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Politics / Re: John Enenche Counters United Nations’ Claim Of 110 Farmers Killed In Borno' by Eriokanmi: 1:48pm
We know nah. When they say 40 people were killed, just multiply it by 3. Our leaders can lie, shioor. The military is even worse in the game. I'd always remember wadume's arrest. Had no police officer survived the gunshot injury by the military, they'd have succeeded in their usual lies. They've killed shekau more than 3 times now yet, shekau keeps waxing strong. Nonsense!

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Politics / Re: Moghalu: FG Can’t Protect Lives Of Its Citizens But Tries To Suppress #EndSARS by Eriokanmi: 1:45pm
I reserve my comment
Politics / Re: Koko Zaria Opens Hotel (Video) by Eriokanmi: 9:19am

With his PhD?
His PHD result was seen in the economy in his government compared to that of his predecessors and buhari, his successor. Nigeria had it good during his tenure and am sure you can compare with the current administration except you want to be biased. I know how much I buy one dollar now. Go find out why the APC Governors paid Jonathan a visit recently. Google is your friend. That he abetted corruption is not the same of him being corrupt...most of the apc's tools being used today including TSA to check corruption and all the projects he had done up to a reasonable level are his initiatives. Had he got another 4 years which we denied him by allowing corruption to hold sway, he too would have completed some without even borrowing much. That you are educated does not mean you can not allow corruption to hold sway all in the name of being loyal to party members. He had a robust economic team and some of his team are holding international appointments today on merit. I remember Akinwumi adesina. APC had not initiated a single project since 2015 and i dare you mention one that you know. Jonathan projects have kept them busy since 2015. Even his major critic APC senator from Borno said last Saturday that he apologised for all his criticisms.

If as a leader, those who voted you in office say, oga, sack diezani because she's corrupt, do not remove sanusi the then CBN governor because he exposed diezani but, do the needful and because of your personal relationship with her, you kept her, you stand to be dealt with by the electorate and that's exactly what we the electorates did, thinking buhari would check all that, including insecurity but alas...things are even getting worse.. what more can I say? have a nice day
Politics / Re: Koko Zaria Opens Hotel (Video) by Eriokanmi: 9:02am

Even apprentice like electrician, rewire and shopkeeper and so on are all receiving education.

It's even funny that the so called Northern illiterates are doing better than you, even their governors are more productive than your useless kerosene and wheelbarrow governors.

grin grin
The worst governor in my region is far more better than the best governor up north and that still boils down to education, which we have been talking about. Many governors in the north are not qualified to be a local government chairmen in my region. Several states in the north can not even boast of IGR to fund projects, na federal government be their source of survival...another importance of education. The kerosene governor you mentioned is not even from my state or region, even at that, his state is far better than several northern states put together. Those governors and politicians in the north would continue to override their people for as long as they are being denied education. The denial is a deliberate move by their leaders to keep milking them, too bad! The difference between education and illiteracy is farther than north and south. You see, education is invaluable my friend, take it or you leave it.
Politics / Re: Koko Zaria Opens Hotel (Video) by Eriokanmi: 8:53am

You have no understanding of democracy neither do you understand man management.

Exactly the same kind of statement that made Jonathan lose the 2015 presidential election after his wife called the northern children "born throway ".

You have just digressed from the main topic grin. Jonathan lost because he abetted corruption and I was one of those who sent him to otuoke.

Anyway, have a nice day. Work don start
Politics / Re: Buhari, Zulum Mourn 53 Slain Borno Farmers, Northern coalition scores Buhari Low by Eriokanmi: 8:47am

I refuse to believe you. Those victims were buried according to Islamic rites. We all saw pictures of the burial. No Christian Hausa man would accept their person be buried islamically.
Are you talking of what they brought their bodies with or the mass burial they were given? Did you watch it at all? Have you also learnt of the below in 2015?

Politics / Re: Koko Zaria Opens Hotel (Video) by Eriokanmi: 8:45am

One educated person is worth more than1 million illiterates?


I take it you are among these educated individuals right?
Whatever! One educated man is worth more than 1m illiterates i reiterate. Northern Nigeria is a case study and one educated man can do what over 1m illiterates can't. It's not a matter of number. You are ignorant of what you do not know, except you learn about it.
Politics / Re: Buhari, Zulum Mourn 53 Slain Borno Farmers, Northern coalition scores Buhari Low by Eriokanmi: 8:38am
it is no Christian town. Who sold all these lies to you. There are no Christian towns in the environs of Maiduguri which are fully kanuri and majority Muslims...Christian communities in Borno are towards the south like Chibok, Biu, Askira Uba etc....I have lived in Borno and i know what i say...why are you spilling lies for what agenda...BH enters mosque and do kill worshippers...the major parts of all Borno North is unhabitable and all these places are muslim communities where BH Carry out a lot of atrocities
Hmmm. Does this mean damage control or what? Are you aware Zabamari is on the outskirts of Maiduguri where mostly Christians and non-indigenes are resident like Zabon Gari in Kano? I have done a couple of projects there sir so, I know the town very, very wella. When I say Christian town, I did not mean the town was owned by Christans. I meant those who dominate the place were mostly Christians. Have you ever read the below before?


If not for the activities of boko haram, we were supposed to be back there last year.
Education / Re: Chisom Chukwuneke Talking About Chronic Myeliod Leukemia Before Her Death: Video by Eriokanmi: 8:32am
What a pity. This does not have anything to do with leukemia. Na the work of the evil ones. They have seen her stars. I wished the parents had gone the spiritual, prayer route. those involved would have died mysteriously and the poor girl would have lived. Everything no be hospital oo. Prayer is the key. The evil ones have no reason to live.

While working in a blue chip company over a decade ago, I dreamt and say our chairman seated in the office, full of life. Whereas there was a lady whose face i did not see clearly, drawing some fluids away from his body. the fluids were dropping in a brown calabash placed on the floor. I asked in that dream, what's happening to my chairman and i heard a voice saying, it's his body nutrients she was drawing. The following morning, i narrated what I saw to my colleague in the office who was also attending a renown Pentecostal church . He said well ,he would have gone to meet him because of his closeness to him but he would not even take such a thing seriously. Moreover, he was a free thinker who believes if he does not harm anybody, he expects nobody to harm him. Barely a year after, this man was down with Leukemia and flown to the UK for Chemo. I did not know what this was as of then so I asked google...I read it was a cancer of the blood...his nutrient had gone. He was ok and preparing to come home for Christmas. They had renovated his home in ikoyi ahead of christmas. Suddenly, he collapsed and died. His body was flown back home. He was such a nice man. I do not take my dreams lightly. Whatever i saw must come to pass , except I pray to avert it. Evil people abound.


Politics / Re: Koko Zaria Opens Hotel (Video) by Eriokanmi: 8:15am

Because you are educated, you want to relegate those who aren't but are actually more in number than you.

Good luck with that.
Are you trying to compare education with illiteracy? One educated fellow is worth more than 1m illiterates. Why do you think northern politicians keep holding sway among their people? It's not a matter of number oo.

Do you agree you are even more learned that most of those in power but have remained where you are because you have been unable to unleash your full potentials? think about it
Politics / Re: Koko Zaria Opens Hotel (Video) by Eriokanmi: 8:12am

How is he sitting on my destiny?

You didn't even answer my question.

Is koko Zaria collecting your FG monthly allocation? Is he your governor? Is he your minister or rep? Is he formulating and instituting programs and policies to manage your life? Is he responsible for your roads, bridges, hospitals, schools and so on?

I have answered your question...Your comment, I repeat, suggests to me you are one of those whose lives have been mortgaged by those you mentioned...the ministers, the reps, the FG, name it. When the head is bad, the remaining part of the body would be affected. Stop voting ineptitude and that's the only way you can set yourself free. Sack their godfathers and their empire would fall . APC= PDP. Until this is done, do not expect miracles.

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Politics / Re: Koko Zaria Opens Hotel (Video) by Eriokanmi: 8:04am

Koko Zaria is sitting on your destiny?

Is koko Zaria collecting your FG monthly allocation? Is he your governor? Is he your minister or rep? Is he formulating and instituting programs and policies to manage your life? Is he responsible for your roads, bridges, hospitals, schools and so on?

Lazy Nigerian youths and misplaced priorities are like brothers and sisters.

grin grin
It's your destiny they are sitting on boy, but you are just so myopic to note this. I have climbed the ladder to the sea shores already. I can never be poor again as long as God lives. The ticket they tear and give to motorists, how much of that money are they remitting to the government purse? The jobs they do are supposed to be taken over by graduates who would do things differently and in more efficient and transparent manner. Jobs would have been created and someone like you parading the streets would have at least had a place to work and earn a living. Part of that money they collect on the roads which they did not spend a dime to construct, would be used to maintain those roads. They collect millions of naira daily on just one street but only to watch the roads cut into 2 halves, causing accidents before the government would now come to fix it. Who knows if your relation or yourself had fallen victim of such bad street roads in the past sef. You have just proven with your comment that you are one of those whose lives have been mortgaged by these illiterate morons. The earlier you set yourself free, the better. It's never too late.
Politics / Re: Koko Zaria Opens Hotel (Video) by Eriokanmi: 7:43am
yet PhD holder are still struggling to find their path in this useless country. Nigeria and Lagos state is upside down
The time to complain is over man. 2023 is around the corner, lets join hands to use our intelligence and knowledge garnered in school to sack all these illiterates sitting on the destiny of many. Money no be everything. There is a limit to where money can reach in politics. The recent #endsars protests in which youths openly rejected politicians largesse and the recently concluded American Elections especially in a republican dominated state of Georgia where GOP wasted nearly a billion dollars are a proof. Yes, we can. The onus is on you an I
Politics / Re: Buhari, Zulum Mourn 53 Slain Borno Farmers, Northern coalition scores Buhari Low by Eriokanmi: 7:24am
The town of Zabamari in which those farmers were beheaded is another Christian town, just like Chibok and Dapchi. Zulum deliberately ignored the calls for naming the victims to avoid religious war in Nigeria. I watched on Channelstv last night where one of the survivors spoke in hausa, recounting his ordeals. His name never appeared while being interviewed. The victims were mainly Christians. In 2015, there was a bomb blast in a church in same town of Zabamari, while the service was gong on, killing a lot of worshippers but the government limited the number of causalities to 5. The earlier the government is tells Nigerians the truth and do the needful to avert a similar occurrence in future, I would say they are sitting on a keg of gun powder, soon to explode. No nation survives a religious war because it would be brutal.


Politics / Re: Deji Adeyanju Places Order For Mustang SRT To Celebrate His Birthday by Eriokanmi: 7:08am
The guy is never serious. We dont even need someone like him in the first place
Politics / Re: 2023: Tinubu’s Loyalists Spoil For Fight Over APC Presidential Zoning by Eriokanmi: 6:59am
Same of the same...thugs breeding thugs. They would fight till eternity

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Crime / Re: Blasphemy Sentences Appealed in Kano by Atheists Alliance International by Eriokanmi: 6:58am
I am sure when all this is over... He would have learnt a whole lot of lessons about life in general if he survives it
Religion is a free will ogbeni. I no like islam and I became Christian and I never regretted it., how is that an offence in our constitution?
Politics / Re: Ndume: I Criticised Jonathan But We Don’t Value What We Have Until We Lose It by Eriokanmi: 9:31pm On Nov 29
This is a true confession, and worthy of emulation. Ndume has confessed, and apologize.

Who's next?
Who's next? The Layon of Obima grin. maybe APC senators because I no know wetin APC senators dem fin go meet jona recently. Dem do cast, Nothing is working , insecurity is the order of the day, economy is in shambles. Had jonathan not abetted corruption, he would probably have been the best president in Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Sunday Dare: We Need N81 Million To Cut Abuja Stadium Grass by Eriokanmi: 7:46pm On Nov 29
Wasteful govt, make una employ me nah. I go cut am for 15m. We are compiling reasons to sack all of you come 2023. E go shock una like nollywood movie, same way e shock PDP in 2015.

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Romance / Re: Girls Find It Hard To Resist Guys With These Five Things, Number 4 Is So Common by Eriokanmi: 3:37pm On Nov 29
Girls will always find guys irresistible based on the attributes 1 and 2. If you can't satisfy her in bed, money and swag na zero my broda. Na another guy she go carry your money give. They want you to ride them like horse and treat them like slaves in bed and make them cry. Even if you no get cash, she go carry cash come give you.

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Politics / Re: We Will Retire Tinubu Politically In 2023, PDP Boasts by Eriokanmi: 3:30pm On Nov 29
Chei, see yellow teeth. Ugly man. grin

His mouth must be smelling like expired ewedu.
E no fyn for face, even him bow leg fit stop erosion. Na agbada e dey take cover am. If you see him head without that cap, e be like olo ata ( grinding stone). One thing is amazing about him. He can eat 2b naira and nobody would trace how he spent the money grin. Cunning man.

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Politics / Re: We Will Retire Tinubu Politically In 2023, PDP Boasts by Eriokanmi: 3:27pm On Nov 29
And we will retire both the pdp and apc come 2023. APC=PDP=APC

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Politics / Re: APC Leaders At War Over 2023 Presidency, Zoning by Eriokanmi: 2:26pm On Nov 29
Na that umahi of a man i pity pass. House go don full with no vacancy left by the time he returns home after being disappointed
Religion / Facts About Killings In Zabamari Borno by Eriokanmi: 1:04pm On Nov 29
Nigeria is a country of 2 major religions namely Christianity and Islam as recognised by our Constitution and as such, members of these religions are supposed to cohabit without threats wherever they find themselves in Nigeria. Why have the Boko haram insurgents chosen to attack mainly Christian communities, towns and individuals in the north, sparing the Muslim settlements? This is unacceptable , from Chibok to Dapchi, to kaduna South and now Zabamari.

Zabamari has been under attack since 2015 when a bomb explosion killed lots of worshippers during a church service. Here's the news info


Had the names of the farmers beheaded been mentioned , this country would have gone in flames. This would have also caused outrage globally. I salute the courage of borno governor for not mentioning the names of the beheaded farmers because nobody would be able to stand the religious war in this country which would have followed.

It's incumbent on our leaders to fight this menace to finish. If a Christian community is not invaded in the north, a Christian politician or traditional ruler would be targetted. The Nasarawa APC chairman's killings easily came to mind. This is not the best for Nigeria. Its high time buhari did the needful to prevent the impending doom this religious intolerance is bringing on Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Zabarmari: Zulum Leads Horrified Kinsmen To Bury 43 Farmers Killed By Boko Haram by Eriokanmi: 12:46pm On Nov 29
Does anyone know this fact?

ZABAMARI is another Christian community in Borno where Bokonharam led by shekau had been unleashing terror since 2015. This is a fact Northern elites and our dumb president won't tell Nigerians but we know.

Any doubling Thomas should read the



Events / Re: Beautiful Mermaid Celebrates Her Birthday In Beach Water In Akwa Ibom (Photos) by Eriokanmi: 10:29am On Nov 29
She kuku resemble them
Awon omo omi. Run, run run grin
Religion / Re: Beauty Can Be Deceptive; Don't Be Deceived by Eriokanmi: 10:25am On Nov 29
whose fault?
they're easily initiated by friends. I have someone close to me. She's an epitome of beauty, pointed nose, naturally blessed with beauty with skinny body, almost 6ft tall. She couldn't get a husband on time. She had several disappointments. I introduced her to a pastor whom I could vouch for, in terms of spiritual blessings from God. The man told her she's beautiful truly but she has a "but" in her life. He said some of the friends she kept in secondary school days initiated her with tomtom in the dream. She said she never liked their company but they pulled her by force.

The lady said it's true because she remembered all that. They came in a group and invited her to a desolate place in the dream where she was given sweet to lick and since that time, her life had not been same. Its been from one disappointment to another. Her life turned upside down. She looked beautiful outwardly but inside of her, it was like living in hell.

The man gave her some prayers and feasting backed with the word of God. He told her she'd defecate everything she was given in the dream and she'd be totally delivered. This girl couldn't defecate for nearly a week after she finished the prayers. The day she finally did, it was massive, mixed with dirty stuffs. The following month, she met her husband. They're now married with 3 kids.


Religion / Re: Beauty Can Be Deceptive; Don't Be Deceived by Eriokanmi: 9:32am On Nov 29
Sure, it fades with time. Don't marry for beauty's sake. I've seen former beauty queens who left their husbands prematurely. Some divorced at early stage. If you're too beautiful as a lady, you'd need deliverance, a serious one because hardly would you find one who's not demon possessed. Its not their fault though.

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Politics / Re: Reactions trail killing of 44 farmers in Borno by Eriokanmi: 7:46am On Nov 29
Why was he reacting? Had his likes done the needful ahead of time by empowering the then youths who have now become terrorists, things wouldn't have become out of control as witnessed now. They were busy marrying more wuves and building more houses in choice areas with nobody living there. I guess your reaction us because of 2023, you'd be shocked man
Politics / Re: 2023 Presidency: Yahaya Bello Is Under Pressure To Run - Kingsley Fanwo by Eriokanmi: 7:42am On Nov 29
I think he's under pressure to run out of sense and cash. Presidency has turned to a joke in this country that even poliTHIEFcians with clear records of poor performance are confidently aspiring to attain.
that's why we must sack all of them come 2023, are you in?

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Politics / Re: Boko Haram Kills 44 Farmers In Zabarmari, Borno by Eriokanmi: 6:57am On Nov 29
Tomorrow's headlines will read :


But as usual nothing will be done.
loolz. As if you read my mind. Lemme shock you, he's done that already a few moments after the news grin

Politics / Re: PDP: Governor Ikpeazu Does Not Intend To Join APC by Eriokanmi: 6:54am On Nov 29
The tales of joining ship from the PDP to APC in 2015 and now doesn't concern us. In 2023, all the political jobbers and harlots in this country would be retired perpetually

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