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Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by etidy: 4:53am On Nov 28
Streets said James Harden is back grin cheesy

As in I shock when someone said Harden was back, that one no be hot take na freezing take.

Na Durant e pain pass for, kyrie and Harden has let him down
Watchout for the suns!
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by etidy: 9:31pm On Nov 27
Best big man in the league my foot. Bubble Davis made Lakers fan start comparing him to Duncan grin.
He's a star player no doubt top 20 and potentially top 5, if he's fit and motivated but best big? No way.
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by etidy: 9:28pm On Nov 27
Anthony Davis this season:

16.7% on threes — worst in NBA history by any player with 2+ attempts per game and 20+ games played.

38.3% on midrange — worst in the NBA by any player with 100+ attempts.

33.1% on jumpshots — worst in the NBA by any player with 150+ attempts. https:///KZ2YEYzEjD

Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by etidy: 12:01pm On Nov 27
Experts in the house without bias and emotional sentiments what do you think is the problem of lakers so far.
Cos i find it hard to comprehend how a team with LBJ,AD and russ would struggle to put teams away

1. Age :The squad is full of old timers and with older age comes inevitable decline even if it's slow, Injuries and inability to play laser focused defense every night

2. LeBron and Westbrook are both ball dominant and westbrick is a nut case

3. Lack of perimeter defenders, losing Caruso and KCP at a go was a mistake

4. Suspect coaching decisions by Vogel, he shouldn't be sacked but he needs quality assistant coaches

5. Lack of Shooters.

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Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by etidy: 11:18am On Nov 27

You should know by now that Curry has many haters here

Someone saying Phoenix are the best team in the East. I had no problem with that since phoenix are also balling. But then, he goes on to say..unless Lebron bla bla bla. Lebron has been playing and I am at a loss what else you want him to do

GSW and curry don't get enough respect here. I have said it here before. The haters are waiting for a loss before they start talking

Hate no good oo. E dey make people develop grey hair fast, Una hear?

In case you're referring to my post above :
For your information, I am actually a big warriors and steph fan so your point is moot.

You obviously don't know how to differentiate an objective basketball fan and a hater.
Saying LeBron may still figure things out with the lakers is not a far fetched hypothesis or hating on the warriors..

No matter how bad the lakers are today, no true student of basketball will write off a Team that has Lebron, AD and lots of Vets

As for why I think the Suns is better than the warriors, it's more a recognition of the fact that they recently got to the finals while the warriors have been going through a rocky time in the last 2 years. They also have a good big but the next 2 games between both teams will give us a lot of information. Lastly we can't sleep on the clippers if Kawhi comes back, so let's just see how things play out. It is still early days.
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by etidy: 7:52am On Nov 27

The black mamba (R.I.P) would have turned in his grave at this travesty, imagine going to three OTs only to be outfoxed by Fox himself and hield , Defense virtually non existent The lesser said about LeBron the better, Sacramento throughly deserved this victory
The team is too old to play any consistent meaningful defense in the regular season
Secondly, Vogel may need to go.
Thirdly, Westbrook played well today but he just doesn't fit with LeBron. He needs to be traded.
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by etidy: 5:26am On Nov 27
15 straight wins right after a NBA finals appearance, mehn the Phoenix suns are not getting enough respect. The core of the team is still young and improving, it's very balanced with minimal deficiencies, great coaching infused with Cp3 poise and experience they look like the best team in the west to me unless Klay and Wiseman comeback on fire or lebron somehow figures out the Laker's problems.
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by etidy: 5:21am On Nov 27
That Ja injury man. I always have a bad feeling when it's a non contact injury

One ligament don burst already. He wasn't making a super dunk or highlight reel when it happened but one drawback of Ja's explosiveness is risk of injuries like this. He's going to have to modify his game coming back from this injury. The good thing is he's quite young and he has shown the ability to learn new things very fast.

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Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by etidy: 6:47am On Nov 25
When their ball movement and Defense is clicking, the Warriors play the most eye pleasing and demoralizing basketball in the NBA, down 19 late in the second quarter to winning by 20 points. Crazy team!

If I am the Jazz I will be a bit concerned about gobert with what they did to Drummond today. They are likely to keep switching him to perimeter shooters to the point that the Jazz will have to bench him grin. DeAndre Ayton still has some mobility and offensive finesse, I think he should fare better.


Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by etidy: 9:22am On Nov 20
James Harden.

7/25 FG grin
3/13 3 PT cheesy
19/20 FT shocked

Exactly his game is too free throw centric, occasionally he gets hot but he lives and die by the whistle. This is why you can depend on him in the playoffs when the referees swallow their whistle and when team apply appropriate defensive schemes.

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Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by etidy: 7:58am On Nov 19

Naaa, he will always get his due from me any day, anytime!

Just give it 2 weeks we will start hearing Lillard debates on thus group, how he's greater than steph bla bla bla.

Someone here even said free throw rule changes go affect Steph, he just had about 3 40-50 point games with 1 free throw in the the last 2 weeks alone.


Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by etidy: 8:16pm On Nov 17
I disagree with this biased media driven narrative. After 4 or more rings, 4 finals MVP and 6 years with the warriors. This whole narrative would have died.

The solution to criticism is winning, winning enough and people will forget how you won.


I disagree. The Warriors was and will always be Steph's team. The media knew this. KD knew this. No matter how many rings he won with the Warriors, he knew he would never get his due respect in this league except he leaves the Warriors bandwagon and builds plus leads his own team.

PS: Respect is hard to get in this league. Even Lebron, after he got his Bubble ring, had to demand for one, " Give me my damn respect!," e get why.

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Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by etidy: 5:27pm On Nov 17
It's obvious that Stephen a was exaggerating but the argument is fundamentally true.

Kyrie is snake, he did this to lebron at Cleveland, same at the Celtics and now he's constituting a nuisance at Brooklyn.
Unfortunately Harden has been below par,

KD is literally having a career year but the competition in the east is such that Harden either needs to step up or kyrie come back for the Nets to make the final

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Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by etidy: 2:03pm On Nov 17
In retrospect if Durant doesn't get a ring with the Nets , he will deeply regret leaving the warriors.

Imagine leaving a reliable, welcoming, unselfish MVP level player like Steph curry for a crackhead who is now threatening to waste one of the remaining peak years of your career all because of his personal stubbornness.
Curry is the exact opposite of Kyrie character wise. i suppose KD likes Chaos
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by etidy: 12:01pm On Nov 14
It's just a soft team. They lack spine and grit. Can''t tell me their players are worse than the Grizzlies for example

Facts and the spinelessness starts with KAT. They need to get in battle hardened vets and a coach that commands respect to whip those boys into shape

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Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by etidy: 10:14am On Nov 14
You really have to feel for Celtics fans, from holding several top draft picks getting Hayward, kyrie and AL Ford + studs like Tatum, Jaleyn brown and Marcus smart from the draft and now they have a team without an identity.

At one point it looked like the Celtics was going to be the next dynasty. Now the east looks like a blood bathe for the next 3 years the bucks, Nets, heat and even the bulls look like they would be a perennial problem.

Danny ainge started the shit show and ran away.
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by etidy: 6:27am On Nov 13
Hmm I think we may be going back to the days of needing a dominant front court player to be competitive against the warriors.

As for the Lakers some of this blame has to go to Vogel, he needs to reel in Westbrook somehow.
It's also in games like this that will make never to consider AD has the best big man in the league.
You're the most talented player on the court and you have arguably a better team but you can't marshal your team to be competitive.
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by etidy: 12:36am On Nov 10
I don't think there is any objective basketball fan on the planet that rank Anthony Davis as the best big man in the league ahead of Giannis, Jokic and Embiid.. It must take premium odeku to make that cold take.

And what's this talk about the supposed best big man not being an alpha but a beta grin what a load of crap.

Has there ever been any point in NBA history where the best big man is not an alpha.

What makes the best is not just your skills but intangibles like your drive and leadership.

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Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by etidy: 8:09am On Nov 09
When healthy, AD is the best big man in the game. I don't want to hear any argument again.

And you believe what you just typed. Co angry

Giannis did not win back to back MVP, DPOY, Finals MVP and lead his team to a title to be slandered like this.
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by etidy: 11:59am On Nov 06
Without Cj, the Blazers would be 0-7 right now.. But hey Lillard plays with blind cripples.

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Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by etidy: 10:12pm On Oct 31
Shalaye fc you're practically contradicting what you said earlier.

You said the rule change will affect Steph and I correctly pointed out that it won't since he was never dependent on baiting FTs to statpad his scoring but you countered that I am lying.
You don see stats now, you begin shift post.


Lol. So now free throws is a sin grin Because someone averages 8+ FT he's now a fraud. MJ averaged 8.7 FTs in his 13 seasons with Chicago and 8.2 overall. LeBron is averaging 7.9. Would we say they weren't elite scorers just because of their high FT numbers?

We're not saying Steph was dependent on flopping to score points, we're just saying he flopped at times. Apart from Trae, Harden and Luka, I don't think there anyone that does that pump fake and jump into defenders more

Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by etidy: 3:47pm On Oct 31
The best shooter in NBA history who is often defended aggressively right from mid-court and usually double or triple teamed several times in a game but he averages 4.2 Free throws per game. A travesty.
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by etidy: 3:44pm On Oct 31
Steph averages 4.2 Free throw per game for his career. Harden averages double but according to you steph is dependent on foul baiting for his points.

In comparison to Harden, he's never average double digit free throw per game in a single season. Harden has done that in about 7 seasons.
Just say you they beef steph curry.

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Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by etidy: 3:17pm On Oct 31

E go affect Steph too grin

Cap! Steph has never been dependent on baiting fouls for his offense. In fact, he gets more missed calls than any superstar in the league.
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by etidy: 4:49pm On Oct 28
Birdman you deserve cold beer. Westbrook literally proved you right in the next game.

At the beginning of the season I told my friends winning with Westbrook would be the most difficult accomplishment in LeBron's career. The lakers should have made a run for lonzo rather than westbrick in the off season.


I actually hate when Russ has games like this. Because it fuels his desire to chuck shots. We know he wont shoot 55FG% every night. Even with 33pts, his +/- was 1.

The real takeaway imo is that Lakers defense need to be able to hold teams like the Spurs to a 100pts or less in regulation. This team is too old to play hero ball 3 to 4 times a week. Defense is the only way out for this team.

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Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by etidy: 11:17am On Oct 23
I like the way we're trying to portray CJ like he's some kind of mercurial no 2. CJ is at best a third option on a championship team, and that's who Dame has had his entire career. Dame was drafted into a dead franchise that had played only 3 (and lost all) playoff series in the previous 8 years. In his 9 years in Portland he's taken them to the playoffs in all but his rookie year.

Sometimes greatness is not all about championships. Dame turned the fortunes of a franchise. He wasn't fortunate to play with generational talents like Steph was with Klay, or with MVP calibre players like KD had at OKC.

Nine years and 6 all-NBA teams. 6 all-stars. ROTY. 8 playoff appearances. Mr. Clutch. Many dudes on that list can't even boast of that resume, but because they were part of a dynasty that won championships, they're there. Make we chill abeg, he deserves to be on that list.

Abegi, if he truly wants to win, he would have asked for cj to be traded. You think LeBron, MJ, KD, Harden, Kobe or Kawhi would have been okay just stat padding away in mediocrity?
You either push for the change you want or change teams.
Giannis was taking Bledsoe to ECF, rookie tatum did that with a weak team, Dwight took a nobody orlando team to the nba finals beating a 60 win LeBron team along the way.
Abegi Lillard has been getting an easy pass for too long. No MVP, no scoring title, no all defense


Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by etidy: 8:11am On Oct 23
I love the discussion being held about Lillard.

I have always held the opinion that Lillard has faced less pressure compared to other superstars he's being placed on the pedestal.

Cj is a very good player, nurkic is a very decent center, covington is a good 3 and D player and the list goes on.

I agree that his roster is flawed but the biggest grouse i have with him is that he's not ready to make the necessary sacrifice to win.

He has never put sufficient pressure on the front office to make the trades that the team needs to win.
I don't buy all this fake stat padding and fake loyalty trying to form the good guy, that's just cowardice.

Your team is starting 3 guards and you can't demand they should trade one for a small forward. What's stopping them from putting a package around CJ and " trying " to get Ben Simmons?

Lastly, while Lillard is a great shooter and good passer who gets good assist numbers, he doesn't make his team mates better like say a steph curry.

Lillard is so ball dominant that once he's having a poor shooting night, there is problem for the team. On the flip side steph has strong intangibles like his off ball movement, steph utilizes his threat to shoot so well that his team mates end up with easy buckets.
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by etidy: 3:30pm On Oct 22
My brother, are you alright?

Ben is essentially a younger draymond with more length.

Draymond has a greater drive and IQ but in my opinion, draymond can't get better and he's likely to keep depreciating.

Simmons has room for improvement. He's not as bad as this whole situation is making him to be.
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by etidy: 10:12am On Oct 22

Shey na upgrade be that or downgrade?
Klay comes back and this Warriors team gets to conference finals.

Simmons has more upside than draymond.
In a team with a good coach like steve kerr and no center to clog the lane and multiple shooters, simmons will eat.
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by etidy: 9:05am On Oct 22
The warriors are nothing without Curry. Wiggins needs to pick up.

The warriors are just wasting curry's prime for one useless future build.
Trade draymond and one or 2 of those pick for ben simmons.
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by etidy: 8:06am On Oct 20
Russell Westbrook Laker debut:

4/13 FG
-23 +/- https:///s9dMy9P3GI
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by etidy: 6:50pm On Oct 19
Lol. Right wing religious nutjobs are a big problem. Vaccine they won't take, medical marijuana they will fight it. Fight Big Pharma too. What do they actually want bayi?

Those ones be mad people. You can't satisfy them

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