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Romance / Re: You Are Your Opposite Gender For A Week, What Are The Things You Will Try Out? by emmyN(m): 10:48pm On Sep 23
Tell my friend to hit me in the balls. I want to know how that feels if these boys have not been lying, crying that it's painful.

Shit. This is uber-gross. Mere thinking of it, I can't fit can cheesy
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Unleashes New Top-secret ‘satellite Killer’ Missile ( Pix, Video) by emmyN(m): 10:00pm On Sep 21
If China or Russia signs a nuclear deal with another country or produces new weapons, its a threat to world peace. If the US builds a new weapon system or upgrade it's nuclear weapons or signs pace to sell nuclear weapons to another country, it is not a threat to world peace.

It's interesting to see how the US has been crying up and down about weapons developed by China and the Russians but keep quiets when they are developing their own. Are they expecting us to ask Russia or China no to develop their own systems to defend themselves especially considering the more aggressive posture the have taken against China and Russia? It seems the US has forgotten that no country remains a world power forever, eventually another will overpower you and you fade into insignificance.

The US is a democratic country, and as such power accruing to the head of the armed forces can he duly checked by other arms of government. This is not the same with China and Russia. I'll pick US twice on Sunday.
Crime / Re: EFCC Arrests 3 Spiritualists For ₦16M Get-Rich-Quick Scam In Maiduguri (Photos) by emmyN(m): 9:47pm On Sep 21
Aboki too don dey do yahoo? cheesy
Family / Re: Not In Love With Husband by emmyN(m): 11:18pm On Sep 20
he never had money like that, up until now I’m still the one supporting him a lot. It was never a money thing, I was attracted to his personality. My husband has gained so much from this relationship, I can’t begin to count. But all is well. You’re allowed to make assumptions

I think you can focus on that part of his personality that first attracted you and leave out all the negative traits. Do this for a while, perhaps your interest may get rekindled and you would be better positioned to talk him into making changes in those areas you had highlighted. That way he won't feel you're just being judgmental on him. I hope this helps.
Family / Re: Not In Love With Husband by emmyN(m): 11:08pm On Sep 20
Women what do you do when you feel like you’ve fallen out love with your husbands?

I don’t know where to start but my level of frustration is high. I try to take emotions out of it and logically the right thing to do, would be to stay as we have a child . But everyday my level of annoyance, sadness, resentment and regret keeps pulling through.

I’m not even asking for much, a hygienic man who can do the basics of being a head. Sex life is horrible after only 2 years even after communicating about it severally.

Lack of financial responsibility/inability to take care of basic things whilst I support him. Inability to agree on anything. Smoking habits. Always dreaming about different business proposals but too lazy to do something about it even after so much encouragement.

I can’t pour out my frustration on my husband as that will not be fair, so hear I am. I don’t know what to do man. My husband is not stressed under any circumstances as he doesn’t have to pay rent, this has been sorted out and paid for.. at least for the next two years.

I don’t know where my head is at at the moment but my heart is not in it. I just want a level headed average man who I can be contented with? Is this too much to ask for?

Very sorry to hear about your predicament. Hope you find light.
Religion / Re: 22 Doctrinal Beliefs Of Deeper Life Church by emmyN(m): 2:56pm On Sep 19


Religion / Re: 22 Doctrinal Beliefs Of Deeper Life Church by emmyN(m): 1:51pm On Sep 19

Your first wife is the only one God recognizes as your wife as long as she is still alive and marriage vows are not broken.
But this doesn’t mean the man should not take care of his children with the second wife if they had any before his repentance nor does it mean he should not help the woman if she is in need and he is capable.
Don’t misunderstand

Did God come to you personally and whisper that in your ears?
Religion / Re: 22 Doctrinal Beliefs Of Deeper Life Church by emmyN(m): 1:50pm On Sep 19
Point of correction please. It's not deeper life bible church doctrines but it is the bible doctrines ordained and commanded by God. There are still some narrow way churches that embraced this God ordained doctrines.

Like the "devil's box" doctrine abi?
Business / Re: Full Statement Of Godwin Emefiele On AbokiFX (Video) by emmyN(m): 8:53pm On Sep 18

If you shut down Google map because it gives you traffic updates, will that in anyway stop or prevent traffic on the roads??

When google map makes wrong or falsified traffic reportage, it can lead to traffic congestion in other areas. This is what the CBN is fighting.

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Business / Re: Full Statement Of Godwin Emefiele On AbokiFX (Video) by emmyN(m): 8:51pm On Sep 18
In the coming weeks, many more websites will spring up doing what Abokifx is doing. Emefiele is just fooling himself.

Only few can attain relevance. The once that manage to do will be blocked
Business / Re: Abokifx Suspends Exchange Rate Updates After CBN Blocks Accounts by emmyN(m): 5:03pm On Sep 18
Sounds fishy abokifx was created in 2014, preelection year. The monsters you made
Celebrities / Re: Wizkid Looking Good In New Pictures by emmyN(m): 9:57pm On Sep 17
Machala wink

Why is he wearing shades in all his photos....

He's shy

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Celebrities / Re: Linda Ikeji Changes Her Son’s Surname From Her Baby Daddy’s Name To Her Father’s by emmyN(m): 9:45pm On Sep 17
She fell pregnant

Romance / Re: Careers Of Men That Turn You Off As A Lady? by emmyN(m): 2:59pm On Sep 15
Thanks dear,they succeeded in making me feel bad when I actually didn't mean any harm.The dick-measuring contest here on nairaland is on another level.

There is nothing wrong with your thread. People generally have the right to make a choice.


Romance / Re: Careers Of Men That Turn You Off As A Lady? by emmyN(m): 2:49pm On Sep 15

We may not like the work sb does, yes, it's normal..but understanding that your liking it or disliking it doesn't count should help us to stop expecting much from the lives of others.

Do you know how many hours I have to stay in the scorching sun to sell three rolls of sausages in the competitive road of Lagos traffic?

I have to come back sometimes with ₦400 and ₦50k worth of insults from drivers, and generational curses from cyclists who I often double-cross to sell my gala?

Do you see how rich I am to be worried about how others like me?

Your wailings is very irrelevant to the subject of discourse.
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: I’m Not Playing Games With You – Emmanuel Tells Liquorose by emmyN(m): 2:37pm On Sep 15
Apart from me, who else has never watched BBnaija since it started?

Is that supposed to be an achievement?


Celebrities / Re: Tiwa Savage Wows In Sexy Bikini Pictures by emmyN(m): 6:44pm On Sep 14
She is beautiful
Car Talk / Re: I Left Front Seat For My Friend's Wife But She Cautioned Me by emmyN(m): 3:06pm On Sep 14
Good evening nairalanders!

This is what happened. A friend of mine who is like a brother to me and has impacted my life positively in every way bought a new car. We work together and live in the same neighborhood so we go-to work together.

It happens that I do sit in front with him always while the third guy stays at the back. So today, on our way back from work, the wife called for him to come pick her and when we got close and stuck in traffic, I decided to vacate the front seat and move to join the other guy at the back but while trying to go my friend was like guy where u dey go... I say I wan create space for Iyawo and he was like Wetin dey worry u, sit down jor but I insisted and went to the back.

So when we beat the traffic and picked up the wife she was like why is the front seat vacant and my friend said... He left the seat for u... The wife was like, please its wrong, that I shouldn't have left.

I was like its your space and I felt it was the right thing to do, to join my other guy at the back before we get to you.

People was I wrong to have vacated the seat?

Your actions smacks much of eye service caused by filling your head with junks from social media. It was right for your friend to be livid about your decision to move to the back. Since you all were already in transit, there was absolutely no need to change seats. Whatever works for you though.

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Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by emmyN(m): 12:45pm On Sep 14

What's the danger behind this faulty switch, after the car starts anyways.

@ dav1002 can you pull out the key even when on any of the gear position?

It's a safety switch, so in the event you make the mistake of starting on gear there is no sudden surge that could result in an accident.
Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by emmyN(m): 12:43pm On Sep 14

Okay i av seen it... The wire are intact u av price idea?

No, no idea. Should depend on the car you are using.
Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by emmyN(m): 9:01am On Sep 14
I notice my car start from any gear
Normally I think car should start from neutral or park

But currently even if I off the car on drive
If I start it.... Its work and move immediately

Should I be worried?

You have a park neutral position switch fault. It's also called the neutral safety switch and is usually located on the gear box side of the engine bay. Start by checking the wiring harness to see if it's disconnected or there is any loose wiring. If all checks fine, then change the switch. It looks something like the image below.


Religion / Re: Explain These Bible Verses by emmyN(m): 8:50pm On Sep 12

Explain biko.

It's as simple as it sounds. Jesus is the Father revealed in the visible world of form. But the lamb was slain before the foundation of the world, which is before the physical appearance of Jesus. Selah
Religion / Re: Explain These Bible Verses by emmyN(m): 6:19pm On Sep 12
Please I would love your explanationsite of these verses
John 5.19 Then answered Jesus and said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, The Son can do nothing of himself, but what he seeth the Father do: for what things soever he doeth, these also doeth the Son likewise.
20 For the Father loveth the Son, and sheweth him all things that himself doeth: and he will shew him greater works than these, that ye may marvel.
21 For as the Father raiseth up the dead, and quickeneth them; even so the Son quickeneth whom.

My question is, from these verses, can we imply that the father onces suffered and died for sin?
Jess Christmas says, everything he did, he first saw his father do it.
So did the father also suffer and die for the sins of man?

It means Jesus is the Father
TV/Movies / Re: Bbnaija: "Boma Never Fingered Me": Tega - VIDEO by emmyN(m): 5:03pm On Sep 12
Only gullible people will believe anything ever happened between those two. It turns out most of the BBN followers are gullible which made them evict those bringing highlight to the show.
Romance / Re: Should I Wait For My Girlfriend Who's In 300L To Finish While Am Already 34yrs ? by emmyN(m): 6:14pm On Sep 11
I don’t know why this thread is making me laugh grin grin

Please think hard and furnish us with reasons. I'm waiting...
Family / Re: I Find It Difficult To Sleep Alone In A Room Or In A House by emmyN(m): 6:04pm On Sep 11

There is a friend of mine who had sex with a 'sent' lady. It is almost ten years now, he has not recovered. Some special features and innate gifts he had were lost for good.

Family / Re: A 50-year-old Man Impregnated My 16-year-old Sister. by emmyN(m): 5:52pm On Sep 11

Experience, yeah. From friends and relatives who have either had a missed miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy.

Not all experience means the person giving the knowledge is an abortionist.

Aside rape and medical reasons, I am strongly against abortion and premarital sex.

You should check out my profile in your free time.

Oh, I must have mistaken you for the Chidinmas of this world.

Well, I checked out your profile and your signature told me to fvck off. I don japaaa cheesy
Family / Re: A 50-year-old Man Impregnated My 16-year-old Sister. by emmyN(m): 5:30pm On Sep 11

I am neither an abortionist nor a nurse.

If I was an abortionist, I will not come out on a public forum and expose myself.

OP needs help, I am offering him help based on my knowledge.

What other questions might you have?

The accuracy of your knowledge could only stem from experience wink which is why I asked. Carry on.
Family / Re: A 50-year-old Man Impregnated My 16-year-old Sister. by emmyN(m): 5:16pm On Sep 11

If you go through a proper hospital, they will give her drugs including antibiotics to prevent infection.

First thing they'll do is a scan to confirm and date the pregnancy, then administer the drug to her and ask her to come after 7 days for another scan to confirm theembryo has been emptied from the uterus.

She will need lots of sanitary pads cause there will be bleeding and then there will be a little pain. Just a little more than period cramps.

Abortions are safer in hospitals, as long as there are genuine reasons like rape, missed miscarriage, etc.

Eskiz me ma. Are you a serial abortionist or you be nurse? Asking for a friend
Career / Re: Experience With Helping Friends Fund Their Business by emmyN(m): 2:07pm On Sep 11
I learnt from what happened to my eldest sister....She left her shop (lumbering) for her friend while she went to assist her husband in his own business....Her friend betrayed the trust she had for her..From my sister's business,she built her own house,and even opened a bigger shop....My sister had to chase her off...

Since then,my sister experience don run enter me....I rather do my business than share or even fund a Nigha man's business, unless say I just feel like dash am the money.

Did she crash your sister's business or something? You guys just bitter she made progress from it?
Family / Re: I Hurt My Mom Badly, How Do I Pacify Her? by emmyN(m): 8:49pm On Sep 10

You don't have to be a nuisance all the time, at times hide yourself

You should take your own advice, because to be honest, what you typed earlier reeked of stupidity, still do. Take the stench away, will you? angry
Family / Re: I Hurt My Mom Badly, How Do I Pacify Her? by emmyN(m): 6:59pm On Sep 10

My dear, it was because you were stranded, that made you to seek for help outside

Summon courage go home, meet her, just the two of you alone, let her hear from you and let her know that it's not physical cash but transfer

That you needed that help that time and this is the first time you are doing such

Assure her that you remain her son who loves her mother any thing in the whole world and she means you living and happiness

That since she reacted on that money issue, you have never been yourself

That she should forgive so that both of you will continue the good relationship that you ha e with each other

If she refuses, report to your siblings and start crying

That tears alone will move her

After this avoid anything that will trigger her emotions

Some women are very sensitive

Come, how old are you? You should desist from giving further advice on nairaland before I ban you, wtf. A 28 years old man should start crying with tears and catarrh to pacify his mom? I go slap you o angry

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