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Business / Re: Learn How To Sell MTN 1GB of N436 for N600 by emmykk(m): 6:17pm On Apr 21
Learn how to start raking money from Nigeria number one telecommunications network MTN by providing cheap data for her teaming mobile phone users
You will get 1 GB of MTN for N436 and will start selling data for as low as

1GB -N600

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Business / Re: 1 Facebook Account with 3 Pages of 19k,22k And 32k Followers or Likes For Sale by emmykk(m): 6:17pm On Apr 21
Three Facebook pages of the above followers is available for sale at 25K. Only serious buyers should contact me on WhatsApp.

Crime / Re: Madam Breaks Her Housemaid’s Head With Plate In Asaba, Delta State by emmykk(m): 5:48pm On Apr 21
The girl and the blogger should come and take 3million each...success replay
Religion / Re: Why Don't Catholics Eat Meat/flesh On Good Friday? by emmykk(m): 10:33am On Apr 19

Unlike you I prefer the truth in the Bible rather than the one on your Google..so Paul, Matthew, Mark, luke,Peter and John were Roman Catholics??

Yes Peter is the first pope.... That is why you need google.... I don't know the church you attend but the Catholic Church have been in existence for centuries.

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Religion / Re: Why Don't Catholics Eat Meat/flesh On Good Friday? by emmykk(m): 10:20am On Apr 19

What do you mean by the statement in bold?

Google is your friend
Religion / Re: Why Don't Catholics Eat Meat/flesh On Good Friday? by emmykk(m): 10:15am On Apr 19

This lie has continued because you lots have never opened your bibles before! You mean the book of genesis, exodus, leviticus, numbers and deutronomy that was written by moses was written by Catholics? Or the psalms of David by David himself? Or the book of Joshua? Matthew wrote the first book in the new testament..mark, luke and John also wrote theirs...Paul wrote letters to those in colossus, philipi, thesalonica, ephesus..John wrote the revelation...pray tell! Which of them was a Roman Catholic devotee? Bloody ignorant liars!

The Bible you are currently using with 66 books are canonically made by the Catholic Church, yes most of the Old Testament were written by prophets but all the New Testament are 100percent the works of the Catholic Church .And they accepted any book into the bible

You need to google the history of the Bible before telling those who canonized the books of the bible if it is in the Bible


Religion / Re: Why Don't Catholics Eat Meat/flesh On Good Friday? by emmykk(m): 8:23am On Apr 19
I have been wondering why Catholics don't eat meat on Good Friday.

What's it significant? Are there any curses or consequences if one disobey?

why do they eat fish instead of meat?

Where and when did the Bible says we shouldn't eat meat on Fridays

The meat that you should not eat is not actually restricted to the goat or cow or fowl flesh but anything that gives you joy and that you can't do without on a normal day is your meat eg beer,women,games ,outing, shopping.

As for is it in the bible?the bible was written by the Catholic chruch in phase for hundreds of years.

Stop saying or asking whether xyz is in the bible, before you obey it .That is the devil speaking through you.

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Religion / Re: Why Don't Catholics Eat Meat/flesh On Good Friday? by emmykk(m): 8:20am On Apr 19
Business / Re: Diamond Current Account With Mastercard Needed Urgently by emmykk(m): 3:56pm On Apr 14

Wetin person, he no sabi ahm be that.. Keep swimming in your ignorance bro.
how many person don come my thread complain say they had problems doing business with me.
how many don come complain say dey didn't make money.
my guy, person wey no know where him mate dey succeed will wander for long in the wilderness of life.
WISE UP brother: information is power.

Make the million yourself,walk up to diamond bank create all what you needed for free,current account and get your master card and transact by yourself.

Looking for who will tale the bullet for you....the information you have don't pass ritual yahoo

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Business / VTU Sim Cards Vs Vtpass Agent Which Is Profitable? by emmykk(m): 7:32am On Apr 14
I intend buying and fund VTU sim cards from major telcos company like mtn,glo,airtel and 9mobile for selling airtime and data but there are some websites like vtpass which do agent terminal by creating account with them.

Which is more profitable?
Business / Re: Please I Need Your Candid Advice, I Need A Business Idea Please by emmykk(m): 9:17pm On Apr 13
I have been in and out of Nigeria for a while now, recently I started thinking of coming back to Nigeria fully to start something and stay with my son.

It has never been my thing to marry abroad nor do I want to remain abroad. I was in Nigeria in 2017 to start something but I ran back after I was harrassed by SARS officers in Festac and they collected huge sums from me.

Now am coming back for good please I want my brothers and sisters here to advice me on the kind of business I can start with 7m, no jokes I’ll buy any idea as far as it will be profitable, am even ready to go into a genuine partnership.

Mod please push this to front page for me, now South Africans are asking us to leave though not official.

1.Go into recharge card business. This is something people will keep consuming.
2.Go into transportation business. Intrastate transport business.
3.Treasury bill purchase from your bank.

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Business / Re: Which Lucrative Business Can I Start With 500k In This 2019 by emmykk(m): 1:10pm On Apr 13
Pls i need some business entrepreneurs to give me advice on business i can start with 500k either online or offline and make it really big in this 2019.I would prefer legit offline business.. thanks much.....

Do pos+VTU+Golden chance in one shop.
Politics / Re: Nobody Can Stop Northerners From Contesting Presidency In 2023 - Tony Momoh by emmykk(m): 2:25pm On Apr 11
I disagree. After 8 years of the North, it's the turn of South, though an unwritten agreement.

Obj 8years = Buhari 8years
Gej 8years= Another Northern
Business / Re: Recharge And Get Paid by emmykk(m): 2:45pm On Apr 10
1. R.A.G.P simply means Recharge and Get Paid, registered in Nigeria with CAC and licensed to operate by NCC, with Head office in Abuja.

2. The business has 7 packages (Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum and Executive Platinum), and you can register for any one of them. You can also upgrade from a lower package to a higher package, whenever you desire. Each of these packages have different benefits.

3. When you join the business, you will have access to a VTU wallet, which you can use to recharge airtime (MTN, Airtel, GLO, 9Mobile), data or cable subscription (DStv, GOtv and StarTimes) to yourself & others (family, friends, colleagues, customers e.t.c)

4. Anytime you recharge airtime, subscribe data or pay for cable subscription, through your VTU, the company pays you VTU bonus.

5. Anytime you introduce this business to others and they join, the company pays you referral bonus.

6. Anytime, those people whom you introduced also introduced others, RAGP pay in indirect referral bonus (down to 10 levels deep).

7. Interestingly, anytime any of your downlines, both the ones you know and those you don't know use their own VTU to recharge, you also get paid.

8. By building a team of distributors & networkers, you enjoy the following:

- 100k naira monthly bonus
- 500k naira cash award
- 2million naira cash award
- 3million naira cash award
- 4million naira cash award
- 6million naira cash award

9. All the money you earn in RECHARGE AND GET PAID are paid into your e-wallet, and you can transfer it to your local bank account for withdrawal.

10. All transactions are through VTU (Virtual Top up), no paper recharge cards or physical medium of recharges or data purchases.

As a partner with RECHARGE AND GET PAID, you will continue to make money FOR LIFE... because people will never stop recharging their phones, using data for browsing or watching cable. Contact me for more info on


How much is MTN airtime of N10K sold in VTU?
Politics / Re: ”you Have Till April 16 To Respond To Atiku’s Petition” –appeal Court Tells INEC by emmykk(m): 6:07pm On Apr 09
Shut ur mouth! Go tell Buhari n his evil cohorts to file a reply. Don't burder ur obsolete brain on how Atiku spends his money! Is d money urs?

As if money is not meant to be spent.....poverty can make some people sleep over their right
Agriculture / Re: 5 Hidden Secrets Of Making Money From Yam Business Exposed. by emmykk(m): 11:41am On Apr 09
In Nigeria,yam business is a profitable food business,that will make you millions of naira as the dry season approach.only if proper knowledge of the business is acquired.

1.Yam marketing business opportunities.

Buying yams cheap in bulk of 100s from high yam producing states in Nigeria and selling them in consumption areas like Lagos,PH,Kano,Enugu,Bayelsa etc will make you profits at the end.

The idea is that you locate the local yam markets or hinterland in these yams producing states to buy yams cheaply and arrange for transport to convey them to big cities for you.you can also commission a food gate agents to get yam tubers for you.Trucks for transporting ware yams to these places ie consumption areas are available at these local markets which can be hired individually or by a group of yam marketers.At all the consumption cities, there are organised yam zone or yam markets like mile 12 in Lagos where yam wholesalers and retailers are ready to pay you cash for your ware yams.Repeat this process and money start rolling.

Details of the yam producing states and towns with cheap supply of yams,names of local markets,market days of these markets and contacts of yam association heads in these producing states are below.

2.Yam flour processing business opportunities

3.Yam seeds business opportunities

4.Yam export business opportunities.

5.Yam transportation business opportunities

6. Yam farming business opportunities

7.Yam storage business opportunities.

8.Yam farming input business.

9.Micro-finance provider business opportunities

Call or WhatsApp for the ebooks 08067704237

Business / Re: Diamond Current Account With Mastercard Needed Urgently by emmykk(m): 9:57am On Apr 09
If you're a current account holder with Diamond Bank and you have a mastercard or you have a domicillary account with Mastercard then you have this opportunity to make well over a million cool cash in a business going down this weekend.
Transaction is 100% legitimate with proof, information is power, If you know, you know!
Opportunities like this don't come everyday, grab it and don't let it slide.
Call or Whatsap +1 323 6676483.

You dey forbid to do it yourself. Illegal una dey look for idiot
Politics / Re: Reno Omokri Mocks Tinubu's 2023 Presidential Ambition by emmykk(m): 11:51pm On Apr 06

What Reno Omokirikiri, FFK,Mohammad Junaid, and babachir lawal has in common is they are all "i get am before " politicians with few piglet followers online and non offline.

Is it not madness to declare what TINUBU had never declared, the shock would scatter their brains when the secret cards are out of the bags

Both APC and PDP NWC are headed by South South Oshiomole and Secondus , they would personally compile the list of who gets to be delegates for the presidential primaries. Do you honestly think APC /PDP NWC and national delegates would listen to the rants of Southeast people and Some online dunce to zone it back to north?

Yes PDP will zone it to the north...You will recall that tambuwa/wike was not happy when atiku won PDP primary.
It will be Tambuwa/wike vs Osinbajo/elrufia 2023.

Even if the Igbo grudgely present a Presidential candidate I know South South will do vice to a northerner.... Your Yoruba betrayal will received it final result like Judas Iscariot.


Politics / Re: Junaid Mohammed: South Should Forget 2023 Presidency by emmykk(m): 9:14pm On Apr 06

Oga mark this down either tinubu or osinbajo is president come 2023

Osinbajo himself is both loved by northern Christian and Muslims alike
If only I could post a fb page link here and see for yourself

All these ppl claiming stuffs na wash

Only dumb heads believe this crap

A northerner presidential candidate from kano,sokoto or Kaduna vs a southwest candidate that don't have the backing of the south south and south east is dead on arrival.. ...Until the south meet to iron their differences and correct things don't ever thing you can win them.

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Politics / Re: Junaid Mohammed: South Should Forget 2023 Presidency by emmykk(m): 9:04pm On Apr 06

Shut d fukk up,which obasanjo did u vote in?

U ppl like to feel important

Do u think if it was not the north whose votes outnumbered u dumb heads by far,do u think olu falae would not have entered?

Obasanjo was able to become president because of the north
That is d fact

In this last election we saw how your votes mattered



APC will field sw come 2023,we will beat PDP if they field nw se or as

Mark this down

Politically useless tribe

You are too empty..this is the 2nd time here on nairaland that northerners are reminding us that 2023 is their turn .let me tell why they think so.

Obj 8years =Buhari 8years
Gej 6 years=Another northerner term.

Should APC foolishly zone power to south west forget it PDP with snatch power by supporting northerners...

Yoruba are too greedy and foolishly you guys have destroyed a normal arrangement that starts with obj.


Politics / Re: Babachir Lawal: It’s Not Compulsory North Must Cede Power To South In 2023 by emmykk(m): 2:33pm On Apr 06

that is likely not going to happen because to PDP a Southerner has ruled for 6years so its naturally going back northward and secondly PDP is desperately in need to take power so will field a northerner where they can get more vote.

If APC foolishly present south west candidate for president, PDP will present a northerner.

Yoruba in their greed have sold the whole south to the north.... The north will continue to lead.

APC will present south west/north central VP
PDP will present tambuwal/as wike
Xyz will present igbo!/north
Politics / Re: Onnoghen’s Lawyer Confirms Ex-cjn’s Resignation, Reveals Why He Took Decision by emmykk(m): 9:11pm On Apr 05

cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy

Some of you(supporters of corruption) behave like a dog. If you chase it, it will pant,..if you don't, it will still pant. What exactly do you want?

I remember when y'all were shouting witch-hunt and throwing tantrums to defend this signature of the PDP. It was like Buhari has done something terrible no one has ever done and will ever do..now that the Fulani man is vindicated, I expected y'all to bury ya heads in shame, but here you are still throwing tantrums

There is no case situation in the persecution of the CJN, so he was not guilty after all,it is your president that is witch hunting him.

The CJN resign because the NJC suggested so and your presidency satisfy all the retirement plan.

It is a shame the federal character is dead

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Business / Re: Learn How To Sell MTN 1GB of N436 for N600 by emmykk(m): 4:16pm On Apr 04
Start selling internet data to mobile phone users now.
Politics / Re: INEC Declares Wike Winner Of Rivers Governorship Race by emmykk(m): 10:23pm On Apr 03
Only an idiot will complain about Kano elections and turn around and hail Wike murderers elections. It is obviously a manipulation, like most SS and SE elections, they simply write what they feel like. While other parts of Nigeria are insisting and defending the sanctity of the ballot, they punish misgovernace, SS and SE are sniffing PDP butt to their underdevelopment. I hope the courts reject this horrible precedence and end the rule of a cultist muderer.

I seriously envy the dry vegetables you smoke...can I get some.
Politics / Re: Emeka Ihedioha Visits Governor Wike - Photos by emmykk(m): 9:33pm On Apr 03
This Imo's Governor elect visit to Wike is wrong, Wike will Corrupt him and make him incapacitated like himself. For about four years that Wike spend as a Governor, he kept sharing funds meant for Rivers to other individuals in other States. The only functional Infrastructure in Rivers, are the ones that were constructed by Amaechi.

Have you finish talking?
Business / Re: 1 Facebook Account with 3 Pages of 19k,22k And 32k Followers or Likes For Sale by emmykk(m): 9:46am On Apr 03
Here is a link to one of the pages

Business / 1 Facebook Account with 3 Pages of 19k,22k And 32k Followers or Likes For Sale by emmykk(m): 9:35am On Apr 03
Three Facebook pages of the above followers is available for sale at 25K. Only serious buyers should contact me on WhatsApp.

Agriculture / Re: 5 Hidden Secrets Of Making Money From Yam Business Exposed. by emmykk(m): 6:59am On Apr 03
Still available

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