? Like giving instructions to move funds from your mmf for treasury's bill primary auctions.

Fbnquest or any fund manager can't do the bolded because in the actual sense your money is not with them rather it's with the custodian bank.
What goes on behind the scene for any money to leave the custodian bank is not as easy as you think. The SEC and the trustees are not smiling when it comes to investors fund.


Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by emmasoft(m): 6:24am On Apr 03

Wao. Didn't see that coming. So na so one month go pass by without me taking part in these Juicy rates. First bank no do well at all for skipping two auctions now.

While waiting for primary auction, always keep your money in MMF so that you can still benefit indirectly from the tbill. One of the advantages of MMF - it has easy entry and exit.


Investment / Re: Mutual Funds by emmasoft(m): 8:34pm On Apr 02

Mine was not reinvested and I have not seen in my nominated account since

For those who elected for cash payment to bank account it's usually done between 1st and 7th of the new month/quarter


Investment / Re: Mutual Funds by emmasoft(m): 12:20pm On Apr 02
[quote author=Solution101 post=129229855]

Pls do you mean eg if my capital is 10,000 and my interest for the month is 2000 that for the new month, it will automatically be counted as 12,000 as reinvested fund? [/quote

Yes. From the 1st of the new month/Quarter, interest will be calculated on 12,000 and the circle continues even if you didn’t top up.
Investment / Re: Mutual Funds by emmasoft(m): 11:12am On Apr 02
Can l change the instructions l gave when l open the account ( That's opt for reinvestment of accrued interest instead of it being payed to my account?
Also, do l get taxed on my accrued interest?

You can change your instruction as per your accrued interest utilization. Send a mail to customer care to that effect.
Accrued interest on MMF is tax-free.


Investment / Re: Mutual Funds by emmasoft(m): 9:04am On Apr 02
Happy Easter!
Which organization has the best MMF rate currently? @emmasoft

This is a very wide question. I can only give you the firms I represent.
Stanbic 15.55%.
SFS fixed income 14.02%
Norrenberger is 16.18% gross


Investment / Re: Mutual Funds by emmasoft(m): 8:52am On Apr 02
What's happening to stanbic mmf , my daily return has not been updated since last week Thursday .Is anyone facing thesame challenge?

There is no challenge, end of quarter things.
For those who opted for reinvestment, accrued interest have been reinvested.
All accrued interest from 1st till date will be posted soon.
Investment / Re: Mutual Funds by emmasoft(m): 7:59am On Mar 26
Mr Emma, you seem knowledgeable in this matter.

I still hold my stanbic mmf investment from 5 years ago but now looking to top up.

Is there any such thing as top up limit l means the maximum amount of money one can invest. I just prefer mmf because it's risk conservative and not aggressive.

Something else — I haven't top up via app before, How long does it take for fund to reflect on MMF balance when top up is done via app?

There is no limit to top up of your account.
Except the limit from your own bank.

For quick and same day value of your top up, kindly use your bank app, Internet banking or make the transfer from banking hall to the UBA collection account of the fund.

Any top up done using the stanbic app ie your ATM card, it takes two working days for your money to reflect on your account.
Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by emmasoft(m): 12:32am On Mar 26


Investment / Re: Mutual Funds by emmasoft(m): 10:58am On Mar 23

Shuooo. Stanbic don reach 14.67%?. That means i don see money be that for April School resumption bills. grin cheesy.

Na so o. With the current MPR and Tbills rate, any new revalution and investment in the underlying assets will always have positive effects on MMF rates.
Investment / Re: Mutual Funds by emmasoft(m): 8:31am On Mar 23
can you do this math in a layman way am not good in math if invest 2m how much is my return

@NL1960 has explained correctly.
Using 2m as the capital with current 14.67% for stanbic, this is what you get.

Interest for one year 14.67*2m/100
Which gives 293,400
Interest for one day will be 293,400/365
Which gives 803.8356
So for one month of 30 days you will get
803.8356*30 = 24,115.07

In the above, assumptions are:
Rate didn't change within the month and
there was no top up or redemption

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Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by emmasoft(m): 8:55pm On Mar 21
Investnow.. investment one... What's the difference

Investow is the name of the app powered by United Capital.

While investment one app is powered by investment one financial services.

They are two different companies.

To do business with investment one ie stocks investment, asset management - Fixed deposit of different tenors, tbills and child trust, get in touch with the contact on my signature.

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Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by emmasoft(m): 8:33pm On Mar 16
Emmasoft please why is SFS still very low? 12.5% is an insult! 😡

SFS fixed income fund and other mutual funds will gradually have their rates increased as long as the MPR and Tbills rates remain high but this will not happen immediately. As revaluation of underlying assets continues the high rates will relect. Remember it used to be 11.05% few weeks back.
Investment / Re: Mutual Funds by emmasoft(m): 8:03pm On Mar 16

Bro pls how can I check stanbic money market rate?

It's right there as you login.
When you login through the web portal, click on fund at the top of the dashboard and the rates of different mutual funds will be displayed. If you are using the app, click on create an Instant account on the login screen and you will see the rates displayed.
Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by emmasoft(m): 7:51pm On Mar 16

its me again, i've started reading the past post from this trend, been getting ideas on banks stock,Ngx, etc and although interested i'm still a bit confused.

Guess i need some more time for it to start making sense.

Any idea on where to start from ??

the do's and don'ts,
good and bad,
go for or run from...

@synticate, don't rush. The race you are about to start is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time. Don't worry, this market will always be there and opportunities will always abound. First, define your reason for wanting to invest ie your investment objective. Most times your objective will direct your interest and the knowledge to seek.

When it comes to investment there are principles to follow which are normally universal but the applications of these principles are influenced by individual investor's interests, risk tolerance, age, amount of funds available for investment, the purpose of investment, environment etc.
Don't try to get everything at once and don't be scared when you read or hear those investment jargon in no time you will get to understand.

One thing with this market is that you get to understand it more when you go practical with a profesional guidiance most times. As you are reading try as much as possible to practice. Learning never ends it's a lifelong activity.

Also, note that capital market investment will require you to control these two emotions - Fear and greed and if you wish to do well have a long-term approach with fundamental sound stocks at the start and you can graduate to trading or short-term later.

While reading previous pages of this thread, don't abandon the current pages, be interested in economic news and visit other financial websites that can help you understand investment generally.

At Investment One Financial Services we can take you by the hands and walk you through the investment corridor and in no distant time you will find your feet. Reach out to me my contacts are displayed on my signature.

Remember a guru today was once a novice

I wish you all the best in your investment journey.


Investment / Re: Mutual Funds by emmasoft(m): 9:33pm On Mar 08

Did they start this new or has it been like that since?

Monthly reinvestment of interest started last year January but payment of interest for customers that opt for interest payment has always been end of every quarter.
Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by emmasoft(m): 2:56pm On Mar 07

My stockbroker said l should not write anything on the form except my signatures, so I don't know how he filled the portion you are talking about and the guy attending to me is not patient enough to hear me out.

You are not the one to fill the portion. As @Zagee said once you have one certificate or even without certificates all details of every certificate can be provided by the registrars and lodged into cscs.
I will advise you to engage Meristem more. Complain that you don't have your FBNH certificates and you wish to demat your holdings.
Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by emmasoft(m): 1:52pm On Mar 07

I am not in Lagos, also I once made an enquiry about my holding from this same meristem and they gave me the accurate figure

In the demat form, there is a portion for lost certificates that is supposed to take care of the certificates you can't find.
Since you already confirm your units, when you get to Meristem or you contact them, complain that you don't have the certificates with you. They will take care.

They are most likely to issue you a demat form stating the particulars of your certificates.
Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by emmasoft(m): 1:17pm On Mar 07
Pls make una help me o, l bought 10k units of Fbnh during their IPO in 2007, when I wanted to sell about 4 years ago, l discovered that the stockbroker I lodged the shares with is no longer in business. So I have to open account with Morgan capital, applied for share transfer but they told me that my former stock broker did not lodged my shares with cscs and so l have to apply for dematerialization which l did.

Today I received call from a Morgan capital staff informing me that the process is completed that l have 3k plus number of shares whereas from my calculation l should have 18k plus factoring in bonuses , l wanted to explain but the guy just banged the phone on me. I called meristem, the lady that picked my call told me she will connect me to the registrar, l hanges on for minutes but nobody picked the call before I decided to seek for advice here.

Note that l have been receiving dividend base on 18k plus even last year, so I don't know where the mix up is coming from.

Thanks for your advice

If you are in Lagos, go to Meristem's office at Yaba everything will be sorted. At the registrar's office ask that you want to know your holdings in FBNH if possible ask for a printout of your account. If you have received dividend as at the last payment on 18k plus units, it means the issue will be on the demat process and what played out with your former stockbroker before Morgan.

You can contact me if you need further assistance.
Investment / Re: Mutual Funds by emmasoft(m): 11:15pm On Mar 05

Please is Stanbic MMF interest paid every month or quarterly? Please clarify me

Reinvestment of interest is done at the end of every month.
Payment of interest to customers' bank accounts is done at the end of every quarter.

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Investment / Re: Mutual Funds by emmasoft(m): 9:14pm On Mar 03
sir please share link of where I can read it thanks

It was posted on the treasury bill thread you can check the pages in February.

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Investment / Re: Mutual Funds by emmasoft(m): 11:46pm On Mar 02
Why is the current rates not reflecting in MF returns, seems it's time to port to TB.

It's reflecting already and it will continue to do so positively with the current hike in MPR.
You can also read my earlier post on how an increase Tbills rate or MPR affects MMF.

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Investment / Re: Mutual Funds by emmasoft(m): 11:41pm On Mar 02

it still the same just now..
No current returns

I can confirm that all end-of-month activities concluded, and even February returns have been reinvested.

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Investment / Re: Mutual Funds by emmasoft(m): 12:11pm On Mar 01

Hello bro, please is it normal for my Stanbic MMF not to display my balance, since today, I can’t access it normally. Also in the web I’m seeing my balance but the returns is not there. This is was not how it was in the app the previous days. Please could you advise

Just be patient everything will normalize I guess it's end of month-related issues. No cause for alarm.

Check again later in the day. I'm sure you will be fine.


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